Pretty Little Liars Recap: Who Died After Taking a Ride on the Terror-Filled 'A' Train?

Pretty Little Liars HalloweenWarning: Avoid this recap at all costs until you’ve watched this Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars.

“This is going to be the best Halloween ever. I’d bet somebody’s life on that.” So said the ‘A’wesomely ‘A’wful Mona at the start of Pretty Little Liars‘ Halloween special — and man, did she mean it!

The haunting hour followed our four Liars and their respective loved ones (…and enemies) on a thrilling ride aboard a “terror train” — but that was only the beginning. In addition to answering lingering questions (e.g. How was Garrett involved in Alison’s death?) and presenting new ones (Is a parent a member of Team ‘A’?), the installment claimed the life of one of the series’ longtime players.

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Read on for details on who was offed, who became a suspect and who the heck is (possibly) seeing ghosts in Rosewood.

INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY DEAD | Call us crazy, but we are officially buying what Garrett was selling. The acquitted one spent most of the episode apologizing to a distrusting Spencer and attempting to convince her of his innocence. The first instance went down in her kitchen, but Toby walked in and gave G some seriously evil eye, so he left. Later, on the train, Garrett pulled Spenc aside and explained that he always liked her best and was only ever trying to protect her. As he tells it, on the night of Alison’s murder, the soon-to-be-deceased and Jenna had a fight in her backyard while he looked on. Stepping in to protect his then-sightless friend, Garrett faked hitting Ali with a field hockey stick/killing her, and then the two left the scene. Later, he returned and witnessed an incriminating convo between Ali and — gasp! — Aria’s father Byron. It went a little something like this:

Alison: I’m not the one that makes people do these things. If you don’t pay for your mistakes, how can you become a better person?
Byron: You say all of these grown-up things, but you’re still a child.
Alison: Don’t kid yourself. You know what I’m capable of.

Dun-dun-dun! A shocked Spencer orders Garrett to stay put so that she can track down Aria and make her hear this story first-hand. Unfortunately, that never happens because the ex-cop is found dead on the train shortly thereafter. But more on that later…

TRAPPED IN A WOOD CASE OF EMOTION | Bummed to be attending the soiree solo (Ezra cancelled at the last minute, but gave some dumb reason that we all immediately knew was a fake), Aria tried to make the best of it and chit-chatted the night away with guest-star Adam Lambert. Unfortunately, she was so distracted, she didn’t even notice the masked mystery person (maybe Mona, who busted out of Radley again? Though she was later seen donning another costume.) drugging her drink. Next thing she knows, she’s gagged and bound in a crate… which she’s sharing with a very lifeless Garrett. The rest of the Liars are soon on the hunt for their pal after receiving a text about her disappearance from ‘A,’ but it might be too late as the crate is slowly being inched out of the moving train by — if we heard their voices correctly — a guy and a girl.

Fortunately, Aria finds a screwdriver in the box and stabs one of her captors’ hands through a small opening, causing him/her to panic and run. Hanna, Spencer and Emily arrived just in time, saving their pal. And then something really strange happened: Ezra showed up. During the police questioning everyone about Garrett’s murder, Mr. Fitz ran in, a worried mess about his girlfriend. A confused Aria asks why he’s there, to which he responds that he was trying to surprise her, but got stuck in a line outside the train, missed the festivities and was only just able to hop aboard. So, basically, Ezra is officially now a potential member of the ‘A’ Team. (Sob!)

‘A’ BRUTAL ATTACK | The same masked person that abducted Aria came after Spencer, nearly killing her with just his/her hands. Paige, thankfully, was near by and saved the day, though not without receiving a beating of her own. That said, consider the hatchet buried between these two. The baddie in this instance also left behind a clue: a gigantic, stick-on fingernail that looked too large for a lady.

ICED DOWN | The episode ended on the train, with a huge bucket of ice containing sodas breaking open, only to have an occupied body bag roll out. Could it be Ali? Jason’s face certainly suggested as much.

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EVERYTHING ELSE | Is Rosewood filled with ghosts and zombies?! A creepy little girl showed up at Hanna’s house and asked Ashley if she could call her mother. She then proceeds to tell a strange story about a sister she often fights with, particularly when it comes to dolls, and then she vanished when the matriarch left the room; The tag to the episode may have also been supernatural, as it showed a hand rising from the dirt in Ali’s backyard; Hanna and Caleb, as well as Jenna and Noel and Emily and Paige were all still very much together — but was Jenna kinda flirting with the latter?; Jason appeared to following Lucas around on the train rather suspiciously.

BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT | Toby to his no-longer-blind stepsister Jenna, after she asks him if he likes her pirate costume — which included an eyepatch: “It’s very nice, but I liked you a lot better like this…” And then he covered her un-patched peeper with his hand.

RUNNER UP | “Everybody’s messing with us. You can get a varsity letter messing with us!” — Hanna on all of this ‘A’sanity

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