Is Grey's in Denial? Is Downton Too Mean? A Criminal Plot Twist? Bawdy Belle? And More Qs!

Once_BustyBelleWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including NCIS, Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | How bittersweet was it for Fringe‘s Walter to wax paternal about his new levels of love for Peter just as he gleans that he won’t make it to the end of this story? That said, who else let out an audible squee! when they saw who’d be back in the finale promo?

2 | As fun as it was cleavage to see Once Upon a Time‘s cleavage Belle in flashback warrior cleavage mode, wasn’t her outfit a bit cleavage inappropriate? Cleavage? Also, could Rumplestiltskin and the Charmings been any less taken aback to learn that Hook and Cora had made it to Maine?

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3 | Hey Good Wife — where you hiding Cary?

revenge3254 | Did you notice that Revenge‘s Carrion project was the victim of some creative accounting? Or maybe the jettisoned NolCorp initiative was under such deep cover its projected cost was calculated in its own super secret currency? And does the show really need to play the sound of seagulls in the background every time there’s a scene at the Stowaway?

5 | Has there been an ickier sound effect all season than Adam “missing” the bedpan in the Season 2 premiere of Girls?

6 | Yes, yes, it was “a different time” and all that, but isn’t it flat-out hideous the way everyone on Downton Abbey conspired to break up Lady Edith and Sir Anthony? They let Lady Sybil marry the chauffeur, for Pete’s sake, and yet they’d rather condemn Lady Edith to spinsterhood than allow her to marry the older man she fancies?!

7 | Which unintentional almost TV reunion during the Golden Globes made you more excited: Alias (Victor Garber, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper) or Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell, Amanda Seyfried, Max Greenfield)? And could a certain diet cola manufacturer have possibly run the same commercial any more frequently than they did during the telecast?

8 | What’s the closest possible, homegrown equivalent CBS might come up with for this fall’s Emmy hosts, to at all rival the Globes’ Fey/Poehler combo? Neil Patrick Harris and Kat Dennings?

himym9 | How many other How I Met Your Mother fans forgot that Kaylee DeFer (Gossip Girl‘s Ivy) played Rachel Bilson’s girlfriend in Season 6’s “Big Days,” and thus were surprised to see her in Monday’s episode?

10 | Does The Carrie Diaries realize that any Scandal fan will have a problem accepting Matt Letscher as kindly Mr. Bradshaw?

11 | How do we get Deception‘s Julian to “disrespect” us with a brand-new car?

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Ratings Bones Season High12 | We’re going to go there, quickly, then duck: Did Bones‘ dancing episode kinda sorta demonstrate that Castle could more often have more playful fun with its own lead couple?

13 | Did New Girl waste a perfectly good Dennis Farina appearance on a storyline that repeatedly used horse semen as a punchline?

14 | Is it really plausible that The Mindy Project‘s very private Danny would keep a spill-his-guts letter to his ex-wife in his desk drawer?

15 | Dear Hart of Dixie writers: If we beg and come up with all sorts of potential town events for future episodes, will you promise to never break up Wade and Zoe?

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16 | For those still doubting NeNe Leakes’ acting chops, did The New Normal this week officially put your skepticism to rest?

pll 27517 | Pretty Little Liars‘ Spencer is totally going to hook up with the Academic Decathlon guy, right? (You can’t disguise a hottie with glasses.) Also, how hilarious was this guy’s [see photo] blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shrug/eyeroll at Mona’s “away”?

18 | For those NCIS fans not versed in Hebrew, did your heart skip a beat thinking that Tony and Ziva had done the ol’ “I love you”/”I know” exchange a la Han/Leia?

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19 | Is it too much to hope that one day (maybe in Season 13?), American Idol will do away with its annual/horrible “Let’s make fun of Asian guys with thick accents” audition shtick?

20 | On General Hospital, wasn’t Diane’s laughing dismissal of True Blood (on which portrayer Carolyn Hennessy plays Rosalyn) a fun little aside during the Lucy-thinks-John-is-vampire-Caleb storyline?

