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Question: We haven’t heard much about NCIS’ Christmas episode on Dec. 18, other than Robert Wagner comes back as Tony’s dad. Got anything else? —Lonnie
Ausiello: Well, if the elder DiNozzo is coming to visit his son for the holiday, that can only mean one thing. For the very first time, “We see Tony’s apartment,” Cote de Pablo tells us. And what if anything is surprising about the bachelor’s pad and/or its decor…? “The bed he sleeps in,” de Pablo answers with a rather hearty laugh. “And that’s all I’m going to say!”

Question: You guys have been fabulous at keeping us Castle fans in the loop! So, I would like this to continue: Got any Esposito scoop? —Alyssa
Ausiello: This season’s 12th episode will be a juicy one for Jon Huertas’ detective. The hour finds Castle, Beckett & Co. thrust into New York City’s club scene while investigating the death of an up-and-coming DJ — a case that leads Esposito to befriend a troubled teenager (played by Reed Between the Lines‘ Nadji Anthony Jeter). And by befriend I mean take him under his wing and help him straighten out his life before it’s too late. Bonus Scoop: The episode features a guest turn by The Unit‘s Michael Irby as a criminal who may have a history with the aforementioned murdered DJ.

Question: Thanks for all the Army Wives scoop last week. Do you happen to know if Kellie Martin and Ryan Michelle Bathe are returning in Season 6?  —Anna
Ausiello: They are. Exec producer Jeff Melvoin confirms that Wives‘ resident lesbian couple will continue to recur when the show returns next year. Also, I carved out this little scooplet from my Q&A: Wives 2.0 will really come into focus in the new season’s third episode, when an “emotional event” unites the new and existing wives. “It’s a catalytic [incident] in a sense that it throws them all together,” previews Melvoin, “And when they get thru that together, that’s where they really emerge as a unified group of friends.”

Question: Do you think NBC will order more episodes of Parenthood and make it a full season since it is doing so well in the ratings? —Margaret
Ausiello: I could’ve sworn I put this issue to rest in last week’s Ask Ausiello. Guess I was wrong. Would you believe it if it came from NBC president Bob Greenblatt? Because he basically corroborated my report in a conference call, telling our Matt Mitovich, “That ship has sailed for this season, because we have planned the rest of the year very carefully,” with Smash claiming the Tuesdays-at-10 slot starting Feb. 5. “But I’m thrilled to see Parenthood get an uplift this year [oftentimes winning its time slot in the demo]…. Jason Katims is one of the best showrunners in drama, and he has keyed into a storyline this season — primarily, [Kristina’s] cancer — that has moved the show forward in a great way. We couldn’t be happier about that.” Can we consider this case closed now?

Question: Amy info on who Donal Logue is playing on Sons of Anarchy? I love him! —George
Ausiello: I love him, too. What I don’t love is what his character’s arrival may mean for Tara. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Question: Are Kurt/Blaine or Rachel/Finn ever, ever getting back together on Glee? (And yes, that Taylor Swift song is going to be stuck in your head till I get answers!) –Danny
Ausiello: This time, I’m telling you (I’m telling you)…if you’re a Klaine or Finchel stan, “Dynamic Duets” probably won’t be your favorite episode of Season 4, thanks to the total absence of the show’s NYC-based characters. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find a few small clues to consider while you’re burning off that second helping of pumpkin pie this weekend. For one, Blaine finds himself staring smack in the face of temptation (aka Dalton Warbler Sebastian) — without the slightest hint of flirty banter. And secondly, Finn seems more occupied with succeeding in his new gig as New Directions mentor than in mourning his lack of communication with Rachel. (And isn’t that exactly the kind of self-actualization she was asking for back in “The Break-Up”?)

Question: Longtime Glee fan, first-time complainer. When is New Directions’ new ingenue Marley going to show a bit of edge? She’s way too moon-eyed to be believable. –Rachel (not Berry)
Ausiello: Kvetch and ye shall receive, Rachel! At the very end of this Thursday’s Thanksgiving-night installment, “Dynamic Duets,” Marley Rose makes a decision that’s surprisngly, almost upsettingly selfish. To be fair, Marley acts under the influence of manipulative frenemy Kitty, but don’t be surprised if it weakens one third of the love triangle she’s currently navigating.

Question: With supercute Glee Project winner Blake Jenner on the scene as Marley’s new love interest Ryder Lynn, is Puck’s surly (but also supercute) brother Jake going to get maginalized with nasty Kitty for the rest of the season? –Tessa
Ausiello: Not so fast, Tessa. Ryder may be sensitive and chiseled, with a head of hair that even Justin Bieber would envy, but Jake has a secret weapon of his own in the fight for Marley’s heart — the approval of Mrs. Rose (Trisha Rae Stahl). See? It pays to be nice to your high-school lunch lady!

Question: Do you have any scoop on the new season of Shameless? —Kyle
Ausiello: Mike Doyle (A Gifted Man) and Chris Butler (The Good Wife) are joining the Showtime hit’s upcoming third season as a gay couple (and a good-looking one at that; see photo, right) whose lives become linked to the Gallagher clan in an uber-spoilery, potentially game-changing way.

Question: I’m having a sincere case of the broken hearts over here. I’ve just been informed via Twitter that the 11th episode of Community‘s fourth season is now the finale. What happened to 12 and 13? —Quincy
Ausiello: Relax. Simmer. Take a chill pill. For scheduling reasons, the finale had to be shot out of sequence (i.e. after Episode 10 and before Episodes 12 and 13). It’s all good, Quincy. All good.

Question: Is the rumor true that ABC isn’t going to air all 13 episodes of Private Practice‘s final season because the ratings have been poor? –@kchadha19 via Twitter
Ausiello: That’s most definitely not true — and that denial comes straight from ABC president Paul Lee. “It’s absolutely finishing out its run,” the exec told TVLine Monday night at The Saban Free Clinic’s Gala, where he was an honoree. “We’re really proud of it. Private has been a real asset to ABC for a very long time, we’re super-proud to have it and we want to give it a big sendoff.”

