2013 Renewal Scorecard: What's Coming Back? What's Getting Cancelled? What's on the Bubble?

2 Broke Girls: A sure thing. Officially renewed
The Amazing Race
A sure thingOfficially renewed.
The Big Bang Theory: Officially renewed.
Blue BloodsA safe betOfficially renewed.
Criminal MindsA sure thing. Officially renewed
CSIA sure thing. Officially renewed.
CSI: NY: Could go either way. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.
Elementary: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
Golden Boy: Too early to tell. A long-shot. Officially cancelled
The Good WifeA sure thingOfficially renewed.
Hawaii Five-0A safe betOfficially renewed.
How I Met Your Mother: Officially renewed.
Made In Jersey: Officially cancelled.
The Mentalist: A safe betOfficially renewed.
Mike & Molly: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
NCISA sure thing. Officially renewed.
NCIS: Los Angeles: A sure thingOfficially renewed.
Partners: Officially cancelled.
Person of Interest: A sure thing. Officially renewed
Rules of Engagement: A long-shot. Officially cancelled
Survivor: Officially renewed.
Two and a Half Men: A safe bet. A sure thing. Officially renewed.
Undercover Boss: Could go either wayOfficially renewed.
Vegas: Could go either way. A long-shot. Officially cancelled.