Sons of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter on Gemma's 'Deep Bond' With Clay, SAMCRO's Rising Death Toll

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SpoilersThis story contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy. If you’ve yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Sons of Anarchy continued to up the ante this week with an installment that laid the groundwork for both Clay’s undoing and Gemma’s redemption — though, per Jax’s orders, the two need not be mutually exclusive.

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Upon learning that Gemma had lied about the circumstances surrounding her recent car crash, Jax and Tara kicked the matriarch out of their lives for good. However, Jax later found out that Clay was actually the mastermind behind Charming’s recent string of break-ins, and as such, he came up with a plan to kill two SAMCRO birds with one stone: Gemma, leaving Nero behind, would get back into bed — both figuratively and literally — with Sons’ fallen king. If she unearths his blueprint to dethrone Jax, she’d be welcome back into the family. And if not? Well, Jax wasn’t too concerned about that.

Juice, meanwhile, strengthened his unlikely bond with Clay when he confessed to him all of the sordid details surrounding that RICO case, Miles’ murder and even the controversial ethnicity of this father.

Here, series creator Kurt Sutter speaks with TVLine about Jax’s increasingly dark demeanor, Gemma’s response to her son’s ultimatum and Juice’s dangerous new friendship. The EP also discusses Nero’s inner gangster — whom we’re about to meet — and reveals how high SAMCRO’s death toll might get by the end of Season 5.

TVLINE | Talk about the aftermath of that indecent proposal.
After the death of Opie, we see Jax heading down this path that’s perhaps more dark than we’ve ever seen him; he’s doing things that perhaps we’ve never seen before. The irony of using Clay’s tactics to bring down Clay is what we’re going for. [Jax is] beginning to do things behind the club’s back, he’s making deals with different people at different times… That’s been Clay’s history up to this point, and that’s how he’s gotten ahead and managed his regime. We now see Jax being motivated to do that — probably even unaware of the patterns he’s repeating — and this is the beginning of it with Gemma and taking advantage of those situations. It’s sort of what I teased in the beginning of the season, when I talked about the idea of Damon Pope and Nero Padilla becoming these different mentors: one was about having to get out and doing the right thing, and the other was about not getting out, but learning how to turn disadvantage to advantage. And, again, whether he’s aware of it or not, we see Jax begin to follow the advice of Damon Pope and seeing the advantage in people’s disadvantage.

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TVLINE | You also said prior to the premiere that we will learn exactly what kind of leader Jax is by season’s end. Is that still the plan?
I think so. We don’t spell it out, but I do think that after the season ends, people will be able to judge Jax’s behavior and make that decision for themselves. And that’s ideally what we want to do.

TVLINE | Back to that proposition: Jax told Gemma that if she obliges, he and Tara will welcome her back into their family. Is there any truth to that? Or was that just more manipulation?
It’s both. It’s a dark maneuver, obviously, to undermine Clay. But he does feel that this is leverage he has on Gemma, and leverage only works if you uphold your end of the deal. So, my sense is that it’s not a ruse or a lie. What I love is the idea that as much as Gemma may have disdain for Clay and as much as she’s drawn to Nero, there is a sense that she has this deep connection with [her ex] — and Jax knows that. Even if she’s forced to engage with Clay, she has the awareness that there is a deep bond and a lot of emotionality. It would be hard for her to separate herself from that. My sense is that the reason Gemma’s going out of her way to push Clay away is because she doesn’t want to get sucked back into those strong feelings she may have for him like she has done in the past… But Jax is very away of the connection he still has with her and as he says to her at the end of the episode that he knows that once they lay down together, the secrets will start flowing.

TVLINE | Nero has been fiercely loyal to both Jax and the Sons thus far, but I have to imagine there will be some ramifications after he learns what’s been asked of Gemma.
It will definitely have an impact on him, and it will become a big complication for Gemma, in terms of what she’s starting to feel for Nero and her connection to her own family. It won’t be a straight line in terms of either one of them being settled. Gemma being Gemma, there’s a sense of her trying to navigate around everything, and that’s when things usually come crashing down. But it will definitely have ramifications on her relationship with Nero, and consequently, Nero’s relationship with Jax and the club.

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TVLINE | Will Nero live up to his name in the latter half of the season?
We’ll see that what Nero’s doing with Gemma and the Sons will start to impact his own crew, and that’s perhaps where you’ll start to see his life get more complicated… One of the things I told Jimmy [Smits] from the start is that Nero’s a reformed gangster, but he’s still a gangster — and you will definitely see some of that gangster before the season’s over.

TVLINE | Similarly, Damon Pope has proven more friend than foe — save for the death of Opie. Should we expect the other shoe to drop?
I don’t want to give anything away in terms of where that relationship goes… But both men are aware of who they are and what the other is capable of. I don’t think Jax has sipped [the Damon Pope] Kool-Aid, nor do I think Pope [believes] Jax can really be trusted.

TVLINE | What prompted Juice to confess his sins to Clay of all people? Was it purely a catharsis for him?
We felt like there was a relationship that had been established with Juice and Clay, really [from] when Clay gave him that Men of Mayhem patch awhile back. That was really the thing that broke Juice’s heart the most and caused him to almost kill himself last season. And then we’ve played this whole season as Juice being the guy taking care of Clay during his rehab, so there’s a lot of stuff that’s happened off camera between these two guys; their relationships has grown. Clay knows Juice well and has enough information to know that he’s keeping something from him. It’s really just about him pressing Juice. Juice is unstable; he’s really broken, and Clay exploits that to his own end. It’s that weird gray area; yes, he does care, and yes, there is a fatherly connection, and yes, he is taking care of Juice. But at the end of the day, he’s also getting information that may give him some insight into what Jax is planning and what might impact his own fate. What I love about it is the idea that we’ve played four-and-a-half seasons of the sanctity of the club, and all of a sudden you have a member saying, ‘We all lie. That’s how it works.’ You know what I mean? [Laughs] And for someone like Juice, who’s still a relatively new member… He’s naive in some of the realities of the world. Clay throws that line out in such a cavalier way. Whether or not that’s what everyone believes, the fact that Clay puts it out there for Juice is one of those moments that’s like, ‘Really?!’ That secret will ultimately serve and blown back on both of them.

