Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Once Upon a Time, Bones, Office, Supernatural, HIMYM and More!

Question: The winter break is killing me. I need some Supernatural info to save my life. —DJ
Ausiello: Here’s some mouth-to-mouth rescoopatation! We already know that a murder investigation brings Dean and Sam into the wild and wacky world of live-action role playing — specifically a LARPing convention. Now I’m happy to announce that yes, the Brothers Winchester will play dress-up. (Hit the comments with ideas about the kind of cosplay in which you’d like to see Sam and Dean engage!)

Question: Got any 90210 scoop? —Jarrod
Ausiello: A big breakup is looming (and I suspect it’s really going to bum Megan Masters out).

Question: Will we see Robin telling Barney about her inability to have children on How I Met Your Mother? —Tiera
Ausiello: No clue. But you will see her hold Marshall and Lily’s son, Marvin. “We have a fun episode coming up about Robin and the baby,” previews exec producer Carter Bays. “It’s almost based on myself. I feel like it’s a story that I could have taken from my own life a little bit, about the abject fear about holding a baby and how scary that is if you’re not someone who is around babies much or knows babies. It’s Robin overcoming her fear of holding a baby.”

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Question: I can’t believe we have to wait until March 8 for Grimm to return! At least they had the decency to actually say “Sorry” when they aired the fall finale. Please tell me something, anything to help get me though the long, dark Grimm(less) months… –Jacquie
Grimm - Season 2Ausiello: I do have a whole lot of hot Grimm scoop to warm these Nick-less Friday nights, Jacquie, but it’s got to last you a while… so I’ll give you some now and keep some in reserve for another time. Sound good? First bit: Series cocreator and exec producer Jim Kouf tells TVLine that Captain Renard “gets very close” to the key in the first few episodes back after the break. Second bit: I hear there’s a good chance the captain’s Adalind-conspiring brother Eric will be in the mix during the second half of the season. And finally: The show very much wants to bring Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio back as Nick’s mom  in upcoming episodes, but whether that happens or not depends largely on scheduling.

Question: How about some Parenthood spoilers? I promise I will find you and protect you in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I’ve been watching Walking Dead, so I know how to kill them. —Shannon
Ausiello: How about the anti-“Dair” brigade — promise to protect me from them, too? One could argue that they’re more lethal than zombies (and only slightly better looking). Deal? Cool. Should NBC’s weekly tearjerker be back for a fifth season — and come on, it will be — exec producer Jason Katims wants Ray Romano to be a part of it. “I would love for him to be around,” he tells us. “He is fantastic and his character is fantastic, so I would love that. It’s too early to know, because so many things have to happen: [NBC] has to say they want [a fifth season], plus Ray is not a series regular on the show so we don’t know what his availability and interest are going to be.” Katims’ top priority is to “figure out what the best story is and then from there figure out whether the actors are going to be available.”

Question: I’d be really grateful for a Nikita scoop that has nothing to do with romance of any kind. —Alexis
Ausiello: Pretty sure this meets your criteria: Exec producer Craig Silverstein says Isaiah “Old Spice” Mustafa will return later this season as reformed Dirty Thirty agent Cyrus. Probably. Maybe. “We want to get him back,” he says. “We still have a bunch of episodes in our back half, so we’re trying to figure out how to do it. We definitely want to see him again.”

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Question: How dare you let me go into 2013 without telling me there were Revenge calendars?! You’re on my Revengenda now, Ausiello! —Winnie
Ausiello: Yikes. Um… Would you be open to accepting a scoop-themed peace offering straight from Revenge creator Mike Kelley? “I don’t think you’ve seen the last of Jennifer Jason Leigh,” the boss says of Emily VanCamp’s unhinged onscreen mom. “She will be involved in the show as we move forward — but I don’t want to tell you how just yet; she’s terrific.” We good, Winnie?

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  1. Babybop says:

    If Caroline dies… It will be very difficult for me to keep watching the show. Every other character drives me crazy! (Though Ian Somerhalder’s sexiness is really the only reason I watch TVD in the first place…)

    • Palmer says:

      Your not wrong, Caroline is by far my favourite character too.

    • Ari says:

      If Caroline dies, I just may be able to quit TVD.

    • Olivia says:

      After she blabbed to Stefan about Elena & Damon, and blabbed to Stefan about Tyler, I’m liking her less. I hope she redeems herself when the show comes back, as I used to love her!

      • Sara says:

        I don’t think it’s blabbing. Stefan needed to know. Sometimes you have to know..good or bad.

        • Olivia says:

          Not disputing that he should know… however Carolines loyalty should be to Elena, not Stefan. Especially after Elena asked her not to tell Stefan. It was not her place.

          • sara says:

            My loyality would not be with the girl screwing my rapist. Caroline doesnt owe Elena anything!

          • Olivia says:

            She condones Damon yet clearly had feelings for and “felt sorry” for Klaus ? Yeah I see that logic.

