Parenthood Sneak Peek: Kristina Debuts 'Moving' New Look, Victor's Adoption Takes a 'Tricky' Turn

ParenthoodKristinaHairNBC is kicking off 2013 with an all-new Parenthood — the first of Season 4’s final four installments — and we have a handful of sneak peeks from the New Year’s Day episode (Tuesday, 10/9c).

Titled “Keep On Rowing,” the emotional hour finds many Bravermans facing life-changing situations — including a cancer-battling Kristina’s choice to shave her head before chemo can claim her locks.

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“This episode deals with everything [Kristina shaving her head] suggests,” Parenthood boss Jason Katims tells TVLine. “It’s about how the world is now seeing her. It’s one thing [for you] to know that you have something, but it’s another to walk around and have everybody in the world know.” That said, “It actually becomes a very uplifting and moving story between Adam and Kristina,” the showrunner continues. “There’s a lot of humor in it.” (Get a glimpse of her tear-filled decision at :35 in the first promo below.)

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The episode also finds Victor, beaming after acing a difficult exam, eager to reconnect with his birth mother (“Things get very tricky with Victor in these last few episodes,” Katims shares), while Jasmine leans on Crosby to help her newly-unemployed mom (“It’s a really wonderful thing to see a complication from a family other than the Bravermans,” the EP adds, laughing).

Press PLAY below to preview the beginning of the end of Parenthood‘s season, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Nunaya_Bidness says:

    No. No. No. I refuse to watch the clip. I can’t wait for the return of the show and this is sure to be Kleenex worthy so I’ll be patient a little longer and enjoy the full emotional impact.

  2. uh huh says:

    I really hate the Victor stuff. Can he go back to his “real mom” permanently, please?

    • hannah says:

      Yeah, that wasn’t an insult to adoptive parents/children…

      • Clover says:

        Oh come on, it wasn’t an insult. Just a statement the character and storyline doesn’t work. No need to be so sensititve.

        • Ari says:

          I actually like the Victor story. I like it much more than the seen 1000 times on every show ever Christina has cancer story.

      • Rebecca says:

        I am adopted and do not find it a insult…I do not like or connect to the victor storyline at all…so all adopted kids don’t get their feelings hurt over every storyline about adopted kids!

      • meem says:

        Are you insane? Did you watch the clip? Because if you did, you’d know that VICTOR is the one who used the phrase “real mom” ON THE SHOW, which is why I put it in quotation marks. Way to make a fool of yourself!

    • ABBY says:

      I really enjoy the Victor stuff…

    • Fan says:

      ya i hate really hate victor too. he’s mean. too bad joel and julia couldn’t get a baby that had just been born or something. they deserve a break! but all of the bravermans deserve breaks! lol. oh parenthood, i love u so much. this show should be nominated for an emmy.

      • Ron says:

        The victor story is the best thing that ever happened to julia and Joel IMO. They have always been boring and dull, their little girl Sid used to be so annoying, she can still be at times but since Victor has been living with hem its gotten better. Victor brought so much depth to J&J, the young actor is good and Victor has fits from time to time but he is a good kid.

        Cant wait to see what they have for him next.

        • Britta Unfiltered says:

          100% agree. I always had a hard time getting into their characters, and I think it’s a really interesting turn to see how parents would react to adopting an older kid. I’ve thought about adopting myself before, and wondered what it would be like to take in an older kid, because it is extremely hard and expensive to adopt babies nowadays. It scared me too much though, because I think in many ways it would be much more difficult to raise a kid who didn’t know you from birth. The bonding would be so hard. And I think it would have been unrealistic if the show had just given a baby to Joel and Julia right off the bat as soon as they wanted to adopt. You have to be on a waiting list forever to get a baby, and quite often when you think it’s going to work out, it doesn’t work out. I’ve talked to a lot of adoptive parents, some of their stories of what they went through to get a baby are horrific. What the show is doing now is more realistic, because if you wanted a kid to adopt right away like they did, it would have to be an older kid.,

      • eve says:

        I wish they had better parenting skills with both of their kids.

      • louise says:

        What drama would there have Been if they would? gave gotten a baby?

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. Worse adoption decision ever, an older child when they originally wanted a baby and an older child from so different a background. Bad direction.

  3. uh huh says:

    And one other thing. Jasmine’s mom was always Ms. Sensible, Ms. Practical, and now we’re supposed to believe she’s so strapped that she has to ask for $5000 within a month or two of losing her job? Uh, no. She’d have unemployment benefits. She’d have some sort of savings. She’d have a 401k she could take money out of. It would be a while before she’d be at the “asking the kids for money” stage.

    • Craig Best says:

      Yeah this is bugging me too, I know it makes for good drama but really there must be more to it then we already know.

