Grey's Anatomy Recap: Let's Talk About Sex

Shonda Rhimes promised to bring sexy back to Grey’s Anatomy in Season 9 — and the proof was in this week’s nooky-drenched episode.

The hour opened with no less than three couples — Derek/Meredith, April/Jackson and Cristina/Parker — engaged in marathon rounds of naked Twister.

And those folks that weren’t partaking in actual lovemaking were thinking about it (I’m looking at you Richard and Catherine).

But the Kevin McKidd-directed outing wasn’t all sex and no substance. Here’s a quickie (tee-hee) rundown of the episode’s major developments…

* Cristina is horrified to learn that she’s been unwittingly helping her Mayo Clinic boss/”sex friend” Parker force her Mayo Clinic bestie Dr. Thomas into early retirement. He argues that the walking “historical landmark” (as Cristina so affectionately refers to him) is a malpractice suit waiting to happen — something he believes Cristina will be able to testify to after months of shadowing him. In an effort to save the lovable grump from getting axed, she basically dares him to break out of his archaic comfort zone and try a newfangled surgical approach — a risky gambit that (thankfully) pays off when he passes the test with flying colors. Later, Cristina nixes Parker’s booty call and instead goes out for a drink with Dr. Thomas. (Love these two!)

* Former super-surgeon Derek is settling into his new role as lecturer (even bonding with Gaius Charles’ new intern) while living vicariously through Mer (who was initially hesitant to tell him about an exciting case she got to work on).

* A dazed and depressed Owen confides to Derek that he doesn’t think Cristina will ever return to Seattle Grace.

* Jackson, who can’t take his hands off secret lover April, confronts Richard about the affair he’s having with his mother Catherine (the returning Debbie Allen). Basically, he doesn’t like it. Not one bit. Webber’s response? Deal with it, kiddo.

* Arizona brings her 2012 Post-Amputation Pity tour to Seattle Grace to (reluctantly) get fitted for a prosthetic leg. After spending much of the hour snapping at her protestician (Ethan Embry) and refusing to even make eye contact with (much less walk on) her faux limb, she eventually takes her first steps — an event that’s witnessed Karev. The still guilt-ridden cad tells her that her expertise is sorely needed back in pediatrics. She tells him she’s trying. He tells her to stop being such a monster to Callie. She listens! At the end of the hour, Ari invites Callie — who’s been crashing at Mark’s place in the evenings — to watch an episode of American Bake-Off with her. I, meanwhile, invite the TV industry to greenlight that show. (That was quick!)

What did you think of “I Saw Her Standing There” (aka Season 9, Episode 4)? Relieved that ice-cold Arizona is beginning to thaw? Do you love the influence Dr, Thomas is having on Cristina? Are you happy to see Der and Mer… happy? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Danielle H. says:

    O didn’t know this was Kevin directorial debut. Great job !

  2. Jerm says:

    I thought the episode was pretty good. I’m soooo happy that Arizona is starting to get nicer!

  3. lljd says:

    I love Cristina and Dr.Thomas. I love how she stood up for him. She’s really grown.. Parker is a..well you know. A-hole…Can us fans just have Cristina and Owen back now?….

  4. Jarrod Mitchell says:

    Ewuck. Just kill off Arizona. It’s all I ask.

    • shuayb says:

      Shonda should write you off… All I’m saying.
      You try and be nice after someone cuts of your leg. Even if its extenuating circumstances. She’ll get there, she’s grieving the loss of her leg. Anger is one of the stages as defined by Elizabeth Kubler Ross

      • Lyndsey says:

        Losing her leg in no way justifies her behavior weeks afterwards, especially when other people died!! I suffered worse traumatic injuries than that, at least she could get move around & go home. After my car accident I spent almost 4 months entirely confined to a hospital bed in rehab facilities and 4 years later I’m still only about 70% recovered…so no, her behavior is in no way justifiable. If I had acted like her my family would have left my butt in rehab & with the therapists, which is exactly what Callie should do. Seriously, do you know how many people go through similar situations and have no one to be there for them? This storyline is an insult to them and all of us who have been through similar situations.

        • Megan says:

          Everyone handles situations differently. Just saying.

        • xav says:

          Your family sounds jerky.

