Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on NCIS, Grey's, Army Wives, Glee, Revenge, Shameless and More!

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Question: We haven’t heard much about NCIS’ Christmas episode on Dec. 18, other than Robert Wagner comes back as Tony’s dad. Got anything else? —Lonnie
Ausiello: Well, if the elder DiNozzo is coming to visit his son for the holiday, that can only mean one thing. For the very first time, “We see Tony’s apartment,” Cote de Pablo tells us. And what if anything is surprising about the bachelor’s pad and/or its decor…? “The bed he sleeps in,” de Pablo answers with a rather hearty laugh. “And that’s all I’m going to say!”

Question: You guys have been fabulous at keeping us Castle fans in the loop! So, I would like this to continue: Got any Esposito scoop? —Alyssa
Ausiello: This season’s 12th episode will be a juicy one for Jon Huertas’ detective. The hour finds Castle, Beckett & Co. thrust into New York City’s club scene while investigating the death of an up-and-coming DJ — a case that leads Esposito to befriend a troubled teenager (played by Reed Between the Lines‘ Nadji Anthony Jeter). And by befriend I mean take him under his wing and help him straighten out his life before it’s too late. Bonus Scoop: The episode features a guest turn by The Unit‘s Michael Irby as a criminal who may have a history with the aforementioned murdered DJ.

Question: Thanks for all the Army Wives scoop last week. Do you happen to know if Kellie Martin and Ryan Michelle Bathe are returning in Season 6?  —Anna
Ausiello: They are. Exec producer Jeff Melvoin confirms that Wives‘ resident lesbian couple will continue to recur when the show returns next year. Also, I carved out this little scooplet from my Q&A: Wives 2.0 will really come into focus in the new season’s third episode, when an “emotional event” unites the new and existing wives. “It’s a catalytic [incident] in a sense that it throws them all together,” previews Melvoin, “And when they get thru that together, that’s where they really emerge as a unified group of friends.”

Question: Do you think NBC will order more episodes of Parenthood and make it a full season since it is doing so well in the ratings? —Margaret
Ausiello: I could’ve sworn I put this issue to rest in last week’s Ask Ausiello. Guess I was wrong. Would you believe it if it came from NBC president Bob Greenblatt? Because he basically corroborated my report in a conference call, telling our Matt Mitovich, “That ship has sailed for this season, because we have planned the rest of the year very carefully,” with Smash claiming the Tuesdays-at-10 slot starting Feb. 5. “But I’m thrilled to see Parenthood get an uplift this year [oftentimes winning its time slot in the demo]…. Jason Katims is one of the best showrunners in drama, and he has keyed into a storyline this season — primarily, [Kristina’s] cancer — that has moved the show forward in a great way. We couldn’t be happier about that.” Can we consider this case closed now?

Question: Amy info on who Donal Logue is playing on Sons of Anarchy? I love him! —George
Ausiello: I love him, too. What I don’t love is what his character’s arrival may mean for Tara. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Question: Are Kurt/Blaine or Rachel/Finn ever, ever getting back together on Glee? (And yes, that Taylor Swift song is going to be stuck in your head till I get answers!) –Danny
Ausiello: This time, I’m telling you (I’m telling you)…if you’re a Klaine or Finchel stan, “Dynamic Duets” probably won’t be your favorite episode of Season 4, thanks to the total absence of the show’s NYC-based characters. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find a few small clues to consider while you’re burning off that second helping of pumpkin pie this weekend. For one, Blaine finds himself staring smack in the face of temptation (aka Dalton Warbler Sebastian) — without the slightest hint of flirty banter. And secondly, Finn seems more occupied with succeeding in his new gig as New Directions mentor than in mourning his lack of communication with Rachel. (And isn’t that exactly the kind of self-actualization she was asking for back in “The Break-Up”?)

Question: Longtime Glee fan, first-time complainer. When is New Directions’ new ingenue Marley going to show a bit of edge? She’s way too moon-eyed to be believable. –Rachel (not Berry)
Ausiello: Kvetch and ye shall receive, Rachel! At the very end of this Thursday’s Thanksgiving-night installment, “Dynamic Duets,” Marley Rose makes a decision that’s surprisngly, almost upsettingly selfish. To be fair, Marley acts under the influence of manipulative frenemy Kitty, but don’t be surprised if it weakens one third of the love triangle she’s currently navigating.