Question: Since there was no new Revenge on Sunday, please give us some scoop? Please? Maybe something regarding my two favorites, Victoria and Conrad? —Cher
Ausiello: If you’re wondering if that touchy-feely moment they shared in the last episode will lead to a real reconciliation, wonder no more: It won’t. Two forces will further complicate their unholy union — one of them is the arrival of this guy, and the other one involves the release of a fresh skeleton from Conrad’s closet. According to Madeline Stowe, a “surprising” secret will come to light “very soon” about her onscreen leading man. “There’s always something,” she adds with a laugh. “All marriages tilt on the axis of their own logic, and this is a weird one.” Bonus Scoop: Is Em’s Revengenda Tour winding its way to the West Coast? The show is currently casting the role of a concierge who works the front desk at an upscale Los Angeles hotel. Hmm…

Question: Please give me any new spoilers on The Mindy Project and/or New Girl and/or Happy Endings and/or Ben and Kate! —Magali
Ausiello: Eenie, meenie, miney… Ben and Kate! Kate’s romance with her new musician beau Will (played by Geoff Stults) will hit a sour note when he invites her (and Ben, natch) to watch him perform. “They tell him that the band is awesome, and then the second that he walks away they say, ‘Oh my god, this is the worst thing ever,'” Stults previews with a laugh. “Let’s just say that I have one of the most ridiculous guitar-playing face and it causes a little bit of a problem in our relationship.”

Question: Anything on Modern Family? —Gerald
Ausiello: The Pritchett-Dunphy clans will converge on Palm Springs to ring in 2013. “We go to a hotel that Jay went to in the ’70s and was the best place he’d ever been,” explains Ty Burrell. “Now it’s rundown, but we make the best of it. It’s very funny. Jay still clings to it being the best place on Earth.”

Question: I just started watching Blue Bloods and I’m in love with the show! Got any spoilers? —Ella 
Ausiello: Come Episode 12, Danny is going to face a problem far bigger than his current merry-g-round of partners, when he finds himself on the wrong end of the Miranda warning after being expertly framed for possessing two kilos of cocaine.

Question: I am in need of a Grey’s Anatomy spoiler, please! —Tia
Ausiello: The Grim Reaper will be paying another visit in early 2013. His rumored target: A longtime (and very much beloved) character.

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  1. hello says:

    Gee, Grey’s Anatomy is killing someone, how original.

    • Mike says:

      in 9 seasons they’ve killed 3 regulars – and you can’t complain that they kill off guest stars because it’s a MEDICAL DRAMA. how come when other show-runners off beloved characters they ‘have balls’ or are ‘so gutty’, yet when Shonda does it she’s a hack?

      • Stephanie says:

        Um, Medical Drama’s usually imply patients being killed off. not doctor after doctor after doctor.

        If this were my hospital, I wouldn’t go anywhere NEAR it.

        • Mike says:

          Like I said, 3 doctors in 3 years. And it’s a fictional hospital, so you WON’T be going anywhere near it. Also, did anyone say a Dr was getting killed? He didn’t say REGULAR- this is likely Adele

          • Mike says:

            3 doctors in NINE years, sorry. Unless you wanna count those who died in the shooting, but they weren’t regulars and NO ONE lost any sleep over it.

          • Sarah says:

            Even if you don’t count the shooting, there are at least 4 doctors who have died on the show (George, Lexie, Mark and Dr. Thomas). Plus, a lot of the non-regulars they’ve killed off haven’t been just patients – Ellis, Susan, Denny, Henry, George’s dad, etc.

          • Two died on the shooting. They’d been reccuring in the show, too! They just weren’t in the main cast. That adds up to quite a lot.

          • It’s not about who lost sleep over who, it’s just about the amount of people at the hospital who aren’t patients who keep dropping like flies (even if they’re not regulars), it’s about the number of implausible tragedies at that one place.

          • Mike says:

            Ellis was shown as suffering from Alzheimer’s from the first episode, she was always a patient. Denny was introduced, and remained his entire run, a patient. Henry was introduced as a patient. George’s dad was seen ONCE before, what do you know, he was admitted – for SEVERAL episodes – as a patient. Susan was sort of random, but come one, she never really served major importance to the show.

            Yes, they’ve obviously gone through an excessive amount, but that’s why this isn’t a documentary, it’s a medical drama / soap. And if you really believe your examples and are bothered by them, it goes back to season 2, so I don’t see how you’ve stuck around so long. Ppl love to complain..

          • dude says:

            Is Adele beloved? Also, her storyline is already over so that wouldn’t really make sense. They wrote her off, why do they need to kill her?

          • LC says:

            Seriously? We’re counting Dr. Thomas? He was on for what…4 episodes? And it wasn’t even at Seattle Grace. And let’s face it, the death of an elderly man is not exactly a surprise.

          • Alex says:

            BUT IT’S MR. FEENEY!

          • Smiley says:

            I’m so happy there is at least a grateful fan to what Shonda is giving!

        • Reba says:

          What did Kristina call it? Seattle Grace Mercy Death!!!!

      • Sadie says:

        I’m hoping it’s Adele. Not because I ever want to say goodbye to Loretta Devine, but because at least we know she has an ilness and therefore a logical and expected departure.

        • Carrie says:

          Agreed. And it frees up the Chief to pursue his new relationship without the twisty guilt and there can be loads of good stuff for the actors involved in this story – the Chief, Meredith, Derek (who will be reminded that he still has not cured Alzheimers which was his big thing 2 seasons back), Avery and his mom (anything for more Debbie time!), Baily etc. etc. Can’t think of anyone else that I can see Shondra writing into a grave this season, after McSteamy and Lexie.

