Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Revenge, Downton, Arrow, Big Bang, Bunheads and More!

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Question: Anything on Grey’s Anatomy? It would really make my day! —Tia
Ausiello: You already know that the survivors strike it rich with the airplane lawsuit in this week’s episode. You also know after watching our exclusive first look clip that Callie is way more excited than the rest of the gang. But what you may not know is that “Callie wants to go out and celebrate,” reveals Ellen Pompeo. “But nobody is really into celebrating because it’s blood money. People died. Arizona lost her leg.” They decide to tag along anyway, leading to “a very awkward dinner,” says Pompeo. “But Callie has her reasons for wanting to celebrate and she explains it at the dinner.”

Question: Any Leonard and Amy-related Big Bang Theory scoop? —Troy
Ausiello: The show’s Valentine’s Day episode promises to be a hoot, mostly because “Amy tells Sheldon that she got him the perfect gift,” reveals exec producer Bill Prady. “And Sheldon doesn’t like gifts, so it’s a very difficult time for Sheldon trying to reciprocate.” A hint about said perfect gift? Teases Prady: “It’s not sexual. I’ll tell you that much.” Bonus Scoop: Episode 16 features a marriage proposal!

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Question: Do you have any scoop about the Private Practice series finale? —Tara
Ausiello: What if I told you that in next Tuesday’s series finale, Parenthood‘s Sarah Ramos is guest-starring as… the entire Private Practice audience? Amy Brenneman told Matt Mitovich that Violet’s final storyline  is “this beautiful, metaphorical thing” in which a patient of five-plus years has trouble saying goodbye. “She’s ready to move on, but she’s like, ‘I need you.’ And I say things like, ‘We’ve been meeting together once a week for a little more than five years…. You’re going to be OK,'” Brenneman previews. “And I am Shonda [Rhimes] talking to our sweet audience.” (Hmm, does that mean the episode ends after 45 minutes…?)

Question: Did you get any exciting scoop at the TCA press tour about what’s coming up on Bones in the second half of the season? —Cassidy
Ausiello: Yes! “Angela goes undercover as a roller-derby girl,” Michaela Conlin shared with us. “They need somebody to help them with a crime that occurs around a roller rink, and Angela used to skate, so it’s very much in her wheelhouse” — presumably no pun intended. To prep for the wild ride, “I got to train with the L.A. Derby Dolls, which was super-fun,” she said, “and fall a lot on my rear end!”

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Question: Any more intel on the plot of Elementary‘s Super Bowl episode? —Joel
Ausiello: How’s this for a touchdown? An escaped murderer on the loose in New York City gets back to business as quickly as possible, and Sherlock’s paired with a FBI profiler (played by Covert Affairs‘ Kari Matchett) to figure out how to catch the killer (played by this guy). “We’ll find out that there’s something of a history there between Sherlock and this profiler,” previews executive producer Rob Doherty, who adds that Sherlock “has very strong feelings about profiling in general, but he has even stronger feelings about this particular character.” From what Doherty says, the post-Bowl episode sounds like a strong one. “We tried to find just the right amount of humor and action and backstory for that particular show.”

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Question: You must know what Modern Family‘s Gloria and Jay are going to name their baby – or at least whether it’s a boy or girl. How about giving us a hint? —Erica
Ausiello: I can confirm that the show’s adding a new… female! But it’s not what you’re thinking. She’s 40, she’s Gloria’s polished new friend and – though not a bombshell – she’s very educated.

unforgettableQuestion: Is it too soon to ask about Unforgettable? —Lindsey
Ausiello: It’s a little early but I’ll allow it. Let’s start with the basics, Lindsey. You know it’s back for a second season on Sunday, July 28, yes? And that Michael Gaston, Kevin Rankin and Daya Vaidya (who played Detectives Mike Costello, Roe Saunders and Nina Inara) are no longer part of the full-time cast? Okay, on to new business. Looks like the show’s about to inject some fresh blood by way of two new Major Cases team members. The first, Eliot, is the intelligent, politically savvy new head of the division; in one of his first moves, he transfers Carrie and Al from Queens into his unit. Next is Jay, a whip-smart detective with a wide range of expertise in a lot of obscure topics – and I’m hearing that the show is willing to completely change his backstory if the right actor comes along.