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TVLINE | Can we expect the deaths of any series regulars before season’s end?
Potentially. Maybe one. I’ve said this from the beginning: If I go back to my Hamlet archetype, there are a couple of acts where wheels are spinning and then the third act is where the guillotine falls — and that’s what’s happening now. It’s the ramifications of a lot of circumstances, a lot of relationships, a lot of lies. It’s a bloody life. One of the things we’ve always done and continue to do on this show is, as random and as off-handed as some of the violence may seem, we very rarely do stuff in a vacuum… It may not happen until the next episode or the next season, but actions have reactions and that stuff can come back and bite you in the ass at anytime. That’s really what we’re seeing now; the stakes are higher and relationships are much more complicated. So, when you raise the stakes like that and your narrative continues to get thicker, s–t happens. [Laughs]

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  1. Kelli says:

    Everyone is hating on Gemma this season, but the actual asshole award goes to Jax, tbh. He is becoming more and more like Clay by the minute but you don’t see anyone saying crap about him. That last Jax/Gemma scene was disgusting…. :(

    • adam says:

      I love Gemma still but hate Tara she cries to much lol.

      • Kelli says:

        Right? And for someone as cocky as Tara is (she’s always bragging about how much smarter and better that Gemma she is), she has been pretty violent and unreasonable this season…. Her hand will never heal at this rate, lol. But I tolerate her now. She is okay in my book. She actually needs to drive away with those kids and leave Jax and the club behind. Enough with waiting out for Jax’s bs to work out.

        • Tam O'Meara says:

          I like Tara, I do wish she would just take the kids and leave JaxandSamcro behind,but I would rather see her become a matriarch and her and Jax run Samcro as legit as they can! That would be awesome! A bike club going somewhat legit and not having all the death and destruction that comes in their path! I guess it wouldn’t be SOA tho. I hate all the violence but I still watch every week!

          • CC says:

            If you don’t like the show you could not have been around some of the people I was around when Iwas younger. Sometimes SOA is like a Sunday school class. More like it so far this year.

        • michael says:

          i have watched every season more then once and i have never heard Tara brag that she is better or smarter then Gemma maybe you need to watch more closly but Gemma has told Tara that. Tara is awesome plays a badass part she is actuallu becoming more and more like Gemma but tara will never leave Jaxs and nor will Jaxs leave Samcro

          • Mel Ramsey says:

            You need to watch episode 414 To be part 2, cause Tara looks Gemma in the face and tells her “because I’m smarter than you and I know Jax better than you “

      • Donna says:

        Tera gonna end uo making Gemma kook like a saint

      • soph says:

        I hate tara shes sooooo self righteous…haha she needs to screw up some so it shows she has a whats the word…human traits…hahaha hate her she remindz me of that prissy i do no wrong cheerleader ..

      • Terry says:

        Where have you been? Tara has always bit her lip waiting to see what is going on. She didn’t come back to Charming for Jax but to get away from the troll who was stalking her.
        Remember she shot him 1st, then Jax. Tara saves the tears for when she needs them. She still has a lot to learn to ever be as witchy as Gemma. But thank goodness she is learning & she and Jax will be together. After all Jax grew up in the MC.

    • Santeria says:

      Glad to see I am not the only one feeling this way Jax is selfish I started to see that after prison him only worried about his out I mean has been beaten raped and used by them all I love her and hate how she is being portrayed this season Jax is turning into Clay and now he is pimping out his own Mom just hope Chibbs makes it him and Gemma are my fave characters on the show.

      • Kelli says:

        Yep, I agree. Gemma is no angel, but she seriously does not deserve half the crap thrown her way so I can’t help but feel sorry for her. I hate Jax and I will be so broken to see Gemma go through that just to win Jax over. :(

      • Kip Ward says:

        You need to learn how to use a comma and a period sometime……hard to read.

    • Superhero says:

      Why does a character have to be likable in order to be a good character? Yes, he’s more of an asshole this season, but that’s the whole damn point. The important thing is that A) he remains interesting, and B) his transformation feels justified.

      • Kelli says:

        I never said that a character had to be likeable to be a good character? Don’t put words in my mouth. Gemma has done awful things since the pilot episode and yet she is (used to be?) one the best written female characters on television. I still think she remains interesting, even in this messy breakdown. And Jax’s actions do NOT feel justified at all when it comes to Gemma, he is just acting out of his anger. He implied he didn’t care if Gemma wasn’t able to come through with her part of the “deal” so in theory, he really doesn’t need Gemma to do this for him. He will get to the bottom of it without her help but he is just pissed at her and just hurting her further more. Nero is right.

        • mike says:

          Jax is not an asshole he is the one who told Tara to give gemma a chance n what did she do got stoned and drove his two kids off the side of the road how can u expect them to forgive her at all especially after they explicitly told her to stay sober and lets not forget Gemma also had a hand in jax”s father death conspiracy. Jax is nothing like clay clay doesnt love the club or nebody he loves himself only everything jax does is selfless and either for the club or his family except for the Tig deal with pope but tig deserves whatever happens to him i blame opies death soley on his hothead behavior.

          • Kelli says:

            I’m saying Jax is an asshole for EVERYTHING he did in TONIGHT’S episode. My criticism still stands. Just because Gemma effed it up doesn’t exempt from me also disliking Jax….

        • Superhero says:

          The question isn’t whether the action itself is justified, the question is whether or not it’s believable that Jax would do such a thing. And it is. Your whole argument seems to be based n the fact that this guy (who, I’ll remind you, is the head of a gang of criminals) isn’t being very nice. And that’s a stupid reason to dislike a character, provided the other things I mentioned are still true.

