Castle Recap: Everybody Comes to Rick's

STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLIONThis week on Castle‘s winter premiere, three proved to be very much a crowd when Rick’s ex-wife Meredith came for a visit. But was it what the Deep-Fried Twinkie left behind — a question in Kate’s mind — that will ultimately pull a thread and unravel Caskett?

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THE CASE | Michelle Twohey, a successful divorce attorney, was the victim, and the first real break in the case came when it was discovered that Cory, her grieving beau, was actually Noah, an ex-military intel grunt hired to get close to the lady litigator. Noah’s employer was Billy Piper, a golf great (played by Jack Wagner) whose career had been tarnished years prior by accusations that he killed his wife Leanne. Michelle had stumbled upon evidence in that case, and Billy wanted to know how much she knew. Leanne, though, was actually alive — she had faked her death/framed Billy as a wife-killer to escape a scandalous divorce/get in a final jab. Michelle had discovered this, so Leanne snuck into the back of her car and killed her.

THE CASKETT | Kate staying at Rick’s because her place is being fumigated? Nice. Meredith crashing there to tend to sick Alexis? Not nice. And whether Rick should have permitted it was the recurring topic. Kate contended to Rick that she have given him “her look” when she claimed to be OK with the arrangement, while Lanie warned her gal pal that, given Rick and Mer’s history of “ex sex,” she needed to mark her territory: “This is a war, and you are losing.”

Rick goes to send Meredith packing, but she keeps interrupting him to say all the right (but wrong) things, about how nice it is that Beckett is so secure in their relationship (“She gets it!”), and how much it means to be there for Alexis in a time of need (“I’ll never forget this!”). Later, RySposito warn Rick that he threw “gasoline on fireworks” by signing off on this menage à trouble. Castle’s solution: To set him and Kate up at the Four Seasons! But Kate says that Meredith should be the one relocating. When Rick worries it’d seem heartless to shuffle her off to a hotel, Kate counters: “You just tried to send me to one! Button up, kitten — we’re going home.”

The next morning, Meredith comes downstairs in skimpy sleepwear, then manages to greet Rick with a fresh cup of a special nutmegged java that was their “thing” for after (work? pleasure?) all-nighters. At the precinct, Kate sarcastically snarks to Rick, “Why would I be upset? Because your ex is so comfortable around your home, and she knows things about you that I don’t?” Nonetheless, Kate insists she can handle the sitch — and even accepts a dinner invite from Meredith.

This, of course — and with no help from Esposito and Ryan — sends Rick into a tailspin. “Is this as bad as it seems?” he asks his buds. “Much worse,” they insist. “Deadly. Worlds colliding” George Costanza-style and all that. Kate herself taunts Rick, saying, “What are you worried about? Two women who’ve been intimate with you, comparing notes?”

“What notes…?”

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Kate and Meredith put on a cruel little show when they finally return to Rick’s. Then, in private, Beckett shares with her man, “I actually like you a bit more now…. But she never stays here again.” They fall into a long-ish kiss, only to get interrupted by work. At the end of the hour, after solving the case, they bid Meredith adieu — Alexis rushed her mom off to Paris — but not before Kate can ask the DFT why she and Rick didn’t work out.

“Being married to Rick was great, like a sweet souffle,” the redhead started. But over time, she realized he knew everything about her, while she didn’t know enough about her husband “to fill a pamphlet” — including when she would bring up Rick’s MIA dad. “It wasn’t enough for me,” she said. “Souffles are wonderful, but they always fall.” Those semi-cautionary words seemed to stick with Kate as she looked at her beau, her brow a bit wrinkled. Is the mystery writer too much of a mystery himself?

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  1. Jess says:

    I don’t know after watching tonight’s episode, it hit me that Castle has lost its spark… it’s just not the same anymore. I’m not really feeling the whole Caskett business either, maybe it’s because of the actors or the show is portraying them oddly but I’m not feeling it. We’ll see how it goes I guess but thus far I’m not really enjoying this season as a whole.