Question: Would love some Arrow scoop, especially since we know you spoke to Stephen Amell at the Golden Globes. —M.J.
Ausiello: Nothing gets past you, M.J. I can offer up three pieces of information. One: Star Stephen Amell recently tweeted that the title of the upcoming Episode 16 should be “Holy S—balls!” Two: At the Golden Globes, he was stoked to elaborate. “In Episode 9, a lot of stuff happened. And in Episode 16, it’s just thing after thing after thing after thing happening and coming to a resolution or taking it in the next direction. And then, after all that, after the episode’s over, there’s the biggest cliffhanger.” And finally, three: One of the “things” he mentions is that Oliver’s secret is not as secret as he wants it to be.

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Question: Any scoop on if/when Helena will return to Arrow? —Jason
Ausiello: EP Greg Berlanti assures us she’ll return. In fact, “We’re just writing that episode right now. We like to think of her as the crazy ex-girlfriend,” he says, laughing. “Her mission isn’t done nor complete yet in terms of: She wanted to kill her dad, and he’s still alive.”

Question: Anything on TV’s most underrated comedy The Middle? Are we ever going to see Jane Kaczmarek again? —Rebecca
Ausiello: I have it on good authority that the Malcolm in the Middle mom will be back later this season as dental diva Mrs. Armwood – and that she’ll front-and-center in a scene that involves Frankie, a tooth-scraping tool and severe bodily harm.


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  1. Wish I knew how this TBBT marriage proposal goes, since I’m pretty sure I know who it involves, considering the rest of those spoilers and, well, who is already married. I’m hoping well, but other sites have hinted at otherwise…although other sites have also hinted at ‘good’.

    • AmbidextrousAspie says:

      Perhaps it will lead to Penny and Leonard breaking up, when he finally realizes he can do so much better than her, in terms of a woman who actually loves him and doesn’t treat him like garbage.

      • Perhaps it will be Penny that proposes to Leonard.

        • Melina says:

          @gene those were my thoughts exactly. Great minds think alike LOL

        • babarsuhail says:

          I always thought that Penny would have to be the one to propose after she said no to Leonard.

        • Mirelle says:

          I thought the same thing; Penny will be the one to propose.
          I hope it doesn’t go this way though because the series has emasculated Leonard enough that, in this instance, I do want the so called “traditional” route, and have Leonard be the one to propose…. And, of course have the answer be, “yes.” We’ve seen Penny reject him enough times.

          Regardless, how it turns out though, I can’t wait to see the coming episodes, and the rest of season 6. I love TBBT so much! This series has an amazing cast.

    • mia says:

      I’d be jazzed if it was Raj and Stuart :P

    • takethat says:

      As long as Sheldon’s not marrying that sanctimonious pest in heat who look like his mother’s slightly younger church group peer, the now phoning-it-in writers can marry who they want.

  2. Penny says:

    “Hmm, does that mean the episode ends after 45 minutes?”
    I feel like I’m missing the joke here. (Supposedly the therapy session is 45min, which is more or less an episode’s length? Eh, okay. Lame joke.)

    • Danielle H. says:

      I’m kinda lost too.. the only joke I could infer was the one you came up w/ as well. Unless Aus is saying that Shonda’s episodes usually only have about 3/4 worth of good material instead of a full hour. Who knows lol.

  3. Trenton says:

    Looks like…and its the only way for me to want to keep watching … the driver and the Earl’s first born will find each other. Both widows…it could be romantic in a shared tragic sort of way.

    Moriarty…networks do this thing where they get talent that is above and beyond a random guest spot. My first thought of CBS’s Moriarty was David Tennant…b/c how would that not be amazing…but w/ Henry Ian Cusick circling Mentalist…he could soooooo play Moriarty…his mentalist role is beneath him, but its like a stipend paycheck to a proper role for him.

