Once Upon a Time: Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin Preview 'Life-Or-Death' Fall Finale

TVLINE | All of which brings us to the midseason finale. So, Aurora’s now some two-way radio kind of thing? Almost like that eyeball ring from Beastmaster?
GOODWIN | Yes! I forgot about that movie; that’s hilarious. Yes, now the four of us are back together and we are going to Rumplestiltskin’s cell to get the squid ink.
MORRISON | And Cora has Aurora’s heart, so she’s acting like her puppet.

TVLINE | Is there an extra fire in the ladies’ belly now that Charming is stuck in the sleeping spell? More reason than ever to race back to Storybrooke?JENNIFER MORRISON, GINNIFER GOODWIN
MORRISON | They just keep adding more and more reasons to feel the pressure to get back, for sure.
GOODWIN | Ogres and zombies and stolen hearts and Charming and…
MORRISON | And that justifies Snow literally taking an arrow to Mulan. It’s life-or-death at this point.

TVLINE | Ginny, have you come out of this better at archery than Jen has at sword-fighting?
MORRISON | I sword-fight in [the midseason finale].
GOODWIN | And that was awesome. I think I’m very cocky about my fake archery skills. It’s something that I did as a child, and when I have shot real arrows, they go where we need them to. But there are safety rules on set, so if someone’s in front of me, I can’t use a real arrow.

TVLINE | What sort of obstacles might be on the way to getting this squid ink? I can’t imagine it’s as easy as going there and grabbing it.
MORRISON | The most obvious obstacle is that we have a spy amongst us, so Cora’s going to always be one step ahead. I find that to be what’s so terrifying about Cora, as a villain, is that she is so cunning. There is always that unsettling feeling of “What is she going to do next? How is she going to stop them?” She’s capable of anything, in our book.
GOODWIN | And Gold himself is an obstacle, never knowing what we can trust in terms of the information he shares with us. Because though he’s selfish, things always seem to turn out in our favor in dealings with Gold and…
MORRISON | We can’t figure out why.
GOODWIN | We can’t figure out why, so we don’t know what to trust.

TVLINE | Jen, are we going to witness any new indications of the “magical something” going on within Emma? We haven’t seen much of that since the Season 2 premiere, when she helped Regina get the hat spinning.
MORRISON | Well, we don’t really know if that was anything or if it was a coincidence. Magic is unpredictable, so it’s not clear really if Emma was the reason that that happened. There’s a lot to discover about Emma, because she’s only known herself as a real person and not as aCOLIN O'DONOGHUE, JENNIFER MORRISON, JAMIE CHUNG, GINNIFER GOODWIN, SARAH BOLGER fairytale character. I think, very, very subtly and slowly, there will be little hints of discovery, for sure.

TVLINE | Do you consider an Emma/Hook hook-up out of the question at this point?
MORRISON | It’d have to take some really interesting logic to get Emma to want to be with someone who’s a villain.
GOODWIN | Your parents are not going to approve.
MORRISON | [Laughs] What I see, and what I think fans see, is they’re very kindred spirits. They both come from being thieves and finding creative ways to survive life. When we work together, I feel that, he feels like a real partner — but not right now in a way that’s romantic. She’s met her match in him in other ways, though, so there’s a connection.

TVLINE | Speaking of thieves, are we going to see Neal Cassidy (played by Michael-Raymond James) again? After all, he was sort of “summoned” from his New York City apartment.
MORRISON | Yes, we will. That has to pay off at some point, for sure.

TVLINE | What have the two of you learned about each other, spending this much time together? Like, would Ginny indeed make a cool mom?
MORRISON | Oh, yeah. I’ve always known that though. I think that’s pretty obvious.

TVLINE | And Ginny, how must Jen be as a daughter? Do you foresee trouble with curfews, boys…?
GOODWIN | No, Jen’s a good girl, which is also something unusual in this business, I find. I’m ready to adopt her.
MORRISON | We’d been friends for years before this project, so it’s one of those dream situations where, going in, you know you’re working with somebody you already care about a lot and know a lot about.
GOODWIN | Jen was quite literally the only person I wanted to do this with. In fact, I was misquoted in an interview with a journalist who was not taping our conversation, as you are, but just taking notes. I said that if I was being shipped off to a foreign country to be a part of a project for the next decade, Jennifer Morrison is like, absolutely, hands down, the person with whom I would want to do that. But the quote they ran was, “Jennifer Morrison is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, in a foreign country.”
MORRISON | It was really funny. It sounds like we’re in love.
GOODWIN | That’s why I didn’t correct it because, I mean, that’s awesome.

