Once Upon a Time Recap: Alive and Kicking

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the doctor was very much in, as we finally got backstory on Storybrooke’s mysterious Dr. Whale (played by David Anders). Elsewhere, Rumplestiltskin created a monster and Captain Hook offered Emma the sky.

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IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Rumplestiltskin is trying to teach Regina magic, but damn if she doesn’t stop short of crushing the heart of a pretty unicorn. “I can’t — it’s innocent,” she protested. “Nothing is innocent,” Rumple argued. In the midst of assuring Regina that “dead is dead” and no amount of learned magic can revive her stable boy fiance Daniel, the rascally imp is visited by Jefferson (have they ever called him the Mad Hatter…?), who comes bearing a crystal ball, as requested. Rumple needs the “slippers,” though, to get to where “she” is — in a realm with no magic (and Jefferson’s hat only offers transport between magical worlds). In private, Jefferson tells Regina he has heard of a “wizard” who can do what she wants, resurrecting the dead.

Jefferson takes Regina to this “wizard,” who prefers to be called “Dr.” He tests Daniel’s magically preserved (yet truly dead) body, and say it’s an ideal candidate for his “experimental” procedure. He just needs a “strong heart,” so Regina lets him have his pick from Cora’s vault. That night, the doctor goes to work his non-magic on Daniel, but claims it failed. Devastated, Regina returns to Rumple’s tutelage ready to do what’s necessary — starting off by plucking the heart out of his new Regina Lite protegé. Later, we see that Rumple was in cahoots with the doctor (to whom he trades the strong heart for the “monster” he’s gotten in Regina) and Jefferson (who uses his hat to get the doctor home).

IN STORYBROOKE…. | Whale tells David he has heard that they’re looking into creating a new portal, and that perhaps all the other realms still exist — including where his brother is. Whale barges in on Regina’s “Magic Anonymous” sesh with Archie to demand she send him back to his brother, since her curse only transported the living to Storybrooke. Regina claims she can’t help, that she only brought along who she wanted — including, we then learn, Daniel, who’s been preserved with a spell. Driving home in the rain, Regina sees Daniel roaming about, then finds his glass coffin empty. She goes searching for Whale, who is on his lab floor with his arm ripped off. Regina and David deduce that resurrected Daniel went to the stables (the site of his last fairytale land encounter with Regina), where Henry happens to be.

Daniel puts a scare into the boy, but Regina stops him before he can do harm. David is ready to “put down” the “monster,” but Regina insists she can talk to him. She gets as far as pulling the real Daniel only long enough for him to urge her to “stop the pain,” let him go and “love again.” Before he can turn on and kill her, she freezes and destroys her fiance, then says a sad goodbye.

While Regina confesses to Archie that she dabbled in magic, Whale shows up at Mr. Gold’s to get his arm reattached. Gold first makes him admit, “I need magic,” and poof — Whale is no longer a member of TV’s ever-growing amputee club. “Always a pleasure doing business with you, Victor,” Gold says… and we cut to the world where the “wizard”/doctor came from, as he delivers the strong heart to his laboratory assistant. They use the magical ticker to jolt the doc’s dead brother back to life. “It’s alive,” the scientist declares. “It’s magic, Dr. Frankenstein,” says the assistant. “No,” Victor counters. “It’s science.” (P.S. How coinky-dinky that we get a stormy tale of Dr. Frankenstein just as the “Frankenstorm” is hitting us here on the East Coast?)

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IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT IS…. | Emma, Snow, Mulan and Aurora (who really needs to lighten up) return to their safe haven only to find it destroyed — not by ogres but by Cora, and save for one mysterious rake of a survivor, who ultimately reveals himself to the ladies as Killian Jones aka Captain Hook.  He divulges Cora’s plan — for him to get scoop from them on the portal back to Storybrooke. (And why does he want to go to there? “To exact revenge on the man who took my hand — Rumplestiltskin.”) He leads the women to a towering beanstalk, at the top of which resides an enchanted compass needed to use with any new portal. “It’s not the climb you have to worry about,” he says. “It’s the giant at the top.” (Cue next week’s guest star, Jorge Garcia. Dude.)

What did you think of Once‘s riff on Frankenstein? Will you allow it? Were you starting to groan that they were going to only hint at the doctor’s identity all hour and never drop the “F”-word?

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  1. Templar says:

    All things considered , for me, it was kind of a blah episode. I didn’t realize until tonight how much Daniel resembled Tom Cruise. Jefferson was a delight like a straight Adam Lambert. He owned every scene he was in.

    • I agree. The episode was blah. It was entertaining, but I don’t know that it moved the story forward. I don’t know about Adam Lambert, but the episode did make me want more Jefferson. I want to see more of his travels.

      • Templar says:

        Hi Kandice: Adam came in second during season 8 of American Idol. Golden voice and looks a lot like Sebastian who plays Jefferson. He kind of dresses like Jefferson, too.