21 | Nashville‘s stranded-at-the-altar plot point not withstanding, wouldn’t Juliette and Sean’s annulment have had more punch if we’d been able to see them try – and fail at – married life for an episode or two? What was up with the intimate way Lamar and daughter Tandy were standing at Teddy’s party? Speaking of which, Lamar totally fixed the election, right? And is it wrong that we’re rooting for Rayna to hook up with her cute producer/guitarist friend?CriminalMinds_Raeve

22 | Is Supernatural finally calling it a day on Amelia?

23 | Really, Criminal Minds

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24 | If you’re American Horror Story‘s bookstore clerk, at the moment that a sinister-looking customer professes to be Bloody Face’s son, don’t you just give him what he wants, pronto?

25 | How much more compelling would Oprah Winfrey’s Lance Armstrong interview have been if he was strapped to a lie detector with real-time results displayed in the corner of the screen?

26 | Why does Grey’s Anatomy insist on pretending like Alex and Jo aren’t going to hook up any second now? Come on! And Dr. Smash Williams’ John McEnroe-esque ping-pong tirades — cute or creepy?

27 | Now that Scandal has fully explained the backstory of the election rigging, are you “OK” with Fitz’s presidency being tainted? And for a guy so dense, how is Senator Davis in charge of any “intelligence” committee?

28 | Which was your favorite Florida 911 phone menu option on 30 Rock? We’re kinda partial to, “If you want to know why JAG wasn’t on this week, Press 3….”

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Annie says:

    I learned two things from my TV this week, both from the same show: The meaning of the word “zugzwang,” and the fact that the Criminal Minds writers are sadistic ****s.

    • Jennifer says:

      Erica planned the storyline that way AND Matthew was behind it 100%. He actually said that that way the only way the story would work. I realize alot of viewers are upset by how this played out, this is Reid everyone’s little brother who happens to literally know everything, but I loved the episode more because they went there then simply liking it for playing it safe.

      • Fido says:

        It’s not the killing her off the bugged, but the way they did it just didn’t ring true. Firstly, after Reid disrobes and enters the building, everyone else just stood around doing nothing, no looking for another way in, not trying to get “eyes in the room” to see what was going on. Then when Ms Trachtenberg is holding LeverageGal hostage at gunpoint, LOWERS the gun, then moves it back to her head – surely one of the 68 people in the room with guns trained on the crazylady would have worked out what she intended to do and shot the gal, or even just tazered her when the gun was lowered.

        Yes it was sad that Reid love was killed, yes I am upset for him, yes I do know this is just a tv show and yes I understand that this was the big plan and everyone agreed this is what they wanted to do with the story – but they could have atleast made the killing plausible, made it ring true.

        • Fido says:

          the bugged = that bugged me (must remember to check before potsing)

        • J V Smith says:

          I think the message was the good guys don’t always win. It was realistic.

        • Jennifer says:

          I get what you’re saying and you’re not wrong. I’m going to have to rewatch that part. Based on what I saw when they were lying on the ground, I had the impression that the stalker shot herself in the head and it went through her head and hit Maeve as well. Honestly to me in one shot it looked like their heads were together but in the next shot they were spaced out a bit, it could be an editing thing giving me that impression. I don’t know why I thought this except I only remember hearing one shot and something to do with where the head wounds were on the bodies and the blood.

          • Lyndsey says:

            You’re right, crazy chick put her head beside Maeve’s (?) and shot herself, knowing the bullet would have enough force behind it to kill them both.

      • Rachel says:

        Nicely said. :) I definitely agree.

    • Ginny says:

      I can’t stress this enough that Criminal Minds is a TV show. This is Hollywood’s perfect version of what actually happens in real life. Grow up and realize the world isn’t this perfect place where girls don’t get raped. Horrible stuff like this happens.

      • Lyndsey says:

        You’re 100% right, it’s a TV show…which means that we use it for entertainment purposes. I don’t watch to see every story end in tragedy the way they normally do in real life. I want a little happiness every once in a while. I’m sure everyone on the show was behind the idea. Most actors LIKE to put their characters through the most difficult situations because it gives them more challenging material. Sometimes you have to take the fans into account too though. Reid IS like everyone’s little brother and his character has been through more than anyone on the show, including Hotch. Tragic, awkward childhood, crazy mom, kidnapped, tortured, addiction, and until this season he’s never had anything but mild flirtations with 2 women (in what, almost 10 years)! Why not let him have a little happiness? TV show or not people have the right to be aggravated or annoyed by it. Add it to American Horror Story afterwards and it was the most depressing night of TV I’ve experienced in a long time. I hope the coming storyline is worth it.

