Exclusive: Raising Hope Clan Expands With Old Christine Vet -- Plus: Hope's Chance at Stardom?

rutherfurdThe New Adventures of Old Christine‘s Emily Rutherfurd and The Middle‘s Brian Doyle-Murray will guest-star on Fox’s Raising Hope during a February sweeps two-parter, when the Chance family tags along to Hollywood for Jimmy and Sabrina’s honeymoon.

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TVLine has learned exclusively that Rutherfurd will portray Kelly, the daughter of one of Maw Maw’s dead husband’s mistresses — thus making her Virginia’s kinda-sorta aunt. Maw Maw and Barney visit Kelly’s home while the family is in the Golden State.

Meanwhile, veteran character actor Doyle-Murray will play a powerful TV studio president whose flagship show, Yo Zappa Do, casts Hope as its adorable new star.

Since CBS’ Old Christine ended in 2010, Rutherfurd’s TV credits have included Drop Dead Diva and Up All Night. Doyle-Murray currently plays Mr. Ehlert, Frankie’s old boss on The Middle.