2013 Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Getting Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?

American DadOfficially renewed.
American IdolA sure thing. Officially renewed.
Ben and Kate: Could go either way. Officially cancelled.
Bob’s Burgers: Officially renewed.
BonesA sure thing. Officially renewed
The Cleveland Show: Could go either way. A long-shot. Unofficially cancelled.
Family Guy: Officially renewed.
The Following: Too early to tell. A safe bet. A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Fringe: Officially cancelled; series finale aired Jan. 18.
GleeA sure thing. Officially renewed through Season 6.
Kitchen Nightmares: A sure thing.
The Mindy Project: Could go either way. A safe betOfficially renewed
The Mob Doctor: Officially cancelled.
New Girl: A sure thingOfficially renewed
Raising Hope: A safe betOfficially renewed
The Simpsons: Officially renewed.
Touch: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
The X Factor: Officially renewed.


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  1. If Happy Endings gets canceled, can TBS PLEASE pick it up and pair it with Cougar Town? That’s all I need in 2013.

    • Eric says:

      That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I know that just because TBS picked up Cougar Town, it doesn’t mean that they’ll pick up every great TV series that seems to be on the brink of cancellation. But I think CT/HE would be great together.

    • If it comes to this, TBS should not miss Community also!

      • Jeff says:

        I think that if Community was going to be canceled, they would have done it when they missed their first air point in october.

        • Ari says:

          HAHAHA! That’s so funny. No they wouldn’t. Then they would have been crucified for not even airing a single episode of the new season before cancelling. I think Community will get the Cougar Town treatment and it’ll get randomly pulled to try to pump up ratings for NBC’s other midseason shows and then about midway through the Community season NBC will announce it is not being picked up just to go quietly into the night.

          • JC says:

            Comedy Central has already purchased the off-network syndication rights to Community. So if NBC cancels Community, Comedy Central would be the most logical network to pick up a fifth season, not TBS. (But unless Community gets demo ratings around 1.8-2.0 this spring, I doubt any network will be interest in a fifth season.)

          • dalmations says:

            Just because Comedy Central bought the syndication rights doesn’t mean squat. Sony is probably not going to shop the show around anyway. Tbs saved Cougar Town because it has a big name star they can market & Bill Lawrence runs a thrifty production. Even cheaper with him off on another project.

          • zyggie says:

            Tried to watch Cougar Town I felt it was a lot of stupid banter that they tried to make interesting. I was picked up by another network. Tried to watch it again and just could not hold my interest.

        • Denese says:

          How much does Chevy’s Chase’s stand that he will not return for another season have to do with this? I think this is a very funny show and that the other characters could easily carry the show without him. It amazes me that the Khardashians make the ratings and get renewed when the funny shows like this one and the Don’t trust the B, etc, get cancelled. Well, not really amazed. Obviously, if you want quality TV, you have to pay for HBO and SHO. Too bad for the rest of the population.

      • Epperly says:

        But why is NASHVILLE “could go either way” ? I thought it was doing really well in the ratings–it beat CSI… . Can anyone give insight on what the hold-up is w/this show?

        • nick1372 says:

          It beat CSI once, for the premiere. All of the other episodes have been so-so in the ratings. It’s right in the middle of the pack for ABC shows. There’s simply not enough information right now to tell whether Nashville will be renewed or not.
          We’ll get a better picture by the end of the season. By then we’ll have seen ratings for ABC’s two midseason dramas, Red Widow and Zero Hour, and Nashville’s ratings may have changed.

          • Kay Willis says:

            I LOVE NASHVILLE!!! PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL IT!! I love the music and the drama! It gives us the best of both worlds! I rate it right up there with Dallas and NCIS! Please give it at least the first year!! My friends and I can not wait to see it each week! Really wish it would show on Fridays or Saturdays!

          • Deborah McNamara says:

            Nashville has been renewed. I hope Hannibal will be renewed.

        • Wendy says:

          Love, love LOVE Nashville. And lots of my women friends do too. So it would be so sad if it’s cancelled.

          • Joan says:

            I simply love ” Nashville ” and would be so disappointed if it’s cancelled. Excellent show and great music.

          • Molly says:

            THAT is why thy will cancel the show……I love the show also, so now the will find another dumb witted comedy or reality show that most slow witted people watch.

          • Michele says:

            I will be very disappointed if they cancel Nashville. I’m tired of all the reality shows and find Nashville a nice change.

          • barbara levine says:

            we love nashville too. please renew it. its must see for us.

          • B. Patterson says:

            Michelle: AMEN! I Hate reality tv! Only one I watch, that I’ve ever watched, is The Voice. It’s smart, fun, realistic, and doesn’t waste our time by first humiliating potential contestants (not born in a barn, have heard all about American Idol – and I guess feuding or fighting judges that get betrayed by their producers to help declining ratings??? SOUNDS To me no one is safe from being humiliated; nope, sounds like a bad soap opera! No desire to watch!)

          • Peter says:

            Thought Nashville started strong, got a bit shaky, then picked up and got stronger as the season went on. I’m not a country fan but the music is mostly good and some is excellent. Characters are strong and quite real. I like what they’ve done with Deacon, just wish they’d show a little bit more of the seamy side of the music biz…the deals that have to be made etc. certainly a lot more watchable than that despicable Honey Boo Boo crap.

          • jackie fox says:

            Nashville Is a great show great actors and great scripts so why gone? we don’t needtosee more brides and grooms put eachotherdown how many ways can they do it?

        • Cindy says:

          Love Nashville but hate the politics. Get rid of the politic crap and go with the wonderful awesome music of all the stars!!! Should be all about the lives and music of the singers !! Please take the suggestion so we can continue to watch these awesome singers every week!!!!!!!!

          • victor says:

            you show your age..young and foolish…..the tv show is based on great movie by Robert Altman…that was about both the music and the politics…so grow up thank you…..and the only crap is what you have running around inside your head you call brains

          • sandy says:

            The show Nashville is based on the real city of Nashville Tn. I say this because sometimes it seems tv viewers loose track of the fiction vs real life reality. The city Nashville is the state capital of Tn. Politics is a major part of the cities culture, not to mention the politics between record companies. My point being you can not seperate the politics out of the show Nashville, and still have any accuracy. Its not suprising that the state capital of Tn. sits at the east end of music row, and walking distance to those downtown bars like the famous Tooties.

          • Shelly says:

            There wouldn’t be country music, or any music industry without the politics. That is the world in which we live.

        • Amber says:

          Yeah I dont get that either… I LOVE NASHVILLE! And if they cancel it I will be so PI$$ed

        • If they cancel NASHVILLE, my life is over!

          • I agree, my whole family enjoys this show! How can we make it a sure thing for renewal???

          • Denese says:

            I also love Nashville, but please don’t think your life will be over if it’s not renewed. We’ve certainly lived through enough stupid cancellations to weather another one.

          • vivian says:

            Love nashville,hoping the powers that be will understand that people really like this show and keep it on, the stories are just getting better

          • Nikki says:

            I too LUV Nashville!! It’s bad enough that they really don’t let us know about new episodes but to cancel a show that has a good story line and actors is just utter stupidity.

          • Mims says:

            Love Nashville! Please do not cancel!

        • I really hope Nashville is given a second season. It’s my new guilty pleasure and I would like to keep it that way even though it’s not as good as gcb, my old guilty pleasure that abc took from me last time around.

          • Bob says:

            No, using crowed trains to feel up women is a guilty pleasure, nashville is simply delightful.

        • Frank O. says:

          I agree with the bewildering “could go either way” tag that NASHVILLE is vaguely receiving. I am not sure why it is such an iffy entity on ABC’s Wednesday night line-up at 10 PM. I thought the ratings were steady as well. The show features a combination of catchy country music tunes, decent melodrama, desirable female leads and familiar tension, angst and intrigue that echoes the classic DALLAS in its heyday on CBS. It would be a crying shame if NASHVILLE is axed due to its lukewarm reception courtesy of fickle viewers not realizing what a riveting drama this show really is in its entertaining concept.

          • cmaglaughlin says:

            Last night’s re-run cemented it for me…if a show I’ve previously viewed can still hold me riveted to my recliner, then, if “they” cancel it, chalk up another win for those dumbed down fans of reality shows like “Survivor,” “Voice,” and “Biggest Loser,” etc. Why should networks put anything half decent on when they can save a ton of money by not having to pay talented actors, actresses and writers. Blame your dumb neighbors and relatives. How high rated “good” shows EVER make it through this maze of stupidity and ignorance just goes to show you how GOOD they really are!

          • Eleanor says:

            I too look forward to Nashville every week and consider it a bright light shining through the morass of “reality shows”. I love the music and enjoy the plot lines – both factors missing in most “reality shows”.

          • debbie says:

            why revenge, and why all the CSI’s is it money or what.I know years ago Angle had a huge viewing they picked rented trucks with baner’s raised money but no Luck arron Spelling wanted his Charmed on the only thing it had going is the girls were pretty.they better not mess with supernatural.I mean Law and order had 3 shows.CSI has3 give us a break you didnt mention Grim,Its like anything with good actors and Creativity goes.Any one in Miami can put on sunglasses and say I think we got a murder here.even Criminal minds I’m not wild about alot of murder.be nice If they caught a jewelry ring with out the killing but the gang has great deniamics.its to bad they dont look at those things In glad the model ones going and the dancing but get rid of surrvivor its not real people there not really on a deserted island.they got a camra crew pay attention

        • jackie fox says:

          Nashville is a great show and so is GOLDEN BOY AND VEGAS too! please donot stop theses I do notwatch the so called showsthat say theyb are likereal life HA HA HA on them please!

          • Sheila says:

            I am so hooked on Golden Boy and so want to see how Walter Clark becomes the youngest police commissioner of NYC that i will just not get into another series if this get canceled before they resolve it for us loyal viewers. It is just so good. I don’t understand how it isn’t catching fire.

          • deutschtard says:

            I personally can’t bring myself to care about him, since he’s such an obvious Gary Stu. He’s like Bella Swan with a little bit more personality and a police job to me.

          • I don’t know anyone that watches those dumb reality shows – who are they kidding? They are just cheap to make – the others they have to pay real salaries too! Love Golden Boy and Vegas, CSI-NY – talent and good story lines.

          • Jackie C. says:

            What is the deal with cancelling Vegas and Golden Boy? They were my favorite shows. Vegas showed how Las Vegas got started. I think that would be good history lesson for those who want to know. I think you should cancel some of the reality shows instead. I think they are stupid. Keep the shows that have a story line to them….I hope you will reconsider.

          • Kim says:

            Do not cancel Vegas! I love this show!

          • Carol says:


          • Mary S says:

            Carol, ALL intelligent, thinking people hate reality shows! But there are enough brain-dead folks in the country to watch them and give them good ratings. These brain-dead individuals cannot follow a story-line or appreciate well-written characters and excellent actors. They like watching people yell at each other, manipulate events, and sabotage other people’s efforts.
            Until these brain-dead folks wake up, learn to become human and watch quality programming, we are stuck with the reality shows the tv execs produce and put before us. TV shows are aimed at the lowest common denominator and until those shows no longer have an audience, networks will profit from them.
            SO…tel your frinds not to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette, Survivor, Amazing Race, etc. I do not know the names of all the reality shows, because I ignore them, in search of a real story to watch.
            I will admit, I do like Gordon Ramsay and I will tune in to any of his shows – but that is because he demands perfection and his contestants use their own skills to remain in the competition. There is a valid purpose for the events on the shows and a prize worth having, whether it’s a high-paying job or a successful restaurant. I also like Dancing With the Stars and American Idol (minus the in-fighting of the judges!) because, again, people are competing with their own skills and talent and all contestants like each other and cheer each other on…the rest of the shows, well, I’d rather watch reruns of CSI:NY, NCIS and any of the Law and Order franchises!
            Also high on my viewing list of networks are USA, TNT, Bravo, A&E, Syfy and the Food Network.

          • Loz says:

            EXCUSE ME. That comment is really offensive and rude. I am NOT Braindead because I love watching reality tv. There are some people that like watching it for the talent that comes across and also with regards to The Amazing Race, I love watching it for the places they go to. I CAN follow a storyline and appreciate well-written characters & amazing actors – I LOVE The Good Wife, Hart of Dixie, Parenthood plus alot of Australian drama. So don’t tell me that I’m braindead, perhaps open your eyes and you will realize that some of the reality shows are actually awesome shows and your missing out.