        • lindsaywhit says:

          THIS. Not to mention that if the level of “horrible stuff” inflicted on Criminal Mind’s profilers and their loved ones even approached “really happening” to the actual agents, families and friends of the FBI’s Behaviorial Analysis Unit the BAU would cease to exist. (Although the criminal, psychological and Congressional hearings would be eternal.)

          (Random note: Reid might be everyone else’s little brother, but my 16 year-old daughter sees his sweet, nerdy brilliance as her perfect mate – but minus all the personal death and drama!)

        • Rain says:

          Exactly! I watch tv for entertainment – and yes I expect Criminal Minds to be dark entertainment but a little happiness now and again would be a nice twist!

    • ELee says:

      I’m in total agreement about Criminal Minds – – if I didn’t LOVE the characters so bloody much, I’d never watch again – – that was just too cruel! I want a ‘Dallas’ ending – – come back and show me it was just a dream & Reed’s ‘love’ wasn’t shot in the head!!!

  2. xav says:

    Belle’s cleavage was to distract you from Mulan propping up another ~white girl on an adventure story and from how messed up her relationship with Gold is.

    • E says:

      I actually didn’t even notice her cleavage during the show, and even now (at least with the picture shown here) it doesn’t look that bad. People on TV (and probably even on this show) have worn waaaay worse.

  3. Stacey says:

    I have often thinks Castle for all it’s comparisons with BONES and talking to the media by Marlowe about how BONES took too long to put their pair together. BONES does bring the lighter storylines better. And show the bond between Brennan and Booth. Castle and Beckett are together but you wouldn’t know it. Yes they are hiding from the captain. But come on. Show more intimate and just fun. BONES does it better… Despite them not showing the first time. And jumping right into a pregnancy. We have seen more kisses on BONES this season than Castle. And Castle should be in the glorious honeymoon period before you decide whether to really commit of not! Brennan and Booth jumped right into a committment with the baby, yet show they are seriously in love and kiss all the time!

    • TM says:

      Have you actually watched Castle this season? There have been just as many(probably more) romantic and sweet Castle/Beckett scenes as in Bones, and they have had their fair share of challenges.

      • Stacey says:

        Yes I have. And while there have been some. Lets be honest. There has been more scenes of distrust, which is consistent with Castle past. But not amount of love and fun that you would think with a couple newly together…

  4. scg10 says:

    Re: #23……….. I know, right!?!? :(

  5. Susan says:

    #12 – Don’t watch Bones but don’t have to in order to answer the question……the answer is “YES”!!!. Castle could have more playful fun with their two sexy, extraordinary, talented lead couple. If only they would……

  6. Adam says:

    7. Alias! I actually forgot that Max Greenfield was on Veronica Mars so didn’t even realize that at the Golden Globes.
    8. I don’t know about Neil Patrick Harris and Kat Dennings – I like them both, but I think NPH has such off-the-wall charisma that he’d overpower her.

  7. Ari says:

    9.) I remembered she was the one who Rachel Bilson ended up with on HIMYM. Unfortunately, the image of Ivy and Rufus humping on a chair in the Humphrey loft has never left me, it haunts me, so all I could see when she was on screen was that! Ew!
    15.) Yes please! Zoe & Wade are so adorable together. Much better matched than Zoe and George would be!
    22.) SPN, I hope so. If i never see another sepia toned flashback to Amelia looking pensieve I’ll be THRILLED!

    26.) I dubbed Alex’s intern the new Izze months ago. If they don’t make out it February I will be SHOCKED!