        • Alice says:

          You need to zip it, girl. I was left a quadriplegic in a car accident, and you seem like a way bigger jerk than I am. People react the way they react and neither you nor I am in any position to judge anyone else. You’re no more noble for allegedly reacting better than this fictional character than my family is more noble than yours for apparently loving me best as evidenced by the fact that they never would have abandoned me, no matter how dark I might have become.

          • Lyndsey says:

            So I’m a jerk because I think treating your loved ones like absolute crap is inexcusable no matter what situation you’re in?! Yeah, I see the logic in that. I’m quite surprised that, given your situation, you aren’t insulted by her lack if gratitude for simply being alive not to mention have full use of 3 limbs. For weeks after my accident I just barely had use of my right arm and that was it. Spending months in a bed unable to do anything for myself besides eating was a humbling experience for me and it taught me to always find the positive in life, no matter what. I could be pissed off at the world or I could be grateful for what I had & what I could get back to. I live in constant pain but complaining about it incessantly isn’t going to make my life any better so why do it?

            Oh, and for the record, my family is freaking incredible. They never left my side for the 3+ weeks I was in the hospital, despite it being 140 miles from their home. The 3 months I spent in rehab facilities they were there everyday making sure I had everything I needed and when I came home (unable to do anything but stand & pivot) they did everything for me including cooking, cleaning, helping me in and out of bed & the shower, etc. Would they have done all of that regardless of my behavior? Yep but would anyone have wanted to actually spend quality time with me if I acted like Arizona? Heck no!! Seriously, do you want to spend time around people who are nothing but negative, treat you like crap, and never appreciate anything you do for them? I highly doubt it! Sure anger is an acceptable emotion, you can be angry at your situation…but that still doesn’t give you license to treat everyone who tries to help you like a piece of crap!!

          • Alice says:

            I understand what you’re saying, and I’m sure your family is lovely and I’m glad you got the support you needed (as did I. Yay, for good families!). I agree with your point that it wouldn’t be my favorite thing ever to learn to deal with someone who was miserable all the time, but of course I’d do it for a loved one. However, it’s important to recognize that losing a limb is different than both our situations, and this character is still in the process of digesting and adjusting to her new situation. That’s hard, which you surely know, and people adjust to trauma differently. I can’t judge how she’s adjusting because there’s no “right” way to do it. If this was someone we knew in real life I’d tell you that I’m sure she’s doing the best she can at any given moment. It might not be at your level, but people do the best they can, not necessarily the best YOU can.

            Another important detail is this; she’s additionally pissed at Callie because Callie promised her she wouldn’t let them amputate Arizona’s leg. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have done what Callie did, but she didn’t keep that promise, so in Arizona’s perspective, in a very real way, this is something Callie did to her. Without totally over-sharing, I was in a car accident in which someone cut me off and stopped suddenly. I rear-ended her, and that was that. I didn’t go through a particularly dark period (weeks on end in a drug induced haze gives you little slipsof time to adjust to a new reality, rather than having to do it at once), so I wasn’t rough for my family to deal with, I think. But the woman I hit used to write me letters and send cards at Christmas and on the day of the accident (our anniversary?), and it seriously f*ed with my mind, because in many ways, I blame her, whether it’s fair or not. Anyway, it’s an emotional roller coaster anytime someone has to deal with sudden physical trauma, and while it’s totally fine to judge a fictional character for the way they behave, I’d implore you to be more merciful if anyone you actually know lets you down in this way. We’re all just doing the best we can.

  5. Juan says:

    Loved the episode and how increadible is Bailey, also loved the Christina and Thomas friendship, finally Arizona and Callie move forward even though I felt like sitting in that couch would have been so awkward

  6. Gina says:

    I didn’t like how cavalierly most of the characters treated the issue of sex. Okay, so Meredith and Derek are married, that’s fine. But Cristina is married and is screwing someone she doesn’t even like as if it’s no big deal. April and Jackson are fooling around in the hospital and constantly saying they’re going to stop because it isn’t right. Well, either STOP and have done with it, or quit with all the guilt and whining! Richard is still married, and while his situation with Adele is difficult, he acted like his marriage is no big deal.

