Glee Exclusive: Chris Colfer Gifts Us With Scoop on Klaine's Christmas Reunion

Glee's Darren Criss and Chris Colfer at Bryant Park in NYC“Klaine” fans will have a special something waiting for them under the tree when Glee unwraps its Christmas episode, “Glee, Actually,” on Dec. 13.

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Glee bossman Ryan Murphy started the Twitterverse buzzing by promising a holiday duet for the estranged Kurt and Blaine. Chris Colfer added fuel to fans’ fire this week by tweeting a photo of him and castmate Darren Criss (at right) laced up for skating at the Bryant Park rink in midtown Manhattan.

So, what exactly is going on? “We were skating to ‘(I’m Dreaming of a) White Christmas’ — because I don’t know about you, but I definitely skate with my exes and sing Christmas carols all the time!” Colfer told TVLine when we visited a book-signing for Struck By Lightning, an adaptation of his screenplay for the same-named indie film hitting iTunes and VOD Dec. 19 (and theaters on Jan. 11).

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Colfer also teased that during this intrinsically romantic reunion, Kurt and Blaine arrive at a certain “realization” that will set the course for whatever lies ahead for the onetime couple.

Lastly, does Blaine surprise Kurt with this latest visit to the Big Apple? “There’s a reason he’s there…,” Colfer allowed, “but it’s kind of a secret.”

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What “realization” do you think the boys make? And what brings Blaine to NYC?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Todd says:

    Kurt’s getting a new love interest in episode 11 so they’re both moving on and being okay as friends.

    • Jenny says:

      Kurt and Blaine wont be seen as only friends now they will get back togethe once Kurt realises that Blaine is the one he is meant to be with just like in Glee season 2 during Original song Blaine realised that Kurt was the One that he as meant to be with.

    • E says:

      And I have no doubt he’ll go exactly the same way of Chandler, Jeremiah, Chance and Sebastian. On the trash heap in two episodes.

      • Ann says:

        Let us hope. I am not suffering through a Klaine-less season of Glee. I’m already sick of this contrived break up.

        • Bee says:

          Jesus, not you again. You and your foaming-at-the-mouth Klaine wifing is always the worst part of the comment section on Glee articles.

          • wiving says:

            People are allowed to wive anything they want to wive.

          • L says:

            @Bee you’re SO right… I’m already tired of this kind of irritating superficial comments which don’t care about any realism, emotions or character development, as long as the guys are pretty and “look hot & cute”… who cares about cheating, Blaine is sooo cuuute!!! pffft

      • PP says:

        In episode 11 will be presented a new character that will supposedly be a couple of episodes.
        All were associated with the new love interest for Rachel, but looks like it will be Kurt’s new love interest.
        If the couple is successful may be long.
        Do not forget that Blaine was supposed to be only 3 episodes, the same can happen with this new character.

        • Jenny says:

          No this new Love Interest will only last for 1 episode look at Jeremiah during season 2 he was cast for one episode and that was it and I bet when it was Announced that someone had been cast to play him we all wondered how long he will be in the show for and it will be the same for this rumored Love Interest for Kurt or Rachel.

          • PP says:

            “Will Finn or Rachel have any new love interests this season? Please say no.
            This Glee scoop could be unrelated to Finn and Rachel…or it could mean a new love interest for Rachel. We’ll let you decide: Glee is looking for someone to play Paul, a mid 20s handsome, confident and extremely charming man. And since he must be a good singer and he’s sticking around for more than one episode, we anticipate he’ll be an important character for somebody. Look for him in episode 11.”

            He’ll be more than one episode.

      • shedry menes says:

        whose chance ?
        and sebastian was in more episodes than Chandler, Jeremiah, Chance
        (who ever chance is) wait is he eli c?

      • Renee says:

        In your dreams. I’m so enjoying the klaine less episodes. Last episode was the best because I don’t have to see Blaine cheater Anderson and his pity party of woe is me dominating the show with his horrible acting and boring voice with a strong lack of range.

    • Blane says:

      HE IS???? YES!!!!

    • oop says:

      “paul” can have him tbh.

      • Histronics says:

        Why are they introducing paul in the Sadie Hawkins ep??
        Theyre trying to drown me in my blaine creys. Lol

      • Mike says:

        And ‘Paul’ will be lucky to have Kurt. Hopefully he will appreciate just how lucky he is and not throw Kurt’s love away like Blaine has done. Blaine does not deserve Kurt. Let’s hope this new love interest of Kurt’s is a lot less selfish, self-absorbed and self-centred than Blaine, though that wouldn’t be hard, as I don’t think you could get a character more selfish, self-absorbed and self-centred than Blaine.

        To be honest, almost anyone would be a better option for Kurt than Blaine.

        • WordWeaver says:

          Have you always felt this way about Blaine or only after he cheated? Have you forgotten when Kurt was being terrorized by Corofsky (pardon my spelling) and Blaine supported him and gave him (literally and figuratively) “courage”? I admit he made a mistake in these past few episodes but it’s clear he regrets it. He was going through a late mid-highschool crisis. Why do you feel so negatively about Blaine?

          • Kay says:

            I know Blaine made a terrible mistake by cheating on Kurt, but I think he has finally realized that Kurt is the love of his life and he is truly sorry for what he did. I hope Kurt will forgive him. It may take time, but I do think it is possible for them to rebuild their relationship starting out as friends again and possibly more in the future. Kurt will probably go out with this Paul and finally realize that he really loves Blaine and give him another chance. Hopefully before the end of the season, we will see them reconnect and then Blaine can go to New York after Graduation. At least, that is what I hope will happen. Who knows what the writers have in store for these characters.

          • Yosh says:

            Lets not forget.. .they are each others “first loves”. How many people actually stay with their first loves?

    • klainer21 says:

      NO??????????????????? NO WAY IN HELL???????????????????

    • shedry menes says:

      no no no no no klaine please be back together ……just please

  2. Marisa says:

    The secret being Blaine is prospecting NYADA?

  3. jenna says:

    Their duet sounded gorgeous. I like that the Christmas duet has become a tradition for them. Hopefully that continues on to next year!

  4. Jenny says:

    Kurt wont get a New Love Interest and even if he does it will only be the same as when Blaine thought He was in love with the Guy from the Gap during season 2 and or even better if the Guy fancy’s Kurt and Kurt does not like him, because his Heart is still in love with Blaine.

    • Kayla Dunn says:

      That’s true because while filming the ice skating scene Blaine said “You’re happy to see me ?” And Kurt says ” of course. I’m always happy to see you!” And then they share a hug, which Adam Shankman said to ‘Hug longer!” So there is hope for Klaine!!!

      • Amy says:

        This is for episode 4×10 though, while Kurt’s new love interest is set to appear in 4×11, mentioned in a scene where Rachel clearly states “now that you and Blaine are okay with your break-up” (paraphrased).

    • Amy says:

      Except Kurt clearly is interested, from what we’ve seen of the script page Lea leaked. He claims to be nervous a guy like him wouldn’t like Kurt, and she encourages him to ask the guy out if he’s playing hard to get.

    • Holly says:

      But what’s true is that E!online directly said that the character would be sticking around, and they’re a pretty legitimate source. I’m actually excited for this new character. Hopefully, if he’s a little older and mature, he’ll be a nice change for Kurt.

  5. Joyce says:

    What i found more intresting is that Max Adler was also on set :D

  6. James says:

    I’M SO EXCITED FOR KURT’S NEW LOVE INTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ali says:

    Really looking forward to Kurt dating a guy that doesn’t treat him like dirt for once. The cheating was the last straw in terms of “Klaine” for me.

    • Jenny says:

      Blaine did not treat him like Dirt Blaine made a Mistake and Now Blaine is back and ready to start from square one with Kurt

      • Marco says:

        Um, last year he ‘cheated’ according to him, with Sebastian (he called texts cheating, and he TEXTED Seb, CALLED him, SKYPED with him and MET him) behind Kurt’s back, he got intoxicated and TRIED TO RAPE HIM. He SHAMED Kurt WITH THE HELP OF ALL HIS (Kurt’s) FRIENDS while he was doing the same with Sebastian. And these are just a few things…

        • Snott says:

          Lol ott kurtsies. Good riddance.

        • moo. says:

          Lol Marco.
          I think you need to see someone.

          You comment the same paragraph all the time on every site.

          • Marco says:

            Um, I’m just stating the truth, instead of the Klainer’s usual ‘dream’ that Blaine is the poor, underwhelmed one and Klaine is a big epic romance, when in reality Blaine is a douchewad and Klaine rivals Bella and Edward in wrongness. Not to mention it’s always the same because it’s merely stating facts. I’m not a Klainer 12; I don’t twist facts to suit my agenda.

