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Question: How about some amazing scoop on Quinn’s return on Glee? —Cindy
Ausiello: She’s back in Lima for Thanksgiving and decides to take her successor in bitchery Kitty under her wing, a mentorship Santana has a real problem with. (Turns out the Kitster has been doing something literally and figuratively crappy to Brit.)

Question: Could Finn’s new love interest on Glee possibly be someone we already know, like Mercedes or Tina? — Isaiah
Ausiello: I suppose anything’s possible. But according to exec producer Brad Falchuk, Finn’s post-Rachel romance won’t bloom until around midseason at the earliest. “Certainly not in the first nine or 10 episodes,” he tells me, adding that the identity of his new admirer remains a mystery — even to him! “We don’t know who it’s going to be yet. But we’re kicking around a few ideas.” Bonus Scoop Riddle: Rachel is going to be less than thrilled when she finds out who’s subbing for Ms. July next month. Guesses? Hit the comments! THIS JUST IN: A major clue!

Question: I need a Castle scoop! —Valentina
Ausiello: I know that many of you are fretting over the next episode, slated for Oct. 29 and titled “Probable Cause,” where, as the team investigates the beautiful victim of a ritualistic murder, Beckett begins to wonder how well she really knows her new lover. Well, I can offer two things: One, the empty platitude: “Keep the faith,” and two, the shiny object that is the guest-casting of All My Children alumna Alexa Havins (aka she of the interminable OLTL crossover baby switch storyline, and the equally turgid Torchwood: Miracle Day) as the deceased’s roommate.

Question: On Homeland, Saul is obviously on his way to Estes to show him the tape. Will this lead Carrie back to the CIA? —Junior
Ausiello: Kind of but not really. As the promo for Sunday’s episode already made pretty clear, she’s definitely back on Brody Watch, but this is a very different operation than the one she spearheaded in Season 1. For starters, this time around she’s not calling the shots. (Rupert Friend is — and, man, is his G-man a pot-stirring marvel.) Of course, this is Carrie we’re talking about. She’s not one to follow orders. Bonus Scoop: This episode ends with a development so ginormous it easily could’ve functioned as a season — and possibly even a series — finale.

Question: Walking Dead spoilers — maybe something on Episode 2? —Jeremy
Ausiello: Just because the show killed off several characters last season doesn’t mean that the Grim Reaper isn’t still on speed-dial. In fact, having seen Sunday’s episode, I can tell you that not everyone who’s alive when the hour starts will still have a pulse when it ends.

Question: Does Walking Dead‘s second episode give us more Michonne/Andrea than we got in the premiere? —Dominic
Ausiello: Less if you can believe it!  Sunday’s ep takes place entirely on the grounds of the prison. (And you thought T-Dog didn’t get enough screentime!) But their time in the spotlight is coming — Robert Kirkman told me as much last week. Meanwhile, if and when Andrea meets back up with Rick & Co, expect a tense reunion. “I think it will be really heated,” speculates her portrayer, Laurie Holden. “Andrea doesn’t know if she was abandoned, left behind; she doesn’t know if they are alive. I can only imagine that it would be completely surreal.”

Question: So we’ve all heard it’s the “Year of Tiva” on NCIS, but what about my other favorite duo, Abby and McGee? Anything new on them? —Alyssa
Ausiello: McGee’s gonna have some ‘splainin to do when he’s caught in a compromising situation with (drumroll please… ) Diane Sterling, aka the communal ex-wife of both Gibbs and Fornell! As exec producer Gary Glasberg explains, Melinda McGraw will reprise her role in December, and “this time she not only has to work undercover with them, she has to spend the night with Special Agent Tim McGee as well. Amidst the chaos, Gibbs and Fornell find their ex asleep on the sofa with Tim. In the words of one of my favorite films, ‘Ex Mrs. Boss, are you trying to seduce me?!’ You’ll have to wait and see what McGee has gotten himself into.”

Question: Thank you for recommending Connie Britton’s Nashville! I loved it, although the political storyline seems tacked on. Tell me I’m wrong? –Amy
Ausiello: What I can tell you is that while the mayoral campaign story is ostensibly about Teddy, it’ll be as much about his wife. Actually, I’ll let Ms. Britton tell you. “Rayna’s a self-made woman who has been basically supporting their family for most of their adult lives — and now, suddenly, she’s going to some degree be playing ‘the politician’s wife,’ and that’s going to be a really interesting conflict for her, and for them,” says TV’s erstwhile Mrs. Coach. “He doesn’t need to [run for office], and she’s also conflicted about her father being involved in it… But she also has a strong sense of allegiance and loyalty to her husband. That’s what’s interesting about playing a Southern woman — there’s always that underlying feeling of, ‘Stand by your man.'”

Question: I’m loving Ray Romano’s character Hank on Parenthood. It feels like they finally found a great match for Sarah. Any news on what will happen in the wake of their kiss? —Caia
Ausiello: In the short term, their smooch may be good news for Mark of all people. “I think it made her resolve a little stronger to try to keep her life on the track that she planned and hoped for, and finally looked like she was about to achieve,” muses Lauren Graham. And in the long-term? “We still don’t know what’s going to happen — nor does [series creator Jason Katims],” she maintains. “[He] kind of adjusts as things go along and picks up on the threads that are interesting to him, more than they maybe do on most shows…. So the line I’m trying to play is confusion, and it’s justifiably confusing what’s happening.”