        • Eye says:

          Templar, I could be wrong but I think that Kandice said she doens’t know Adam Lambert in in reference ot the comparison, not that she doesn’t know who he is lol

          • Ha! A little bit of both. I’ve heard of him and seen pictures. Never heard him sing or know his mannerisms to see a comparison. Good to know that Templar thinks he has a golden voice. ;)

          • Templar says:

            Kandice: Go to youtube and listen to Adam Lambert Mad World. He takes that Tears For Fears song to another place.

    • Kim R says:

      I was kind of bored. Not liking the Dr. F storyline. It felt different than a fairy tale. Most of the plots have been from children’s stories. “Frank”….not so much. :)

      • Sheila says:

        Agreed. Are they just using any fictional character? Will next week be Curious George?

      • leah says:

        I didn’t like it at all, having another other land. But I see why they’re doing it, it’ll give them more material to keep the show going longer

    • Leo says:

      Madd Hatter isn’t really “mad” before he was shipped to Wonderland. So, no, no one in “Fairytale Land that was” will call him Madd Hatter.
      Also, Charming and Regina do have a seriously dangerous chemistry. Snow, get home quick!
      Mulan and Aurora should probably date. Because I don’t think nothing other than that can happen and make them interesting. Lol.

  2. Joe Thomann says:

    And “Whale” is James Whale, director of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. In case you were wondering about the connection.

    • rowan77 says:

      I was wondering – for about a year now. Thank you for that. I thought last season the maybe Dr. Whale was the whale from Pinnochio in human form.

      • Mélanie says:

        Well, I guess that according to the crocodile episode of last week, the whale could have been a human even in fairytale land

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I was wondering, thank you. It was killing me that I couldn’t figure it out.

    • Gail says:

      Can Dr Whale also be the Wizard of Oz as was hinted at in the episode. Jefferson got the Witch’s crystal ball but missed the slippers ( ruby, the movie or silver, the book) needed to go to a land without magic. Rumplestiltskin is also the Beast of Beauty and the Beast so it is possible for a person in Storybrooke to be more than on character.

      • gdv says:

        I’m assuming that Whale is also the Wizard, not just Frankenstein. I don’t think the writers would make such a point to call him Wizard over and over unless they were dropping a big hint. It would make sense (and is a lot more intriguing than him just being Dr. Frankenstein). Although, I was hoping Whale getting the heart for his brother would end up being a tin man reference, but it wasn’t.

        • It may well be a tin man reference in the future. Remember, the doctor wants to try again and his brother looked pretty pieced together the first time. Perhaps he puts his brother in a tin body to preserve him after the first attempt fails. This would be of course after he and his brother flee over the rainbow because the locals in Frankenstein’s world attack them because his brother is terrorizing the village. The doctor’s arrival in Oz seems magical because of the balloon and remembering what Jefferson and Regina called him, he presents himself as a “Wizard” because he knows that it means he is powerful in that world. Cue the Doctor overthrowing Ozma and becoming the Wizard of Oz….. and scene.

        • GingerSnap says:

          Well, Whale was called a “wizard” by Jefferson, so it’s plausible.

  3. linds says:

    Once Upon A Time is a great show, the only thing that the writers are having trouble with is that they are way too many characters and too many worlds to focus on past/present/whereemmaandsnoware which means there is not a lot of screen time unfortunately for many characters. I am kind of at the point where it is enough already and put Emma and Snow back in Storybrooke already. I am though very excited for next week episode. Emma Swan FINALLY gets a backstory, from the previews I guess we already know who Emma baby daddy is. Hopefully I am wrong because that is too easy.

  4. Girl in MD says:

    I liked it cause we got a little more ins

  5. Aibileen says:

    Worst OUAT episode. Period.

    • Mike says:

      Have you seen Dreamy?? Now that is bad this was just a meh episode, next week looks great though.

      • Aibileen says:

        You are right, I had blocked Dreamy from my memories. And I agree, I have really high hopes for Emma’s backstory.

        • AT says:

          I don’t think I’ll ever stop laughing over the fact that dwarves come from eggs. Why did there need to be a mythology behind where dwarves come from? Why can’t they just be dwarves? That whole episode was so ridiculous that my Mom hasn’t watched an episode since. But yeah, I think this episode is in third place for me for worst. Second has to be the genie/mirror episode. Though I think the Cinderella episode is also pretty high up. This episode made me wonder if they’ve actually ever read the actual novel. Are they doing their research from other movies and TV shows or are they actually studying the original source material? I’m not convinced they’re overly familiar with the literature, fairy-tales, folk tales, etc…they’re using. But for the most part, still an entertaining show.

        • Emily says:

          Dreamy was such a bad episode, it didn’t just make me like the show less, it made me dislike the show more. Yes, there is a difference.

