Nikita Boss Previews Mikita's 'Interesting Problem' Courtesy of a 'Dangerous' Amanda

The Sword’s EdgeNikita‘s titular butt-kicker has come to realize that her nemesis Amanda is targeting not her, but her loved ones – and when the show returns on Friday, Jan. 18 (The CW, 8/7c), the former Division head will waste no time hitting Nikita where it hurts most.

Back at Comic-Con 2012, executive producer Craig Silverstein teased that “something’s going to happen” to Nikita’s fiancé. Now, the EP reveals that the troubling event is right around the corner – in what was supposed to be the show’s December cliffhanger.

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Everything goes haywire “right away, in Episode 7 — which would have been the winter finale,” he previews. (The hour was shifted to January “due to some scheduling changes.”)

Michael’s fate “comes as a consequence of everything that’s been happening so far,” says Silverstein. “So, if you ask what has been happening, that’s really been Amanda. It comes up as a consequence of that and of [their] going after her. It’s a really interesting problem.”

And it’s a complication, he confirms, that will “for sure” alter Michael and Nikita’s dynamic.

But if you think you know where Mikita’s romantic road is headed, the EP cautions that the storyline may take some curves that viewers aren’t expecting. “I think people are going to [think we’re] going this way or that way, and it’ll be fun to see what people think is going to happen versus what actually happens.”

Whatever Amanda has in store for the lovebirds, it will prove that she is far more villainous than her predecessor. In her quest to impart some lessons to Nikita, “it gets pretty intense,” teases Silverstein. “It definitely goes to some places that I think Percy would never even go… She really becomes more and more dangerous as it goes on.” (With reporting by Meg Masters)

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  1. Michael says:

    Awesome can’t wait!

    • CJ says:

      I love the show, but honestly wouldn’t mind at all if Michael were dumped. He’s the only character I really don’t care for. I’ve never liked Shane West in anything he’s done–I don’t hate him, and I recognize that he’s handsome, but he bores me.

  2. kat says:

    I’m usually really happy to see any article about Nikita, but this feels like it gave no information we didn’t already have. I mean, he confirmed it’s happening in the next ep, but considering episode 8 is titled Aftermath, quite a few people had already deduced…IDK. Maybe I’m just being greedy. I’d love to hear more about what’s coming up for Alex. This Michael thing has been teased since CC, lets get something new, lol.

    • Lauren says:

      I find this rude nitpicking. As if any other major TV news sight even bothers with our Nikita.

      • kat says:

        Huffington Post and IGN both give regular recognition to Nikita. But yes, it doesn’t get as much as it should and I’m happy TVline covers it on at least a semi-regular basis. But I’ve been hearing this exact same teaser since Comic Con. I’m just not excited by reading the exact same thing anymore.

        • kat says:

          Honestly, though, I’m not *upset* about it or anything, and I didn’t mean to come off rude. I got excited about a new article on Nikita and was disappointed it was a rehash. Probably should have just kept my mouth shut.

      • Danyelle says:

        Right? I love that TVline keeps tabs on Nik. Maybe ratings would be better if other places did :(

      • She didn’t even criticize TVLine, she just said she wishes there could have been more new information in this article, since Craig has already said most of these things at Comic Con (if anything, the annoyance is at Craig rather than TVLine, since he’s the one who decides how much to give away). I think you’re being hyper-sensitive, here.

  3. gossip2010 says:

    So, the blind item could really be about mikita ? no ?

  4. Michael says:

    No gossip blind item is Bones

  5. The Wrath of Amanda is near. Run for the hills, Nikita!!!

  6. Alan says:

    figured something would happen soon, they’ve been far too happy so far this season for that to last

  7. ndavika says:

    Awww I understand its Nikita & much like BTVS, no couple gets to stay happy for long…but I hope this eventually brings them back together stronger…much like the unorthodox couple’s therapy of 2×19 : )

  8. Danyelle says:

    I am very curious what happens, I pray that Mikita is not the blind item. Their proposal was off the charts the best!

  9. Jon says:

    Ok I was wondering when the whole terrible thing happens to Michael was gonna happen, since they’d mentioned it since Comic-Con and then nothing had happened.

  10. M3rc Nate says:

    I love Nikita (the show and character) but they did a typical TV move with Amanda, and thats writing Nikita out of killing her. It made no sense at all. They had to make it about the typical “well im not like her and im bigger than her so i spared her life”. But thats moronic but shes your arch enemy that if you let live 1) we all know will come back to get vengeance (she did) and 2) she deserved a bullet in the head for everything she has done.

    With Percy it didnt come off as a TV show keeping a main character alive when it is so easy for the “good guys” to kill him. Him having the black boxes and heart monitor backup plan always made complete sense and kept him alive. But with Amanda…they have had opportunity after opportunity to just end her easy but they keep with the “Capture her” or “dont kill her, be better than her” mumbo-jumbo. Writers, write better and more convincingly please.