    • Alichat says:

      I didn’t really enjoy this episode either. I thought the whole “you let your ex stay?!?” bit was contrived. I thought it made Beckett seem petty and immature. If Beckett hadn’t been staying there, and Castle let his ex stay, I could maybe see her feeling a little weird about that. And I’m sorry, but I would not have turned down the hotel suite.

      • Shuayb says:

        But Beckett was not immature, a bit peeved but not immature. Immature would cause a tantrum and not speak to him or something immature like that. She took the bull by the horns and did her best. She ended up liking Meredith in a way and then found out about him. No contrived, necessary for the bigger picture.

        • goldfish says:

          i know, right!? I thought Beckett handled the situation very well!

          This episode was funny and silly but I’m glad the writers didn’t take Kate/Meredith relationship into a cat fight territory. THAT would be immature and out of character for Beckett.

        • Alichat says:

          Immaturity is not just displayed with tantrums. And she did give him the cold shoulder a bit. What I found immature was her constant snide comments, especially making the comments at work, out loud, where they are supposed to be trying to hide their relationship from Gates and everyone else. That seemed really weird. And I would have liked to have seen an intelligent conversation about Meredith crashing. They started on one at the beginning of the episode, and then she cut it off. Then any other time he tried to start it back up, or fix the situation (albeit in his own skewed Castle way,) she got catty with him…even when he admitted over and over that he screwed up and made a mistake. She was insecure about Meredith being there……and let’s be honest Meredith had an agenda and was trying hard to be a pain in the ass… why not own up to that? I just felt it was a contrived story to get to the end game which is “how intimately does Beckett know Castle?”

    • Olivia says:

      It’s like Bones. The ‘will they, won’t they’ is much more exciting than the actual relationship. But, still, Castle is better than Bones.

      • Alan says:

        im actually enjoying the relationship a lot more than the will they, wont they stuff; i tend yo get sick of seeing the same dynamic between the obvious eventual couple and find it far more interesting to see an actual relationship. i also think they have been written really well this season as far as the relationship goes and thats no easy thing to do

    • steve says:

      For me castle lost its spark a number of seasons back and putting castle/beckett together has made it worse.

      • Alan says:

        then why do you still watch if you clearly arent enjoying anymore, vote with your remote. and if you have stopped why bother coming onto the article

  2. Kate says:

    I really LOVED this episode! It was super fun to watch Castle squirm and jealous Beckett is always entertaining. That ending? Hmmmmm… I’m so hoping they’re just setting up episodes about Castle’s dad, and not serious problems between them. I’ve never wanted a fake couple to live happily ever after more than I do these two. (And thanks to a certain blind item- I can’t help but be a little worried.)

    • CJ says:

      Considering the fandom’s desire to have these two together and the success to date of the writers showing it is possible to get a couple together and it NOT be a show’s undoing, I just don’t see them breaking Beckett and Castle up any time soon. That being said, there has to be some kind of tension occasionally between the two or they become such a boring couple. The blind item mentioned that show in question would entering into what might be it’s final season and I don’t think that Castle is in any danger of being canceled after next year.

      • Dark Defender says:

        I can understand tension to keep things interesting (and dramatic).. but the old 70’s show “Hart to Hart” (married couple as detectives) seemed to work pretty well..

        I think Castle and Beckett could head that direction.. let the “case of the week” bring the tension on differing points of view on how to dolve it.. and let us Caskett shippers ride the happy wave until the series finale (which i hope is in like 3-4 years).


  3. Rowan77 says:

    Interesting episode. I like that’s it sets up the question, who is Castle, as a person, behind the glib and fun demeanor? Nice recap.

    One quibble, though, Matt. Kate didn’t bend Meredith’s ear. Bending someone’s ear is to talk to them for a long time, not to ask a question.

  4. I loved this episode. Don’t quite get all the negativity being written here but people are entitled to their opinion. I for one am enjoying immensely Season 5, and this episode in particular. The writing always finds away to entertain and yet allow the Caskett relationship to evolve and move forward,while leaving little droplets of hints as to the next little kink in the developing relationship, Just have fun with it people.