    • No Dreamy was the worst

  6. Girl in MD says:

    Oops hit post too soon….I liked the episode cause we got more insight into how Regina came to be so evil I like how she is struggling in SB to use or not use magic glad the girls didn’t fall for captain hooks story but wonder what’s to come if he gets to go back to SB

  7. JJ says:

    Interesting that we saw Frankenstein come to the magic land we know, then go back to be with his brother…so what brought him BACK to fairytale land so that Regina could transport him when the curse hit?

    • Mary says:

      The curse just grabbed him from where he was and brought him along, just as it grabbed Jefferson in Wonderland.

      • James says:

        Not true, I think. I asked Jane Espenson about it during a Q&A in twitter and she answered that there were two possibilities: a) the characters were in the Fairytale Land that was or b) Regina’s curse applied not only in that fairytale land, but also others, like Wonderland. So JJ may have a point in saying Frankenstein could have been in the Fairytale land. It’s a question that has been buggin me since I saw Jefferson in Storybrooke.

      • Nancy says:

        I tend to agree, Victor was not necessarily in Fairytale Land. Regina said she brought who she wanted to. I believe this is regardless of which world they were in at the time. But why did she bring Dr. Frankenstein? He didn’t resurrect Daniel. Unless Regina learns of the plan later on and decides it’s best to keep the Doctor around, just in case.

      • Regina said very clearly in this episode that she brought who she wanted with her, and I suspect she could have brought people from different worlds. I’m pretty sure she targeted Doctor Whale and Jefferson because she found out what they did to her in this episode at some point and so she wanted to curse them to get back at them.

        • Lyria says:

          Even if she didn’t know they’d tricked her, I think her angst over the “failed” experiment was enough to make her want to punish them, especially since she was full dark side by then.

  8. Patti says:

    I liked seeing more Dr. Whale. David Anders is great. I liked seeing Archie again. I wish they had not quietly demoted him. They should use him more. I adore Jefferson. The Mad Hatter and Rumple team up was enjoyable and I enjoy Jefferson’s chemistry with Regina.

    Hook remains Lame. I hate new fairytale land and never liked Daniel. I like that Regina is redeemable but wish they’d show that kinda of inner struggle with Rumple too. Both should be redeemable considering Rumple’s backstory is just as sad if not more.

    • Mike says:

      Jefferson is the best character on the show, by a lot. He works well with everyone because his character is so fleshed out.

  9. Amy says:

    Wish there was enough magic to bring the Sheriff back to life. I know I should be over it, but alas, I’m not.

    • Patti says:

      I miss Grahm too. I think he will be back in flashbacks at least. I’m still waiting for the whistle he gave snow to come in to the story.

    • Leah says:

      I was thinking the very same thing tonight!

    • AT says:

      Unfortunately I think they were making a point to say tonight that dead is dead. I personally think that takes away from the fun of the fairy tales and magic. I find it limiting. And I think killing off Graham was a mistake. Why couldn’t they have killed off a less popular, less important character? They’ll never be able to find another love interest for Emma as good as Graham. I think killing him is up there with when Whedon killed off Doyle. Perhaps they can have Graham be in the Underworld or something…DEAD. Then he can come back. Since they went with Midas, I don’t see why they can’t go with Hades and Persephone!

      • I utterly feel everyone who bemoans the loss of Sheriff Graham. I thoroughly enjoyed him on the show and I’m sad that he won’t be back except in flashbacks…. that being said, when Regina crushed his heart into powder and Graham died in Emma’s arms, that was the moment this show became a must see show for me. It was so intense and so evil and it showed that the show was committed to making real characters with real consequences rather than the Disneyfied watered down villains that everyone says are evil but you never really see them DO the evil. If no one dies then why does the fight matter? In order for the stakes to be high there has to be a buy in from the fans that there are real consequences for failure. For them to get that buy in they have to show us that really, really bad things will happen if good doesn’t win. Killing random red shirt number three doesn’t have nearly the impact of killing a main beloved character. Case in point, tonight we saw that Cora killed somewhere around 40 to 50 people. Is anyone talking about how horrific or traumatizing it was? Nope, nobody cares. Graham dying is STILL a topic now. We’ve made their point for them. Dead is dead or death doesn’t mean anything and there are no consequences for evil winning.

        • Anna says:

          Well said! Graham’s death was an important moment in the story and was also the first (or at least one of the first) time that we absolutely knew that Regina remembered FTL and that she was still as selfish, evil and dangerous as seen in the flashbacks.

        • Templar says:

          I may be mistaken, but I remember reading in the British press that Jamie Dornan [Sheriff Graham] had scheduling problems preventing a lot of commuting to Vancouver for shooting OUAT.

          • I’m sorry, I’m not sure what your point is. Just because he had scheduling conflicts didn’t mean they had to write him out in such a definitively dead way. They could have just faded him into the background like Gepetto and Granny. Neither of them are dead but they haven’t been in episodes. They could have magically frozen him or locked him up with Sydney Glass. There is a world of things they could have done that wouldn’t have made it difficult to get him back if he scheduled freed up but they chose to kill him in an incredible emotional scene that set the tone for the rest of the season.

