Exclusive: CSI: NY Producer Shares the Inside Story on This Week's Sad Twist, Happy Hook-Up

Clue: SIWarning: The following contains spoilers from this Friday’s episode of CSI: NY.

This week on CBS’ CSI: NY, matters of love and… well, mortality… loomed large, as one crimesolver pulled the trigger on romance, while another was dealt an entirely different hand. Co-executive producer Trey Callaway, who penned the hour, gave TVLine the inside story on both developments and previewed what comes next.

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STOP, IN THE NAME OF LOVE | On the happier note, “Flavato” fans — aka those who’ve been wanting Detectives Flack and Lovato (played by Eddie Cahill and Natalie Martinez) to become partners in a very different way — saw the new year get off to a promising start, as the duo went on a date (and even got a bit physical).

That the procedural took this leap with a workplace romance was almost happenstance. Recalling the addition of Martinez for Season 9, Callaway says, “It wasn’t a case of, ‘We’re going to cast this woman to be Don Flack’s girlfriend.’ That was the furthest thing from our minds.” But when the writers first saw Cahill and Martinez on screen together, “We all sat around with dumb smiles on our faces saying, ‘There’s something here.’ And then we begin to write to it. The chemistry was abundant, and we took it to the next level.”

As for whether the detectives will keep their romance on the down low, Callaway notes, “It’s probably something that would be under wraps for a while, but the flip side is that when you start to fall in love, you’re in love, and you want to share it with the rest of your family — even if it’s your ‘work family.'”

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RICH MAN, POOR MAN | More significantly, CSI: NY‘s winter premiere Flash Popshared two big reveals about Sid. One was surfaced by Jo, who discovered that an anonymous “Guardian Angel” who’d been gifting downtrodden individuals with million-dollar checks was none other than the mild-mannered M.E. But it’s the why of Sid’s largesse that shook longtime fans: As confided to Jo, he’s been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Callaway says that series vet Robert Joy was given a heads-up on this twist “early on” in the season, “because Bob is not only an extraordinary actor, he’s just someone that is a wonderful human being.” And since Callaway wrote the Season 8 episode in which Sid got (very) rich from a patent, “I wanted to tell the next chapter in that story.”

To that end, Callaway initially set out to simply reveal that Sid was gifting money to the loved ones of victims who touched the M.E. “He knew their lives had been irrevocably impacted, so he wanted to make a difference in their lives, positively,” explains the scribe. When Callaway pitched that story to showrunner Pam Veasey, “She loved it, then said, ‘…but how about we do this,’ and she added the extra, incredibly emotional layer of exploring an illness.”

The minute that Veasey suggested that wrinkle, “I got a knot in my throat,” Callaway shares. “We all love Sid — he’s certainly a beloved character — so it was one of those things that, from a writing standpoint, felt perfect. And let me tell you, I wrote it and I’ve watched it several dozen times, and I still get choked up. All of us know someone or have lost someone to some form of cancer, so it’s very resonant.”

What’s more, in the hands of Joy and Sela Ward, Callaway “knew that these two performers were going to be so in their zone when it came to bringing it to life. Whatever I wrote on paper, they elevated 100-fold through their sheer skill.” (In fact, he recalls seeing at least one cameraman wiping tears away during the shoot. “That’s when I thought, ‘Oh, this is one of those moments.'”)

Will Sid live to see any possible Season 10? Callaway is bullish on the medical examiner’s short-term prognosis, saying, “As far as we’re concerned, Bob Joy is not going anywhere.” That said, “This is definitely a very different and personal struggle Sid is going to have to face – and he’s lucky to have a friend in Jo to support him through it.”

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  1. .......................... says:

    BS. F NY. :). robert DESERVES better as an actor. SHAME

  2. Ernie says:

    Yeah, how could these writers give him a human storyline with deeper layers than just a ho-hum crime beat? He totally deserves better. Shameful of you CSI NY writers.

  3. Amlang says:

    I’m glad they’re giving Robert Joy more to do. I just hope they don’t kill his character before the series finale.

  4. Jenny says:

    I really hope the Robert Joy character doesn’t leave csi. I like him having more of a story line though.

  5. Barbie says:

    Reasons why I lov CSI:NY so much and their writers: even when writing such a sad story, they’re like, “Oh, don’t don’t worry, Sid isn’t going anywhere, it’s all going to be fine.” <3

  6. Joe says:

    They better be careful adding actual plot to these shows. The average procedural viewer will get confused and switch back to Honey Boo Boo.

  7. majamababe says:

    This has been such a good season. There have been some really moving episodes. If it does end, it will go out on a high note.

  8. Carol Leach says:

    i am a survivor of NHL, so hope the writers show good things along with the bad – side effects, treatment and all. Don’t allow him to die. that would frighten those of us who live it. Give us HOPE.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      Thank you. My father is a survivor and your thoughts were mine exactly. If they treat a diagnosis of NHL as an automatic death sentence, I will be so offended.

  9. suzi says:

    This has been a great season for this show, taking creative chances and showcasing the entire fine cast. I hope Sid and CSI:NY are both around for 10.

  10. paul says:

    I thought the episode was very well done. Please CBS give CSI NY one more year to wrap up. It has been consistently winning its time slot even on a Friday night. It is better than some of the other junk on TV.

  11. paul says:

    BTW how did Sid gain all that money?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      See the last sentence of “RICH MAN, POOR MAN” Paragraph 2.

