Castle Preview: Why Does Kelly Hu 'Spark' Espo's Interest? Plus: Watch an Exclusive Clip

JON HUERTAS, KELLY HUTonight on Castle (ABC, 10/9c), when the producer of a Girls Gone Wild-esque video series turns up dead, his bodyguard (played by X-Men 2‘s Kelly Hu) draws Detective Esposito’s interest — in more ways than one. And we’ve got an exclusive first look.

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Javy is “absolutely not” attracted to Hu’s Scarlett when they meet, Jon Huertas tells TVLine, seeing as how she seems to have let her boss down, big-time. “At first, it seems like she’s not that good at her job, protecting people. And Esposito, his job as a cop is to protect people,” Huertas explains. “But then something happens, and there’s a spark between the two.”

Watch that “something” happen here, then read on for more:

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So will they grab that drink? And maybe something more? (The photo above suggest a definite maybe.) “There’s a little tease of a possible relationship for Esposito, one different than he has with Lanie,” Huertas says. “Lanie is all into beauty and being pretty…. She’s very girly, and this one’s not so girly. She’s a tough chick, and Esposito likes that because he’s a very physical guy. So the fact that Kelly Hu’s character, like, breaks a guy’s nose is kind of a turn-on. She kicks some ass in the episode, which is great.”

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Should ‘Esplanie’ fans fret that their off-and-on couple will be KO’d for good? Huertas leaves the options open. “I think Esposito is, at this point, in a place in life where he’s ‘tasting different dishes on the table,'” the actor offers with a big smile. “Who do I like the best?”

Huertas talks more about Esposito/Lanie in the new Inside Line. Want more scoop on Castle, or for any other show? Email mattmtvguy@gmail.com. Your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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  1. leigh says:

    Yay! Can’t wait for tonight.

  2. Great Article! Kelly Hu looks great and I’m sure they’re gonna have a great chemistry but I still dislike what the writers do with Espo about his love life. Seemed like he cared about Lanie before and now he’s all about wanting to “taste” as Jon says, to sleep with tons of girl and as a fan of the show who watch Castle first and foremost for Esposito’s character (and the wonderful and amazing Jon Huertas I truly adore), I’m really disappointed about that. What’s the point of making him and Lanie date for more than one year if it’s to finally end like this “bootycall” thing we, by the way, never saw onscreen. So, even if I’m gonna see my fav. character/actor a little more with this new love interest thing tonight, I’m not eally looking forward to this episode…a little too painful for my Esplanie shipper heart ;)

    • JAA says:

      Don’t worry Marine, he’ll be back to Lanie for Valentine’s Day. Now if only Castle would go back to focus on Castle and Beckett…

      • I SO hope so :) I’m just afraid that the Valentine’s day thing is only gonna be a bootycall and it’s kinda tiring for us shippers. I truly believe it’s way more than sex between them that’s why I HOPE it’s something more for Valentine’s day. Fingers crossed…Marlowe make us L/E shipper suffering for SUCH a long time now. They broke up without any explanations at the beginning of season 4 and we were waiting forever for something that never happened and I know they’re secondary characters but it’s VERY frustrating to see how writers can forget storylines so easily, especially when fans react a lot and ask for explanations. So I have big hopes for the Valentine’s day episode :)

      • Alan says:

        the focus has been just castle and beckett all season, time for someone else to get some character development.

        • JAA says:

          the show is about a writer and his muse, the rest are supporting characters.

          • Alan says:

            yeah but the other need development as well because 2 well formed characters cant hold up a cast of 6 or 7 main characters, they all need to be well developed and have actual motivations for what they do or else thats just bad writing

  3. Ana Carolina says:

    It’s a really great article but I’m not really happy with what is going to happen on this episode. As a esplanie shipper I’m really sad with this. I can’t handle to see Espo with another woman but Lanie. Esplanie has such great chemistry which (for me) makes them the best couple on the show (sorry but not sorry Caskett). I would love to them them together again, for sure. But now is just wait and keep hoping that everything is going to work well with them. I have my fringers crossed!

  4. DB says:

    Seems like the writers and Marlowe are not afraid to show romance and a relatioship except for when it comes to Caskett

  5. rv says:

    It’s Esplaine this time, one kind of Esposito variety. LOL. So they are done with the Caskett honeymoon (that was nothing like a honeymoon period- just problem laden period) storyline as they are now focusing on the supporting cast. It’s okey to showcase the supporting cast if the main characters have been written well first (10 episodes into the 5th season should have been enough to do that) but they messed up writing that so called honeymoon period. That is why a lot are not satisfied and now complaining the moment the writers started shifting the focus.

    • tm says:

      Yeah, the first 10 episodes of the 5th season was more a problem laden period – can’t be called really a honeymoon period. There was not much romance and they barely touched each other. Not realistic for a couple who had been yearning for each other for the past 4 years. When they got together, suddenly, they lost interest with each other or the writers did not let the viewers see that main characters still have that romance in them. The handshake and the hug (After Hours) were great but that was it. Everything else happened offscreen. The writers like the viewers to just imagine those things as being suggested in the dialogues (movie nights, etc).

      Now they past the new couple period, the wrtiers can’t just go back there anymore. They missed the opportunity/ that honeymoon period in what could have been a great love story. Well, they can rectify but not completely.

  6. I could really care less about Esposito and his love-life…but I do like Lanie. What is sad is that it was mentioned that the honeymoon phase is over and I don’t recall ever seeing it? This show is getting harder and harder to watch, what a shame they aren’t capable of actually portraying an actual adult relationship between the lead characters….like other shows do!

  7. rogyroo says:

    We in the uk are still waiting to see if alibi are going to show it so dont give us brits to many clues to whats happening