          • Templar says:

            Maybe he turned it down. In any case , I doubt he’ll be back.

          • Templar says:

            Sorry, forgot to add that he’s been filming in Belgium and Dubai for a film called Flying Home [I think]. Also, he’s the poster boy for a Dior perfume campaign and he’s a model. Got a lot on his plate.

        • I agree. I hate that he is gone and so wanted a way for him to come back. But by the end of the first season it became very clear that will not be happening.

          The plan for Graham to die was long before the first episode was filmed. They killed him off for the reasons you gave. I will say though that I think he was more popular of a character than they expected.

      • Brenna says:

        I agree that a point was made tonight and Graham really died. However, I will always be hopeful that they can somehow reverse time or whatever to bring Graham back. No new characters can compare with him. And he still had so much backstory to tell.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I’m not either. He made Emma likable for me. And Charming needs a buddy in Storybrooke! I’m holding out hope that people who died while under the curse magically got transported to FTL and Snow and Emma will find him there, still alive.

  10. Juli says:

    Charming punching Frankenstein was over-the-top, and ridiculous. Hey, Charming you weren’t exactly the most faithful during the curse, either. Sit your pompous butt down!

  11. Mila says:

    I think this episode had the potential to be “OMG!”. However, since the fans figured out the connection early on, the episode felt lackluster.

    • Marz says:

      For me, it was less that the fans were right and more that they revealed it in the promo last week. I feel like if they had to reveal it in the promo, they should have stopped the teasing with “Dr.” and just come right-out and say it.

  12. Wrstlgirl says:

    That was the dumbest episode I’ve ever seen.

    • Aibileen says:


    • Mila says:

      Dumber than the Cinderella episode? IDTS.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        I missed that episode so you mean they actually made one worse than this one? Oh good god!

        • Mike says:

          No, this was worse. This episode was all about moving chess pieces around — and so Frankenstein’s story got lost in the muddle. Far too many chess pieces, honestly. They need to focus.

    • Patti says:

      cinderella episode was worst imo

      • Mike says:

        I’m still think Dreamy is the worst.

      • Sandris says:

        I agree. Cinderella was totally ruined by that storyline. Plus just in the timeline of episodes it kinda ruined the momentum of the show first season. Granted it picked up, but it still was not good. I am not sure why people keep knocking down Dreamy. I liked it. Love Amy Acker. I liked the episode.

    • AT says:

      Nothing was worse than Dreamy. There was an actual whole episode about how Grumpy becomes Grumpy. I understand origin stories for characters like Superman, but Grumpy? Not only that…he came from an egg…as an adult…smiling. And then they did a forbidden love story between Grumpy and a fairy.

  13. Jesse says:

    I wonder if the writers are intentionally setting up Regina/Archie. They have a certain spark..

  14. KK says:

    This episode felt like it was just all over the place to me. I lost interest after about 15 minutes. Not their best episode.

  15. Rebecca says:

    Was I the only one that didn’t care for this episode? I love the series but just didn’t care for this one. Sorry.

    • Templar says:

      Did you read the previous posts before you asked that question? Getting into science fiction was IMO a very wrong turn. Maybe that’s the only thing they could come up with for Regina to finally let go of Daniel. it was lame, but maybe now she can move on.

      • You know I was thinking. Going the Frankenstein route wasn’t a bad move, but not doing it in the first season may have been a better way to go or earlier in this season. Seems out of place to me based on when in the story they played it out.

    • Jest says:

      Not that you are expected to read absolutely everything else but completely ignoring that others clearly said the same thing is disrespectful because it makes it seem like their thoughts are worthless.

  16. Emily says:

    so “shoes” does that mean we will see Dorothy and her ruby “There’s No Place Like Home” slippers??? Is it basically all of these “lands” just books here in the “real world” Fairy tale land . . .Never land . . .Whatever Frankenstein land (and does that mean Bram Stoker’s fella can show up too??) I just wish they (the LOST writers) would STOP thinking that this is another LOST and get to some answers . . .SOON.

  17. Alessia56 says:

    I’m confused…I thought Regina turned Jefferson into what he was but tonight he knew her before she became evil?

  18. ollie says:

    i also thought they werent going to call him by frankenstein either it was driving me nuts. i keppt saying to myself just say his name already. cant wait to see jorge next week.

  19. Abby says:

    No, not the best episode. But I still liked it! I loved Frankenstein. I am enjoying Regina’s redemption… And Henry and Charming bonding. I’m glad it’s going slow. I’m never ready for the episodes to end!

  20. irishrose4583 says:

    i was distracted by constant weather updates and school closings so I need a rewatch but i thought it was an interesting episode but wish they had not given away the frankenstein thing in the promo. i notcied alot of wizard of o red herrings but ignored them b/c we knew it was frankenstein. took he AHA moment away

  21. Mick says:

    It irks me when a tv show can’t do basic research. If you have ever read Frankenstein you would know he was a student and not yet a doctor when he created his monster ergo the title Dr. is woefully misused.