      • Stana says:

        Grey’s Anatomy deaths of beloved characters doesnt MEAN doctors but lets look at all the characters we love dthat we’re killed off, or WRITTEN off…

        Denny Duquette – Stroke
        Ellis Grey – Cardiac arrest
        George O’Malley – Hit by a bus
        Reed Adamson – Shot
        Charles Percy – Shot
        Henry Burton – Died in surgery to remove a tumor
        Lexie Grey – Died in plane crash – Massive hemothorax
        Susan Grey – Died of Hiccups
        Mark Sloan – Plane Crash

        Then if you go to Private Practice there’s even more:

        Naomi’s boyfriend William
        Charlotte’s dad
        Poor little Mason’s mama
        Amelias dad, her fiance, her baby, and her best friend….no wonder the poor thing turned to drugs
        Pete, Pete’s Mom
        Addison’s mom’s wife(for a day)
        Addison’s mom
        Dells daughter Betsy’s mom

        Definitely think it’s safe to say that Shonda is good at killing characters off…and don’t even get me started on the list of NEAR deaths-cause i dont even have enough time to write all those out

        • Ari says:

          “George O’Malley – Hit by a bus”-I don’t know why but this made me LOL hardcore. You can’t really count Amelia’s dad as a death on Private Practice. He died a long long time ago and not during the run of the show.

        • The difference is that in Private Practice they deal with real life sort of deaths. People die from illnesses, accidents, drug addictions. They don’t die from far fetched things like plane crashes, hospital shootings, they’re not involved in ferry accidents. It’s two completely different kinds of scenarios.

          That’s my problem with Grey’s Anatomy. I believe every private Practice death because even though a lot of $%¨& happens to a very selected group of people, I know people like that. In my immediate family (that’s siblings, parents and grandparents), I have someone whose stepfather who raised her since birth died, and then her mother killed herself within a year when she was 13. In the following couple of years, someone else’s husband died of Lupus, and her daughter committed suicide. I’m talking my immediate family here. If I wrote some of these things, no one would believe it. So, all the things in Private Practice, they’re life. I’ve never heard of someone who’s been through a ferry boat accident, a hospital shooting and a plane crash (Meredith, I’m looking at you). That’s too unbelievable. It’s one of the reasons I stopped watching the show.

          That and the fact that she killed the characters I really loved and connected with. Because Desperate Housewives was as implausible as it got, but I loved and connected the characters, so, it was worth sifting through the BS.

          • Moira says:

            The ferry accident didn’t happen TO the doctors. They got involved because they were saving people, so it was a real life thing when Meredith almost drowned. As for the shooting and the plane-crash, things like that happen all the time. The shooting happened to the hospital but the plane crash didn’t. It happened only to SEVERAL people working there. And, the lawyers the hospital hired, are investigating to see the cause of the crash and we all know the cause of the shooting. And, things like that happen all the time. People are just being unlucky. I remember reading about a couple being present in 3 of the biggest world tragedies and about a guy who who was present and survived both Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. The ironic thing was that the poor guy left Hiroshima to feel safer… So, yeah, things like that ( and worst ) can happen. It is actually more usual than many people believe.

          • Tahj says:

            Not that far-fetched in my humble opinion. But maybe its because I survived the Staten island ferry crash from like ten years ago. People died. On the other hand, none of the doctors that boarded the boat drilled into a mans brain or tried to commit suicide so what do I know.

        • Carly says:

          Major Grey’s deaths:
          Denny Duquette- He was INTRODUCED as a patient. It was expected.
          Ellis Grey- Sick from the start of the series expected. Also, not that liked
          George O’Malley- I loved him and I wish his exit wasn’t like that. Major death no.1
          Reed Adamson- Not beloved character, recurring and everyone was happy when she was shot.
          Charles Percy- Although he had a really sad death, he wasn’t someone really important.
          Henry Burton- He was INTRODUCED as a patient. It was expected.
          Lexie Grey- My Lexie… :( Major death no. 2
          Susan Grey- She didn’t have any importance to the show.
          Mark Sloan- Oh… Mark Major death no. 3
          Doc: :(
          Number of major deaths, so far: 3
          Major Grey’s Disasters:
          Plane crash, Mass shooting, bomb, Callie’s accident and let’s add the ferry crash, only because Meredith almost got drowned and George’s bus accident. The other disasters ( train crash, roof collapse in restaurant, sink hole blah blah blah ) just brought NOT important patients into the hospital and since accidents like that happen all the time ( that’s what hospitals are for ) they didn’t bother us.

          Number of major disasters: 5-6
          Number of disasters that caused favorite doctors’ death: 2. Only the plane crash and George’s bus accident actually killed doctors. From all those disasters that happened, it’s actually impressive that only 3 have died, so far. And, for a longtime running TV show, three isn’t that much. I’m talking about Grey’s because I don’t watch private practice. Also, 3 of the Grey’s reccuring you listed were patients, so their deaths weren’t caused by unusual disasters.

        • Jamie says:

          Half, if not the majority of the characters you wrote about weren’t favorites/beloved. Except if you love Susan, Ellis, Reed and Charles. I would NEVER consider them beloved. Actually, I find them ANNOYING! Also, people who didn’t die during the running of the shows ( Amelia’s dad and others who you can’t even NAME ) are not beloved and can’t be added in the list. You’re just trying to find more reasons to blame a poor woman, who can never please ingratitude fans like you. If you were in her place, I’m sure we’d be living in a Happily ever after where Lexie and Mark would’ve leave together for another hospital ( Mark completely forgetting his daughter ) and Izzie would keep a long distant relationship with Alex (none of them having any concerns and worries ). GA is not a “happily ever after” show. And please stop blaming poor Shonda, when the ACTORS decided to go. Shonda NEVER, EVER wanted to kill a character! Ungrateful jerks!

          • Ewing says:

            she could easily write them out without killing them. You know, like in real life, where people leave for other, better things. There is no point in investing in people who all will croak eventually, or morons who choose to stay on this super unlucky hospital.

          • Sara says:

            not to mention that amelia and derek’s dad died when amelia was like 5, she’s in her mid 30s now. it was 20+ years before time in the show even started.

        • Alex says:

          Private Practice is a different show. Why are you including it in this list? It makes no sense to do so.