    • Dinah says:

      YES, I’d say they have some ‘splaining’ to do here about how Ms. Sensible/Practical did get so behind so quickly. AND the whole question on Kristina’s age, that one is really strange, sure seems like it’s a mistake but hard to believe they could forget their own basic storyline history!

  4. Alex says:

    Hey guys, i’d appreciate that, when avalaible, you upload the clips to YouTube or something like that. Due to geographical restriction (thank you NBC) people from outside the U.S. who are interested in the show can’t watch the sneak peaks. Thanks TV Line and Happy New Year.

  5. Sara says:

    Oh Thank God something new on TV tonight!!!!!!

  6. CJ says:

    Did Monica Potter really shave her head for this? If so, wow. She is just phenomenal as Kristina and she has really dived in to this story line, difficult though it may be.

    • Margie says:

      I doubt she really shaves her own hair off. It looks like a wig.

      • CJ says:

        After watching the episode, I agree with you. I definitely think it was a wig and a bald cap.

        • meem says:

          Of course it was a bald cap. And cramming all her REAL hair up underneath one made her look like a big-headed alien. Comical, actually.

          • Craig Best says:

            I really wish Monica had gone all the way for those scenes, I mean she could wear wigs for the rest of the shoot, which has ended now. So come next Fall (if the show returns) she’d have a full head of hair again. It would have added realism to those scenes. Many actors do similar for movies and TV shows, but I do remember Lauren Graham didn’t even go blonde for her part of Broadway in Guys & Dolls, choosing to wear a wig every night.

          • Stef says:

            I so agree! As someone who is now growing her hair out from chemo, I am really disappointed that the producers and Monica Potter chose to fake it. She does look like an alien and it is an obvious cop out. She would have gained a lot of respect from people who have gone through it. One of my grad school classmates watched and filmed me shaving my head and then said, “I’ve always wanted to shave my head!” And she did.

  7. I think the “victor” storyline shows character growth in Julia because she wanted another infant but took on a much bigger challenge and is determined to succeed. Sarah, on the other hand, is a huge disappointment of a character who wallows in her mistakes and failures, and will never be redeeming. My daughter told me that Lauren Graham’s Lorelei was similar so I guess the casting was well done, but I cannot tolerate the Sarah Braverman character.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I agree with you about Julia, but I really like Sarah too. I love characters who don’t have their crap together, and maybe that’s because that’s totally how I am, so I can relate. Plus it makes me feel less bad about myself to see people who are as bad off as me, lol. I see life as being very messy like that. I think if I knew Sarah in real life I would totally want to be friends with her.

    • Dinah says:

      She seemed rather opposite of determined to succeed this week, she seemed more like on the verge of wishing she could or thinking of quit, I didn’t like that. And Yeah, Lauren Graham’s Lorelei was extremely similar, but like others said, true to life, not everyone has it super together all the time. If it works out with Hank, then hey, okay, right.

    • LaQuisa says:

      Is it just me or is Sarah wishy washy and a little confused all of the time? She can’t seem to make up her mind about anything. She’s the one character that I don’t like because I can’t figure out who she is or what she’s made of. Maybe it is because she’s not made of anything…. Has her ex-husband ran her crazy and has her children’s behavior problems just caused her to be just an unstable person? Again, Is she just this confused, wabbling character or is it just me?

  8. Britta Unfiltered says:

    This is going to sound really cruel, but I think the whole storyline of “cancer victim shaves their head as a display of strength” is really overplayed on TV shows and movies. It’s like you can’t have a cancer storyline without the character doing that, and it’s completely lost its emotional impact on me because it’s so expected. I’m sure the show will still be good though, I like Parenthood.

    • Aly says:

      As a recent young breast cancer survivor, i think this was a powerful scene. When my long hair started falling out, I shaved it the next day for control over the situation and it was a really emotional day for me. This is spot on to what women going through chemo have to deal with emotionally. I don’t think its overplayed; it’s just real.

      • Michele says:

        Well said Aly! I’m sorry that you had to deal with such an emotional experience. As a fellow young woman I can’t even imagine what you dealt with but bravo for you for taking a stand for this scene. I have no idea what you or Kristina is going through but I cried watching the scene personally. I would hate to be forced to shave off my hair. Best of luck to you Aly!

  9. Joyce says:

    I don’t think the shaving her head is a display of strength. I shaved mine when the hair started falling out from Chemo. It is much easier to deal with when YOU have control over the process than seeing it come out in clumps and have it all over your pillow, couch etc.

  10. b says:

    How do I get sucked into such poor and predictable writing. Honestly. The non sensical story lines and errors within really are a slap in the face. They should just put a disclaiimer at the beginning of the show and say this is only for people who care nothing about true substance in reality and have no common sense or a rational bone in their body.