    • Will says:

      And if you had paid attention, you’d know from the presence of Igor (or any assistant in the creation at all) that this story had nothing to do with the Mary Shelley original, was based on the more common movie legend, and that this show takes liberties with its mythos all the time, so stop complaining about problems that don’t exist.

      • AT says:

        I think that’s the problem. It’s storyBrOOKe. I think it’s a strange message to the audience. Much of the audience believes that these are based on the books, when they’re really not. I think it enforces the lie that Disney created a lot of these stories. They shouldn’t be opposed to doing some actual research and combining that with their film/TV influences. It can only strengthen the show IMO. And I actually do enjoy it, though I think they could really benefit from research. Not only that I think they need to work on the dialogue in the fairy tale world. Basically it’s like writing dialogue for a period film. As of now, some episodes the dialogue is stilted and awkward. So hopefully that will improve!

    • Nina says:

      uhm yea, and Cinderella’s fairy godmother surely is not Rumplestiltskin. Duh.

    • Igor says:

      Yes, but Red Riding Hood, for example, wasn’t wolf in original story, but She was in TV show.. They change a bit so they could make a connection between fairy tales …

  22. Matt says:

    So many attempts to convince people that Whale was the Wizard of Oz in this episode. References to slippers, that he is a wizard and a doctor, that his first name is Victor (like Victor Flemming). I was ready to believe.

    • Emily says:

      In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein his first name is Victor. FYI…but I also liked the Wizard of Oz references.

    • With that Emerald City outfit and hairdo, it wouldn’t surprise me if the ‘wizard’ reference comes back, and Victor Frankenstein is revealed to be the Wizard of Oz in a later episode. After all, the Ozian wizard is an traveler from another world, who seizes power over the Emerald City, and the Tin Man comes to him for a heart.

      • I think this theory. When the clues to his identity were reveled I thought they could be linked to the Wizard of Oz. However, when other clues came out reveling he was Dr. Frankenstein, I gave up that theory. I love the idea of him being both.

  23. Jared says:

    I hate to say this but I’m slowly losing interest in OUAT. This season so far has been pretty boring to me..and I keep trying to stay invested..but I don’t know for how long.

  24. wednesday says:

    Definitely not my favorite episode, but seeing Jefferson was great! I miss him and wish he was in more episodes. He shines when he’s onscreen and steals the spotlight. I love Archie too and wish we got to see more of him. It amazes me how the writers can actually make me have sympathy for Regina after everything she’s done. She broke my heart in her scenes with Daniel.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      What I like about Jefferson is he’s in on the joke and doesn’t take it all so seriously. Sebastian Stan gives him a fun personality.

      • Mike says:

        Though his rather cruel past gives his exile to Wonderland some weight — it’s karma.

      • It was nice to find a fun/playful side to him. He has been so serious up to this point, except when he was playing hide and seek with his daughter. Rightfully so, loosing one’s daughter would make anyone serious and go mad.

  25. Allysue says:

    I liked the episode, but honestly would’ve been disappointed had he been the wizard of oz because I want Dorothy to be like ruby was we’re its like well yeah it’s her but what’s this hers story and have a storybrooke adventure with Henry and charming. Also love the Regina/hopper time, first person she seems like she has a mutual liking for(admitly it’s one of fear/respect) but genuine. More so then the awkward snow/Emma realm traversing with the aurora who if she really had true love like she apparently did by the sleeping curse being broken should be more sad or upset at Milan’s love. So all and all meh episode but a great set up for next week! (But really lost ended move on writers)

    • Well they could also make him the Wizard of Oz, as they made other characters multiple fairy tale character (i.e. Rumplestiltskin, The Crocodile, Beast)… Anyways, episode feels meh… not bad but not great either, hoping the next one is a whole lot better

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Nah. I feel like the writers worried they tipped their hand with Whale’s name and the “GOOD AT MAKING FRIENDS” thing from his Comic-Con video, and decided to try a red herring. I didn’t buy it for a moment.

  26. Jon says:

    I agree not the best episode but it had some great parts. Lana Parilla killed it tonight (but no surprise she always does). I didn’t really care too much about Whale being Frankenstein but I think it could be interesting if Whale and Gold work against Regina in storybrooke.
    I missed part of the episode so could someone tell me if it was stated that this was the first time Jefferson and Regina met? I kinda think that maybe they’re related to each other(cuz I think in the Hatter episode in fairytale land Jefferson told Regina”you don’t abandon family” or something but I could be wrong.
    I’m ok with Emma and Snow not being in much of the episode since next week looks to be a big Emma episode. I wonder who Henry’s dad will turn out to be? Baelfire? That seems to be the popular theory but guess we’ll find out next week.

  27. Tom Charles says:

    I mean I knew with Hook and Pinocchio and The Mad Hatter running about books were fair game, I just didn’t think till last week Frankenstein was. What’s next, Winston Smith fighting against the party?

