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Question: Do you have any Jackson and April/Grey’s Anatomy scoop? They’re my new favorite couple! —Lucy
Ausiello: I have it on semi-good authority that when the new year rolls around McBabyBlues will be schtupping someone whose name is not April — leading me to believe the on-again/off-again colleagues will be off again.

Question: I’ll take anything you have on Grey’s Anatomy! If you answer, I’ll make you mint chocolate chip cookies (or just plain chocolate chip if you don’t like mint)! —Samantha
Ausiello: Shonda Rhimes is looking for an actor in his mid-30s to play an EMT (Extremely Mature Totalhottie?) for a three-episode arc. Got casting tips? Theories as to whose bed he’ll end up in? Hit the comments! And re: that extremely generous bribe Sam, I’ll see your mint chocolate chip cookies and raise you a dozen of these bad boys (peanut butter flavor, ideally) delivered to my doorstep.

Question: This season of Parenthood has been amazing so far. Any hope that more episodes will be ordered? Please say this could/will happen! —Joy
Ausiello: Sadly, it could not and will not happen. NBC has already announced that its passing the Tuesday-at-10 baton to Smash in early February, which puts Parenthood‘s Season 4 finale in late January. Now brace yourself — I’ve got some Defcon 1-level scoop for ya: One character is going to cheat on his/her significant other, and another character will learn she is pregnant. And the two stories may or may not be related.

Question: Any 30 Rock final season scoopage? —Lauren
Ausiello: Liz’s baby-making project will pick up steam in January when she pays a visit to both a fertility specialist and an adoption agency.

Question: How long will Matthew Morrison be off Glee? —Jenna
Ausiello: Just a handful of episodes, I’m told. Long enough for Finn to get comfortable filling in for Will as choir director — a little too comfortable, if you know what I mean. Teases exec producer Brad Falchuk: “Will’s going to come back and there may be a little competition between them.” Bonus Glee Scoop/Riddle: Sue will soon be privy to a secret involving Mrs. Rose (a.k.a. Marley’s mom).

Question: Anything on Vampire Diaries? —Kelley
Ausiello: How about some exclusive casting scoop? Madeline Zima of Heroes and Californication fame will guest-star in Episode 8 as Charlotte, a character rumored to share a romantic past with — wait for it — Damon!

Question: I would love some scoop on Caroline! She’s my favorite character on The Vampire Diaries! —Amy
Ausiello: Hayley will continue to be the bane of her existence. “She is definitely throwing a wrench in Caroline’s perfect world and her perfect relationship with Tyler at the moment,” Candice Accola tells TVLine. “If anything, we’ve learned at this point within the series that Caroline is a very resilient, strong character, so I don’t think she’s going to put up with it too easily.” In the meantime, she’s going to be “interacting a lot more” with a certain Original. “She’s getting to see different sides of him,” the actress hints, “but she doesn’t really know how she feels about it.”

Question: Can I have something Good Wife related? Please and thanks. —Leah
Ausiello: Big surprise on the horizon for Alicia, and it starts with “P” and ends with that’s all you’re getting out of me!

Question: Is it too early to ask for a scoop on Season 2 of Unforgettable? —Feerie
Ausiello: Yes.

Question: Please give me some Scandal spoilers, particularly of the Olivia/FItz variety! I love them. —Nicole.
Ausiello: If you loved the Season 1 flashback episode that showed us how those two crazy kids met, you won’t want to miss the 11th episode of Season 2. Once again, the show will travel back in time, but a bit further down the campaign trail. There, it becomes clear what, exactly, stands between Grant and the White House. (Hint: Obama can relate.) And the reason for this flashback? Let’s just say that it ties into the Quinnspiracy and that “defiance” word that oil tycoon Hollis Doyle has been lobbing around.

Question: Awesome news about Nashville getting a full-season pickup. Any info on upcoming episodes? —Lori
Ausiello: If you’re wondering if/when Scarlett and Gunnar’s B-story will intersect with Rayna and Juliette’s A-story, wonder no more. “They’re [all] getting closer,” previews Scarlett’s portrayer, Clare Bowen, “and there are signs that their worlds are about to collide.”

Question: Any scoop on the next season of Mad Men? Is Betty ever going to have a big, (please no fat Betty jokes) important storyline again? I miss seeing her on the show. —Rebecca
Ausiello: The second part of your question’s easier than the first, Rebecca, so let’s get that out of the way. January Jones’ absence from much of last season was due to her maternity leave; now that that’s over, the series regular is likely to return in a more significant capacity. As for scoop, I can tell you that the AMC drama is looking to cast a bunch of 20- and 30-somethings described as “attractive,” “cute,” “flirtatious,’ “sweet” and “curvy” – AKA who’s up for another lap around the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce steno pool? My interest was piqued, however, by the show’s search for two British businessmen types in their 50s: Are they Jaguar execs, or are they somehow related to the late Lane? I hope the show doesn’t leave us hanging for too long. (Too soon?) On a related note, Bonus Scoop: Matt Weiner apparently hates me. How else to explain this.

Question: Is there any hope left for Nate and Serena on Gossip Girl? —Eva
Ausiello: No. Time to move on, Eva. I did it with Dan and Blair, you can do it with Nate and Serena.

Question: Do you have any scoops on American Horror Story: Asylum? —Domencio
Ausiello: Bloody Face is unmasked in Wednesday’s episode in what will go down (in my book, at least) as the most disturbing and terrifying serial killer reveal since [TWIN PEAKS SPOILER ALERT] Leland/Evil Bob was fingered as Laura Palmer’s murderer more than two decades ago.

Question: I live for Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. Got anything new? —Jared
Ausiello: The show’s Nov. 20 Thanksgiving episode will answer the age-old question: What does creepy neighbor Eli look like wearing nothing but an apron?

Question: Counting the seconds until Pretty Little Liars returns. Scoop, please?! —Justine
Ausiello: Remember when PLL EP Oliver Goldstick told us that Lucas might crack in the new season? Well, it sounds like Madhouse Mona could be the trigger. According to Lucas’ portrayer, Brendan Robinson, the bonkers brunette’s return to Rosewood High will impact “everybody involved with this whole situation, including Lucas.” In fact, “We’re going to learn a little bit more about Lucas’ relationship with Mona,” he teases, before adding that Lucas will make “some kind of confession. But I can’t say to who, or how or what it involves.”

Question: You said that something is going to keep Kate and Rick apart in Castle‘s Christmas episode… any other clues? Maybe another letter in the asterisk quiz? —Eli
Ausiello: Sure. *or*. And FWIW, I have a feeling based on this that everything works out in the end.

Question: We need more info on the Bones episode “The Twist in the Plot,” because I don’t think we have heard much about it. What can you tell us? —Ed
Ausiello: Sweets and Daisy run in to each other for the first time since their sudden split last month. “He will be facing his breakup with her,” confirms exec producer Stephen Nathan, “and dealing with whether he made a mistake or not.” (What’s the consensus — did he?) In other news, file this next scoop under B for Burying the Lede: The pesky marriage issue hanging over Booth and Brennan likely won’t come to a head until Season 9. “Since we don’t plan on this being our last season, it probably won’t be resolved [by May],” Nathan reveals. “Although it will [come up] again toward the end of the season.”

Question: Any word on whether or not there will be another season of How I Met Your Mother? —Carter
Ausiello: No official word, but the latest Vegas odds have Renewal at 2/1 and Cancellation at 7/2 — whatever those numbers mean. (Someone translate for me, please? I’m more of a slot machine guy.)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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