          • verilyforsooth says:

            Kurt = Bella

            that is quite true.

        • WordWeaver says:

          Don’t forget, Kurt also “cheated” on Blaine with that guy he met at that record store. And blaine was never “involved” with Sebastian. They just hung out. The only one who ever flirted was Sebastian, not Blaine.

          • Renee says:

            Wait if Kurt send texts to a guy he’s cheating but when Blaine skyped, tested and met up with a guy who is CLEARLY INTERESTED he was doing nothing wrong at all? Lol oh blainers how delusional can you get?

    • Tubio says:

      This is why im glad blaine is not dating kurt any more. I loved them. But the kurtsie moms are unbearable. Im happy to focus on just blaine for a while.

      • leila says:

        Please, did you see Blaine fans? If Kurt fans are unbearble, what are his fans? They are millions time worse.

        • gawj says:

          No trust me. The anti-blaine brigade are crazy. It borders on terrifying.
          Not just kurt moms.

          • Nope says:

            No, honey, you and your fellow Blaine stans are the worst. There’s a reason no one in fandom but Blaine stans like Blaine and Darren. It’s because you drive everyone else away with your insanity. Thanks for trashing what could have been a cute character with your ego and hate.

          • blainers are nice? says:

            you cant call them insane and say *they* are driving you away. :(

          • um says:

            “you are the worst”
            “wow stop driving us away blaine fans”
            “you love blarren lol”


      • T Baxter says:

        I’ve been on many of these sites now as a casual browser and I have to disagree. The worst fans within the Glee fandom are the Blaine/Darren fans. They bully everyone so much and the comment from @Tubio is another of many I’ve noticed from Blaine/Darren fans trying to silence other fans by calling them extremists or bullies, or mean or ‘haters’ and so forth, when it is actually the other way around. The bullying from the Blaine/Darren fans has been occurring right from the time when Darren first came on to the show (It’s traceable right back to that time on sites like these) and it has been escalating ever since.

        The Blaine/Darren fans are very good at manipulation, but when it appears on so many sites it becomes an extremely obvious ‘tactic’.

        It may be to do with youth, but you have to learn that not everyone is going to like what you like and you cannot make them change their minds by trying to bully and suppress them. All it does is cause them to seethe in silence and then eventually ‘explode’ their frustrations.

        That explosion against Darren/Blaine fans is beginning to happen, not just from Kurt/Chris fans but from the rest of the Glee fandom as a whole and I have to say that you only have yourselves to blame.

  8. Joey says:

    Who cares, Ausiello?! Find out more about Paul!

  9. Mike says:

    I was going to complain about Blaine getting off so easily but the comments about a new lover for Kurt have made me change my tune. So excited! Can’t wait!

  10. mario says:

    i can put up with this contrived scenario in an attempt to sell some songs on itunes knowing that a new man is on the horizon for kurt. bring on the spring!

  11. chadv002 says:

    i’m so worried that the realization will be them being done, these two have to much to throw away and won’t find anyone to love as much as they love each other and the writers would be silly to throw that away, so I hope for the sake of the show they don’t just dump the fan fsv relationship

  12. Julie says:

    Can TV Line find out who is playing this Paul character already? I want Kurt and Blaine to reunite, but Kurt needs to explore other options first. He can’t just decide that the guy who cheated on him is the guy for him without trying to date other people first, because that’s just sad.

    • PP says:

      I love it when Klainers make sense, so thank you.

    • angel says:

      Just going to say no matter who they try to come between klaine , they getting back together if they don’t well then it was a waste of a story. It was first built on trust and honestly. And we know they failed due to lack of talking ignoring broken promises and it lead to whateva it is now.This is too rush as it was for blaine to cheat and all i can say is this is just so kurt realize no matter what blaine did he will get back with him its the way it is. If it true i guess some part of it is he will only date then realize he loves Blaine then they back together if no one likes it well cant say much . I just have to say i hate cheating and third person and triangles story-lines. but if i no how storys goes they will be back together and there hav been way worse unhealthy relationship out their then klaine because at first you gotta remember their was trust then it was broken. They wll build that while trying to build a friendship or whateva it will turn out to be,

    • Jenny says:

      I totally agree with you Julie Kurt needs to know that Blaine is the One for him by seeing who else is out there.

  13. RachelA says:

    Ironically, this is the first time I am finding Klaine even vaguely interesting or appealing. Them being broken up makes for good drama. Them together is just saccharine and boring.

    • alyssa says:

      i’m sure someone will come in and tell you it’s because of fox’s anti-gay agenda and ignore the real reason, which is a lack of chemistry b/w the two actors.

      • chadv002 says:

        the actors have a lot of chemistry, that’s why they put them together in the first place.

        • RachelA says:

          Fan appeal isn’t the same thing as chemistry. And I agree with alyssa, they really don’t have a whole lot. But that could be due as much to Blaine’s lack of real characterization as it could be about the actors themselves.*shrug*

          • chadv002 says:

            the actors themselves. what is that supposed to mean?

          • RachelA says:

            I am making a distinction between actor chemistry with one another, versus the way a relationship and characters are constructed on the show. Shows have control over how they write their characters and characters’ dispositions toward one another, but actor chemistry is an indefinable phenomenon that you can’t fake or produce. It just is or is not. My point was Blaine’s characterization on the show has been so bad, I can’t tell whether it’s Darren and Chris who have little chemistry or Blaine and Kurt because I can’t get a handle on who Blaine is, or what he’s about, or what Kurt really likes about him.

    • stittsyk says:

      Chris is the one that brings the chemistry. See Kurt/Sebastian vs. Blaine/Sebastian. Kurt/Sebastian would have been such an interesting pair to follow further. Blaine/Sebastian was as exciting as watching paint dry.

      • dsdsdsd says:

        lol no @ Kurt/Sebastian

        • Ann says:

          Yeah, Kurt and Sebastian’s chemistry was of the seething hatred variety, not sexy or romantic. Blaine and Sebastian weren’t meant to have chemistry, because Blaine didn’t like Sebastian and his advances were unwelcome.

          • LOL says:

            Now, you made ​​me laugh.
            Sebastian and Blaine was supposed to have chemistry

          • zogs says:

            hatred can easily turn into passion, js. not even a shipper. bottom line is that those snark scenes between kurt and sebastian were always 1000x more interesting to watch than darren and grant alone.

  14. JJ says:

    can’t wait for the inevitable klaine reunion :)

  15. John says:

    Klaine will never be “just friends”. We’ve all already seen the UST-filled almost-kiss at the ice rink. This was BICO all over again. Even if they tell themselves they’re just going to be friends, it won’t work, because they’ve never been strictly platonic. The show has clearly established that they’re in love and soul mates; they’re the endgame couple. Paul (Kurt’s Jeremiah) and Kurt will go on a couple dates so Kurt can realize just how much he wants Blaine and no other, since Blaine has already come to that realization about Kurt. And then they’ll get back together. Chris also said on vh1 that Kurt and Blaine are just taking a little break and that they’re destined to be together. But of course TV Line would never mention that.

    • Lucas says:

      This is embarrassing. TV Line wouldn’t mention this drivel because it’s not a site run by teenagers getting off from a fictional relationship like this.

      • John says:

        What’s embarrassing about acknowledging something that came straight out of Chris Colfer’s mouth?
        TV Line wouldn’t mention it because they’re too busy praying uselessly for Karofsky to be back on Glee and for Sebastian to be at all relevant.

        • Lucas says:

          Chris said they “could” be a together forever couple. He never explicitly said they are. Try again.

          • John says:

            Any idiot can figure out what he means. Of course he’s not going to blatantly say there’s no chance they won’t be together; it doesn’t keep viewers on their toes. Darren has referred to them as “the” couple, the Ross and Rachel-type, whatever roadblocks there may be. And anybody who has the most basic idea of story telling and television can tell that how a couple is set up is a very good indication of their endgame status. Klaine, Wemma, Finchel, Brittana, all had episodes of set up before they could be together officially. They’re all endgame, whether you like those pairings or not. And the actors know that, even if they can’t admit it to the press/audience explicitly.

          • Lucas says:

            What you call figure out, everyone else refers to as projecting. Even if he said that, which he didn’t, he’s not a writer on the show and it’s not up to him. Try again, son.

          • Jess says:

            @ John well Ross & Rachel were a TERRIBLE couple, completely unhealthy in every way and Rachel could totally have done better. So yeah..I suppose in a way Klaine is very much like Ross/Rachel. That doesn’t make it a GOOD thing.