    • kirads09 says:

      Sid invented and and got a patent (I believe for a special pillow?) and then sold it. That is how he got his money. I don’t think they needed to add the cancer thing. That pushed it a bit far IMO. So he needs to be dying to do this good thing? From nearly the first I thought “Sid is the guardian angel”.

      • DL says:

        That’s not it at all. They just wanted to do a deeper, more dramatic storyline and give Robert Joy some strong acting material and an opportunity to explore and illuminate this very real issue, which prematurely ended the life of talented TV fave Andy Whitfield. Based on the article above, I’d say this plotline was added for all the right reasons.

    • denfen54 says:

      He developed and designed a bed pillow… The first one to try it was Mac and he loved it.. it has made Sid very rich.. hence all the money from his patent

  12. Miss O. Ginny says:

    I think it was dumb writing to have Jo discover the identity of the Guardian Angel so easily. Sid claiming he didn’t use gloves because he didn’t think he was commiting a crime is just unimaginative as he knew people would be curious so why not ensure his identity is kept safer by using gloves. It could have been explored further by having Jo expose that Kemp character who claimed to be the benefactor as a fraud and build a more compelling story arc instead of the way it was all resolved in one episode. And must a disease be inflicted on a character in order to show generosity? Couldn’t someone do it simply because they can or wanted to with no strings attached?

    • kirads09 says:

      “And must a disease be inflicted on a character in order to show generosity? Couldn’t someone do it simply because they can or wanted to with no strings attached?”

      Very good comment about a way they could’ve gone and I agree 100%

    • King says:

      No. You can’t just include all that juicy storyline i none episode. Who knows, maybe before the season ends, we could see Jo confront that fraud and advice him to confess his lies in public.

      About Sid’s sickness, I agree you don’t need to be sick to be generous but hey, he did it anyway. And if you remember in last season’s finale, he already wanted to donate some of his money to a research fund, this was way before he knew he was sick. His priorities on how to spend his money might have changed but giving is already in his heart in along time.

    • bailey says:

      I agree as well, and to be honest the scene made me uncomfortable. I felt like Jo bulldozed her way through. If Sid had of wanted to tell her he would have told her without her snooping. Admittedly, that probably has to do with me being a private person, but I didn’t like that she ended up forcing him to tell her something he hadn’t told her,

  13. Magically Suspicious says:

    I really wish they’d give Flack a romantic interest that isn’t a saucy latina PARTNER.

  14. liz says:

    Yes, Sid leaving his finger prints on the envelope was a bit odd to me. But, I LOVE the show the cast the writing and I hope it comes back next season.

    • denfen54 says:

      I thought so too, why would he leave his fingerprints.. did he want to be found out??

      • King says:

        I don’t think he wanted to be found out as the guardian angel. If he did, he would have discredited the fraud who claimed to be the Guardian Angel already. He just didn’t anticipate that Jo would look closer to the recepients and found out they were all connecred by cases he handled. It’s pure generosity and kindness on his part.

  15. Batei says:

    I just watched the latest episode. Cried a bit about Sid’s cancer and then googled right away. Oh please please don’t kill Sid’s character! He’s such a joy to watch there, actually the casting is really good. Anyway, I hope the producers are just teasing the viewers coz it really worked!

  16. Katie says:

    I loved that episode. It came as a great shock that Sid has cancer. Someone has Cancer in my family and it stinks. I really hope that sid doesn’t die. And on to the episode itself, I thought that episode was really good. It kept me at the edge of my seat until the end.

  17. lanell says:

    he better not leave I love him he is the best

  18. roi says:

    hi can someone tell me when the latest season on csi ny starts here in britain please

  19. rosie says:

    hi there anyone tell me when the lastest season of csi ny starts here in uk please

  20. Linda says:

    When I saw that episode I had a twofold reaction, besides crying my eyes out: they’d better not kill Sid off or I’m done with the show; and oh God I hope Robert Joy isn’t really sick. He’s a wonderful actor & gives the impression of being a REALLY nice guy.

  21. cecilia says:

    PLEASE PLEASE bring back CSINY for its 10th season there is so much more on a personal levels that can be written in the story lines by the great writers and its true that the show is far better than anything else being shown, some programs have already been canceled after only 2wks PLZ let us see CSI NY FOR A 10th season im quite sure you will make it GREAT thank you

  22. angela says:

    PLEASE don’t take away CSI NY bring it back for season 10, I absolutely LOOOVE this show…….. you already took CSI MIAMI away :(….. I’m not ready to loose another CSI!!!!!!!

  23. Jo Ann Cook says:

    I love Sid, he is a fighter and a genuinely good guy, He is one of the most humble people on this show. And I love the friendship between him and Jo. Since Sela Ward has been added to the series it has become a show I really liked to one I love. I hope CBS keeps this show going. Fridays before Blue Bloods is the perfect combination for my Friday nights.

  24. Judy Taylor says:

    One of my favorite shows. Total group of great actors. Agree with others that this is a perfect fit leading into Blue Blood. Given what is coming on this week, some I know will now opt out of Blue Bloods even though they have been with the shows since the beginning.
    Thus, if this is a way to get rid of two shows — it seems to
    be working.

  25. better skin says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing

  26. m says:

    what the hell happened to stella? lindsay was the only one to hear from her when she sent the package. Mac and stella were suppose to be best friends how could he not mention her once after she left.