        • Dan says:

          Agreed. Greys Anatomy had a lot of deaths, and alot of bad things happening to a very selected group of people.But it sure feels to me that is about money, like pretty much like everything around it. Taking away one of the main actors right when they just reareged the contracts-about last season finale- seems to make a good change. I watch the serie since the begining and over and over again.
          I am expeting MerDer drama, because ok they are made for each other but we´ve seen how long they took to get there. Something tells me that maybe derek does not have much history to go, but we know Shonda loves Patrick.
          We see Cristina, must get back to her Owen, but he wants kids and we know Cristina doesn´t fit as a pregnant lady.
          Arizona just had her leg cut off, doesn seem fair, and as up for Callie, they can´t take another parent from Sofia.
          April could definetly dye, just to stop freaking about church and Jesus on a soap that has the first gay married beatiful girls.But I would say she is there for a long time, just as Jackson, almost new!
          Karev dont have the beloved one, yet!but there is always a lot of stories for him…specially with Arizona and with any intern.
          I can definetly vote that is Richard, the loved chief. His is no chief anymore, brings up a job vocant, that has a lot of people to chase.I dont think Bailey ever, she is the luky charm of the GA.
          I am sure I would prefer to know before the show is on…as a surprise it is enaught

          • ada says:

            I hope that owen and cristina work out there problems they make a good couple, I watch this show sent the being and so not miss a show , love this show.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m so glad I quit the show!!!!

    • Andrew says:

      i bet its adele

    • Whatevah says:

      No kidding.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I am guessing it`s the Chief. I think it`s possibly the only death the viewers could accept has realistic after last season`s shocker. Anyone else and I think their would be way to much P.O.ed viewers. The Chief is much-loved too.,

      • Goldie says:

        I agree and actually hope that is it. Mainly because it would at least open a new storyline – who becomes the new Chief and I bet it’s Derek because he won’t gain back his ability to operate. If they are to write out Hunt, I’d think it’d be different after a final failed reconciliation with Cristina they’d send him back to Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever.
        Adele seems too far from anyone’s mind really to be important. Also killing the Chief may be sad for some but it won’t create an outrage among the fans, I don’t think.

    • marina says:

      i think it is izzy.

    • kmwl says:

      i believe adele will die :(…

  2. Mike says:

    Adele is a goner on Grey’s, me thinks..

    • Jay says:

      That was my first thought, exactly.

    • breakingfat says:

      Definitely Adele! An easy and obvious choice though..: with how badly her disease had progressed. I kind of hate how they’ve ignored her since chief started hooking up w/ Avery’s mom but I guess the actress has already moved on anyways

    • gg says:

      But she wasn’t a ‘regular’?

      • Annie says:

        It just says “longtime” and “beloved” which fits Adele, i haven’t seen anyone dislike her in all the 9 years I’ve been watching this show

        • LC says:

          Yep, Aus never says “regular”, just that the character has been around a long time. Agreed. It’s Adele.

        • Rose says:

          I’m kind of hoping that it’s Adele. It would be kinder, with the way her Alzheimer’s has progressed. Besides, if the “longtime” character is a regular, that means it’s either Webber, Bailey, Derek, Mere, Cristina, Alex, or Callie. Maybe Arizona.

          After losing Lexie and Mark, I will be seriously pissed if any of these characters are killed off. I wouldn’t miss Arizona very much but they can’t have Callie lose someone else, right? I don’t think it’s going to be Webber because they need him to be the sage voice of experience.

          Is Owen a “longtime” character? What about Jackson or April?

          P.S. They need Bailey to become more like “the Nazi” again. I don’t like “BCB” Bailey as much.

          • Marge Browne says:

            I have a feeling it will be Bailey. Shonda hasn’t given her much to do this season it seems and she’s turned into a backseater and her attempt to give her a romantic interlude with that tall hunk of a man (which to me was ridiculous).

    • Mike says:

      That was my first guess too, I’ll miss Adele, never liked how unfaithful Richard is.

    • Andie says:

      Yeah. Very much beloved. Makes way for the old chief and blue eyes mom. Not interesting in the least except for Mer’s reaction.

    • Annie says:

      Yep, I figured she was a goner last season so it’s not surprising. Plus as others mentioned it gives a clean slate for Richard/Catherine

    • Ann says:

      I agree. While not a regular, Adele is a longtime and beloved Grey’s character and her death not only makes sense medically, it also opens up more storylines. IMO they’ve gotten about as much mileage out of her illness as they’re going to get.

  3. Ray Rios says:

    another death? seriously Shonda it’s getting old and this is coming from a longtime fan, if you want to get rid of this show then just nuke the hospital and get it over with that way you can worry about your Scandal show. My bets will probably be the Chief former or present one.

  4. Billie says:

    For the Grey’s death – my guess would be Adele?
    That would open the door for Webber to have conflicted feelings about his relationship with Avery’s Mom. Give him a good story arc for an episode or two.

    • Marge Browne says:

      I kind of thought Adele was already dead since she hasn’t been mentioned for a long time. I think Webber will be the one to go.

      • Katelyn Wonsiak says:

        I definatly think that it’s going to be Webber.
        I love him, but he just became happy again with Dr. Avery… Seems like that’s what happens for all the doctors that get killed off …

      • Sara says:

        no, she’s still alive. webber wasn’t sure about dating again and then he went to the home she’s in for a visit and she had no clue who he was and was claiming to be in love with one of the other patients.

  5. Wasn’t there an episode awhile ago where they did show Tonys apartment. Well a bit of his living room. He was on the couch and he was upset for some reason and his gun was on the coffee table

  6. Jim-Steve says:

    I am so sick of the Grey’s “who’s going to die this week” storyline.

    • Bella says:

      Yeah. It’s getting annoying.

    • Annie says:

      Same, but if it ends up being Adele it will at least make sense. Her disease progressed so much that she probably wouldn’t have that much time left

    • Louise says:

      It’s not Shonda’s fault that people want to leave the show! It’s a normal thing to want to follow different directions, if you’re being on a show for, like, 8 years! C’mon people! Everyone is blaming poor Shonda, when nobody thinks that the right person to blame are the actors who decide to leave. Also, if you were in her place, the show would be canceled after 1 episode…Can you do any better? Sometimes things like “… and then they left the hospital, together, got married, lived a happily ever after completely forgetting about their friends” just doen’t work and the exit gets pretty boring. Ugh!

      • Jamie says:

        Yeah, actors leave shows all the time. And you know what makes more sense than killing them all? Having them move. People move all of the time. They move to different cities or different countries. Sometimes they just switch jobs. The probability that this many young people would die versus just moving somewhere else should tell you that Shonda Rhimes is a little trigger happy when it comes to killing off her characters.