          • Minxie says:

            Stefan has been a better friend to Caroline than Elena has recently if you ask me…

          • Olivia says:

            @ Minxie and what about Tyler?

          • Hmm. says:

            Oh sweet lord. Miss Sara, Damon did not RAPE Caroline, okay? Please learn the definition of “rape” before throwing it around like that. It’s very insulting to those who have actually been raped.

          • Irena says:

            Yes, he did rape her. Caroline did not give consent. Please don’t say he “just” compelled away her fear. That is the exact same thing as compelling away consent. It is the equivalent of a roofie.

      • Jason says:

        I concur. Where did her vindictiveness and loose-lips suddenly come from? Seems very out of character and judgemental. I’m not liking it at all.

    • dude says:

      It would be a major blow, no doubt about it…but I know my precious Rebekah could get me through.

      • Ari says:

        Yea but then in about a month they’ll decide they are too lazy to write for Rebekah so they’ll drive a dagger through her heart and she’ll disappear for two months.

      • Tattoo says:

        I just don’t want Rebekah to get killed. She is such an amazing character and fans really like her. It would be sad to lost another Original, because they make this show more interesting, since the love triangle is becoming very boring. They’ve daggered her for so many times now and it is about time to get her awesome storyline and let her live. Plus, Claire Holt is gorgeous. :)

    • joina says:

      oh plzzz i cant imagine watching the show if caroline dies..she is ma favorite..and i want to see klaus and caroline relationship to develop more..

    • joina says:

      its better not caroline!!i love her..want to see klaus and caroline togather..

  2. kiber9 says:

    Well, ok B & B investigating a murder at People’s Court sounds fun, but enough of the Sweets drama, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Jess.B says:

      For the love of gawd Michael, will you please stop giving us old, recycled spoilers on Sweets and his tween love life. NO BODY CARES. Thank you.

      • Me says:

        Obviously enough people care and ask questions about him. Get a brain.

        • Taxis says:

          You mean two or three Sweets *fans* asking the same or similar questions over and over again And them basically the same Sweets and Daisy spoiler over and over again but reworded differently? Ummm ok

          • Me Again says:

            Many of my Tumblr followers have asked for Booth and/or Booth and Brennan spoìlers every week and they don’t get answered. There are questions being asked for spoilers on these Bones characters but yet we get the same ole recycled Sweets/Daisy drivel like 3 times? Come on!!!! Change the frakking record!!!!!

          • Lisa says:

            It is the marginalization of Booth’s role to expand Sweets’ that really pisses me off. . . . Booth has been the FBI Agent for 8yrs and did a kick ass job of doing so and now he can’t run a case or question suspects without Sweets help or doing his job for him?…That’s not helping Booth like Hart or Stephen stated that is taking over Booth’s and David.B job. This madness needs to stop, it is ruining Bones for me.

    • Amber says:

      IKR. Anymore deets from tvline on the horrible, overused Sweets and I am moving my loyality to TV Guide. At least they give Bones fans spoilers about Booth and Brennan that are non case related. Step it up Ausiello.

    • June says:

      The only spoiler I want to hear about Sweets (and/or Daisy) is that he is being killed off and is the next case for Booth and Brennan.. Otherwise: I. Do. Not .Care……Seriously, are there NO decent spoilers you could share for Booth? Or Booth and Brennan? Geez.

      • Emteem says:

        It is all about you.

      • GiantsYEAH says:

        @june I totallly agree. Just kill Sweets off OR just stop having him in so many frakking scenes at the FBI and at Booth and Brennan’s home The show is called Bones and the two lead character are called Booth and Brennan, would be nice if the Bones writers would remember that and oh I don’t know, give them a frakking storyline of their own in Season 8!!!

    • noodle says:

      I don’t understand the Sweets hate. I like Sweets and think he adds a lot to the show.

      • Ulose says:

        I like Sweets too, but enough is enough. Most of us want Booth and Brennan.

      • murley says:

        i have never understood the passionate hatred of sweets either. i think he is great. i always assumed it had to do with the timing of zack’s departure and his arrival but it really baffles me.

        • Kay says:

          Sweets is ok but he is so overused, what ever happened to Hodgela? Hardly ever see them anymore. Sweets doesnt need to be in every other scene, he’s not that interesting and now living at the Mighty Hut must makes him look weak. Enough is Enough is right. Ever since B & B got together, we hardly ever see them together.

        • rowan77 says:

          I love Sweets. I still marvel at the fact that he was tiny Sam Weir on Freaks and Geeks and now he’s super tall and all grown up. I’ve grown tired of Bones and this season I’ve missed many more episodes than I’ve watched. She show is feeling old and contrived to me. I ay be in the minority here, but that’s my feeling about that show. But Sweets I love.

          I’m still wondering what Eric Milligan did to get fired from the show. Zack Addy was also a fun character. I never bought the Gormagon’s apprentice bit (again contrived as hell). Anyone know what happened with Eric and the show. I’d love to be enlightened about this.