    • Templar says:

      I’m fearful that with the mash-ups they’re doing, when we meet The Munchkins they’ll be chanting “Soma” and led by Bernard [Brave New World]. LOL

  28. April says:

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I think the reason season 2 isn’t as good as season 1 is because they figured out the truth way to soon. They should have still thought that they were not fairtale people. To many storylines and to many relms. And to many characters. They need to focus on the core cast and quit bringing in new people. I do like Hook, though. But maybe people like it better this way and I’m just not good with change.

  29. Bigby says:

    Great episode! I always kinda like it when we take a departure from the main characters and learn about some of the other characters in Storybrooke!

    I really loved the whole science vs. magic subtext they had throughout the episode and emphasized it at the very end, which was really great. The coloring and art direction on the end scene was fabulous.

    Also – great reference to Dorothy’s ruby slippers and I’m going to assume that the crystal ball Jefferson retrieved was the one used by the Wicked Witch of the West.

    Also, not really getting the complaint about too many characters and too many new ones. Really?!? The only new ones we were introduced to that are recurring are Hook, Aurora, and Mulan……..How is the show hard to follow?! I’m just going to chalk it up to people not being used to following a show with multiple characters?! I guess I got used to it with Lost, True Blood, Game of Thrones and such.

    • I agree with you that there aren’t too many characters. However, I’m not really seeing a real use for Mulan and Aurora. They are just there and not really adding anything to the plot. They could disappear tomorrow and I don’t think anyone would notice.

      • Templar says:

        ITA. To me, they are just other mannequins in the window. Totally superfluous.

      • Blakeney says:

        Yes, Aurora and Mulan are underutilized. Probably because there isn’t enough time/room to develop them, and still give the “main” characters stuff to work with….as a result they’re turning out very one-dimensional, which is a shame.

  30. This season has been really boring to me… I miss Emma and Snow, they’re not getting enough screen time. The characters are all over the place. But I’m excited for the next Red-centric episode in two weeks! If it’s as great as the first one (single handed the BEST EVER!), it’ll make up for everything.

  31. jenn says:

    So am I the only one who liked the episode? maybe it’s because I love David Anders. I was scared they were going to kill him off!

  32. Gilda says:

    Anyone else think he might also somehow be the Wizard of Oz? The way Jefferson delivered a line (I think it was about going off the see the wizard) sounded so much like a reference. Maybe it was just a red hering, but maybe he’s a dual character.

    • jenn says:

      It was heavily implied right? The whole “my land is powerful without magic” and in the story the wizard isn’t really a wizard so maybe they’re going towards this direction.

  33. Gilda says:

    I’m torn between complaining that there are too many main characters and for pushing for Sebastian Stan to clear up his schedule and get upgraded!

    • wednesday says:

      Gilda you aren’t alone on the the Sebastian thing. After seeing his first appearance in Hat Trick I was sold. I was praying that they would add him as a regular. Hat Trick is my favorite episode of the series. I look forward to any scene he’s in. I was so disappointed when they added Hook instead of MD. I hope Sebastian can clear up his schedule as well so I can have some more Jefferson! He and Rumple are my faves!

      • Templar says:

        I’m with you. Sebastian is unbelievably charismatic and he gives Robert Carlyle a run for his money in star power. No small thing. Casting of male actors on the show is stellar, actresses not so much. The main actresses cast in season one [Snow, Emma, Regina, Ruby] were great. But the others [Cinderella, Aurora, Mulan, particularly Maleficent] were mediocre. I’d have cast Bebe Neuwirth as Maleficent.

        • Lena120 says:

          Yes! Bebe would have been a magnificent Maleficent! ITA that the supporting female actresses have been lackluster. Really don’t like what they’ve done to Mulan. That character has a lot more going for her than walking around with a mean face all day. That’s not even what the character is. Yes, she’s strong and a fighter but she’s not aggressive 24/7. I can only assume they’ll flesh her out later down the line. Cinderella was extremely bad casting. They’re dropping the ball when it comes to the ladies and I don’t know why.

  34. L. Williams says:

    Why did OUAT change so much after Season 1? That’s what I’m wondering. There’s some good parts, but Frankenstein is lame, Hook is lame, Mulan is lame, Aurora is lame, the “new” FTL is lame, bringing Daniel back as a schizophrenic monster is lame! I’m afraid fans are going to give up and stop watching. I just want Emma and Snow to come back to Storybrooke! That being said…I AM looking forward to the part with the giant of the beanstalk…AKA Jorge Garcia…just because I love Hurley! Also, I’m looking forward to the backstory on Emma…and a reveal on Henry’s Daddy!

    • Lena120 says:

      I have to admit the introduction of Mulan and Aurora has been the worst. Both are written as one note characters. Mulan is a strong warrior but does that mean she has to walk around with a permanent scowl? It’s ridiculous. And I’m all for them pulling from fables to more traditional literary characters, but I draw the line at Frankenstein. That doesn’t even fit with the tone of the show. As someone said earlier, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dracula showed up.

