Castle Exclusive: Dylan Walsh Cops Major Role in February Sweeps Two-Parter

Castle Season 5 Spoilers: Dylan WalshABC’s Castle is gearing up for its annual February sweeps two-parter, which this time around will feature Nip/Tuck alum Dylan Walsh in a pivotal role.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Walsh has been recruited to play Agent Harris, an even-keeled FBI investigator who works with Rick and Kate when a murder investigation exposes a plot to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman.

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Last month, when I asked Castle showrunner Andrew Marlowe about a rumor that this February’s two-parter would shed some light on Rick’s father, he said that was “not definitely” the plan. Instead, he offered, “Our two-parters are always about big tension with personal stakes, so we have a story that we like. [I’m] not quite ready to advertise what it’s going to be, but we’re excited about it and I think it has some fun twists and turns.”

Previous Castle February “events” have featured Dana Delany, Adrian Pasdar and Jennifer Beals in meaty guest-starring roles. In fact, Beals’ arc culminated with the hint that Castle’s father had CIA ties.

Since his nipping, tucking days, Walsh has guested on series such as CSI and Drop Dead Diva. He currently costars on CBS’ Unforgettable, which will air its second season this summer, and will appear on ABC’s Revenge this season as a rival of Conrad’s.

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  1. Terry says:

    Hopefully there will be less of Caskett and more character development, I’m getting really tired with the show so far. Lets hope Dylan brings some fresh air.

    • CJ says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I watched an episode from the first season on TNT recently and noticed a stark difference in the quality between then and now. The “Caskett” stuff is just pandering to ‘shippers and the writing has weakened significantly because of it, IMO. I’ve been pretty bored with the show this season.

      • Russ says:

        Me as well. If I don’t see some kind of improvement this will be my last season. Which is saying a lot cause I don’t rarely give up on shows. The only show I have given up was Brothers & Sisters a couple episodes into the last season.

        • CJ says:

          I’m with you. It’s a shame, because the people on it are great and I don’t easily give up on shows – especially this far in – but it is becoming a chore to keep up with Castle this year.

      • t says:

        I watched the first episode (1×01) yesterday on my computer and when it was over, I threw my earbuds at my screen. Why in the world couldn’t they have keep that level of quality in the show, I will never know. The writing has gotten atrocious, the leads’ acting has gotten downright lazy. I guess we’re lucky they even barely show up. I would like “Caskett” if they did it well, but it’s cringeworthy, stupid, and full of contrived nonsense.

        • t says:

          I think some of the supporting characters are doing very well tho. Jon Huertas did a nice job last week.

          • asdf says:

            Agreed! And the fact that they barely had any Caskett in that episode kind of refutes the earlier posts. I love that they’re expanding the universe a bit, letting the supporting cast get some sunlight.

            BTW, the writing HAS lost some of its wit in the past two years, and we haven’t seen the clever murder stories we saw in season 2, either. But Season 5 is a drastic improvement over the mopey season 4, and some of the old magic does seem to be coming back. Hooking up Castle and Beckett was very smart, and not overdoing the lovey-dovey stuff is equally smart. Is it too much to ask for someone like a Jose Molina? The jazzy writing I used to love is the last thing we need to get the show back to its glory days. Even as it stands I’m reasonably happy.

    • goldfish says:

      this is amazing, i mean, the way people perceive this show.

      You guys are saying – too much Caskett
      others complain – not enough Caskett, not enough kissing etc.

      Season 5 has some problems, but too much Caskett is not one of them, imo. The cases of the week are mediocre and that is a real problem.

      There were some fantastic episodes this season, like Murder, He Wrote (perfect episode of Castle – quirky, funny & charming) or The Final Frontier (hysterical) but most of the time the stories are forgettable.

      I don’t think there is too much Caskett, actually i think they are showing their relationship in a reasonable doses. But the show really needs some smart and interesting action.

    • Alan says:

      the fans spend for seasons complaining that there isnt enough caskett on the show, now they are actually doing something about that we get complaints that there is too much caskett. ugh

    • Phoebe says:

      Caskett IS the reason the show is so great. I can’t imagine having less of it.

  2. valezza says:

    He’ll turn out to be the bad guy in the end.

  3. JTP says:

    Did Marlowe actually rip himself off from the plot of last year’s two-parter?

