Coté de Pablo Weighs In on NCIS' New Dynamic Duo, 'The Year of Tiva' and An 'Interesting' Twist

This Tuesday at 8/7c, television’s most watched drama – CBS’ NCIS – will at long last bring together two of Gibbs’ agents in a new and intriguing way.

That’s right, Ziva and Abby are going to split off and work a case together. And Coté de Pablo, for one, tells TVLine she is “really excited” about the must-see match-up.

“It’s the first time they actually put those two characters together in an episode just about them,” the actress notes. “They get Abby outside the lab, we’re in Gibbs’ house…. It was fun working that dynamic with Pauley [Perrette]. She’s great to work with.”

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Setting the stage for this alliance of fierce femmes is the abduction of a girl whose friend Lydia (Kyle XY‘s Kirsten Prout) witnessed the incident – as her father died trying to stop it, no less. “We need to keep her protected, and as we do there’s bonding between the three women,” de Pablo previews. Given the subject matter and the trinity of actresses involved, she says, “It’s not a real ‘action’ show. It’s more an emotional show than anything.”

Coming out of this collaboration, de Pablo believes Ziva and Abby will grow closer. “There’s a moment where Abby saves the day… and fans will love it,” she teases. And while this is not the “Ziva and Abby Go Undercover” episode she and Perrette oft have pitched the writers, “We have not given up on that,” she insists.

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Speaking of formidable females: This week’s NCIS also introduces viewers to the spectacularly named Miranda Pennebaker, played by ER alum Alex Kingston. Though she figures into a separate part of the abduction storyline, de Pablo describes Miranda – “a well-connected woman with questionable morals,” per CBS – as someone “who doesn’t particularly run in the same world that we work in.”

Miranda does, however, share a mystery history with Gibbs, a connection de Pablo is anxious to see explored down the line. “I would love to know how they met,” she says. “We’re all crossing our fingers that she comes back.”

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And then there are the men in Agent Ziva David’s orbit. This week’s episode finds Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) curious-slash-jealous about some plans Ziva has with a mysterious man. “It’s a funny bit with a great payoff,” de Pablo promises. “The only thing I can say is that Tony is able to relax when he meets the guy.”

As for Weatherly’s pre-season pronouncement that “This is the year” for “Tiva,” de Pablo can only chuckle the way a sister marvels at her bratty brother. “I think that is maybe Michael and his wishful thinking,” she offers. “I’ve had years in which I thought, ‘Oh my God, this a Tiva year,’ and there have been years he thought were Tiva years…. The truth is, we have yet to find out where that storyline is going to go. I think they’re toying around with us like they always do.”

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One story arc de Pablo can properly tease is the latest appearance by Ziva’s father Eli David (played by Michael Nouri). Set to resurface at midseason, the actress says, “He comes to make peace with his daughter… but then drama unfolds.”

I point out that showrunner Gary Glasberg has hinted at an “unexpected reveal“/”big sort of turn” pegged to Eli’s encore. “I’ll agree with him on that…,” de Pablo allows. Without revealing specifics, she shares this much more about the twist: “It’s an interesting thing to explore – and something we have never seen my character go through.”

All told, as de Pablo forges on with NCIS Season 10 – the final year of her latest pact with the hit drama – she confirms that she is very much still having a great deal of fun. “Always. They’re kicking my butt, but always,” she underscores. “We’re still the No. 1 drama, and that’s crazy to us even!”

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  1. Svenja says:

    Abby and Ziva. Can’t wait for that. I love this interview. Season 10 is awesome so far. Keep it up NCIS.

    • Nubie says:

      I agree :D. I just hope this latest “revelation” turns out to someone be POSITIVE in the end for Agent David. She’s been through enough “family drama” thanks to Abba Eli (Love Nouri btw)….it certainly sounds like this visit of his brings bad tidings. Many viewers are worried about Eli when this is all over (will CBS nix yet ANOTHER important character a la Franks?). The David/Israeli/ Ally/ connection is a very, very important part of the series canon and has always added that extra, essential element for story telling to the show.

      • Gibbs Fan says:

        Consider that Nouri is up on felony charges for domestic abuse and the episode is named Shiva. I think Eli is a goner.

      • Anna says:

        Given that the show chose to make ziva a US citizen in order to legitimize the plotline of making her an agent, the idea that Mossad is still involved as anything but a familial visit from daddy dearest is pretty lame at this point. 


  2. John says:

    The person I want to come back is the woman who drove that hot car in a number of early episodes, including the pilot in the closing scene when Gibbs hired Caitlin Todd when she left the Secret Service.

    • John says:

      Okay I just searched and found out that was Vivienne Bellasario… so that ship has sailed WAY over the horizon, or maybe not as her son plays McGee?

      • Barbie says:

        Sean Murray’s stepfather’s big on nepotism, isn’t he? I looked his mom up after you mentioned her, then linked to his stepfather, and lol.

  3. Barbie says:

    That sounds like a promising episode. NCIS isn’t my favorie show though I always watch it. I tend to like NCIS:LA much better. A few episodes here and there makes it worth it.

    • John says:

      Yes, NCIS: L.A. is immediately watched (well with a bit of time shifting so I can FFD the commercials) while I DVR NCIS for a later play, within the week, but later. Not sure why but it’s the pattern I drifted into towards the end of last season….

  4. estefania says:

    I can’t wait to see abby and ziva working together and I love evolution in the tony and ziva realtionship and I hope this year wil be TIVA

  5. M3rc Nate says:

    So tired of this show. I still stick around cause i have a DVR that can record 6 shows at once and when all is said and done, its still better than a lot of the junk thats on and with fast forwarding commercials and the boring procedural plots, it ends up being 30 min or less a ep.

    IMO the toying of Ziva is hurting the show. Its what, season 10? Thats insane. Get on with it already, and i dont think its one where once together it will fizzle, they have amazing chemistry and Tony/Ziva in a relationship is such a untouched story line that seeing that would be fresh and new.

    Relationships and Comedy is the biggest issue i have with NCIS, and why i love NCIS LA. On NCIS, Gibbs is a lost cause with 4 marriages and weird people he dates. And everyone else….lol they never touch on their personal lives, Tony is still single at 40+? Ziva is single at 35? McGee is single at 27? Abby is 40 and single?

    Basically they want to leave all their options open so unrealistically they never have them start dating someone and get married. Typical Shane Brennan (like with Jag) its going to be this way till season 13 or something then in the last episode…all of a sudden Abby will get with McGee like everyone wants and Tony and Ziva will get together and it will be a huge let down cause we will never get to actually SEE them together.

    NCIS LA has such great comedy, the chemistry, comedy, and sexuality between Deeks and Kensi blows anything Tony has ever had with Ziva or Kate. NCIS LA comes off (could be wrong) like they will start something (relationship for Deeks/Kensi) there BEFORE season 10.

    • Gaara says:

      LOL with Brennan as a showrunner, good luck with your Deek/Kensi – you’ll gonna need it. Meh, such a lame copy of the original Tony/Ziva, anyway.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        You obviously cant be reasoned with if you think Deeks+Kensi are a lame copy of Tiva…esp cause Tiva is a copy of JAGs guy and girl. And im not aware how influencing Brennan is on NCIS LA, but i have noticed differences, enough to make me think NCIS LA might couple Deeks-Kensi much sooner than NCIS will Tiva.

        • Shaun says:

          Agreed….Deeks/Kensi are pretty honest in a playful/joking way.When they finally get serious sparks will fly.

          • Nolan says:

            I think the best fan made pairing is Eric and Nell in NCIS LA, I mean the Christmas special’s ending, I was like, wow.

        • Anna says:

          most likely they will….because that was SB’s original plan with the mother ship til the mess broke out after Aliyah & he realized ziva and the pairing wasn’t as universally loved as he believed  


        • Gaara says:

          Yeah, let’s see… He is a goofball and she is a badass, one of them is a liason officer, replacing a team member that was killed, they went undercover as a married couple… Yeah, totally different.

          • mira says:

            Exactly. Cannot be unseen!

            Of course they will hook up Kensi & Deeks BEFORE season 10 .. Do you really think that show will last so long? I don’t

      • untroll says:

        Tony & Ziva are a mirage that’s doled out in teaspoons.
        Kensi and Scruffy are so forced I feel like the writers are waterboarding me.

    • Um… the character Ziva is not 35, and McGee is not 27. In season 10 they are – Ziva about 30 (born November 1982, was seen in one episode in her personal info), and McGee is around 35 (born around 1976-1978, cannot remember exactly). Abby’s age is not rally revealed, but since she was supposed to be late 20s, when the show began, she is now, a decade later, late 30’s I guess.
      Just wanted to be accurate.
      Also, there is nothing uncommon about people marrying/finding the right person only when not very very young anymore. It was centuries ago when people married as soon as they were adults. Modern times have changed the idea of marriage and all that.
      Even though I have my own issues with the show, I will keep watching.

      • Wanted to correct my own mistake. It was actually in NCIS:LA season 1 (2009/2010) where Abby’s age was mentioned to be late 20s, not the original NCIS. So now she’s about 3 years older. Meaning Abby is in her early 30s.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Well i get that the characters are a certain age, but i cant help knowing that the actress who plays Abby is 44, that Weatherly is 44, Sean is 35! They dont look the age they are supposed to be, they did back in season 3 but now…they look in their 40s and still single?