  8. Oh, Matt and Michael, my heart stopped when Tony said ‘At lo levad’ in Hebrew to Ziva….I was like, did Tony really say what I thought he did and also had a flashback to the Han Solo/Leia moment!!! Oh, I wish Tony and Ziva would get together, cause after 8 years of this ‘will they/won’t they’ dance, it’s beyond time!!!! :-)

    Thanks for posting the translation for what Tony said for us on Tues. night, by the way. :)

  9. Susan says:

    #21 – What was up with the way Lamar and Tandy were standing? I noticed it too. Ewwww.

  10. Jared says:

    I LOVE Hart of Dixie’s town events and NEVER EVER want Zoe and Wade to break up!

    Juliet’s marriage storyline was so whack on Nashville..i had such high hopes for this series considering all the praise it received early on. Now I’m only watching 1. Out of habit and 2. To see Hayden Panettiere every week. I’ll probably watch the rest of the season just to see how it ends but I doubt I’ll keep watching if it gets picked up for a second season.

  11. Char Richo says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Alex and Jo have ZERO chemistry?! It just seems SO forced. I realize on paper they seem like they would be great together; she’s like Izzy but with less “Denny” baggage. But just, no. Not working for me.

    • Dawn says:

      As much as I disliked judgemental Izzie, she and Alex had way more chemistry than Jo and Alex. For my taste, you could give all of the new interns a total of five minutes air time COMBINED and screw all the other stuff. Don’t need ’em. Don’t want ’em.

      • Tiffany Wood says:

        Ditto, ditto and one more ditto. And another ditto. Alex has been through SO much and the writers couldn’t do better than to just hand him another pretty intern with emotional baggage on a silver platter? “Alex needs love. We gotta get him a happy ending. Oh, I know. We’ll give him an intern that is on his service every day, make them relate to each other with their sad histories of tumultuous childhoods and then hook them up. ‘Cause that’s NEVER been done before.” Sigh. The interns can go back to med school and get off my television screen.

        • cas says:

          She is the only intern I actually can stand. I do think they could have done Alex more justice but he always falls for the girls with issues so it makes sense he would go for her. I think they are kind of cute together.

    • Alex says:

      I didn’t even know Jo’s name until last night’s episode. She’s a bore. And Alex hasn’t had a decent story since Izzie left. He is a ruined character.

    • bryceradick says:

      Disagree completely, though you aren’t the only one it seems

  12. Morgen says:

    On “Downton” – before Mary got back together with Matthew, Robert was all for Mary being married off to Sir Anthony just to have her married — why does he have a problem with Edith marrying him, for love?

    • CJ says:

      I thought it was a shame the way her family made such trouble for her, and also the way Strallan kept pushing her away, but I also thought she was settling for him because she thought he was her last chance. I never had the feeling she actually was in love with him–just that he seemed acceptable, available, and appealing (to her sense of self) because of his injury.

      • Tami says:

        I felt the same way. I think the family was against her marriage because she was taking it as a chore or duty. Mary was always expected to do her duty, but Edith in theory should have more freedom to pursue romance. I think the Dowager’s attitude may also have been a response to the relationship between Sybill and Tom and perhaps even Mary and Matthew. At one time duty might have been important, but two of her Granddaughters married for love, so why should the middle one settle down to a boring life of adoring duty? The thing that pulls the heart strings is that Edith has done without for so long that life with her old fella seemed Grand, Wonderful, and her last best chance! She’s young and has more spirit than both of her sisters (she’s just been hiding it) so I expect she’ll bounce back and do much better.

    • Tansy says:

      Sir Anthony wasn’t a broken man when he was considered suitable for Mary. And Mary is 2 or 3 years older and much more sophisticated than Edith.

    • @NativSwan on Twitter says:

      Mine did too – but not b/c I thought he said “I Love You”; I knew it wasn’t that (too soon – the writers wouldn’t dare gives us THAT now). I was thrilled because Tony once again took the trouble to speak in Ziva’s native language, so that he could reach her heart. That means more than anything. :) She loved it, and so did I! :) :)

      • Tiffany Wood says:

        I had no idea what Tony said (the second it left his lips, I made a mental note to look it up but didn’t have to because TVLine had our backs!) but his voice and her face in response….*swoooon*

        • NativSwan (@NativSwan) says:

          Omigosh, Tiffany….me too!! one NCIS pal made a gif of that that scene in “slow-mo”…EVEN BETTER!! Aaaaaaaaaah!! There was some major action going on in THAT scene! One of the greatest strengths of NCIS has always been in the Subtext; NOBODY does subtext like the writers do on THIS show – powerful stuff, especially between those two!! :)

  13. Allie says:

    #10…If I do continue to watch The Carrie Diaries (not sure yet), I need to never see her dad again!