    Besides all that, i really enjoy/root for the Mikita relationship, however i see it racked with problems they arent addressing. I mean what are the odds of a successful relationship between a prostitute junkie prepped to get the needle and taken by a black ops government group and brain washed to be a assassin, sleep with clients and murder people, and then broke free to go on a (most likely life ending) vendetta against Division. And Micheal, a military man whose wife and child were murdered and he allows himself to be used to murder/assassinate and sleep with a client (that later creates a child) all to get revenge against the man who murdered his family, leading to him turning on Division, and joining Nikita’s fight. I dont think two people could have more baggage and issues. Trust issues, abandonment issues, self worth issues, addiction issues, conscious issues etc.

    Not being able to stop i think will be the biggest issue. Micheal wants an out, to live his life with Nikita, i get the strong feeling Nikita cant imagine living a normal life and all she truly has is “the fight”, and in the course of the show (the end) will probably die ending Division and all its black ops parts. Or she will survive and everyone around her that she cared about and borderline recruited will die, including Alex and Micheal and Birkhoff. Would be sad but it would really be true to the story, these people have survived so many times…its getting unrealistic that a stray bullet wouldnt kill them or a random car accident. Let alone trained assassins always trying to kill them every episode almost. I think her alone standing in division (it empty) and shes finally won..but shes ALONE cause Micheal is dead, Alex, Birkhoff, Fletcher, all dead. The price for trying to do what they did (go on vendettas, try to take down a black ops group, try to take out assassins), and Nikita having to think hard, was it worth it? Should she have left when she could and lived a happy life in love with Micheal and her friends.

    • Scott says:

      Actually I disagree. Nikita knows just shooting Amanda and killing her is way to easy…Like Amanda, I think Nikita plays psychological warfare with Amanda. Amanda is not really a killer either, she would rather play mind tricks and torture you…It’s really more about personalities now than anything.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Except people die. Way to easy for what? There are no consequences (she has black boxes etc). Fact is Amanda so far has killed Division agents (the ones working for Nikita and Fletcher) and its very possible in coming season or finales, main characters will die because of one of Amanda’s plans/games/orders. All the more reason to kill your enemy when they are a master of plans and the head of the snake, much easier to kill a guy like Ari who is just a glorified thug.

        When someone dies…Alex, Micheal, Fletcher, Birkhoff, The former SEAL, the black girl Birkhoff has a crush on (most likely of the bunch), the former Guardian (or the many Division agents who are now good guys and die like Star Trek red shirts)…because of a Amanda plan, come back and read your comment about it was “too easy” to kill her because shes not a cold blooded killer who uses her own hands to do the dirty work, so its smart to let her live.

        People like Amanda are EXACTLY the ones you don’t give mercy too. I bet in a season finale a big character gets killed by a Amanda plan, and shes alive to create and enact said plan because Nikita couldn’t pull the trigger when she had the chance.

        I get that its a TV show, and they have to have a over-arcing villain and Amanda is amazing at it, and the actress is amazing so to kill her off would be a waste of a resource. Im just saying writers: write more believable/realistic/deeper ways for her to still be alive. No one in their right mind would let their enemy live, let alone a psychopathic monster whose a master at psychological warfare and planning. It would be “you get the shot, take it”, none of this mercy and “capture her alive” like in the cemetery. If im Micheal or Nikita, the second i see her i raise my gun and pull the trigger till im out of rounds.

  11. phil says:

    Amanda is amazing! She is my favourite thing about this show. It just sucks that she is only contracted for 14 measly episodes! I would happily trade an Alex/Ryan/Michael appearance for more of her.

  12. CJ says:

    I seriously think Michael is going to lose a limb or something like that. I’m really interested in where they are taking this show come January. Can’t wait.

  13. Eliza says:

    THANK GOD Michael is gonna bite it. His character is so annoying this season. Fans used to love Mikita but now it’s just SO corny and predictable. URGH.

  14. Kevin says:

    Eliza Michael is not gonna bite it ever. But something is definitely gonna happen to him. But i am quite sure they are never gonna kill him off.

  15. Mikael says:

    I hope they don’t pull an Alias and look like they’ve killed Michael off, only to reveal that they knew people were after him so they faked his death until the end of the season.

    • Michael says:

      That ruined Alias imo. Really hope NIKITA writers are way smarter and i believe they are because from his twitter Shane just filmed scenes from ep 14. Right before their christmas break

  16. Josclyn says:

    Not sure if its been said cuz I’m too lazy to read every comment, but I think the interesting problem is that Amanda will capture Michael and do whatever she did to Owen with the whole lost chunks of memory thing. That’d be an interesting problem, to see if there love can withstand the loss of his memories of their journey. Just sayin.

  17. Disco says:

    Heard Craig Silverstein is a real bully.

  18. Beatrice says:

    I love everting i cant wait

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