    • shanghaiedinlalaland says:

      Lady Mary Crawley and the former chauffeur?! For that matter, an Irish radical making his life’s work a fight to save the aristocracy he abhors?! Is there no level of stupidity we won’t accept in the name of convenience? Sure let’s just throw the DA we all know out the window and create this bizarro parallel universe where the characters bear no resemblance to themselves.

  4. N says:

    Still don’t get “the iniative” on Revenge! Help!

  5. lousi says:

    Callie better give a good explanation at that dinner, because her excitement at getting the money from the lawsuit and wanting to go out to celebrate leaves a really bad taste in my mouth just reading about it.

  6. Mick says:

    The Santa Barbara question, awesome sauce.

  7. eddie says:

    love episodes but am confused? HBO? 2014? i know that the HBO comment is a typo but 2014? thats a long time to wait for the third season….

  8. M says:

    Episodes airs on Showtime, not HBO.

  9. I cried reading the spoiler for the last Private Practice episode. It’s become one of my favorite shows. I’ll be like the patient. “I need you.” I’ll be a wreck next week.

  10. tp says:

    I didn’t like Helena on Arrow. I wished that was the last we’d see of her.

  11. madhatter360 says:

    Given Cyrus’s behavior towards James in the most recent Scandal I’m concerned that they’re considered to be the healthy relationship. “Our baby is all ready and waiting for us, but I can cancel that if you want to keep investigating.” Real healthy.

    • redbelle234 says:

      I was just about to say the same thing. I have no idea what Shonda believes a healthy relationship is but it certainly isn’t any of the relationships on the show.

  12. aboutThat says:

    It will probably all end up with Penny brushing it off as a joke, because I don’t see either another failed proposal or an engagement happening at this point.

    • Olivia says:

      Yeah, unless it’s Stewart proposing to Raj, it’s Penny and Leonard (Pennard?). I don’t see Sheldon popping the Q and idt that could be Amy’s great present.

  13. Kavan says:

    TPTB at DA seem utterly clueless. Oh we built the Matthew/Mary relationship up for three series, but gee now that its over the show will be much better because Mary gets to start over. I loved Matthew and I loved M&M. I bought the story the show spent three series telling. It infuriates me that now its oh its better with Mary back on her own. DA should have ended with dignity in the Christmas Special with M&M and their child. I won’t be watching series four and I expect many others will skip out as they realize how utterly the show has changed.

    • Scooby says:

      Whoa, I’m a huge Mary/Matthew fan (who’s been in mourning since he was killed off), and their relationship was the first and main thing that made me love the show, but honestly “how utterly the show has changed”? That makes it sound like it’s been ruined forever when you have no idea what that’s going to feel like or look like. Could be even stronger from a dramatic stand point. We’re all devastated about Matthew, but Dan Stevens chose to leave. They didn’t ask him to go. Blame him, it’s hardly the producers’ fault. They’re trying to do the best they can. It could be an extraordinary opportunity for Michelle Dockery to show what she’s got. An Emmy win wouldn’t be out of the question. This is going to require so much of Mary. Being independent sounds great until you’re doing it as a grieving single mother in training to manage an estate on behalf of your son, essentially as regent whenever her father dies. The biggest downside of losing Dan is no more Mary/Matthew. The biggest upside is a strong showing from Mary next season. I’ll watch the proposal scene on a loop and anticipate the amazing drama next year.

      • shanghaiedinlalaland says:

        I understand what you’re trying to say, but I agree with Kavan that DA can’t go back to what it was. It sounds like, in a desperate attempt to leave the misery of S3 behind, Neame wants to have Mary move on as quickly as possible by recreating another great romance for her (and this is echoed by other remarks by JF et al. that came out this week). But to do so after pounding it into our heads that M/M are soulmates, meant to be, an OTP to end all OTPs, for the last 3 years is incredible (literally), manipulative and insulting. None of this, of course, absolves DS from his actions, which IMO were utterly selfish and which none of us will ever truly understand. Even so, blaming DS only gets us so far. Fine, they had to kill off Matthew. But TPTB have to take responsibility for the direction of S4 and if they truly care about the goodwill of the show, the characters and the fans, they will avoid easy, obvious, cliched tropes and write something that honors the original vision of the series — the one with which we fell in love. For commercial reasons, they couldn’t turn down the opportunity to do a fourth season. But then, do it right. Make it nuanced. Make it realistic. Honor what M/M had and will never have again. And yes, this means that DA will never again be that safe, ordered, (comparatively) happy place. But it’s better than the alternative, which is to ignore, forget and retcon a narrative we (and they) invested in and loved.

        • Theresa says:

          I am confused. They are just starting to show season 3 and I know that Matthew is leaving but how do you know he is being killed off? Has season 3 in its entirety already been aired somewhere else? From reading some of these posts (Mary having an heir, Matthew being killed off, the misery of season 3, Sybil being killed off) it sounds like people have already watched all of season 3.

          • Pixley says:

            I can’t quite tell if this is a serious comment, but just in case it is: S3 has already aired in the UK. These spoilers are actually old news for a good portion of the show’s fans.

          • Theresa says:

            This was a serious comment. I am in Sacramento CA (United States) where Season 3 has just begun airing.

          • Linda M. Campbell says:

            Just before the holidays, 2012, the BBC Magazine offered purchases of Season 3 DA, but would not be shipped until around Jan. 20, 2013. That is likely why you are reading these “official” outcomes of Season 3. The first day that we received our copy in the mail, we watched it in its entirety.

      • Kavan says:

        Matthew being gone does change the show. It’s not just about M&M, its about the role his character played. One of the largest arcs of the show was Matthew coming to Downton and changing it, bringing a different view, meeting and mututally changing with Mary, the assumption they would be Earl and Countess. All that is now gone. That’s a huge shift. Beyond that you’ve now got Tom a socialist committed to a free Ireland deciding to hang around and work for an English Lord, Edith is suddenly a columnist with a social perspective. The show just changed hugely last series.

        • Claire says:

          But Matthew did change Downton. He gave an heir. His plot function is complete. Now it will be about how that is carried out. I’m tired of butthurt MM shippers acting like this show had ONE ROUTE and it was only MM as Earl and Countess. Personally, I think it’s shortsighted and I’m interested in seeing the new route the show takes with Mary trying to carry out the legacy Matthew wanted for Downton. Your perspective is so narrow.

          • Shaun says:

            You do have to admit though that it took awhile to cook this romance and add to that Cybil’s death in the same season and they’ve killed most of the interesting characters.

          • Kavan says:

            Where did I say my issue was all about M&M? I’ve clearly stated that I think the character of Matthew and his role on the series was a necessary factor. DA isn’t any one character but you cannot remove a main character without altering things. Matthew’s entire story wasn’t just M&M. He had a strong relationship with Robert, Isobel, Branson. All that’s gone and yes I think its going to be different. Likewise, I think reducing his entire role to oh he gave Downton an heir is simplistic and demonstrates an inability to actually look at the role he played on the show. And as Shaun said to kill both Matthew and Sybil in one series.

          • Give me a break says:

            I’ll admit I’m curious to see how Fellowes handles this new direction, only if you admit there was no way this would’ve have happened had Dan Stevens not bailed on the show. M/M as eventual Earl and Countess was absolutely Fellowes’ original intention, and if you honestly don’t think so, then it’s you who are shortsighted.

        • ben says:

          You mean characters that have aged ten years have also changed in that time? Mellowed from 20 to 30? Gosh, that’s nothing like real life…

          • shanghaiedinlalaland says:

            People do change as they grow (up) but in mostly subtle ways. They don’t become someone unrecognizable. I think this was Kavan’s point. E.g. Irish radicals don’t, in the space of a few months, make it their life’s work to fight to save the aristocracy.

          • Kavan says:

            Except Tom didn’t change in ten years time. He changed in a month. Except Edith had never mentioned an interesting in writing. Both of these changes occurred virtually overnight for reasons that are the definition of plot point.