  4. Mari says:

    YAY I’m excite for the two-parter. They always bring intriguing cases and are full of action. S5 has been the best so far.

  5. ion says:

    I’m more excited about the fact that there’ll be a two-parter this season. No gov conspiracy, please?

  6. I am enjoying the season a lot. I am at a loss for those who are not, but it would seem there are some who simply will not like anything and moan constantly about what THEY think should be happening does not happen. Geez, if you think you could do better…write your own show and shut up.

    • rachelle says:

      perfect post is perfect.

    • SW says:

      Exactly! I don’t know where people find things in this show to nitpick

    • Brendan says:

      Oh so much THIS.

    • roxanne says:

      couldn’t agree more

    • Bop says:

      Thank you I totally agree, everyone you have too many expectations there making the story stinger and the characters and relationships in real life nothing evolves quick. And really if you want to complain DNT know one Wants to hear it if you really hate what there doing tot he show STOP WATChiNg IT the show has done great this season better than last season sometimes not everyone can get there own way so either Stop complaining ( DNT watch the show or write your own show if you think u can do better ) some people must like the show because it has won the last 2 years for people’s choice award and so has Nathan Fillion JUST MAKINg A POINt

    • Connie says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with you! You are so right about all the complaining & people never being satisfied! So frustrating, isn’t it? And…, yes, it makes you just want to tell them if they feel they can do/write so much better, then have them try to write up a fanfic (as a start, practice), & see how “easy” it is to write & create episodes.

      • Lee says:

        Again the writers are professionals so we expect a high standard. Season 5 has not meet that standard. Think I am wrong – Look at season ONE.when it was all new and with no experience. So whats changed? Why is it boring sub plots and murders. Yes more caskett but also better writing is needed.The writers need to go back and watch season one all over again and then match that standard or better.

  7. Ana says:

    I am loving the season so far but this is not something I am looking forward to. Can’t stand this guy. He’s the reason I could never watch Unforgeatable.

    • debbi says:

      i so agree,i just had to kind of ignore him because i love unforgettable and i am so happy they are bringing it back after canceling it.now it’s going to be a summer show which means less episodes,but i’ll take it.poppy montgomery kicks a$$ in that show

  8. Lilu says:

    well, I would have liked Julian McMahon more, but I’m cool with him too… And to the people above: There can never be enough Caskett.!!!
    If you wanna watch a procedural, pic one of the CIS NCSI crap and leave my OTP be ;P

    • Karen says:

      There can be never be enough caskett my sentiments exactly and I cant wait for this two parter

    • gossip2010 says:

      Totally agree ! Castle is not all about crime ! And if it did, it’ll be boring
      Too much caskett ? How can someone say that ! That’s the point ! They just got together, so we have to see them build a relationship ,(and for me, there’s not enough sometimes ^^) besides everyone was so tired of the will they/won’t they, it was time to move on
      However, I agree that some episodes this season weren’t so amazing , I wasn’t into 5×07/8/9 but the 5×10 just blew my mind ! And I feel that the second part of season is gonna be better

    • Bop says:

      For goodness sake guys for those who are complaining (STOP) almost everyone wanted caskett together at the end of last season so if you don’t like what there doing with the show don’t complain about it couse know-one wants to here it. If you don’t like It suck it up or stop watching it BTW they must be doing something right because the last 2 years they have gotten most fav drama / criminal tv show award peoples choice awards and Nathan Fillion has gotten 2 awards sense than so pls it’s depressing if you don’t like it keep it to yourself Andrew Marlowe is just writing what everyone wanted and yet your still complaining not everyone can get what they want ! What I do is go into the episodes with no expectations you guys just have to many expectations its a great season so far better than last season and the actors are doing as amazing as ever

  9. Phoebe says:

    I’m loving this season, can’t wait for the 2-parter!

  10. Flick says:

    Seamus did say that whatever they were doing, they can only do once.. And I have faith in Marlowe! So let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride!

  11. Glenda Vick says:

    I have no complaints. I am loving it just as it is. I am sick of people threatening to stop watching a show. Wah. Quit if you want – don’t just threaten. Who cares. You can’t please everyone. I will keep watching until there is no more Castle. Then I will be sad but move on.