          • Mary S says:

            I apologize. You may be right; I do not watch those shows except by accident.
            My angry reaction is to the cancellation of excellent shows while these things are still on the air.
            And yes, I can see the allure of the exotic locations of the Amazing Race…but the personalities of the contestants turn me off so much that I cannot see beyond them. I have tried on a number of occasions to watch it, because I like the travel aspect of the show myself. But we don’t see much of the countries they visit, only the backbiting and infighting of the contestants, and so I watch it only while waiting for the Good Wife to start.
            My main consternation is that the Bachelor/Bachelorette series were renewed while Body of Proof was cancelled by ABC and CSI:NY, Golden Boy, Vegas and Rules of Engagement were cancelled while the Amazing Race and Survivor (a sham of a show) were kept by CBS.
            NBC kept the Biggest Loser and The Sing-Off while cancelling SMASH. They cancelled the shows with storylines and kept the things that really require no specific intellectual engagement. They may be amusing to watch, I don’t know. I can never maintain interest for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. I was taught to always give something a fair chance before rejecting it, and I have done that with all those shows. I prefer an engaging story, well-written and well-acted.
            The fact that the quality shows do not get the ratings of the reality shows tells me all I need to know about their audience. No insult intended, just an observation and my own opinion.

          • Loz says:

            I hate that they cancelled Smash (and I haven’t even seen the finale yet as last weeks one was a repeat and this weeks one is the 2nd last episode). I don’t watch crime shows so the others don’t bother me (don’t think we even got Golden Boy) and I never got into Rules of Engagement even though I like David Spade. We don’t get the sing off either. I’m not sure how Survivor is a sham show as they are actually living out in the wilderness but anyways.

          • G. Sullivan says:

            Vegas was the only reason I dropped by the CBS channels. Good bye CBS.

          • Kayla says:

            I agree 100%. I get so sick of all the reality shows and stupid game shows, I don’t understand why they think they need so many of them. Most of them are really stupid anyways and aren’t worth watching. I feel like more and more keep coming on and before long those will be about the only shows on tv. If too many more come on I don’t think cable or satellite will even be worth having. Let’s just hope they dont keep cancelling the shows that are actually good!! Golden Boy, Vegas, Body of Proof and a lot of others were cancelled way too soon, and shouldn’t have been cancelled at all.

        • 10005590 says:

          I wish Nashville got the can, it sucks!

          • Diane Vandrei says:

            Did you watch more than a couple shows or whole season? Don’t like country music? What was wrong with show in your opinion?

          • jackie fox says:

            U hate the show so use your clicker and go some where else and not make other people who love the show be in pain! or just move to Utah where Hannibal is not alowed to be shown and is be on next season!

        • Dee says:

          Nashville has been renewed.

        • Julie says:

          Nashville was renewed

      • Lisa Stork says:

        Back to NBC and all their mistakes. I will seriously only be watching it for Community, Parks and Rec and of course my all time favorite……..it seriously is YOUR BEST SHOW and one of the BEST if not the BEST on television and that is PARENTHOOD,so thank you for that!!!

    • TV Gord says:

      Happy Endings is just a poor knockoff of Cougar Town. It tries too hard.

      • Mary says:

        I wouldn’t call Happy Endings a Cougar Town knock-off anymore than I would call CT a Friends knock-off. Basically I’m ok with not comparing these shows to others and just enjoying instead.

        • Ari says:

          Funny, I never think of Cougar Town as a Friends knockoff. I don’t see many similarities other than both are about friends and one of the stars is the same.

          • Lace says:

            I think as long as there is a show that features a group of friends it will be considered a rip-off of Friends.

          • Shuayb says:

            Any show about friends will be similar to Friends. But look at it this way:
            Jules is pretty much like Monica- Loud, Neurotic, Loves her son to death (Like Monica said she would), crazy loyal to her friends, never wants to be wrong.
            Laurie and Phoebe have similarities.
            Bobby was a man whore like Joey.
            In friends they hung out drinking coffee mostly. In Cougar Town its Wine either at Jules, or the Bar. Some people, me included watch this because of its similarities to the most iconic show of all time. Its not wrong, it is what it is.

      • Spencer says:

        Happy Endings is nothing like Cougar Town…

        • stand alone says:

          i love love love happy endings and hated to see it go….also rules of engagement is very funny..they kept shelving it and moving it around from season to season..atleast they got 7 seasons out of it. It is in syndication and does well i guess. Just like new adventures o old christine. She got an emmy that year and cbs cancelled it, I dont guess awards really matter to the executives. Julia Dreyfus is a great actress..love her in VEEP .

      • Anna says:

        Um…Cougar Town tries too hard…

        • jackie fox says:

          Gollden Boy,Vegas,Nashville are not just good they re great! Hannibal is great too, but unless I move to another state I can not see it becasuse In Utah U have to see it on a computer only! because some people told KSL to drop it and they did! God help us all! Guess U say U have it bad not my bad!

          • Brenda says:

            I loved Golden Boy, Burden of Proof etc anything for a person with a brain and they were cancelled. I am so sick of mindless so called comedies How I met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Trophy Wife yuck. They turned Bones into an inappropriate spotter of totally inconceivable dialogue and Boothe a stick man. I do not need comedic relief, I want drama and suspense. These so called reality shows make me gag it is not real if if is rehearsed and why do I care! Where are the values we so seriously need?

      • WTH1982 says:

        huh? it’s pretty much like saying The Sopranos is a knockoff of Full House. no connection whatsoever between the two.
        and either way i think Happy Endings is a good show and with Cougar Town i had enough after about 4 episodes. a matter of taste.

        • Lindsay Venable says:

          I honestly thought that the first eight episodes of Cougar Town were awful. I only watched because my mother was watching it and I happened to be bored and in the same room. Now it is one of my favorite shows. It always makes me smile, it always makes me laugh, and it always makes me want a glass of red wine!!! :) Consider trying it again… it definitely didn’t hit it’s stride until halfway through the first season. I’m glad I let my Mom sucker me into watching it!

    • ChrisC says:

      That would be AMAZING. Can TBS do Community too? Those three shows would all go perfectly together!

    • Mikael says:

      Happy Endings is my favorite show after Cougar Town. If ABC makes yet another mistake and lets it go, I think it would fit well with CT on TBS. I like the fast-talking, 90s references, and word-inventing/abbreviating that Happy Endings is known for.

    • Alvina says:

      TBS cancelled Wedding Band and kept Cougar Town. Worst Mistake Ever.

      • Rain says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more! Wedding Band was so much fun and Cougar Town is dreadful!

        • Bonnie says:

          I have quit watching new shows. Especially ABC! I do not even get involved the first season. Until I see if they are going to stick around. I am tired of getting involved in a show and having it cancelled. This is all networks. I just think ABC is the worse one.

          • Ksmom75 says:

            Completely agree…ABC has zero loyalty to the fans of its shows and not even critical acclaim or Emmy wins can sway their decisions ( My So Called Life and Once & Again are two prime examples). They overload their schedule with reality trash and dumbed down, lewd comedies and abandon any show with so much as a hint of potential unless it gets astronomically good ratings. I’ve purposely avoided all ABC shows for years because if it’s on ABC you never know which time slot it’ll be in from week to week, or if it’ll even be there at all.

            Sorry Nashville fans…I wouldn’t count on ABC caring about you, either.

          • Annette says:

            I so agree with you ABC is the worst! Do not know who is in charge of programing but they are really pissing off us 50 somethings!

          • Mark says:

            Ksmom75, you are absolutely right! I think “Nashville” is pretty safe, but ABC does, indeed, have a history of not being entirely supportive of their shows. Mentioned “Once and Again,” a show I was enamored with, is an excellent point (I also liked “My So-Called Life,” but Claire Danes had a bit to do with its demise as she didn’t want to go on with Angela Chase’s story)!!

          • Gina Fox says:

            I couldn’t agree with you more. The dumbasses in charge of television network programming these days are nothing but Jerry Springer hacks who wouldn’t know an excellent series if it came up and bit them on their rear ends. They seem to hate anyone over 50 and that is why our shows get cancelled. They simply cannot handle ageing, which explains all the botex & face lifts in Hollywood.

          • Jessica says:

            I agree about ABC being the worst network. Look at what they did to the “soap” world and cancelling 2 very popular soap operas (that have been on FOREVER it seems like) to replace them with talk shows. I hope ABC keeps Nashville for a LONG time! It’s one of the few shows I’ll actually watch on ABC. I’m glad to see it was renewed; but with the powers-that-be, they’ll cancel it soon because ABC just doesn’t seem to care about their viewers!

          • Korie says:

            Me too Every show I start gets cancelled. Then by the time it comes back I have a hard time catching up. SO SICK OF REALITY TV!!!! There are no good sitcoms on anymore

          • emb says:

            I agree ,but it is all the networks. I don’t know who is watching much TV any more. Red Box seems to be a better choice.. I thought that they had seen the light with the Golden Boy and Body of Proof.. They were 2 of the very few shows that we (and friends) watch. Now They are gone too… BS Don’t the sponsors care that they are losing viewers–hence –$$. ???? Who makes the programing choice.. not the paying public, that is for sure. We pay to have TV and then get the worst shows possible. Don’t watch the shows don’t see the commericals. Pleasing the paying public is what will payoff in the long run..I sorta thought that was their jobs to being with?
            BRING BACK GOLDEN BOY AND BODY OF PROOF. BOTH HAVE GOOD CAST ANS GOOD STORY LINE. Not just stupid, sily reality or just plain dumb show.

          • I Agree!! ABC shows are terrible. They cancelled Body of Proof and kept Once upon a time and now once upon a time in Wonderland!! And Nashville!!!! NBC has terrible shows!! Dracula, Grimm, The voice is on 2 nights and revolution is terrible. CBS upset me when they took CSI NY!! I hate reality shows!!!!!

      • Susan says:

        I AGREE!

        • Barbann says:

          I totally agree that ABC Programming is an insult to the 50 & over boomer crowd!!ABC for all my friends & me has had the best new shows but why do they have to cancel them? What are they thinking? We love Body of. Proof- (please keep it on) Scandal and Revenge especially. What the heck with Zero? At least have final episode for cancellations not just insult us.

          • Luanne Sark says:

            Totally agree with you although must say CBS’ when they do have good programming they cancel such as Golden Boy which at this point is a “long shot”. Gotta say I’m getting VERY tired of all the “REALITY” shows. What next???

          • May says:

            I agree even us forty something’s feel betrayed. I love body of proof. I watch castle on Monday, body of proof on tuesdays the sitcoms on Wednesdays my favorites are the middle and the neighbors. And scandal on Thursday. Don’t understand. Also how to live with our parents was quite good it was not given a chance. Please reconsider body of proof it is a great show and bring it back.

        • Robert House says:

          As one who really enjoys Body of Proof and Golden Boy (on at same time) I say keep them both on but put one at a different time. They both merit return engagements.

          • CK says:

            I like Golden Boy, too. I hope they find a way to bring it back. I’m curious to see how it all plays out.

          • Golden Boy fans lets cross our fingers Tues is the season finale as well as the season finale for Vegas all i can say is lets cross our fingers and pray. Is their any NCIS fans out their i need to know did Cote De Pablo resign for next season please #WILLNOTWATCHIFZIVAISGONE

          • Mary S says:

            I have visited her Facebook page but have seen no update on contract renewal…I love her, too, but the team survived without Kate-that’s how we got Ziva, after all. And we lost Jenny, too, but the team goes on, doesn’t it? If she leaves, as much I would hate to see her go, I trust that the producers will find an excellent replacement.
            Good grief! Look at what happened to The Closer when Brenda left! Raydor stepped up and the show goes on. Not exactly as before, but just as entertaining.
            If Ziva leaves the team, the writers will still be the writers and everyone else will still be there being themselves. It may be time for her to go, though, as she and Tony seem to have been painted into a corner, haven’t they? If she stays, one or the other of them need to be given a love interest to break that “pull” they have for each other. That storyline should be ended, ASAP…siblings are great, but this looks like it’s trying to go beyond that, and Gibbs will not stand for it!

