Justified Recaplet: Church Is In Session

Justified Season 4 Premiere SpoilersPraise Jebus! Justified launched its fourth season Tuesday night, and all you really need to know is that Harlan County has been invaded by a controversial new church that has everyone — the sober and the stoned — abuzz.

Already a thorn in budding drug dealer Boyd Crowder’s side, the place of worship — a tent in the woods called Last Chance Holiness — seemingly aims to help the weak (aka Oxycontin users) find God.

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“Preacher Billy is healing lots of the afflicted,” one of Boyd’s debt-owing dealers relays to his now-ex-boss. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with the ne’er-do-well, who believes that his fledgling business is due to this born-again program.

Beloved prostitute Ellen May, having just shot one of her clients in a drug-induced haze, quickly falls for the new church’s charms — particularly those of the aforementioned preacher, played by a scene-stealing Joseph Mazzello. It should also be noted that the drug that ends up bringing her to the house of salvation is delivered in a folded up flier for the church — could those two things be related? Recruitment tactics, perhaps? Methinks yes.

Elsewhere in the hour:

• The episode begins with a flashback to 1983, which finds a skydiver plummeting to death on a cul-de-sac and leaving next to his corpse a bag filled with what looks to be cocaine. In present day, the bag and its contents (a driver’s license for a man named Waldo Truth) is of some real importance — so much so that an imprisoned Arlo hires two teens to (unsuccessfully) steal it from his empty home and kills a fellow inmate who learns of its existence.

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• Patton Oswalt’s Justified newbie, Constable Bob Sweeney, makes his debut as the lawman hired by Raylan to look out for Arlo’s home while the baddie is behind bars. His doofy, well-meaning cop’s standout line: “That’s my ‘go bag.’ I’ve got everything in there in case I need to go. This s–t goes Road Warriors, man? I’m ready.”

• Winona and her baby bump are nowhere to be found, but Raylan does lobby an array of dad-related questions at an absentee father/parolee in his possession.

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