      • Mike says:

        I actually like Mulan and Hook, the rest are bad though.

      • wednesday says:

        I have to admit I was somewhat excited when I heard that Mulan and Aurora were going to be on because they are two of my favorite characters, but when I saw them on-screen it has been a MAJOR disappointment. It is the casting and yes how they are written. I agree with you about Mulan she does scowl all the time. And Aurora pouts and whines. Not what I had in mind for my two faves. If they left them behind I certainly wouldn’t miss them. I hope when they do start adding more beloved characters they will do better in the casting department. Cinderella was also an epic failure as well.

        • Aurora and Mulan are two of my favorite characters too and I was excited they were going to add Mulan. Sleeping Beauty was a sure thing, but I wasn’t sure if they would add Mulan.

          I was skeptical when I found out that Mulan and Aurora would be introduced together. I was right to be skeptical. I haven’t given up hope that Mulan will eventually be more likeable, but I think Aurora is a lost cause.

    • ADC says:

      You wrote what I’ve been thinking. I don’t really like any of the new characters. I started watching the show for Snow/Charming/Emma. When they’re not on (preferably together), I start to lose interest. I won’t be re-watching tonight’s ep like I do for most of the others.

    • Nelly says:

      I think they are turning Mulan into a one note character which sucks. They could do a lot with Aurora (she lost her true love she could seek revenge or become dark like Regina did) but they are just having her to stay in the background. Hook needs to stay a villain and please no cheesy love story with Emma.

  35. Mike says:

    Oh, yeah, does the vault of hearts fully establish Cora as Queen of Hearts or what?

  36. Will says:

    Absolutely loved it tonight, as usual. I love that the story is getting bigger and bigger, as the new plots interweave with the old ones. Frankly getting a little tired of fans complaining every time things change on a show. They were already running out of things to do in Storybrooke by mid-season last year. The new characters and separate worlds have brought an influx of fresh ideas and character possibilities that would otherwise have been constrained by the curse. Boring? I found the 20,000 “why we can’t be together” scenes between David and Mary Margaret last year boring, and the repeated “Emma, magic is real.” “No, it’s not” scenes boring and repetitive. Typical that as soon as that’s no longer a problem, tons of fans pile on to complain that things have changed. I say, good. Stories have to evolve or they curl up and die.

    • ADC says:

      You don’t think the show is just a tad bit choppy now? I think I could deal with the influx of new characters better if stories didn’t constantly get picked up and then dropped for several episodes. I would much rather have a strong set of core characters that we get to follow all the way through. For example, I am not a fan of Rumple and Belle so the episodes devoted to them do not interest me. Fans of theirs probably find it frustrating to see them every once and awhile. It’s a lose lose situation in my opinion.

      • Will says:

        No, I don’t find it choppy at all. It’s basically become like a big novel, with different chapters focusing on different characters. It’s not unlike the “Lost” model, and that’s one of the things I admired about that show: that they didn’t feel the need to cram every character into every episode. It’s also a great way to delay wrapping up certain plots without simply making repetitive filler scenes. Instead of using redundant scenes to fill up 22 episodes, they now have a huge assortment of plots. Have you not

      • Will says:

        …noticed how much more happens in any given ep than last year and how the show’s avoided its “less interesting Storybrooke plot” problem from last year? Fr

      • Will says:

        …noticed how much more happens in any given ep than last year and how the show’s avoided its “less interesting Storybrooke plot” problem from last year? From where I’m sitting, these are all good things.

      • ADC I agree with you. My biggest complaint about this show is they bring something up and then leave it hanging for weeks. I’m always up for cliff hangers, but this is taking it a bit far. What was the point of showing August blinking then vanishing if you aren’t going to address it any time soon?

        • Will says:

          Suggestion: you guys should never watch GAME OF THRONES if you can’t deal with waiting for a few, or sometimes more, episodes for a character to show up or a plotline to be continued.

        • Templar says:

          You read my mind. I’ve been annoyed that they haven’t shown whether August is with Gepetto or hiding somewhere. Did he send the postcard?

    • Cali says:

      100% agree

  37. Jen says:

    Glad to see Jefferson, but I can’t wait til next week when it looks like we’ll see more Cook/Killian. Mmmmmmmm.

  38. Louise says:

    I’m torn. It felt too crowded for me with three stories going on at once and I can’t believe they really did bring Daniel back only to kill him again. The hell? I know what they were trying to do there, getting Regina to move on, but the way it was written didn’t work for me. the actors saved it somewhat and did make it emotional and touching, but the writing was too obvious, too one-noted and not close to the amazingness that was last season’s “The Stable Boy”.

  39. Nath says:

    My heart broke for Regina and Daniel. They just can’t find undisturbed happiness anywhere, not even in our world. I’ll still continue to ship them. As painful as it is, I’m sucker for these tragic lovestories. And who knows. Someday they may find a way to be together again.