          • Hello Mary Rule #8 never date a co-worker and if you noticed Ziva has broken Tony’s heart by sleeping with someone else and Gibbs is on trail for something that he did before Ziva got their aka Decker’s insurance policy and your right but their journey together is not done yet not by a longshot that’s why she should return out of all of the cast Mark,Rocky and David have had longivety in the business everyone has gotten their success from the show

          • Mary S says:

            Tony’s heart was only broken by Sean…his ego might be wounded and his feelings hurt because Ziva didn’t trust him enough to tell him about the other men (yes, she has had several boyfriends – remember when she was going to get married? and he got killed?) – Tony is indeed jealous/protective of her, but that could be just because she may be one of the only women to ignore his charms. And, also remember, Tony just has to know everything about everybody and Ziva shuts him out. There have been implications that they had a fling, but nothing specific, just throwaway comments and “meaningful glances” – He might want her, just because of the chase, but Ziva is smart enough to keep him at arms’ length. I do not think it would enhance the show in any way for them to couple up – also, Gibbs would NOT keep both of them on the team if they did become involved. I am curious about how the writers will deal with it, but, given Tony’s personality, there is no positive way it could end.
            All of which is the reason for Rule #8…
            I just want Cote to renew her contract because I love seeing a beautiful woman kickin’ the bad guys around and outsmarting almost everybody, even Tony!!! I can pretend I could do it…at least, it’s something I would love to be able to do!

          • MIKE STRAWICK says:

            It’s all about economics, reality show’s are cheep to produce and have a high cash return, no matter how stupid the show’s are as long as any producer can make money they will keep making them. You are all correct, ABC are whore’s in suit’s. I vote with my remote control, I never watch ABC, there is plenty of other choice’s, especially with the internet. ABC SUCK’S. MDS

          • emb says:


          • Totally agree! love them both!

      • Jeff says:

        You’ve got that backwards – Wedding Band is crap which is why they cancelled it, while Cougar Town is one of the few consistently funny shows on TV.

        • mystuff42 says:

          Cougar Town is crap…nothing funny…nothing original…same stale joke running every week. How anyone can sit through it amazes me…

          • Lu says:

            So True So True made me feel as though would enjoy if I was a teen boy nothing funny or original and a little embarrassed that adults have been portrayed in this manner.

    • Laura says:

      I’m totally with you on both shows!

    • missy says:

      im a scandal lover so i hope we have it 4 a long time i like suv bcause theirs not 2 many detective shows out there right now i love the following i really wont it 2 come back and keep coming back i love justified and southland and of course the walking dead and revenge, persons of interest i’ll stop now

      • I also love SVU! It’s made NBC lots & lots of money for the past 13 or so years & then NBC just wants to can it. NBC forgets all the great ratings SVU has brought them in the past! Please keep SVU. So many people love it. It has many true, blue fans out here. Just because Chris Meloni left doesn’t mean it’s not good anymore. Many fans hated to see him go, but the writing has held up very well still. Please keep them on!!!!!

        • Norma says:

          I think Law and Order made the money and had the ratings. After Christopher Meloni left, SVU has not been the same. NBC really dropped the ball when they canceled the original and decided to air Law and Order LA. In comparison with Criminal Intent (which also had an early demise), Law and Order LA had none of the qualities its predecessors had. Unfortunately SVU just isn’t
          as gripping as it once was.

          • Brenda says:

            I agree with you, they ruined the show by taking Stabler off and changing the format

          • debbie says:

            when they dumped Criminal intent with Vincent.I stopped watchen u can only watch so many sex crimes but that guy on the original criminal Intent Last name I think Di fornio alot have tried to copy his acting style But didnt pull it off.He was unpredictible.thats keeps me watching.deb

          • Lina says:

            Ur right criminal intent was the best of the law and order franchise. Vincent Dinofrio was the best and you’re right nobody ever came close to him but you’re close on his last name lol .

          • Criminal Intent’s stars are incredible actors!

        • Barbann says:

          Love SVU even more over the years. Its had unbelievably good story-lines this year and a wonderful cast with its new additions. PLEASE keep it on. Also what the heck was the ending of the last Deception episode?? It left us HANGING please keep on or at least give us an ending. If you don’t NBC–you too will insult us like ABC does. Also loved Law and Order Criminal Intent.Never should have been canceled. I totally agree with Rosie. Thanks Rosie

      • MIKE STRAWICK says:

        I know we have become a texting nation, doe’s that mean sacrificing basic grammar is acceptable? There is a connection between intelligence and writing a simple idea.

        • Mary S says:

          If we ever needed proof that our intelligence level has dropped, Missy is that proof. On the other hand, just because there are shows with some intelligence doesn’t mean that they will be able to teach her how to spell or know the difference between “there” and “their” – or that the show she wants to watch is SVU, not suv.
          All we can do is congratulate the networks for the dumbing down of America with all the reality shows and cartoons that pass for actual programs.
          And Missy, if you want detective shows, there are NCIS, NCIS:LA, Bones, The Mentalist, CSI, Elementary, Blue Bloods, Castle, Criminal Minds. This summer you can watch Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Longmire, Major Crimes and Perception (a different kind of detective show, but excellent). In other words, Missy, there are a lot of detective shows if you but take the time to look for them.
          If you have CLOO network, that is almost entirely detective shows of one kind or another.

          • Tania says:

            That was rude Mary! Missy was being genuine and enthusiastic about something she enjoyed. It’s not a crime to express yourself. I loved The Following as well; I’m glad it is coming back. I’m really going to miss Smash, it was like a Glee for grownups.

          • Mary S says:

            Tania, you are absolutely correct; I was way out of line for my comment about Missy. I don’t know how old she is or what grade she is in and who her teachers were…I try to spell-check myself before hitting “post” but that’s because I am an old woman with no respect for today’s indifference to correct spelling and grammar. Forgive me for my critical nature, made worse by the loss of some of my favorite shows.
            As for the rest of your comments, I too loved the Following and look forward to seeing how they dig themselves out of that murderous ending!
            And I cried at the finale of Smash! That final production number was too poignant for words…and I myself once descibed it the same way: Glee for grown-ups.
            The ones I am really angry at are the idiots who cancelled some really great shows and renewed the mindless reality shows. The Bachelor and Bachelorette are the most pointless waste of airtime that I can imagine! My turn to express myself…

          • Tania says:

            I know how you feel Mary! It’s so frustrating to find a good show and then just when you start to really care about the characters…bam! they are gone! I am looking forward to the finale of Smash, it’s on my PVR!

      • Mary S says:

        Missy, if you want detective shows, there are NCIS, NCIS:LA, Bones, The Mentalist, CSI, Elementary, Blue Bloods, Castle, Criminal Minds. But the show you mentioned you want to see is Law and Order SVU, not suv, isn’t it? We’re both in luck for that one, they did renew it!
        This summer you can watch Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Longmire, Major Crimes and Perception (a different kind of detective show, but excellent).
        In other words, Missy, there (not their!) are a lot of detective shows if you but take the time to look for them.
        If you have cable, look for CLOO network, which is comprised almost entirely of detective shows of one kind or another. They even have House, who was a medical detective!

    • BranHart says:

      That would be one of the best hours on television!!! :)

    • Strepsi says:

      The thing is, Cougar Town and Happy Endings WERE great together! For a brief and shining moment, ABC had both of them with Modern Family on Wednesdays, and it all clicked. Then, in a hubristic attempt to build 2 comedy blocks, they moved HE for the well-cast but really not funny SUburgatory, as well as the not-well-cast and excruciating The Neighbors.

      Happy Endings is, moment for moment, the funniest show on TV, I love all the characters AND all the actors.

    • Robb says:

      YES! Please and Thank You.

    • John RonJe' says:

      I know right!!!

    • you are so right happy endings is so freaking awesome and cougar town is great too. i am so pissed when abc or cbs cancels great shows like Gary unmarried and working class, but if tbs picks these shows up tbs should become the #1 network.

    • joe says:

      I love Happy Endings but the fact that you have it as Could Go Either Way while Neighbors is “a long shot” is ridiculous.

      • Had Enough says:

        Hate Cougar Town and Happy Endings, But LOVE The Neighbors. It’s one of the few shows the whole family watches, along with Big Bang.


    • Auntie Me says:

      I love Beauty and the Beast. Awesome story line!

      • I love BATB. GREAT show. It deserves a second season. Beauty and the Beast is basically the only show that I really watch now. Cannot wait until Thursday nights. If you are not watching you are really missing out.

        • Diana DeFeo says:

          OMG – I just love B&TB so much. I soooo agree with you and I won’t believe it if they don’t give this show a second season. I’ll be so very disappointed because they keep renewing a lot of shows that are really boring. B&TB is such a wonderful story line and it has everything including Cat and Vincent’s wonderful love story. This show makes my week and I always look forward to Thursdays. My heart will be ripped out if they don’t renew this wonderful and well written show. Love Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan – great acting.

          • The only shows that the CW promote the most are TVD and Arrow. I watched them a couple of times and couldn’t really get into them. I have been hooked on BATB since the first espoide. The 9:00 time slot is bad because it is up against Grey’s in the United States. I believe if more people will get the word out about BATB that the ratings will be higher. I am not a silly teenager, I am 61 years old. Older people love these shows also. Please give BATB a second season.

          • I know right they shore dont need to get rid of that they need to take these talk shows away too many dont take are night time tv who are these people listening tooooo..zero hour was getting good and then yank its gone …crazy

      • Adrienne says:

        BATB gets better and better!

        • Lina says:

          Yes it does, & like Marilyn I’m also over 40 & love BATB. The love story, relationship with Tess. Great storyline pls. Don’t cancel. Also it’s true they don’t advertise as much as TVD & arrow which I also loooove. That might help people.

      • linruss says:

        Love this show!!! Word is now just getting out about this show so deserves a second season. BATB is my guilty obsession. The writing could be better and the acting isn’t the best, but you can’t beat the onscreen chemistry!

      • Aida says:

        I adore Beauty and the Beast. The story line is getting better. And CW is allready cancelling 4 of their 12 series mentioned here. They can’t cancel another one, can they? And indeed the timeslot in the USA is bad. But hey…. I’m from Holland and I Absolutely love this show. So… come on CW….

    • dawn f says:

      I agree! I love happy Endings, and up all night, Ben and Kate, The new Normal and touch, I cant believe they dont know if that will be back, so TBS pick them up and make a nice little two days for yourself! thx for Cougar town!! bTW :) aND COMMUNITY!!! PLEASEEEEE

    • Kimberly says:

      I love Last Man Standing!! Please people start watching it! It has great humor and great actors!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Please bring back The New Normal in the fall!!!

      • The New Normal can go. That show does not offer any humor nor do I understand what its concept is about. I’ve seen it an gave it a chance and after 3 episodes I chose to go to something else.

        • rw says:

          Really like the New Normal and hope it’s renewed. Fingers crossed!

          • Beth Nieman says:

            I love the New Normal. It’s funny and shows a variety of relationships. The characters are real. I hope this show continues a long time!

    • missy says:

      do u know anything about if southland is coming back? i sure hope so……..

    • Valentina says:

      nooo i need smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ann says:

        I agree – I hope someone else picks up Smash they can’t end it there.

        • MarySue Sagor says:

          Smash was one of the most entertaining shows on tv, with scads of talented actors, singers and dancers.  The only other scripted show with such wonderful components is Glee, with a totally different approach.  Glee is the training arena, Smash is what they do with it.  We really need Smash!  I agree, another network should pick it up and continue the story as the plays go to broadway.  There are entirely too many storylines up in the air to just leave us all twisting in the wind!!!

    • Cindy says:

      we watched happy Endings tonight for the first time and didn’t care for it; it seems like a Rules of Rngagement ,nocmoff but not as funny. Anyway, we were hoping that like last week last Man Standing was on instead. We were disappointed. LMS was the funniest show on TV–even better than Big Bang Theory; it’s very well-written and well-acted and deals with issues, like the emphasis put on superficial appearance, bullying, patriotism, bigotry–all in a way that is humorous and not heavy-handed. I do hope that ABC renews the series.

    • Sean says:

      Happy Endings is great, but they seem to be allowing it to fail. Friday nights, with doubleheaders? why? Great show, but ABC seems to be retards. TBS, pick it up! WIll def. watch. If same writers are there.

