Exclusive: Pretty Little Liars Boss Answers 16 Burning Qs About the Killer Halloween Special!

Are Ezra and Byron (!) on the “A” team? Who was in that body bag? Is Toby really that evil? Those are just a few of the countless questions raised by ABC Family‘s Pretty Little Liars Halloween special — and we’ve got answers to all of them!

Here, executive producer Oliver Goldstick breaks down the standalone installment, and, leaving no (grave)stone unturned, reveals what’s ahead for every dastardly Rosewood denizen in Season 3b (launching Jan. 8).

IS ARIA “A”? | “I can’t confirm that. You know that. I would lose my own life! [Laughs] I will say to you that people are very perceptive, and that ‘A’ might be closer to her than she thinks.”

WHY FINALLY “GO THERE” AND MAKE IT SEEM LIKE EZRA IS ON “TEAM A”? | “You saw his face. Weren’t you a little suspicious? It’s a new world, and it’s time for things to change. The 3b of it all is about some unlikely suspects. Maybe all along there were some things about this character, and they’ll really come to light this season; they come to fruition. Aria’s father is another one that will make you go, ‘Oh my! Wow.'”

ANY TRUTH TO THE THEORY THAT EZRA WAS WITH HIS SON AND MAGGIE ON HALLOWEEN? | “I have to deny that. In [the finale], Maggie hadn’t told him about the son, so that wouldn’t make sense at all.”

WHAT IS BRYON’S CONNECTION TO ALISON? | “You’re going to like the season opener — and by no means is this a red herring. We are definitely going down this path. I’m sorry to tell you, but even the adults in Rosewood have been doing some lying — and they’ve got some real stuff to hide! You’re going to find out a lot more about his relationship to Alison in the first couple episodes… A parent may have killed one of his daughter’s friends. This is a huge secret that’s been swept beneath the rug. What does it do to any family in this town if, in fact, one of those parents goes to jail?”

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WILL ARIA STRUGGLE WITH RUMORS ABOUT HER FATHER? | “Oh, the whole season opener is Aria in complete denial about this. There’s absolutely no way that her father could be involved with Alison.”

WILL WE LEARN WHOSE VOICES WE HEARD OUTSIDE OF THE CRATE? | “You’ll have an idea of it in the Season 3b opener. Remember, Aria stabbed somebody. She hit flesh with that screwdriver, and there’s a payoff in the premiere.”


WAS THE HAND RISING FROM ALI’S DIRT GRAVE A FLASHBACK? | “I can definitely confirm that. We’re kind of upset about that one, to be honest. We always do the whoosh effect to make it look like a flashback, and it didn’t work on the dirt [in that scene]. This was never intended to confuse people. That is from the past and was never meant to be present-day Halloween. That [setting was] the gazebo’s perimeter.”

WAS JENNA FLIRTING WITH PAIGE ON THE TRAIN? | “If she was flirting with her, it would only be for manipulative reasons. We’ve pretty much confirmed that Jenna is a very heterosexual girl, who is there with Noel. We also know her interest in Toby.”

WHO WAS IN THE BODY BAG? | “I don’t think it needs to be a secret that those are Alison’s remains.”

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HOW PROMINENT WILL AN INVESTIGATION INTO GARRETT’S MURDER BE? | “It’s not as prominent as you would think. It’s discussed in the first couple of episodes, but it goes away for a little bit and then will come back… You’ll hear Emily’s father say in our premiere that it looks like an act of vigilantism… The girls definitely want an answer, and they have no leads when they start the season, but they’ll start getting some. It doesn’t overpower or dominate the storylines in 3b, though.”

WAS JASON FOLLOWING LUCAS AROUND THE TRAIN RATHER SUSPICIOUSLY? | “You weren’t imagining things. I promise you’ll see more of that.”

LUCAS NO LONGER SEEMS BAD — WHY? | “That’s a really good question and you’re going to see that in the season opener, too. Lucas sort of cracks in 3b.”

WAS ASHLEY SEEING THAT GHOST MERELY A FUN HALLOWEEN TWIST? | “Yeah, but it’s also paying homage to the books. As you know, the twin theme is very big in the book series, so it’s our nod to that.”

ANY PLANS TO EXPLORE ALI’S TWIN ON THE SHOW? | “We haven’t committed to that, but we’ll continue to pay tribute to the books.”

IS TOBY AS EVIL AS HE NOW SEEMS? | “Yes. Yes. You’re going to see things in 3b and understand where he’s coming from. You’re going to realize that Toby’s axe to grind is not a small hatchet — it might actually be quite large. You know why he hated Alison, but he may have a reason to dislike her entire posse.”

