Parenthood's Winter Finale: Who Got a Christmas Miracle? Who Suffered Major Heartbreak?

Parenthood Season 4 Spoilers“Christmas is magic. Christmas brings miracles. It’s easy to be what they call a ‘naysayer,’ but if you keep looking and truly watching, you’ll see.”

And so it was during Parenthood‘s final episode of 2012. Of course, Zeek Braverman, who spoke the wise words above, was ostensibly just discussing the belief in Santa Claus. But sure enough, the sentiment ended up applying to the much more pertinent issue at hand: Kristina’s battle to survive after falling gravely ill during the holidays.

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Here, we break down the miracle that was the cancer-battling Braverman’s recovery, as well as everything else that occurred — and broke our hearts — in the highly emotional hour.

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE | Kristina’s brave battle with breast cancer took a near-fatal turn when a seemingly minor fever and cough sent her into septic shock. Close by his wife’s side, Adam learned that her prognosis was not good and that all he could do was sit and wait. In a brief moment of lucidity, Kristina asked Adam to fetch her computer, which contained a video she’d recently recorded for the family. Though he assured her that it wouldn’t be necessary, Adam later had Zeek bring it to the hospital… and then came the tears. “I may not always be with you the way that I want to be, but I’ll always be by your side,” Kristina assured her three children in the sad, could-be coda. But only Adam would have to brave the video for now, as the following morning he awoke to an alert Kristina, who, after a few more days as a patient, would be OK.

REBOUND OR ROMANCE? | In less miraculous news, Hank and Sarah hooked up! (Sorry, Mark. No, really.) After a long day of shooting Santa pics at the mall (it seemed strange to us, too), the “friends” went out for a post-work drink. “I feel so good,” Sarah confided, even though her life had all but fallen apart last week. “And I think it’s because of… you.” After swapping smiles and a brief hand hold, the two were in bed together — and it was awkward. Hank mumbled something about that sex thing never needing to happen again, but the pillow talk was interrupted by a call from Zeek about Kristina’s crisis. Later, Hank showed up at Sarah’s folks’ with a present and an apology of sorts. “About what I said before, that we should make this a one-time thing,” he mumbled, in typical Hank fashion. “If that’s what you want, I’m good. But I just want to clarify: That’s not how I feel. I feel pretty much the opposite. You’re not horrible, that what I came to say. You’re incredible.” Cue kiss.

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HOLIDAY HEARTBREAK | Sadly, our favorite Parenthood lovebirds took a turn for the terrible, when Ryan’s struggle to readjust into everyday life took its final toll on his romance with Amber. After learning from Julia that he’d quit his construction job, Amber suggested Ryan go smooth things over with her uncle. Unfortunately, that led to Ryan disappearing for hours on end only to pop back up drunk in Amber’s car — which he’d apparently wrecked somewhere along the way. The fight that ensued was ugly and ultimately revealed that Ryan felt Amber was trying to change him, that she couldn’t truly accept him. Sober and somber, he too dropped by Zeek and Camille’s to straighten things out with his girlfriend. “You should never be treated that way,” he acknowledged. “I’ll do anything. I want to fix it.” But Amber was not able to move past the issue. Citing her mom’s longtime struggle to fix her father and how it ultimately just brought Sarah down in life, Amber decided to part ways with Ryan… at least for now. “I love you. I’m in love with you,” she cried. “I think we just need time apart. I’m sorry.”

EVERYTHING ELSE | Reeling from Kristina’s brush with death, Crosby and Jasmine decided to have another baby; Haddie finally made it back home after weather delayed her initial trip.

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