        • Jamie says:

          And moving doesn’t have to be boring. Maybe Lexie could have moved to wherever her other sister was because of something crazy and dramatic happening. On the flip side, killing a character isn’t always interesting or exciting.

          • Kakapicka says:

            Yeah, it’s not but we already did the moving thing with Addison, Izzie, Teddy, Burke and Hahn. Mark obviously wouldn’t leave his daughter to “move away”. Other than that, I agree that she could have not killed George and Lexie. But, Lexie leaving after Mark dying would be uncharacteristic and odd and people would want a “closure” like they did with Izzie. Do you think that three characters would decide to move away all together, suddenly? And they weren’t even fellows. Attendings usually stay were they are, like the residents do until they complete their residency. Duh.

        • Sara says:

          er lasted 15 seasons. major character deaths: mark greene, robert romano, lucy knight, dennis gant, greg pratt, michael gallant, sandy lopez. major disasters: doug saving the boy in the sewer, plane crash, explosions (multiple), possible outbreak (multiple), patient gone nuts on the loose (multiple), patient takes someone hostage (multiple)… and then there were blizzards and fires and people getting attacked by rebels in africa.

          guess what, it happens on most medical shows. saying that shonda is some kind of anomoly is ignoring a pretty strong precedent.

    • M says:

      I’m so sick of the people who keep posting stupid comments like ‘I am so sick of the Grey’s “who’s going to die this week” storyline.’ just because everyone says it.

  7. Melanie says:

    The death on Grey’s has to be Adele.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Question: I am in need of a Grey’s Anatomy spoiler, please! —Tia
    Ausiello: The Grim Reaper will be paying another visit in early 2013. His rumored target: A longtime (and very much beloved) character.

    – Change the date here and this could be any season of Grey’s ever.

  9. RobMF says:

    Tony Sleeps in a Racecar Bed, I’m almost certain of it.

  10. Chris says:

    Can we consider that a Parenthood renewal?

    • nick1372 says:

      Let me give you a little survival tip. NEVER take anything the networks say as a renewal unless they actually order episodes. Networks like to male a show seem like its doing well, because people would rather watch a show labeled as “successful” than one labeled as “doung terrible”.
      You have to look at the ratings. And the ratings say Parenthood is a shoo-in for renewal.

  11. Stephen V says:

    But wait, I had seen photos of Rachel and Kurt showing them enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner in their NYC loft. How can that be if they are not in the Thanksgiving episode this Thursday? I’ll be extremely sad if I don’t get to share my Thanksgiving with them.

  12. gary says:

    Ah poor Adele…

  13. So Grey’s is killing another character? I hope it’s not April, though I don’t consider her a longtime character

    • Jane says:

      plus, she wouldn’t be considered as “beloved” (though I kinda like her!)

    • Ann says:

      I like her too and see her character as bringing a different dimension to GA. There seems to be a genuinely nice person under April’s nervousness, insecurity, religiousness and general uncoolness.

      I REALLY like April and Jackson. The ‘nice, but awkward girl finally lets her hair down and the guy who’s always been just her pal comes to realize SHE’s the one he wants’ story has certainly been done before, but IMO it’s a classic for a reason. I know I enjoy it.

  14. Apple says:

    It has to be Adele, (or heck even Karev I dont care, he’s bugging me since day 1) or else… I mean I almost couldnt watch season 9 after what she did in the finale of season 8 cause I was so pissed off !! We cant trust this woman.

  15. LOL says:

    I’m calling it now that the Greys death will be Adele & I couldn’t be happier. She is useless and not beloved.
    And this will finally allow Webber & Jackson’s mom to be together. All will be right in the Grey’s universe.

  16. Bella says:

    I can´t believe Grey’s is killing another character. Enough is enough.

  17. Goku says:

    Is Adele really very much beloved character?

    • Stacey says:

      They can’t be killing off any of the main characters with all of them. The originals are under new contracts. It would be overkill to kill off any of the mains… Killing off Adele would fit the bill.

    • Not really, I don’t think so.

    • Judy says:

      You’re right, Adele doesn’t fit the “beloved character”….she’s not on enough for her death to be a big deal. Anyway, an earlier spoiler said it would be a death from a car accident so that wouldn’t be Adele. My guess is either Richard or Bailey. Bailey isn’t seen much anymore so it could be her, but my bet is on Richard.

  18. Stacey says:

    Now that the Client List is living on… They will probably kill off Adele. Allow Richard to fully move on. Since the actress is fulltime on the Client List. Even with the cable structure…

  19. Gladys says:

    Can it be April the next victim of the Grimm reaper in Grey’s? I know she’s not that much of a beloved character for most but….It would be so good! cant really stand that character!

  20. Tigger says:

    Izzie? Drama for Karev and also a chance for him to move on?

    • Daniel says:

      i don’t think so. They tried killing Izzie off back in early season seven, and the writers couldn’t do it. Shonda herself made an interview where they said she tried killing her off so Alex could move on but decided this wasn’t the best solution because it wasn’t clousure, and it would have pissed all Izzie fans off.

      • Isaac says:

        We’ve never got ANY closure from Izzie. I would really love to know where she is now. Did she pass her boards? What kind of surgeon is she? I for one would LOVE to hear or see something about Izzy. Even if Katherine Heigl came back for one episode (and it wouldn’t put Karev into a dizzy), or just an update through Meredith “So, Izzie e-mailed me last night and she’s in…” She’s been in limbo for almost three years now. Even with Burke we got an update during the last portion of season 4.

        I also think it would be time for Adele to leave. I don’t know how much story there is for her left.

        • Rawr says:

          Exactly! Izzie, being one of the 5 main interns show revolved around deserves to be addressed. She just can’t go into oblivion! If she returns (even for one epi – Katherine Heigl, please!!) it would be so awesome!

          • Dee says:

            It would be great for KH to come back for an episode or two! Or even get a mention from her. We never got any closure really to her story.

  21. Ali says:

    I’m so sick of finchel even tho they broke up they are still having scenes together, all the time. Except for dynamic duets but just because Lea wont even be in the episode. Hope they change their mind with the whole end game thing. They suck together.