        • AS says:

          At first I was fine with the “Klainer level of intelligence” of your post, ’cause I see stuff like that on Tumblr every day, but don’t say they’re praying to get Dave back on Glee, because they post about him really rarely in comparison to all the Klaine/Blaine s**t I see. And Dave was a great character, he could have had one of the best stories on the show, if only the writers realized that. And I don’t want to turn this into an argument about ships, but I really don’t see how Kurt and Blaine are “soul mates”. I don’t see even the tiniest bit of chemistry between them, unlike in the scenes with Kurt and Dave. Also, Blaine and Sebastian had good chemistry too, but I don’t really care about Blaine, what he does, or who he dates ’cause I hated his guts after the first few episodes he was in.

    • RachelA says:

      Um, that’s not what Chris said. He said that MIGHT end up being the case, but you never know. Especially with Glee. They don’t have an endgame. They can’t even keep things vaguely consistent from one episode to the next. The idea that they have some firm endgame plan is just not a reality based observation.

      • Ann says:

        If you think Glee doesn’t have endgame couples, you’re not paying attention. Wemma is endgame, to the point where Emma was married to someone for four months and Will still got to pop her cherry after that. Finchel and Klaine are obviously endgame pairings, even if the writers don’t know how they’ll end up getting there. Deal with it.

        • SSoo says:

          Wemma is adult couple, Will has had a failed marriage.
          Klaine and Finchel are the 1st relationship
          There is no comparison between Wemma and Klaine/Finchel in this aspect

        • RachelA says:

          Yes, I think there are couples that are LIKELY to end up together, but again, I seriously doubt Glee has some kind of firm plan around the whole thing. Especially since their writing is so malleable relative to fan sentiment.

          • John says:

            I’m not so sure about that. They lately seem to enjoy angering fans more than pleasing them. Ryan Murphy’s treatment of fans on twitter for example? And the large majority of fans are unhappy with the show, especially Brittana, Klaine, and Finchel, which makes up the vast majority of the fanbase.

          • @John says:

            The fanbase your referring to, a.k.a. the one active online and invested enough to have that attachment to any pairing, only makes up a small fraction of general viewership. You’re overestimating how much they matter and how much the writers care.

          • RachelA says:

            Well, I meant the show historically has been. You’re right that recently they’ve deviated a lot from fan sentiment, but if you look at the overall trajectory of Glee, it has been more or less an exercise in cow-towing to the fans with the shrillest voices. They may have finally freed themselves from that influence, but I think we’ll have to wait a while to see.

      • Jenny says:

        Actually I beg to differ Glee has been very Consistent this season because they are Continuing storylines week in week out so Klaine will get back together

    • ana says:

      Everyone thought That Dwason and Joey from Dawson’s Creek would end up together, and look what happened.

    • Kay says:

      John – your comment makes alot of sense. I hope that they do eventually end up together.

  16. Kevin says:

    SO excited for the new guy!

  17. chadv002 says:

    I find it really unprofessional how TV line are completely against klaine, you supposed to keep your own shipping views out of it. they just want seblaine to happen

    • Mae says:

      …They reported verbatim what Chris said and never once mention Sebastian or any other LI. You’re being ridiculous.

    • SSoo says:

      They did not say anything against Klaine.
      They just gave the news.

    • Dax says:

      Cute to see that you’ve adopted Blaine’s persecution complex and made it your own.

      • chadv002 says:

        excuse me? don’t you have anything better to do than attack other peoples comments. I wasn’t talking about this report specifically I’m talking about the site in whole.

        • Ann says:

          Amen. TV Line is so biased against Klaine it’s laughable.

          • Lindsay says:

            Still less laughable than your idiotic comments and persecution complex, hon.

          • RachelA says:

            Seriously. You people sound like Fox News watchers complaining about the “liberal media”. Just because TVline doesn’t fall all over itself to drool over Klaine constantly doesn’t make them biased or unprofessional. They report what’s happening on shows and where it looks like things are going. That’s it. Not showing whole hearted devotion to one particular pairing doesn’t make them biased. In fact, it’s precisely what makes them FAIR.

          • Amy says:

            lol sure. Tell me, does making you and your ship out to be the victim make you feel special?

          • RachelA says:

            Dude, YOU are the one playing the victim card here. Do I have preferences about certain aspects of Glee? Sure. But I don’t get mad because TVline doesn’t represent solely my point of view on the subject. Have any of my posts been an indictment of them? No, not at all. I think they are extraordinarily fair. I certainly feel like GLEE hasn’t done justices to a lot of my favorite characters and story-lines but everyone in the glee fandom feels that way. And the reality is Klainers are some of the people in the Glee fandom who have gotten the MOST fanservice, whether you believe that or not. You people gotten a lot more than a lot of other groups. So where exactly does your collective victim complex come from, I wonder?

  18. Eileen says:

    No one cares, Matt, tell us about PAUL!!!!!!

  19. Angela says:

    I have no problems with Kurt and Blaine dating other people as long as Klaine is endgame. I want to see them explore other options before ultimately deciding they love each other too much not to try and give it another chance.

    I’m sure Blaine is in NY scouting schools for after graduation. I’m just excited to see Kurt and Blaine in scenes together again. Chris Colfer and Darren Criss have great chemistry together. Their scenes last week were the best part of the episode.

  20. AS says:

    As long as Klaine don’t get back together I’m fine with whatever they do.

  21. SSoo says:

    I see people commenting that Klaine is safe because Chris and Darren have chemistry.
    But Chris Colfer has chemistry with everyone, I think Kurt must be the character associated with more shipps on Glee.
    So Chris the more certain is to have chemistry with the new actor too.

    • dsdsdsd says:

      I think he only has chemistry with Darren, Lea and Amber.

      • Demi says:

        Agreed about Lea and Amber, but no on Darren. For Christ’s sake, he had more acting chemistry with Max of all people than he’s ever had with Darren.

        • dsdsdsd says:

          Two good actors in a scene =/= chemistry. I see the Kurt/Karofsky scenes the same way i see the Santana/Rachel ones. They were well acted? Yeah, of course but some of their interactions felt extremely contrived and I have no interest on seeing more scenes between those characters.

          • @dsdsdsd says:

            The interactions feeling contrived isn’t a matter of chemistry, it’s a reflection of the writing. Good acting is a reflection of chemistry. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

          • .... says:

            You can not want them to be a couple, because you are a Klainer.
            But Max and Chris has much more chemistry between them that Darren and Chris

          • dsdsdsd says:

            It’s a matter of chemistry when I don’t feel think they have it enough to make up for the contrived dialogue.

          • Ann says:

            I actually think Chris and Max had decent acting chemistry in season 2, but not sexual. Karofsky was most convincing as a terrifying monster. Once Max was playing a woobie, his acting and their chemistry were less convincing.

          • @Ann says:

            Who is implying sexual chemistry? And their scenes in S3 got more praise than anything he did with Darren that season :)

          • RachelA says:

            Yeah, see, this is my problem. I can’t tell what is the fault of Glee’s contrived writing and faulty characterization, and what should be attributed to the actors themselves. I do think Chris and Max, as well as Kurt and D.Karofsky have more chemistry than Klaine or Chris and Darren. But that’s just a personal opinion.

          • Ann says:

            Actually, that’s not true. The most praised episode by far from last season was TFT, as in the episode where Klaine and Finchel had sex for the first time. And all the media hype was for Kurt/Blaine and Chris/Darren.
            And Chris and Darren have amazing chemistry.

          • @Ann says:

            That isn’t actually true and now I recognize you from tumblr, since you’re the only person that goes around claiming that when it isn’t true. Many critics slammed elements of TFT (including Darren’s acting). Hell, Chris himself said his favorite scene from TFT was the one with Karofsky. On the other hand, the acting in all of the scenes Chris shared with Max was lauded, and the one or two criticisms that exist solely focus on writing issues, not on acting chemistry.

          • Cass says:

            Ann, in what universe was TFT the most praised episode of that season? I can’t stop laughing.

          • RachelA says:

            Well a lot of the hype was around the story itself. It wasn’t necessarily a reflection on the ACTORS’ chemistry, per se.

          • Kay says:

            During the bar scene in “The First Time” when Kurt and Dave were talking, I felt their discussion was uncomfortable and unnatural. I did not see any chemistry there at all. I was glad when Kurt finally got up from the bar and danced with Blaine. That felt natural. I don’t understand how some people can say Darren and Chris have no chemistry together. Whenever they are in a scene together interacting (even if it is an argument) you just can’t deny how well they work together.

      • SSoo says:

        Cory, Max, Grant and Chord: all have chemistry with Chris.

      • gw says:

        lol so his amazing scenes with mike, max, cory etc suddenly don’t exist?