TVLINE | Can you tease the final moments of the midseason finale? What kind of emotions viewers are going to go through during the closing minutes?
GOODWIN | God, I cannot wait to see it. It’s so satisfying. And yet…
MORRISON | It’s set up in a way where we don’t know what we’d be coming back to if we go through the portal, while in Storybrooke they don’t really know if it’d be us coming through or someone else. It really allows for the emotions to be heightened.
GOODWIN | And, after all that we’ve done, something might be enacted that would…
MORRISON | Would kill us.
GOODWIN | Yes. It would be fatal upon our coming back.

Watch two previews from the Once Upon a Time midseason finale:

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  1. xav says:

    I hope they do make it back because this storyline has dragged on too long and really had a negative effect on storytelling cohesion where it’s obvious the writers were struggling trying to tell three stories. But man, did she really cry during the Charming/Snow fire scene? At this point, the extreme repetitiveness of the dialogue makes their scenes eyeroll worthy. Likewise, I wished they’d hire someone better for CGI, shows with far smaller budgets have managed to do magic and massive CGI far better.

    • Ella B. says:

      Really? I think the writings been pretty good so far this season — aside from the Snow/Charming dialogue, which somehow always seems to come back to “I will always find you”… as for the CGI, the other shows that do better do a little bit here and there, they’re not doing 50% of their show in green screen like these guys. It’d makes sense that there’s a bit of a quality/quantity trade-off.

      • xav says:

        The storylines aren’t too bad, aside from Charming only existing as a plot device. But in episodes like ‘The Doctor’ the emotional tension was completely ruined by flashing sideways to Snow and Emma

  2. Piper says:

    Love those two so much! I think they’re genuine friendship really shines through in all of their scenes!

  3. Christian says:

    Once and Revenge were my top 2 shows last year but they’re going through a bit of a sophomore slump currently. Scandal, on the other hand, is firing on all cylinders! I wish ABC would move Scandal to Sundays — that would make a killer line-up!

    • lll says:

      While I’m hearing the rumors about Nashville moving there, Scandal is a better option. Scandal has a following; Nashville is still finding theirs. BTW: Once and Revenge are my top 2 shows of last year as well.

      • Serena says:

        Scandal does not belong on Sunday. It sucks.

      • Mary says:

        Actually if a show is in need of finding viewers, the network is more likely to move it in hopes that they will get more people to tune into the show. It’s the reason they moved Revenge and not Once Upon a Time. Once had a better audience on Sunday nights then Revenge had in it’s time slot and they hoped to improve the ratings for it by putting it after Once.

    • Gerald says:

      While I do agree with Revenge, I couldn’t disagree more with OUAT. I mean, if anything the show is way better and actually seems to have a clear focus, the writing is better and the stakes are higher.

    • Tony says:

      Scandal only had 7 episodes, not really a sophomore show, ONCE had 22 episode 3x Scandal, and ONCE is much less gooey and girl centric this season, it is much more exciting this season IMO.

  4. michelle says:

    I hope they dont kill off Aurora. Snow needs to adopt her.

  5. HeatherC says:

    What a wonderful interview! The genuine friendship between Jen and Ginny just shines in this whole conversation. They’re both awesome! =) I’m so looking forward to this weekend’s episode. I’ve really missed seeing these two interact with the other folks this year so hopefully Snow and Emma are able to get home this weekend. It seems like it’s going to be really intense which should be crazy good! Personally I think Once has been pretty awesome for the most part this year and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming next for everyone in the new year. Thanks for sharing this fantastic interview Matt! =)

  6. Ok all you Hook/Emma shippers I think you need to jump ship to Regina and Hook because that is a match up I can get behind!
    P.S. I love Ginnifer and Jennifer. They are awesome

    • loli says:

      I agree Regina/Hook..
      Both are hot, both lost their true loves, both rip hearts, both are evil.

      And one of Sneak peeks for the next episode. Hook hits Belle and leaves her unconscious. And he did not just kill her because Regina, prevents it.
      I am against violence against women. I hate abusive men’s hitting on women.