          Bringing up the old times and all that is fine in a dating topic about general America or w/e. But on this show? Cops? Cops notoriously get married multiple times (somewhat like gibbs except his reasoning is weirder). Really we are supposed to believe their whole lives are the job? We seem them work crazy hours and then go home and go straight to bed? When they say they go out to a bar or a function, they never meet someone they like? Idk…back in season 5 they were dating other off screen characters, now for the past few seasons its been so much so just work thats just being show..i just dont buy it. Esp with Tiva…i mean really you work with someone you have feelings for, and you might die at any time (already many death scares) and neither of you has the balls to just say lets go for it? Idk i dont believe it anymore.

          • Anna says:

            I really do not think abby is in her earlier 30’s….won’t work with beginning season canon for that to happen.  as far as ziva’s age, we’re stuck with it but it also makes NO sense given how much she’s supposedly done prior to joining NCIS in S3.  Chalk that up to SB & his inability to think that the fans could accept anything but a really young female  


          • I don’t intend to discuss this any further, but just wanted to add one more thing.
            Actors have always played characters who are sometimes much younger/older than them themselves. The actors age doesn’t mean anything. (though on some shows, like teen shows it is obvious the HS students are played by actors in their 20s) Also, I wouldn’t say the actors look their age. I’d say many of them look much younger than they really are. but that’s also just a personal opinion.

            I am from a different culture than America, and I know even personally many people in their 30’s who are not married. Though most have found that someone. There are many different kinds of relationships and couples. And it is also a well-discussed topic in the world that people are choosing careers over personal lives a lot, and starting a family much later. It is actually not as uncommon as you may think it is.

            With this show it’s not that the characters haven’t found the right person. To me it seems that both Tony & Ziva and Abby & McGee have found the right person, but it has been the writers choice not to let the characters act upon it until this season. The characters haven’t dated others for a few seasons now already, because they are not looking for someone anymore. They have found the person they had been looking for – right under their noses. One way to look at the two ships (Tiva, McAbby) of the show is – they are couples, but they just hadn’t admitted it until this season.

            People watch TV shows for different reasons. I personally hope that now that the NCIS ships are together/getting together (step by step), the show won’t turn into a family show (like some other shows have). I still hope they focus on the investigation part, and only show the personal lives stuff in between. I do not want the main focus of the show to become the everyday life (breakfast, dinner, dates, outside work activities, etc) scenes. It’s fine to show those (and I do hope the characters continue to have their fun, ” shippy” scenes at work), as long as they don’t become the main focus of the show.

        • Gibbs Fan says:

          And yet she started at NCIS in 1999, so this school of thought makes about as much sense as a 30 year old Ziva who was an operative in 2001. NCIS likes to make their females superheroines even if it doesn’t match reality. We’re supposed to believe Abby was hired at NCIS with a Master’s Degree in her mid teens? Ziva was a Mossad officer at about 19, after finishing college and compulsory military service.

          • Anna says:

            But of course!  It’s the only way to keep viewers you know….gotta keep the females ridiculously young because having a character be the actual age wouldn’t work with the demo they want to score high in…


    • Sean C. says:

      It’s a CBS procedural. They’ll continue to dance around the “will they or won’t they?” thing until the series finale, because that’s the classic TV model.

    • Nubie says:

      @Mr3rc Nate – Hi; great post.

      I usually am in agreement with everything Gaara posts ( hi Gaara – pls don’t be mad!), but I have to agree with you this time. I think the entire “will-they-won’t-they” toying is hurting the show, in fact! CBS/NCIS is milking this relationship for ALL its worth, obviously because of the Global interest it has attracted. But they do so, at their own risk. If they keep “dragging” Tiva long just to delay the inevitable (end of the series) as long as possible, they run the risk of veiwers getting sick & tired of being “strung along”. There is NO reason for them to hold back on this Tony/Ziva relationship at this point. We’re in Season TEN, for crying out loud! NCIS:LA does tend to be more exciting at times (especially the wonderful script writing – Shane B. deserves the credit as a Master story teller, and nobody did “hot Tiva” better than him!) And you are sooo right; Tony, Gibbs, Ziva (her age would be 32 – 33 actually), Tim, Abby are all getting OLD. The “game” is getting OLD. NCIS has always labeled itself as primarily a “Character-Driven” show, rather than “Storyline Driven”. Now…this technique has become a glaring problem, because the “Characters” are getting O L D, and it is time for them to MOVE ON with their lives. Tony should have been a team leader a long time ago; he looks ridiculous still pitter-pattering behind Gibbs all the time – he’s too old for that. If Ziva is going to be his woman – FINE! I’m all for it. But let them go off and work together on their own team or whatever. Abby is soooo stuck in her overgrown teenager role, poor thing!! She still walks around with pigtails & stuffed animals that fart. No wonder McGee is alone (of course, he wears capes when gaming, when he thinks nobody’s around) I just think the Characters are starting to OUTGROW their roles on the show, and it’s showing. I think NCIS truly ought to say goodbye sooner than later, for the sake of its characters.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        1000% agree with every word you said. I’d also add that i get its a procedural and it wont change, but TV is truly going the way of fantastic story telling and CHARACTERS. The truly fantastic shows arent being based around the overall job anymore. Look at the insane success of the USA networks programming. With shows like Burn Notice and White Collar and Suits etc. Their modo of “Characters Welcome” really rings true.

        Im sorry but i dont give a shi*t anymore about anyones jobs on TV, after 20 seasons of SVU and CSI and all that stuff from the 90’s when that all started…im over it, there is no more creativity or originiality anymore. Everything’s been done…another case about a terrorist plot or a guy that killed a Sailor cause he slept with his sister…I DONT CARE. I care about the characters, so THAT’s why the show feels so insanely stale to me, because if you go back to season 1, the characters are exactly the same. They havent evolved or matured or anything. 10 seasons and no change. My favorite plot was Tony and Jeanne Benoit because it was real emotion and just REAL, it was out of their office, he was evolving and maturing…but then they had him lie to her when she asked him if he felt anything and he reverted 100% back to his old self.

        Its sad that they will wring out every last drop of cash they can from this show until the actors decide to move on and the show gets canned cause the actor who plays Gibbs is done with NCIS. They could be creative and have artistic integrity and refresh the show after 10 seasons, get couples together, have a character or two leave and be replaced by great actors/characters…hell i bet they could spin off NCIS-____ (fill in location) and have Tony be the team leader and him bring Ziva to be his right hand on that team (and them starting dating) and that show would instantly be a hit. Let it be more comical and involved in the characters lives then ALL about the case.

        If i have to watch a procedural i prefer it be like Numb3rs was, great cases, a unique way to solve them (in that case, math), BUT the show heavily show the characters lives. Charlie and his partner/gf/wife..i loved that story line..and the brother with his trouble dating etc..loved that too. Hell i loved the evolution of the father.

        • Nubie says:

          Well Said – WELL said!! *Sigh* I’m not a huge TV watcher; I don’t have a ton of free time, so I have to keep my watching on a very short list. NCIS is indeed formulaic, but I suppose that works for the show. When it is over, there will not be another like it…ever. There is something special about it; Gibbs is The Star, as he should be. I don’t know about you, but when Mr. Harmon leaves, I wouldn’t want to keep watching it without him! Gibbs & his team are forever intertwined, until he decides to retire (for real!!), or “Face the Music” re: Mexico & Pedro Hernandez, Abby finally confessing (on the witness stand??) that she’s always known, etc. I’ve always felt that this is the way NCIS will end. But personally, I really don’t think “Tiva” & Gibbs/Mexico is enough for NCIS to keep justifying “more season renewals”. They could EASILY tie up those two “Big Gun plots”, if you will, in one final season, and call it a day! As far as Tony/Ziva in a new location/new show…hey, you never know!! But isn’t Brennan spearheading a new spinoff anyways? NCIS mobilized or something? I could see T/Z/McGee or other recognizable faces from the Mothership showing up in that new series, so that fans could see that they’re still part of the agency, but finally moving forward & doing other things – as they should be by now. You’re absolutely right; the Characters are the most valuable asset of any good series – NOT the storylines. Nobody would give a crap about “Navy CIS” if it didn’t have such a great cast of characters. Once the characters get stuck in boring, stale storytelling….you have a huge problem on your hands, and the characters suffer. I think NCIS’ characters are starting to suffer from stagnancy, because the show runner(s) refuse to see the Writing on the Wall, and wrap this thing up sooner than later. I truly love NCIS, but I’d much rather see the freshness/ integrity of the characters remain intact, than to see them sludge into more seasons, just to keep the “show going”. JMO though.

      • Gibbs Fan says:

        With the way the advertised as Tiva centric episodes have performed in America this season, CBS and NCIS have a right to be worried. The characters are outgrowing their roles, you’re right. Tony has been stagnating under Gibbs rule for the last couple of years. And the team needs a new probie, someone to teach.

        • Anna says:

          Definitely… Ziva *should* have filled the probie role for at least a season or 2 but she jumped to some sort of strange promotion to senior field agent & now gives orders to Tony & McGee without a comment from Gibbs….


          • Kath says:

            Since she had been functioning at the level of senior field agent for the past 6 years, it would be counterproductive to limit her to the role of probie.

            Gibbs will always be Mike’s probie, Tony will always be Gibbs’ probie, McGee will always be Tony’s probie. But there’s a difference between being called ‘probie’ and having to work in a junior capacity. They called Ziva a probie for the first she when she switched from being a liason officer to regular NCIS but since she can on knowing more about active field work than McGee, they couldn’t her doing probie things.

          • Anna says:

             Might want to recheck your post…..

            Unless they did so & never showed it, they never actually made ziva the SFA on the team.  Supposedly that’s Tony – not that you’d know it from the way ziva acts, of course….


          • Anna says:

            befuddled over the idea, as kath says, that ziva is & has been functioning as the team’s SFA….


