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Will the Criminal Minds realize they’re being watched? What will happen when Person of Interest digs Root back up? What could bring Karofsky back to Glee? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Criminal Minds | The matter of this season’s big bad — a serial killer replicating the MOs of captured unsubs — will soon be revisited. And considering how collectively smart the BAU team is, don’t expect this stealthy stalker to go unnoticed for too much longer. “I think you’ll see that it gets put together pretty quickly,” Joe Mantegna tells me. “And it’s going to be something that I think the fans will appreciate because it gives you that other impetus of like, ‘OK. Now where are we going with this thing?'” Also on the horizon at the CBS crime drama is what A.J. Cook calls a “really big JJ episode,” directed by Thomas Gibson. “I think that after we got to see her kick some serious ass in the season finale, they were like, ‘Oh, we didn’t know you were good at that’ — so we’re going to see her kick a little more ass,” Cook reveals. “We’re also going to see her do something we’ve never seen her do before that may get her into trouble.”

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Person of Interest | As she herself taunted Reese, Sam Groves aka the “Root” of all kinds of evil is not done with her pursuit of the Machine just yet – and what’s more, the worst is yet to come. “I make it back eventually, later in the season,” Amy Acker tells TVLine. “And when I do, it’s a roller coaster of lots of trouble…. A lot of stuff escalates.” Until then, might Acker use her free time to lens a role on ABC’s S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot, as many Whedonverse fans hope? “I don’t think so,” she laments, noting that, among other considerations, “I’m inbetween the age ranges of the parts.” Should ABC order the Marvel-ous project to series, “Hopefully I’ll get to do something,” she shares. “I think they’re putting together a pretty great cast, and I’m excited to watch it.” (POI returns with new episodes – and guest star Mark Pellegrino — on Nov. 29.)

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American Horror Story: Asylum | Now that [SPOILER ALERT!] the identity of Bloody Face has been revealed, prepare to get inside the murderous maniac’s head – as well as a few others. The next episode, ‪titled “The Origins of Monstrosity‬,” “really dives into a lot of the roots of the characters in this world,” says Zachary Quinto, who plays the duplicitous Dr. Thredson, “so a lot of things will become clearer and probably even more disturbing.” Having played an owner of Season 1’s Murder House and now a vile shrink, is Quinto up for a third turn on the FX drama à la Jessica Lange? “I’m sure I’ll get a call at some point,” he ventures.

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Glee | Although EP Brad Falchuk told us he considers the Dave Karofsky storyline to be “finished,” with “no more story to tell,” Max Adler remains hopeful that his character will be revisited… at some point. Reflecting on what was possibly his final appearance, after Dave attempted suicide, Adler acknowledges “in the flash-forward scene in the hospital, they do show you that he can be happy and he’ll meet a man of his dreams and have a boy and be successful. So they do kind of tie things up in a nice way. But I’m in love with the character and as the actor, I would have always like to see more.” For example? “I would have liked to see how he deals with his parents afterwards and where he ends up going to school, if his relationship with Kurt continues…,” the actor offers. With a nod to Season 4’s Big Apple-based narrative, he adds: “Maybe Karofsky will pop up in New York! We’ll see.”

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Castle | “Meredith’s moving in!” Darby Stanchfield says with a laugh, as the Scandal cast member teases her January 2013 Castle encore as Rick’s ex-wife. “She’s packed her bags and she’s back!” OK, some context: Mer makes camp at Rick’s when their daughter Alexis falls ill with mono. Thing is, Kate is also crashing there at the time, while her apartment is fumigated. As you can imagine, it all adds up to awesome awkwardness. Does Castle even try to conceal his new, workplace romance? “It’s pretty obvious,” Stanchfield previews, “so we get way past that right away.”

Sitcom Quickies | The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon apparently has unfinished business with Santa Claus, and it will be dealt with in Episode 11l, “The Santa Simulation.” And it may or may not involve a shotgun…. Here’s a “super” in-joke you won’t see anytime soon, now that CBS’ Partners has been pulled from the schedule. The 13th episode was going to make a teen-tiny (microscopic, really) nod to Brandon Routh’s Superman past when Wyatt and Louis look into having a child via surrogate, and the former’s swimmers and deemed so strong, the doc says, “They’re wearing little capes!”

And now, a few questions from the Inside Line mailbag…..

I hear that Brooke D’Orsay may be getting a recurring role on Two and a Half Men. If so, what will happen to her character on Royal Pains? –Nancy
For one, I can confirm that D’Orsay’s Men role — as a love interest for Walden — will in fact be a recurring one. That said, I am also assured that her Royal Pains status will remain unaffected – which is a relief, since Paige and Evan are due to tie the knot in next month’s two-hour movie.

I’m so excited that Chicago Fire got a full season! Now do you have any scoop on when Sarah Shahi joins the show? –Lisa
You can expect Shahi’s undoubtedly bee-a-YOU-ti-ful businesswoman to start heating things up with Taylor Kinney’s Lt. Severide starting Dec. 12, for at least six episodes.

Do you have anything on Parenthood‘s Julia and Joel? Their storyline doesn’t seem to get much coverage. –Danyelle
If you thought we were on the verge of a breakthrough with Victor — you know, in the wake of his happy playdate with a pal from the old nabe and Julia firing up some Rosetta Stone — think again. The difficult lad has at least one more (rather despicable) bit of acting out left in his bag of tricks.

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