      So I prefer Hook with Regina…She seems to understand how to control him….
      Emma already has too many problems in her life. She would even be mad or mentally affected for having an affair with Hook.
      Henry needs a male figure, but do not need a killer abusive and unscrupulous dating his mother. That kid has suffered enough.

      • xav says:

        Um, Hook being with Regina WOULD be an abusive and unscrupulous killer dating his mother.

        • Diana says:

          Regina tried to sleep with Charming (Henry’s grandpa). She tried to kill Henry’s grandmother Snow, tried to kill Emma (Henry’s biological mother), killed the sheriff. Ripped many hearts, she no longer knows to whom they belong.
          She is hit on abuses. Hook for her, is a sweet

          • Jan says:

            Wow. I started typing a reply to this three times and eventually gave up. I don’t have the words to express how incredibly wrong and twisted your last two sentences and what you’re implying with them are.

        • Tony says:

          Now I’m not on board for Hook/Regina pairing either, but I’m sick of all of these Regina apologists, she tried to kill both Henry’s Mother and Grandmother, not to mention killing his Great GrandFather, among probably hundreds of other evil deeds. She is evil, she may be trying to change( a change I’m not totally on board for, Evil Regina is so much more exciting than nice Regina) but she was evil, Hook is not that much worse than Regina, he may even be better, since we have yet to see ONCEs version if Peter Pan, as well as Hooks origin apart from the Hook.

          • Jan says:

            You know what I’m sick of? The word apologist. And the way it’s thrown around fandom to degrade and belittle others and their arguments. The way I see it, this one little word says a lot more about the people who are using it than about the people it’s directed at. You disagree with Regina fans? Fine, come up with some arguments to match theirs. But don’t go throwing around generalizations and still expect to be taken serious.

          • Tony says:

            I never meant to belittle anyone, for that I apologize, but I am still tired of hearing people call Hook this evil mastermind and a bad role model for Henry, while we haven’t really seen him do much worse than Regina or Rumple. What has he done, made Milah fall in love with him and leave Rumple… and steal Aurora’s heart, Regina stole plenty of hearts, so Hook is not that much worse than Regina, personally I my own made up Evil scale, regina is still worse. I just wish people would use some common sense and realize In my opinion Regina is just as bad as a role model for Henry than Hook is. You don’t have to agree with me, and I had plenty of arguments, did you miss me mentioning that Regina has Snows father killed, killed Graham, grid to put Emma and Snow asleep forever, and she has stolen countless hearts given by all those chests. What more evidence do you want. I’d like some proof by you why Regina is any better than Hook.

          • sara says:

            Missed the point. REGINA IS HENRY’S MOTHER. Not Emma. That’s the point.

          • I would go so far as to say they are both his mother. Emma created him but Regina raised him. In most cases I would unequivocally say the adopted parent is the real parent but Regina’s lying abusive behavior toward Henry makes it a grey area for me. Emma didn’t give him up for adoption so she could get drunk and party. She gave him up because she was a screwed up teenager and she wanted him to have a good life. She did it for him not for herself. That is what a mother should do. Regina lied to Henry and told him he was crazy to protect herself and her power and keep the curse the way it was. She was acting in her own best interests rather than Henry’s. She told the whole town he was mentally disturbed so that she could keep everyone under her thumb. Not exactly mother behavior.

          • Tony says:

            Emma is Henry’s mother, just because Regina is Henry’s legal Mother/Guardian does not stop Emma from being his mother.

      • Jan says:

        Hook and Regina doesn’t make any sense in my book. You do remember that she tragically lost her true love a second time only a few episodes ago, right? She didn’t mourn Daniel for a good 35 years and now she’ll have to deal with all the pent up grief and fresh grief over losing him AGAIN on top of that. I don’t get how anyone who watches the show and knows what’s been going on in her life can consider Regina a possible love interest for any character at this point.

        Regina’s focused on two things: Coming to terms with her past and with who she really is, and working on her relationship with Henry. Henry is Regina’s son too by the way and he obviously still loves his mom and has not given up on her. So if you’re worried about the kid you might want to take that into account as well.

        And what kind of argument is “they’re hot” anway? That same thing can be said about each and any pairing because the cast of Once Upon A Time is full of gorgeous people. If you don’t want Hook with Emma, fine. I’m not crazy about that pairing either. But honestly, this Regina and Hook thing makes way less sense than Emma and Hook.