    • the girl says:

      He has not acted like his marriage was no big deal. Richard is allowing his wife to have a relationship with a man in her building, so why should he sit at home alone pining for her while she’s living her life, happy with someone else? In fact last season he struggled over the whole thing with Catherine before finally resolving to get involved with her. He even said he felt like he shouldn’t move on after he cheated with Ellis Grey all that time.
      As far as Cristina is concerned, she is married in paperwork only at this point, I am with Owen – that is over and has been for a long time. And besides, cavalier sex is par the course for Grey’s.

    • Ninna says:

      Her husband was married and screwed someone he didn’t even like as if it was no big deal, and with that put an end to his marriage. But no one seems to talk about that. Oh I forgot, he’s a man. So, he has some rights that women don’t have!!!

  7. eloise says:

    william. daniels.
    also can arizona and callie kiss and make up asap?! sad that next week’s ep is mer/cristina because i want a calzona reunion now!!!!!! callie sitting on the couch miles away from arizona (emotionally and physically) doesn’t count.

  8. Mara says:

    Can Shonda PLEASE SAVE CEISTINA & OWEN! Cristina with that guy was yuck!

  9. Em says:

    For a minute there I thought that they might go there with a Callie/Owen hookup. They’ve both been through so much over the past couple of months and have essentially lost the support of their partners. Plus, in the alternate universe episode they were married.

    • Thedevil says:

      Yes, they was maybe married in AU-epsiode but they was unhappy together and owen still has problem with his PTSD though they had kids and live their dreams. Why?Because of they both wasn’t with their life of love, cristina and arizona. Owen and callie will never be anything more than good friends, just realize it.

    • Ninna says:

      Don’t worry Owen only do blondes for extra-marital affairs. But in that case Callie should hide Arizona ;)

  10. Ana says:

    This epi made my head spin. There was too much going on. The personal stories along with the interns’ antics overpowered the medicine. It felt crowded. They should have eliminated one of the cases. And I don’t know if it was the editing or the writing but the epi felt kind of choppy. Important scenes were rushed or too short which made the lack of cohesiveness even more obvious. And it felt weird to have Arizona’s tragedy kind of stuck in the middle of such a light and sexed up episode. JCap’s performance, however, was brilliant once again. Poor Owen. And I find Cristina’s decision to have sex with this guy kind of strange. She stayed single for a whole year after Burke and now she’s jumping in bed with someone she doesn’t even like while she’s still married? That’s not progress or growth.

  11. debbie says:

    it is a tv show.

  12. xav says:

    I know it’s a pipe dream but having Cristina far, far away from Owen was so lovely.

  13. Lara says:

    I liked it. It was a lighter episode after the first couple of dark and depressing ones. Not happy though that Cristina now has broken her marriage vows too. I’m glad that someone (Owen) finally pointed out to Derek that when his personal life sucks he heads to the trailer to brood, drink and grow a beard. Which I guess is what Owen to going to do now.

  14. PMac says:

    Pity tour?? Seriously? She LOST A LEG. I am so tired of people making her out to be this horrible person. She is mourning the life she thought she would have. She is adjusting and processing. She is making strides. Jessica Capshaw is blowing this storyline out of the water. She has been incredible. Stop with the hate.

    • tripoli says:

      She has been absolutely horrible. I’m no great fan of Arizona or Callie but Arizona’s raging bitch attitude is ridiculous. Perhaps she would have preferred to have kept her leg and died. That would have been great. Less of her and Callie’s annoying story to deal with. And Capshaw has been doing little more than a lot of angry, mopey faces. Hardly stellar acting.

  15. HEATHER says:

    That is all :)

  16. jess says:

    Ugh. A 12 year old boy’s sex jokes do not make an episode sexy. The whole April, Avery, Richard, Catherine, Bailey mess was so idiotic and juvenile. Sixth grade with scaples? Isn’t there another pig farm that could use April, since she’s useless at SGH.

    Cristina and Alex made the show for me, as always. I love Cristina with Dr. Thomas. Alex was awesome in the 3 seconds he got. Maybe some day he’ll get a story of his own that doesn’t involve just being kicked around in other people’s stories.