          • lisa says:

            You have obviously missed out on many Bones eps as you have stated because ìt would be obvious to why there has been so much hate and backlash towards Sweets this season i.e. he is being so overused and taking over elements of Booth’s job as a FBI agent, taking over B&B home and Parker’s room that I am starting to think that JFD has secrets on Hart or Stephen, lol. No seriously, enough is enough with this character. Write him off. Kill him off either way I am happy.

      • Me Again says:

        Because he is being shoved down our throats in every other scene. Sweets is in scenes and taking over screentime that he has no business being in. The Bones writers have no idea what to do with Sweets character so they have taken scenes that Booth has being doing for years i.e. questioning suspects at the FBI and have given many of them to Sweets, therefore reducing Booths screentime and reducing Booth and Brennans alone time ever since he moved into their house. Bones has two leads, BOOTH and BRENNAN, not three.Sweets is only a supporting character and the Bones writers would be wise to remember that.

        • Nicole says:

          Oh, my, god. Sometimes it’s hilarious to read these comments and see how show fandoms split off into factions and then go to war with each other. There is nothing as entitled and whiny as threatening your loyalty to a show unless the writers do __________. It’s THEIR show. Not yours. This is not a hostage negotiation. If you don’t like the direction a show goes in, then stop watching it.

          • maggie says:

            Whilst true, it seems rather foolish for showrunners to totally ignore fan feedback good or bad. And we do know that fans do have the ultimate power by stop watching, those with little black boxes anyway. Just look at The Killing fan base they had enough of the development of that show, were loud about it like Bones fans are being now and stopped watching. The Killing then got axed. I doubt that Hart Hanson wants the same fate for Bones. All I am saying is ignore fan pov at your peril showrunners and networks.

          • Sophie says:

            The only reason they had to bump Sweets’ role was because of Emily’s pregnancy. While I agree he is overexposed, he actually does something useful unlike Hannah when she was overexposed (literally). However he does need to move back a little because Brennan is no longer pregnant. Now the bonus eps are done they can focus more on the others.

            As for the spoilers, there have been a chunk of spoilers in the last few days about Hodgela and B&B. Hodgela may get more airtime in episode 12 as Pelant is after them and Brennan in episode 11 gets upset because Christine does not like peek-a-boo.

            Okay, this might not have been me who sent the question. I asked for spoiler regarding ALL the squinterns’ love life, not just Daisy so either Mike has altered the question because other people have been asking for Daisy and Sweets and just slapped the name on or some other Sophie has sent in this question because I didn’t say anything about the 2013 preview. I really hope it is the latter. However asking for ALL the interns when there is only two worthy spoilers (Swaisy and Camastoo) was a little far-fetched. I should have been more specific and gone with does Wendell get a love interest. Please don’t shoot me people.

        • Stop and think.. says:

          Obviously Hart and the writes view him differently. And given the number of Sweets stories lately, obviously Fox, who funds the show, approves. And guess what, ratings are stable. The Sweets stories are not going to stop (And it’s not like his are the only stories being told). Obviously it is testament to the fact that people watch the shows for all different reasons, and your views most likely do not represent the audience at large. Deal with it.

          • Jessica says:

            You nor I have no idea how much the POVs stated here represent the Bones fandom or audience. Nor do you or I know why fans keep on watching a series AND remain loyal to watching it week in and week out keeping ratings steady when obviously a character or a storyline isn’t working for them, unless you happen to know 7+M viewers personally…..The episodes that are being shown in Jan and Feb were shot in Sep – Nov and script production even more so advanced, FOX and the Bones writers are well into the season planning before fan feedback starts filtering through, so even if they want to take note and change the direction of Sweets character it doesn’t happen overnight. So therefore I will be interested in the scripts that are being produced now to see Hart Hanson’s response to the ongoing fan backlash towards Sweets not just at TVLine but at Bones tumblrs and Bones message boards that I happen to keep coming across. need to deal with that.

          • Stop and think.. says:

            Oh, I am aware of all that. Sweets haters have always been there since time immemorial, and Hart Hanson is — as he’s said repeatedly in interviews — aware of that (and most of the time… laughed at their significance — or lack thereof). Show runners don’t simple change the design of a season just because some loud online fans express their displeasure of some characters or story lines.

            Juxtaposing the amount of backlash Sweets has always been getting from some people with the fact that he continues to be an increasingly important character regardless of it, obviously there are other factors a lot of people here (who believe their view represents the entire audience) are missing. IF indeed the online fandom had been a perfect microcosm of the entire audience, then Sweets would have been gone long time ago. Simple logic. That’s obviously not the case, and I really don’t expect it to change any time soon, considering recent comments from Hanson and Nathan.

            But it works for me. I like Sweets.