How do you feel about Bad Toby? Are you shocked that Bryon may have killed Alison? Hit the comments!

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  1. iMember says:

    I’m so happy that they aren’t making Toby some double agent. Him being full on bad has made him so much more interesting since his reveal. I’m really excited about the second half of Season 3 now!

    • Leo says:

      And I’m excited that they’re not going down the twin storyline path at “this” time.

    • yeah it great it even better they put more suspense to the show and toby looks HOTTER in the A team allways the HOT guy is the best , and he does a great paper , even tough I love SPoBY , IN the summer finale when he hugged her when she told him i love you his eyes looked like if he was doing something bad and reggreting , but I still love the show and I think Hannah and CALEB are soooo way Hot together Noel is suspicious I think Jennna was never blind she just faked it all to pretend she confuse me . <3 Love the show

  2. Ashley says:

    The thought of Toby being evil and not actually caring for Spencer actually hurts. :( It was a nice twist though. I would’ve seen it coming if it weren’t for the fact that I was in complete denial about him possibly being involved because I love him and Spencer so much. Just don’t mess with Caleb now! Or Paige; let Emily have a bit of happiness, poor girl.

    It’s nice though that they cleared up that final scene. I assumed it was a flashback, but the lack of glow they usually use for those scenes left me a bit confused.

    • Estée says:

      I agree leave Caleb on the girl’s side but I can see Paige being a little crazy maybe not full on A team but borderline stalker crazy as for Ezra I really hope he’s just lying about family stuff that I can handle I would be gutted if they put him on A team

    • lovelula says:

      i dont think that means he doesn’t love her. or didn’t genuinely fall for her.
      i think there will be a massive internal battle happening in toby.

      • Ari says:

        I agree. Honestly quite disappointed with the writers. Now that we know he’s “evil,” they’re writing him that way, even though we’ve never seen that side of Toby before. Never. We had little hints about Mona; there was always something fishy about Byron, but Toby was supposed to be this upstanding guy. And all of a sudden, bam, you can just see the dark side in him. I was expecting more subtlety. Very frustrating.

        • Maria says:

          they wouldn’t have done a whole new story line based on how amazing the actors get along just to freaking ruin it :@

        • Dorothea says:

          I really don’t think Toby is evil in one of the last shows he said to spencer that if she didn’t tell him what was going on he was going to find out!!! So that is why I think he is doing!!!!

        • Serena says:

          I don’t get the Toby twist… A attacked him on the scaffolding… So confused. Don’t Ike Toby being bad either. Makes my skin crawl!

          • Brooke says:

            It makes complete sense that Toby got attacked on the scaffolding. He set himself up (or possibly Mona did) to keep suspicion away from himself. A attacked him, so he couldn’t be A, right? In the 3B finale, Spencer mentions the movie BASIC INSTINCT and how the killer had the perfect alibi. There. That was a HUGE clue that Toby would be revealed as A.

          • Jenna says:

            although they showed A messing with the screws, they never actually showed Toby falling from the scaffolding. it was just mentioned and everyone assumed it really happened offscreen.

        • Leah says:

          I disagree. I always had doubts about Toby. He acted very strange during the whole season 1 and it makes sense now.

    • Hannah says:

      I totally agree. I was so mad when Toby was revealed with Mona. But, I hope Ezra and Caleb are left on the girl’s team, because I will probably ball my eyes out otherwise. As for Toby not caring about Spencer, I think he really does love her, he just has a lot of baggage caused by Ali…

    • Tinemi says:

      The Toby thing is kind of sad because it seemed like he and Spencer were together for good. And maybe… just maybe (toying with some thoughts here) he does love her but has a bigger issue with revenge. Maybe in some end game, she (Spence) will be his savior and make him better. One can dream and hope.
      About Ezra… please don’t!!! I hate that they try to make everyone look guilty at the same time. It’s so tiring and exhaustive.

      • tanner15 says:

        I HOPE TO GOD YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT TOBY AND ENDGAME!!!!!! I cant deal with not having Spoby endgame! :——( (<— me crying my eyes out)

      • Juventina says:

        I really hope you’re right. I can’t stand the idea that he’s really bad and on team A…
        But at the same time, it makes it interesting to see where they are going with this. Hopefully, you’re right about him and Spencer.
        Now if they put Caleb on team A as well, I think I won’t be able to deal with it and watch the show anymore.

        • jasmine says:

          I agree. I was really frustrated at the end if the Halloween episode i mean, o knew about the Byron thing, i saw that coming, but almost everything else i didn’t like. And then i saw a preview of Tony and Mona having sex i was like omg really. I’m stating not to like where pretty little liars is going

    • lily says:

      r u kidding me its horrible that he’s bad I’d rather think he joined the team to protect the girls on kill them!!