  5. Diva says:

    I thought that this episode was hysterical. Castle in the dog house made my night and all the red heads just added to the fun. The only problem I found with the episode was that I didn’t care for the crime of the week and usually I do, but it seems like they couldn’t find a balance between what was going on at the precinct and what was going on at home. Or maybe I just wanted to see what was happening at the house more this week (usually they use the home for Castle to figure out who the killer is).
    Good setup for Castle though. Who is the man behind the smirk?

    • luli says:

      Exactly my thoughts!! This week I didn’t pay much attention to the case, I just wanted to see what was happening in rick’s home with all the redheads. The episode was hilarious, but that question at the end really bugged me because that query just makes Beckett more insecure about their relationship. I hope they address the topic SOON…

    • Dark Defender says:

      I totally agree. I think we spent 4 years geting to know who Kate Beckett is.. and so far we are in a murky land where Caskett figures out who they are as a couple.. ultimately we need a season of who is Rick Castle.. (and I am looking forward to it).. I would love a few origin episodes..

  6. Maria says:

    Before watching the episode, I had read a spoiler that, on her way out the door, Meredith was going to “open a can of worms” so to speak, and I was kinda worried about it. But I have to say, I think it’s a legitimate concern on Kate’s part. She really doesn’t know much about Rick. And neither does the audience. I hope she tries to dig a little deeper on this one, because I would like to know more about him as a character.

    Great episode, overall. I wish Rick and Kate’s kisses had a little better lighting. And I wish at some point Kate and Alexis would actually speak to each other. As far as I can remember, they have had zero direct dialogue with each other all season.

    • goldfish says:

      To some extend, you can tell that Beckett respects his privacy. Meanwhile Castle knows some of her deepest secrets and fears.

      That’s why I find the ending so interesting. I’ve never thought about it but at this stage of their lives Rick is probably a bigger mystery than Beckett.

  7. luli says:

    Did anyone notice that kate said “Button up kitten we’re going home” So can we please talk about how she just called his loft home? ‘Cause she did!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, when Kate was leaving i thought for a second that Castle was going to ask her to move in with him, but no… maybe in another episode.

    And could someone please help me clear something out… Didn’t Meredith cheated and that’s why they broke up?

  8. Viv says:

    Cheating is sometime only a consequence of things being already bad. Maybe for Meredith, the reason she gave Beckett was what led her to leave him and cheat on him. And therefore for her, that is the real reason of their breakup.

    • Lauren says:

      I had the same thought. I suspect that’s what the writers were trying to get get. Though, to be fair to Castle, it is possible that he *would* have been willing to open up more to Meredith if she had asked, but after she cheated on him, was less inclined to make things work. I would like to see Beckett calling Castle out on what she perceives to be his secrecy, and Castle opening up to Beckett. Then Beckett would know that it’s not a this-is-a-problem-with-Castle thing, but a Castle-and-Meredith-weren’t-good-together thing.

  9. Lauren says:

    I loved this episode (so funny!) — that is, right up until the end, when I felt like a rug was pulled out from under me. I can see this “can of worms” (thanks, Meredith) progressing in two ways: (1) the writers are laying the groundwork for February sweeps, where the “Castle’s dad” storyline will be developed further, and we will see some tension between Castle and Beckett that gets resolved during said sweeps episodes; (2) the writers are laying the groundwork for an end-of-season break-up (i.e., in the season finale). I am fine with scenario (1) — I can weather any storm as long as it does not result in a Caskett rupture. I am less fine with (2). Although I don’t think the writers would let Castle and Beckett be apart for very long (that is, I think that, even if they break up at season’s end they will be back together at the beginning of next season), I don’t think my poor heart could take an entire summer of intensified Caskett angst. I just went through four seasons of that, thank you!