          • Kelli says:

            Yes, they’re all horrible beings who have done questionable things since DAY ONE, but my problem lies in that none of them are even remotely redeemable right now. Before, they had more justifiable and redeemable qualities. Not so much this season, it’s too dark for me. Different strokes.

          • Britta Unfiltered says:

            I’m with you, Kelli. At this point I actually dislike Jax a little more than Clay. Even Walter White is not this hard to like. I’d like to root for someone on this show, as the story can sometimes be interesting, but I have no idea who to connect with, and that’s a problem for me. For me to like a show, I have to be able to connect with the characters and say, Ah, I get why they’re doing this. It makes sense. And Jax and Tara are making less and less sense to me every time I watch an episode of this show. But I’ll probably still stick with it as the side characters can often grab my interest.

          • A says:

            Someone mentioned that none of the characters are redeemable right now. In my book, these characters have never been redeemable, save for Tara in the first couple of seasons. That’s what is so good about this show – these aren’t good people, and you root for them anyway.

        • tara says:

          if you hate the main character of the show then why do you watch it? the show is about how you cant be in a club like this and be as inncoent as jax was in season 1. the transformation of jax is the plot of the entire series. dumbass

          • Smurfette says:

            Well said!Also,things going on on SOA are very on point. IDK where they get their info from.But I know from.personal experience, most of how they do things are correct.

      • Plus i dont blame Jax wanting to get out for his boys,thats why hes writing in that little notebook everytime he has some down time,writing stuff he wants his boys to know in case he doesn’t live to see the grow up like his father ,John Thomas Tellar,and Jax is wanting to make his dads wishes of want he was trying to do with the club when Clay killed him.

      • Barry says:

        Well said there….

      • betty p says:

        agreed what kind of feelings would anyone have after seeing their bff killed the way opie was this lite him up and he needs to burn out for awhile

    • letti says:

      I totally agree. Jax looks like a little boy playing grown up.

    • Gin says:

      Gemma turned Jax into who he is. Maybe if she hadn’t cheated on her first husband and had him murdered, her life could have turned out differently. Perhaps she could have raised Jax outside of a murderous, trashy motorcycle club. He is clearly quite intelligent (even if he doesn’t always make intelligent decisions). He could have done a lot better. Gemma, the “mother” ,who was supposed to protect him, rather encouraged him to live a life which is threatened every day. And in relation to Gemma and sex, she signed her own death warrant when she continued to show INTENSE loyalty to a club (albeit indirectly) responsible for her being gang-raped. She has barely shown any resentment towards SAMCRO for that. I mean, really now. Talk about a woman both deluded and unhinged.

      • Olive says:

        Um, Gemma was cheated on first by JT.

        • Gin says:

          JT didn’t get Gemma killed, i.e. conspire with his mistress to have her dragged several feet on a motorcycle and then die painfully for two days in a hospital. So, she still wins in the evil villain stakes. I note that that’s your sole response to my very long one. My point was, I’m tired of people complaining about Jax’s attitude towards Gemma. Anyone would be resentful towards a mother who married their father’s killer and raised their son to become one too. It probably never even occurred to Gemma that Jax go to college or leave Charming. She’s selfish and Jax knows it. I don’t think he owes her any gratitude for what he’s gone through over the past few years, either. He wouldn’t have been in such trouble in the first place if it wasn’t for her. Oh, and let’s not forget Gemma’s selfishness in reporting to Clay before even TALKING to Jax or Tara about those letters. She’s just as responsible for what happened to Tara as Tara herself is and Clay. If I were Jax, I’d detest Gemma.

          • Nise says:

            Gemma watched her baby die while JT was halfway across the world supporting his club & having an affair. Being dragged behind a motorcycle & taking 2 days to die doesn’t come close to the pain a mother would feel in those circumstances. And of course she would smother her surviving son, of course she would want him close by any means she could keep him there.

          • Gin says:

            @Nise There’s a difference between smothering your son because you want the best for him and smothering him because you want the best for YOU. Gemma chose the latter option. THAT is my point. How exasperating that in all of the numerous excuses people make for Gemma, they forget the consequences of her actions on others. So what if she went through all of those things if she continues to HURT her other son constantly? There is NO excuse for that. Basically what many Gemma fans are saying is it’s fine if she raised her kid to be a criminal and if she continues to manipulate and hurt him because she’s been through so much. Oh yeah — so have numerous murderers, rapists and serial killers. And unlike many of them, she continues to CHOOSE her state of affairs.

            And what sort of insensitive person makes light of the physical, tortuous pain someone goes through – never mind the sting of betrayal someone can feel knowing that their wife and best friend had them KILLED?! TV truly does desensitize people if something as bad as what happened to JT is no big deal compared to a mother’s emotional pain. Perhaps you’ll be thinking of all the mothers out there losing their kids if you are ever physically tortured, I suppose? JT was NOT responsible for Thomas dying (last time I checked, he inherited Gemma’s “fatal flaw”). And, of course, JT didn’t feel bad about losing his son either, right? Because he was just Thomas’ father, right? Even though it’s mentioned he fell off the deep end when the kid died. But so what, Gemma’s feelings are the only ones which actually count. Gemma had no RIGHT whatsoever to do what she did to JT. I will count murder as a mostly disgusting option any day.

      • jenhag says:

        Clearly you are NOT aware that this is a TV show… would we really watch if Gemma had taken the June Cleaver route?

    • jason says:

      long live jackson . and gemma should have been shot. they need to kill cla juice and gemma …asshole of tha year award to pope.

    • Jan Folke Rørvik says:

      Being a 1% is not exactly a popularity contest.

    • Debby says:

      I totally agree… Jax is Clay jr. as far as im concerned. i think he is gonna become way worse then clay ever was

    • Chili says:

      But that’s exactly what the message is, right? When you’re the president of this club, you’re not gonna be easy going and nice. This season is about Jax realizing it doesn’t work the way he dreamed it would, cause the life is too hard and dark.

      But yeah I agree, at that last scene between Jax and Gemma I was a little like… dude. You’re talking to your mother. I mean come on. Lol.