    • chantal says:

      i know they left me a bit confused to……. and did you notice that the girl in Hannah kitchen was girl was from the Halloween when Alison told the story about a little girl stab her sister?

  3. Michelle says:

    Can anyone tell me which scene makes Ezra look suspicious? I don’t remember seeing him in a suspicious facial expression at all? :\

    • Andrea says:

      When he told Aria he could not go on the train ride with her, it looked like he was not telling the truth.

    • Kelly says:

      Seriously?! When he cancels on Aria and then after she leaves the camera lingers on him. At the end when he pops up at the train at the right moment.

      • Michelle says:

        Uhm yes, “seriously.” He didn’t look suspicious to me, like shuayb said he looked more anxious to me as well rather than suspicious.

      • I thought, at first, when the camera was lingering on him, that he was staring at something, and the camera was going to show what he was staring at. But then it went to the next scene, leaving me with like one million questions.

    • mona says:

      Well, he did ditch Aria because he had this überimportant meeting about ghost writing, right? He said that it had to be THAT night, it couldn’t wait.
      Yet, all of a sudden he decides to drive to Philly to wait and ‘surprise’ Aria at the end of the line. Why do that? If he was going to ditch the meeting and surprise her, why wait at the END, and not pull a Caleb and surprise his girlfriend during the actual Halloween celebration?
      And his facial expression, while hugging Aria? The way his “Yeah, I found you,” sounds more like an “I expected you to not be alive anymore, but yeah. I found you?” That was odd. Almost too suspicious, to be honest. They have never deliberately made him look this suspicious before. It was too obvious, and the writers never go for the too obvious. It’s unnerving.

    • shuayb says:

      I agree! He looked more anxious and scared than suspicous. I don’t think Ezra is part of A-Team.

    • Right at the end when they’re all in the train with the police and he comes in out of nowhere

  4. Estée says:

    Of course Toby has reason to dislike them all…they let him take the fall for Jenna being blinded & fully believed he killed Ali hell Emily let him get arrested for it as much as I hate Toby being on the A team I do get it

  5. Patricia says:

    Ohh I thought Toby being evil was just so he could get info and protect Spencer but it was a very nice twist that I didn’t see coming at all.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I am so sad! I’d really hoped for Spencer’s sake he was a double agent :'( she’s gonna be so heartbroken!

  7. jenn says:

    Am I the only on who loves the Byron-Alison thing AND the whole Toby is bad? The writer have really made up for a disappointing season 2 finale (though Mona has become a way more interesting character)

    • Amanda says:

      I quit the show with their Toby being A “twist”. I just found it incredibly disappointing for his whole character.

    • Sara says:

      I love it too. The Byron-Alison thing reminds me a lot of Veronica Mars (Lily Kane & Aaron Echolls, anyone?) which is great. And well I have to say, I was hoping for Toby to be a double agent, I love him and Spencer together, but honestly I’m impressed they had the balls to make him evil. At this point, a lot of shows would have backed out of that for fear of backlash/losing viewers and whatnot. So good on them! I just feel bad for my Spencer. </3

      • jenn says:

        Yes! Veronica Mars I loved that show (or at least the 1st season). I love it ever since the lolita book reference I”ve thought Ali and Byron were involved.

    • kate says:

      Nope, I love it too! I was on the edge of my seat when he turned around :-)

  8. Eric says:

    All I know is, is that Ezra had better have nothing to do with the “A” Team!!!! He and Aria belong together!!!

  9. Kristana says:

    Was that really Mona feeling up Hannah?

  10. JKR says:

    I sure hope they don’t go for the Byron/Alison connection being a romantic one…’cause that’s just creepy.

    • Marco says:

      That’s pretty much the point. It’s a thriller, it’s supposed to be creepy.

    • JWOWW says:

      I’m pretty sure this is not going to be a Byron/Alison romance here. My theory is that Alison is threatening Byron after seeing him with the student and therefore it has made Byron look very suspicous in killing Ali. This is the mess of mind the writer of the show intends to create.

  11. baylee says:

    Am I the only one who found it odd that when Aria and. Adam Lambert were talking on the train , the 2 A’s in her name were written differently on the foggy window? The second A she wrote looked very similar to the A we always see at the scene of A’s mishaps. Could Aria be A!?