  11. Craig Best says:

    I’ve read the sides for this episode and it does have a somewhat happy turnout for the Kristina/Adam story this week.

    I do hope Monica chose to shave her head as it would add to the realism to the scenes, plus it much be a pain to sit in a makeup chair for hours each day to apply a skull cap. But I really wish we got an answer one way or another.

  12. b says:

    Amazingly….I still love the show and am a loyal watcher. Hmmmm.

  13. EF says:

    Restaurant/bar date scene: How is Christina 34 yrs old with a college age daughter?

    • JG says:

      I was wondering about Kristina being 34 and Haddie being 18. The show leads us to believe Kristina and Adam met sometime around college, married and then had Haddie. Not Kristina being 16 when she had her.

    • Rebecca says:

      Where did u get that she is 34? Just wondering? Because is real life she is around 40.

      • Brittany says:

        In the bar scene of the New Year’s episode (when she is getting hit on by the 27 yr-old blonde guy), she fibs at first saying that she just turned 27, but later admitted that she was really “married, a housewife with three kids” adding, “I’m not 27, actually 34 years old” (quotes aren’t word for word verbatim, but closely along those lines). Hope that helps! :)

        But I’m confused about this:

        Last season, Haddie was 16 (her parents kept saying her age was a reason they didn’t want her dating Alex, 19, at the time)…so doesn’t that mean that she’s 17 or about to turn 17 in this season? Most seniors in high school turn 18, but I guess she’s a year younger than the norm. But as a freshman in college, it’s a very far stretch to say she’s still 16.

        Even still, if we just go along with this and say that Haddie is somehow currently 16, and Kristina is 34…that still only makes Kristina 18 years old when she had Haddie. Not certain about Haddie’s age, whether she’s 16, 17, or 18…that still only means Kristina was 16-18 roughly when she was pregnant.

        Does anyone know if this is just an oversight by the writers (although I don’t know how, 34 seemed surprisingly low to me) or will develop later into more backstory about Adam and Kristina’s early years? Earlier in the series, Adam said the two met in college. Something’s off.

        • ajc says:

          I was thinking the same exact thing! I wonder if they’ll develop a backstory with Kristina as a teen mom?

        • eloise says:

          came here about the same thing! 44 makes MUCH more sense, wonder if it was just an oversight in the editing room?

        • Craig Best says:

          People are over thinking this whole age debate with Kristina, its TV they could have stuffed up.Last ep Sarah said she was 42, but she turned 40 in the first ep of last season, meaning she should be 41. They stuffed up, now lest move on!

          • CC says:

            She was joking when she said both 27 and 34 because once she said she was 27 she didn’t want to tell the guy her real age. Dax Shepard confirmed this on twitter.

        • Paul Thibault says:

          Not an oversight. It was intentional. Kristina was 42 on the show at this point. She said so in the previous episode or two. She simply still lying to the guy when she says she’s 34. She told him she was 27 and he believed her. So it was no surprise that he’d believe she was 34 when she “came clean” about her real story. What woman wants to tell a total stranger (in their 20s who just hit on them) their real age. Especially if that age is in the early 40s when women are typically the most sensitive about their age. This was a pretty obvious detail to pick up. I’m not sure why so many people seemed not to get it.

    • Jan Brunson says:

      Christina, with her dark red long wig, new sexy short dress, surprised Adam by playacting the part and look of a 34 year old, and adding a little humor and helping her get over her depression the chemo was causing. She did not really mean to imply that she was 34.
      I love Parenthood; love the characters, and laugh and cry through each episode. I think this family story really displays the modern problems families face these days. I hope Parenthood keeps going for many more seasons! It’s GREAT! My answer to b’s comment on Jan. 1 is, if you hate it so much, just change the channel! There’s plenty of us who would not miss an episode.

  14. Watson says:

    Julia is one of the worst moms on TV. Brutal.

  15. jerry says:

    It really chaps my %, that Jasmine is acting way too happy about her moms situation, especially when Dax has decided to say and do all the right things about the $5000, “GIFT”, she be grinnin way too much while telling Crosby that his gift won’t even be that helpful…

    • CJ says:

      I really, really dislike Jasmine. I think she is very manipulative and selfish. She took advantage of Crosby in this situation and it seemed like she intended to do that all along. She’s so demanding and unforgiving. I can’t stand her.

  16. jerry says:

    I wonder what Adam was talkin about at the beginning when he was woke up to see kristinas hair for first time …. He said guote “I thought that”…
    does anyone know what he was thinking ….