Question: With supercute Glee Project winner Blake Jenner on the scene as Marley’s new love interest Ryder Lynn, is Puck’s surly (but also supercute) brother Jake going to get maginalized with nasty Kitty for the rest of the season? –Tessa
Ausiello: Not so fast, Tessa. Ryder may be sensitive and chiseled, with a head of hair that even Justin Bieber would envy, but Jake has a secret weapon of his own in the fight for Marley’s heart — the approval of Mrs. Rose (Trisha Rae Stahl). See? It pays to be nice to your high-school lunch lady!

Question: Do you have any scoop on the new season of Shameless? —Kyle
Ausiello: Mike Doyle (A Gifted Man) and Chris Butler (The Good Wife) are joining the Showtime hit’s upcoming third season as a gay couple (and a good-looking one at that; see photo, right) whose lives become linked to the Gallagher clan in an uber-spoilery, potentially game-changing way.

Question: I’m having a sincere case of the broken hearts over here. I’ve just been informed via Twitter that the 11th episode of Community‘s fourth season is now the finale. What happened to 12 and 13? —Quincy
Ausiello: Relax. Simmer. Take a chill pill. For scheduling reasons, the finale had to be shot out of sequence (i.e. after Episode 10 and before Episodes 12 and 13). It’s all good, Quincy. All good.

Question: Is the rumor true that ABC isn’t going to air all 13 episodes of Private Practice‘s final season because the ratings have been poor? –@kchadha19 via Twitter
Ausiello: That’s most definitely not true — and that denial comes straight from ABC president Paul Lee. “It’s absolutely finishing out its run,” the exec told TVLine Monday night at The Saban Free Clinic’s Gala, where he was an honoree. “We’re really proud of it. Private has been a real asset to ABC for a very long time, we’re super-proud to have it and we want to give it a big sendoff.”

Question: Since there was no new Revenge on Sunday, please give us some scoop? Please? Maybe something regarding my two favorites, Victoria and Conrad? —Cher
Ausiello: If you’re wondering if that touchy-feely moment they shared in the last episode will lead to a real reconciliation, wonder no more: It won’t. Two forces will further complicate their unholy union — one of them is the arrival of this guy, and the other one involves the release of a fresh skeleton from Conrad’s closet. According to Madeline Stowe, a “surprising” secret will come to light “very soon” about her onscreen leading man. “There’s always something,” she adds with a laugh. “All marriages tilt on the axis of their own logic, and this is a weird one.” Bonus Scoop: Is Em’s Revengenda Tour winding its way to the West Coast? The show is currently casting the role of a concierge who works the front desk at an upscale Los Angeles hotel. Hmm…

Question: Please give me any new spoilers on The Mindy Project and/or New Girl and/or Happy Endings and/or Ben and Kate! —Magali
Ausiello: Eenie, meenie, miney… Ben and Kate! Kate’s romance with her new musician beau Will (played by Geoff Stults) will hit a sour note when he invites her (and Ben, natch) to watch him perform. “They tell him that the band is awesome, and then the second that he walks away they say, ‘Oh my god, this is the worst thing ever,'” Stults previews with a laugh. “Let’s just say that I have one of the most ridiculous guitar-playing face and it causes a little bit of a problem in our relationship.”

Question: Anything on Modern Family? —Gerald
Ausiello: The Pritchett-Dunphy clans will converge on Palm Springs to ring in 2013. “We go to a hotel that Jay went to in the ’70s and was the best place he’d ever been,” explains Ty Burrell. “Now it’s rundown, but we make the best of it. It’s very funny. Jay still clings to it being the best place on Earth.”

Question: I just started watching Blue Bloods and I’m in love with the show! Got any spoilers? —Ella 
Ausiello: Come Episode 12, Danny is going to face a problem far bigger than his current merry-g-round of partners, when he finds himself on the wrong end of the Miranda warning after being expertly framed for possessing two kilos of cocaine.

Question: I am in need of a Grey’s Anatomy spoiler, please! —Tia
Ausiello: The Grim Reaper will be paying another visit in early 2013. His rumored target: A longtime (and very much beloved) character.

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