    • Chandrayee Soneja says:

      Omg, and i thought i was the only one who noticed that..the second A was uncannily similar to all of those A threats..its so confusing as to whats in store for us in january

    • I’ve always thought Aria was A sense the middle of season 1 for a plethora of reasons but I dont think they meant for her A’s to look different and remember the second A got erased and the first one was left for everyone to see. However, I did find it odd that she wrote it out, kinda corny and in your face too much when she could have just waited for the noise to end lol.

    • And now here is another theory to if Aria is A. If Byron and Ali were really ever together, maybe Aria found out just like she did with her dad and the other chick and it hurt her so bad because Ali was suppose to be her best friend so then she killed her?? Idk she’s looking like a good suspect. I would list all the reasons but it would take forever lol

    • Anna says:

      Aria can’t be A ,she was left in the crate with Garett’s dead body.

    • I agree :) But maybe she wrote like that because the train was moving?

  12. dude says:

    My biggest problem with the show is how they flip-flop on the suspects (particularly Lucas and Paige, Jenna and Toby to a lesser extent) they’ll make them seem very nefarious and you’ll be sure they’re working for A and then all of sudden they’re not bad at all…until the next season when they’re bad again. Commit to a decision and say “Lucas is A” or “Lucas is misunderstood” but I’m getting tired of being jerked around.

    • Chick says:

      Dude, that’s the whole point of the show, to keep us guessing. They make it so we think its someone, but then again they make seem like its everyone just so we never actually figure it out. I’ve had a feeling about Ezra since last season, and I’m sticking with my gut feeling, I won’t let them change my mind lol

  13. Rachel says:

    Great question about the hand in the dirt! I was so totally confused by that. It was a great episode though, I did actually jump a couple times :P

  14. cas says:

    I really don’t want one of the 4 girls to be A. Also, I was super disappointed that Toby is in on it too. I love Spencer and him but I do get why he is part of the team. I just hope Spencer can figure it out sooner rather than later, because I think later would cause her more pain.

    • SilverYielder says:

      aria is one of the main characters so she can’t be “A” and have you noticed that Lucas is the only one who takes pictures? What if he took the picture at the grave to make the 4 girls look guilty. Mona plays with dolls, Toby plays with the body parts, and Lucas takes the pictures, that’s my thoughts anyway lol.

  15. dude says:

    So…is she admitting Ezra is A?

    • I don’t believe so. My theory, I believe Aria is possibly A and that maybe Ezra has found out. I don’t believe when she was in the coffin that it was anyone on the A team, I believe it was people who realized it was her and were trying to get rid of her. Idk she is looking more and more suspicious and I have always thought it was her.

    • Nefertari says:

      I don’t think Ezra is A. He risked a lot by leaving two jobs and telling her parents they were a couple. If he *was* A, he would have been in a much better position to attack all of the girls working at the school. As it is, he could go to jail.

      He’s hiding something, certainly, but he’s not A.

  16. billie says:

    Everyone on that show is into older guys.So Byron was totally doing Ali. So happy that Toby is evil and not weird double agent crap. Lucas and Jason are banging each other if I had to guess.

    • Katie says:

      Based on the tiny bits of information we could get from the web series “Pretty Dirty Secrets”, it seems more like the reason Jason was tracking down Lucas has something to do with the money he put up for information about the whereabouts of Ali’s body. Jason still hadn’t gotten the info he was looking for, and a mysterious figure gave Lucas a piece of paper that looked a bit like a check.

  17. Toby :( It upsets me so much. I just love him. And I totally think Ezra is somehow involved with the A team. I hope he is, it’d make him less boring imo. And I still think Paige is a little cray cray.

  18. grace2552 says:

    Hate to be THAT girl, but really, they’ve “pretty much confirmed that Jenna is a very heterosexual girl?” It’s not that I necessarily think she’s secretly a big ole homoface, but I always thought she had kind of a Kalinda-esque keep-you-guessing quality about her. She certainly does use her sexuality for manipulative purposes, and she seems to be pretty equal-opportunity on that front. The scene with Paige on the train was only the latest, there have been a lot of loaded scenes over the years between her and Aria, her and Ali, her and Emily… I don’t know, declaring her ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT QUESTION straight, straight, straight seems like an oddly narrow-minded statement coming from the most queer positive show on television, no?

  19. ♥Mari♥ says:

    I knew it about Toby,jejeje,i told some people,and they were like no,he is just double agent,marlene king confirmed it when it was revealed,i love that fact that he is not good
    And havent u notice how his personality has changed since he was revealed??
    Hes more confident and outstanding and i dont know how to explain it!! Love it!!

  20. Alex says:

    Ezra is so A.