        • loli says:

          Emma gave Henry up for adoption because Emma was the victim of Regina revenge against Snow, Remember? THE CURSE? We need to think about the Emma past…Emma suffered her whole life without parents…because of regina curse…

          • Jan says:

            I don’t understand what you mean.

          • I think what Loli is trying to say is that Regina shouldn’t be considered as Henry’s mother because the only reason she was able to adopt Henry is because she cast a curse that took Emma away from her parents and had her grow up in the foster system. It would seem that they are assuming that if Emma had grown up with Snow and Charming in a stable home she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant outside of wedlock and wouldn’t have given up her child in the first place.
            I understand the thought and it is completely true but at this point it’s irrelevant. We all know that Regina is an EVIL Queen and that she has done horrible things but she is still the mother that raised Henry. Henry didn’t go looking for Emma because he was desperate to find a mother would would love him, he went looking for the savior that would make everyone BELIEVE him. If Regina hadn’t told Henry that he was crazy and sent him to therapy there is a good chance that he wouldn’t have run off to find Emma in the first place. He still might have eventually as he got older and saw people still not aging but I doubt it would have been as young. Regina put Henry through emotional trauma to maintain her power and that is the reason I think she forfeited her status as parent. Not the stuff that came before.

  7. Lori says:

    Between all the Emma/Snow and Emma/Hook scenes I’m loving this season.

  8. Templar says:

    Oh Regina, what is with that Elvis impersonator hairdo? As for Hook, he just seems so shallow compared to Jefferson or even Graham. A lightweight character.

  9. Pepper says:

    I still can’t get over Jennifer Morrison. Has anyone ever noticed that whatever she plays on whichever show, whenever her character’s mad/sad/upset, she curves her mouth downwards and whispers loud and fast?

  10. Diana says:

    I’m very excited to see how Emma will solve the lie she told Henry about his father.
    As she and Neal will face up. She thinks he betrayed her and she was arrested because of him. But Neal is not bad, and seems to have done everything that August asked, because he loved her.
    It also seemed to me the 2×01 episode that Neal is no longer a thief.
    So he has all the qualities to be the right man for Emma.
    I know Neal and Emma will have a lot to overcome. Even the two with their son Henry. And that’s what interests me more than Hook.
    I’m a family girl.
    Emma does not need love interest. She has Henry’s father. I hope Neal appear soon. I hate triangles. especially when the screenwriters make women seem ignorant, stupid suddenly, dating all the bad guys, just because they are hot and attractive forgetting that behind that hot man, is someone violent and bad…
    Emma seems to be a smart woman to know who she’s dealing with. But I fear that the writers did not see it….

    • xav says:

      It might also be awkward when she has to explain that when they were together it was statutory rape.

      • ej says:

        In Oregon it’s defined as Sexual Abuse 3 (Class A Misdemeanor = 1 yr in jail), which is *legally* different from rape (a felony) because of the “close in age exemptions” for minors. In most states the exemption would mean it is not a crime at all. If they’d been in Portland, ME instead of Portland, OR Emma could have been 16. If they’d made it to Tallahassee, they could have gotten married if Emma had a Dr’s note that she was pregnant. OR even prosecutes minors of the same age for having sex… yet doctor assisted suicide is legal. And at 16 you’re considered sound of mind enough to drive a car, which can be considered a deadly weapon, but you can’t decide what to do with your own body in the privacy of your own home… or backseat of your stolen car at 17? Weird. State laws can be arbitrary and irrational. Don’t hate on Neal or OUAT for picking the wrong state.

        • sara says:

          It would still be awkward to explain that Henry is literal evidence that a 24 year old was having illegal sex with a 16 or 17 year old.

    • Jan says:

      Uh, why does the fact that he’s Henry’s father mean Emma has to end up with Neal? It is very much possible for women to find love with men who are not the biological fathers of their children.
      Honestly? I’m not crazy about any of the possible love interests they’ve introduced for Emma. They all seem forced and unnecessary for me. It would be just fine with me if Emma kicked all of them to the curb because she doesn’t need a man in her life right now.

      • Mike says:

        Even Graham?, most ONCE fans loved Graham, I don’t think he needs to come back like some, but he was the best so far, while August was the worst to me.