  10. THE EPISODE WAS AWESOME…!!!. KUDOS 4 THE ENTIRE CLAN, WELL PLAY & DONE…!!! I don’t think the end was about Kate having second thoughts just realizing that Castle has walls and she needs to surf those roads. it is true that he knows a lot more about her than she about him. This 2 are in LOVE.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Also, Castle spent 4 years “peeling back the layers” of who Beckett is.. She has never invested that kind of focus in him… She began as a fan girl, who was enamored, but cautious because of his reputation and reluctantly fell for him. In those earlier seasons, there are glimpses of it in the way he gazed at her (props to NF) .. Something we have never seen in Kate… Because he was the one who stuck it out and pursued her. (And she knew it and teased and taunted him for it)’… This should be the wake up call for her to start pursuing him.. Want to shake things up and add drama… Have Kate pursue Rick for the remainder of the season. Flipping their roles around could be great fun!

      I’d LOVE to see a scene (as in the pilot) where Rick went all mentalist on Kate about what drives her (he called it about her close relative/death leading to her being a cop)and have her pull a moment like that on Rick… Say soon after he fights having to have a discussion about who is dad is and what it would mean to his own identity.

  11. Lilys87 says:

    I never pay much attention to the case :)
    I like the ep as a whole but I’m not at all convinced about the reason Meredith and Castle broke up… It was always Beckett that was set to be the secretive one, the mystery he will never solve…

  12. taliesin says:

    I’m really not caring for these new writers that Andrew hired for this season of Castle. They really don’t seem to have captured the essence of the characters. These writers spend too much time trying to set up zany situations rather the keeping the show what it was: a serious cop drama with a character who makes the cases seem funny due to how he sees the world.
    These writers constantly forget that Castle and Beckett “dated” for 4 years before they had sex. It’s just stupid things like Castle not knowing Beckett works on Xmas eve? Really? Castle, a very smart man with keen detective skills, never noticed that?
    This season’s problem are the new writer just not understanding the characters or relationship. I really hope the show rights itself and gets back to what it was in the first few seasons. These characters can be in love and have all the relationship issues while still maintaining the real feel of the show; but not with these new writers.

    • Juno says:

      AFAIR “Secret Santa” has been the only episode so far written by a new writer. Terence Paul Winter who wrote this episode is most definitely not new.
      I still didn’t care much about this episode. I’ve had enough of Castle being such a sissy. You ex wants to take care of Alexis? Fine, but send her to a hotel. I know that it’s supposed to be funny and Castle is very cute and indeed funny when he gets bossed around but seriously, it gets a bit old.
      Loved the “go home” part and the cute kiss. Loved Martha, too. What I’d really like to see is a Kate-Martha scene. Kate is so insecure (why, she is Kate freaking Beckett!!), and I think Martha could help her with some of her fears.
      I personally am fine with Castle’s dad being unknown. So is Castle. I’d rather they close the JB case this season and give Martha a storyline. So far she had nothing to do, in former seasons she had a boyfriend, her school, a play… I’d love to hear more about her.
      Back to the episode – it was good, Rysposito were hilarious, and in general this season has been amazing! I am not worried that the writers will break up Caskett. They are not that stupid.

      • TimmyZ1 says:

        Good point on the Xmas episode and also I didn’t realize there are new writers. With that being said I felt this was the best of the new season episode wise. I just hope they won’t let the relationship over power the rest of a very good show. Castle to me was always a mix between 2 serious episodes and then a couple of goofy ones.

    • Lauren says:

      What new writers? (Almost) all of the names flashing in the credits look the same. One of them got married (to another writer on the show), so *her* name changed, but that’s it.

      I think the writing is still as fabulous as always. They’ve handled the Caskett coupling beautifully, and the show is as funny as ever. Lovin’ it!

    • Whimsical says:

      Agree with this. The new writers don’t seem to understand that you need to let the humor arise naturally out of a situation. When they deliberately try to write humor (the big smashing things scene tonight, for example) it comes off as contrived, cringe-worthy and awful.

  13. Rachel says:

    I really enjoyed tonight’s episode. I really like where the writer’s are taking the story with more focus on Castle’s back story. We know so much about Kate but I feel that, same as her, we don’t know very much about Rick. Also, I think Beckett acted appropriately to Meredith staying with them. She tried to be “tough” and Beckett-like but still had that touch of feminine jealousy that keeps her from turning into just one of the guys. Definitely a solid episode from Marlowe & Co.

  14. Mia says:

    It started kinda wierd, but in the end I couldn’t stop laughing so .. they can do better, but I’m cool.