  14. Lilys87 says:

    I would love for Craig Fergusson to present the emmys, but I’m not holding my breath…

    • Tiffany Wood says:

      He’d be perfect! Love me some Craig!

    • Angela says:

      I would DEFINITELY be tuning in to see that. If for no other reason than to remind the Emmy people to freaking let him get nominated more often (and win)!

      As for this week’s question round:
      19: Yeah, can’t argue with this, it’d be kinda nice to see that whole trend end.
      23: Ha. My thoughts exactly. I’m, like, JUST starting to check out the show a bit more thanks to a friend of mine and her DVD marathons she’d been doing with this show when I’d gone to visit, so I can’t comment on how this particular storyline had been going prior to Wednesday’s episode and how well or how bad this fits in with everything else or whatever. But regardless, godd@mn, that ending was a punch in the gut. Just wanted to hug poor Reid the whole time.
      (Also, on another “Criminal Minds”-related note, did it strike anyone else bizarre to see a payphone still in use?)
      25: If the Oprah interview had involved that stuff, I might actually have considered watching it.

  15. Kathi says:

    Yes! my Tiva shipping heart did skip a beat and I frantically searched out a translation. Given the situation, I think “You are not alone” is more poignant and appropriate – but I am forever hopeful that we will one day soon him say “ani ohev otach” which does mean “I love you”.

    • Kim R says:

      In my “romantic movie ending” mind, I was so hoping Tony would walk into the olive grove at the end of the episode. I realize that would have been kind of cliche but hey….I would have loved it! :) Sometimes you just need a little somethin’ somethin’… :)

  16. Becks says:

    I definitely agree with the Bones/Castle thing. Castle did a better job getting their couple together, but Bones has done a better job with the aftermath of it. The writers have shown a sweet believability in Bones and Booth’s relationship that is slightly lacking in Castle and Beckett’s so far. I’d love to see some scenes with Castle and Beckett, I don’t know, just like hanging out at each other’s apartments, being a couple. The scenes at Bones and Booth’s house are some of my favorites.

  17. Lucy says:

    #3 He’s on the 27th floor…with Nick’s dead body wating for the guest stars’ parade to end.

  18. #18….YES My heart did skip a beat. :) I’m hoping that we do finally get the “I love you” very soon. After eight years I think it is finally time for them to get together, to take that next step. Tony and Ziva are perfect for each other and they do love each other. Love their chemistry. :) Long Live TIVA! :)

  19. Ana says:

    26. No Alex and Jo. In the show they are supposed to he only a few years appart but in reality they are close to 20. He’s over 40 and she looks like she’s 21 if that. It’s pervy and creepy. And their interactions feel forced. Scripted, which of course they are scripted but its not supposed to be obvious. Alex needs an age appropriate love interest.

    • Char Richo says:

      The actress is 29. I don’t buy them together either but I don’t think age is the problem. I think it might just be bad acting.

    • samantha says:

      Your post is so unbelievably dumb that my response when I read it was to roll my eyes. Seriously, I’m not even going to bother typing out an actual argument because your comment doesn’t deserve one.

    • cas says:

      Um did you not watch when Mark and Lexie were together, and Mark was older then Alex is in this scenario.

  20. Melody Paris says:

    Yes, please never break-up Wade and Zoe, they are fantastic together and I really enjoy their fights, almost as much as they do.
    Secondly, since I hated Sam’s storyline with Amelia I’m begging the writers to leave her in the dust. It didn’t work, we didn’t believe it and they had no chemistry whatsoever.

  21. Ana says:

    About Belle…yes. I also found her costume to be inappropriate for a Disney character. But worse than that, she did can not sell the whole action princess thing. It was ridiculous. And the special effects for that monster were cartoonish and cheap looking. I think OUAT is overreaching. They should try to simplify things not make them more complicated so at least we can follow the plot or have a sense of where things are going which to this point, we still don’t. Imo.