  17. Carrie says:

    Not happy with Arizona’s selfishness – even though she gave a millimeter at the end. When Callie almost died because Arizona could not keep her eyes on the road and drive, Callie was determined to move forward even though her recovery was painful and frustrating (remember how mad she was that she could not hold her baby?). Arizona dumped Callie at the airport and took off to Africa and then, when she changed her mind, expected Callie to jump on board immediately. Yes this character is flawed as all good characters are, but I am waiting for the moment when Callie calls her out on her selfishness, on her lack of support during Callie’s grieving for Mark and the lack of compassion towards someone she is supposed to love.

    • grace says:

      Callie went through a windshield because she took her seat belt off to text with Mark even though it was pissing off her GF who she was supposedly taking away for a weekend of togetherness and time away from mark. If she hadn’t put Mark’s needs over AZ’s feelings and continued her emotional cheating on AZ with Mark she would have had her seatbelt on and suffered little to no injury’s much like AZ had just a few cuts.

      Callie and AZ decided to go to Africa together but then CAllie got all passive agressive and finally AZ dumped Callie at the airport because she realized Callie had never even congratulated her on winning the prestigous award and even though Callie was going with her that Callie was being all passive agressive because she really didn’t want to go (wanted to stay at SGMW with Mark and apparently not put off having kids for three years). So AZ dumping her was giving her a way out if she wanted it. Nothing was keeping Callie from saying hey no I’m going and getting on another plane and following. Instead Callie took the out AZ gave her and stayed at SGMW and feel back into Marks bed and had a kid. When Addy got preggers by Mark she aborted because it wasn’t Ders – Callie just gave AZ two mins to decide are you in or out, and this after she had screamed her lungs out at her about getting out of their apt and callies life.

      So these two characters have had equal swipes at each other and frankly probably don’t belong together

  18. Keren says:

    <3 Debbie Allen
    <3 Mr Feeney/KITT/William Daniels

  19. Erica says:

    Happy to see Cristina make an actual friend at Mayo, but it may not be so smart to alienate her former “sex friend” and boss. He just might decide to make her professional life miserable.

    I can’t believe that she slept with him after that veiled threat about getting some “R & R”. His face and voice changed noticably when he said, “Doctor’s orders”. The genial guy is a mask and we’ve now seen his true colors.

  20. Sandra says:

    Arizona’s behavior and attitude is really bad. As a doctor, she should realize that amputation was the absolute last resort and that the hospital must have had no other choice.

    Plus, Lexie and Mark died as a result of the crash. Derek’s surgical career is apparently over. Once she learns to walk on her prosthetic leg, she can still operate. I’m sure, given a choice, Lexie, Mark and Derek would rather be in her place.

    Yes, it is a catastrophic injury, but she’s still alive and has two good hands. Surely at some point she’ll realize that she isn’t as bad off as some of the others?

    • susela says:

      Well, yes, “at some point” she will realize that. What bothers me is that they’ve chosen to take Arizona SO dark, when studies of people who suffer catastrophic injuries just don’t support that. Remarkably, people’s temperaments don’t change; people who were happy types before a devastating injury wind up still being happy types afterward. I hope they don’t drag this out too long. It would be truer to character to have Arizona being plucky and upbeat in front of people and maybe mourning a little in private.

  21. nancy says:

    Astute observers would realize that American Bake-Off has been on for many seasons already, since that is Violet and Cooper’s favorite show to watch together on Private Practice!

  22. Karen says:

    Episode was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. Ethan Embry is awesome! I was in musical theatre with him about 25 years ago. We all knew he was talented then, so it’s nice to see him on a great show like GA :-)

  24. brent says:

    So anyone else notice that Arizona’s missing leg switched sides? When she was sitting on the table, her left leg was the amputated one but when she was standing up and looking in the mirror it was her right leg…

  25. Ali says:

    I actually liked Steven Culp’s smarmy character. I liked him with Christina as “sex-friends.” I think she and Owen need to move on. For some weird reason, I like the idea of Owen with April or Callie (probably won’t happen.) At least that dreadful Teddy is gone. Kevin McKidd is such a great actor, he needs more of a story line. The new intern girl and Alex should have some fun as well. Don’t like Richard screwing around when his wife is sick/infirmed with Alzheimers. You’d think he could control himself at his age. Miss Mark Sloan so much. Can’t wait to see Eric Dane show up on “The Last Ship.”

  26. Beansoverjava says:

    Does anyone know the sound alert from Merideths phone on 10-25 episode?