          • Lizzie says:

            But Ziva did fill the probie role, being called probie and being given the nastier jobs. She wasn’t promoted out of probationary status until season 9, I think.

          • Anna says:

            You missed the point….ziva barely filled the ‘probie’ role & was minimally referred to as the probie & the one time she was by Tony, you’d have thought he did something truly awful given her over the top snark.  since last season, she seems to have jumped to the 2IC of the team – giving orders to both Tony & McGee while Gibbs just stands there uselessly & lets her – much in the same way he does when his various GF-wanna-bes have taken over his team


      • silencero says:

        nubie! That was well said. I agree with everything you said 100%.

        • Nubie says:

          @silencero – Hi! :D Thanks. You know me by now; I’m blunt. As far as ratings…anything Tiva will ALWAYS be a huge draw, because they are a goldmine for the Network, and their charisma and/or popularity has evoloved beyond the TV show; they sell a ton of magazines, newspapers and generate hits for websites for bloggers & reporters who mention them. Any viewer who thinks even for a second that the T/Z B-plot doesn’t help keep the ratings for NCIS high is living in Fantasy Land. Gibbs is great, but alone does NOT cut it anymore; Tony by himself is NOT that interesting; Abby & McGee, Vance, Ducky are nice, but they do NOT get the kind of attention that Tony & Ziva generate – they ARE, indeed, a huge part of the draw – especially for the prized demo group that all networks go after. That’s precisely why their relationship is being piece-mealed to the audience at a “Snail’s pace”. Like I said earlier…the Network will continue to milk this thing for all it’s worth, but at their own risk against audience impatience for an already-aging series.

          • Gibbs Fan says:

            I’m interested, Nubie, in what you might think the lower ratings for Shell Shock might be. There was a huge Tiva push in the media for these two episodes, and they, but not NCIS LA and Vegas, under performed,

      • kevin says:

        this is totally my opininon but you obviously dont understand the show. the team is a family tony had a chance to get his own team but he turnned it down because he wanted to stay with his “family” (ncis) im not a big fan of abby because she is little miss perfect but other than that i love her! plus, if you guys have nothing good to say about the show stop watching it and get off this page because it obviously was not meant for you!

    • Kate says:

      Uh – I’m 46 and still single. Chose to stay that way. It’s irritating to me when everyone thinks everyone in the world needs to be married to be ‘happy’. I love being single. I’m hoping they skip Tiva because relationships with co-workers is a bad idea. Wouldn’t care if they married one or two of the characters off screen with people they don’t work with (didn’t mind Tony and EJ or Ziva and Damon) – but it would be nice if they didn’t feel everyone had to get married to be happy.

      That said – I am looking forward to seeing Abby and Ziva working together. We’ve had some great Tony/Tim and Ducky/Jimmy moments this year which I hope will continue but it’s nice to see the girls get some time together. I like Tony and Ziva to have interactions with characters other than each other. CBS’s/Glasburg’s focus on Tiva has taken some of the other interaction opportunities away. I miss Tony/Abby, Tim/Ziva and Gibbs/Tony interactions.

    • Briana says:

      I completely agree. I stopped watching after Season 7- actually I watched the first two episodes of Season 7 and then stopped. I cant stand NCIS now. Season 6 was the last best season. Season 7, 8 and present (9) just plain out suck. It’s not just b/c of TIVA, the show just feels way way different and not in a good way and I dont like it……..NCIS Los Angeles on the other hand, probably my FAVORITE show on TV atm, along with Rizolli & Isles & Blue Bloods. Fantastic scripts each week, fabulous cast and cases, Shane Brennon really struck gold with LA……NCIS now just sucks.

  6. Jane says:

    This is a terrible idea. Ziva is the least interesting but most annoying character on the show and I’m really tired of Abby’s little girl routine. They need to let her ditch the pigtails and start looking and acting like an adult. She is in her 40s and she still acts like she’s in her 20s. Without the guys the show will just boring.

    • Gaara says:

      Well, haters gonna hate. Btw just because the actress is 43, it doesn’t mean that the character is 43. In Abby’s NCIS LA episode it was stated that she was in her late 20s… I’m not happy about it either, but I guess that it’s canon.

      • Gibbs Fan says:

        Actually it wasn’t, What was stated was that the killer wanted Abby to fill his late 20s spot. That was his impression and not a scientific, or logical, assessment,

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Couldnt agree more, though i guess its true she is supposedly playing a much younger character. And its not like the actress LOOKS her age…but still…i agree i wish they would transform her to essentially be the actress, which is to say, her hair down but still dyed with tats, still weird/goth outfits (actress has worn leather skirt on talk shows before with cool weird t shirts) but is much more mature. Abby comes off as very stunted now. 10 seasons of major issues and playing around and hugging teddy bears…its gotten old.

      I personally like Ziva, but some in my family dont and i understand their opinions. When you really consider what is the best woman for Tony (a character i really do like but wish would mature also, i really liked him in the ep when he was told he was too much of a jokester so he told no jokes and came in in a legit suit etc) i dont think lines up with who Ziva is and what she brings to a relationship. I see Tony needing someone playful like him, and not broken with a bad past and trust issues. I dont see much chemistry with Ziva and Tony, and saw barely any at all between Tony and Kate.

      Hence my love for Kensi+Deeks, they have legit chemistry that sparks out of the tv screen. Shes sometimes serious but often very playful or quirky. They are right for each other.

      Only fact thats weird to me is knowing Ruah (Kensi) is dating in real life, (Deeks) Eric Olsen’s brother (his former Navy SEAL stunt double). Lol awkward family dinners when sitting by her BF and her job is to make out with his brother. lol.

      • Suncatcher says:

        Good points, M3rc Nate! And, Eric Olsen is now married (June 23). It’s complicated, as they say…

      • Gibbs Fan says:

        This rivals the Bellisario family dinners, from what it appears. I enjoy Kensi and Deeks, but I wish they’d stop making Deeks the butt of so many jokes.

    • Shameful says:

      Jane: Correction. Abby does NOT behave like she’s in her 20’s. She behaves like she’s in her TWEENS and dresses like an over-sexed pre-schooler. I think Shane Brennan et. al. have some “8 is too late” issues that need to be addressed.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Totally agree with that correction. It was cute for a few its just sad. :-/ I imagine the only thing keeping the actors there is the insane pay. So many actors leave things when the character gets stale, doesnt evolve or mature…NCIS has to be the most stagnant cast of characters iv ever watched. When theres more growth from the characters on Parks and Rec..then on your 10 season long cop show (NCIS)…uv gotta seriously take a look at what your writing.

      • Gibbs Fan says:

        NCIS has ham strung themselves with the superheroine female characters and everyone having Daddy issues and men mourning mothers who died in childhood. I’d hoped McGee was going to be the one to have a stable relationship with his father. Alas.

    • Gibbs Fan says:

      NCIS does women no favors. Ziva has terrible judgment in men and has serious boundary issues in the field. Abby keeps reverting to little girl needing her daddy (Gibbs). Vance and Palmer, as well as all the other male characters, are more well rounded that the caricatures of Warrior and Lolita they paint Ziva and Abby as.

  7. Laura says:

    Awwwwwww Tiva <3 I'm very happy for this notice ;) I can't wait :DDD . Abby and Ziva together beautiful!!! One Question, Cote in the eleventh season will go away? :'(

  8. Gaara says:

    Love ya, Cote <3

  9. AymieJoi says:

    Can we PLEASE stop with the Jealous Tony/Ziva stuff? It’s just gag-worthy. I love this show, I really do, but I’m starting to get tired of things like this, and like Abby’s constant immaturity and attention-seeking. It’s getting old. A spin off with Tony, Gibbs, Ducky and Jimmy would make me very happy right now, as Abby is wicked annoying lately, and I never really warmed to Ziva in the first place. Ok, rant over. NCIS is on. ; )

  10. ana says:

    Gotta laugh at part of the article….MW has *never* promoted Tiva whereas CdP has *always* been its cheerleader. It was GG who proclaimed this was the season of Tiva. Not sure why there’s an attempt to sell our intelligence short.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Michael Weatherly’s words, if you followed the link above: “This is the year [for Tiva]. Trust me. This is the year.”

      • Adrianna says:

        Bravo Matt! We all have long terms memory! Tiva FTW!!!

        • estefania says:

          I second that , people who are writing here to have many wrong information about storyline and actors that they said and you are rock MATT for reading comments and correcting some mistakes and TIVA HEART FOREVER

      • Cleo says:

        You’ve interviewed MW more than once, so I guess you’re the right man to ask this: don’t you find a little weird that the man that has always been against tiva and any ship on NCIS, all of sudden starts promoting this trick (sorry, do not like tiva)?

        In an interview about 200th episode, Michael said “They [Tony & Ziva] certainly do a dance with each other and they have terrible timing, but I think it has been very much their friend. They’ve been able to get to know each other without the complication of a physical consummation. It would be a disaster if they became a couple, a disaster. Because it’s not Bones or Castle. You put characters like that together. Where do you go then?”

        Only last month (Oct.) ,at MIPCOM in Cannes, during an interview with Tele Magazine +, Michael said ”I say and I will always say that nothing serious should happen between them, the tension between them must be maintained at all costs! If they get together, that will be it, done, what will there be left to tell? On the other hand, I think they meant for each other, that “it was written,” but that this should remain a frustrated love. That being said, I have the feeling that the scenario is going to bring them closer more and more but that something will make it fail at the very last moment! Like: they could be together, they almost get together but for a reason or another, none of it will not happen. It’s very important for the show that something always and constantly impede their progress. Like I’ve said before, it’s not Bones or Castle [in which the main characters are now together or have admitted feelings for each other]. As a matter of fact, I didn’t like it either in Dark Angel when they put Max and my character Logan together : I think a part of the audience stopped watching because they wasn’t any suspense or tension anymore !”