  15. mary says:

    This was a really great episode,too bad ratings will be bad because of the football.

    I loved the ending, Stana played it perfectly, you could actually see what’s going on in her head. She realised that Castle has walls too and we really don’t know much about him. We need some angst, otherwise the show would get boring.

  16. Andrea says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. Nathan Fillion had some of the best facial expressions, I loved clueless Castle. I’m hoping the end of the episode is a set up so that the show can delve into more of Castle’s back story. We know so much about Beckett, it’s time to learn some more about Castle. He’s has layers and a wall too, so I for one am glad Kate may have noticed that in the end. A good solid episode in my opinion.

    • Alan says:

      i could watch an entire episode where fillion did nothing but facial expressions, he has always had this innate ability to get across exactly how the character feels without saying a word

  17. Lauren says:

    This comment is completely unrelated to any other conversation thread that appears on this page, but I have to note: Though I LOVED this episode (apart from the rather sad ending, alas), I couldn’t help but notice that trees in “New York City” in January were, ahem, uncharacteristically green. Hello, production designers: If you’re going to put your actors in coats to make it look as though they’re really sloughing the streets in NYC in winter, at least CGI-out the foliage!

    • Alan says:

      cgi costs money and considering this show is relatively low budget i would prefer they spend their money elsewhere, plus i didnt even notice it until you pointed it out so it didnt stop me from fully enjoying the episode

  18. Jennifer says:

    Castle has never and will never lose its spark curse you for saying that

  19. Karen says:

    Just watched the ep i feel the ending was setting the groundwork to go deeper ve into castle past i mean castle knows about beckett is about time for beckett to learn about castle and thats what i have a feeling that they are setting up for

  20. Tracy says:

    I watched the bachelor last night and after Castle came on Jan 7,2013 episode and I was wondering who sang the intro theme song. I lived it please advise. Thx

  21. April says:

    I really enjoyed this episode and I think the ending set up some great potential stuff for the rest of the season… bring it on!

  22. Ashley says:

    This season is having a rough time because the writers can’t just give Caskett like two seconds without issues. Just let them be for like 3 episodes please. They can’t get a good footing in this relationship if they are constantly berated with loopy problems that are just crutches.

  23. Bella says:

    I really enjoyed this episode, too. I especially enjoyed all the fun Ryan and Esposito were having with Castle. And I agree with Beckett and Martha, Meredith didn’t have to stay at the Castle. It’s not like Alexis required 24-hour care. It was mono, for pete’s sake. I’m glad they put Castle and Beckett together and hope they keep them together. The only quibble I had with this episode is that Meredith has never come across as someone who was particularly interested in anyone other than herself, so I found it hard to believe that she would leave Rick because he didn’t share enough of his secrets with her. She pretty much admitted the only reason she showed up on the doorstep is not really to take care of Alexis, but because Alexis had told her that the relationship between Castle and Beckett was serious and she was curious.

  24. Jamie says:

    I thought this was one of the funniest, If not THE funniest episodes of Castle! I was laughing the entire time. But I don’t get why Beckett is so worried, just change that with him. She can make sure he opens up. He hasn’t loved anyone like we and I think it will be very different for him. He will open up

  25. Lea says:

    I don’t agree with the ones that say the spark’s lost. It’s just something whole new to explore. Yes, it’s different but that’s not to blame. It would’ve been boring if they kept on playing the ‘will-they-won’t-they’ vibes. It just started so let’s see where it takes us :)

  26. Lilu says:

    the spark is NOT lost! I love them together, and the show is still funny, and we get more salt’n peppa, and everythng is perfect!
    the kiss scenes could have more light though :P (WE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING ROB!)
    And the end: I think I had the same look on my face like beckett: “OMG! she’s right, what the hell?!?!”

  27. Anonymous says:

    Castle hasn’t lost its spark at all !! it’s still one of the best shows out there and that’s because of the great relationship between the show and the fans..Andrew Marlowe and Co. listens to what their fans want to see BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY they stick to their’s what like AWM said before..not because castle and beckett entered their inevitable relationship doesn’t mean that they will change themselves..Beckett is still Beckett and Castle is still Castle..and these two are the polar opposite of each of course there is going to be a LOT of bumps in the road..