          • Ooops. You Stop And THINK too says:

            If you think that showrunners don’t stop and take heed to the online fandom and reviews and change storylines wìthin a season and character direction due to that , ummm…ok. What is the weather like on your planet? . . .just this season alone, The Good Wife showrunners did that with Kalinda and the fan backlash of her storyline was a huge part in that…AND as a member of the Bones fandom you know as well as I do that the Sweets haters or fans that have enough of this character are a very large part of the fandom. And you and Hart Hanson can bury your head in the sand over this all you want and try to dimish this fact as unimportant but it doesn’t mean it is not true.

          • me again says:

            @stop and think or whatever name you are going by now. For someone who doesn’t hold much weight to the power or influence of the online Bones fandom you sure do spend time getting your voice heard and sticking up for Sweets don’t ya?. Cos guess what? the online voice does matter for pov/feedback to the showrunners or you wouldn’t feel the need to defend/explain the use of Sweets,you would let it all roll of your back, cos what happens happens right? yeah right…

      • Rain says:

        I love Sweets and don’t understand the hate either. I think his relationship with Booth & Brennan is really fun and insightful. It makes Brennan a lot more tolerable for me since most times she bugs the crap out of me!

        • pinky_77 says:

          @Rain – I totally agree.

        • LeeLand says:

          oh really?? Like the time that Sweets didn’t tell Brennan that Booth was alive for two weeks and let her believe that Booth was dead. Oh that was real insight in telling me what a utter self serving douchebag that Sweets is. Or more recently Sweets snarking at Booth for being a single parent to Parker after Booth just did him a favor by letting him say at his home Oh yeah I can’t understand why many fans hate Sweets either, snark mode on.

      • yup says:

        He does. a lot.

  3. omabin says:

    the vampire diaries went from the biggest surprise i ever had with a show to becoming almost as predictable as i thought they would be in the first place. the almost in there? a fantastic cast which I love in every episode. But my favorite character in that cast is caroline, if she dies, i will have a seriously hard time watching a show that, as it is now, is already being saved for later… dont do that, please.

  4. Dominique says:

    [Sheriff] Graham is dead,” asserts Kitsis, “and if we brought him back, everyone would say we were messing with continuity.
    Yeah… I think there’s only a handful of people who will care about the continuity, whereas most fans (including me) are desperate enough by now to accept an explaination a 3-year old could come up with.
    Just get Graham back ok.

    • Cynthia says:

      Lol. I agree!

    • CC says:

      Yes!!! I really liked Graham and none of the other love interests they’ve brought on for Emma have been even close toe as believable.

    • jalahyacinth says:

      Agreed. Even if they brought on his twin or doppleganger with a slightly different personality but same chemistry I would SO buy it.

    • Alichat says:

      Killing off Graham really was one of the dumbest decisions they’ve made on that show.

      • Gem says:

        Although I loved Graham, I disagree with you. The one thing that killing off a fan favorite like the sheriff did was solidify to the audience that no one is safe. These are the minds behind LOST, they wanted us to know that they were willing to show the true costs of war regardless of how sad we were to see him go.

        • Alichat says:

          Hmm….that is a good point. It did accomplish that. But I feel like the potential of that character outweighed the pros of using him as that example. The complexity of his relationship with Regina, his history with Snow, and his attraction to her daughter Emma. There was a lot to mine there. I think they could have at least built up his character more, strengthened his relationship with Emma before wiping him out.

    • CLNorman says:

      I always thought that the fairy tale premise of the show gave them plenty of wiggle room to bring him back. Unless they are the bad guy, characters never die (or stay dead) in fairy tales.

    • ben says:

      No. Continuity is always important. Without it, OUAT becomes Heroes, losing its wild popularity because of things not making sense. There are, on the other hand, only a handful of people who care about the return of Sheriff Graham. He is dead, let it be.

      • Cloudy says:

        ^ This. I know this sounds harsh, but people need to move on. He’s dead and there would definitely be more than a handful of people complaining if the show started screwing around with it’s continuity. You can’t make rules for your show and then decided to break them left and right and still expect your general audience to tune in every week.
        What’s gonna happen next if they screw with their continuity because some fans keep begging for it? They bring back all of the beloved dead characters and there’s nothing at stake on this show anymore? Or they make an exception for one character and risk angering the fans of other characters who keep begging for other returns or other things? They could not possibly win in such a situation.
        It’s too bad for the people who mostly watched for him, but he’s dead and insisting that it stays that way is the right way to go for the general consistency and plausibility of the show.

    • Dagnan says:

      Yeah, Kitsis already showed he’s about deep as a mud-puddle with the Hook comment. Is that far as his imagination is capable of? And, he writes for a tv show? Gimmee a break.