  22. jane says:

    3. I think Matt Czuchry was preparing for a movie role (‘Gabriel’) during the filming of more recent episodes of The Good Wife. Also, I believe I heard that he dropped out of the movie because it caused too many conflicts with his filming schedule for TGW.

    • Lucy says:

      Matt dropped off the movie long time ago when shoots were postponed to february and he dropped it because the show. Maybe TV Line can ask him about it for once.
      The movie can be an excuse for his absence in the first episodes of the season but it’s not an excuse for his total lack of storyline, screentime and writers’ consideration in the last 4 episodes. It’s clear that wirters did cut off most of Cary’s storyline because the Nick’s fiasco: he was mainly involved in Kalinda’s storyline so when they cut off almost everything about Cary’s role they also decided to leave him without nothing to do for the follow episodes. It means they decided to wasted 12 episodes doing absolutely nothing worth media or fans’ attention with him. There was also a plot which invovled him and Tim Guinee’s character which was supposed to be in episode 4.10 (we have stills of Cary and Andrew for that episode but we never saw any scene with them) and it looks it was also completely cut off.

    • Jess says:

      Matt had to drop out of the project because of The Good Wife. Which is ironic because he doesn’t get any screentime with the show

    • Dee says:

      Really hard to understand the inexcusable absence of Cary in TGW stories. The movie, as stated, was actually postponed before being dropped so that can’t be it. The dropping of Nick’s presence in the show did alter what they had planned for Cary. But no explanation for and a miracle recovery from that beating followed by virtually nothing? What TGW does with Cary/Matt is beyond
      irritating. Matt deserves so much better than this. Hopefully the next half of ther season will be better. I am not holding my breath though since the writers always seem to have Cary only involved peripherally in other characters’ storylines…if involved at all.

      • Lucy says:

        That season we had all those meta things, like Diane saying that they needed to use more Cary, which now just sound like a writers’ joke about what fans ask for and will never get. They fooled us again.
        But the thing that makes it worse that time is that almost every plot they conceived that season gave them the chance to involve Cary and not just peripherally. And really, they just needed to involve him more in cases, it wasn’t so hard.
        But there were also plot which could have been explored more and were cut of because other plots which didn’t deserve so much time (NICK!). Or because guest stars.
        What about the conflict between Cary and Will? He (writers) did keep leaving him out of every court case but the all thing was never addressed from writers.
        What about the daddy’s plot? One episode and nothing after that.
        The beaten up was hilarious, really: they didn’t just waste half season doing almost nothing with Cary but they also found a chance to point out how much they care about the character giving that plot absolutely zero follow up. And they didn’t even consider us worthy of an explanation.
        After that every Cary fan should rightly think that if even a beaten up was enough to give him a storyline, well, it’s likely never going to happen.
        Obviously Ken Tucker didn’t have nothing to say about that matter as long as Nick plot is cut off everything is ok now.
        And yeah, Matt deserves so much better than this. We too.

  23. Candi says:

    18) In Matt’s recap he said the Hebrew was “you are not alone” not “I love you”. I think the meaning was the same but I think that is what Tony would say at while Ziva was grieving.

  24. Melissa says:

    My heart skipped a beat when Tony uttered those words. Then after the episode was finished, I reround and watched it again….more than once. Then I looked up the meaning after putting the closed captions on!

    • Candi says:

      Melissa – My understanding is close captioning is done by out side contractors often with a script to look at. I have not researched it my self but I also saw this on another discussion board:

      “Huzzah internet research. It seems he said ‘ aht lo lehvahd’. It is a phrase in Jewish mourning meaning ‘You are not alone (in your grief)’ How sweet- and culturally sensitive ; ) The shipper in me was kind of hoping he had said I love you, but not appropriate timing. Ah well. ”

      I agree with that poster and would like to know where he did his research.

      • Tami says:

        I think it says a lot about how much Tony feels about Ziva that he even knows the proper words and pronunciation of the phrase. He’s always correcting her use of English idioms and cultural references (And did anyone smile when Ziva corrected her DAD just like Tony corrects her? I did!). And then Tony shows that he understands something as intimate about her culture as the proper way to show love and support to a person grieving for a loved one. My heart fluttered quite a bit.