      • Amy says:

        Ha, you also seem to think Darren is more than mediocre at best so you might wanna check your taste, hun

        • Kristen says:

          Look up “mediocre” in the dictionary, Darren’s picture will be with it. I’ll be so glad when his extended 15 minutes are up, and he can fade back into oblivion. He is truly the worst thing that could have happened to Glee, and that is saying a lot, given how awful the writing can be.

          • Rod says:

            I HATE Blaine and Klaine and anything regarding that stupid lame character, but I blame here the writers… Darren is great in comedy, but his talent is totally wasted playing that insipid Gary Stu… Darren needs to get away of Glee ASAP and focus in stage plays and musical theatre…

          • Madonna says:

            Darren Criss is by far the most overrated person in Hollywood. He’s a very average singer and dancer, but his acting is god-awful; he’s definitely one of the worst on the show. I agree that him being on Glee ruined the show, not just because of his lack of talent, but because he brought along those Starship fans who just cared about Blaine, so the writers pandered to them.

  22. dsdsdsd says:

    Well, all I have to say is that If Kurt is going to get a new love interest then I hope Blaine gets one too

    • A says:

      Blaine got Eli. Blaine also had Sebastian, Jeremiah, etc. Give me a break.

      • Ann says:

        Yeah because a faceless hook up in one scene is a fair equivalent to a healthy dating relationship Kurt is sure to have with his new fellow. Blaine gets a miserable, meaningless one night stand, and Kurt gets a fun NYC romance. Who do the writers care about again? Also, Kurt had Chandler to Blaine’s Jeremiah and Karofsky to Blaine’s Sebastian (the attentions of the last two being unwanted and inappropriate).

        • @Ann says:

          Blaine is a secondary character who was brought in solely to exist around a main. What exactly were you ever expecting?

          • dsdsdsd says:

            He’s clearly not a secondary character anymore so if Finn, Rachel and Kurt can get new love interests, he can get one too.

          • @dsdsdsd says:

            He’s still solely revolving around Kurt. Everything from his student council run to the upcoming Warblers stuff goes back to Kurt. The only individual stuff he had was the stuff with his brother, but even that only happened because Ryan needed to showcase Matt Bomer before “The Normal Heart,” and not to develop him.

          • Ann says:

            In case you haven’t noticed, he’s not a secondary character any more.

          • @Ann says:

            If he wasn’t still a secondary character you wouldn’t have to be whining to get him a new LI or non-Kurt stuff to do.

        • dsdsdsd says:

          THIS. The writers bias for Kurt is ridiculous

          • X says:

            I’d say it’s more of a Chris bias. The better actor gets the better material, as it should be.

          • @X says:

            No, Kurt is the main character and Ryan’s pet, so he gets all the story lines because the writers don’t know how to represent two points of view. And Jane Lynch is the best actor on the show, but she still gets some of the worst material to work with.

          • X says:

            Jane Lynch gets weak material throughout but she’s always given a showcase to knock out of the park (think Funeral). They still write for their good actors.

          • RachelA says:

            Kurt was one of the ORIGINAL cast members, has *always* been one of the show’s main characters and is played by one of the strongest performers on Glee. ALL shows have some characters that are more significant and prominent than others. All shows are ‘biased’ in that way. It would only be a problem if Chris was a subpar performer, or if Kurt’s storylines were stale but neither of those things are true. He is and always has been one of the show’s main characters. He deserves the airtime he gets, unlike many other characters I can think of. *coughBlainecough*

          • @X says:

            No they don’t. The material Chris had to work with last season, while “dramatic”, was awful, with a couple exceptions (like The First Time, Dance With Somebody). They write meaty stuff for Chris because they love making Kurt suffer. Now Blaine is getting angsty story lines, probably because the writers need to make a gay kid suffer and Kurt is getting a reprieve in New York.

          • RachelA says:

            Not liking particular storylines is a totally separate issue from whether or not certain characters deserve to have the amount of story-time that they do. My point was that the show doesn’t have a *problematic* Kurt bias in terms of the amount of time and attention he gets. You might not like what they DO to Kurt sometimes in his story-arcs and that’s fine. My point was simply that he deserves the airtime he gets.

          • Nope says:

            The writers’ bias for Kurt? Give me a break. Blaine has had his ass kissed by every single character on this show. Everyone must at some point talk about how great he is. And just this season alone he is class president, the new Rachel, and offered the lead of the play even though his audition sucked. How noble of him to turn it down! I expect him to be prom king and to get into NYADA without even auditioning. He is the Mariest of Mary Sue characters, and people are sick of it. And just look at the insane reaction from his fans when he makes ONE mistake, the cheating. They act like his character has been assassinated just because he FINALLY acts like a human being. It just goes to show how much of a Mary Sue he was before.

          • stittsyk says:

            Bias for Kurt? That’s laughable. True, they get off showing Kurt frequently in pain, but it’s obvious they’ve been trying to make Blaine as relevant/popular as Kurt has been on the show. It will never happen. Darren Chris is just too horrible an actor, Blaine has had horrible characterization, and there is nothing compelling about him.

    • Giu says:

      Blaine was only created as a prop for Kurt so don’t count on it, bud.

    • Amy says:

      Hahahaha yeah, because poor Blaine never has people interested in him and never gets anything. Blaine has enough this season, thanks. Maybe instead of spending his time creeping around his ex he should focus on being class president and all the other responsibilities he doesn’t deserve.

      • Preach says:

        Right??? Damn, what a pathetic loser.

      • ddsfsd says:

        mte, the obtuseness of some blaine fans is so puzzling.

      • Ann says:

        Creeping around his ex? I think you’re a little confused. He isn’t stalking him in a gorilla costume or trying to throw a laced slushee in his face. Burt brings Blaine to see Kurt in New York for Christmas and Kurt is elated to see him.

        • Amy says:

          No, he’s just sending him gifts and trying to talk to him when Kurt clearly doesn’t want it. Nothing like Karofsky’s creeping at all! It may not be anonymous, but he sure as hell isn;t giving him space when Kurt wants it, and I find it hilariously hypocritical that you’d bring up Karofsky when what Blaine’s doing isn’t that different.

          The fact of the matter is we don’t know what sets them up to be on better terms by Christmas, because they certainly aren’t there yet. What we *do* know is, at the moment, Kurt doesn’t want to talk to Blaine. He doesn’t want gifts from Blaine. And it took Kurt getting into Lima and straight up telling him doesn’t trust him to *maybe* get that through his hairgel-slathered helmet hair and head. We don’t even know that for sure because we haven’t seen how he responds in the next episode.

          • Ann says:

            It’s entirely different. Blaine and Kurt planned the rest of their lives together and are in love. Him trying to phone and text him when their relationship was left with a question mark and sending one gift is not the same as someone who assaulted and threatened to kill Kurt following him around in disguise and expecting his love in exchange for candy and cards while he was already dating someone else.
            Kurt went to Lima because he wanted to see Blaine, and when he got there realized he couldn’t handle talking to him. And Kurt is the one phoning Blaine in episode 8 so they can be friends again. Kurt is the one who is ecstatic to see Blaine in New York and spend his Christmas with him. Kurt is the one who looks disappointed when they almost kiss but Blaine skates away.

          • Amy @ Ann says:

            The only people who thought their relationship was “left with a question mark” are the blind and desperate. Usually when someone doesn’t respond to someone, or sends them back things they sent to them, they take the hint and give them space or move on. Just because they *used* to be in a relstionship doesn;t mean what Blaine did was somehow okay. He was creeping around with an album of Kurt and generally acting like an obsessive. How does him being kurt’s ex with ~plans to spend the rest of their lives together make creepy behavior better or acceptable? Karofsky was gross too and crossed more lines, but the nature of Blaine and his actions were very much the same: sending things to someone who did not reciprocate their feelings. To be fair Blaine’s creep dial cranked lower than Karofsky’s, but his selfishness was right up their with the dude’s and he’s supposed to actual *care* for Kurt so I’m hardly giving him a medal for being a better person than a guy who assaulted someone. I don’t get a medal for doing that every day of *my* life, after all.

            I’m not drawing up conclusions about episodes we haven’t even seen yet, or reports from fangirls who filled things while they were taping. That is waaay to open to reaching/projecting. I can say, though, that whatever happens Kurt is obviously not so ~attached to Blaine post-4×10 that he can’t move on enough to be interested in someone else in 4×11. Which he deserves, really.

          • Trouty Mouth says:

            Guilt presents aren’t cute.

  23. Shannon says:

    Not getting involved in the arguments, just wanted to chime in about my excitement of Kurt getting someone new and untainted! :D! May he never have to deal with someone betraying him again!