    • Aha says:

      All I care about is hannibal. Please universe, do not let NBC airheads cancel this show.

      • Mary S says:

        I recorded and watched Hannibal the other day, based upon a rave review I read here. I did not understand what was going on…none of the characters were properly introduced so that new viewers could get any kind of background. Someone was having flashbacks or visions or whatever, then there were jumps in the timeline…So I decided to watch it On Demand, but the first episode was not there. It picks up at the second episode. So the FBI is asking HANNIBAL to participate in viewing the autopsy results and act as consultant? To the murders that may be his own handiwork? I’ll watch it again, but so far I have no point of reference for the show at all.
        So far, all I am is confused…and I have read all the books and have seen all the movies, some of them several times. Maybe that’s my problem. I love Laurence Fishbourne (though I can’t spell his name) but the rest of the actors just seem strange to me and do not seem to fit their roles. BUT I will continue to try to understand it…I’ll watch everything that’s On Demand, for as long as it takes to make a decision about it. I was taught to take at least 3 bites of any strange new food, just to verify whether or not I like it.

    • I’m upset that Vegas got cancelled. It was a good show even though it was about the beginning of what Vegas is now. Sure, the older generations enjoyed it because it has meaning. There’s too many reality shows on TV and the problem with most of them is not about what reality really is. Vegas has history to it!

      • Robyn S says:

        I agree…I have been following the renewals/cancellations for the last few weeks and was hoping so much that it would move from “a long shot” to renewed. Yes, I do fall into the demographic that can appreciate where Vegas came from, but it was so much more than that. Oh well… I just hope that Michael Chiklis can find a successful niche (as well as the great supporting cast, especially Sarah Jones, Carrie-Anne Moss and Jason O’Mara) because he is a wonderful actor who deserves much more.

      • Henry says:

        finally a good show comes along in Vegas and the BUTTHEADS at CBS cancell it,they wouldnt know a good TV show if it kicked them in the backside,ive been to vegas and its good to see the truth about how Vegas was founded and the reality it has become,BOO to CBS

      • Gary Franklin Sr says:

        I agree with you about the show ‘Vegas’ my wife and I watched every episode and just for the record this World has more than the 18 to 49 year olds left in it . And believe it or not CBS we 75 year olds made your network CBS WHAT IT IS TODAY. You CBS TV Executives are so DUMB that if LORIMAR PRODUCTIONS WAS STARTING THE ‘ORIGNAL DALLAS” today you would cancel it AND IT WAS FAMOUS WORLD WIDE WITH OVER 350 MILLION VIEWERS. CHANGE YOUR MIND AND BRING BACK ‘ VEGAS’

        • Don Hilliard Sr says:

          I whole heartedly agree. CBS doesn’t look beyond the end of their noses. They don’t really know what gets watched. The wife and I don’t watch all these reality shows anymore as they are mostly put on and have mostly become crap. Vegas was a great show that was teaching history to our younger generation. We also enjoyed The Mob Doctor and Red Widow which were also canceled. We are in the age group that made the networks what they are today. I can remember The original Tonight show when it first came on. I hope CBS and ABC change their minds on these shows and bring them back. Maybe the CW will pick them up as we watch a lot of their shows.

        • Phyllis Martin says:

          Please bring back Vegas. My husband and I loved the show. You have some of the dumbest shows you have kept but cancelled the great shows Vegas and Golden Boy. CBS has the best channel but please don’t cancel Vegal and Golden Boy. Cancel Two Broke Girls and How I met Your Mother.

          • VEGAS stinks!!!! Wish they would get rid a of that and all reality shows and all paranormal shows.. TV was better in the 70’s and 80’s I want CSI New York!!!!

      • Linda Gartzke says:

        I totally agree, it stinks that they canceled Vegas, but the reality crap marches on and on and on…..

        • Mary S says:

          Quality scripted shows with talented actors are more expensive to produce. Neither the advertisers nor the studios are willing to spend the money. We, the viewers, DO NOT FACTOR INTO THE EQUATION. Their experience tells them that we will mindlessly watch any kind of crap they put before us. As long as they have eyes glued to the screen they will continue to dole out swill.
          My response eto their indifference is my own…I watch other networks. The big 5 only get about 15 hours of my week. It sounds like it might be a lot, but my tv is on nearly 24 hors a day.
          I DVR the shows I like, watch them at my leisure, and give most of my time to TNT, USA, Bravo, Syfy, Cloo, the Food network and Showtime. For your information, CLOO and TNT have reruns of most of the shows I love, especially those which were cancelled too soon.
          The only things I cannot find are Human Target and Harry’s Law maybe because there were not enough episodes to sell into syndication…which is another crime against viewers.
          The only way to get their attention is to write to and then boycott the advertisers of the cancelled shows. But, I am not even sure that would work…

        • Mary S says:

          Quality scripted shows with talented actors are more expensive to produce. Neither the advertisers nor the studios are willing to spend the money. We, the viewers, DO NOT FACTOR INTO THE EQUATION. Their experience tells them that we will mindlessly watch any kind of crap they put before us. As long as they have eyes glued to the screen they will continue to dole out swill.
          My response to their indifference is my own…I watch other networks. The big 4 only get about 15 hours of my week. It sounds like it might be a lot, but my tv is on nearly 24 hours a day. I do not watch game shows, only 3 talk shows, and about once a month I will watch either the Cowboys, Rangers or Stars (Dallas or Arlington teams, all)
          I DVR the shows I like, watch them at my leisure, and give the rest of my time to TNT, USA, Bravo, Syfy, Cloo, the Food network, Chiller and Showtime. And, I watch RuPaul’s shows on LOGO. I have no idea why I like the show, but I do, and I record every episode.
          For your information, CLOO and TNT have reruns of most of the cancelled shows I love, including House and Monk. My tastes are eclectic, to say the least!
          The only things I cannot find are Human Target and Harry’s Law, maybe because there were not enough episodes to sell into syndication…which is another crime against viewers.
          The only way to get their attention is to write to and then boycott the advertisers of the cancelled shows. But, I am not even sure that would work…

      • CBS is where I go for excellance in drama, but they made a very big mistake when they cancelled Vegas. Besides having a cast that was perfect for the premise, they had the perfect setting in Las Vegas, and they had history. An awful lot of people enjoy history—-and Las Vegas. I think you blew it, CBS!!

      • Patricia says:

        I love Vegas and also CSI:NY why are they cancelled? the other new show will not last long.
        I also love Malibu Country Reba Mc Entire New TV show.

    • marc audio says:

      Dumbing down America with mindless reality shows. Watching people go to a pawn shop and watching people bid on storage sheds has become run away hits.

      • Mary S says:

        Thank heaven for all those other channels!!!

      • Mary S says:

        I have a friend who watches those shows. He has a very short attention span and cannot follow the intricacies of a well-written script. He prefers sporting events that have a banner with the score so he can listen to music and still catch up on the game. He is a dear friend, but no taste at all in tv shows!
        The only thing we agree on is American Idol. I do enjoy seeing these kids using their skills and talent to succeed! There is some great entertainment value there! I also like Dancing With the Stars, Top Chef and Project Runway.
        These are people competing against themselves, basically, doing the best they can with the talent God gave them and the skills they have since learned. No fighting, backbiting, yelling, sabotage or any of that other negative nonsense. And, yes, there are occasional personality clashes, but not to the point that they destroy what someone else has done. There is no “ganging up” on another contestant, because each person has his or her own task, with no time for plotting. I like these shows a lot.
        The rest of the reality shows (and the execs who put them on the air) all need to go to that island and be left there!!

    • DIANE COHEN says:

      i cant believe your cancelled all the good series. and renew the lasey ones. why.
      csi ny was very good, vegas,, body of proff. one of the best. why, why.its awful. i was CSI NY
      every week and i love it. and you cancelled it. why. and vegas too. i love it too.
      where is your taste in series on tv.

    • Pamela says:

      They cancelled two shows that I liked. CSI: Ny and Body of Proof goes to show that someone in programming doesn’t know a good show when they see it. The only reality show I watch is Dancing with the Stars. They call them reality shows when in fact they are scripted. Anybody with an ounce of brains could see that with from a mile away. You have to be brain dead not to figure that out.

    • was wondering If u new If Motive was coming back? and when America Horror Story will Begin an I thought I’d let u now that I love the new show The Bridge, and also Longmire Is great also

    • Boogs says:

      Screw that…. That show blows you are all retarded…

    • Jo says:

      How could ABC cancel one of the better programs on their network “Body of Proof”, and CBS has cancelled two of my favorite new shows, “Golden Boy” and “Vegas”. How and who makes these decisions??? A lot of the other shows are not worth looking at.

      Thanks to CBS, I will be able to enjoy this season for the most part.

    • Lisa Stork says:

      I would also like to continue to see Happy Endings. Along with 1600 Penn, Go On, Guys with Kids, Whitney and most of all The New Normal. I am just sick that these shows are done. Especially The New Normal, Go On and Whitney. I also feel that Animal Practice was not given a fair chance. Just sayin’. Very Very upset about The new normal and Go ON!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa Stork says:

      Yet another comment from me. CBS got it almost right. They screwed it up by cancelling Rules of Engagement, ABC, I am 100% happy with their decisions and NBC really screwed up as previous comment states. I am really going to miss the most out of about 6 shows they cancelled: GO On, The New Normal and 3rdly Whitney. Really missed the mark NBC. I will solely watching CBS and ABC with a few Fox shoes and maybe a CW thrown in there. I am rather upset at you NBC. What is wrong with you!!???

    • Renee says:

      I too would love for Cougar Town to be picked up….LOVE that show. Also, since NBC stupidly let Jay Leno go, the entire country is grieving and love this guy. Wouldn’t it be smart to sign him up with his own TV show on this network???? Who ever is savy enough to get Jay Leno under contract is the station I will be watching!!!!!!

    • mary says:

      If they aren’t going to bring EUREKA back , then I don’t give a crap what’s being renewed!

    • Bren says:

      If it’s not mindless dribble,vampires or c&w it will be cancelled. I would never watch bang theory, bachelor or bachelorette, survivor or any reality show. Television has gone to the dogs.

  2. Steven P. Jones says:

    Put everything on one page. C’mon TVLine – you’re better than that. Are you guys in that much trouble that you need to artificially inflate pageviews and ad impressions?

  3. Alex says:

    I wouldn’t put Rules of Engagement as a long shot, that show has the potential to out-live all of us…

    • Jo says:

      I love that show, however according to twitter posts from the actors on that show, they shot their final episode (the 100th) before christmas which they all said was the last one ever. Sigh…that show was so underratted, so much better than most comedies out there now!

      • Julie says:

        Oh, This is sad. My hubby and I really like this show and feel like it has been always been given a bum rap. darn. so sad.

      • Cheryl says:

        I really liked rules of engagement, it’s better than all the housewives and reality tv

        • Mary S says:

          Cheryl, I agree! I only watched two current American sitcoms, and that was one of them! I watch British comedy when I can find it: Waiting for God, As Time Goes By, Are You Being Served, Chef, Open All Hours. I have my DVR set to record them “Any Day, Any Time” – since they are old (70’s 80’s 90’s) and long since out of production they are ONLY on my PBS station. TVLand also shows reruns of The Golden Girls. But, in general, I am not enthralled with any of the new stuff. Maybe I just haven’t seen them because they are opposite shows I “must” see.
          And, if the big 4 produced better shows, I would never have found these, so I guess they are doing me a favor by cancelling shows that I loved!

    • Kyle says:

      I also wouldn’t put The Neighbors as a long shot. It’s doing great following The Middle. If it continues to pull the same ratings that it has it should be renewed.

      • VEE says:

        I love Neighbors, it’s so crazy but has some very witty one liners and the concept is great. Just don’t try to pin it to reality and you will get it: and I think they are very well cast.

      • mostlywatchsports says:

        Neighbors is ok but that stupid show Suburbatory messes up the line-up. was hoping Family Tools would replace Suburb.