  25. King says:

    I thought the Criminal Minds episode was great but I really hate what happened in the end! Seriously? They created the perfect mysterious woman for Reid; they casted the perfect actressto play the role then for what? This? Another really dark storyline in a show filled with very disturbing cases? Not to mention, Hotch’s wife was murdered, Rossi’s ex-wife commited suicide. When is anybody going to have a taste of good life? Maybe JJ’s wedding but Prentiss was leaving at that same time.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Please QUIT comparing Castle and Bones!
    Who exactly is dressing Belle over at OUAT anyway? One false step, deep breath or tripping over Mulan’s ego and she would have popped out of that thing, not that Rumple, Hook or Philip would have minded.
    Yes, REALLY, Criminal Minds, thank you for going there! Erica planned storyline that way with Matthew’s complete support and HE was OUTSTANDING in that episode. I would have liked it anyway, but I loved it in part because the stalker died especially since I don’t really care for that actress. I don’t get the fascination with Michelle whatever her name is.

    • Angela says:

      The whole time I was watching that episode I just kept thinking, “This is the same girl from that ‘Harriet the Spy’ movie that I used to watch as a kid.” :D. It was really strange to see her playing such a psycho woman.
      (And I agree that Gubler was fantastic in the episode. Regardless of what one thinks of how it all went down, he certainly made you feel for his character the whole time.)

  27. emma says:

    I have a question about Grey’s Anatomy: Having Derek hinted at Dr.Smash, or whatever,’s future as a neurosurgeon, are we EVER gonna meet someone in that same field who also happens to be A WOMAN???

  28. Jessica says:

    By the end of this season on Downton Abbey everyone will see how cruel the writers are. I’m still upset by the deaths this season (I’m not spoiling it and saying who though)

    • Leslie says:

      You mean writer, not writers. And by the by he, the writer, had no choice. The actor ( or actress – depending on who you are referring to, could be both) chose to leave to pursue other projects. And quite frankly I’m rather exited to see what Season 4 will be like without him (or her). Fluff can get boring fast. So now they have a great chance to start again and deal with the tragic outcome of season 3.

  29. gossip2010 says:

    Castle taking example from Bones ?!! Are you serious ?
    I agree that Caskett should have a little more fun, there’s been some moments but AM could do more (even if he does a wonderful job already)
    But seriously ? Bones ? No I just can’t , I watch it (well I skip some parts) to know what’s going on and I don’t see any fun, it’s just so boring
    Sorry for the fans but that’s how I feel

    • Austen says:

      Totally agree…!! [I used to love Bones but lately I found myself skip so much of the episodes]

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree! For me the “fun” part of Bones is I haven’t bothered to watch in several seasons and I don’t miss it. It’s bad enough when people drag out the Moonlighting Curse mess as if that explains everything wrong with a show, but for the love of God stop comparing Castle and Bones! Castle is more fun then ever! I love those small quiet moments. My only kind of gripe is Penny Johnson Gerald isn’t on as much as I’d hoped. I didn’t like her at first until the “Storage Wars” episode when Castle gave her then later destoyed the antique doll thing. I actually like her and Castle scenes.

  30. Vollisar says:

    I’ve always thought Tony and Ziva have a relationship very close to Han and Leia, from different worlds and early in the relationship not understanding each other. As both couples peeled back the layers, they fell slowly and deeply in love. I immediately thought of the Han/Leia scene when when Tony said, “Aht lo leh-vahd” to Ziva, and she replied “I know.” After the show I rewound the DVR to get spelling from captions, and frantically surfed the internet. I was pretty sure it was not “I love you” because neither of them is quite ready to admit it yet. However, they have both come to the realization of how they feel for each other, and maybe even how the other feels for them. Maybe we won’t have to wait too much longer. “You are not alone” was the perfect thing for Tony to say. Ziva must feel overwelming alone with the last member of her immediate family gone, and she has always been inclined to bear hurt, anger, grief and revenge alone. The fact that she replies “I know” is a huge step for her admitting she needs someone else to lean on, and she knows Tony and the rest of her adopted NCIS family is there for her.