        • markito says:

          Maybe his ghost come back lol…

        • Jan says:

          I don’t know, does it really matter? He’s dead and gone. And unless they’re planning to bring Daniel and Regina’s father and everyone else who had their hearts ripped out back too it’s gonna stay that way. Personally, I didn’t really care for him either because everything between him and Emma was way too rushed and I thought Graham was a pretty underdeveloped character all around. I did like August, but I don’t mind if they’re going for a brother and sister dynamic with him and Emma now.
          The thing is, it doesn’t bother me if Emma/male love interest of the current 5-6 episodes doesn’t really pull me in because romance is something that I really don’t feel Emma needs at this stage. There are so many other aspects about her that are way more interesting to me. I want to see more of her relationships with her parents and her son, I want to find out what’s going on that made her and Regina get the hat to spin with magic in the season opener, and I want to see how Emma and Regina are going to define their relationship and the way they’re sharing their son now.

          • Templar says:

            Of all the men in this passing parade, I’d be most in favor of Jefferson. Yes, he kidnapped her out of desperation to regain his child, but he’s a family man and Henry and Paige would round out a nice family.

          • Mike says:

            No, Jefferson should not even be an option, they have chemistry, but I’d Hook over Jefferson for Emma.

          • They probably have chemistry because they are dating in real life. :-)

          • Gail says:

            The man who plays Jefferson is on Broadway this winter so I would guess nothing will happen with Jefferson the rest of this season unless he taped scenes way in advance for future episodes.

        • Kath says:

          Graham was the best (although I never understood why they pronounced his name like the weight instead of Gray-am like the English do).

          I think Neal is the worst with August a close second. Not to mention both of them betrayed her mightily. Maybe it’s so that Hook looks better in comparison.

          I’m okay with Emma not having a love interest at the moment, but if she gets one, I hope it’s not Neal or August. I thought the giant had more spark with her than those two.

      • THANK YOU! Totally agree!

    • Mike says:

      You know many modern family, the children have parents who aren’t there father, I’m not saying I want Emma with Hook, but Emma having a love interest other than Neal is entirely plausible and likely, and I’m ok with that.

      • markito says:

        Henry already has too many problems in his head, still have to see his mother dating Hook?? At least that EMMA choose a good man. Hook is abusive, a killer!!!

        • Mike says:

          I just said I didn’t want Emma with Hook, but I don’t necessarily want her with Neal either or anyone we’ve met for that matter, the only love interest I’ve liked so far was Graham and he is dead.

          • Kath says:

            But the producers said that True Love Conquers All Obstacles, and then added that there is no bigger obstacle than death. I still have hope that somehow Graham will be back. (Also, he’s very popular with fans.)

          • Mike says:

            But who is Emma’s true love, some might say it was Neal, others might say Graham…

          • mich67 says:

            It was Neal…Emma herself told Hook she had been in love…once. And even August realized Neal was in love with Emma when he was talking to him. I was never a big fan of Emma until I saw her with Neal…it was the first time she seemed to have any life in her character…she was actually fun. I don’t like Hook at all.

    • A says:

      Emma’s still stuck in the Enchanted Forest with Snow, Mulan, and Aurora. How will she talk to Neal? And speaking of August, he only had one scene in episode 2. Where is he?

  11. Ana says:

    I love their chemistry! And I have loved watching the princesses prance around the forest killing bad guys trying to get to a portal. It’s kind of badass…But waiting five weeks for the return is just cruel.. :-(

  12. Mike says:

    I know they have to come back eventually, but I can’t help being a bit sad that Snow and Emma might be returning to Storybrooke, the potential f present FTL is so great, and I don’t think they have really reached that potential yet, and I know I’m alone but Storybrooke is a bit boring in comparison. I personally still think season 2 has been better in every way compared to season 1, the writing has definitely been better except for the last episode, which was way too cheesy.

  13. Brandy says:

    Sara, Emma is just as much Henry’s mother as Regina is,Emma carried him for nine months,gave birth to him,gave him up thinking it was in his best interests, and when he came to find her in Boston, she came with and stayed in Storybrooke for him-to make sure he was safe,loved(she flat out asked Regina if she loved him)ect.It was her true love kiss for Henry that woke him from the sleeping curse and broke the curse.Now in FTL , all she wants is to get back to Storybrooke to her son.She’s always done everything to keep him safe and put him first-like trying to get along with Regina for him.If this dosent make her as much his mother as Regina, I don’t know what does.