      • Linda M. Campbell says:

        My husband and I are HUGE fans of Downton Abbey. We just finished Season 3. I am greatly disappointed that Dan Stevens has chosen to leave the show so early and is killed in the end in a car crash. I was simply SHOCKED, angry that this happened, disappointed to say the least and am mourning this tragic ending. I felt there was enough “drama” and loss already before this loss of Matthew. It just doesn’t make sense to me. So disappointed that I don’t know if I can even look forward to a season 4 and 5.

  14. Britta Unfiltered says:

    A lot of shows seem to be taking 2013 off. Sherlock, Episodes, Louie. I hope this is not becoming a trend where shows wait a year and a half between season finales and premieres. It’s such a long stretch of time. I have a weird fear something is going to happen to me that will prevent me from seeing the next season of Louie or Episodes, because you know, it’s a really long time before they come back! Like, I could die or become so poor I have to cancel cable and internet and then never be able to watch them. I know it’s a weird fear. I have many.

    • Alan says:

      its better that shows take the time to make good episodes rather than pushing out less than satisfactory stuff just to fill air time, too many shows do that already

  15. Whatever says:

    Boo Showtime for making us wait ANOTHER year for Episodes.
    Matthew will be missed on Downton Abbey but I’m certainly not going to give up on a great show just because one person decided to move on.
    It happens.

  16. shanghaiedinlalaland says:


    In regards to Gareth Neame’s remarks: that’s utter BS and he knows it. That’s certainly not what they were saying this time last year. (And if all marriage is supposed to be “boring,” why do Anna/Bates get their happy ending?) They can try to spin it all they want but you can’t poor blood, sweat and tears into the kind of epic, sweeping, iconic love story they built for Matthew and Mary and then pretend that it wasn’t really that special after all. That’s why people are so upset and angry (and I think it will be worse when the season finale airs here in February). We feel like we were led down a primrose path. Regardless of whose “fault” it is — and I do primarily blame Stevens for leaving — it’s us, the fans who invested in Downton, who will pay the price. … But then to insult our intelligence by trying to trivialize his departure and the Matthew/Mary story and, worse, to try to convince us that anyone else they introduce as a love interest for Mary will ever be anything more than mediocre or second best just adds insult to injury. … If they were smart, they would forget about trying to recreate the impossible (good luck even trying to CAST someone who has the same chemistry with Dockery that Stevens had) and focus simply, at least in S4, on Mary’s grieving process, her role as a mother (and presumably regent) and her involvement in running the estate. They keep saying it’s an ensemble piece and it can absorb the exit of a principal character, so here’s their chance to put their money where their mouth is. They already wrote a once-in-a-lifetime love story for Mary. Why don’t they concentrate on the other budding/potential romances upstairs and downstairs: Edith/Gregson, maybe Tom/Rose (eventually), the downstairs quartet (Alfred, Daisy, Ivy, Jimmy)? … S3 was excessively heavy and Matthew’s demise created a paradigm shift. They can’t just go back to the lighter, more optimistic Downton of old where the only tragedies are mild and noble ones. So fine, Downton wants to go “dark” and compete with the big boys of American drama on their terms? Then they must own up to the creative decisions they made last year which can’t be undone.

    • shanghaiedinlalaland says:

      Sorry, meant “pour” *not* “poor.”

    • Matt says:

      I agree with your assessment for the most part. Dan Stevens is a singular talent (one of my favorite up and coming actors of the last 5 years), and if he felt the need to move on to other projects, I can only hope he lands roles that befit his talent – I will follow his career to see what he does, and hopefully he’ll do some things in the near future to my liking. I would have liked to see him play Downton out to the end, but I can’t pretend it hasn’t been a rock-solid three years.

      I almost feel the show has reached the end of an era. It needs a time-jump and an influx of characters to keep the material fresh, I think. After Matthew’s death, maybe even a psychic shift of sorts. They would be wise to never try to replace Matthew Crawley within the Downton universe though. Dan Stevens is not replaceable, and the Matthew/Mary Storyline of the first two seasons will not be matched. In fact, accepting that will be critical for fans of the show going forward. It will never be better, it can only be different.