  28. Jamie says:

    I don’t think they are that opposite like everyone says. He’s crazy she’s not. End if differences. They both like sci fy they both love the mystery an the weird cases. They are more alike then everyone thinks

  29. Kath says:

    I was dreading this episode because of the promos of jealous!Kate. I thought it was much better than I had feared.

    My favorite scene was Nancy Lee Grahn’s smashing of her exes china and art. I’m am so with you there!

    Rather heavy-handed mention of Castle’s secretiveness and his father though. Show, you’ve done hints more subtly.

  30. Ann says:

    I don’t think they’ve lost their spark at all! I would just like to see more of it. Last night’s episode was fantastic but I thought there was so much more they could have done with it. As someone said, they should have acknowledged that Kate called Castle’s apartment “home’. They should have shown them coming home that night and “dealing” with Meredith, not just the next morning And I agree, it can’t all be rainbows and unicorns, but have they had even a single episode where it has been? How about just one episode where Kate gets the call for a body while she’s in Castle’s bed, they stare adoringly at each other while solving the case and then they go home together. then the next episode they can deal with their insecurities again.

  31. Liana in San Diego says:

    Apparently I’m the only one who finds Beckett & Castle’s relationship quite unreal-in all aspects. As funny as Fillion is as Castle, and Katic jealous as Beckett, there is nothing ringing true to their sexual encounters. I for one don’t feel, see, hear, get any sparks when they kiss, and of the two, she seems more sexual than he does. He “pretends” to be all romantic, but it just doesn’t ring true. I’ve seen gay men exude more sexuality in their love scenes with women (think Matt Bomer) than Fillion ever has. Just not buying it, folks. It’s strained and it’s almost as if they have a physical aversion to one another.

  32. Mari says:

    I loved this episode! It had the drama, the fun and the romance. And I loved the scene where Esposito and Ryan fight the guy. And of course the tension in the end was the perfect way to introduce the new storyline.

  33. Tom says:

    I appreciate Andrew Marlowe’s dilemma. The longevity for television shows in which the male/female lead characters become a couple isn’t good. Overall I think Marlowe has done a good job of keeping Castle true to the original premise without letting the Caskett relationship take over the show. But there is an important issue of character development that isn’t being addressed. Just throwing periods of unsubstantiated jealousy at the problem isn’t a solution. Marlowe needs to make us believe Beckett and Castle are a real couple with lives that extend beyond a weekly murder. Last night’s show was okay, but predictable. I think it would have been much more interesting to see how Beckett handled caring for a sick child. My alternate script proposal would have been to send Castle and Martha out of town for a few days and have Beckett use Castle’s loft because of her fumigation issues. Alexis comes home with mono and Beckett is stuck taking care of her. You could have worked a murder story line into the script as well and use repeated phone calls between Beckett and Castle to check on Alexis as a vehicle to also solve the murder.

  34. Lisa says:

    Loved it. If Season 5 never aired another episode it would be my favorite.

  35. CarlagUK says:

    Will fans ever be happy with what AWM is trying to do with his show? After 4 Years he has put his two main characters in a relationship, which for me was a risk that has so far, paid off. This series, more than others seems dedicated to developing that relationship which is more than understandable considering the overwhelming request for it from fans. Analysing, disecting and sometimes criticising each episode with ‘Caskett’ content seems a little unfair at times. Let us see where Mr Marlowe takes us. The series is barely halfway through after all. I do not think he will disappoint.

    As for this episode, which I thouroughly enjoyed by the way, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at Meredith and Kate’s dinner date. Also it highlighted the complexities involved in forgeing a meaningful relationship between two very different and quite complex individuals, who have an abundance of history.

    You still have my vote Mr Marlowe. Keep it coming…

  36. Lee says:

    Writers – Rick needs some kahunas. Sand up for once Rick and make a decision instead of being a sissy boy. Or send him to the FBI for some training as well like Numbers. Next give them some bed time in the morning without a phone call etc to talk about whats next with them. Stop the sub plots that waste time really its not that hard. People are getting turned off.