  24. .... says:

    People who don’t like this news are Baline stans, because they know that nobody cares about Blaine without Kurt.
    Kurt and new character can be interesting, much more interesting than Klaine.
    So no one will cares about Blaine, because this character alone does not interest anyone.

    • wtfglee says:

      I care about blaine. More than kurt.

      • stittsyk says:

        Well then you deserve to get someone like Blaine in your life. Good luck with that.

        • Telly I says:

          How is that even an insult?

          • stittsyk says:

            Would you like an attention whore significant other, with dependency issues (along with anger and alcohol issues), who can’t be trusted to keep it in his pants after only being apart for a few weeks? If that’s what you want, then I wish you the best. I think most of us would want better for ourselves than that.

          • Hmm says:

            His anger stems from a past with bullies. I would be a supportive friend to him. And he seems funny. And effeminate and sweet. I think im asexual but also not a guy. But I would soo be blaines best ftiend. Proudly so. Im jealous of sam. He gives too much of himself. He has all this perfection and imperfectipn. But I love hi so.

          • Trouty Mouth says:

            Yeah, but Blaine equates bullying with not being allowed to wear hair gel. You’ve based your opinion off blangsty headcanon that’s never been proven on the show.

  25. zogs says:

    I’m glad they aren’t furthering the unhealthiness of the Klaine relationship by making Kurt run back immediately to him, I mean, we all know it’s going to happen but it’s nice that they are least letting Kurt explore his freedom in NY a bit.

  26. SL Hum says:

    None of us have any idea of what the writers have planned. We don’t know if Klaine is endgame nor even how the Christmas episode will end. Some of you have got to get your heads out of the clouds and stop having dreamy fantasies of Klaine. Not everyone feels the same way you do, and I think the writers are getting bored with their storyline and maybe their fans, too. (Or did I dream that???)

  27. Shannon says:

    In this upcoming episode, Blaine reveals that because Kurt was so distant and neglectful, he thought he was moving on from him and started doubting they were meant to be together forever. That is why he hooked up with Eli (which is no excuse, but that is why he did it). Then he says that right after his hook up, he knew that he and Kurt were meant to be together forever.
    That is how you write some angst for your endgame couple (or how Glee does, anyway, because it’s pretty silly). Now, Kurt will date Notblaine for a while and come to the same realization. It’s not a fair trade, because a one night stand is not the same as a fling in New York, but that is what they are doing with this story. Also, the parallel of White Christmas, where they almost kiss, and Baby, It’s Cold Outside, which was also very flirty and filled with sexual tension, suggests Kurt and Blaine will be “friends” like they were “friends” in season 2 (never strictly platonic), only this time it will be Blaine who is sure of his feelings and waiting for Kurt to be ready to be with him, and Kurt who needs to sort things out and have his love epiphany, which will probably be sealed with a Kurt-initiated Big Damn Kiss, just like in Original Song (and the only kiss they’ll have for the season because of the gay quota).
    Now, I think the story line is kind of lazy, and pretty pointless, because the idea of Blaine cheating in the first place was very clearly a contrived plot twist that had nothing to do with the character or relationship, just something angsty to break them up and keep them apart for a while only to bring them back together. But that’s the obvious trajectory of this arc.
    It’s a similar arc (but less well written) to Cory and Topanga’s in Boy Meets World, where Cory cheated on Topanga, they broke up, Topanga dated another guy and realized Cory was who she wanted, while Cory never stopped believing they were meant to be, and they got back together with this exchange:

    Topanga: Why did we break up?
    Cory: So we could get back together.

    And we all know Cory and Topanga ended up married with children (and are possibly coming back in a show about their daughter!!!).

    • Amy says:

      “so distant and neglectful” Oh yes, those three weeks they were apart, with Kurt starting a new life in a completely new city with only one friend, getting a huge new job opportunity and all the stress that comes with it but still trying to make time for Blaine within it, were cruel punishment to poor little Blainers; it’s not like he still had a stable home to live in, friends to be with (including a shiny new bestie), or the money to throw around to go to NYC if he really wanted or needed to. What did Blaine do to *deserve* such negligence? It’s not like he was the one to encourage Kurt to go or anything, and okay, maybe he *did* but doesn’t Kurt know if Blainers feels lonely he has to stop having a life immediately and listen in rapt fascination while Blaine explains his intricate thoughts about why he thinks two individual bow ties would go equally great choices for his debate and omg, which should he pick?!?!

      People who think it was OOC of Blaine to cheat clearly have no idea what his character is about (and I can’t even blame them, since Glee has a terrible discrepency when it comes to Blaine; the narrative treats him like the second coming of Christ, but his actions almost never reflect how ~great he supposedly is). One of the few consistent traits he’s had have been that he is attention seeking.

      • Shannon says:

        (a) Two months.
        (b) The narrative clearly established that Kurt was neglecting his relationship.
        (c) How would encouraging Kurt to pursue his dreams merit negligence? I don’t think Blaine expected Kurt to neglect their relationship even though they were in different states.
        (d) Blaine listened to Kurt talk about his life; in equal conversations, both people get to talk about their lives. They had clearly been talking for quite some time about Kurt’s work achievements, and Kurt steam rollered over Blaine, but not before mentioning that he forgot entirely that Blaine was even running for class president.
        (e) When you are in a relationship, you are supposed to care about the other person and their feelings. So yeah, if Kurt knows Blaine is unhappy and lonely, he should try to do something about it. No one said he needed to drop everything for Blaine, but he did need to put in more effort.
        (f) I have a better idea of what his character is about since I actually care about him and think about his characterization, versus blindly hating him. For the record, I also think Kurt’s behavior in Makeover was out of character.
        (g) Jump off my dick. My post was about the trajectory of this arc, not one little detail about what’s already happened.

        • Amy says:

          a) Three weeks. Except for very rarely, Glee time is the same as ours. When Rachel was referring to those “months” Finn hadn’t been in contact, she was talking about the summer. Hard to believe, I know, but just wishing something hard enough or declaring it so doesn’t make it reality. Sorry Blaine couldn’t keep it in his pants longer.

          b-e) Clearly your definition of “negligence” is far different from mine. Kurt wasn’t “neglecting” him–they still had Skype dates, Kurt called him when he could (and that time people complain about, how he hung or for gossip or whatever? Not only is 1) that person still someone important gossip or no, but 2) he called specifically to tell him work would keep him away from a Skype date so, y’know, he wouldn’t be inconveniencing his bf). Kurt had a drastic life change, all of which happened in a matter of ~two weeks. He went from intern to a good friend of his boss in a literally impossible position. He had reasons to be caught up and swept in excitement. If Blaine honestly didn;t expect that or couldn’t handle it, that’s *his* problem. People in a relationship should care about each other, but they are also individual people with individual lives, and it isn’t Kurt’s fault he got one and Blaine still had his revolving around Kurt. That is on Blaine.

          Could Kurt have done better? Yeah, he could have. But it was hardly “neglect”, which is straight up ignoring, which Kurt didn’t do.

          f) If you can claim I ~obviously don’t know a character because of “blind hate” (which, no–my ~hate of Blaine is rather clear, honestly, fueled by very canon events. Any character that did what he did in TFT bound to get some people whi genuinely hate him for very, very real, unbiased reasons), you too would then have to admit to your blinding bias due to your ~love of him. Liking a character doesn’t make you see them better–love is one of the most forgiving, blinding things that exists (hence the phrase “love is blind”) Blaine has, through out the series, been shown as attention seeking.

          g) Ha, keep telling yourself you’re so special I’m singling you out.

        • Jess says:

          I had a beautifully crafted reply to this, but it somehow got eaten. Oh well, I’m just going to second what Amy has also said so beautifully.

        • Beanni77 says:

          You obviously have a better grasp on real-time versus tv-time than most of the children on here, as well as a better concept of what goes on in writer-verse. Anyone who doesn’t recognize what the writers were setting up in The Break Up wasn’t paying attention to anything beyond Kurt crying. Santana described everything that was happening to a tee, showing how the more mature thing to do would be taking a break and if it was meant to be, they’ll find their way back to each other. Blaine lovers/haters are only focused on a dislike for a person, a dislike that is not shared by the majority. And yes, Chris is fantastic, but he is Ryan Murphy’s golden child (for good reason) and let’s recognize that. They are characters showing us that people make mistakes, screw up majorly, and move on, but these guys sing about it! It’s fun to see how upset people get when you say something bad about their favorite characters! Watch this: Kurt was a bad, neglectful boyfriend who deserved to be cheated on.