      • shanghaiedinlalaland says:

        Hi! If you have time and are interested (heh), I posted a meta on the significance of Matthew’s death and what it means to DA: shanghaiedinla[.]livejournal[.]com. … I don’t know if I think as highly of Stevens as an actor as you do — and his performance in S3 wasn’t entirely well received when it aired in the UK (I guess in retrospect many feel he had already checked out mentally) — but to me he was ideal as Matthew Crawley. And the onscreen chemistry he had with Michelle Dockery was truly unmatched (can’t say that I’ve seen anything like it on TV — well maybe Lucy and Desi, but that was comedy and they were married after all). … In terms of Mary’s arc going forward, I was prepared to accept a second marriage — a sadder but wiser kind of love — perhaps in S5 once she had been given the narrative space to grieve. But their (JF’s and the producers’) most recent comments on plans for S4 have just irked me to no end. “Oh no, it’s really better this way! She gets to find someone new!” The emperor has no clothes, people. Like I said, it’s insulting to us as viewers who bought into the original narrative vision to which they as a couple were central.

    • Linda M. Campbell says:

      Excellent comment. Well put!!! Bravo!!!…I thought I was alone in feeling there was too much “heavy” drama in this Season 3 compared to 1 and 2.

  17. Sissy says:

    Thank you for the heads up on PP. I will take a pass. Can’t stand a minute more of V.

  18. TW says:

    I read a similar BBT spoiler on the Frenemy’s site that said episode 16 had something big coming for Penny and Leonard and it was a good thing, not a bad thing. My guess Ausiello and her are talking about the same thing.

  19. Loz says:

    Wow, I’m so excited that Episodes is coming back, I thought it was cancelled!!! Even though it’s return is next year (and probably later for me in Australia) I am still glad there is another season!

  20. Alex says:

    “Cyrus and James are the healthy marriage on the show.” HAH! right

  21. Babybop says:

    Leonard and Penny getting engaged… Not sure how I feel about that. Ha ha.

  22. B says:

    I’m so sick of Bones going undercover. It hasn’t made sense once. Comedy, dancing and now roller derby? Come on guys.

    • kath says:

      Especially Angela going undercover. She’s an artist with computer skills, not an agent.
      Are they trying to tell me that in the whole of the FBI, there is no one who could do that so they had to get Angela?

  23. lolo says:

    was that the last private practice aa scoop ever? crying about it….

  24. justanotherfan says:

    When does the 16th episode of TBBT air? Is it this upcoming episode?

  25. Dee Dee says:

    So Shondra believes Fitz & Mellie still love each other. I know Mellie loves Fitz but I think it’s not reciprocated. Brotherly love, maybe? Makes me wonder if Olitz will ever be together as a legitable couple in the future. I sense much empathy love for Mellie from Shondra. Just saying.

  26. dragenphoto says:

    Ted knocks up his wife in season 9 or very early season 10. His assassin daughter was atleast 3 months old at the time of the 3 year viewing of Star Wars, which is in season 7.

  27. Mel says:

    Never ever really get an NCIS scoop anymore these days :'(

  28. Lea says:

    Ellen gave a scoop but it’s on Callie? :( I was hoping it’s about Meredith or MerDer.

  29. Mike Q. says:

    BBT marriage proposal: Howard’s mother.

  30. kath says:

    If Downton’s Abbey’s Lady Mary were a more interesting or sympathetic character, I wouldn’t mind so much of the show being about her.

    But this season she’s become even more self-centered and short-sighted. I think Edith or Sybil is worth a dozen of her. So the idea that the next season will be about her new life makes me less likely to tune in to the show.

  31. asdf says:

    Was hoping for Kalinda/Alicia hookup. Sadly, most networks still consider this kind of thing to be either a one-off ratings magnet, or a subplot only for disposable secondary characters and guest stars. Far be it from a network to take a risk with something that could be really beautiful.