    • smh says:

      Yes six episodes this season and two of those had both Lea and Cory in the same episode, and Finchel has ALL the screen time this season -____-, clearly you missed the majority of this season to make such a stupid and wrong observation.

      • sar says:

        And hmm Fox are scratching their heads as to why ratings keep dropping! You totally depress and deplete a fanbase for the two show leads and only have them in the same environment for the smallest percentage of time. There is a reason the Break-up was so well received by fans and critics and that has to do with the contribution those couples make.

  22. tw says:

    An episode of Glee without Rachel is an episode not worth watching imo. Lea and Kurt are the heart and soul of the show. Although I might be persuaded to watch if you promise me one of the Dynamic Duets is the return of Brittana.

    • tw says:

      Sorry. Leah.

    • anne says:

      Yeah, Glee without Rachel and Kurt isn’t Glee. The newbies are a yawn.

    • JR says:

      Actually, Finn and Rachel are the heart and soul of Glee. Anxious for them to start sharing the canvas again. Glee suffers when they don’t interact.

      • Jc says:

        JR: Finchel was together for the whole season 3. They almost got married and the ratings were horrible. S1 and S2 with Finchel being apart Glee had good ratings. Finchel and their tired and boring drama is ruining Glee.

    • Karen says:

      see, and I don’t care for either Rachel or Kurt this season. they just seem so “off” I don’t like the NY stuff at all. the two of them are boring together they need more interesting people to be with. I for one am excited to hear they aren’t in this episode. and it’s not like those 2 have been helping ratings one way or another.

      • Jc says:

        they are not giving the NYC side the proper time and developing. they need more characters there, just with Brody (that doesn’t appear in every episode and so far his character is bland) and some guest star is not helping. they don’t care about NYC it’s clear they are giving all the development to the McKinley side and new characters ((6 regulars characters compared to 1 kinda regular character in NYC side) because next year when Blaine, Brittany, Artie, Tina graduated and possibly Finn going to NYC. what is going to happen to the Glee club? They need the new characters to have develpment and be liked by the general audience.

        • Kay says:

          I agree. The NY part is boring so far. I think too that when the rest of the seniors graduate this year, they should have them go to NY too and then there will be more interesting stories to tell. Right now with just Rachel and Kurt there isn’t much to hold the interest. I am watching because of Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) but I do like the new characters (except Kitty).

    • Jai says:

      Interesting…Because I literally fast-forward through Rachel scenes if she’s alone or with Finn. She bores me to tears.

  23. Ana says:

    For crying out loud! Why does Shonda think that killing off characters is endearing?? Enough already. I’m pretty sure this will be Adele and that will free up Webber to be with Catherine. But I really hope they don’t make her a regular. She’s fun for a visit but she’s too much like Bailey and we don’t need another one. We love the one we already have.

  24. ferguson says:

    Grey’s: OK, but why is there in the picture Addison? huh? Private Practise going to end, so that would be really awesome cognitive thing for the END, wouldn’t be? :D There isn’t any different way how to end a show because the show is in Shonda’s hands :D

    • Jamie says:

      Because he answered a Private Practice question in the post –
      Question: Is the rumor true that ABC isn’t going to air all 13 episodes of Private Practice‘s final season because the ratings have been poor? –@kchadha19 via Twitter Ausiello: That’s most definitely not true — and that denial comes straight from ABC president Paul Lee. “It’s absolutely finishing out its run,” the exec told TVLine Monday night at The Saban Free Clinic’s Gala, where he was an honoree. “We’re really proud of it. Private has been a real asset to ABC for a very long time, we’re super-proud to have it and we want to give it a big sendoff.”

    • Gabs says:

      Addison picture is there because of this question:

      Question: Is the rumor true that ABC isn’t going to air all 13 episodes of Private Practice‘s final season because the ratings have been poor? –@kchadha19 via Twitter Ausiello: That’s most definitely not true — and that denial comes straight from ABC president Paul Lee. “It’s absolutely finishing out its run,” the exec told TVLine Monday night at The Saban Free Clinic’s Gala, where he was an honoree. “We’re really proud of it. Private has been a real asset to ABC for a very long time, we’re super-proud to have it and we want to give it a big sendoff.”

  25. kevin says:

    not being a hater or anything but does every show have to add Gay characters?

    • Mike says:

      Shameless already has gay characters, so it’s not like there being forced too, they will probably collide with Ian’s storyline.

      • Maggie says:

        Mike Doyle is sooo goodlooking, he was always my favorite crime scene tech on SVU, it was such a bummer when his character was killed off! glad to see he’ll be back on tv again!

      • pmill says:

        I don’t think so…if it is such an ubersecret that will change their lives blahblahblah, my money is on Fiona becoming a surrogate for the money. That would also provide fantastic material for the wonderfully talented and criminally underrated Emmy Rossum.

    • ... says:

      Not being a hater, but does every show have to add heterosexual characters?

      And I swear, it seems like every show nowadays is shoving the idea that white dudes are normal down my throat and I’m sick of it. Get them off my television.

      • Judy says:

        If you are going to verbally jab back at someone you could at least make sense. The idea that white dudes are normal? What is that supposed to mean? What is your meaning of normal? Is it a physical reference, a sexual reference…in what way is their “normal” getting shoved down your throat??? If you don’t like what’s on your television change the channel or don’t turn it on. I have gay/lesbian & straight friends and none of them would back your rant. I guess you can write anything when you don’t have the guts to put your name on it!

    • Beth says:

      Have you watched Shameless? Apparently not because you would have seen the awesomeness that was Ian and Mickey! One of my fav story lines in that show.

      • kevin says:

        im not knocking Gay people being in shows,what im saying is it seems like every show is adding a Gay story line cuz its the “in” thing to do right now and yes i watch Shameless,great show

    • Alex says:

      If you have to append “not being a hater,” then news flash, you do sound like a homophobe. Just shut up already.

    • Blake says:

      Every show, really?

      For every show you can name that has a “significant” gay character, it is probably possible to name ten, twenty, … shows that do not.

      Watch one of those, if the equivalent representation of your fellow HUMAN BEINGS bothers you so much.

      Anyway, do you define characters based purely on their sexuality? It is only one aspect of a well-written character.

