Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, Castle, Grey's, NCIS, a Criminal Wedding and More

Bones, Castle, NCIS Spoilers What Momsense is Bones up to? Where is Castle boldly going? Which Grey’s romance is about to flatline? How will NCIS‘ Ziva react to tragedy? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Castle | Valentine’s Day may star Cupid, but a different baby is on Detective Ryan’s mind as the holiday rolls around. Seamus Dever tells us, “There are some very romantic things going on with the rest of the precinct… and some very non-romantic things going on with the Ryans, because he’s got to rush home because Jenny’s temperature is the correct time and she’s ovulating… all those sorts of things. Ryan is actively being a participant in the child-making process!” The following week, Castle launches its annual two-parter, which guest-stars Dylan Walsh as an FBI agent. What more can Dever add? Not much – and yet plenty. “I’m not allowed to say anything, but it goes to a place we’ve never been allowed to go,” he teased. “[Show boss] Andrew Marlowe said we can only do this once, so we’re going to do it now. It’s very bold, what he’s doing.”

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Bones | Before you start seeking Season 9 scoop, know there’s plenty of fun stuff still on tap for this winter/spring. For one, Emily Deschanel told me, there’s an episode in which Brennan uncovers the remains of a caveman – but don’t you dare call it a “caveman” in her presence. There’s also a case that deals with time travel (?). But the episode Deschanel described as emotionally “sweet” is the one where Bones meets her maker — and/or meets her maker — in “The Shot in the Dark,” airing mid-February. “Brennan gets shot, and she either hallucinates and sees her [late] mother, or she goes to Heaven and has an encounter with her mother (played by Brooke Langston), but she doesn’t believe it.” What do the women talk about after so much time “apart”? “There are emotions as we discuss things [including] what my life is like now, the baby,” Deschanel shared. “It’s really sweet.”

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Grey’s Anatomy | It looks like Bailey’s runaway bride act — although for ostensibly a noble reason – will also send her man running in the other direction, and perhaps for good. Jason George, who was at the Television Critics Association press tour today to promote his ABC summer series Mistresses, gave me this ominous preview: “The reason when Ben and Bailey are together is because he isn’t a chump, he doesn’t take stuff lying down. And it’s safe to say he’s not the kind of guy who just gets left standing at the altar. So… we’re going to ‘have a conversation.’ He’s a man of action —I’ll put it that way!”

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Arrow | We met up with Stephen Amell at the People’s Choice Awards, and he set the table for the CW hit’s next new episode, airing Wednesday. “It’s six weeks later, and we’re finding Oliver in a very different spot than he was before. A very, very different spot,” he shared. How so? “We haven’t seen him hesitate, and we haven’t seen him be down a bit on himself or lack confidence. And all those things are on display.” Of course, the Dark Archer – aka Malcolm Merlyn’s own alter ego – is responsible for knocking Arrow down a peg or two in the winter finale, so expect to get backstory on that baddie. “We learn a bit more about his character soon,” Amell previewed, “about why he’s doing what he’s doing.”

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Revenge | Another mystery is on its way to the ABC drama… in the form of a casting call. The sophomore sudser is looking to fill the role of Eli, an African-American or Latino male in his early-to-mid 20s who is described as “charismatic,””witty” and (duh) “handsome.” Hitting the Hamptons under mysterious circumstances, Eli quickly charms his way into the good graces of the local elite. Hit comments with your casting suggestions!

But wait, there is so, so much more. Like, reader mail!

This week’s NCIS was heartbreaking! Any scoop on what’s ahead for Ziva? –Daniel
Coming soon, I’ll have a big ol’ deep-dive piece previewing the aftermath of this week’s double whammy. But for now I’ll let slip this morsel from showrunner Gary Glasberg: “There’s a part of Ziva’s that’s wounded, and broken, and Tony is there for her — as a friend, and as a coworker.” Specifically, in the next episode, “We end up back in Tony’s apartment, and there’s some really lovely, emotional stuff that happens.”

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You know that picture of Matthew Gray Gubler on the set of Criminal Minds, in a tux and in a church? Who’s getting married? It’s killing me! –Makayla
I actually didn’t know the photo of which you spoke, but tracked it down — and then procured this teaselet from Breen Frazier, who wrote Episode 12. “You’ll find out [all your answers] in the first scene,” he allowed.

Are Duffy and Limehouse going to be part of Justified this season? –Scott
Wynn Duffy (played by Jere Burns) resurfaces in Episode 2, in a darkly amusing scene involving one of his stooges and (of course) Raylan holding a gun. (Expect Duffy to ultimately get deeply involved in this season’s arc.) And yes, I learned the other day that Mykelti Williamson will return as Noble’s Holler overlord Limehouse, after series boss Graham Yost found a way to meaningfully weave him into Season 4’s narrative.

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