    • AT says:

      Hearing this writer speak just makes me less and less inclined to tune in as I’ve already been fed up with it. I can think of several ways to bring back Graham without breaking continuity (i.e. the well bringing back something that was lost, him actually coming back through the underworld since they are doing Greek myths apparently, OR him being caught between the two worlds the real and the story world, a world that starts to collide now that magic has been reintroduced into the world). Why is it that Graham must be the example? Seriously. How absurd. Lost they are not. Killing Graham was a predictable and ridiculous move. These writers do no research, use classic literature (or not since almost everything is based on films such as the horrid Frankenstein plot – what’s next, Dracula?) in the midst of myth and supposed folk tale (Yes Disney, I am thinking of you). And then to hear that Neal is a love interest instead makes me ill. It actually disgusts me. From the Huntsman and Snow White’s Daughter to…………..Renee. It makes me want to vomit. Yes, they should bring back Graham. He was the best thing they had going for that show. I think this ‘spoiler’ might have finally cured me of this show.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Completely agree! It’s definitely made my already limited tolerance for Emma even more limited. Graham was the only character she’s had screentime with that has made her likable for me. Kitsis’ comments also make OUAT less must-see tv for me, too.

    • brenna says:

      I think it’s quite hilarious that in a show with magic Kitsis would be worried about continuity when it comes to bringing Sheriff Graham back. We don’t care. We just love him and his character, past and present. And, Neal Cassady is a real disappointment if he is the love of Emma’s life.

    • Rachel Lynne says:

      Seriously though, raising the dead and keeping the continuity would be absolutely no problem in a show like this! I mean, you’ve got Genies, magical healing lakes, amulets, a Blue Fairy and freaking FRANKENSTEIN for God’s sake, not to mention anything else that myth or legend could draw from if that’s what the writers wanted to do.

      I’m seriously hoping that comment was to throw the audience off track. Whether or not they decide to bring Graham back (and I seriously hope they do), a comment like that just shows a serious lack of creativity.

  5. Sarahii says:

    Mary and Branson? They can raise the kids together! :)

  6. Britta Unfiltered says:

    When I first heard Justified was doing the 30-year old murder thing, I figured Arlo had to be involved somehow and was really happy about that. That actor is fantastic. The more we see of the Arlo/Raylan dynamic, the better. I kind of hope they give up on the storyline of Arlo going senile though, I much prefer Arlo when he’s crazy like a fox. Happy sigh. Just 5 more days!

  7. david says:

    it is so annoying that people keep on asking that question. hes dead!! that it stop asking. he wasnt that good to begin with. Hes dead so move on people

  8. J Bernard says:

    THE OFFICE: “We start to break down the mystery of who’s behind the documentary,” he teases. “It’s a total explosive mind-bender.” — Tommy Westphall

  9. TBconfid says:

    Pinnochio’s father? He’s a puppet come to life, Geppetto is as close to a father as he has, you must mean Neal and his father, Gold/Rumps

    • Cloudy says:

      No, they did mean August and Geppetto. They definitely have a father and son relationship. There were a couple of touching scenes with them last season, when August met Marco (Geppetto’s Storybrooke alias) around town and HE knew that he’d just met his father, but Geppetto didn’t know he’d crossed paths with his son because the curse was still intact. August then started working with Marco just to spend more time with him before he turned completely into wood. And Geppetto immediately started looking for his son in the season opener after the curse broke and he regained his memories.

  10. lorna says:

    Vd sucks this season. Theyve always killed off my faves, but alaric was the last straw. Ill never be as in love with this show as i once was. Caroline was also a fave but she bugs me this year. The whole show does, hate the hunter storyline.

  11. Bigby_wolf says:

    They gosh for Kitsis & Horowitz. Yes Sheriff Graham was awesome but for pete’s sake, he’s dead! If they brought him back it would cheapen the whole impact his death had on the show and the town itself, not to mention it would open the inevitable door of “If they brought him back from death they can bring anyone back.” Ignore the fangirling – keep him dead.

    • Dominique says:

      Seeing how quickly everyone moved on from his death (Emma, Gold and Regina were the only ones who mentioned him in the episodes later), I wouldn’t say his death had much of an impact in town. On the show and the fans? Yes. But the writers did a bad job showing how the characters in Storybrooke dealt with the situation. You would’ve expected Snow and Charming to say something after their memories were restored, given how Graham/The Huntsman sacrificed so much for her.

      As for him coming back being stupid; this is a show about magic. They can do anything. There are plenty of theories going around on the internet on how to bring Graham back. Some suggested those who die in Storybrooke are transported back to FTL in their original form, but with the memories from Storybrooke. There are plenty of options, and the producers and writers know how beloved Graham is, or they wouldn’t have gotten Jamie back for the season 1 finale. While they may stand by their original plan, they have already long admitted that killing him off might not have been the best idea, given how popular he still is :)

      • Letizia says:

        Yeah, I hate how his death had no impact on anyone. To be honest, I just want a damn mention of him, like I need Emma to find out that Regina killed him now that she knows about the curse and stuff ( but it probably won’t happen). Just give his fans some closure if they don’t bring him back.

      • AT says:

        Agreed. Graham’s death was pointless. They only killed him because they think they are Lost in which they show us the backstory of a character so they can kill the character off. Rinse and Repeat, rinse and repeat. It irks me to have them follow the Lost formula endlessly. In Season 2, a small group gets separated from the rest of Storybrooke, oh wait, I mean the other survivors. OR how about starting the beginning of the season with an unfamiliar face and setting. Desmond, Neal, same thing….except turn Neal into Penny waiting to find the island, I mean town. At least Desmond and Penny were cool.