    • RachelA says:

      I’m sorry but I just crack up laughing whenever Klainers say Blaine cheating was contrived. It was frankly as predictable as the sun rising in the east. Blaine is needy for affection, is a *total* attention whore, plus he had a serious flirtation with another guy while he and Kurt were still together in Lima. This was not out of character or out of the blue in the slightest. It was thoroughly predictable and consistent with who Blaine is and the things he’s done in the past. It might not match up with the Blaine you’ve constructed in your head, but your fantasy version of Blaine =/= the Blaine they’ve actually written on Glee.

      • Shannon says:

        Blaine is not needy for affection. He withdrew from any physical affection with Kurt (as in, denied himself affection) when they were having relationship problems. Blaine is not an attention whore; he more than other characters is very willing to sing and dance back up for others. All the characters love to perform; that’s what the show is about. Blaine and Sebastian did not have a flirtation. Sebastian came on to Blaine, was rejected, and persisted despite no encouragement. Blaine made it clear both during and after his acquaintance with Sebastian to both Sebastian and Kurt that he was not interested. The cornerstone of Blaine’s characterization is his loyalty to and adoration of Kurt. The writers did not take that into account and had him do something very contradictory to his previous characterization, but this is unsurprising, since character consistency has always been a problem on Glee for basically all the characters.

        • gw says:

          go back to tumblr and create your own fantasy canon there like you always do sis

        • RachelA says:

          Dude, the Blaine in your head IS NOT THE SAME as the Blaine they’ve written on Glee! JFC. “Blaine is not needy for affection.” Yeah, he is. He transfered schools because he couldn’t bare to be away from Kurt’s affections. “Blaine is not an attention whore; he more than other characters is very willing to sing and dance back up for others.” What are you talking about!? He had more solos than basically EVERYONE last season, except maybe Rachel. He chose to take the part of Tony in West Side Story when it was offered to him, EVEN THOUGH he a) didn’t intend to audition for it originally and b) knew Kurt wanted it desperately. He couldn’t even give up being a star for KURT,the one person you claim his character is totally build around adoring. They also had an entire episode revolving around Blaine’s resentment of his brother, whom he resents precisely because the guy gets more attention and affection than him. ALSO Blaine auditioned to be “the new Rachel” despite the fact that other Glee members, who hadn’t gotten nearly as many solos as him in the Warblers or at McKinnley (aka Tina) wanted to lead the group and were just as deserving. He ran for student body president because he wanted to get people’s approval. The guy is EMOTIONALLY NEEDY AND AN ATTENTION WHORE. His behavior bares that out time and again. Your highly selective reading of the text is LAUGHABLE. Also he did flirt heavily with Sebastian. He agreed to chat with him online and meet with him multiple times AFTER Sebastian made it clear he was sexually/romantically interested. And they danced together pretty extensively at Scandals. Blaine was flirting back. He just was. You are choosing to ignore all these things because they don’t match up with the image of Blaine you have constructed in your head which is totally separate from the Blaine who exists on the show.
          And one last thing: “The cornerstone of Blaine’s characterization is his loyalty to and adoration of Kurt.” That’s not characterization. That’s just stupid. And it’s not even true AT ALL. Please stop watching the show through your ridiculous shipping goggles and actually pay attention to what is in the text before you start spouting off nonsense that makes you look ridiculous.

        • juststop says:

          you really are the laughing stock of fandom shannon

        • Alexa says:

          Thank you. I was starting to worry the whole fandom consists of people so blinded by their hatred of a character they can’t see what’s happening on screen.

          People may not like it but the writers set it up to look like Kurt didn’t care / was to wrapped up in his shiny new life to properly communicate with Blaine, thus bringing back all the insecurities Blaine already had about Kurt moving (as he voiced in DWS)

    • SL says:

      How do you KNOW they’re an endgame couple? Aren’t you just hoping? That’s my point. You don’t know what the Glee people are going to do. They’ve actually spoiled you to the point that you feel entitled.

  28. Amy says:

    Well I for one can’t wait until the episode after this. Bring on Kurt’s new LI.

  29. angel says:

    And i will also add this show cant display any more then what they do being on fox and they can say what they will its all about that and that’s why the story went the way it did if it wasnt and put it dis way even if kurt get another love interest which it wont be fro long ,wont show anything also so either way we wont see any pda this is not about that its just for drama sack but im sure if it was on another channel they wud have some other drama interest of cheating or triangles.

    • Ann says:

      Yes, Paul is obviously a roadblock to Klaine getting back together, a dramatic device.

      • Amy says:

        Well duh, but that doesn’t mean what he and Kurt could share may be better than what Klaine ever will (and the bar Klaine set is preeeeetty low so it is possible). Hopefully he’ll be the Jesse St. James to Kurt’s Rachel aka the overall better choice in every way, kept apart only by foolish writing decisions and an inane concept like “endgame”

        • Ann says:

          Well, no. Klaine is basically the best relationship this show has ever portrayed. Paul is more likely to be the Jeremiah to Kurt’s Blaine, a few coffee dates and that’s it. This is a gay couple, after all. We aren’t going to see them rolling around on a bed together like St. Berry. Unlike Finchel, Klaine has actually shown to be a good couple together, with mutual interests, compatible ambitions, and care and respect for each other. One instance of cheating does not equal the entire history of Finchel’s unhealthy relationship, sorry.

          • sgsdgsd says:

            idk how you can continually gloss over all the disgusting and unhealthy things in klaine like they never happened

          • Ann says:

            Probably because you’ve made them up in your head or twisted something silly into something awful.

          • Amy says:

            Your devotion to your ship is adorable, but I wonder hopw you can see anything with your head stuck so far in the sand. Klaine is terribly unhealthy–any relationship that featured drunken attempted date rape and the couple having consensual sex within the next few days max is badly done. On any other show that would have led to a break-up, and if they *did* eventually get back together it would have been with Blaine grovelling, not the two of them sharing a “mutual” apology, as though Kurt had anything to apologize for.

            But please, go ahead and continue to share your delusional interpretations. I like a good laugh.

          • Lol kurtsies. says:

            Blaine shouldnt grovel. It was kurts idea to go to that seedy gay bar.

          • Jess says:

            @lolkurtsies are you really that ignorant? That’s right up there with saying a girl was asking to be raped because she wore a short skirt. It may have been Kurt’s idea to go to the bar, but it was Blaine’s idea to get so drunk he didn’t want to take no as an answer, attempted date rape, and then managed to make it all Kurt’s fault.

          • lolkurtsies says:


  30. angel says:

    The only thing glee eva can do is cheating i wish they did something better There is so many ways and plus the distance was separating them anyway they really didn’t need to go through the whole cheating, BUt why they did is for sack of drama and if it was the edn of klaine they wudnt be doing this story in the first place.

    im still in denial about that and when i found out what blaine did im just going to pretend this never happened as this paul story-line. And basically whateva blaine did is no point a issue whatever that means so my guess it was just pointless. They did this so blaine can realise kurts for him if they wanted blaine to move on they wud have gav him a love interest to instead of all this. This gives me headache.

  31. lol platonic klaine says:

    lol platonic klaine
    good luck with that one boys
    I’m sure it will last as long as it did last time, if that

  32. Ash says:

    Omg people stop fighting! We all know Klaine will end up together <3

    • RachelA says:

      Yes, and we will all be the worse for that fact.

      • No says:

        Blaine needs to be kept away from the kurt fandom. They destroy everything thhey touch. Poor paul tbh.

        • Amy says:

          lol oh yes, because the legions of Darren/Blaine stans are perfect, respectful little angels.

        • Agreed says:

          I agree poor Paul–the Klaine stans are going to rip into him mercilessly for no other reason than he’s daring to touch what Blaine wants. Not to mention the actor that will play him–just look at the guy who was pretending to be Paul’s actor.

          • Jess says:

            An actor who is only RUMORED to be AUDITIONING for the role of Paul has already received hate tweet by Klainers and Blarrenstans. So yes…poor Paul.

          • Jess says:

            oops…I replied to the wrong thread…this was meant to be replied under the Comment by No

          • wtfglee says:

            well I don’t really care for the new york stuff so I have close to no interest.
            Kurt and rachel got boring this season.
            20yr old problems…

          • Jess says:

            @wtfglee yes, because the same high school problems that they already did in S1-S3 are so much more interesting. ohhkay

        • Nope says:

          Blaine fans are the absolute worst. They have the biggest persecution complex on the planet – which is fitting considering who they stan for. I love how KURT is to blame for everything when Blaine is out having sex with someone else after three weeks of Kurt being gone. But he’s “hopelessly devoted,” all right! Give me a break.

