Anger Management to Run Non-Stop for Two Years, and Other FX News

AngerManagement_Sheen-jpgThere won’t be any let-up for Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management issues any time soon.

Appearing at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena on Wednesday, FX president John Landgraf detailed that the comedy — which after a 10-episode freshman run was renewed for 90 episodes (!) — will unspool that massive inventory virtually non-stop for the next two years starting Thursday, Jan. 17.

“We’ll essentially have 45 new episodes per year,” he said, nothing that the only breaks will be for holiday and sports programming and such.

As for any tweaks made for Season Mega-2, Landgraf said that, as previously announced, Sheen’s real-life father Martin Sheen was made a series regular, as the fictional Charlie’s own dad. “I thought it would be a better series if it was also a multi-generational series,” he explained.

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Other topics tackled by Landgraf:

* “There’ll definitely be one more year” of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which already had been renewed through Season 9, “probably two.”

* Landgraf had no new casting news for American Horror Story Season 3, outside of the previously reported Jessica Lange. “That is such an auteur work on Ryan [Murphy]’s part,” he noted. “He tells me what he’s going to do and I say, ‘Great!'”

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* Asked to weigh in on cable rival AMC’s proclivity to replace showrunners — most recently for The Walking Dead Season 4 — he acknowledged, “AMC managed to make a successful transition” during the zombie drama’s Season 2, but “it remains to be seen if they can pull that feat off again.” Hailing FX’s near-perfect track record in that regard, he shared, “You’re going to have bad moments, fights and arguments…. That said, we’ve never fired a showrunner… so we’re batting 1.000.” Explaining his network’s philosophy, he added, “These shows are very personal, you can’t ‘plug-and-play.’ The author needs to complete the journey…. What would [The Shield] have been if Shawn Ryan hadn’t been around for the last season?”

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  1. tp says:

    Is this show that funny? Serious question.

    • Russ says:

      I watched maybe three episodes and wasn’t impressed. I can see people getting tired of it and ending after this ridiculous 90 episode for two years thing.

    • Todd says:

      I watched the first episode and tried to watch the second one. I didn’t find it funny. It was too sitcomy for me.

      • It’s sitcom writing at it’s worst and absolutely the product of some network head saying “we need Charlie Sheen. Write him something.” It’s sloppily put together, there’s no effort in the “jokes” and the stories rarely make sense. It’s essentially a show about two therapists sleeping together. That’s it. The only strong characters/actors are Noureen DeWulf and Barry Corbin. That said, there have been multiple occasions when I’ve left it on in the background after watching something much better and I haven’t changed the channel so there must be some appeal.

    • noah gallant says:

      yes, it is, actually

  2. Daisy says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Anger Management, but 45 episodes in one year? I’m exhausted thinking about it. Are they just trying to make Charlie Sheen quit or are they trying to run him hard before he implodes again a la Two & a Half Men?

  3. Ames says:

    I think they are probably hoping that working him so much will keep him too busy to go on a prostitute-cocaine-anger binge. After all idle hands are the devil’s playground and all that

  4. I think so. The people in the group are ok, but the main characters’ familial relationships are the best part of this show.

  5. Katrinka says:

    Perhaps the folks at FX are thinking “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” where Charlie Sheen is concerned.

  6. OfAllTheActors says:

    Ninety episodes in two years? Who’s taking bets on when Sheen explodes? I want to get in on that action.

    • Patrick says:

      Working seems to keep Charlie on keel. He is a guy that reportedly cares about his coworkers, their jobs, etc. He doesn’t want to endanger that. Two and a Half men only went off the rails when they had made a ton of shows, he had some time, and all the petty problems of “work” boiled over. I think he keeps it straight for the run of this decent show.

      He knows that this is his chance to make F-U money for the rest of his life, and he will take it.

  7. Thilia says:

    Shout it be noting instead of nothing?

  8. Erin says:

    I’m disappointed The League didn’t even warrant a mention. IMHO it’s currently one of the funniest shows on TV.

  9. Patrick says:

    I think you will see a lot more deals like this. In today’s world of DVDs and Streaming, fans simply don’t like the intermittent nature of broadcast seasons. I mean, Lost might have been better if they had just made 100 eps to air year round after their strong start. It would have forced the writers to sit down, plot out the entire run of the series, what characters they needed, etc. And I’m not picking on Lost. That would be true of tons of shows. It would let a series reach syndication faster, and it would prevent those huge salary spikes that derail lots of our favorite shows.

    • I think any time you force a team to write 100 episodes without stopping, you’re going to see a decrease in quality at some point. If they knew they only had 100 episodes for the series and could plan the seasons accordingly? I’d agree with that but making one 100 episode season? That would hurt any show. Shows tend to do better when they have a shortened 10-13 episode season (and they know ahead of time) as it cuts the filler storylines and focuses in on plot progression.

  10. Alan says:

    they are trying to run sheen into the ground so he implodes and gets them publicity right? thats the only way i can justify giving a show that had a moderately successful 10 episode first season such a massive order. no show in the history of television has justified such a pick up after only its first season, hell no show deserves a 90 episode pick up ever. i can guarantee that over the course of the next two years we will be hearing many stories of actors getting sick of working on the show, being burned out and being bored because they are unable to go do movies and guest spots because of non-stop work on the show. good luck fx dealing with the fallout of this stupid decision, way to waste your money.

  11. Goodie Goddess says:

    Just because I’m in the middle of a West Wing DVD-marathon:

    I wonder if having Martin on the show will act as a calming influence for Charlie Sheen. It’s well-known that Martin has fought tooth-and-nail in the past to get Charlie sober, so perhaps it’s a good thing that father & son are working together. Martin Sheen is the only reason that I might think about catching an episode.

  12. Tony Baker says:

    I’ve always heard that 100 episodes is the magic number where syndication packages are concerned. So I agree they’re probably trying to make sure they hit that mark (at least) before Charlie goes all Tiger Blood again.

    I’ve watched the show. It reminds me of Matthew Perry’s new series, Go On, but a little more traditional/a little less zany. I like Selma Blair, and I’m curious to see how Martin Sheen integrates into the cast (I’m usually not a big fan of elderly parent-child relationships on sitcoms, a la Everybody Loves Raymond, but we’ll see how it goes).

  13. Petra Dendoo says:

    change the writers

  14. Cory says:

    don’t know about you people but I love his new show and im so happy to know that the new season got 90 episodes :3
    its not the same as two and a half men’s comedy but its funny too :)

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  16. Asashii says:

    they are trying to run as many epsiodes as possible to full fill his contract and then its off to doing stupid b movies again for crack head sheen, hot shot part 17, that will be a classic!

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  18. Jenny L. says:

    One of the best sitcoms I’ve ever seen. I love Charlie!

  19. Nicolle says:

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