      Plus anyone that feels the need to start off a comment, with “not being hater” tends to have a “hateful” opinion.

  26. ally123 says:

    There isn’t going to be anybody left on Grey’s Anatomy if Shonda keeps this up! She is really starting to piss me off with this!

  27. Jennifer says:

    No doubt the big “event” on Army Wives is Claudia Joy’s off screen death..

  28. Angela says:

    *Breathes a sigh of relief* Thanks for clearing up that “Community” thing-I read the question and my heart about dropped into my stomach for a brief moment :p. Good to know this.

  29. Mari says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop on Esposito! Him and Ryan are always fun to watch.

  30. Sarah says:

    I wonder who it will be that will die on Grey ‘s, I think all the plane crash victims are safe.
    I hope Parenthood will get a full season this fall.
    Yikes , that is not good for Danny on Blue Bloods.

  31. Ed says:

    Maybe it’ll be Alex. Since Izzie left besides sleeping with interns he hasn’t been used much.

  32. Abby says:

    For a short column, answering 3 Glee questions is unfair!

  33. J says:

    Guessing it’s Arizona who dies in Grey’s as her storyline has been completely wasted.

  34. clamzilla says:

    Adele is not a regular on Grey’s. That being the case, I’m guessing the only truly beloved character left ~ Miranda Bailey. If they kill her, they will have killed the heart and soul of Grey’s Anatomy, and I, for one, will not be back.

    • Annie says:

      It doesn’t say regular, it just says ‘longtime’ and ‘beloved.’ Adele’s been around since the beginning so she’s a longtime cast member. I don’t think Shonda would ever kill Bailey, she knows better

  35. Roni says:

    Thanks for answering the Army Wives question. Very happy Nicole and Charlie are sticking around.

  36. Kate says:

    People complain so much about how Grey’s kills too many people or the storylines are crazy etc.. etc… seems no one even remembers ER with their docs having helicopters land on them and their legs amputated or being blown up in the ambulance bay. Its called a drama, dramatic things happen dont get your panties all in a bunch over some people who dont exist.

  37. nikki says:

    I’m pissed about Revenge. Why can’t Conrad and Victoria just get together?

  38. mattyc says:

    If it’s not Adele (which it likely is), my guess is they’ll surprise us and kill off Dr. Bailey. I’ve noticed her story has been a bit boring the last season or two and maybe now is the time to dump her.

  39. Keri says:

    Almost every time a main character dies on Grey’s it seems to be because the actor wants to leave the show. Maybe it’s time to stop while you’re ahead Shonda. It’s just getting ridiculous lately.

  40. Ella says:

    Re Glee – I LOVE Ryder and Marley together. Way better than them trying to force Jake and Marley down our throats.

    Re Revenge – I was geuinely enjoying Victoria and Grayson together. I don’t see why they reunite lame and annoying couples like Declan/Charlotte and Jack/Fauxmanda and refuse to give the most interesting and dynamic pairing on the show a shot.

  41. Katya says:

    Totally disappointed in the Tony spoiler. We already knew we’d see his apartment in that episode, so all we really got was that he has a funny bed? Fail.

  42. Aria says:

    Some people are overreacting. Before the 8×24 finale, Shonda had only killed 1 beloved character ( George ). In 8×24 she killed Lexie Grey and in the season 9 premiere Mark Sloan. Which makes 3 deaths! Denny and Henry were recurring and also, already sick patients so their deaths weren’t big surprises. Izzie, Burke, Teddy and Addison left with a possibility to come back. It’s always gonna be possible for them to come back. ( Well, for Burke I don’t know but I know about the others ). After a show has gone for 8 seasons, it’s usual for some actors to get tired and leave. You can’t blame Shonda or her writing for that. And making the characters all leave for new places would leave fake hopes for the fans. Only Mark didn’t want to leave and Shonda made him, but that was because she was forced to let one cast member go, anyway. And since Mark wasn’t going to have a big storyline without Lexie, she chose to make him leave! I mean, there were many other people to die or get fired or disappear but the were RECURRING! Most people didn’t really care!

    As for this Grey’s Anatomy death:

    * Ausiello said that Grim Reaper will visit the hospital and it is RUMORED that the one who dies is a long-time and beloved character. Sometimes RUMORS are false.
    * He doesn’t say long-time REGULAR character , so it could be Adele who fits the long-time part and for some people the beloved part, too. Don’t forget that the alarm about the character who dies being beloved and long-time could be false.
    * It could also be Izzie, which would fit more with the description, and maybe piss some of the fans off, but I really doubt it. Shonda said in an old interview that she had considered of killing Izzie but didn’t in the end because that could cause Alex a massive heartbreak which he would never recover from..
    * The main cast members are supposed to be safe, because they have contracts for 1 more season after season 9. Shonda wouldn’t kill anybody if she wasn’t forced to. That leaves us with: Callie, Arizona, Hunt, April and Jackson.
    * The long-time part doesn’t fit with April and Jackson ( and maybe Robbins and Hunt ).
    * Chapsaw said in a previous interview that she is very happy because she is staying for sure and she can keep her job. That leaves us with Callie and Hunt.
    * Callie and Arizona will have romantic interactions before valentines day and I guess after 2013. Also, J Cap said in a previous interview that there is a light in the end of the tunnel for Calzona ( and I don’t think with the “light” she meant that Callie will die in the end )
    * Shonda said that Owen and Yang will get back together and that that won’t happen very soon. I guess it’s supposedly to happen after 2013 and I’m sure it can’t happen with one of them being dead.
    * The death will happen in the middle of the season. Main characters’ deaths are supposed to leave a huge impact in the series so a season finale is the better way to get rid of them. In Grey’s history, every death is in a season finale, when it could be even sooner. Kathrine Heigl’s and Kate Walsh’s exits were the only ones in the middle of the seasons I think. And they left, both, didn’t die. It’s known that Grey’s kills characters in finales. If they were about to kill a main, they would do it in the season 9 finale.
    * Let’s say that a main character does die. How will the “season of romance” go on? The mourn should be unbearable and drown the romance into a dark and twisty sea. Will they skip 3 or 4 months forward , to make the death have less impact to the characters? I don’t think so, especially in the MIDDLE OF THE SEASON! If they don’t skip months though there will NOT be a season of romance. Most likely a season of death.
    * There is also a possibility they could kill off Teddy. She is not a longtime, but she is liked by many people.
    * His rumored target, he said.. I’m just reminding you that the fact that the character is “beloved and longtime” is a rumor and the death could just be Adele, Avery’s mom, anybody else’s mom or dad or brother or sister, maybe Avery or April or anyone, or a really important to our characters patient. That would cause drama for 1 or 2 characters, without having a huge impact to the “season of romance”.
    * When Lexie’s death was spoiled by William Keck ( back then when we didn’t know who would die ) Shonda made a huge lecture about ” how sad it was” and “heartbreaking” and “everyone was crying”. This time, though… Nothing.
    * In that same interview Shonda said that there are some characters that you “just can’t kill”. It won’t be acceptable by the fans and the cast and the producers. I guess she meant characters like Meredith, Derek, Alex, Bailey e.t.c who are longtime favorites. Callie is also a longtime favorite and AZ’s soul mate. Would she really kill one of the best Grey’s couple? Would she really leave AZ alone, to struggle with a damned (actually non-nonexistent ) left leg?
    * In all previous season’s characters who died, hadn’t that much of a storyline in their last season ( George, Lexie, Mark ). That makes me believe that the death will be a person with no big storyline. The 3 characters with the less storyline the previous seasons are : Alex, Bailey and Richard. ( my 3 personal favorites )
    * I could see Richard die. Old man, has lived his life, has a messed up wife and a new love interest.
    * It’s most likely to be Adele anyway ( remember her condition in last season ? )
    * For those who are still having doubts about Sarah Drew, she said in an interview that she’d stay, 100% sure.
    * Shonda is not stupid to kill a that much beloved character in the middle of the season. It’ll just be stupid and from what I’ve seen in the past of the show, Shonda is definitely NOT STUPID.