  21. BrianR says:

    I only have one thing to say about the Pretty Dumb B****s. SING … Solar plexus, Instep, Nose, Gonads Spenser et. al. learn how to fight off an attaker or pull the emergency brake on the train and call the cops.

  22. Hélène-Emilie says:

    I can understand Byron: maybe Ali was threathening him to reveal everything and Byron killed her to keep her mouth closed. I don’t see Byron having an affaire with two women, especially with the effort he made to save his marriage with Ella in season 1 and 2. I can understand Lucas and Mona, they were both really hurt by Alison and the Liars so their need for revenge is understandable. But I just DON’T understand Toby! Yesterday I had a PLL marathon and looked everything from the start and it just don’t add up: Toby looks so distraugh when accused of Alison’s death (remember the time he cried, alone in the street?). Then why would he help Emily each time he can? Why did he bring Dr Sullivan back? I simply can’t accept that Toby has been faking his feelings for Spencer. Even if he has bad feelings for the Liars because they let him be accused of something he didn’t do, he confessed that the burning eventually “freed him at last”!! And, looking at it from the start, I feel like the person realyy targeted from the start is Spencer: she is the one who found Ali missing, she is the one who was accused of her murder, she is the one who got choked. And not to mention that she is the only one, been asked to join the A-Team. Almost like Spencer is the only one of the Liars who had reason to hate Alison. Now, what I hope is that Toby really is in love with Spencer and doing what he can to protect her while working for the ennemy but really, I don’t understand!!!!

    • ♥Mari♥ says:

      Tobys feelings for her,are real,but his need of revenge also!!
      He is really Evil and on season 3b they will show why
      When Allison threatened him,and he blamed himself for what happened to Jenna he suffered,but we need to remembeer it was not the first time she was mean to him,and all the liars went along with it ;)

  23. pll-lover says:

    people, help me out please! is he denying the fact that Aria is A ?!

    • ♥Mari♥ says:

      The ijnterview says A is closer to her than she thinks

      • pll-lover says:

        yeah i got that part :) but that sounds like she’s not, but A is close to her, right?
        anyways, we all now that big A is someone close to the girls, someone who is always around them in the background, not the least bit suspicious. i mean if TOBY out of all people is an A, then bigA is definitely someone even more shocking !!

        ps ezra is never A! if he was, then the producer wouldn’t have made it that obvious … he might have got something to do with it, like A blackmailing him somehow.. the producer did say that he has a dark secret, maybe allknowing A knows of this? …
        AAAAAAHHH anyways can’t wait till January 8th -> if the world doesn’t end ;)

        • Rock85 says:

          Am I the only one that remembers something bout Ezra n stolen money n something he did to a past girlfriend, then took the money an ran only to b found by 2 guys asking bout the heiress money, an he ran away to rosewood to start over, or is that something I dreamed cuz I have all the seasons n don’t see that part in any of them. Bt aria was questioning him bout something she found hidden inside one of his books

  24. Emily says:

    Toby was (well still is, you can’t hate those abs) my favorite character. But Spencer ruined her sisters relationship with Wren. She deserves it.. Maybe Melissa put him up to it? Probably not but it’s something to think about. I would never hook up with my sisters fiancé. Ever. I hope Ezra is on the A Team. He has always been fishy to me. I mean what grown man continues a relationship that is COMPLETELY illegal and doesn’t have some loose screws. As for Byron I always thought he and Ali might have had an affair. And that would explain why she pushed Aria to tell her mom about Meridith. I’m actually kind of happy Toby is evil. As for the A team other than Toby and Mona I think Ezra and Wren. And another female.. I’m not sure who..

    • shira says:

      I hope Ezra is on the A TEAM because his character means nothing to me at this point… and i really want to like him!

  25. Katie says:

    I’m still not in any way convinced Ezra may have something to do with the “A” team. When we’re presented with someone who may be a suspect, we also usually have some information linking them to Ali or the Liars pasts. As it stands now, Ezra would have pretty much zero motivation to be “A” and wreak havoc on the girls’ lives. Of course, the writers could always throw some new info our way, but that would seem rather random and out of place. I do think Ezra is up to something he’s not telling Aria, but I think that it’s more likely that it has something to do with his family or Maggie.

    As for Toby, I think it’s really interesting that they’ve put him back into this place where he’s one of the bad guys. The signs have definitely been there all along about him, and I cannot wait to see the fallout of his reveal in 3B. And I really enjoyed the Byron connection to Ali’s death too – he had motive to go after Ali for blackmailing him just like Spencer’s dad did, though maybe he thought he had more to lose?

  26. Jess says:

    I’m confused though….if Toby is part of the A team, then why did A try to harm Toby in season 2? Remember when he was doing construction and A unscrewed his platform and he ended up in hospital?