    • Solis says:

      It is tragic. Everyone gets their true love and Regina has to lose hers over and over again. :( It was nice that Daniel came through, but I still cried when she lost him again.
      I admit I can’t imagine Regina with anyone other than him. Their love is so true and deep and no one can ever replace him for her.
      But I hope Henry can teach her how to love again and she will find happiness in being a mother for him. Daniel would like that and it would make him happy too. :)

      • MM says:

        Yes. If she can’t be with Daniel again and have a family with him and her son Henry is Regina’s happy end.

      • Templar says:

        It’s just as well, she would be too old for him now. After he died and was kept in suspended animation, she continued to age as Snow grew up, fell in love, married and had a child. Snow was about 8 – 10 when he died and must have been at least 20+ when the curse took effect.

  40. Anna says:

    Lana Parrilla killed it tonight. I agree with what others have said about the episode being all over the place but the scenes with Regina were just amazing in my opinion. And is Daniel like dead dead or did he just go back to his little clear coffin?

    • Jan says:

      Like to think they intentionally left it open to interpretation what happened to Daniel/where he went this time. Noah Bean might be free for a new project soon. So who knows. ;)

  41. Eve says:

    Loved it! This show never disappoints!

  42. Renee says:

    Poor Regina! Love lost once again. LOL but in all seriousness I’m glad Daniel told her to ‘love again’ so she can FINALLY let him go.

    I don’t know how I feel about Dr. Whale being Victor Frankenstein. It felt out of place among the other fairy-tale stories. Also Jefferson is a very bad boy! Him, Rumplestiltskin and Dr. Whale conspiring together to fake a resurrection so that Retina will ‘go the the dark-side’ was quite evil and really made think that Jefferson deserved some of the things that Regina has done to him (such as leaving him in Wonderland).

    At this point, I am beginning to find Mulan and Aurora to be a complete waste of time and character space. Other than that this was a fun episode.

  43. Babybop says:

    Not a great episode. I’d put it with the “Dreamy” episode, which was equally as stupid. I feel like the inclusion of Frankenstein was already random, but they way they did it was so disjointed. The plot points were dumb (Henry and the horse) and there were too many characters in one story.
    I can say that I am fan of Hook and glad he will be around for a while.

  44. Andrea says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I really loved this episode. Lana was amazing and there wasn’t anything wrong with all the Hook, Jefferson, and Whale.

  45. This episode was entertaining, but not great. I’m happy that Regina may finally move on with her life. I think a few sessions with Archie will help too. I agree with everyone who said more Archie!

    This episode really made me want more of Jefferson’s back story. More about his travels. I’m glad that they explained why Rumple couldn’t just use Jefferson’s hat to get to Bae, I had been wondering about that for a while.

    I wouldn’t say this was the worst episode of the series. For me that was Fruit of the Poisonous Tree. Another episode I didn’t care for was True North. I thought the Cinderella episode was necessary to the plot and I thought Grumpy’s episode was cute.

  46. Oh and Matt to answer your question, I think Henry and Emma are the only ones to refer to Jefferson as the Mad Hatter, so far anyway.

  47. Jane says:

    Oh my god, that was terrible!!! The acting was a mess and the script was a disaster!

    And why they still keep mulan and aurora as a prop, they were amazing in the first eps! Give them something to do will you

    Oh and hook, he really is hot! But damn he became so blah! Take a note from jefferson hook, you have to do more than just look pretty! Now I’m dreading hook and emma will became a couple and he will became soft! I want him to be crazy evil! we need more evil villain in this show, the creators already make regina and rumple so soft that I can’t barely see them as villain any more, stop with the whining and go with the killing

  48. rachel says:

    I getting really tired with the pretty face but lack of character in this show! Archie much more interesting than hook right now, it’s too bad he got demoted because hook was way hotter
    Bring back archie! And august! Where the hell is he?!

    • kellyk says:

      Say what now…? How is Archie more interesting ‘right now’ when he hasn’t had a storyline since the fifth episode of S1? We’ve barely scratched the surface of Hook’s character.

      I am with you about August….where is that guy? I want my father/son reunion, damn it!

  49. mattb says:

    can someone tell me when Frankenstein became a fairy tale??? that was disappointing. the story of Frankenstein didn’t happen in a made up world… it happened here on regular old earth. dumb choice. Oz would have been much better.

  50. Natalie says:

    Lana Parilla is a fabulous actress, for me this show works basically for 2 actors – her and Robert. Its their brilliant portrayal plus the writing involved which makes me wanna root for their happy ending just as much as for Snow & James. Though Hook isn’t exactly growing on me as of yet I wonder could him landing in Stroybrooke with Cora in some near future inadvertently be the beginning of Regina finding a new love as Daniel asked of her. He too has after all lost a woman he loved and may be they could help each other move on something tells me Regina and Killian can make an amazing pair