    Sorry for the long comment. I just wanted to make fans relax a little bit. :)

    • Jason says:

      Dear Aria,
      Next time you want to write a column yourself, open up your own blog and post your drivel there.

      • Smiley says:

        Dear Jason,
        Since the comment doesn’t insult anyone, she’s free to post it here! You can just ignore it and move on! No need to be rude and also, no need to comment at all! Do the people (and yourself)a favor, and get out of the site, if you can’t say whatever you want nice and politely. Nobody listens to you!

        • Elisabeth says:

          I agree with Jason. The comment is way too long for the sake of saying the same thing over and over again like 20 times.

          • :) says:

            Maybe that’s true, but he could say it more kindly. Also, Jason, keeps posting rude comments everywhere, so…

          • SSS says:

            Nobody else agrees with you, guys, apparently :) (Evil laughs)
            Now about Aria’s comment, you’re actually right! Everything you wrote has a point and I think it’ll be Adele, too!

    • Jan says:

      Kate Walsh did not leave in the middle of a season, It was the end of season 3.

      • Aria says:

        Ah, okay. But, still, that’s what I was talking about. They rarely take away main characters in the middle of the seasons :)

    • Kakapicka says:

      Wow… that made me feel a lot more better, actually. You’re right, they don’t kill characters in the middle of the season! And also, a recent spoiler says, that the death won’t be a surprise. I bet it’s Adele! Anyway, thanks for making me feel better! And you’re right about Shonda. She’s not stupid… :)

    • Cool says:

      The comment could be a little shorter, if you put away some information you re-used, but, still… IT WAS GREAT! I agree with you with everything you wrote and I believe it’s Adele too. I though I was the only one who saw the “rumored* in the article!

    • Randy says:

      I enjoyed your comment immensely. Ignore the haters.

    • Dee says:

      *SPOILER* It’s Adele! It was confirmed. I knew you were right! ;)

  43. I speak the truth says:

    For a start ausiello you’ve got to stop pretending there is something between Blaine and Sebastian when there isn’t, so no he isn’t staring temptation in the face as he doesn’t even like him which Blaine has said himself. anyway as a reporter aren’t you supposed to be unbiased? because posting your anti klaine and for seblaine isn’t being unbiased, you should keep it professional because it’s rude not to, especially for klaine shippers like myself.

  44. Julie says:

    Another death in Grey’s Anatomy? “Seattle Grace Mercy Death” rules! LOL. Seriously, this is becoming too ridiculous that I can’t stop laughing!

    • Aria says:

      “Seattle Grace Mercy Death” had only 3 major deaths since the start of the show. With this one ( if it is a main ) 4. It’s not that big of a number comparing to other TV series.

  45. David says:

    Let me get this right. Parenthood has spiked in the ratings, even winning their time slot. The writing and acting has never been better. So….the network won’t give it a full season?? Yeah, that makes sense. Not! Granted, I am looking forward to the return of Smash. But I would have preferred to see both dramas get full seasons.

    I think this is the beginning of dramas only getting half-seasons.

    • Marge Browne says:

      I love Parenthood and Smash — two of my favourites. Why can’t TV executives place them on different nights, or even the same night at different times. I really can’t understand why they have to run a popular show at the same day and time as another very popular to see if they can get ratings. Why not just put them on nights that have NO interesting shows?

  46. Jinjeon says:

    When will we find out about the faith of “Drop Dead Diva”? Will there be a fourth season?

  47. Marc says:

    Could Donal Logue be playing the revenge-seeking brother of the nurse Otto killed last week with the crucifix Tara brought him in the prison ward?

  48. Jason says:

    Dear Mike Ausiello,
    The next time you decide to write a spoiler column and not include one single CW show nugget, just close your computer and go back to bed, you lazy piece of #%&@.

  49. Kate says:

    Please don’t tell me that Tony has one of those novelty car/beds. Remember is season 5, the boy scout who had been kidnapped as a baby? Everyone said he was exactly like Tony. Tony loved the boy’s bedroom, especially his bed, which had a Ferrari frame. Tony said he always wanted one and then wondered if they make those for larger beds.

  50. Susanna says:

    well it could be Webber because lately he has so little screentime and what story is left to tell about him everything is said about his caracter.But it is most likely Adele!!