        • xav says:

          Graham’s character was better dying. Without his death Emma doesn’t get to be Sheriff and gain a stronger foothold in town and step up as a genuine foil to Emma with the power to back it up. Most of his scenes were solely to set up the Regina/Emma rivalry so once that was established in a much more secure sense, he wasn’t useful plotwise anymore.

      • xav says:

        “You would’ve expected Snow and Charming to say something after their memories were restored, given how Graham/The Huntsman sacrificed so much for her.” Like what? Oh that guy that I met once very briefly in the old world is gone? Charming didn’t even mourn his mother’s death for more than a second before moving on to laughing and smiling about future babies with Snow and then she’s never been mentioned again.

  12. Shannon Quinn says:

    How about a clue on your latest Blind Item? Please?

  13. Jennifer says:

    I would rather have had ALL the Grimm scoop since finding out I have to wait till MARCH for more Grimm, however, I can also forgive you as you did include a photo of Renard looking good as only he can, for those of us in major Renard withdrawal to go along with what you did give us, so thank you for that!

  14. CultureVulture says:

    Hehe is it wrong that I want this too??

  15. Spencer says:

    So Marshall and Lily’s baby was born last season, and they named Robin as one of the legal guardians if something happens to them, yet Robin has never held the baby? Okay…

    • Emteem says:

      Also, wasn’t Barney the first person Robin told she couldn’t have children after locking herself in Marshall and Lily’s bathroom or did I dream that?

      • dragenphoto says:

        Learn to read. Seriously, a seven year old outrank you in reading skill. It says we get to see her hold the kid. We get to see her dealing with her fear of babies. It does not say we get to see her hold the baby for the first time.

      • cb says:

        That’s what I thought, too!

      • Ari says:

        NO! Robin locked herself into M&E’s bathroom, Barney climbed into the window and she told him she was pregnant. They went to the doctor to make sure and the doctor said no. Then the doc called Robin back a few days later and told her she couldn’t have kids. Barney doesn’t know.

  16. Kay says:

    Thanks for the Grimm scoops in these Grimmless times. I am still filled with utter rage at NBC for their asinine scheduling of this show.

    • Alichat says:

      The only good thing about no Grimm til March is that it delays us having to see that awful obsession going on between Renard and Juliette. Ugh. I need a couple months off to digest that mess again.

  17. Jon says:

    Well good thing we’ll see what August showed Neal to convince him to leave Emma. It is also really annoying how those stupid fangirls keep demanding they revive Graham, I mean that would completely ruin the impact his death had on Emma and the series, but no they NEED him to come back ugh shut up already.
    Hopefully they don’t gloss over the fact that Robin can’t have kids and we get to see Barney and her dealing with that.
    Cyrus/Mustafa was cool so hopefully he’ll return and hopefully Nikita gets a fourth season.

    • what'swrongNNG? says:

      About the Barney and Robin kids thing, it was either Bays or Thomas who confirmed they will revisit that issue and that they agree it does need to be dealt with. This episode seems like the perfect opportunity for that talk.

  18. b! says:

    Yay, thank you for the Justified scoop! Counting down the days! :)

  19. dragenphoto says:

    8 spoilers, 8 guesses and 9 teases. Shouldn’t a spoilerblog more spoilers than anything else?

  20. Pixley says:

    Love the clue about “Mary’s new man.” Very clever, Ausiello. “Brand spanking new” indeed. ;)

  21. Angelique says:

    Just a little thank you for answering my question about AWB, it’s a lot more than I was hoping for :)

  22. :Loli says:

    I don’t wanna see Dean & Sam play dress-up. I wanna see them CLOSING THE GATES OF HELL FOREVER!!!! My God the writers are boring me to death with the UTTERLY Sam Flashbacks w the most boring character on the series Amelia. I want more purgatory stories w Dean, Benny and Cas, what happened in there. What we’ve seen CANNOT be all there is to such a story arc with great potential!!!

    • Ari says:

      I can’t wait for Sam and Dean to go LARPing. They can’t rush through the story of closing the gates of hell.

      • Rowan 77 says:

        Agreed about the Gates of Hell – obviously that’s a season long arc. And I’d love to see the Winchester boys as Mal and Jayne from Firefly when they’re LARPing.

      • Anna says:

        True but before they close the gates of Hell, they HAVE to rescue Adam from the cage.

  23. Kreshnik says:

    Damn I didn’t see page 2 at first and I was thinking about commenting why you would lie about a Supernatural scoop and then yeeeeaa I got the wonderful scoop haha! :)

  24. Robin says:

    Please tell Katims that this fan of Parenthood prefers Mark for Sarah. The story with Romano is not interesting.