        And now, all of sudden, he’s promoting tiva everywhere? Mmmm…
        I always hear a hint of sarcasm in Michael’s voice when he talks about Tony & Ziva as a couple (but maybe it’s just me).

        I could be wrong, but I got the feeling that Michael is promoting ‘the year of the tiva’ because this is what NCIS/CBS TPTB told him to say. After all it’s not a secret that the most part of what actors say in their interviews is planned/controlled by their employer.

        I don’t want to stir up any trouble. I’d just like to know the opinion of a man that knows show biz and actors better than anyone of us. Thank you :)

        • Wanda says:

          Hi Cleo :) I think you bring up a great point about Weatherly – but not in the way you intended it to come across….sorry to say. I think Michael, HAS, in fact, see-sawed more than once regarding his character & David, but not for the right reasons. The fickleness in his varied responses when asked about Tiva has actually caused his credibility to somewhat diminish in the eyes of many viewers. He comes across as talking out of BOTH sides of his mouth, unfortunately. As a viewer, I have to be honest with you in saying that I could not possibly care less (even I wanted to) about “Weatherly’s opinion” about Tony OR Ziva. This is not “Weatherly-CIS”, it is NCIS; he doesn’t own the series, or the network. He’s just an employee – albeit a valued one – just like Cote is, and everyone else on the staff of the NCIS series. He may “know show biz”, but it’s certainly not clear that he knows HOW Show Business sucessfully functions: 1) Money/Ratings always rule decisions 2) The Audience is Always Boss, so give them what they want. The actors are there to do a job, NOT opine inconsistently at the drop of a hat. CBS has absolutely done the right thing in moving forward with Tony & Ziva’s relationship – whatever the heck it is – because that is what the Global Audience CLEARLY wants to see. It is settled. Even the media (TV Line, Tv Guide, Extra, Ent. Tonight, etc.) is chomping at the bit to see these two characters come together. The point is…Tiva SELLS. This Dyamic duo has the best chemistry on TV in recent years, and they’ve become a serious Cash Cow for the network, and there is NO WAY on Earth CBS is going to give up that income/free PR. It’s all about the money. That’s why if Mr. Weatherly is truly “show-biz savvy” (which I believe he is, to an extent), then the best thing he can do is just stop commenting so much on his own opinion (this is not about him), and do what his beautiful co-star does: simply state that it’s up to the writers and/or the show runners – period. A major part of the NCIS fanbase has been faithfully waiting over 8 years to see all this “Tiva” marketing hype & teasing by the network finally materialize. I think Weatherly is on-board – even if he primarily opposed in the past due to [selfishly] wanting to keep Tony as a womanizing “lone wolf” so that he can enjoy continued employment with each new season renewal & fat contract – now that he realizes there truly IS “nowhere to go”, since NCIS is in the last stretch of its livelihood as a show. Tony & Ziva WILL be part of the Endgame for NCIS; no doubt about it. There’s a whole world-wide audience who agrees that it’s about time :D

          • Cleo says:

            Hi! Are you sure that tiva still sells?
            Judging from the latest ratings, every time they promote an episode with a tiva scene, the ratings go down (except SP but just because people wanted to see the end of SF), but as soon as they stop promoting any emotional scene between these two characters (LaS, Namesake), the ratings go up again.
            I’m not so sure that this subplot is still so wanted by viewers. And I emphasize viewers. I’m sure that the most part of tiva and Ziva’s fans want it to happen, but judging from ratings and what I keep reading through the web, Tony’s fans and normal viewers are really fed up of this trick. Many LEOs even left the show after Reunion.
            IMO tiva never started because there’s no chemistry between the characters and the actors. And even if it started, it completely died at the end od S6, unless we want to change NCIS into The Bold & The Beautiful, where Thorne shot Ridge in the head and after a few episodes there were all smiles and hugs, as if nothing had happened.
            What shocks me is that some people are willing to give up the credibility of the show, just to have Tony and Ziva in love, kissing and sleeping together.
            NCIS is fiction, but it’s also a show based on a real federal Agency with real Agents, Marine Corps and US Navy, so IMO tptb should respect these people and their rules.
            It’s well-known that, though there can be married or in love agents/cops/Marines/sailors, they can’t work on the same team.
            So what would happen if they put Tony and Ziva together? Two options: 1. they become liars and go against NCIS rules; 2. they transfer one of them and we say goodbye to one of them, but who?
            Unless, as I already said, NCIS becomes a soap-opera where everything is possible. In this case, I’m sure the most part of viewers would quit the show in a blink.

            I know that MW’s just an actor on the show (as all the others) but, as other people are interested in what CdP says, I’m interested in what he says and I’ve notice a suspicious pattern: every time Michael says something even barely against tiva, a few days later tptb release a tiva spoiler or he twitts something pro-tiva. Mmmmm….
            Only now, that it looks like tiva doesn’t work so much anymore, CdP has starting to say that it’s up to the writers and that maybe it’s what MW wants. In the past, she promoted all Tony&Ziva’s scenes as tiva moments and the most part of *her* spoilers fell flat. Tptb even cut the most part of these scenes (for ex. 200th episode) very often.

            The media don’t want tiva. They want what TV channels tell them to want and promote. If CBS decided that they want Tony and Abby to fall in love and have ten children, media would quit tiva in a nanosecond and they would be all pro this new couple.

            Sorry, but I don’t like this comment ”wanting to keep Tony as a womanizing “lone wolf” so that he can enjoy continued employment with each new season renewal & fat contract”. MW plays one of the two most important characters of the show. Tony’s the most complex and complicated characters of NCIS and if he Michael left, NCIS would died in a few months.
            Tony’s much much more than the womanizer, buffon and Ziva’s accessory that SB’s reign of terror gave us for years. If people do not see it, well I’m sorry for them because they’re losing the best part of the show.
            Michael’s amazingly talented and he deserves all money they give him, because of what he brings in the every scene he plays and because he’s often saved scenes that, with any other actor, would have been unwatchable. I can’t say the same thing about other people in the cast.
            MW perfectly knows the show-biz and this is the reason why he says what they tell him to say and he would be stupid to risk his fabulous job just to go against CBS, but this doesn’t mean that he’s on-board. Actually, his behavior when he talks about tiva clearly shows (IMO) discomfort, dislike and sarcasm. In the latest TvGuide photo shoot, during the tiva photo shoot, he was the picture of the discomfort and embarrassment JMO
            Even SB and GG said that a big part of their huge success is due to the costant reruns. Funny that the most part of reruns are about the first 4 seasons of the show, when tiva was light and people could see whatever they wanted between these two characters. Now that tiva anvils are really heavy and tptb force these moments in every episode, ratings go down. The questions is: will tiva fans enough to keep NCIS at #1? I don’t think so.

            Ya know what? We can discuss ’till the end of the world, but unfortunately we and actors can decide what will happen on the show *sigh* So it’s better if we take every spoiler cum grano salis, because usually when we read a spoiler, we picture out things that never happen on the show.
            I’ve got the feeling that this new (stale, boring, repetitive) jelous-Tony will be just nosy-Tony and we’ll see this subplot for only a few seconds lol

            Sorry, for this too long post :)

          • Inés says:

            I don’t think MW has lost any credibilty in the eyes of many viewers. He simply says what he really thinks, but then (as CBS/NCIS employee) he has got to say what his employer wants him to say so he has got to say ”It’s the year of the Tiva”, because Tv Channels still believe in the old and stale ‘sex sells’.

            I’ve a question: why all of this tiva in this season?
            I could be wrong, but I’ve got the feeling that they’re building something strong between Tony and Ziva, because CdP won’t come back in S11. So they’ll have a heartbreaking SF.
            Don’t kill me, please. It’s just a feeling lol :)

            A friend told me that there’s a difference between ‘season of tiva’ and ‘the season of the tiva’ (as MW said). Is it true?
            Sorry, I’m not English mother-language.

          • Anna says:

            I’d say it was true…. a ‘season of tiva’ says that the relationship itself will happen.  A ‘season of THE tiva’ means (at least in the eyes of the person who said it) something completely different & not at all favorable in that person’s POV.


          • Dani says:

            @Cleo Sorry Cleo, but your desire to perhaps think in your own mind that Tiva suddenly doesn’t sell, or that MW was “uncomfortable” during any of his MANY Tiva-inspired publicity shoots is just wishful thinking on your part, and that of your Anti-Ziva/Anti-Tiva buddies. TV Guide has made a KILLING off of this Duo. Ask them, if you choose to believe otherwise. Clearly, you have based your premature “ratings” judgment on the results that are released JUST after a 1st run ep airs, rather than the REAL, TRUE results that are ALWAYS adjusted later in the week – especially due to the millions of viewers who RECORD the show, rater than watch it live. For example, NCIS earned its highest ratings EVER, with the S10 season premiere (24M+) – even surpassing the monumental 7×01 episode. People tuned to see if Ducky & Tim were okay, and most DEFINITELY to see what would happen in that elevator with Tony & Ziva!! Namesake was NOT a huge success for NCIS; it was average, in fact. You also selectively forget that DWTS, The Voice, and other shows like those are also very popular nowadays. There’s nothing wrong with NCIS having some competition. It’s healthy for the show. I hope it makes them step up and bring more “Castle-caliber” excitement to the series before it’s over. Furthermore, Tony & Ziva have NOT been promoted by CBS as “the key storyline” for any of the episodes that have aired so far this season, so people are NOT tuning in/tuning out because of “them”. Viewers don’t know how much “Tiva” is even going to BE in the episode, before they watch it or record it, so your argument holds no weight at all. If you think that the “Tiva Cash Cow” is not helping the show this late in the game, then you know NOTHING about Show Business, sorry to be direct. Also, nobody ever said that MW didn’t know the business, but he certainly needed to be SCHOOLED, it seems, on consistency in what he says. The same thing happend with Nathan F. and Castle; he used to vocally oppose the idea of his character & Beckett getting together on the show for the same reasons as MW used to – and spoke against it often. But he wised up – QUICKLY – when he saw how valuable it became to the show, and his paycheck. Now, Castle is wiping up the competition on Monday nights, because of his character’s relationship with Beckett. They have gone even farther than Tony & Ziva, and clearly, it’s what the AUDIENCE wanted to see. I think MW gets it now. It’s not up to him or any other cast member, anyways. It’s up to the Network that employs them, and the audience that demands some HEAT. Tony & Ziva always bring the Heat, when the show runners ALLOW them to do so. Let’s hope NCIS’s producers take a cue from “Castle”. Enough said.