    Also, my guess is that Byron didn’t kill Alison, but he had a fling with her. Remember how Ali got jealous about Ian when she saw him and Spencer hook up…Also remember when she was firm about Aria telling her mum about her dad’s affair and then made her trash his office? Ali is clearly possessive over her men and will plot anything for revenge.

    And how does Mona get out of hospital??? She’s obivously still crazy!

    • Katie says:

      It’s possible that Toby is working on a lower level for the team than those calling the shots – could be a real mafia-type arrangement where he doesn’t even know who everyone on the team is. If the higher-up “A” member(s) thought he was stepping out of line (maybe getting too soft about Spencer?) they could have set up that injury as a warning.

    • Anna says:

      Maybe Toby did that to himself.

  27. shira says:

    Toby’s on the A TEAM i get it (he hated Alison)…still find it upsetting that writers are completely writing off the past 2 season! (he truly love spencer (2×12 the police station) you can’t fake that! my guess during his mission he fell for her… and big A punished him!
    idk i still root for spoby, this relationship is the best thing that happened in this show! it’s heartbreaking / romantic / passionate and just everything you want to see and more, even with all the shenanigans!

    as for Byron finally my suspicion coming to life! which is – “Byron killed Alison” Alison blackmailed him! (hence the money she had). but now that they bring this up means that Byron probably is not the killer :( which frustrated me because that mean they are going to the twin plot from the book – and we all know who killed Alison!

    I hope Ezra is on the A team or even big A! :) his character is just there to burn screen time! as much as his storyline with Aria was cute in season 1 they are getting boring! all his storyline seems to have nothing to do with the main plot which is who killed Alison? & who is the A TEAM? i really don’t see what is the fuss about him! i guess this is why everybody want him to be evil so this character will have a purpose to be in this show beside Aria’s sidekick! this is why people come with a lot of theories about him! they want his character to have meaning!

    because of the “vivian darkbloom” clue some of you going to think Byron & Alison had an affair, -which i do believe Alison had an affair with an english teacher, i simply think it was Ezra! (reasons: *he was at her funeral, *2×13 confirm he was in Rosewood, *the fact that Ian Harding was a regular from the start just emphasis that writers want to do something big with his character beside Aria sidekick – let’s face it they haven’t yet).

    • Rock85 says:

      I really thought it was weird that he went to Alison’s memorial, when he didn’t kno her! I think he’s got a lot to hide or he’s jus really boring n this relationship is lame! I want her with Jason or anyone else! An where does the whole he’s got a secret kid fall into this! Who cares! This is suppose to b about what happened to Alison n all the liars secrets not Ezra’s family problems n his unknowing child! Love this show bt it’s starting to have to many storylines! At the end of the shows when A does something a lot of times they never follow up on it an it makes no sense, an who didn’t Alison see the night she disappeared! Obviously everyone in rosewood! In the matter of what an hour??

  28. Veronica says:

    Reply to this if you think Ali is DEFINITELY alive

  29. Veronica says:

    Oh and guys….


    What does that analogy say?
    A team
    Not definite just a mind blowing thought…

  30. FIREWORKLOL says:

    I WUV PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. ellie taylor says:

    I love how everyone jumps to the conclusion that Ezra is ‘A’ when tbey say “A may be closer to Aria than she thinks” …. Ezra is definitely suspicious, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is ‘A’. We all know Ezra is a liar, and has a lot of secrets, but the writers don’t make the people who are actually ‘A’ suspicious, they make them look like the good guys. I personally think that the writers are hinting towards someone else close to Aria… A family member? Mike maybe? We haven’t seen him in a while. Or maybe Byron is ‘A’? The writers said he has a lot of secrets, and his relationship with Ali… Maybe she figured out he was ‘A’ and that’s what they were arguing about? Just a thought :)

    • Niki says:

      I have a sneaking suspicion that Ella might be involved. She has the best motive for killing Ali, she was mad at Aria for hiding the affair, and probably wants to get rid of the other girls due to their involvement in the secrets and lies. I’m probably wrong but for some reason, she’s staying on my radar.