    • Lori says:

      Yes it does its is so funny….?I
      also love vegas it is such a different show please keeps it on

  4. My only concern is Scandal, and I’m happy to see that you feel it’s a sure thing to get renewed! S3 here we come!

    • Raver says:

      I will add Grey’s Anatomy to this! Season 10 *woot woot*

      • Dawn Brown says:

        I love Grays Anatomy and im glad its coming back I love what they do on the show I hope they keep doing what they doing look foward on thursday

        • Marie says:

          This season of GA has been a huge disappointment and a yawn. I love this show but I am awfully tired of the drawn out plane crash/hospital buy and the oh, so predictable mix ups between the characters. I miss the old Christine and Meridith (they’ve swapped personalities) as well as Bailey and her spark. McDreamy is a wimp! Need I go on? Come on, where is the drama and excitement that made this show exciting?

          • bob says:

            Cristina. Not Christine.

          • Isabella says:

            I agree. I saw the early GA shows on Netflix or somewhere and liked the whole Preston = Christina thing. I liked the thing about Meredith and her mother. It wasn’t HOUSE, MD which I miss very much, but it was an interesting show (with too much music and perhaps more silly sex in places that would probably be discovered immediately– the place where the interns and residents catch naps??)– but I enjoyed it.
            I have not been enjoying the relationship between Christina and her ex-husband who just does not seem to have the gravitas and sensual quality of PBurke. What happened to George?
            And why is Meredith always so sad and depressed? She is married to that man that she loves, and has one kid and another on the way. She is a surgeon.And yet,she’s always negative and unhappy. I guess if I had lost some pregnancies and thought I’d probably get Alzheimers, I would be depressed too, but the whole thing is sort of unfortunately losing steam.

            Probably it’s a mistake to watch a new (to me) show from both ends, but I guess it doesn’t matter enough to me to “spoil” it for myself… it’s essentially a soap opera, but a clever one.

            It’s a guilty pleasure for me. But then most TV is! Books are the thing to use free time with, or exercise, or writing…. at least for me– but I like some TV and old movies. And this is one of the weirdly entertaining things I like. I love Bailey. What happened to her first marriage? Im pretty confused about the changes… and I guess Mark Sloane and Lexie Gray died??
            What did Mc Creamy (I am kidding, Dr. Shepard) think of this? What, for that matter, did his ex, Addison, all the way in LA on Private Practice, before it ended, think? I like her. She had spunk!

  5. Chance says:

    Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B being in trouble are really disheartening. Those are two of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched. Ugh, why do so many people what the terrible Big Bang Theory?

    • Tiffany says:

      I totally agree!

    • Jerri says:

      Because they can…?

    • Mary says:

      Because it’s not terrible. Nothing funny about Happy Endings or Don’t Trust the B.

      • TV Gord says:

        Don’t Trust The B is much funnier this season, so I think it’s worth another watch. I question the sense of humor of anyone who thinks Happy Endings is funny and Big Bang Theory is not.

        • darcywilson says:

          Why can’t we love both?! Because I sure do. I don’t get people who feel you can only watch single or multi-cams. Does it make you laugh? Then it’s funny and you should watch it! Who cares if it’s “smart” or not!

        • Anne says:

          Exact opposite for me. I find it hard to trust the opinion of anyone who finds the current Big Bang Theory still funny. It’s like saying How I Met Your Mother is still funny, and hasn’t just beaten the dead horse, but fed it to the wolves, as well.

          • Whitney says:

            I think there comes a time for every comedy where fans care more about the storylines and characters than about the jokes and humor. Friends, for example, is one of my all-time favorite shows, but it stopped being consistently funny around season 4 or 5. But people stuck around because they cared about the characters they’d grown to love. I believe the same is true for How I Met Your Mother fans and fans of The Big Bang Theory, as well as any others that might also apply.

            Obviously not everyone is going to feel this way, of course. But it doesn’t mean the opinions of those who do is any less valid.

          • luli says:

            Big Bang Theory has been having one of the best seasons yet! I cry laughing every week with TBBT

          • Nicole says:

            Actually, I stopped watching BBT for a while because it was seeming a little dull, but i think that while this season got off kind of on a bad foot, it’s starting to be funny again, kind of going back to what makes it funny. And I disagree about a comment below saying that people need a laugh track to know when something is funny (although there are definately some people who do) I tend to laugh sometimes before the “audience” laughs because I understand where the character is coming from, I also think that comedies without laugh tracks or audiences of any kind are more hilarious because they dont try to go for that initial audience reaction.

          • WingsStef says:

            Plus, How I Met Your Mother is still funny. I don’t know why some people expect to meet the mother before the last episode, but that is another story. Kudos for the show dampening the Barney’s sister theory. That was funny!

          • Bhaskar says:

            I’m pretty sure most people here who say that TBBT and HIMYM are not funny did like it initially. Both shows are really funny and quite unique. HIMYM has been through ups and downs but TBBT has been fairly consistent. It’s simply that shows like these have been running for a while now and people are just used to/bored of them, which is something I completely fail to understand. One one hand people want shows to run for longer, but when they do run for a while, people just get bored of them and say that the show isn’t funny anymore. I can understand people being annoyed with HIMYM since the storyline barely moved forward from season 5 until the end of season 7, but the show is still funny! Just watch it without thinking “just meet the damn mother already” and you’ll see what I mean. There may be the off episode every now and then but that happens with every show. As for TBBT, I simply don’t see how anyone could NOT find that show funny. One may find newer, fresher shows like HE and CT funniER, but that doesn’t mean TBBT is suddenly a terrible show.

        • HD says:

          Big Bang Theory is the least funny show on television. The only way to explain it’s success is that it has the loudest laugh track, so simple minded people think it must therefore be funny.

        • jenna says:

          awkward moment when people have an individualized sense of humor…. personally its rare for me to laugh out loud during a show or legitimately find it ‘funny,’ doesn’t mean I’m not entertained by them though

        • kimberly says:

          I find Happy Endings funny because I relate to their never ending references to 90s pop culture. Big Bang Theory is just not funny to me. I wanted to like it because I’m a total geek scientist but the humor makes me roll my eyes. However, humor is very subjective. I would be sad if Happy Endings was cancelled.

        • Philipp says:

          I think TBBT is ok in a mediocre humor kinda way. Nothing that special there, though. Happy Endings is high-level humor and maybe too good for the masses to understand.

      • Anna says:

        Interesting… Big Bang Theory makes me smile sometimes, but Happy Endings makes me laugh out loud.

    • Carm says:

      I actually like all three shows. I find Big Bang the funniest of the three. People are different. The fact that I like a show does not mean everyone or anyone else will. I am fine with that. That’s life.

      • L says:

        TBBT the first couple of seasons was good and I did enjoy it. But now I no longer enjoy the show and hate the addittion of Amy and Bernadette.If Amy wasn’t the female version of Sheldon I might have liked her, but she’s just too much. Bernadette, besides having questionable taste, is just annoying. Her friendship with Penny isn’t bad and it’s nice to see Penny have a female friend.

        • lvenable says:

          I actually have the opposite opinion of Amy. I thought Mayim Bialik helped save a series that aired episodes that seemed so redundant. It’s really interesting to hear about differing opinions on what people find funny and what people don’t. That being said, I can’t really say TBBT is my favorite show on television… I record it, but I don’t care as much for the show itself as I do for the characters. (I think they definitely got the characterization right here!) Sure, it makes me laugh a bit every week, but the humor doesn’t strike me as even close to as strong as many more shows on television.

    • Mike says:

      It stopped being funny in season 3, Happy Endings is so much funnier.

    • Chris says:

      I would not miss Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B. Writing and acting are superb. They aren’t going to find anything better as replacements (Reba? Last Man Standing? Partners?)

    • Shib says:

      Shows that should be cancelled r not ones should be renewed r not The networks need to learn from USA and TNT A&E alot of the sitcoms r jokes ESPECIALLy the overrated Modern Family tried to watch half dozen times over the years just dont see anything funny all forced humor

      • Alan says:

        how hard would it be to type out the full word instead of r? i think you used it in a couple of different contexts and that confused me slightly when trying to read what you had to say

      • Diane says:

        Glad to know I am not the only one that doesn’t “get” Modern Family. I would rather watch Rules of Engagement (we’ve been recently watching reruns every evening) or Big Bang, and have even been watching Frasier – 4 back to back episodes every weekday morning. They all three make me laugh out loud!

      • Fci says:

        You must be watching a different Modern Family than we are, it is the best comedy on the air and I have yet to see a bad/unfunny episode. Most every other show has a “clunker” once in a while, not Modern Family.

        • I agree-ever single show is good-I an amazed each and every week!

        • StupidPeopleShutUp says:

          Can’t stand Modern Family. Shrill, buffoonish, idiotic, with flashes of brilliance. One good moment every 22 minutes doth not a satisfying viewing experience make. Don’t know what the fuss is about. Leaves me irritated.

      • Steph says:

        I enjoy Modern Family, but would not be heartbroken without it. It’s better than 30Rock was, for certain. Just wish that the gay couple acted like a real couple (the way the straight couples do – no PDA, but some wanna-chemistry, at least) instead of long-dead roommates. Oh well, that’s why I watch The New Normal. That’s funny as h***, though the characters are still a bit 2D. And love Glee, since that way I get my music fix AND some fun ;) Haven’t watched The Big Bang Theory, yet, but intend to. The New Girl doesn’t do anything for me, nor does Girls. Oh well…

    • Michael says:

      I love Big Bang…not as much as I love Don’t Trust the B, but I’m not sure why you are even comparing the two. They don’t share the same timeslot or the same audience(for the most part).

  6. saira says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat Happy endings is it for me! How can this show not be in the sure thing category??? ABC don’t go there!

    • CJ says:

      It’s not in the sure thing category because its ratings are lousy since it moved to Tuesday. It has a chance for renewal, though, because it’s in the 3rd season (and therefore closer to rerun syndication).

      • Mary says:

        I hate the line of reasoning that a network will keep a struggling show on the air just so to reach syndication. Every year they have a batch of new shows that the network is hoping will be a hit so they have to cut the dead weight.

        • Alan says:

          when something is syndicated they get money for it, its almost like getting twice the money for one more season (syndication rights and advertising rights)

  7. I love The Neighbors ! Really hope they won’t cancel it, Sooooooo underrated! It’s funny,smart, and explains alot about human life !

    • Julie says:

      Oh I love this one, too. I think it is silly but imaginative. I look forward to seeing what far out things the writers will come up with each week. I just think there are lots who don’t get this type of humor and when it first came on I wondered if it might not last. I hope it continues…

      • biggles says:

        IMAGINATIVE?!?!?!?! It’s like they took third rock and beat the hell out of it with a “sucks ass” stick. You have GOT to be joking.

    • biggles says:

      You CAN’T be serious. You just can’t. It’s OBVIOUSLY the dumbest show ever produced in the history of mankind. A first grader could write wittier, funnier, more plausible stuff.

    • Gerri K says:

      I love the Neighbors too!!! It’s one of the few shows that I look forward to every week. I so hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

      • Elderleigh says:

        We keep checking in hopes that Neighbors will be renewed ..even though the finale could have been the end of the season or the end of the series. We think it is a great second to The Middle. Not everything has to be socially responsive…sometimes silly fun is silly fun….Two votes to bring silly back.

  8. laila says:

    don’t do the several pages thing, I hate that. EW has that on their site and it is driving me nuts. Please, just don’t.

  9. John says:

    Did Goodwin Games get prematurely bumped from the schedule, or did you guys just forget to list it?

    • Alan says:

      i think its still going to air but the network scaled back the number of episodes by enough for people to think it wont get renewed or maybe even to air

  10. It’s heartening to hear Ben & Kate has a chance and that Raising Hope is looking good. My heart hurts for Don’t Trust the B, though.

    • Laura says:

      Rasing Hope looks good because it is getting close to syndication numbers. Ben & Kate, on the other hand, is far from syndication and I think TV Line is being too generous. I wouldn’t hold your breath for B&K to come back.

      • John says:

        TVLine might appear to be being too generous, but Ausiello is has an insanely good track record with these predictions.

    • Wendy says:

      I don’t love Ben and Kate, but it’s really kind of sweet. Why shouldn’t they give it one more chance?

  11. Paul says:

    The Good Wife is not a sure thing based on ratings. Yes, as far as awards go it would be renewed for that but even with awards it is dwindling. It should probably be a safe bet. Don’t forget that Blue Bloods and Hawaii 50 will enter 4th seasons next year making them locks for stripped syndication.