  31. nikki says:

    The Alias “reunion” was awesome. I would like a real reunion show. But since they killed off Jack and Irina, I guess that won’t ever happen.

  32. Olivia says:

    2. Realised it, but it’s a different Belle. And she has small boobs, they have to squeeze them to show up.
    9. Yep, I remembered and I’ve been waiting for it
    12. I stopped watching Bones because it got WAY TOO boring, especially after they hooked up. And started to watch Castle like 1 week ago and got absolutely addicted.

    • Jennifer says:

      If the show insists on stuffing women into something clearly 2 sizes to small no matter how big the girls are then they need to stuff Hook into tighter pants!

  33. Kat says:

    So I so agree with you on 15, 17, 18 and 21….Love Wade and Zoe!!!

  34. To #27; Rep. Michelle Bachman is on the House Intelligence Committee in real-life, so . . .

  35. Kat says:

    oh and the cute producer on Nashville… I was thinking how about hooking up with Julliete instead of Rayna? I wanted them to try with Sean but I guess they had different plans…and I still want to see Rayna with Deacon…

  36. Joe says:

    did anybody else think that because of the seattle grace lawsuit nbc would have to cancel tgs?

  37. Andi M says:

    18. Of COURSE my heart skipped a beat! That was the most beautiful Tiva scene of the whole season (so far, still hoping for more!!). Tony showed that he can be a rock for Ziva when times are rough, and that he does truly care for her. Saying “You are not alone” was such a sweet gesture and something she needed to be reminded of. Can’t wait to see what becomes of them this year!!

  38. Lulu says:

    #27: There’s reps and senators on science committees who do not believe in evolution.

  39. Ziva knows that a lot of people ‘love’ her, but, on her flight, & during her days in Israel, she will know in her heart that Tony is with her; that she is “not alone”, because he ‘told her’.

  40. Mary says:

    I’m giving Emma and Henry a break for them not realizing Jiminy/Archie’s mentioned Cora. A man they thought had been killed and they went to his funeral that morning just showed up at their door. Snow and Charming weren’t even there. But did anyone even say Cora is here to Rumple?

  41. J V Smith says:

    I was sad all day after watching CM Wed. That said, Matthew Gubler did great, don’t think?

  42. Shari says:

    #15 – Hear Hear!!! Zade are AMAZING together, even better than I imagined. I am praying they don’t break those two up ever ever ever, I can’t even handle how much I love them together.

  43. Sara says:

    Damnit Criminal Minds. You get me every time. I understand why they did it, and all that jazz….but it still hurt. :( I just wanna hug Reid even more </3

  44. Karen says:

    Question 1, 3 and 15
    I could not agree more! Cannot wait to see how Fringe ends it (with Seth Gabel! woohooo!), but once it’s done many tears will be shed :(
    Good Wife! – Cary/Matt Czuchry is your best player this season. USE HIM!
    And, even though Zoe and Wade inevitably will break up, I’m hoping this dramady will against stereotypical story-lines! They are brilliant together.

  45. Britta Unfiltered says:

    7. I definitely had Alias on the brain.

  46. Sunny says:

    #18 My heart still skips just thinking about Tony and Ziva, especially after this week’s episode. Tony was a solid rock for Ziva throughout the episode, and for him to say “You’re not alone” in her native language was beautiful. He really goes out of his way for her. Ziva’s tears and smile, she does know, knows that he’ll always be there, always have her back, and it was amazing to see how Ziva got all chocked up with all the feelings and appreciation for Tony.

    • lisa says:

      “For those NCIS fans not versed in Hebrew…” thanks sunny for getting it right. that was way more signficant that a simple i love you. i dont think anyone watching had a dry eye after that moment

  47. Kelly says:


  48. Jovana says:

    I love that they’re taking things slowly with Alex/Jo on Grey’s Anatomy. I think every couple on the show started the relationship by having sex before they even knew each other. So this is a nice change and I’m loving the couple so far. <3

  49. Haley says:

    I absolutely thought Tony had finally said I love you. While he did not in act do so, his “You are not alone” comment was super sweet.