  32. ashley says:

    I love. Pretty little liars

  33. Zahra Mahdi says:

    wait so they admitted that Alison’s remains were in that dead body black plastic bag??? and that the last scene was a flash back…. I think that when Byron was talking to Alison she threatened him and so to shut her up he hit her and burried her alive thinking she was dead then ran away but really she was just unconsious and she tried to get out then maybe someone came back and actually killed her or he went back to check up on her or she DID get out of the grave and went and hid and SHE IS STILL ALIVE ….. i just feel like Alison is NOT DEAD she is still alive but she is either in disguse and is always in the background or she changed her idenity and stayed somewhere !!! SHE IS NOT DEAD IM SURE!!! and i also think there is smething suspicious about AZRA it’s nothing normal and im sure of it… and it’s a for sure that Aria is NOT A she cant be>>>>>> besides they r just doing that to comfuse us and keep us thinking till the fanally comes out!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD CANT WAIT BTW!!!! ,3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  34. Taikiera says:

    Hmm , i think that Toby RECENTLY joined the A. team & the reason Jason followed him around was bc of the Ali’s remains & he knew about it , & Spencer needa learn how to fight .. ughh but what about Mike? He was suspicious& im pretty sure Ezra or Mike is A. Come on her mom & dad arent that low.

  35. yesenia says:

    I think toby does love spencer but his feelings for revenger are much stronger. In the episode when aria finds out byron is having an affair with meredith when aria is walking the walls of hollis to go to her dads office she bumps into ezra I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed that but maybe that could be a sign of some sort ! Why else would they show it.

  36. tati says:

    The sins of the fathers are being visited upon the children. The above quote from Goldstick talks about, ‘…a parent killed one of his daughter’s friends…’. That doesn’t mean he did it, the way it is phrased, but maybe someone else’s mom or dad did. There are the girls four sets of parents, plus the peripheral characters’ parents. That’s a lot of possibilities.

    • I think Pam Fields is Ali’s killer. What if she saw Emily and Ali kissing? In Season 1 when Emily first came out she freaked out, so if she had seen them kissing she would have freaked out then. She could have thought that Emily only had feelings for Ali, and if she killed Ali Emily would be normal. The reason she freaked out when Emily came out was because she thought she had “taken care of it” because Emily had been with Ben. Thoughts?

    • Maybe Bryon and Ali had something going on who knows but I just remembered the earrings that was in Byron’s couch. Weren’t those earrings Ali’s?

      • Amber says:

        YES, it was Ali’s earrings. Allison had an affair with Byron and Ali got jealous about Meredith so she wanted Aria to get mad and tell her mom about it. She set up Aria by using her earrings telling it was left by someone whom he’s dad slept with in the office.

  37. Charmie says:

    Didn’t Toby pop Spencer’s cherry? And then they revealed him as part of the A-Team? That was soooo low! I like Spencer she’s got a good head on her shoulders. It is quite frustrating though, when they tell more lies…like, if there was a group of phycos after you, who pretty much know everything you get upto..,wouldn’t it just make more sense to tell the truth? And save yourselves the drama. I suppose it wouldn’t be called Pretty Little Liars if they did come clean all the time (;
    I have a feeling that Aria may be involved with the A-Team, her and Toby don’t really talk much…and the hole thing on the train may have been one big cover to fool us? Hmmm this season should be interesting.

  38. Taikiera says:

    it could be Spencer’s dad he is suspicious a’f , or Hannah’s dad he never there , or hmmm , Spencer’s mom? Ion knoww. It’s crazy thoo.

    • Ebony says:

      Yeah I thought about spencer’s dad having somethin to do with it cuz ali found out that Jason was his son and ne didn’t want anybody to know. And also when Spencer found the lil hockey club thing he wouldn’t let her take it to the police, he wanted it burned!

  39. Zahra Mahdi says:

    OMG if you look at the last sence where the hand comes out it is wearing a bracelet now go back to the flash back sence where garet hit the tre twice and alison was like shhhh she has the same braclet on that te hand had in the last scene so it was ALISON!!

  40. Taikiera says:

    hmmm , and they said Toby was the “most honest” character.

  41. Beth says:

    If they are going with the Ali is alive story, then surely they have to go with the twin story as well. When ‘Ali’s’ body was found, someone would have had to identify the body, no? I think that Byron has some connection to Ali, her death is a plausible theory (also, I’ve always thought that the fact they moved away right after her disappearance was suspicious), but I don’t understand a motive for him being on the A-Team. He may have reason to want revenge on Ali, but as far as I can think, no real reason to destroy the lives of his daughter, Spencer, Hanna and Emily. With Mona & Toby all the other girls had a connection. As for Ezra, he’s definitely suspicious, but as mentioned above, we don’t know of any connection he had to Ali, or any reason for him wanting to get revenge on the girls. Unless something is going to come out in 3B, I don’t know how he would fit into the A-Team.