    • Amy says:

      lol considering the fighting is revolving around the people that desperately want this and those who would REALLY rather they not…how was this meant to stop anything? haha

    • Angela says:

      Unfortunately, pleading with people to stop fighting on this site is futile, I’ve noticed. I’m all for passionate discussion of a TV show, but Jesus Christ, people. Is there a reason we need to resort to insults every. single. time?

  33. Tubio says:

    I just want blaine to be happy. And I like single!blaine too.

  34. TVsChristina says:

    One of the has to be pregnant….right? That’s what this show does….right?

  35. Telly I says:

    What Chris said has made me optimistic re klaine.

    But yes I’m more focussed on Blaine backstory rn. New York is nice and all but life is tooo easy for them there.

    • RachelA says:

      You do understand Chris says those things mainly because he is trying to placate crazy Klainers and not get a bunch of hate-tweets and fandom flak, right? He doesn’t want to put up with you nutty people (understandably) so he’s very nice and agreeable about Klaine because that’s the best way to avoid being the target of a bunch of fandom animus. Everything he says about Klaine comes from a PR standpoint, not an honesty one. Please grow up.

  36. Ew says:

    I DNC about the NYC bs.
    Except for Darren in ice skates.

  37. Jake says:

    I DNC about the McKinley bs. It’s just a rehash of the s1-s3 plots.

  38. relax it's a show says:

    Im excited for Kurt/Paul, I think Kurt needs to explore new relationships. Also you need to accept people opinions about things, and stop bashing the actors. In the end, I think Kurt/Blaine will get back together , which I’m excited for.

  39. Angela says:

    Wow the fighting in these comments is just ridiculous. You guys realize Blaine and Kurt are merely characters on a TV show? Neither one of these characters a perfect. Flawed characters are interesting ones. I personally love both Kurt and Blaine. I think they are endgame but I would love to see them both date other people and figure out what they really want and who they want. Relationships can survive cheating because it comes back to love. Is that love strong enough to forgive the other person for the betrayal? Is this something the couple can work through and become stronger for it? Is it something that the cheater is willing to really search themselves and understand why they did what they did? Is it something they are willing to change to get help for? I’ve seen comments about Blaine needing a therapist and I think that would be a good idea. Mental health is an issue that’s not been addressed on this show. Blaine clearly has a complicated family history and he’s suffered from abuse. He probably suffers from depression and a fear of being alone. I’m interested to see more of his backstory and hopefully develop Blaine as a character outside of Kurt.

    • RachelA says:

      Blaine does not need a therapist. He was not abused and he does not have a mental health issue. He’s needs to grow up, recognize what he did, and stop being such a needy whiny baby all the time.

      • Sure blaine has no issues right? says:

        And you know this how?
        He was beat up on sadie hawkins night. He felt the need to take up boxing. His behaviour is erratic when it comes to separation and finding approval in others.
        Your mindset seems to be that he should just “grow up” ? ok.

        • LOL says:

          So everyone who takes up boxing has mental health issues? Didn’t Blaine reference being in some kind of club at Dalton with his boxing? So are all those boys depressed and in need of therapy? Wow, what’s in the water there? Sorry to tell you, but Blaine’s just immature. Not depressed.

          • pressed as a freshly ironed shirt. says:

            No he said hed taken it up after the bullying. To defend himself against perceived attacks in the future.aka He still feels threatened

          • No says:

            Continue to make up your ridiculous head canon.

          • ohdeario says:

            But he did say that.
            He said he took up boxing after being bullied.

            Kurt never even did that…

          • Beanni77 says:

            He was making a sarcastic reference to Fight Club the movie, not saying he actually started a club. Hence the “which I obviously can’t talk about.” if you’ve seen the movie it makes more sense.

      • Angela says:

        Actually there is nothing wrong with Blaine having a therapist. He clearly suffers from depression and dependency on Kurt. Would t hurt him to get help and live for himself instead of for Kurt. Also he was abused. Clearly he was beat up after attending a school dance. Assault is abuse and its clear it still affects Blaine by his reactions from Prom. Not to mention the fact he was assaulted by Sebastian last season. The kid has been through a lot and wouldn’t hurt to have a real mental health profession counsel him. Emma doesn’t count.

        • RachelA says:

          Having bad things happen to you *occasionally* in life is not the same thing as being “abused.” Yes he got beat up once, and got his corneas scratched by a slushie. And obviously that sucks. But it does not mean he has been TRAUMATIZED or that it has somehow affected his ability to function. Nothing in the text so far suggests Blaine has any actual mental health problems. Yes he is sad about breaking up with Kurt, but that is not a mental health problem. Being sad when something sad happens is NORMAL. You people are so silly about all of this. Bad things have happened to Blaine in the course of his life, and he is sad right now because of his break up. I get that. Neither of those things means that he has some kind of serious condition that requires serious therapy or intervention. You guys over-dramatize everything. Please get a grip.

          • All I feel is relief says:

            mental health problems can range from mild to serious.
            Even if you have a small problem. Therapy is a good option.

          • Angela says:

            Seriously? I would disagree with you about the definition of abuse. If you were attacked once or twice would you not consider that abuse? Since when do the definition of abuse require systematic long-term multiple assaults? Also I did not say that Blaine’s sadness = depression. In fact his behavior up to the break up is indicative of depression in my opinion. I’m not suggesting there need to be a story arc where Blaine has to seek in patient treatment because that would not be warranted. I just think there could by an interesting story here. They missed tackling this issue with Quinn and it would be nice if they could approach it now sensibly. However this is Glee so I’m sure it would be more after school special and unrealistically resolved in 1 episode.

          • RachelA says:

            People – the very definition of a mental health problem is that it impairs with your ability to function in daily life. Blaine is functioning just fine. He may not be happy, he may be upset, sad, not his usual self but it has not impeded his ability to function thus far. Therefore talk of mental health problems including depression is not relevant. He is just sad because something sad happened, and he’s reacting the way people NORMALLY DO when they are sad. That’s not dysfunctional, and he doesn’t need some institutionalized form of help. He needs to mourn his relationship, figure out what HE did wrong, and learn how not to do it again. And no, I do not consider bad things happening to you very occasionally in your life “abuse.” Bad stuff happens to everyone once in a while. We are not all abused because bad things have happened to us. Abuse as a condition has to be chronic and systematic to earn the name. Otherwise it’s just bad stuff happening, as it does to pretty much everyone occasionally throughout life.

          • Feh says:

            I cant w/ u rachel.
            Why not just wait till we know what happened.

          • RachelA says:

            Yes, why not wait? My whole point was that you people are basing all this on your CONJECTURES about Blaine, and not on things that are actually IN the text as of yet. All this fanon you’ve cooked up about Blaine’s tragic past and his horrible emotional issues is just that – fanon. It’s not in the text. If they actually do go there in the text, well then we can talk about it seriously then. But you people cannot just make up character tragedies and hardships to explain a character’s behavior and expect to be taken seriously if it is not canon based. As of right now, all of that stuff is made up, which means it doesn’t get to play in a conversation about THE ACTUAL TEXT.

          • Angela says:

            Good lord it’s just a theory. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression I see nothing wrong with seeing someone to address issues of assault . But that’s just me. Also I don’t see Blaine as the anti-Christ just as a confused young man who made a really bad decision based on insecurities and self doubt. He does a history of tragic events that are in the TEXT. Again I never said the depression was related to the breakup. Mental health issues affect people in different ways. Of course we have no idea if even something then writers were thinking about. I just can’t believe the way people attack each other over fictional characters. Disappointing.

          • RachelA says:

            Yeah, well, I’m tired of people blaming Blaine’s bad behavior on some mythical epic trauma from which he has been (in their minds) permanently emotionally scarred. As I have said, a few bad things happened to Blaine. But I don’t think we can say he has some horrific tragic past. He was beaten up once and got a bad slushie in the eye. Which are unfortunate experiences, but it does not make him a victim par excellence. Also, them giving Blaine depression or some other mental illness now would be totally out of the blue, quite frankly, since he has never exhibited anything that resembles the symptoms of mental illness. Again, I think all of this conjecture is mostly due to the fact that Klainers just don’t want to own up to the reality that Blaine did a bad thing and cheated. He’s a perfect little snowflake in their minds, and this whole depression/trauma nonesense is a way to explain away his bad behavior and/or argue for why Kurt should take him back. It’s grasping at straws and it’s sad.

          • gawj says:

            I don’t see it as bad behavior though.
            Then again I’m not a sensitive Kurtsie.

          • I can't says:

            No, gawj, you’re just dumb as a post. “Cheating isn’t bad behavior! Because Blaine did it! And he’s supermegagafoxyhot and never does anything wrong and if he does he can’t be held accountable because he has depression OMG! Poor Blainers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why doesn’t anyone see his pain??????? He’s all alone and has no friends! Even though the school liked him enough to elect him class president and Sam is always talking to him about his problems and trying to cheer him up!!!!!”