          • Gibbs Fan says:

            But Weatherly is personally impacted by a fandom, a segment of which defaced a photograph of his child because of some misguided (and, frankly, psychotic) notion that MW’s family is keeping him away from a sexual relationship with his co-worker. It is a very good thing that these crazies are on the fringe side of fandom. and by crazies, let me be clear that I’m talking specifically about the “MOTE” shippers and not anyone who ships any pairing on the show. Look at some of the tweets people send him. There was even one where someone expressed a hope that his wife die in a car accident so he and another actress on his show can be together, and they send this to his attentions. He has more invested in the stories, the work, and as a director and second lead, he has more invested than much of the cast. It is, as you said, his employment, and as such, he has a much deeper investment than any of us ever will.

            As for your assessments of what Weatherly realizes, none of us can possibly know that. Yes, Tiva plays well in parts of the world (France, Spain come to mind) but the majority of the audience just watches casually and isn’t invested in the show in the least and don’t care either way. While the worldwide audience is something to consider, it is not the be all and end off of an American show’s success or failure.

      • Gibbs Fan says:

        I suspect there is a break between Tiva as in a romantic coupling and Tiva, as in scenes with Tony and Ziva, which may be two people in the field. The media constantly promotes the second as the first, making fans on all sides upset.

        • Cleo says:

          Actually, it’s the opposite.
          Media tend to promote the (fake) romantic side of tiva and almost completely forget the colleagues/teammates side of Tony and Ziva. In fact the most part of tiva’s fans’ comments are about Tony and Ziva dating, jelous-Tony, jelous-Ziva, ‘they’re in love’ and ‘put them together’.

          • Gibbs Fan says:

            That was what I was saying in a roundabout way. For example, the Tony’s mother and Tali reveal moments were heavily promoed as Tiva romance. The majority of the fans seemed to view it as two coworkers bonding over shared losses. It may be an unpopular view, but I think the Tali scene would have played even better with Ziva and McGee, since he has a younger sister and could have related in a way Tony couldn’t.

    • breckan says:

      LOL Ana, just ANOTHER incidence of you not having the facts before you spout off. You would think that you would learn by now. Nothing like being put in your place by the man who actually interviewed Michael Weatherly and heard the words right out of his mouth. You really should get a clue.

  11. ana says:

    Forgot to add….with CdP’s contract up this season, hope it isn’t too much to ask that she leaves….tired of ziva & her cartoon character abilities….

    • breckan says:

      never gonna happen! people love Ziva and they love Cote. Most of the Ziva haters are those shippers where Ziva interfers with their little slasher Tibbs fandom. There may be a few gen fans who don’t like her just like there are gen fans who don’t like Tony or Abby or McGee or whomever for whatever reason, but by and large its the slashers who have intense hate for Ziva and Cote. You fall right into that category because I know for a fact you are a Tibbs slasher.

      • Anna says:

        You’d be incorrect breckan but hey that’s not the only thing you’re wrong about


        • breckan says:

          nope pretty sure I am right – I have seen you in the other forums spouting off. And if memory serves me correctly, you are the only one being proven wrong time and time again. So see, wrong again. …LOL

      • estefania says:

        well said

      • Gibbs Fan says:

        Normally, I’d agree, though the cheap shot at the Tibbs fans is terribly annoying, The hatred and homophobia thrown around because someone likes a slash pairing (MCGee/Tony, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Ducky/Gibbs, etc) reflects really badly on those tossing it around. However, look at the nosedive NCIS (and only NCIS) ratings took for this heavily promoed “Tiva arc”.It seems some segment of viewers (Approx 2-2.5 million) turned their tvs off or changed the channel for NCIS, while NCIS La’s ratings stayed steady.

        • Gerry Anne says:

          everything I have seen concerning Tibbs fans (and slashers) concerns their hate for the Tiva pairing and the Ziva character – homophobia has nothing to do it – but that is your convenient pass off whenever someone doesn’t like a slash pairing – is that it is homophobic. I don’t like Tibbs not because I am homophobic, but because I don’t see them that way (and neither does the show). Yet I don’t go on forums bashing that pairing or any other slash pairing. The only negative thing said about slashers is that they post the majority of the hate, and from where I am sitting, that is the truth.

          • Anna says:

            You obviously don’t see much gerry anne…I’ve played in het, gen & slash in this fandom & it’s rather sickening the amount of hate I see coming from the tiva part of the het fandom alone.  Now why is that?


          • Gibbs Fan says:

            I read some comments on this forum that were downright disgusting about how sick and disgusting the NCIS slashers were. One in specific was called out for the specific fanfiction she writes. Ducky and Gibbs slashers were called on the carpet, Gibbs and Tony, and McGee and Tony shippers. I don’t ship any of the pairings myself, but when someone says things like “only sick perverts would ever ship Gibbs and Tony, that’s disgusting to want two men together.” I do believe it ticks into homophobia.It bothers me as much as the incest comments thrown around to Gibbs and Abby shippers did.

          • Anna says:

            Gibbs Fan – there is a very small portion of ncis fans who have serious issues with fans who like any other pairing but their own & unfortunately most of those fans do seem to ship T/Z.  They like to claim incest & homophobia & any other cliche they can come up with along with a variety of other insults to the other posters.  Yet they, of course, are the ‘true fans’


        • Kath says:

          It wasn’t a comment about Tibbs fans in general, only that poster in particular who seems to really hate the character of Ziva.

          Like any of the other non-canon ships (Tony/McGee, Ducky/Gibbs, Abby/Gibbs, Abby/Tony), people are free to ship who they want to ship. But they should keep in mind that it *is* a non-canon pairing and unlikely to show up on the show itself.

          • Gibbs Fan says:

            There are some who do. However, the most virulent anti Zivas seem to be the gen ones who don’t wish for any pairings. Go figure!

          • Anna says:

            Then kath – Tiva fans need to keep the same thing in mind.   The ‘tease’ as the media calls it – when done *correctly* – is something that can be taken many different ways


    • estefania says:

      please I respect your opnion, but cote de pablo is a wonderful and talented actress and her performance as ziva david magnific, because this character is so deep… so and I have to say that millions of people like or love ziva’s character around of the world , and we wait that she is going to sign new contract

      • Anna says:

        & there is the same number that hopes she’s GONE much like this ep tomorrow night…. Ziva has become stale & tired & very much like a cartoon with her supposed ‘abilities’.  She also has 2 emotions – snark & the wobbly lip & suddenly making her everyone’s BFF, as they are attempting to do with Abby tomorrow night, will not help.  She drags the show down with every scene she is in….  


        • estefania says:

          maybe you are tired, but other people not and you should respect to other , because I feel that you are offensive with you words about cote , maybe you don’t see different between real and fiction reality… this is okay if you don’t like the character , but it is different when you are attack to actres…

          I AM COTE DE PABLO FAN FOREVER… I love her

          • anna says:

            Catch a clue please….the only thing I said about cdp is I don’t want her back – all the other adjectives are about the character.

          • Gina says:

            Clearly there is a hater in the midst… I will admit I did like the Kate character a little better than Ziva character, but Kate is long gone… I like Ziva and I can’t see her leaving the show… as far as Tiva is concerned I often hope they just hook up but then again, the suspense is kind of intriguing, I don’t see it lasting though if they do hook up them… Either way I love the show, I hope they keep the cast as is until the end, so long as they mature with the show and not get stuck portraying the same tendencies as when the show began.. Evolve

          • Anna says:

            ahhh…Gina – having a difference of opinion does NOT make one a hater…when are people like you going to *get* it?


        • jen says:

          no way. ziva is my favorite. coty has brilliantly evolved her character from the start. she’s kenetic,totally kick-a, full range of emotions from funny to serious. ziva knows the frat boy so well and definitely has feelings for tony,as does he for ziva. its about time to end the denial and get it on.

          • Anna says:

            Ziva has 2 emotions – snark & wobbly lip….plus she plays the daddy card on Gibbs to get her way.  Her bad a$$ as you put it is nothing more than writing for a superhero cartoon show (NBK fight scene anyone?) Her ‘feelings’ for Tony are laughable & only come up when the show needs to pacificy the bleeting tiva fans on twitter when they threaten to leave or start a writing campaign claiming to ‘love’ the show as a whole.  Other than that she’s a snarky spoiled brat who needs to be deported ASAP


          • suzi says:

            And you wonder, Anna, why the word “hater” came up…

          • Anna says:

            I don’t wonder…I know why – because there is a faction of the fandom who can’t stand that there are fans who don’t like the character they love & since they just don’t get it they revert to the use of the word ‘hater’ because it’s the only justification they can come up with.  shrug – it’s their problem really…because they’re the ones who like to preach about loving the whole show but the *only* thing they go to bat for is ziva/tiva.  (& yes this is documented in many different areas but most ostensibly in comments when voting for the PCA comes up)


          • jen says:

            thank-you,suzi. have loved the character ziva since she 1st arrived. the ziva we see today is not the ziva who shot her brother to save gibbs. cote has peeled away ziva’s hardened shell, caused by her life events ,slowly over the years to reveal this wonderful warm,caring woman, as shown in the last episode. am so ready for tiva,as stupid as some may see it. love cote so much.

