Once Upon a Time: Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin Preview 'Life-Or-Death' Fall Finale

TVLINE | All of which brings us to the midseason finale. So, Aurora’s now some two-way radio kind of thing? Almost like that eyeball ring from Beastmaster?
GOODWIN | Yes! I forgot about that movie; that’s hilarious. Yes, now the four of us are back together and we are going to Rumplestiltskin’s cell to get the squid ink.
MORRISON | And Cora has Aurora’s heart, so she’s acting like her puppet.

TVLINE | Is there an extra fire in the ladies’ belly now that Charming is stuck in the sleeping spell? More reason than ever to race back to Storybrooke?JENNIFER MORRISON, GINNIFER GOODWIN
MORRISON | They just keep adding more and more reasons to feel the pressure to get back, for sure.
GOODWIN | Ogres and zombies and stolen hearts and Charming and…
MORRISON | And that justifies Snow literally taking an arrow to Mulan. It’s life-or-death at this point.

TVLINE | Ginny, have you come out of this better at archery than Jen has at sword-fighting?
MORRISON | I sword-fight in [the midseason finale].
GOODWIN | And that was awesome. I think I’m very cocky about my fake archery skills. It’s something that I did as a child, and when I have shot real arrows, they go where we need them to. But there are safety rules on set, so if someone’s in front of me, I can’t use a real arrow.

TVLINE | What sort of obstacles might be on the way to getting this squid ink? I can’t imagine it’s as easy as going there and grabbing it.
MORRISON | The most obvious obstacle is that we have a spy amongst us, so Cora’s going to always be one step ahead. I find that to be what’s so terrifying about Cora, as a villain, is that she is so cunning. There is always that unsettling feeling of “What is she going to do next? How is she going to stop them?” She’s capable of anything, in our book.
GOODWIN | And Gold himself is an obstacle, never knowing what we can trust in terms of the information he shares with us. Because though he’s selfish, things always seem to turn out in our favor in dealings with Gold and…
MORRISON | We can’t figure out why.
GOODWIN | We can’t figure out why, so we don’t know what to trust.

TVLINE | Jen, are we going to witness any new indications of the “magical something” going on within Emma? We haven’t seen much of that since the Season 2 premiere, when she helped Regina get the hat spinning.
MORRISON | Well, we don’t really know if that was anything or if it was a coincidence. Magic is unpredictable, so it’s not clear really if Emma was the reason that that happened. There’s a lot to discover about Emma, because she’s only known herself as a real person and not as aCOLIN O'DONOGHUE, JENNIFER MORRISON, JAMIE CHUNG, GINNIFER GOODWIN, SARAH BOLGER fairytale character. I think, very, very subtly and slowly, there will be little hints of discovery, for sure.

TVLINE | Do you consider an Emma/Hook hook-up out of the question at this point?
MORRISON | It’d have to take some really interesting logic to get Emma to want to be with someone who’s a villain.
GOODWIN | Your parents are not going to approve.
MORRISON | [Laughs] What I see, and what I think fans see, is they’re very kindred spirits. They both come from being thieves and finding creative ways to survive life. When we work together, I feel that, he feels like a real partner — but not right now in a way that’s romantic. She’s met her match in him in other ways, though, so there’s a connection.

TVLINE | Speaking of thieves, are we going to see Neal Cassidy (played by Michael-Raymond James) again? After all, he was sort of “summoned” from his New York City apartment.
MORRISON | Yes, we will. That has to pay off at some point, for sure.

TVLINE | What have the two of you learned about each other, spending this much time together? Like, would Ginny indeed make a cool mom?
MORRISON | Oh, yeah. I’ve always known that though. I think that’s pretty obvious.

TVLINE | And Ginny, how must Jen be as a daughter? Do you foresee trouble with curfews, boys…?
GOODWIN | No, Jen’s a good girl, which is also something unusual in this business, I find. I’m ready to adopt her.
MORRISON | We’d been friends for years before this project, so it’s one of those dream situations where, going in, you know you’re working with somebody you already care about a lot and know a lot about.
GOODWIN | Jen was quite literally the only person I wanted to do this with. In fact, I was misquoted in an interview with a journalist who was not taping our conversation, as you are, but just taking notes. I said that if I was being shipped off to a foreign country to be a part of a project for the next decade, Jennifer Morrison is like, absolutely, hands down, the person with whom I would want to do that. But the quote they ran was, “Jennifer Morrison is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, in a foreign country.”
MORRISON | It was really funny. It sounds like we’re in love.
GOODWIN | That’s why I didn’t correct it because, I mean, that’s awesome.

TVLINE | Can you tease the final moments of the midseason finale? What kind of emotions viewers are going to go through during the closing minutes?
GOODWIN | God, I cannot wait to see it. It’s so satisfying. And yet…
MORRISON | It’s set up in a way where we don’t know what we’d be coming back to if we go through the portal, while in Storybrooke they don’t really know if it’d be us coming through or someone else. It really allows for the emotions to be heightened.
GOODWIN | And, after all that we’ve done, something might be enacted that would…
MORRISON | Would kill us.
GOODWIN | Yes. It would be fatal upon our coming back.

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