  42. TruYellabone says:

    I believe Toby is messing around with Spencer for revenge. You Got To Think About It..At First He Was So Team Emily In The Beginning. And Now He Supposely Trying To Be Team Spencer. The Reason He Didn’t Stay With Emily Because She Was Gay. And He Had To Find Somebody Else Heart He Can Mess With And Plus You Can Tell The Officer Was Telling The Truth. Because Why Did Toby Say I Will Never Leave Y’all Alone Together. Toby Wanted A Hit Out For The Officer So He Won’t Tell Spencer What Really Happened. Toby Probably Heard The Officer Talking To Spencer.. Because So Happenly He Got Killed Right After He Spoken To Spencer. Toby Killed Him. And I Believe That Alison Was Black Mailing Him About His Mistress From The Beginning.

  43. Hannah says:

    I personally think that Toby is just using Spencer to get to the other girls. And sooner or later hes going to try and kill all of them STARTING WITH SPENC!!!!!!

    • Rock85 says:

      An I’m starting to think the liars have no idea what there doing , there jus runnin round lookin for answers an trying to figure everything out, the only things they hav found are a cell phone that A shut down. Everything else has been handed to them by A, the bracelets, videos, diff suspects! How many times has Spencer said so n so killed alison! First it was toby, then ian then jason seems to me shes tryin to keep the blame off herself the girls wouldn’t kno where to start of they didn’t hav A so I think it’s Alison, helping the girls find who tried to shut her up, jus tell us who A is already

  44. Traci Audino says:

    As some others have said, I too feel that (even though I don’t want to believe it) Aria may be on the A-Team. When she wrote her name on the train’s window for Adam, the last “A” in Aria was written exactly like A’s signature – where the center line of the A doesn’t cleanly attach, and passes through the other lines. I just thought it was funny how Aria seemed to stray for a minute when writing that last “A”. It seemed like the show wanted to call attention to that particular moment when she wrote the final A.

  45. Lexi says:

    I’m very shocked about the last episode. I mean it is getting just too much closer to the end
    :( . I can’t wait till January 8th!!! I can’t believe Allison’s remains were on the train,Aria got drugged,and Spencer was attacked!!!! Then the scene with Allison OMG!!!!!

  46. Carmen says:

    I think that Toby and Mona is on the “A” Team but I’m not for sure about the rest what I do know is that garret had something to tell spencer but he told her to not wait that long before he told her because It was gonna be shocking but I think that before “A” killed garret he should had told spencer what he had to say he was gonna give her some answers but she just had to leave then he got killed???? I bet aria was freaking out in that box!!!!!!Did garret like spencer????? Why did they take out that really cute doctor I forgot his name but why??? I love pretty little liars!

  47. Hannah says:

    Mess up Emily and Paige’s relationship or Hanna’s and Caleb’s but leave Spoby and Arza alone those are my favorite and i won’t be able to coup if they break those couples up.

    • justina says:

      dont mess with any of there relationships they all look so good tougether i love all of the liars and there boyfriends/girlfriend leave them all alone

  48. jessica says:

    Ok so obviously ali is not alive cuz they said that I don’t think it needs to be a secret that those are alis remains in that bodybag! So how would she still b alive?? And wen the girls found ali”s report they confirmed that she was stil alive wen she was burried!

    • Kainotophobia says:

      If they go with the Ali’s twin story, then could it maybe NOT be Ali’s remains? They wouldn’t say if they weren’t. They want to keep the Liar’s pool of fans on their toes, they want them to be so tired of their guesses coming up to be nothing but a broken piece of the puzzle, that they stop guessing. Who? What? When? Why? How? They focus on these questions, as most plots do, of course for most of the plot it has been How, When, and Who. They won’t really say what is going on with each character, they won’t explain why these things are happening with each character. I myself a, I on the side Ali could be dead, or she could be alive. I like the line “A is everywhere.”
      “A is for Alison, not amateur.” Which makes me think Ali is everywhere, she is omniscient in the story line, and that you shouldn’t write her off as dead. As twisty the road to this mystery has been, the only thing that is easily confirmed is that Ali was a very dynamic character that had a nasty personality. I don’t think of Byron as a bad person, I think he has something to do with Ali’s death, but I have no doubt in my mind that he was not the ax wielding killing. And I decided to share my views of this plot with you, over all the other PLL fans because you seem to have the opposing view of the show. I want the story line in this show to be “Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, nothing is definite.” So thanks for giving me the motivation to think outside the box and really think PLL. ~K

  49. Toby killed Garrett. Byron killed Ali. If Aria was on the A team why would she let Spencer date Toby? I don’t think Jenna is on the A team. And who was the dead body in the crate with Aria…. why didn’t they ask that question…???

  50. Laura says:

    I think Byron’s gf Meredith is involved…… She may be “A”