    • Angela says:

      I don’t really have an opinion on the therapist part of it all one way or another, but otherwise, bless you for this sane, rational post.

  40. kille says:

    idk what sort of competition is going on here for Kurt’s golden diq.

    I’m just interested in what going on w. Blaine.

  41. Ella says:

    I saw darren skating. He is an ice prince.

  42. All I feel is relief says:

    Sayonara kurt. Its been real. Xd

  43. Feh says:

    Anybody else view blaines cheating as a form of self harm?
    I mean he flew straight to nyc and owned up. And he was seeing kurt ghosts everywhere.
    It was scary.

    • RachelA says:

      Please, PLEASE tell me this is a joke. Please tell me you are parodying a Klainer right now. Because if not, I am seriously concerned for your inability to process basic narrative information.

      • Jolly says:

        I do see it as self sabotage.

      • Rod says:

        Werther? Romeo? Otello? … they are NOTHING under the monumental shadow of Blaine, the greatest dramatic creation in human history, which puts to shame anything created from Shakespeare to Dostoievsky… he’s not a human, he’s a demigod, a supernatural hero, his tormented soul ripped apart by the utterly tragic, Kafkian waves of destiny, in this ocean called “Fate”… PUH-LE-A-ZE XD

      • Kathy says:

        Well, it certainly made me laugh.

  44. Kay says:

    I can’t wait for Kurt’s new LI to show up! Never thought they’d put him with anyone else, tbh, so this is awesome.

  45. Rachel b berry says:

    If the writers continue to kiss kurts butthol3 I may vom.

    • Stay pressed says:

      If the writers continue to kiss Blaine’s butthole, and make all of the other characters do it as well, I may vomit.

      • pressed as a freshly ironed shirt. says:

        but only kurt is allowed to remain saintly and without any flaws. Blaine remains the prop used to make kurt look good.

        • RachelA says:

          But Kurt isn’t saintly. He is, at times, manipulative, snotty, uppity, not to mention weirdly bi-phobic (when it comes to men, anyway). Kurt is flawed. But he is fundamentally good and interesting and likable. I’m afraid I can’t say the same for Blaine, who I would agree is a prop, but not one that makes Kurt look good. He’s a prop that makes Glee a lot of money and drags Kurt’s character down in the process. Which is what makes me so grateful that they are finally freeing Kurt of him…at least for now.

          • pressed as a freshly ironed shirt. says:

            yes blaine has been kurts handbag. Like chris said.
            Whether kurt is likeable is relative.

          • Blaine stans continue to be delusional says:

            …Chris has never said that, you absolute idiot.

          • gawj says:

            He did seem to think Blaine was his “accsessory”.
            That’s stomach churning levels of character bleed ew.

          • LOL says:

            So not only do you make up crap about the characters, you also do it with the actors? Repeat after me: My head canon is not reality. My head canon is not reality.

        • reality check says:

          They made Kurt apologize after Blaine tried to force himself on him. Blaine is hardly made out to be a monster on the show, and is put on a pedestal all the time. This cheating business is the first time the show has indenified what he’s done as wrong, and even then the narrative clearly implies we should feel bad for him even though he brought everything on himself. Cry more.

          • pressed as a freshly ironed shirt. says:

            All nothing compared to how theyve mistreated blaine. They dont even treat him like a proper character. They change his age.and chris trims his lines all to accomodate kurt and kurts integrity.

          • Kurt is a doosh says:

            I freaking hated that.
            People were saying blaine was quietly sitting against the lockers in PQ. That he should have been more outspoken and supportive.
            When Chris told them to cut his line.
            I bet he does that all the time.

          • Nononono says:

            Frakking rude.

          • Blaine stans continue to be delusional says:

            LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL You live in your own delusional reality, “pressed as a freshly ironed shirt.”

          • RachelA says:

            You people are seriously butt-hurt over THAT?! Good lord, I just cannot even…

          • Blaine stans continue to be delusional says:

            Chris didn’t tell them to cut his lines, idiots. He said he wanted Kurt to be the one to go back inside, not to have them ONCE AGAIN take away a character’s agency by having someone else tell them to do it. There are other things the writers could have had Blaine say and do. Instead he sat there and looked annoyed like HEAVEN FORBID Kurt be upset about what just happened. I guess that can be blamed on Darren’s terrible acting, though. The faults of Blaine’s character are partly on him because he can’t understand how to accurately depict emotions.

          • RachelA says:

            What s/he said ^^^

          • gawj says:

            Chris never treated Blaine’s character like it deserved respect or care.
            That just proved it to me.
            It’s supposed to be a partnership. But what did he do with Blaine’s growth? He didn’t give a damn.

            Paul can be Kurt’s handbag now. Thank goodness.

          • RachelA says:

            @gawj – You seem to be conflating what Chris says and does with what Kurt says and does which doesn’t make any sense. a) Chris doesn’t write the show. Yes he *occasionally* has input about certain things but he doesn’t have extensive power over it’s overall trajectory. b) Chris has been very congenial about Klaine and Blaine considering how awful the relationship is and how lame Blaine’s character is. c) KURT AND CHRIS ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON. So are you mad about the way CHRIS has talked about Klaine/Blaine or are you mad about what KURT has said and done in the show. Because right now you seem to conflating the two and they are TOTALLY separate issues.

  46. Oppan says:

    I’m already sick of NYADA/nyc

  47. klainesucksfyi says:

    Please let the realization be they’re never getting back together.

    • praase. says:

      Blaine is more interesting when he’s sleeping around and breaking precious Kurt’s delicate heart. :)

      Kurt can eat his way through the men of New York indefinitely as far as I’m concerned. and his “fans” can go jump off a cliff.

      • RachelA says:

        Seriously, though, what is you people’s problem with Kurt? Are you honestly upset that he won’t consent to constantly be Blaine’s doormat? Is that what you are pissed about? I really don’t understand what your problem is. Can you please explain? What exactly has he done that you object to?

        • Beanni77 says:

          I just don’t see him as a very likable character, he’s selfish and his entire relationship with Blaine centered around himself. The writers made it out to be very one-sided. If I was Blaine I’d have dumped his ass a long time ago, not cheated, cuz that’s really not cool. Although I’d like to point out that more people cheat than we’d all like to admit. Sociological debate, anyone?

  48. Sue B says:

    So let me get this straight. Kurt sends a few flirty texts to a guy he meets in a record store who compliments him on his clothing. This is considered cheating by Blaine, and he embarrasses Kurt in front of the entire glee club. Kurt, of course, sings a song to show Blaine how much he still cares about him. Then Kurt is urged by Blaine to go to NYC b/c he’s “stuck” in Lima. Kurt goes, gets a great internship, is actually praised at vogu.com, and is finally happy. Blaine is so busy deciding what bow tie to wear for his election speech that he doesn’t care that his boyfriend is actually happy for the first time in a long time (especially after getting rejected for no reason from NYADA). Instead of flying to NYC to see Kurt (which he then does a week or so later), he hooks up with a stranger and has sex. This REAL cheating leads to Klaine’s breakup, but for some reason it’s Kurt’s fault b/c he wasn’t paying enough attention to Blaine, though Blaine originally cheated by keeping in touch with Sebastian and lying to Kurt about it.

    And it’s Kurt’s fault. Am I missing something here?

    • praase. says:

      Kurt didn’t admit to making any mistake. and he sang a song saying “don’t walk away from me, take me for what I am”

      faaar from a proper apology.

      • RachelA says:

        Is that seriously the BEST defense you can mount? That *some* of the lyrics in the song are not completely recalcitrant? (even though the chorus still says “I have nothing, nothing, nothing if I don’t have you”?) THAT is your rebuttal? Wow, you people really are grasping as some flimsy-as-f*#k straws. Just pathetic.

  49. you realize this isnt real so dont get ur panties in a bunch says:

    Wow you guys take this way to seriously, its a show relax. Kurt/Paul interests me, but kurt/blaine are going to get back together. They just need some much needed time off

  50. freedom4both says:

    It’s pretty simple, really…when two people bring out the best in each other when they’re together, it’s a good relationship. If they bring out the worst in each other when they’re together, it’s a bad relationship. How hard is that to understand? I don’t see that either Kurt or Blaine is a better person when influenced by the other. They’re both competitive, and to some degree attention-seeking, and it causes clashes instead of harmony when they’re together. They sound good together (sometimes) when they’re singing romantic duets, but they’re both “onstage” at that time, even if there’s no one else to hear them. They’ll both be better off with other people than each other.