  12. lll says:

    On the CW page, America’s Top Model has officlally been renewed–for a summer run. Here is the link: http://www.deadline.com/2012/10/the-cws-americas-next-top-model-renewed-for-20th-cycle/

  13. Stephanie says:

    Great news for Chicago Fire fans!

    • Olive says:

      I almost didn’t watch Chicago Fire because the previews were lame. But I am glad I did. Yes, it is good news. I hope Nashville hangs in there. Still really bummed about Last Resort.

      • Betty Caldeira says:

        I’m like you- re: Chicago Fire- but they sure move it around – keep it on same channel and time . Thank you!!! I’m still bummed but LAST tESORT- BGEST SHOW PROBLEM WAS STATION RUINED IT FOR ALL OF US WHEN THEY MESSED THE BEGINNING AND THEN NEVER BOTHERED TO ADVERTISE IT

    • Marsha says:

      I love the show Chicago Fire, I’m Glad that it is coming back just wish Emery Owens MD would be coming back that’s a good show.

      • Therese says:

        I love Emily Owens MD and I am so sorry it has been cancelled! I can only hope that the final episode gets Emily and Micah together! ♥

        • Chuck says:

          Totally agree! “Emily” will be sorely missed. It’s getting to the point that CW is a joke! And alas, Emily ends up in the arms of her long-time friend…Maybe I’ll not watch any new shows until the second year. Networks’ execs are idiots! Love Vegas(love the characters), Love Nashville(hate the characters!), and of course, Castle, The Mentalist, The Good Wife, and Person of Interest all rock my recliner! Last Man Standing was a self-inflicted gunshot when they fired Alexandra Krosney! Haven’t watched since, along with millions of others!

        • Patricia says:

          I loved Emily Owens MD, it was a great show with lots of potential for growth. The scheduling was horrible. They could have tried another time slot before cancelling. I hope that someone else decides they deserve a second chance.

        • Angela says:

          Emily Owens had great casting, but everyone I told about it never heard of it , but liked it when they watched it, very bad promoting of the show. And I am sick of all the reality shows. And comedy that has nothing to do with normal life. Bill Cosby, from his early albums, dealt with everyday happenings. And look how well his shows did.

          • Charles Edmond says:

            Could not agree with you more! Things will not change, however. Short term profits are preferred over long term stability. The public is a dumbed down audience. Half don’t even know the name of the Vice President.(neither does he!) Most are only interested in clubin’, thugin’ and drugin’. Any show which requires an appreciation for some moral message and an attentive mind and ear is rejected by most. Exception: “Person of Interest,” which is second only to “The Big Bang Theory” in total viewership. Extreme opposites in viewership attributes. One is for deep thinkers and attentive listeners, appreciating the “moral of the story.” The other is directed towards those with attention deficit disorder who relish sophomoric play in the opposite sex’s locker room. The older crowd shakes their head and says, “been there, done that, grew up, and don’t want my intelligence insulted any more.” Network bean counters go for the instant bucks…reality shows cost less to produce and satisfy the golden egg target audience of 18-49. That’s why no more “Vegas” or “Body of Proof.” “Emily” NEVER had a chance due to its network’s stupidity and incompetence. I’m still p’od over CBS nixing “The Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire” and ABC chopping down “Men In Trees.” My personal all-time favorite: “Northern Exposure.”

          • Mary S says:

            Angela, did you know that you can get the entire series of Northern Exposure from both eBay and Amazon? I think I got mine on eBay, but that was a couple of years ago…considering I got the entire series, it was very reasonably priced, too, much better than buying it one season at a time. If I could remember the name of the seller, i would recommend him to you. Prompt delivery, excellent condition, the whole 9 yards. I accidentally bought 2 and he let me return the extra with no hassle at all. There are 26 discs, including one or two “bonus” discs. Just so you’ll know……….

          • Mary S says:

            I agree entirely. There used to be really GREAT sitcoms, but they are long since out of production. Some that I have found in reruns on things like TVland and even NICk are the Golden Girls, MASH, Roseanne (not one of my favorites, but a friend of mine is nutsy over it), Monk was not a sitcom, per se, but there were times I laughed at him so hard my sides hurt) Murphy Brown was a fabulously well-written and funny show and touched a few nerves in the process, though I haven’t seen her anywhere lately. Look on networks that specialize in the oldies but goodies. They were well-written, well-acted, and the characters liked each other. There were no sexual situations or mean-minded putdowns, just real humor that grew out of real-life situations.. I guess those writers are either retired or have passed away. The 80’s and part of the 90’s had shows that made you set aside Thursday nights and have watching parties, even with kids!

      • oldfan says:

        I agree would love to see Emily Owen MD continue it is a wonderful show.. good cast work well together.. humor and serious without super tiredly boring ..they really did not get a chance to before it was cancelled… get rid of the stupid model crap.. I hope TBS or Lifetime pick up the show will miss it

    • Alvina says:

      Chicago Fire has potential… but rehashing the same storylines and not moving forward is getting kind of tiresome.

    • Amy says:

      I love Chicago Fire, best show on tv right now!!

  14. chirs says:

    When was Grimm renewed for season 3?

    • laura meakin says:

      Indeed when was Grimm renewed! The news though makes me very happy love the show.

    • Jennifer says:

      They changed it to “a sure thing” now. I was just searching the web for that news!

      • PJGU says:

        Great that Grimm was renewed, but TWF with moving it to Tuesday nights now? That usually is not a vote of confidence from a network for a show…a Tuesday night! Plus, could they please make a decent opening sequence for the show and not one that looks like it was put together by a bored four year old?

        • Lina says:

          Moving it to Tuesday? Nice way for easy DEATH for next season so they don’t have to renew. Moving on Tuesday with NCIS FRANCHISE really ? Ass…………

          • PJGU says:

            Heads up folks! The powers that be advertised Grimm as back on Fridays for the Fall! Guess even they realized Tuesdays was a bad choice.

        • Mary S says:

          I like having good shows moved to Tuesday…My DVR records Hart of Dixie, NCIS and Hell’s Kitchen at 7:00, NCIS:LA and Dancing with..The Results Show at 8:00. Everything else are cable shows which air earlier. There is not a network show at 9:00 that I like well enough to record. Thank heaven for cable, as it gives me something to watch for the rest of the hours of the evening and night! By the way, what show has the initials TWF?

        • WingsStef says:

          Forgive me please, but can I ask two things? What does TWF stand for, and why do you think Tuesday is a bad day for a television show? If you are worried about competition, that in my opinion means the network has some confidence because they have to schedule something there. Just a few more weeks to go before we get most of our answers. :-)

          • PJGU says:

            TWF should be WTF, and I should not need to spell that out. As far as worried about competition on Tuesday, no I am not. On my DVR at least, I have nothibng going on on Tuesdays. What I am worried about is a network moving a show that clearly did not need moving, to a night that is not a good fit for it. Grimm is a good curl up on a Friday night and enjoy a mildly scary fairy tale kind of show. It has done well on Friday evenings. Why the change all of a sudden? I bet it won’t be the last move either. When networks start moving shows unnecessarily, it shows a plan to bury a show. It happens every darn time.

  15. it’s so sad to see this “Fringe: Officially cancelled; series finale airs Jan. 18.”

    • Diva says:

      THIS! I was thinking the same thing.

    • Linda Davis says:

      I am also sad that Fringe is being cancelled. Love that show. I hope another network picks it up.

      • ben says:

        No other network is picking it up. You see, it was not truly ‘officially cancelled’ – rather, it is officially ending. The story is being wrapped up. That is what we should encourage more of, not less. Shows can’t go on forever (just own the Fringe DVD’s so you can revisit it).

        • Rachel Lynne says:

          Agree so much. I hate seeing my favorite shows go, but it’s a thousand times worse watching them dragged out forever until they’ve gotten so bad that they go crawling off-screen with a whimper.

        • Hannah says:

          I agree. I love Bones but it’s slowly getting worse. I hope it ends soon while it is still good.

          This site needs a category for show like Fringe and 30 Rock that are ending voluntarily ending rather than being truly canceled.

      • Kira Morgan says:

        fringe reruns are on the discovery science channel

    • Jules says:

      I was just thinking the same thing too! So sad. And stupid shows like Bob’s Burgers and tHe incredibly annoying bachelor / bachelorette and American Idol all get renewed (most likely).

      • Lina says:

        For real, so tired of bachelor, bachelorette out of 100 seasons, I think trista was the only one who actually got married & stayed married. Never watched but she was everywhere. Instead Eva longoria goes and copies a different version of another stupid dating show.

  16. Why do you never include Hell’s Kitchen on your list?

    • jalahyacinth says:

      They don’t have ANY of Fox’s summer programming. No SYTYCD or Master Chef either.

      • bryceradick says:

        They don’t have a lot of summer programming. Big Brother, for example. It’s probably just not meant for this list.

        • dan says:

          Big Brother is coming back this summer.

          • Julie says:

            Big Brother isn’t on the list because as stated above it is a summer show. But since it is brought up, I just thought I would throw in my opinion… I love Big Brother. It is my first reality show and my summer guilty pleasure, I follow on TV and on line, and have since the first year it was on. I hope it remains on for may years.

      • Andrew says:

        SYTYCD officially renewed. I used the link as my website when filling out the details.

  17. Alan says:

    everything i watch is a safe bet or higher except nikita and community, both of which im cautiously optimistic about but am expecting the worst. why do so many people still watch big bang theory, which used to be the funniest thing out there, long after it stopped being funny in anyway when there is stuff like community out there?

  18. Staci says:

    Wait when did Grimm get renewed??

  19. Moe says:

    I’m really surprised you don’t have Supernatural listed as a “sure thing.” It’s the only show on the CW besides Arrow and The Vampire Diaries to be able to hit a 1 in the ratings. There’s no way the CW can afford to cancel it, when they have so many other shows doing so much worse.

    • Alan says:

      its because its doing the same numbers on a wednesday as it did on a friday last year which is something networks dont like

      • Marc says:

        Actually, I’m pretty sure Supernatural did a 0.6-0.7 in the demo on Fridays and now it hovers around a 1.0 regularly on Wednesdays.

        • Alan says:

          cant be. those ratings are average friday night for cw and last years ratings were good enough to warrant getting out of the death zone

          • Percysowner says:

            Actually, Supernatural is doing better on Wednesday than on Friday. It was getting .8 on Friday last season and is doing this season on Wednesday. It is the third highest rated show on the CW. They have resigned Jared and Jensen for two more seasons. Arrow’s ratings do better when Supernatural is a new episode following it, so it is helping the lineup. Supernatural is about as sure a thing as anything on the CW.

          • Alan says:

            resigning the actors has nothing to do with actual chances of renewal, thats just the producers making sure they cant run off to another show if and when they do get renewed

      • Kay says:

        I absolutely pity the network execs (and by that, I mean their e-mail and snail mail inboxes) if they decided to cancel Supernatural. There is nothing, I mean NOTHING like a Supernatural fan scorned. We are a force to be reckoned with, that I can promise.

        • Melynda says:

          SPN fans are powerful creatures. They are unstoppable in groups. lol. I think the CW knows what it has in Supernatural and its fans. I’d put it as a sure thing.

    • Madeline says:

      I am surprised too.

      While it is not getting Arrow or TVD ratings, SPN’s rating are much stronger than the CW’s other shows. Arrow, TVD & SPN are CW’s top 3 shows with the rest of its line-up packed together @ the bottom.

      SPN is also a steady performer. It typically doesn’t go up and down too much. It can be counted on for solid ratings (by CW’s standards anyways).

      I think SPN is a shoe-in for a final season regardless. CW will give SPN at least a shortened season like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Smallville.

      • Kyra says:

        The CW president has gone on record saying something along the lines of really wanting Supernatural to succeed, and having a lot of faith in it. The way he worded it made it sound like it was a shoe-in for at least another season. And Jensen and Jared have already said they’d be willing to do seasons 9 and 10. I would be very surprised if it didn’t get picked up for season 9.

        • MaryAnn says:

          Shoe = something you wear on your foot
          Shoo = Used in the phrase “shoo-in” or when you say Shoo! to a chicken or dog or cat etc. to drive them away
          World English Dictionary

          — n
          1. a person or thing that is certain to win or succeed
          2. a match or contest that is easy to win

      • JHEART says:

        [[I think SPN is a shoe-in for a final season regardless. CW will give SPN at least a shortened season like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Smallville.]]