          • Anna says:

            Not seeing how a privileged childhood could lead to ziva having a hardened shell when she first arrived.  There’s been no canon indication that ziva was anything but a near-spoiled little girl growing up Israel….


        • Gibbs Fan says:

          Having read your posts here and elsewhere for a great long time, hater does seem to be an appropriate term, Anna. You’ve made it clear over a period of time that your dislike is for actress and character, and pairing, and you have attacked many dozens of fans who haven’t agreed with your opinions. You even attacked a recurring NCIS actor on Twitter, to the point that he blocked you.

          • Anna says:

            Laughing hysterically here because I don’t even *have* a twitter account.  Haven’t had one for years & will never have one again.  & this little fact alone pretty much negates every other word you wrote because  of it’s falsehood.


    • Gibbs Fan says:

      I hope someone leaves this season–or joins, not fussy. The show NEEDS a shaeup. It has been the same cast for the last five years. We need a probie, a change in status (Maybe Gibbs can move to a desk agent/supervisory role), but we need something Keeping the show the same is stagnating all the characters.

      • Anna says:

        I, for one, am hoping Tony gets his own team – of completely NEW characters.  It’s something that should have happened seasons ago (after Mexico) but for whatever reason SB chose to push Ziva forward at that point (end S5 thru beginning S7)


        • Lizzie says:

          Or SB and GG decided against a story development that would sideline MW and his new team. I don’t seriously imagine that NCIS show runner would consent to making Gibbs a secondary character on a regular basis. In ten seasons we’ve only seen other team members lead an investigation a handful of times. Given his own team, DiNozzo would be seen as rarely as Vance or Palmer. But perhaps you’d prefer seeing Tony a great deal less often.

          I’m posting with the benefit of hindsight, but the ratings for this episode were pretty awesome.

  12. Looking forward to seeing Ziva and Abby in this episode! We’ve been wanting to see an episode with the two of them working together for a long time. I love how Cote is being coy with us on the Year of TIVA, which Michael did indeed promote before the season premiere. I’m loving the TIVA moments we’ve seen so far and look forward to even more in future episodes. I’m also looking forward to seeing Eli come back as this Ziva-centric episode sounds enlightening. I know Cote’s talented enough to pull this off and can’t wait to see this episode.

  13. Kathi says:

    Really looking forward to the Abby/Ziva scenes. The show needs some sisterhood every now and again. I really can’t imagine TPTB would devote so much screen time to the development of the Tiva relationship only to have it go nowhere. If the end destination was “nowhere” or “friendship” – why bother with the Season of Tiva as they were already good partners and friends, from a storytelling perspective that would’t make much sense. They could have left well enough alone, but they chose to pinpoint the relationship this season…Never before in all the years of teasing the relationship has it been this deliberate and foremost, and this fan is very happy about that. I love Tiva!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Very much looking forward to this episode. Abby and Ziva don’t get much screen time together, which is a shame, so this is really going to be a treat for me (and hopefully not a one-time thing). :D Alex Kingston guest starring is just the icing on the cake.
    As for the Tiva bit, all I can say is, please, GG, don’t tease us much longer. I’m loving all the warm and fuzzy moments we’ve been getting this season; please don’t break the momentum.

  15. estefania says:

    Anna , I made a mistake , but do you watch NCIS since beginning?, you can se real chemistry of whole cast and tiva, so NCIS la is a copy of ncis ,this is good, so can copy Ideas, relation, but the special chemistry that a group of people has as ncis orignal has and specially tiva has chemistry unequalled , we don’t find … so I respect you Idea about ziva , but this character is great because this makes to feel diffrent fellings as love, hate, dislike, this is value of this character , one many character could do so many feelings as this…

    • Anna says:

      Sorry – absolutely NOTHING good about ziva & it’s past time for the character to be written off.  Especially since the much publicized ‘season of tiva’ is bleeding viewers.   As far as NCIS LA goes, surely you know that according to the network it is NOT a spinoff of NCIS – because if it was they’d be owing DPB (the creator of NCIS) millions due to its successes & the fact that SB created it & CBS put it on air without bothering to check the contract with DPB.


      • estefania says:

        but tncis la is a spin off, , it has squelete of NCIS , how should interacte its character, also this unit in real ncis doesn’t exist..also brennan have never written, his show, without to base in NCIS…so he made all posible for don’t do similar in almost everything to : enveroiment,building, etc… but he keeps essential of characters and the perfect mix between humor, action and storylines about more characters than cases as NCIS original has…vut I respect you opinion, altought I don’t agree with you , bye

        but special unique chemistry I can see in NCIS original and TIVA

        • Anna says:

          You missed the point este… I totally *know* that NCIS LA is a spinoff.  Heck even publicizing it, they refer to NCIS as the mothership…but the NETWORK had to say it wasn’t a spinoff because of legal issues with DPB (the creator of NCIS)


  16. diane says:

    I like that Cote states that the writers/producers just toy with the viewers when it comes to Tiva. At least she is honest.

  17. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Ugh, I REALLY hope we’re not in for another year of being strung along! I hope there is real progress for Tony and Ziva!

  18. June says:

    I love all of the actors on Ncis , i think they are fantastic especially Gibbs , i enjoy watching him and Ziva.

  19. Kathy says:

    Just reading these comments. It’s really annoying that one person makes several comments under different users. You think no one notices. Glad Matt pointed out incorrect comments from those same person users. Personally I loved this interview. Like what GAry is doing this year. Great show and acting. Can’t wait to see the show in which Michael just tweeted about Cote being a fantastic actress and Tiva getting complicated. Abby is portrayed as a caring loving person and I think she’s terrific. Now this will be the only comment because I don’t want to send several redundant annoying different user messages. Gotcha!

  20. jen says:

    omg. if tiva does happen,imagine the eli david and anthony sr meeting. favorite tiva episode was “jetlag”. ziva takes down the flight attendant after tony gets smacked around.

    • Gibbs Fan says:

      I suspect there isn’t much chance of that. NCIS tends to distance itself from actors with troubled legal situations and Mr. Nouri is up on felony charges for domestic abuse. Even if he doesn’t serve significant jail time, I don’t know that NCIS will bring him back. They haven’t employed David Dayan Fisher since his legal issues.

      • Well, it looks like Michael Nouri, who plays Eli, is filming or has already filmed the episode(s) that Cote mentions in the article. I for one am looking forward to seeing him back on screen.

        As for David Dayan Fisher…maybe they haven’t had a chance to bring Kort back, which I do hope they will….I love to hate Kort.

        • Anna says:

          Actually I think the point the OP was making is that when they had the script in planning as they did the last time they used DDF or now with MN then the actor was used but a good time to bring DDF back would have been when they wrote CI-Ray out yet they chose not to.  It could be a coincidence but maybe not.  What happens with MN in the future will certainly tell.


        • Gibbs Fan says:

          He has, and I, for one, am thrilled. I was so worried with his unfortunate arrest that the episode would have to undergo significant changes. I wasn’t a fan of Kort, and I’m glad to see him gone, personally.

        • jen says:

          me too. total self serving slime trent kort. love to hate him too. david dylan fisher does a great job.

    • George says:

      I could be wrong but, after this article and the spoiler about NCIS looking for an actor to play a minister for a funeral, I’ve got the feeling that Eli David is going to say goodbye to this world after he has come to DC and made peace with his daughter.
      Plus, ‘Shiva’ (NCIS 10.12) is the week-long mourning period in Judaism for first-degree relatives: father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, and spouse.

      More Ziva’s drama, some tiva scenes and maybe even some daddy-Gibbs scenes *sigh*

  21. katmandu says:

    I think NCIS is winding down – it has been ten wonderful years, but lets face it -nothing lasts forever and that is especially true of TV shows. While I am a loyal fan and will watch to the end, I must admit I am more and more attracted to the newer shows on TV – new characters, fresh stories, etc. The NCIS actors and the characters are aging – as well as the storylines and if NCIS wants to maintain its viewership, it needs to freshen things up and shake things up and I think Tiva is one of the ways to do that. They really are the most interesting thing about the show these days. Viewers get bored with the status quo and the same old, same old just won’t cut it anymore. I give NCIS one more -possibly two more seasons, anything beyond that would be a death kell to the show as they should go out on top.

    • Dani says:

      @katmandu Hi – I recognize you from other sites. Well said, once again. I love when these “NCIS-according-to-my-own-mind” posters start talking “ratings numbers”, yet have NO clue that they’re adjusted CONSTANTLY. You are sooo right; the only heavily Tiva-promoted ep was the SP – and look how it steamrolled over the competition – just like 7×01 did. Even MW & CdP went on a PR blitz the morning of 9/25 – and they’ve NEVER done that before. The audience WANTS to see some HEAT between these two; that’s a huge reason why “Castle” is doing so well. That show’s producers are not afraid to let their two stars come together NOW, and it’s working. The viewers love it. NCIS can’t keep holding back on what people want to see, if they want to keep raking high numbers. If CBS continues to deliberately play games with the Audience when it comes to certain characters that the audience is interested in….they are going to LOSE the game. People will find other things to watch, just like you said. :)

  22. Suncatcher says:

    Great interview Matt. Kudos to NCIS Season 10. The show seemed to be drifting badly the past few seasons having gotten so far away from its roots. Many begged them to get back to basics, stop with the flood of guest stars (Jamie Lee Curtis, for one), dump the long arcs and concentrate on the core cast. So far, it seems like someone was listening. To me, S10 is the first good season in many. I hope they continue down this path. Just my opinion.