    • Niki says:

      He should have decided already who will “stay” for the possible 5th season, as there are only 3 episodes left from the 4th.. right?

      • rowan77 says:

        Doesn’t work that way. Usually when a show is on the bubble, they have to pitch the 5th season to the network brass with the major storylines to see if they’re still interested. That does not mean he knows who will and won’t be around. Just the main cast (they’re under contract anyway) and his hopes for guest stars returns. He likely won’t pitch until spring, unless they invite him earlier.

    • Craig Best says:

      The Hank and Sarah romance interests me.

      • bethany says:

        I agree. I used to love Sarah with Mark, but Hank is pretty spectacular. I hope he stick around for the long haul.

  25. onlyakb says:

    Let’s all agree in pls not killing Caroline, come on everything happens to her, let her just focus on trying to help Tyler and Elena!! and she is the coolest character in it!! and can we pls bring Katherine back! that would be fun!!
    can’t wait for OUAT return, but would really enjoy to see August back soon!!

  26. Templar says:

    On the subject of what August showed Neal, I’m sticking with my theory that it was the sketch of the dagger he had when he was adding pages to Henry’s book. If Neal is Baelfire, that would do it.

  27. Allyson says:

    I can’t believe they are bringing back Emily/Amanda’s mom on Revenge. She was creepy if you asked me.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      TOTALLY agree! I don’t like Jennifer Jason Leigh anyway, but this character was especially irritating. I was never happier to see a character leave. This news of her return saddens me.

      • Spikenalabama says:

        Totally agree with the previous posts regarding Emily’s mom on Revenge. Jennifer Jason Leigh is a horrible actress. I hope to never see her or that character again on my tv.

  28. ... says:

    Two pages? Really?

    If there was an exorbitant amount of information that making it one page would be difficult, I’d be okay with a cut, but come on. The page view milking is ridiculous.

  29. CLNorman says:

    For some reason I really want to see Dean as Han Solo and Sam as Chewbacca. Maybe it is the smirk and the hair that is leading me to picture that so very clearly.

  30. Katie says:

    two pages worth stuff you are the best! honestly I’m soo addicted to this website! thank you so much for being so awesome!

  31. Dilys says:

    Cosplay for Sam and Dean? Well first I’d have to add in Cas. Then Dean would play Kirk, Cas would play Spock and Sam could be Dr. McCoy. Perfect cosplay for Team Free Will.

  32. casey says:

    Sam and Dean as Merlin and Arthur? sorry It’s too soon and I haven’t recover at all.

  33. Val says:

    I’m sorry Mike Kelley, but Jennifer Jason Leigh was not even close to being terrific in the role of Emily’s mother on Revenge. She was just odd, and contributed heavily to the feeling of pointless clutter thats been plaguing this shows sophomore season. I don’t think bringing her back bodes well for the back half of S2 improving.

  34. Jakki says:

    Oh god. Please have Cas LARPing to! That would be beautiful. Have someone stick cat ears on him. Dean should RP Dr Sexy.

  35. Marie says:

    Sam and Dean in costume? :D Maybe there IS some hope in SPN feeling anything like its old self again, after all.

  36. Ben says:

    Is a character we’ve already seen behind the documentary on The Office? I’m sure the writers could come up with a funny way to make Creed the documentarian.

  37. rachel says:

    Please come back soon august! Please! Pleaseeeeeee!!!!

  38. Oncewatcher says:

    I hear Archie is getting more screen time, so I don’t think this will be a real death.

    I hope TV line won’t forget the True Love promo that Huffington Post shared with the audience yesterday. Twitter has been ablaze with the fact that Hook and Emma were featured in it. Fans of Colin O’Donoghue are walking on cloud 9 right now (I think that cloud was made of the moisture collected by all the drool).

  39. meggo says:

    For downton, how about Evelyn Napier?
    I was so upset about dan’s exit. I think it’s stupid of him to walk away from this, which makes me lose respect for him, which makes me okay with this! haha. So, my vote so far…Evelyn Napier!

  40. dweyx says:

    90210 scoop: the only married ‘couple’ on this show right now is Max-Naomi. so I guess this spoiler is about them, which is sad. I love this couple. But I did see that coming, not a bit surprised.

  41. JC says:

    TVD can’t kill Caroline she is awesome. In fact they should give Candice a lot more screen time I love her character :)

  42. cjeffery7 says:

    mary is going to be thomas’s beard so he doesn’t get arrested and she doesn’t have to feel. i solved the mystery. you’re welcome.

  43. Carda says:

    I thought the “brand-spanking new” made it pretty obvious that the new man in Marys life will be her son and (hopefully) her son only!
    Though I thought about a Branson romance as well it might be to soon to happen in series 4 already!

  44. The Squatch says:

    I never really understood the whole “we would love to have (insert actor/actress) back but it depends on their schedule” thing. Honestly, 90% of the time you never see said thespian doing much of anything else at the same time. Every producer interviewed about any guest star always says this same exact thing. It just seems like such a cop-out. Just admit you might not want to use the character again, for whatever reason.