    • asdf says:

      I think most of them are H5-O fans. Castle’s always had four pillars: the cases of the week, Castle’s family life, the camaraderie at the precinct, and his relationship with Beckett. If you’re missing any of that, the show goes down hill… but if you only focus on one of those things, then it goes downhill as well. This season’s been great, and I’m glad they’re not overdoing the Caskett. The Javier esposit-isode was great not only because Huertas carried it so well, but also because it explored an area of the show we haven’t seen in a long time (most recently Kick the Ballistics with Ryan).

  12. caskettfan says:

    I can’t wait for this two-parter! I’m loving the season so far, and especially watching Caskett build their relationship. For those saying there’s too much Caskett, Stana and Nathan are the stars of the show, it’s called CASTLE for a reason and there can never be enough of Castle or Beckett. And since they happen to finally be in a relationship now, there can never be enough of the magic that is Caskett.

  13. TAP says:

    Love this season! Love to watch the relationship unfold to being a .committed couple. I must say I like the way Bones wrote Booth & Brennan, playful & teasing, sneaking kisses, darting glances. Just the way they interact is so cute…totally delighted in the others differences and confident in that relationship. Caskett could totally pull that off. I know they have new relationship insecurities that have to be worked through, we need that, but I want the playfulness that we know is going on behind the scenes.

  14. Lee says:

    Season 5 – What a disappointment castle is turning out to be this season 5. Espo did well in murder of a DJ – BUT what is the writer Andrew doing with kate and castle. Andrew you have two stars now together and then NOTHING. Episode 1 was a good start but to short as usual, then two had some promise for 30 seconds and fell apart. How about some quality time with kate and rick before the phone rings or throw it out the window for once. Simple more rick and kate personal time.Better
    If it keeps going like this, ABC will cancel it. Get a move on Andrew and light up the stars before it’s too late.

    • t says:

      It is great that I’m not the only one to feel this way. They have done an absolutely horrendous job with getting the couple together. I had high hopes, but as I say elsewhere, it is probably the most unrealistic relationship on TV, stupid teenager problems with grandma-grandpa love scenes..

      I think they’re dragging it all out on purpose to keep us coming back, when what they’re really doing is making me hate the show because my hopes were so high. It’s not quite too late for me but it’s getting close. And when it fails, what will they blame? The “Moonlighting Curse”….when that was not the problem at all.

  15. What, is it Dylan Walsh’s turn just now or something?
    He’s bloody everywhere!
    That’s the biggest thing that annoys me with most US shows – they do a run where the same guest star will crop up in everything from Mentalist, to CSI, to Revenge all over maybe a month to two months.
    It’s really tiresome & I dunno about anyone else, but it puts me off any episode said guest star is in.
    But I suppose I can always comfort myself in the fact that Walsh starred in Congo. Nae luck!

    • asdf says:

      Missed opportunity last year to have Morena Baccarin guest star– you’d have had the Firefly crowd along, but also the chemistry between her and Nathan Fillion is red-hot. Beals is a deeply talented actress with plenty of star power, and she played the role very well, but Baccarin would have been even better.

      There’s also the problem that the guest male leads have become a little generic. Females, they’ve done quite well with all along, but males have become very cookie-cutter. Same rough age, looks, star power… I wish they’d shake it up with someone out of left field. Some like a Wallace Shawn or a Peter Jurasik or a Richard Moll or a J.K. Simmons or even a William H. Macy. These guys are name actors, very strong personalities that would be fantastic at grabbing the viewer for a pair of episodes and keeping them riveted to their seats.

  16. linda golden says:

    I love Castle. I have never missed an episode. It took so long for the two to get togather though that playful teasing,sneaking kisses,darting glaces and some cute sharp wit would
    draw in that excitement that made Castle great in the beginning. I miss that fantastic chemistry between Castle and Beckett. Hope there is a way to bring it back.

  17. Caitlin says:

    First of all, there is not too much caskett! I think considering this is the first season where they’re finally a couple I’d say caskett is being dished out very reasonably. I love the caskett moments and episodes. The only thing I have to criticize about this perfect show is I wish they wouldn’t bring up her mothers murder so much. The storyline has started getting stale and I think it’s time to move onto his father. I realize if she ever gets justice for her mother it will most likely be the last episode but I think they could take a pretty long break off of it. But I still love the show and I won’t stop watching!