        I just had to reply to this. SMALLVILLE did not have a shortened season. It had a full season…ran its full course flawlessly. I watched all seasons from day one, never missing an episode. I am also a major Superman fan [even before the show]. I just HAD TO fix that. It bothers me that Smallville has always been so under-appreciated. Nothing personal, just saying.

    • Ari says:

      I think SPN is going to hit 10 seasons. I don’t know though, creatively they seem to be wrapping it up. As a fan I’d like to get a nice even 10 seasons but can they extend the whole closing the gates of hell thing over three seasons? Maybe. Maybe not. I’d rather it go out this season when it is at a creative high than to linger for another year or two and sag to season 6 like story meandering.

      • Evyn says:

        They currently have a three seasons plan, if the CW allows it they will make 10 seasons

        • Ari says:

          Honestly, I don’t see why the CW wouldn’t. It’s still one of their highest rated shows and has a ridiculously loyal following. I would like to see SPN hit 10 seasons and 200+eps

  20. Lara says:

    Does the CW have any shows besides TVD that are a sure thing? They need to develop programs better and manage their content. How Ringer failed with that cast still puzzles me. They have some really good shows, and they need to figure out how to promote them and make them better. Canceling good shows and putting the same premise with different people is not a good strategy. Hart of Dixie better be renewed it’s their best show

    • Alex says:

      Umm, try Arrow, which has been pulling great numbers for CW this season, and is listed as a Sure Thing.

    • Alyssa says:

      Maybe they think their incessant Carrie Diaries ads are the way to get ratings….

      And I really like Emily Owens! I’m so sad it’s cancelled :(

      • Jo says:

        Me too, love Emily Owens :(

      • Lily says:

        I love Emily Owens..every episode I watch now is just a little sad knowing I won’t get to watch the characters mature.

      • Marsha says:

        I really liked Emily Owens MD, I just watch it please bring it back. It seems like everytime I start liking a show they take it off. I also like Mob Boss that got axed too. Thank you to whoever is behind this madness.

        • Pam says:

          I agree! I have only been able to watch Emily Owens MD on demand. CW has done a LOUSY job of promotion. It has been really hard to find. It makes you wonder what they have to gain by launching a series and providing no support. I love the characters. The news in this world is so awful. Congress has stolen our country and sold it out to special interests. This series allowed me to have an enjoyable hour each week, free from the garbage we are assaulted by constantly.

    • Diane says:

      I LOVED Ringer! I was really ticked off when CW cancelled it!

    • Joey says:

      If you honestly think Hart Of Dixie is the CW’s best show, you have little to no taste.

      • WingsStef says:

        To each their own. Which is your favorite? I used to watch Supernatural. No fault on that show, I just got too behind once and got lost, I introduced it to my parents who love it. Sometimes I watch it with my mom if she has it on when I visit. I never seen Vampire Diaries. Not interested. I am not into vampires, personally I think they are used too much lately. However, cheers to the fans that watch and like the show. Frankly Hart of Dixie is the CW show I am enjoying at the moment as well. Our tastes are fine.

        • MJO says:

          I’m with you on the whole vampire things is way overused.
          HOD is the only show I watch on the CW, it’s a refreshing change to everything else that’s on right now

  21. Tina says:

    NO! I need Beauty and the Beast to get renewed! I konw its a sappy show but I am hooked and I really want another season. Besides it is way better than Gossip Girl ever was and get more viewers so it should be a sure thing. Please CW don’t kill one of the only decent shows you have:(

    • Irene says:

      I totaly agree, BatB is some, I realt Hope it’s geting renewed, it shuld be A SURE THING!

      • maria says:

        I agree with you. Beauty and the Beast definetely should be renewed, especially just when the show is showing the chemistry between Catherine and Vincent, don’t keep the fans hanging…
        CW don’t end one of the shows that have great potentials to keep us following their love story saga.

    • Alex says:

      Beauty and the Beast REEKS! Also, your reasoning that it should be renewed makes little sense. Gossip Girl played out its final episodes with poor ratings that surely would have caused its cancellation if it hadn’t already been on its way out the door. Doing better than a dead show walking is not anything to brag about. Beauty loses more than half of the HUGE lead-in it receives from Vampire Diaries, proving that most people think it sucks too much to watch.

      • Shuayb says:

        You must remember that people who watch TVD go on over to Grey’s as well. The 9 pm slot is doomed for most shows because of Grey’s. Nikita, BaTB debuted well but then the ratings fell because people watched AI or Grey’s.

        • MaryAnn says:

          Grey’s is not the only problem “Beauty and the Beast” has. “Person of Interest” has to be either watched as it airs or DVRed. There are no second chances for those of us who watch shows that air in the same time slot later on On-Demand or online. Thank goodness “Beauty and the Beast” has an alternate means of viewing.

          But as much as I love TVD and “Arrow”, “Beauty and the Beast” is my favorite CW show. Hopefully the ratings that recently improved for the episodes that have a rival love interest for Vincent will stay up. TV by the Numbers now lists it as more likely to be renewed than cancelled.

        • Maddie says:

          I have to agree with your comment. BATB was put in the worse time slot. If it had followed Arrow, it would be doing great. Supernatural is doing well because of were it is. Please give BATB another season and be placed in a better time slot.

          • Buffy says:

            I agree with you. BATB has been put in a rough time slot and still it has done very well. I love this show and it shouldn’t be cancelled. It’s one of the best shows the CW has put out. It’s got romance, intrigue and it’s filled with keeping you guessing as to what’s going to happen next. I just love, love, love this Beauty & The Beast and I’m so hoping it’s kept on at least for another season, but it should go on longer. Considering what shows keep getting renewed, I have to laugh that the crap shows are constantly renewed each season. When a show has substance, they don’t seem to like it. Give the fans of Beauty & The Beast a break and please renew this terrific show for another season.

      • Annie-Claude says:

        I watch TVD and don’t watch Beauty and the Beast and it had nothing to do with thinking it sucks. I have no idea if it’s good or not because it’s in a timeslot that’s really crowded with older popular shows. And we weren’t going to skip Grey’s that we’ve been following for years to try a new show. Espacially seeing how many of them end up being cancelled anyway.

        • Blu says:

          It’s a wonderful show and I hope it stays around. The show is for all ages. I am almost 69 and I can’t wait each week for it to come on.

    • Ruth says:

      Agree. I really enjoy Beauty and the Beast. It’s a lot more clever than many programs that are on bigger networks.

      • Alan says:

        “beauty and the beast” and “clever” that may well be the first time those two have been put together in a sentence

        • Renee says:

          What was the last episode you watched if you don’t mind me asking? Because it’s improved tremendously over the pilot.

          • Alan says:

            the pilot was so atrocious that i wouldnt allow myself to watch another minute, how it get picked up with something that bad ill never know.

    • Renee says:

      I hope it’s renewed to. It’s become one of my favorite shows.

    • linda says:

      Agree! Love this show, and I don’t know why! It is my guilty pleasure, plus it’s the only show on CW that I watch. CW seems to gear all it’s shows for the 13-25 crowd, which I’m not. They need to review their demographics and realize that some of us are over 25.

    • Therese says:

      Love Beauty and the Beast and Hart of Dixie. Don’t cancel them too. Please reconsider Emily Owens MD too!

    • Joey says:

      I think Beauty And The Beast may be one of the single worst shows on television. It’s not even slightly decent, it’s garbage.

  22. Karen says:

    Renewal wish-list: Happy Endings, Community, Hart of Dixie, The Good Wife, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Parks & Rec, New Normal & HIMYM

  23. leigh says:

    Castle a safe bet and not a sure thing? Huh. Just thought it be “safer” than that.

  24. Joan says:

    Save Mindy!

    • Shannon says:

      Really? I realy like Mindy Kaling and I really tried to like her show but after 4 episodes I just could not get into it! I just think Mindy is better as a supporting character instead of a leading lady.

      • Ari says:

        I think it’s gotten a lot better over time. We watched the most recent episode a couple of weeks ago and I’m still a bit miffed that Mindy’s boyfriend was cheating on her. Lol, obviously it got me to care about the character and her relationship.

      • Spencer says:

        I agree. I always liked her until I tried watching her show. I don’t recall laughing once. She needs to go back to being the funny best friend.

      • Ambee says:

        It’s definitely getting better. I was iffy and right around episode 5 my fiance and I started actually laughing.

    • Traci says:

      I agree, save Mindy!! The show has quick dry humor…love it!

    • Wendy says:

      I totally agree. Love this show.

    • Christina McG says:

      Agreed! I really like Mindy! Hate the intro, but love the humor of the show, and I think Mindy is really great as a leading lady! Much more relatable than New Girl’s Jess (though I also love New Girl). I think the guys kind of steal the show on New Girl. Mindy’s a strong comedic force on her own.

    • I hope The Mindy Project stays on. It’s my favorite new TV comedy show this season by far! The first couple of episodes were a bit iffy, but I’m so invested in it now!

  25. Susie says:

    Hoping Beauty and the beast becomes a sure thing

  26. tiffany says:

    So happy that Parenthood is a sure thing–well-deserved! It would break my heart to see the Braverman clan go off the air.

    • Lauren says:


    • Lucy says:

      I was gonna say the same thing. I was thrilled to see that listed as a sure thing, especially after what we went through last year with all the waiting!! It is such a good show, the acting is terrific and the storylines are realistic. The Bravermans could be any family and that’s what makes them so endearing.

      • Alex says:

        Agreed! Parenthood has kind of always been a “bubble show” for NBC, but it’s been pulling better numbers and winning its time slot this year, and it’s been at its absolutely best, creatively. So it’s great to see that it’s less in jeopardy this year.

      • Diane says:

        Guess that’s what worries me – it seems that most people don’t want realistic storylines – they want fairy tales or murder mystery type shows to go along with their reality tv and sports!!!

    • Loni says:

      I was pleasantly surprised to see that too! I just hope the show is finally awarded with some Emmy love this year, it really deserves it.

    • Wendy says:

      This is one of the best shows on TV. I hope this prediction is right on target. I was a little bit nervous watcing the season finale because it seemed really final, but this blog made me feel so much better about being able to watch the Braverman’s next season.

    • Hannah says:

      Yes! The season finales are always scary because the could easily be series finales.

  27. Sid says:

    @Team TvLine

    Top Model has already been renewed(unfortunately)

  28. Ally Oop says:

    Uh-oh. Most of the CW shows are “could go either way”. They are in trouble–it is a changing TV climate in which all the networks are getting lower and lower ratings. CW is at the bottom yet I get the sense that a lot more people are watching the CW shows than are reflected in the ratings (thanks to online and DVR viewing). CW will either have to become a Pay TV channel or fade away.

  29. Sid says:

    Hope Nikita comes back and 9O21O gets a farewell season.

    Beauty is okay but I wouldn’t miss it if it was gone(TSC).

    Cult will die due to its death slot.

    Carrie “might” survive.

    Hart of Dixie should be safe.

  30. owen says:

    Is survivor renewed yeah? Would be phenomenal news

  31. Annie says:

    I really want Beauty and the Beast to be renewed! I love that show so much!!

  32. Michael says:

    weird that they would have NIKITA there when its so close to syndication
    I can’t see that the CW is gonna miss the opportunity to get one of their shows to reach stripped syndication when its only 1 season away from it and Beast is at 0.5-0.6 in its freshman year.

    I really don’t know what tvline is thinking here. hope they can answer this?

  33. Andrea says:

    As long as Castle gets renewed I’m happy!

  34. AlphasFan says:

    I know SyFy wasn’t one of your channels listed… Hope Alphas comes back for Season 3!

    • Randall says:

      I am completely with you! It makes me nervous that the cast hasn’t heard anything and SyFy seems to keep pushing the announcement/decision back. At first it was November, then in middle December and now, who knows? BRING BACK ALPHAS!!!

      • Ken says:

        Sorry to tell you this but Alphas is cancelled. Although I was not a fan, Alphas was very good but is now over. Still waiting for Warehouse 13 to come back.