  45. kavyn says:

    Really happy to hear about Isaiah (hopefully) returning to Nikita, his episode was my favourite of season 3. I’m also glad the person that asked the Nikita question emphasized “no romance scoop” because I’m getting fed up with all the lovey-dovey nonsense season 3 has forced down our throats lol.

  46. Sami says:

    Really?! Graham was a beautiful character. And so was the Huntsman. And that is all. This show is about fairy-tales and about magic, anything can happen. Let’s just say that the writers don’t want him back because they have different plans for Emma. Hook or Neal I don’t care. Now I can move on. To other shows.

  47. Sami says:

    And so we got a pointless true love kiss. Good job.

  48. Sheila says:

    So Kitsis…continuity…mmmh…interesting…fairytales, magic, werewolves, ripped hearts and the problem is CONTINUITY? REALLY?? :))) but I’ll humor you…let’s talk continuity:
    1) Why some people have memories, like jefferson, and others don’t?
    2) What’s with Graham back story? Who is he? what is the wolf really? What was the point of giving him an apparent misterious origin and then killing him off?
    3) Why Emma doesn’t discover the real reason behind his death?
    4) Where are those sooo biiiig walls that Emma uses to protect herself when she kisses Graham in…let me remember..what? 7 episodes?
    5) Shouldn’t August be dead too since he re-transforms in wood BEFORE the curse is broken?

    • Tara says:

      August was never under the curse, so it’s ending wouldn’t have killed him, in fact it awakened him. Jefferson was brought to Storybrooke deliberately by Regina with his memory intact in case she needed his skills. That’s why she kept him isolated from the rest of the population in that mansion.

      • Sam says:

        I don’t think the curse ending awakened August. I think magic coming back into the world did. He wasn’t cursed, so the curse being lifted wouldn’t have affected him.

        It’s a bit confusing, but the way I see it, August turned back into wood because he did bad things. Because there was no magic in the world, when he turned back to wood, he was inanimate. BUT once magic came to storybrook, the original spell that made an inanimate puppet an animate puppet would have revived (pretty sure it was only after then that we saw him blink). What doesn’t revive is his being human – he’d probably need Gold/Regina/the blue fairy to re-spell that one, since he lost it the first time.

        (No idea why other spelled characters didn’t revert, e.g. jiminy cricket. I think maybe it’s just a tv continuity thing.)

        The question is where the heck is he. I assume he can’t leave storybrook’s magic-infused borders without becoming inanimate again (unless the magic transcends the town). My guess is he’s hiding somewhere because he’s ashamed.

  49. Sheila says:

    6) What was the point of sending Snow, Emma,Mulan and Aurora in Rumple’s prison to get this ink stuff, that, in the end, they only need TO GET OUT OF THAT PRISON (which they wouldn’t have needed to if they weren’t there in the first place)?
    7) REALLY? Hook finds a magic bean and revives it to arrive in Storybrooke and pooooor Rumples had to turn Regina into the eeeeviiiiillllll Queeeeeennnn in order for her to be so powerful and angry to cast the curse so that he could reunite with his son? REALLY?? And hook does it with a magic bean? :)))))
    8) How come that nobody, not even strong Charming when he goes there to get Henry, asks what’s in Regina’s vault? Are you kidding?

  50. Sheila says:

    I could tell you that Graham broke the curse Before Regina crashed his heart…I could tell you the he broke two curses, really: the one that kept his heart under Regina’s power and the curse that blocked his memory…so his could be alive and safe and sleeping, or not, in the hospital basement…or he could be in fairyland, since his is a particular case: he was the only one to regain his memory with the curse still standing…
    But these are just suggestions which I don’t think you need..
    I could go on…but if you really want to talk about continuity, if I were you, I’d leave out Graham/Huntsman subject, which seems to be the least of your problem on this side.
    Give us some credit and tell the real reasons behind certain choices.

    • Cloudy says:

      No offense, but many of your points are not problems of continuity at all. The show explained perfectly well why Jefferson kept his memories – going “insane” over having to spend 28 years locked in a house where he could only watch his daughter from afar with her new family was his curse. The same way being locked away in the library in dragon form was Maleficent’s curse. Not everyone was cursed in the exact same way. It’s not inconsistency at all.
      August isn’t dead because magic returned to Storybrooke and magic is what turns him from a wooden puppet into a real boy. We’ve seen it happen in a flashback in his episode last season and the writers said they’ll hope to deal with August again this season, so I’m sure we’ll get some answers about what exactly happened to him after the curse broke once we see him again. Just wait and see.
      This actually applies to many of your other points as well. Give the writers some time to unravel their stories one step at a time. Just because they develop the stories over time and don’t answer everything right away doesn’t mean it’s an inconsistency.
      Aspects of character development that you are not convinced of or happy with are no inconsistencies either. It’s your personal opinion and that’s fine, but we don’t all have to share them.