  14. Brandy says:

    Sara, Emma also wanted to sue/fight for custody towards the very end of last season.She,who feared commitment,didn’t want anyone depending on her,didn’t want to be responsible for someone else, Emma uprooted her life, changed jobs,moved to Storybrooke to be close to Henry.

    • sara says:

      I just can’t get behind the ‘good’ guy trying to steal a child from the rightful mother just because she thinks she’s a bitch

      • Look, I’m pretty middle ground on this whole Regina/Emma mom issue but even I can’t let it pass saying that Emma doesn’t have justifiable reasons for wanting to take Henry from Regina. Even before she knew about the curse she knew that Henry was a lonely unhappy socially isolated little boy. If you’re a mother that gave up her child so that he could be happy that is disturbing enough by itself. Then Regina made it clear that she would break the law to get what she wants. Yet another disturbing thing for Emma. Then to cap it she finds out that Regina is a mass murdering manipulative power hungry Queen who has ripped hundreds of people from their own universe just to fuel her revenge. Saying that Emma just wants to take Henry because Regina is a bitch is a massive understatement.

  15. loli says:

    Emma gave Henry up for adoption because Emma was the victim of Regina revenge against Snow, Remember? We need to think about the Emma past…Emma suffered her whole life because of Regina curse!
    Emma would have had a different life if he had grown up among her parents. But practically lived alone….

  16. velt says:

    Jenny and Ginny are adorable.

  17. ej says:

    On the topic of Emma’s romances, don’t hate on Neal just b/c he left. He was doing the “best chance” thing in his mind, most-likely due to a not entirely accurate version of the story, since August Wayne Booth’s alias is an allusion to the literary term “unreliable narrator.” Seems like the Neal/Emma tragic love affair is identical to Dreamy/Nova, probably b/c of August’s connection to BF.

    Whether Neal is Emma’s true love or not, I just hope she becomes an emotionally functional person first. All of this hinting and asking about “romance” between Emma and the next hunky character does not develop Emma or the strong female archetype in a positive way. Still, Emma should end up with someone, b/c what she really wants is family and to be loved, and also having grown up without a father, Henry should have his dad in his life in some way too. The car and the swan charm hint that Emma still has feelings for Neal, at least enough that he might have some place in her unconventional family once she learns the truth; they should at least be friends again for Henry’s sake.

    Weighing in on the Regina/Emma mommy debate. Both Emma and Regina seem to be victims of the plan (August’s?) to get Emma to SB to break the curse, so it’s unfair to argue who loves Henry more, just b/c you’re Team Swan or an Evil Regal. The show is about trying to come together to fight for good, so stop being so snippy, people!

    Last: Jenny and Ginny ARE adorable!

    Hit me cause I didnt found any chemistry between Hook and Emma.
    And Hook is evil like Rumpel, Regina…Cora..
    Cora is a great villain. Rumpel is quieter for now…, but he was who taught Cora & Regina. And begin, all this evil. Hook is also villain. No good man’s hits women as he did with Belle.
    Emma & Hook is disturbing.
    I hate if Emma becomes weak and falls in Hook’s game. Emma must know all kinds of man. And be smart enough to not get involved with HOOK…

    • sara says:

      YOu can also say that ‘no good man’ tricks a woman into getting arrested and spending time in jail and then abandons her too.

  19. Ace says:

    Aw, man, I LIKE them! I giggled the whole way through the article. Thanks for another great interview, Matt! (-:

  20. Rachel says:

    So Regina is seriously flirting with Hook while she’s got Graham as her sex slave? I am so jealous of this woman.

  21. loki says:

    GOODWIN | Jen was quite literally the only person I wanted to do this with. In fact, I was misquoted in an interview with a journalist who was not taping our conversation, as you are, but just taking notes. I said that if I was being shipped off to a foreign country to be a part of a project for the next decade, Jennifer Morrison is like, absolutely, hands down, the person with whom I would want to do that. But the quote they ran was, “Jennifer Morrison is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, in a foreign country.”
    MORRISON | It was really funny. It sounds like we’re in love.
    GOODWIN | That’s why I didn’t correct it because, I mean, that’s awesome.

    oh ginny, you are too funny.

  22. F°F says:

    Two great actresses. Two great women.