  37. lil ole me says:

    I loved the episode! But, can anyone tell me who played Noah?

  38. Morisot says:

    Esposito is the only one who seems like a police detective any more. (In other words, I used to like the older balance and tone of the show better.)

  39. Krithika says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely ADORE Castle and would never go a day without seeing a new episode. But lately, it seems to me like all the show is capable of is a stupid murder plot. Back in the early days, I watched Castle for the intriguing cases (can anyone say Tick Tick Tick and Boom?) AND the sexual tension. But now, I couldn’t care less what the case of the week is. And what is up with the romance?? Where is the fire? Where is the heat? Where is that amazingness of 3×13 and 4×23?? Infact, Knockdown was the episode that got me this hooked up on Castle. But now, it largely seems like Nathan and Stana are uncomfortable with the intimate scenes. Also does every episode need to have a problem in the road for Caskett? How hard can it be to write an obstacle-free episode? C’mon it’s a 10pm show in the US! Why can’t there be more scenes where it looks like Caskett are actually LOVERS? No gross scenes: just cuddling on the couch, having a long slow kiss, lying on THE SAME BED or Rick typing his novel and Kate giving him a foot rub or reading next to him. They don’t even hold hands anymore…Just…just amp up the romance (and the lighting!) or the ratings are gonna go more downhill. There’s only so much a shipper can take. Very sorry to say, but Castle was way more romantic BEFORE Caskett became a couple…

  40. Ann G Stier says:

    I enjoy Castle and root for Caskett all the way but the show is called Castle not Castle and Beckett. Rick is a writer by trade, remember that, not a detective/policeman. I think Its time to bring back those elements into the story. Castle- then- seemed more mutli dimensional as a character instead of a reflection of Caskett. Actually both characters as well as the rest of the cast benefited.

  41. Pirate Jeni says:

    It needs a story arc.. like.. now. It’s becoming predictible and it’s falling into stereotypical expected boarish behavior

  42. loganbruin says:

    Intel guys are not grunts, just the opposite.

  43. Lee says:

    Problems with Castle Season Five
    Andrew Marlowe . Get off the way you do “close ups” in action mode, spend a dollar and do it right its cheap shooting and you know it distracts from QUALITY of the show. “NOT SO CLOSE” cheap shots all the time – OK
    Try more group shots instead of over the shoulder ( rest my sore eyes ) gives more depth in the station etc.
    Also so many undercurrent stories in one show, this needs to be cut down a tad. Ratings can’t be wrong and you need to rethink a quality timeline you use for your main actors Rick and Kate.
    Forget the last scene with anyone else but Rick and Kate. Main actors to close – Just dumb by NOT DOING IT. Hurts the next week timeslot.
    Actor Rick – you are slow to move. A Steven Seagal look alike is not sexy.
    Kate – Whoever dresses or advisers Kate to dress in the show needs to be “fired”. Kate looks great so what’s the problem getting great clothes (hint she can now afford it). Kate also needs to be two people, a tough cop and a soft lover.
    Re Caskett Yes more time needs to be assigned to them in the show instead of a 1 min if that scene and then going off on a tangent. More playfull Kate with Rick. More morning scenes like After the Storm before the murder call etc would be good. More fun like the pool scene etc.
    And yes some real kissing with feeling do I have to say it too. Tease too much and I am gone and you are. A good Red Butler moment would be fun when castle is not a sissy boy
    all the time.
    More personal stuff and hint of the wedding or moving in TOGETHER at least talk about it. Kill off Martha or send her on a roadshow out if town In that order.
    Attention writers – More CIA type, New York bomb stuff or saving the world stuff story lines. Quality not junk. Not so many sub plots. Eg Martha or Alexis all the time. Give space and more time for Rick and Kate. Two par shows are good
    More personal lines and more IN Jokes between the Rick and Kate and use the time not 30 seconds and off or a call. .
    Signature move between them, for example hand on a cheek or shoulder in the squad room when leaving should have be developed.
    Now I have my peace.