    • Sarrin says:

      Welcome to he world of Bikers… Gemma is treated pretty damn good actually.

      • Scottie says:

        This is not the world of bikers. Its gang world. Be careful how you stereotype things. Not all bikers are like this nor are all gangs! But I gotta give credit to the actors on this show. They are amazingly believable!

      • kwilson says:

        In the real world, Gemma would have been right when she assumed Clay no longer wanted her damaged goods. Jax would have offed Clay in the hospital, regardless of the CIA/Irish thing, and Juice would have been banished or killed when Chibs discovered his suicide attempt. Not to mention Otto would have bitten the dust as soon as Bobby went in and didn’t come out. Good tv though….

    • Cheryl says:

      Agree. I dislike Jax this season. While I “get” it that Opie changed him, he’s too much like Clay and not enough like Jax. I do not see how being affected by Opie’s death turns him into Clay. I was horrified by the last scene between Jax and Gemma. Pimp out his own Mother? That’s just a little far for me. Overall, this season has been so-so for me. I guess all the fans had the season they just didn’t connect with and this one is mine.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        All I see is a man unraveling. So torn between who he is inside, what he really wants his life to be for his wife & kids and the life long way of living that via the club & his mother is a major stronghold. Many times I’ve watched & said “I can’t believe what’s happening to him” not “I can’t believe he did that”. Look deeper, this is a man who has been betrayed by just about everyone he would’ve given his life for, carrying secrets that would crush a lessor man. I may not agree with his recent decisions/actions but I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that “I totally understand”. One cannot go through especially living this life style all that he has and NOT have things come out of them that are explosive, knee jerk reactions propelled more by pain & hurt than hate. Step back & take another look. This isn’t a “like or don’t like Jax” situation, “look” at him, CH is playing Jax brilliantly, there’s real suffering and confliction there. I actually feel sorry for him. All of this is happening to him because of decisions that prior to this Season from his birth to date, were out of his control & made by others, so give him a break. I can’t wait to see what KS has planned. Whether I like it or not, I will be enthralled as I always am. Great show!

        • Well said Barbara!! I think the journey that Jax is on is proving to be an incredibly dark one. And one that we all knew wasn’t going to end up roses and sunshine right from the start. Yes, some of Jax’s recent decisions have been knee jerk ones, but to say this isn’t believable, I completely disagree! When you think about when Jax killed, Tara’s ATF ex-boyfriend. He was still alive after Tara shot him. It was only after he spat out ‘once a biker slut, always a biker slut’ that Jax shot him in the blink of an eye!! The fact that Jax does act out in emotion at times, that’s what makes him so human, and so believable. I think that out of all the Sons, Bobby definitely seems to be the one who is noticing this change in Jax, and that he is developing habits and reactions similar to Clay. Will he be able to right this wrong? Or is Jax going down a horribly dark road that leads to nothing but death and misery!?! I want him and Tara to skip off into the sunset…but then if that were the case, I’d hate the show. Haha. Aaah, soo difficult!! ;)

    • Pierre Pierre says:

      I agree with what you have to say about Jax but Gemma is a totally different story. You have to remember this is the same crooked woman who had her hands in on the death of John Teller(Jaxs dad). She has been crooked, shady and back stabbing since the first season. It has just taken until season five for people to start calling her bluff.

    • Tyler says:

      I think Jax is doing what Clay was trying to do in the previous season. Trying to find an end game. the more and more Jax does, the more and more he will become Clay. People will die for those consequences, I don’t see any situation where Tig lives past this season. He dug his own grave by killing Pope’s daughter, and when Jax is finished with him he will give him up to Pope.

      • Kerry says:

        People need to realize that Tig did what he did because he was lied to by Clay! If anyone deserves to do its Clay, but we all have to remember when Clay dies the show will die.

    • tina says:

      gemma has been nothing but manupilatilng how would you like jax to be toward her she sets up his wife oh the mother of her grand children oh yea thats ok jax is the asshole are you okkelli

  2. Kelli says:

    I hope the one potential series regular death is Gemma. Not because I hate her, she is still my queen, but I hate what the writers are doing to her. She is insufferable this season and acting WAY out of character. I don’t think the season 4 events would’ve unraveled her THAT badly… she is a strong lady. Ugh, whatever, I’m just so done with this show and I really hope Katey gets to be the lead on that other new FX comedy “Diva. Clown. Killer.” She deserves better.

    • adam says:

      Tara SHOULD be the one killed off could you imagine how Jax would be after losing his best friend and Wife in the same season.

    • Adam says:

      Ummmmmm katey is married to Kurt sutter the writer of the show so I don’t think she’s going anywhere else on fx sorry to tell ya

      • Kelli says:

        Um, that doesn’t mean anything. Actually, Katey IS producing that new comedy and IS the frontrunner for the female lead on that show, so. Also, Kurt wrote the pilot episode of it. Team Sagal/Sutter ain’t stopping with SoA.

    • Chili says:

      What? Gemma isn’t acting out of character at all. She’s acting *completely in* character, like every single decision she’s made I was like… well yeah, that’s Gemma. Seriously, Sutter has a really clear idea of what she’s like, and he’s writing her exactly the same way as he did in seasons past. Even that car crash made total sense in regard of her character.

    • Shirlene Ann says:

      gemma is my idol!!! BUT i don’t like her being “weak” i want her to kick ass like she’s done in the past-i DEF do NOT want her OFF the show & i think Kurt just might have some surprises in store for us as far as she goes-at least i HOPE so :))))))))

  3. Santeria says:

    Plus Tara is always getting high Jax too Tara turns off her baby monitor to get stoned really annoyed with Tara these last 2 seasons

    • ES says:

      Exactly! But Tara hides that side of herself from Jax. She also did not tell him about wanting to abort Thomas and about her hand healing and a whole host of other things that should make Jax look at her in a different light. As it is – she has him thinking she is practically saintly.