    • Gibbs Fan says:

      You think? We’ve had Joe Spano, Richard Schiff, Ralph Waite, Billy Dee Williams, Michael Des Barres, Diane Neal Alex Kingston, Robert Wagner is coming up, all in the first 7 episodes. This show is doing more stunt casting than ever.

      • suzi says:

        Waite, Neal, Wagner and especially Spano, who was in the show’s premier episode, play recurring characters, so “stunt casting” is inaccurate.

        • Anna says:

          Now they are all recurring…but originally no one knew they’d be popular & could be considered stunt casting – especially having RW as Tony’s dad – that was stunt casting on many different levels.   Plus don’t forget the assistant director they’ve got coming in (which better NOT mean that Rocky is leaving) & all the different guest stars from the phantom storyline.


        • Gibbs Fan says:

          Regardless of recurring or not, it is stunt casting to bring in such huge names (esp. Wagner and BDW) on an every single episode( or nearly) basis. Compare this to Season 3. How many name guest stars did we have in the first 7 episodes? Spano alone?

          • Anna says:

            Yeah, I agree but there’s an explaination for that that I believe we heard a few seasons ago when the stunt casting began.  IIRC it was stated that many of these people are fans of the show & some have asked to be on it.   As far as RW goes, I’d bet that was a nod to MW playing him in that movie.  Spano has been on since the premier so it’s nice to keep him around.  Just wish they would have explained the sudden shift of Gibbs & Fornell not knowing each other in YW to being good friends the next time Fornell appeared.


  23. katmandu says:

    I am laughing my rear off at the stupid idea that Tiva has caused the ratings to go down. Not one episode except for the premiere has been heavily Tiva promoted. The promos that are shown to the general audience (who don’t read spoiler sites which are typically visited by the die hard fans) show very little Tiva if any at all. And if you look at the L+ DVR numbers (which TPTB do as technology has changed the way people watch TV) the numbers for NCIS are about the same if not a little higher than in past seasons. And even given just live viewer numbers NCIS is still #1 – so where is the decline people? I think you are reaching at straws in order to thump Tiva, just like you hang onto with grabby fingers to MW’s comments, which last time I looked were his personal opinions and had no baring on the show whatsoever. If you read his comments carefully, you will see he is all for Tiva – just not putting them in a real relationship as he likes the chemistry between them and acknowledges that the Tiva dynamic is ESSENTIAL to the success of the show – to mess with it would mean disaster – just not in the way that you want it to mean. He is afraid if they are put together then chemistry will suffer. These fears have NOTHING to do with a dislike for the pairing or for the Ziva character or for CdP as a few like to proclaim. And there is nothing homophobic about saying slashers are the real haters in the fandom because it is true. I have a gay male friend who abhors the slash pairings of straight het men as it is a just another way of shoving real gay men back into the closet. If you want to show your support for the gay community then throw your support behind real gay pairings – not straight men. So where is the homophobia now? Calling slashers haters because they hate is not homophobic – far from it – calling slasher haters has nothing to do with homophobia and everything to do with the hate they are promoting.

    • Max says:

      well said katmandu – I agree with everything you say here. I am well and good tired & bored of all the hate that some people throw around. They must really have sad little lives to expend so much energy hating on fictional things. They don’t like what is going on then change the channel. NCIS won’t suffer at all. It seems like the ones who are crying the loudest are still watching so Tiva hasn’t driven them away yet, and if we could lose any viewers – they are the ones we want to lose, no one will miss them at all and the fandom would be a happier place.

      • Anna says:

        & the insults start again….yet these are the same people who like to pretend to be fans of the show when they are elsewhere….


        • Janet says:

          excuse me Anna (or ana, or annie or whatever you are calling yourself today) – these people are only responding to YOUR hateful tactics and lies. I believe someone has already called you out several times for stating erroneous information as fact, yet you want to bash fans who call you out on your hate. They are the real fans of the show – I don’t see them bashing the show – only calling you out. The only basing the show, the characters and the actors is YOU. But then this is all par for you isn’t it?

          • Anna says:

            Yet again….having a negative opinion of something is not being a hater.  & they are no more ‘real’ fans than anyone else in the fandom – catch a clue already – whoever you really are


          • Gibbs Fan says:

            It is, Janet. Anna is quite well known for being a negative force in the fandom for a long period of time.

    • Gibbs Fan says:

      I agree that MW seems to be pro Tony and Ziva friendship and flirtation, but I don’t see him as being Tiva as a romantic partnership. In fact, the comments he’s made seem to support Tony and Ziva as flirtatious coworkers, but not lovers/in a relationship.

      I must be watching different areas of the fandom. Some well-known antis seem to be slashers, but the majority of the slash people seem to stay well away from the fray. In fact, it was my impression that the slash segment of the fandom has moved on to other shows mostly.

      My brother is a proud gay man who loves some slash pairings (Jack from Torchwood with Ianto, McGee with Gibbs, and Nick and Gil from CSI). He doesn’t feel at all the way your friend does. I’m certain if 100 gay men were polled on the matter, you’d get 100 different opinions. Gay, bi, hetero, we’re all individuals with unique opinions on the matter.

  24. Angie says:

    I don’t get it, all the people who are complaining about the progress of NCIS-DON’T WATCH IT!! Personally I think Abby does just great in her role, not “oversexed tween” at all. Her descriptions of clues she has found is right-on! Also the other characters are doing a wonderful job, I just love NCIS & hopefully it will go on for a lot more years. As I said I love the show & all the characters. IMO if I don’t like a show, I don’t watch it!!!

  25. CA says:

    OK, this is like seriously sad.
    Can someone please, in a civil and non-insulting way, explain to me why Tony and Ziva getting together is so important?
    From some of the comments I’m reading, it is apparently the single most important thing in the whole wide world. It’s so important in fact that people have abandoned any humanity that I’m sure at one point was possessed by this group.

    Does anyone realize that this is exactly what the editor’s of this site want to have happen? They stir the pot, people visit their little site, and tptb here sit back and point and laugh at all of us. And low and behold, it’s working. This crap brings TVLine a following, NCIS gets free advertising and everyone wins with the exception of fans of the show and this sites loyal readers who end up angry and attaking each other like a pack of rabid dogs.

    We’re nothing more than a bunch of fish swimming around in a bowl to these people. We are just here for their own personal enjoyment.

    • George says:

      Today I joined this site for the first time and if this is the usual mood, I’m sure I’ll never come back. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to insult other people and call them ‘haters’ or say that they do not a life just because they disagree.
      Agree to disagree is the only right thing we should do and then move.
      You’re right. We should stop commenting on this and many other Tv and Magazines’ sites so they’ll stop stirring the pot and laugh at us.
      Since I hate being used and being laugh at, I’m going to leave this place *sigh*

    • Kath says:

      Speaking for myself, it’s not so much that Tony and Ziva getting together is important, it’s that they have been teasing it for 8 years now and it’s time to either do it or get off the pot. Every other NCIS story gets wrapped up within a season, if not within a couple of episodes.

      Would you have settled for waiting 8 years for any other of Tony’s stories to be told?

      • Gibbs Fan says:

        I have. I’ve been waiting 10 years to see his apartment and I’m genuinely frustrated at the media that, when we had a Tv Guide article on the big reveal of Gibbs’ home, all the media can discuss is if Ziva will be in Tony’s bed. We have Robert Wagner back. We’ll get to see Tony’s home and get some insight into him and see him interact with his father again. And the media (not the show) is making it about Ziva and Tony, not Tony’s relationship with his dad. It is frustrating to me that any character development for Tony any more relates to Ziva, just like the majority of Abby’s character reveals must center on Gibbs. She could have met her brother without Gibbs’ involvement. Yes, this is a family and they lean on each other, but they’re stagnating as characters when Character A only has development with Character B.

        • Cleo says:

          SOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!
          Often it looks like tptb are afraid to try something new. Don’t they realize that in this way the show and the characters become predictable and stale? *sigh*

        • Kath says:

          I can understand frustration when not knowing enough about a character.

          But Tony had a LOT of arcs and character development the last two seasons, from the Rota regrets to the EJ arc to Baltimore to his ex fiance to the yearly visit from Senior, to name just a few. All this was without Ziva in the picture.

          Tony’s apartment hasn’t been part of a story line, unlike McGee’s (his writing and his sister appearing), Abby’s (her stalker), Ziva’s (getting it blown up) or Ducky’s (his mother) but even those apartments have only been in one or two episodes over the past ten seasons.

          So there has been quite a bit of Tony stories that didn’t involve Ziva other than peripherally. The media plays to what its audience wants, and if the press stories are about Tony’s relationship with Ziva rather than Tony on his own, that’s probably because that is what gets people reading the column.

      • Mimi says:

        This is a clear sign that GG&Co. don’t know what to do with tiva. This subplot is like an elephant in the bullpen. They are afraid of losing their viewers so they try to make all people happy, but unfortunately they’re only make all viewers unhappy.