    • Brittany says:

      He was about to say something along the lines of thinking a stranger was in his house, at first glance and in the dark middle of the night, for a split second he must’ve thought a man was in his room. He realizes that any version of these thoughts would be upsetting for Kristina, and decides not to finish his thought aloud. Either way, she becomes upset because she doesn’t even feel recognizable to her husband (even though it was for only a second, and she did surprise him).

    • Kathy says:

      you were an alien.

  17. jerry says:

    what make EF think that Kristinas is 34,
    just curious , didn’t know if it was a birthday party scene or what

  18. jerry says:

    Boy that Victor can sure swing a bat!! he almost hit that little girl . finally a scene with Victor in it that I actually enjoyed .

  19. show says:

    Did she shave her head for the show or is it a skin shield??? There was no confirmation or denying of that comment. Me my boyfriend and his mom are all in curiosity over it right now its 2 n n 1 y…… I have been watching since season one and I love how they touch on all different issue that effect all families and all angles and chemistry in family trees….. thank you for putting out a great show <3<3<3

  20. ajc says:

    So at the hotel when Kristina was being hit on and Adam came over, she laughed and apologized to the man and said “I’m 34, not 27.” If Haddie is in college, that means Kristina would have had to have her at age 16 at the latest. While I understand thats entirely possible, it just doesn’t seem to go alHas that ever been mentioned before? Am I missing something?

  21. ajc says:

    So at the hotel when Kristina was being hit on and Adam came over, she laughed and apologized to the man and said “I’m 34, not 27.” If Haddie is in college, that means Kristina would have had to have her at age 16 at the latest. While I understand that’s entirely possible, it just seems like her being a former teen mom would be important. Has that ever been mentioned before? Am I missing something?

    • ABBY says:

      She definitely didn’t have Haddie at 16, when Haddie started having sex Kristina told her that she had waited until she was 22 to have sex. She later admitted this was a lie however it’s not a lie she could get away with telling if she had Haddie 6 years before that.

  22. ABBY says:

    I wonder if Julia and Joel will be the blind item couple that split up… just speculation but if this Victor stuff leads to them losing him somehow I can see it driving a wedge between them two. I could also see Julia making a big decision without consulting Joel and him leaving because of it….

    • CC says:

      I hope not, but I thought the same thing… :'(

    • LaQuisa says:

      I can see Joel getting annoyed with Julia even more than he already is. He’s shown irritation with her self serving attitude and approach to things before. Adopting a child is more major than some of the other life situations that they’ve had. As usual, having another baby was something that she passionately and aggressively pursued-More than Joel. And just like that she wants out and it is looking like she’s not taking Joel’s feelings into account as much as hers. Just as she has done many times before.

  23. Amy says:

    I can’t believe that anyone thought for a second that Monica actually shaved her head. The wig wasn’t even styled the way her hair was at the bar (big curls versus natural/frizzy waves) and the bald cap was… I can only describe it as bulbous! Her hair was clearly piled up under it.

    I love this show, and this storyline but my husband and I were both distracted by the bald cap. That really took away from the emotion and realism for me this week.

    All that said, I wouldn’t expect an actress to shave her head for a couple episodes of a tv show, which is all that’s left for these guys this year. A whole season would be different – to me anyway!

  24. amib says:

    Too funny. My husband and K were also majorly distracted by the bald cap! It was the most ridiculously non-anatomical shape for a human skull — Kristina looked like a stunt double for Coneheads but minus the cone.

  25. LaQuisa says:

    About Victor, Julia and Joel. It’s a bit baffling. Everything that Julia is involved with has always been over analyzed, over thought, micro analyzed and almost micro managed. Everything personal and professional in her life. She seemed to approach it all the same way: her work, her marriage, her parenting, her relationships with her siblings and her parents. Sometimes you would see this irritating everyone, even Joel. It was like she was some robot. This seemed genetically inherited and/or learned behavior for Sidney. I think this is what made her a spoiled brat. Wanting to control everything and fight people for her personal gain. I don’t understand why Julia didn’t use this approach in adopting. “Sky Baby?” A child whose mother was incarcerated? What did she expect? She should have known that the child would have some challenges given his mother’s situation, his age and his background? Why didn’t she research the situation first just as she did with everything else before jumping in? She would get on my nerves trying to control everything. I say this is what she gets. You think you can have what you want when you want it, the way you want it all of the time, well, things like this can result in doing so. Then again, I think about all of the Braverman children. They all do hasty, hair brained things sometimes. So, though she seemed to be the most educated and most successful as the lawyer in the family, I guess those particular genes didn’t pass her up. She’s got them too.

  26. jerry says:

    jasmine and her mom are really messing up ,
    seems as though they’re taking none of crosby s
    problems into consideration , and Jasmine’s mother is being way too picky about the job situation .