      Tara is also partly responsible for Abel being kidnapped. She definitely deserves no mother of the year awards and yet thinks every other woman around her is a whore, stupid, bad, etc. She is no better than any other woman on the show and sometimes worse.

      I hope Wendy gets Abel. She is the most stable of anyone at this point.

      I also gotta agree with someone upthread that said that Jax/Gemma scene was disgusting. It truly was. It was vile and sick. After she has been beaten and raped and everything else mostly because of the club, it’s even worse for her own son to force her into that.

      The only decent people on this show was Opie, Donna, Rita, and currently left standing just Wendy (now), and Chibs.

      • Denise says:

        How exactly was Tara responsible for Abel’s abduction? And as far as Wendy goes, addicts are best at manipulation.

      • Steve says:

        I am not making fun of what you’re saying, I understand where you are coming from. It just makes me laugh and says a lot about this show that Opie and Chibs both guilty of murder, gun running, drugs, and so on, and Rita who worked in a whore house are decent people.

      • Rose Mary Rios says:

        This what is what makes this show “A must See”.
        I would love to see Tara get caught smoking with her kids around and we all know she is no different from Gemma. Just kills me that she acts like an angel and gets away with it. Let Gemma be the one to catch her

  4. Kesha says:

    I still luv Gemma…Jax and Tara are really pissing me off this season. My heart goes out to Gemma cuz she is a lost soul. Jax is all about himself…He’s turning his back on his mom..when she is the only that supported him no matter what. Let us see how strong Tara would be if she just go thru half of the sh$$ Gemma went thru. Ugh…..

    • Isabelle says:

      I agree with every word. Gemma has always been strong and always about family, I don’t believe she’d ever harm the kids. Gemma could’ve asked Phil to drive but this is the break Gemma down season so now she’s all out of character

    • Josie says:

      I’m sorry but I disagree..Gemma is all about herself; she ratted out Clay about JT’s death but hid the fact that she was part of the plan and already sleeping with Clay. She got Tara to attack that brothel lady; she tried to manipulate Wendy to go after Tara for custody of Abel…I think she’s getting what she deserves
      I also agree that Tara is annoying because she’s turning into Gemma (pot smoking, the violence, all the secrets & lies)…
      Jax is turning into clay so it’s hard to root for him too…but that it the point…Sutter said it; the show is sort of based on Hamlet…so it wont end well for anybody…
      My wish list for the next to die: Clay, Gemma, Frankie, Tara, Juice
      I’m not ready to give up on the show but i can’t say I enjoyed tonight’s episode as much as previous ones this season..

      • MI Girl says:

        I totally agree. Part of the main reason Jax is upset with her is because deep down, he believes she was a part of his father’s death…which, as Clay often reminders her, she was. I don’t blame Jax at all.

      • Olive says:

        I would quit the show if they killed of Gemma

      • Elle says:

        Why does everyone hate juice? I really like n opie they.were my faves…juice was used n threatened it was not his choice…give the guy a break..need one ”good” guy now that jax is off ! What a.crazy season…I want the old.Jax back! Lol

  5. not a jester says:

    can Nero and Gemma please run away together and be flawless and get away from Charming and the poison that is Jax/Clay/Tara/everyone else PLEASE. thanks.

    • Lacy says:

      totally agree i mean yeah she has done stuff in the past and now but if jax would just let her be with nero she would straighten out i mean he blamed her for the hotel seen but if he would leave her and nero b then she would of been with him and not at that bar or hotel

  6. me says:

    Why can’t Nero and Gemma just leave Charming behind? They’re the two badasses of the show. Like, Gemma, you’re family doesn’t want anything to do with you and Jax is only using you. Meanwhile, Nero seems to genuinely care about you. And EFF CLAY. He doesn’t deserve anything! So yeah, Gemma and Nero should drive away on his pimp car in the sunset with some Spanish rap music playing in the background? Perfect ending for them and very well-deserved!

    • not a jester says:


      5/5 stars would read and agree with again

      but really I just want Gemma out of this show. I love the character too much to see her destroyed and put in out of character situations like this. SUTTER WHAT ARE YOU DOING. STOP.

      • me says:

        “I love the character too much to see her destroyed and put in out of character situations like this.” Yep, you summed up my thoughts perfectly.

  7. Isabelle says:

    Clay is the one who has to die. I really hate Gemma’s storyline and feel its completely useless. After everything Clay has pulled now there’s another reason he can’t die because the club needs proof? All the fingers point to Clay and that should be enough but this has to be dragged out. I don’t get the need to break Gemma down, it does nothing for the main arch and does make Jax look like a heartless jerk. She is still his mom, the only parent he’s good or bad but that seems to be forgotten. It just makes no sense IMO

    • me says:

      Seriously! It’s not only pointless and useless, but it also feels very forced and contrived. I GET that Gemma is lost, but this is getting ridiculous. :( Jax is a prick and while Gemma did something HORRIBLE, she is still redeemable. Jax doesn’t have to threaten her this way.

  8. Christy Guerrero says:

    I do feel bad for Gemma,reguardless of all she has done Nero is right she don’t do well without family,I hope Jax realizes he is becoming everything he hates.

  9. Kayla says:

    This season has been mind blowing! First of all, I love Jax & always will because now were seeing the very more more tougher jax not taking crap from anyone or anything kinda thing. I mean, hes changed since ope died & hey that’s ok because you can’t say that you won’t change if someone did that to you by killing a close friend or family member of yours. He’s got that rage, frustration in just wanting to scream & let it out kinda thing. I feel deep down inside he’s stronger than what people think. He’s just showing it one step at a time. He’s making things better for the club. Hes trying & he will succeed with the guys help or by himself. The thing with Gemma, she needs to change & not just by giving up on the booze & drugs like Jax said, it’s not enough. She needs to change the way of thought. Realize that shes a mother & grandmother for sakes. She needs to snap out of it & get back on track & fast. She already has lost everything & everyone she had. Now, all she has left is clay. I believe clay is gonna die this season. Already! Jax needs to kill him after all the lies, back stabbing & everything bad the club has gone through these years. I believe that Jax is gonna be ok. He’s gonna do what’s right for SAMCRO & he’s gonna be the best & only president for the club. Everything is just being thrown to him like a test to see if he fails & he will pass. He will accomplish & get through all this crap that is happening. Tara needs to get a life & just know that no matter how much cleavage she is showing now, how much weed & trying to be the tough chick she think she is, there’s still only one queen of SAMCRO & that’s miss Gemma. Gemma will always be the queen of SAMCRO & Tara is just the worthless copycat. She will never be like Gemma. Wendy needs to kick her butt bad & just beat the crap out of Tara. All the guys, Chibs, tig, bobby, juice, happy, they are just completely lost in the whole confusing drama. God bless them! Ha. So yeah, there it is (:

    • not a jester says:

      “First of all, I love Jax & always will because now were seeing the very more more tougher jax not taking crap from anyone or anything kinda thing.”

      Um…. so blackmailing and manipulating his own mother = being tougher? Nope I’m pretty sure this season is just showing how much of a creep and Clay Clone he is. That’s just my opinion of course…

      • Kayla says:

        Yup! Sometimes you gotta knock your own parents out of it in the whole poor me, crying & I’m alone phase. There was times that Jax wanted the truth. All of it from Gemma & she just lies. Making up stories that Jax won’t hate her. She had this coming. She deserves every single of the pain! (:

        • Kelli says:

          He isn’t “knocking” Gemma down because he cares about her, he is doing it for his own selfish reasons so it doesn’t make him any better than when Gemma continues to lie about her past with JT and Clay. Two wrongs don’t make a right. He’s an asshole.

    • ES says:

      Agree – especially about Tara and Wendy. Wendy would be a MUCH better mother at this point than Tara. She really should have her little boy Abel back. She did the right thing and got herself together, got out of the life, finished college, has a career, and acts more classy than Tara does. She also did the presumably right thing at the time – when she was getting her sh&t together – she allowed Tara to have custody. Wendy did not sign away parental rights – she is still Abel’s mother by blood and birth certificate and technically legally. Tara can pretend all she wants, but she is just his guardian and step-mother at best. Even Gemma raised Abel more than Tara did.

  10. Lexi says:

    I just LOVE JAX!!!! No matter what, no matter who he is, how he is, he’s the real reason why I watch this show! Good or bad topic in what you people say about him. I just love him! Take it or leave it peeps <3

    • Elle says:

      Jax n juice only reason I am hooked on this stupid show! I loved Opie…but at lass..they need to do more with Juice…bringing young blood into the show…all you have is old old n wrinkled…but that’s.Gemma n Sutter lol!

  11. Ren says:

    WELP. RIP JUICE </3 DAMN ;(((((( ew i always found jax/gemma's relationship creepy… now he's telling her to sleep with the man who abused her?! lord have mercy that's gross :/// what happened to s. 1 jax who couldn't even kill someone?! then he just went off happy style and shot the guy until he fell off the building :/

  12. Missy says:

    I think it will be interesting watching Gemma get her life back on tract I order to play house with Clay. I feel she will still have secret meet ups with Nero and they will get the proof from Clay that Jax needs. The club will vote to be rid of Clay. The CIA angle with the IRA and Pope will hit an end with a similar way as with the ATF agent. I think Jax will give the ones that still have ties regarding Abel’s kidnapping up along with laying the fail on Clay and Juice. Or switch the CIA to go after Pope, that would be a twist with the IRA in on it with Jax to set Clay and Pope both up.We will probably see Juice become Clays Tigg for a bit but then turn back to Chib which will in turn go to Jax with more dirt on Clay. I’m just not sure how the Wende Abel issue will play out. I’m still digging this season and can’t wait to watch it all play out. I agree the Gemma being wild is warring a bit thin but still like the Drama. I hope Wende is gone fr good I like the Tara and how much she loves her babies.

    • I love that in this past episode we actually saw some point to Gemma’s out of control spiraling. I agree with you that everything will tie together. It may not all happen this season, but Kurt is masterful at tying together loose ends, so I’m in no way worried that all my questions and frustrations about this season won’t be answered by the end of this season or the next at the latest.

  13. Misty says:

    Tara is a whiny brat that thinks she is better than every one. Why should she be mad at Gemma when she is the one that smokes pot with her babies in the house.

  14. D says:

    Keeping Clay alive after this season makes no sense to the show. They really need to off him.

    • In Hamlet (which Kurt based the show on), Hamlet goes back and forth, debating killing of his step-father. Obviously that was just a play with a few acts, so it seems much quicker than a 5+ season show, but Jax keeping Clay alive for awhile is still in-line with Hamlet. Also, I think it shows that no matter how much harder Jax is being this season, I still think he doesn’t take killing a brother lightly. He already has enough personal knowledge about Clay’s many betrayals to kill him about ten times over, but he wants to find hard evidence to bring to the table. Although it’s more subtle, I think it does show that Jax’s original heart is still there. He still loves his club and hates to see any member, even a traitor, killed off at the hands of another member.

  15. jw says:

    what I want to know is what about chibs?? is he dead or is he ok? please do not off him, I love him………….tara is areal bitch this season…jemma is out of character…….kill clay.

  16. Matt says:

    I’ve watched the entire series and I have come to the conclusion is that Sons of Anarchy is Three’s Company with extreme violence. Misunderstandings and lies over and over again. It’s the most repetitive show since 24. It needed to end a season ago.

  17. Dave says:

    Chibs looks like he’s going to have some nasty concussion syndrome sympt

  18. Mel Ramsey says:

    Jax is acting just like his daddy … Clay !!!
    The fact that Sutter has shown the marriage cert and both boys birth certs more than once, leads me to believe that Jax was conceived after Clay and Gemma got together !!!