    • Mary S says:

      I loved it, too, but I read somewhere that they cancelled it. You can go to the website for further information,

    • Mary S says:

      I loved Alphas, too, but they ended it with everybody but one dead. Hard to come back from that, though in the land of science fiction, anything is possible…just not this time, unless another network picks it up. Too bad! It was a well-acted and imaginative show and everyone had a power that I wanted!

  35. Ally Oop says:

    I’m thrilled to see Parenthood is listed as a sure thing. I would have thought it was a bubble show. This year it has risen to become my third favourite show (behind only Vampire Diaries and Last Resort).

    • Ari says:

      Parenthood has been consistently winning the time slot it is in. NBC would be crazy to cancel it this year! The ratings may not be great but they are better than the other networks during that time slot and that counts for something. Now let’s hope they get a full season next year!

  36. When will we see May sweeps scorecard ?

  37. Kristi says:

    I hope Nashville and Hart of Dixie make it. Everything else I watch is safe. Thanks for the update!

    • sa says:

      Same here. Love HOD. Would really like to see that one renewed.

    • Cassie says:

      Hart of Dixie is one of my favorite shows. I hope it is renewed!

      • Therese says:

        So agree! Hart of Dixie is such a great show. It made me lol when it was classified as a medical drama though!

      • ashley says:

        I love HOD!!! I look forward to it every week. its different from all other shows having that southern touch to it with great roles played. I say renew it!!!

        • MJO says:

          I’m totally with you on HOD! That’s one of the reasons I like it so much, because it IS different from other shows out there. And who can’t help but fall in love with all those characters?

    • Frank O. says:

      I agree with Kristi’s sentiment that I am hoping that NASHVILLE survives the cut on ABC. The show is quite stimulating and lyrical with its poignant contemporary country tunes, sturdy angst-ridden characterizations, the delicious undercut of cynicism involving the perks and pitfalls of celebrity and stardom in the age of social media and the throwback to naughty nighttime serials from the 80’s that were popularized by ditties such as DALLAS, DYNASTY, KNOTS LANDING, etc.

      • MJO says:

        I love HOD and hope it gets renewed too! It’s my “comfort food” show.. Bluebell is one of those towns you just want to visit!

    • breeziejaden says:

      I’ve never watched HOD…. However I love Nashville it is awesome!!! I’m not even a country music fan. The story line is awesome though!!! Looks like a winner one that could go on for awhile!!! I love it!!!! I’m do happy Gunter and Scarlett are finally together!!:)

  38. Joe says:

    As much as I love Don’t Trust the B, there is no saving it…it got like a 0.7 in the ratings recently. Fox needs to keep Mindy Project and toss New Girl. This season has sucked.

  39. Sarah says:

    I just realized I don’t watch anything on NBC anymore. And I will not be watching anything on the CW except Hart of Dixie so please don’t cancel it.

  40. Ella says:

    Relieved for Once Upon a Time, Revenge, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow. Really want Hart of Dixie renewed. This show has gotten better & better in season 2. CW- please renew Hart of Dixie!!!

  41. kim says:

    I like this typo: Beauty and the Beast: Could go wither way.

  42. Babybop says:

    I will be nervous to see what happens… But glad none of my shows are in dire danger as of now.
    On another note, am I the only one that likes the separate pages thing? I think it’s much more organized…

    • Annie-Claude says:

      I like the separate pages thing too. Scrolling down the whole thing seem impractically long. I just think they should put links for all networks on every page, but otherwise, I agree with you, much more organized.

  43. Patrick says:

    I thought Vegas was one of CBS’s highest rated new shows (along with Elementary)? Why do you believe it’s not a “safe bet”?

  44. David says:

    I’m surprised to see Nashville listed as “could go either way.” It is a great show. Then again, ABC does not seem to support their hour-long dramas and give them a chance to build (e.g. 666 Park Avenue).

  45. Kevin says:

    Cw has the most consistently good shows, shame they get axed. Whitney is pure garbage, NBC got the worst of the Whitney empire.

    • KoshN says:

      “2 Broke Girls” is no prize, either. Yes, it’s a sure thing, but the writing sucks.


    • Bree says:

      Correct if you have an IQ of less than 60 you are okay with their choices. Or if it shakes its’ but, has scripted reality or hunts for stupid clues and insults your intelligence these are the shows which are renewed. Boycott!

  46. Sion Thomas says:

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I’n in Wales in the UK so not sure how these things work. But does anyone know why the Usa network is not listed. Interested in shows like Suits, White Collar, Psych, Royal Pains and Burn Notice

    • LMSO says:

      My guess would be because USA network is a cable network. ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and CW are the regular broadcast networks here in the US. Perhaps there will be another article featuring USA, FX, AMC, etc.?

    • Alan says:

      they only covered the big 5 here usa is lower down the totem pole

    • Danyelle says:

      I once had same question but if you stop and think about it, few cable shows right now are a question mark. They’ve either been renewed or are about to start a new season so its too soon to ask.

    • Angel says:

      I believe the following have been renewed for a full season: Suits, White Collar, and Royal Pains. Burn Notice and Psych have been renewed with limited seasons, possibly their last seasons.

    • Liz985 says:

      Also, although not official, it’s safe to say that Suits and Royal Pains are a good lock for another season. They both do well in the ratings and are popular here. I think Psych may be in its last season but it has a remarkable track record and still maintains a very loyal audience. Not sure about White Collar or Burn Notice. USA Network has, I think, a good reputation for nurturing its shows, though, so I wouldn’t expect too many shake-ups for next year.

      • Shelby says:

        To clarify: Psych is beginning its 7th season next month and has already been picked up for an 8th season as well.

  47. Becca says:

    Missing from the lists? Mistresses (ABC), Friend Me (CBS), Goodwin Games (FOX), Save Me (NBC), Next Caller (NBC), Hannibal (NBC)?

    Love these lists! Thanks for them!

    • Alan says:

      next caller was cancelled before it even happened so we can forget that show

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      Mistresses is scheduled for ABC summer series [perhaps starting in June’13?]; Friend Me is still on CBS radar – may slot into Monday 8:30 slot once Rules has run for a couple of months. Goodwin Games [as another poster mentioned earlier in the postings] had it’s order cut – down to [I think} about 7 episodes…which probably means it won’t be considered for renewal at Fox in May. The prior replies are correct regarding Next Caller and Hannibal.

  48. Karrah says:

    I’m so happy to see that Parenthood is listed as a sure thing. It’s the best drama on network tv right now, in my opinion. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Nashville and The Mindy Project!

    • Linda Weidner says:

      The casting and the script writing for Parenthood are the best! I cannot wait for next season! Linda

    • Leann Clark says:

      I agree. My 23 year old daughter and I LOVE Parenthood. Thanks NBC for making the right decision.

    • joanne says:

      i agree about parenthood.i just love it. deals with real life situations we all experience in our own lives..being a breast cancer survivor myself i related to that storyline myself..every scene of it..every part of that storyline was factual and true.. the actors are so talented..im glad it is a sure thing..just want to see those words officially renewed!

  49. Staci says:

    I adore Hart Of Dixie. I really hope CW gives it a chance. Pairing it with Emily Owens was such a drag. Going up against NCIS didn’t help either.

    • L says:

      Hart of Dixie is a cute show and while I did enjoy Season 1, Season 2 is much better.

      • WingsStef says:

        I love Hart of Dixie. I hope it gets renewed, or at the very least give it a great ending. Another season would be a million times better of course. Wade and Zoe! Whoo!

      • BBJ says:

        Season 2 has been awesome! I never realized what a great comedic actor that Scott Porter is. I enjoy Wade and Zoe but for me it will always be Zoe and George … until then I can enjoy Scott Porter being hilarious!

        • WingsStef says:

          And Hart of Dixie has been upgraded to “Safe Bet”. Whoo!

          • jules says:

            Yes, I am so happy about that, I just started watching it and just finished season 1, and it is a great show, it’s got loveable charcters, with greaat dynamics between them, a good storyline, I really hope it gets another season so I can continue watching this great (for me new) show.

          • MJO says:

            Now, if it would only be upgraded to “Officially Renewed”!

          • Sara says:

            I second that ‘Whoo’!!
            I hope Beauty and The Beast makes it…I actually like that one.

  50. theemptyloft says:

    “The Good Wife —> A Sure Thing” ::goes and dies of happiness:: you better be right!
    Please renew Nashville please!!! And Community!!! So sad to see Apartment 23 so low in the ranking, hopefully they’ll see the light and renew it. Everything else I watch is super safe so YAY!!!

    • Mary says:

      Apartment 23 cracks me up and I wish more people were watching this show.

      • Loz says:

        Same. I hope it’s not cancelled or someone else picks it up.

        • Mary S says:

          You are NOT alone in this, but CBS apparently doesn’t give a flip about allowing CSI:NY fans a proper send-off for one of our favorite shows. I guess they think that a marriage proposal is the “happily-ever-after” that we want and have been conditioned to seek ever since our first fairy tale that ended with “And they lived happily ever after” — but that’s not what that show was about, ever. You are right, there are too many others in the show with plotlines that need attention.

          BUT —They renewed The Amazing Race, which I have never watched unless it ran late and my DVR recorded the end of it instead of the program I wanted, and that stupid Survivor, which is such a sham, (deserted islands, my foot) because they are both reality shows and they don’t have to pay for excellent writers and actors.
          Apparently the dumbing-down of America is in full swing at CBS…but NBC is even worse!!

          • Gary M Franklin says:

            The viewing public has few weapons to use against the STUPIDITY OF CBS-TV EXECUTIVES but here is one that will get their attention and pocket book, LET’S ALL BOYCOTT CBS-TV FOR A 7DAY WEEK ATLEAST that will get their attention.

          • Mary S says:

            CBS did cancel a couple of good shows, but the network to hate most is NBC which cancelled its HIGHEST-RATED show (Harry’s Law) because its demographics were wrong. The only group they care about is 14-49 and the rest of us can go climb a tree. They cancelled two of the only three shows I watched, and my understanding of it is that they ordered a SHORT season of the third. So, I will be boycotting them for the entire season, just because they are sending me away.
            Their taste in programs has got to be the worst in the business: they cancelled TEN shows, including SMASH, a truly entertaining show with talented performers galore. BUT they kept The Sing-Off (a show I didn’t know existed), The Voice (a poor imitation of American Idol) The Biggest Loser (is it really entertaining to watch people lose weight?) and Celebrity Apprentice?????
            If they don’t do something really spectacular, like firing the current crop of programming execs, they will come to be known as the kiddie channel. Considering that the Baby Boomers are the largest generational group in the country, I am not certain why they would want to do that, but, hey, I’m only one person. Maybe I am just as insignificant as they seem to think. But, multiply me by the power of AARP and see what happens…..

          • MJO says:

            The Sing-Off was cancelled by NBC after the 3rd season (winter 2011/12)

          • Mary S says:

            Just goes to show what idiots they are…a show that was so poorly placed and advertised that I had never heard of it lasted longer than Harry’s Law…the show with the HIGHEST RATINGS on the network. Those who invest in NBC should be selling off, right now, because all they are going to do is lose those invested funds. Unless, off course, that is the purpose – they need a tax shelter for the rest of their billions………

          • MJO says:

            I liked The Sing-Off…one of the only shows I watched on NBC

          • Mary S says:

            In that case, I’m sorry for your sake that they cancelled it. I’ll never forgive them for cancelling Harry’s Law – and they won’t even make it available on DVD!!!

          • MJO says:

            That’s rude of them! Have you tried finding it to watch online? I know there are sites you can go to and watch full series on them…….

          • Bree says:

            Correct CBS is into the numbing down of America and we are allowing it. If they do not adding stupid reality shows or things like amazing race disgusting. Additionally if they do not cancel shows for people with a brain they kill off the best characters.

    • Emily says:

      what do they mean by sure thing? that its coming back? i hope so! im obsessed with the good wife!

      • anakl says:

        Longmire, Necessary Roughness are scheduled to return in June, I think… Rookie Blue S4 comes back May 23rd…

        • Lina says:

          I’m sorry to hear you feel that way about “The voice” however the judges are adults and do not tear each other apart like street thugs. The judges are all for the contestants & not themselves. Idol might have started that way but its no longer that. Also do not know if you’ve heard but the voice ratings are up and idols are down that’s why they are revamping the whole show for next season.