        It’s beyond me how tiva’s fans can still believe in this storyline after years of false spoilers and disappointment. Good for them :)

      • Anna says:

        in reply to the idea of Tony’s stories waiting years to be told – Tony fans, for the most  part, have waited years for most details of Tony’s backstory as well as Abby fans have waited since premier for her story.  Whereas ziva’s fans have gotten nothing but many details about her so don’t really see the need to continue pushing her forefront


  26. Kath says:

    I’m really excited for this episode. I’ve wanted a Ziva/Abby case for a long time, because NCIS is overwhelmed by ‘the boys’ of Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Vance, Ducky and Palmer. Sometimes it feels like a Boys Own magazine.

    Really excited for Alex Kingston coming on too.

    As for the producers toying, I don’t mind if they toy with the actors but they have toyed with the audience for way too long. After 8 seasons, It’s time to try Tiva or stop teasing it.

  27. Cleo says:

    @Dani I don’t why I can’t reply to your post directly.
    I know about show biz and actors more than you think and MW doesn’t need to be schooled about anything. He knows how tv world works and this is the reason why he accepts to promote tiva, but sometimes enough is enough even for him and he says what he really thinks. And I know for sure that he doesn’t like tiva. Trust me ;)
    What you say clearly comes from your love for tiva. Only a person that love this trick can’t see how many people dislike it and want to see the end of this fake romance. Many people tiva is the worst thing that could happen to NCIS and it’s also clear that tptb don’t know what to do with this subplot.
    In the past NCIS didn’t need to wait even a day to have great rantings, now they’ve got to collect viewers in every vailable place to have the same results. In the past only DWTS won against NCIS and if viewers decide to watch a reality show, DVR NCIS and watch it when they’ve time… well, this is not a good sign for the show. In the past people couldn’t wait to watch NCIS, now they clearly can *sigh*
    You quoted Castle and you hope NCIS tptb do the same on their show. God help us! Castle (and Bones) ratings are as good as in the past and it happened just after they put the two main characters together, though all viewers already knew that it would have happened. So NF was not so wrong after all. A very small part of viewers demands tiva, but it’s just that they’re the most talkative and angry.
    If you don’t see that MW was uncomfortable during TvGuide photo shoot, it’s because you do not want to see it. Sorry to be so direct :)

    About the episode.
    It was a very good one and the promoted jelous-Tony was just the usual nosy-Tony :)

    • Gerry Anne says:

      Well Cleo, this episode was Tiva promoted and Ziva/Abby promoted and it garnered 19.57 million viewers – 1st in overall viewers. Seems like Tiva and Ziva bring in the viewers! Kind of smashes your theories doesn’t it? I am sure the L+7 ratings will be even higher. Every thing that the anti side throws at Tiva just gets disproved over and over again.

      • Anna says:

        Actually Gerry Anne you are giving credit where it is NOT due…the ep was heavily promoted as Ziva/ABBY &, as most fans know, PP is much loved in the industry as well as almost universally well liked in the fandom (bad character writing aside).  Given how precious LITTLE we get of Abby these days both out of the lab & with anyone other than Gibbs, I’d say PP did a helluva job pulling the ep out of the fire.   The little I saw of the ep made me love the Abby we saw & cringe at the ziva on screen.  The teen girl had a better range of emotion & came across better than ziva did. Add to that an ep last week that was better than the week before with no tiva romance anvils in it & you get better ratings.  The question will be what happens with DT in 2 weeks considering what they gave us this week for the end scene.


        • Gerry Anne says:

          where were those PP fans for the much touted Abby episode earlier in the season? I do believe that episode had low ratings. But you know what, I am not going to argue with you on this as you don’t miss an opportunity to bash Ziva and you really do deserve your hater moniker. Take a look around Anna, you have no friends here…We would all be better off just ignoring you.

          • Anna says:

            & the personal attacks begin again because someone has nothing else to fall back on….it’s almost comical


  28. Hattie says:

    I’m tired of the show toying with Tony/Ziva. While their friendship has deepened this season, there’s still no hint of romance. Come on, this isn’t Moonlighting. NCIS isn’t built on Tony/Ziva’s chemistry. Why keep dragging it out? I think there is great storyline potential for a Tony/Ziva romance. The writers seem scared of it though. Like they’ll lose viewers if they finally have them become a couple – which they won’t. I’m afraid we won’t get a romantic pairing between Ziva and Tony until the series finale.

    • Anna says:

      Hattie you’re wrong…NCIS will lose viewers if they pursue  T/Z romance and they already have lost viewers just by promoting the ‘season of tiva’ the way they have.  People are sick of the endless push of ziva to the forefront and the heavy ship anvils – subtle is no longer something this show does well the way it used to.  ziva is now a damaged and unfixable character mostly thanks to SB and his endless shock and awe moments.  Her assault on Tony in Aliyah makes a romance inconceivable to many not to mention her ongoing disgusting treatment of someone she claims to have feelings for.  


  29. roy says:

    if you guys dont like it, just dont watch it… as simple as that.. it is only TV show,,,

  30. mary allan says:

    Why do they have to spoil the show by bringing in Alex Kingston? I totally detest this woman to the point that I am unable to watch anything with her in. She wrecked Dr Who, she was crap in ER. Why oh why oh why do people keep hiring this idiot. Please please do not make her a semi regular or even worse a regular. I love NCIS but I cannot watch if this women is in it.

  31. Karen says:

    I just can not wait for Shabat, Shalom. I really have no guesses besides Eli dies. Hope it’s not that simple. I love NCIS but lately they had a bunch of silly episodes besides Gone. I like “silly” but I really love the deeper shows too. All I hope is it’s not just a romance thing.

  32. Manders says:

    Ok I agree with Roy… If you DON’T like the show… Stop complaining. Life sucks. Suck it up.

    Now I LOVE NCIS. If you have an issue with it, don’t read my comment(:

    My opinion, I think NCIS has been doing the right thing with postponing the love romance between Tony and Ziva! Because if everyone got what they wanted and they got together on an earlier season, the show would most likely die shortly after that. It’s that chemistry that keeps people at bay, DUH!! And idk why y’all are complaining about the age of the actors and actresses… WHO GIVES A CRAP. You can’t change it. So stop complaining. They all go together like it or not… They all have such different personallities that’s what makes it all interesting! Gibbs is the brave, intimidating, and tough boss that has a heart and is a good leader. Tony is the silly guy who brings the humor and puts smiles on everyone’s faces without him the show would be much more serious. McGee is the computer whiz and the brains… You just have to have the guy wig the brains in the group.. And McGee fulfills that role well! Abby is the happy soul of the group. She is so unique with her personality and with all that the NCIS team goes through they all need someone who can always be positive and cheerful!! Ducky is the one who everyone can depend on! He’s the “good natured” guy who has an understanding of life because he has lived a good portion of it allready. And Ziva is the bad a who is touch and aggressive. She isn’t a whimsy girl who hides begin the men she steps foreword and takes action.
    Now this tony Ziva thing… I think Ziva and Tony go prefect together! Tony has dated many other women go we’re more shallower and those never lasted because they were missing something. That something is what Ziva has and they don’t. Tony didn’t know but he was looking for a woman who will have more control. Ziva needs someone who she will love and make her happy (since she has had issues with her own family so I believe she has always looked for that someone who will bring the happiness she never had at home).

    Idk… I think this show does an amazing job with the cast, and keeping it alive for so long!!(: keep it up NCIS(:

  33. Trish C says:

    Tony & Ziva – Make it so…..

  34. Yasmin says:


  35. May 1 2013. Here in the UK we’ve have only been able to view Episode 200 [Gibbs: “Life before his eyes”] TODAY for the first time! Please, please, lots more episodes!!!
    The ‘end credits go past too quickly to capture: will someone please put me out of my misery and tell me WHO is the highly talented scriptwriter who constructed this “alternate time line” (as a writer myself, it’s something I love playing around with!) I have to admit, I felt the final scene a bit “weak” – I think I’d have tried to ‘square the circle’ in a different fashion, but unless you were thinking of giving Gibbs an opportunity to leave the series altogether the options are very limited … Mark Harmon is a very talented actor, but here in the UK he’s not a household name except for us NCIS afficionados …

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  38. Frances Wilkie says:

    I just saw the first edition of NCIS for Sept. 2014 where we will see Ziva’s send off and I was not impressed.
    Very sorry you have decided to let Ziva go as I felt she has a good connection with Tony and Abby. I will start watching one of the new programs )(of which there are many) in its place and won’t even bother with part 2 of her exit. I was ssoooo disappointed. I was a big fan of Ziva and wish her much success in the future/ Goody Bye to NCIS

    • I’m not sure how many ‘seasons’ behind you we are in the UK, but this isn’t the first time they’ve tried to write Ziva out of the plot (she was “back with the Mossad” for a while, and finished up shooting her brother Ari …)
      I realise some cast members have other acting roles once in a while (Gibbs has had more than one ‘leave of absence’) and have to be temporarily “airbrushed away” but NCIS without Ziva [permanently] won’t be the same. You might just as well replace Abby in the lab, or make Ducky’s next heart attack fatal
      (both these possibilities have been on episodes in the UK recently)
      NCIS rocks! And so does Ziva!!

  39. Jason says:

    I am recording Ncis and I love watching it but I have always wondered if Zivia and tony aver got toghter

  40. CdP Fan says:

    How I miss these days…

  41. Gaara says:

    Oh and this one too: [from Huffington Post, before the premiere] ” Knowing now what’s actually going to be revealed, I like to think that there may be some things we didn’t show, other things you may be able to glean, but right from the start, it tees up this relationship in a sliver of light that’s very direct and very hard, and it’s basically saying, ‘Pay attention this year, because I think this is gonna be the year of the Tiva, the Tony/Ziva.’”