  19. Shelby says:

    Have always loved Gemma – but she has become pathetic this season and its hard for me to stomach. Yeah, you messed up … Pick yourself up by the boot straps and sort yourself out. That concept seems to evade her.
    I really feel for Tara more than ever. That feeling of protection she feels for her kids .. And for jax. They are her heart. She’s essentially protecting herself.
    Clay and juice – he’s a snake in the grass and he’s weak. Hope the first one gets stomped soon and couldn’t care less what happens to the latter ..
    Jax is so vital this season. It puts me on the edge of my seat and I love it. This last scene with Gemma .. The irony was not lost on me. The kids are now deceiving the old guard just like the old guard used to snake them. Wonder if they’ll get away with it ?? Hard to beat someone at their own game
    Best show I’ve ever known, won’t stop watching EVER

  20. C.White says:

    Congrats Kurt Sutter I hate you. I hate you with all my heart and I think you are probably very proud. You completely ruined one of the best female characters of the last 7 years. Or maybe the best female character of the last 7 years. You’re not that awesome after all.

  21. skylark says:

    If someone HAS to die, why not unzer?
    From reading forums and blogs, that would be the fan choice over Juicey or Chibs or even clay! He just keeps showing up. I would like to watch the actual members more.
    I bet Happy has said two words this season. Give Chibs some sort of story (just make him talk slowly)ANd poor Chucky just talked about his bowels and thats it so far..

  22. skylark says:

    And Emilio and Danny?
    Nothing for them to do in Charming I guess?
    I wonder why all these actors are on this show and yet do not much more then drive by.
    (Exclude Tilsdale, glad she is outta there quickly)

  23. Misty says:

    Can’t wait for Gemma to get hers!

  24. Rocco says:

    Go back and watch episodes from seasons 2-3. You will realize SOA is losing its ability to just blow your mind every week. Gemma is pathetic and Clay needs to be in a nursing home. Need to get back to what made the show great, and get away from the bs drama.

  25. Kitzze Mendoza says:

    I personally love and hate Gemma. I do think she is getting what she deserves though. and I recognize Tara is no angel but its what has become of her because of her acceptance of Jax and his life. Gemma has become a mentor whether she likes it or not. Both Jax and Tara are mirroring Gemma and Clay to some extent. Hopfully the beauty of the writing/history is that we can see Jax and Tara come out having learned from past mistakes, scarred from the journey but at least together and happy. I would like to see Gemma keep her toughness but let go of her agenda and become loyal to Jax and Tara, respect their vision for the club.

  26. Eric says:

    Just my opinion…

    Chuck Zito = Worst actor EVER!!!

  27. andre says:

    man i love this show im tuned in every week !!! i love it you would be surprised how many other folks watch this show and after it goes off every body is on fb chattin hard!!! please keep up the good work!!

  28. Shawn says:

    How can you feel sorry for Gemma, you gotta remember she is still holding her biggest secret, SHE KILLED JOHN TELLER…….if Jax finds out that lil bit, it won’t matter that she is his mother, she will be dead

  29. Boots says:

    Juice is gonna be dead by the end of the season. If not Juice, then Clay, but I highly doubt it will be Clay

  30. me says:

    Gemma is getting what she deserves. She along with Clay killed John Teller.

  31. Chris N. says:

    After reading all the comments keep in mind that Sutter is using Hamlet as the model for this. Hamlet pretended madness to draw off suspicion, however became somewhat mad and depressed in the process. He knew of the queen’s infidelity and potential part in his father’s death and continued to punish her for it even driving her mad. His pushing eventually resulted in him mistaking her confidant (Poloinus = Nero???) for his father and leads him to accidentally killing him. In this part of Hamlet people start dieing left and right, so why should SoA be any different?

  32. Skip Epic! says:

    Like the conversation between clay and jax in the first 10 minutes of season one episode one, Jax:”It ain’t easy being king.” Clay: “You Remember that.”

  33. Tina says:

    I am sorry, I thought this show was about a gun and drug running MC. If you want chocolate, roses, happiness, and sunshine, this is probably not the show for you. I don’t know many people that have a skeleton free closet! I love that you could take away the club and still have a healthy dose of realism. Yes, there is a lot of darkness involved this season. Embrace the breakdown!

  34. Petyoni says:

    Remember when Jax first took the President’s seat and Tara stood behind him?? That is the same image of the photo of young Gema and JT. When Gema walked in and saw that she looked scared and nervous. Tara is Gema but she is self righteous and cocky…Gema is likable even after knowing her dark side. Jax is more complex he is the combination of JT and Clay. Opie kept Jax stable but he started loosing his stability since last season when Jax stopped confiding in his best friend. I love this show!!!

  35. steve says:

    Seems those who so ardently stick up for Jemma saying how bad her son treats her…they seem to forget the fact that she had a healthy hand in the murder of his father! Not to mention the great manipulator she is, she’s manipulated Jax some many times for her own gain! Turnabout is fair play. Eye for an eye Jemma!

  36. Bryan says:

    I love watching the show but thats all it is a SHOW its all in a script they are actors and do what ever the script tells them to do some of yall act like they are real people

  37. Shell Knox says:

    I’m glad this show doesn’t go ‘exactly’ how I want it to! That’s what entertainment is all about. How boring would it be if the story line went how I expected.
    I just don’t understand Clay revealing real secrets to Juice. That’s not his style.

  38. jaxatig says:


  39. jim says:

    Clay or Juice signed their death warrant by fussing to each other. You know what they say about secrets. Someone’s got to die and the others secrets will die with them.

  40. amber says:

    gemma is always screwin crap up. Jax is getn out there now… But he got the gavel and a whole lot of crap on his plate from day one.

    at the ppl defending gemma… I love gemme… But…big BUT… She is always selfish. She lies and plays errbody. She even sunk so low as to try and get wendy (after tryn to kill her) in on her side to get back at tara. Gemma is jus now dealing with the raminifications of her own doing. Jax is doin the best he can with all the mess left over from clay and now clays plan to undermine jax and tear samcro apart. Clay sucks. And now poor juicy is stuck tween a rock and a hard place. And clay is gonna end up using that at leverage to help him hurt jax.

    I love this show. I have much respect for sutter. He keeps it real and interesting every week. I love all the characters… Except for clay. Will be glad to see somethin happen to him. Maybe samcro will get whole again if he is gone for good. Jax is doin alot of things similar to clay but i also think that in some of the situations he really has no choice. Hes tryn to pull together an empire that was crumbling before he took over. Bobby is a good vp. He is gonna keep jax on the up and up.

    • bryan says:

      i didn’t really read your comment but was wondering what dictionary can the word errbody be found in, and further more what do you think people think of the person that would write something like that when they read it. i mean everybody is no a big word and in reality noone can here a southern draw when they read something so it just seems stupid to type that way. the people who sound that way sound like that because they are from pretty deep in the south not because they type like that too. i’m sure if you email nelly and ask him he would tell you its spelled everybody not errbody

  41. Billie Brooks says:

    Love Gemma, love Jax even more. Oh hell, I love the entire show/cast. As far as Gemma tho, I can’t help but feel her chickens are all coming home to roost. She originally climbed into bed with Clay while still with Jax’s father. She was fully aware of Clay’s plans to kill JT, and she was a willing partner in that. She allowed her (at that time) young son to be raised by Clay with values (for the club) that went totally against what the core values JT had started with. Hell that was the reason Clay killed him! I can’t say I respect Gemma for that. Shes had an opportunity this season to start a new, cleaner, fresher chapter with Nero but she just can’t let go of her inner need for control over Jax. But do I ‘HATE” Gemma? Oh Hell No!! I get as frustrated and angry with her as if she was my best friend not listening to my advice. LOL Is Jax becoming darker and dirtier? Yeah, but you had to see that coming in order to survive Clay and the profound sense of guilt he feels over Opie’s death.
    Oh god….I LOVE arm-chair quarterbacking!

  42. carla says:

    You all are crazy. Everyone has there good points and bad points. Its a TV show. Lets not get to serious here.

  43. malena9 says:

    I like them all….but I think Gemma and Nero is a great pair and they should stick together…Gla should be gone!!!! I dislike him so much now……I feel for Juice, but he is very naive…..I do miss Oppie….(…..Tara is getting on my nerves a bit….but i agree she could be worse then Gemma one day….Jax…..get Old Jax back!!!!! i agree its only Show…..which we all fall in love with….

  44. C T says:

    It is just a show, its funny though at how everyone talks about it like it is real. But I do love SOS and get pretty involved with it also. It seems like everyone is forgetting that Gemma wanted Jax to run the club, and helped put him in that posistion, so she cant blame anyone but herself for the way Jax treats her, she got what she asked for. This is the Best Show on tv, and I cant wait for Tuesday nights, this is the only show I watch on tv. Keep up the great work Sutter.

  45. Triggs says:

    Should have written Gemma as drunk when she wrecked, not stoned. Just saying.

  46. angelo says:

    i gotta love all the fans that get pissed off at sutter,he is an amazing writer,hes damented mind his crazy mind of coming up with these stories are amazing,he pisses you off and he makeseveryone on the edges of your seat,he will keep messing with your minds and that makes great series, making you guess and fluster your mind,we havent seen nothing yet,

    • C.White says:

      Sutter wants me to hate Gemma. I prefer to hate Sutter instead. I think that’s fair.

      • Billie Brooks says:

        I admit, theres been a couple of Tuesday nights lately where I’ve sworn never to speak to Sutter again.

        Considering I’ve never met him, I don’t think hes overly troubled by it.

  47. Jax is fighting the anger and pain inside, Jax is torn between his two fathers ways inside him. He still wants what john did but has learned sometimes things have to be done in the form of clays way. Applaudes to Sutter for writing such a diverse and explosively thought provoking show that creates such controversy and emotions in its viewers minds.

  48. Drew says:

    What is up with you people? Have you all forgotten how the show has made it this far? Lies, deceit and playing off people’s emotions! Gemma plays it worse than everyone and never stays on one side of the fence too long. Jax is the direct product of both Clay and Gemma as well as growing up in the club life. How would you expect a person to come off? I think this is a great show, intense, twisted and fast paced, just like most peoples lives. We all know there isn’t a single “saint” on this show but we still argue who is an ass or a bitch or a whiney little baby. This is an organized crime syndicate people, real life we would hate, pity or be afraid of them but here you are defending one or the other. You know who wins? Sutter does for producing such a kick ass show that you all forget where you are. Complete brilliance and no matter what happens, he has a die hard, up to the last minute follower right here!

    • Billie Brooks says:

      Speaking personally, I live in Charming every Tuesday night and am on a first name basis with all the Club members! LOL I don’t think I’ve EVER been this addicted to a show! My own personal sons say I can recite every line from every show and know every intimate detail of the character’s (fictional) lives! Sutter is a friggin genius!

    • C.White says:

      Don’t know don’t care, still all my hate goes to Sutter. I bet he’s enjoying it. Maybe even more than he should. That’s why he’s making such a provocative show – to get as much hate as he can. Here ya go Kurt.

  49. Vxscrts says:

    I love Kurt’s writing! I think that the show keeps you guessing. It’s not always predictable. Jax has gotten darker….who knows what will happen next. I was kinda scared that the show was starting to die at the beginning of the season the action that I craved left me jonzing for the first few episodes and then whamo it came on hard!
    Tara’s character has evolved in a way that wasn’t expected but I still love her. I can’t say there is a cast member that I dislike really!
    LOVE SOA <3
    Keep the shows coming!!!!!

  50. connie says:

    Gemma put her grandchildren in a life/death situation, let me tell you, if my mother did that to my children, I would feel the same way as Jax and Tara. Clay can’t be killed off yet, he is too much a star in this series, no he will be on til the end I am sure. Juice is on his way out, Frankie will probably be dead next week. I love this show, its freaking awesome, Sutter is a genius as a writer…keeps you hanging and sitting on the edge of your seat, never ever a dull moment, I absolutley love it!! I also love how there is humour in every episode!! the best show on tv!!!