Question: I love this season of Parenthood! It seemed like in the last episode Matt Lauria’s character Ryan had a special connection with Amber. Are we going to see more of that?!—Christine
Ausiello: Oh, yes. That special connection is about to morph into a full-blown romance. Lauria, meanwhile, tells us he’s on board for at least 10 episodes — an arc it sounds like he’d be happy to see extended ever further. “They gave me this amazing gift of playing this part that’s taken me to new depths as an artist and has made me a much more compassionate human being,” the Friday Night Lights vet raves. “I’m on board.”

Question: Got any Community news? —Dylan
Ausiello: When the show finally returns, we’ll find out how Greendale’s disgraced security despot regroups following his fall from… well, whatever passes for grace in Chang’s head. “There’s a season-long arc for him,” says executive producer David Guarascio, “that we can describe in just one word: resurrection.”

Question: I need Suburgatory back in my life. Any scoop ahead of its return this week? —Jessica
Ausiello: Remember how last season Robin Givens played Tulsa, who was basically an African-American Dallas? Well, this season the show is introducing an African-American equivalent to Dalia — Daisy (who comes complete with sidekicks to rival Kaitlin, Kenzie and Kamantha — Amber and Amantha!).

Question: Will Rory on Doctor Who have a happy ending with Amy, or will it be a sad sendoff for two of my favorite companions? —Scott
Ausiello: Happy Endings scoop coming right up! In episode 10, while Max goes a little Single White Female (Single Gay Male?) on his enigmatic new roommate, Brad deals with his jealousy of Jane’s female ex-lover in a completely sane, rational manner. Yeah, right — he goes to an extreme that could only be described as Brad-like.

Question: With Natalie Zea a regular on The Following, have we seen the last of Winona on Justified? —Julian
Ausiello: Not a chance. Sources confirm that Raylan’s baby mama is committed to guest-starring in at least three episodes of the FX hit’s upcoming fourth season.

Question: Can we expect Serena to reconnect with Dan or Nate on Gossip Girl, or is she with this Steve (Barry Watson) guy for the long haul? —Billie
Ausiello: She reunites with Dan, but there’s a twist: Lonely Boy is totally playing her! (He needs material for his book after all.) And regarding Steven, he disappears for a few episodes but returns in Episode 8 — complete with a 7th Heaven joke. In other Gossip Girl news, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!

Question: I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, and an even bigger Cristina/Owen fan. I know they are the “red-headed step children” of all of the couples on the show right now, but is there any hope for them? —Laura C
Ausiello: There’s more than hope. There’s confirmation from Shonda Rhimes that they will eventually find their way back to each other. But a familiar and daunting obstacle awaits – he still wants to have children. “That’s a fundamental thing,” concedes Kevin McKidd. “It’s in his DNA. He wants to be a dad. I don’t know how [they overcome that]… It’s going to be a tough road. I enjoyed last season watching their decline. But my hope as a fan is that they make it back to each other.”

Question: Please!! Dying!! Need Grey’s Anatomy scoop!! Please help!! Thanks!! —Tamar
Ausiello: A new plane crash-related wrinkle will present itself in the coming weeks, and this one could have far-reaching implications for all the survivors. Now, a question for you, Tamar: Why some many exclamation points?!?!?!?!?!?

Question: One of my favorite shows right now is Scandal and I would love some spoilers on Huck! When is the audience going to learn more about his past? —Kelly
Ausiello: Not sure about his past, but you’ll get some intel on his future next week when a new romance begins to take shape.

Question: I’ve just discovered Switched at Birth and I love it (because I am apparently a 14-year-old trapped in a 35-year-old’s body.)  Any scoop? —Megan
Ausiello: Things are going to get very complicated for Daphne and Chef Jeff in next Monday’s finale. “As the season sort of winds down, the parents get more and more involved in both of the girls’ choices – and maybe they’re not the best choices,” Katie Leclerc told TVLine at the 2012 Media Access Awards. So how will the family react when the controversial relationship is exposed? “It’s a bombshell,” added Leclerc. “It’s a big blow up. Everyone wants to be a hero in this situation, so the adults have to figure out who that’s going to be and how that’s going to work out.”

Question: Any Sons of Anarchy scoop concerning Clay and Gemma? —McKenzie
Ausiello: Gemma summons her abusive ex to help her clean up one helluva mess this week. (Hint: There’s blood.) Speaking of Gemma, an unlikely character gives her a long-overdue, Dr. Phil-style dose of tough love. And it’s spectacular.

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  1. sara says:

    The Doctor Who question has a Happy Endings answer. Ironic.

    • It’s either the greatest stretch of a question to get to the answer MA wanted to share. (It did have the words “happy ending” in it.) Or somebody pasted in the wrong question.

      • Kristina says:

        There was a random HE answer to a ? about another show too last week or the week before…maybe it’s a thing now :) Or maybe people don’t ask for HE scoop enough

        • They’ve done it with plenty of shows in the past. Sometimes they have scoop they want to share and no one asks a question so they add it in. It’s really annoying, especially if I’m interested by the question.

          • AT says:

            Would anyone even know if they made up a question? No. It’s just rude to act as if you’re answering a question and then not. Granted, the question used this time was a bit silly, since the Ponds last episode aired already, but it’s not an excuse.

    • ben says:

      Ok, it surprises me that people haven’t noticed this yet, but its happened more than two times by now and there is a pattern. If you ask a q related to any show, about someone getting a ‘happy ending’ (yes, the Dr Who question says happy ending in it… see?) then MA give you a Happy Endings scoop. It’s like his favourite new in joke.

      • Anna says:

        I for one really like this “new in joke”, I’m always happy to stumble upon some random Happy Endings scoop! The show doesn’t get nearly enough love – except on TVLine, because they know an awesome show when they see it! :D
        I don’t think it’s “rude” or whatever some other comments said. People should just chill down, don’t take everything so seriously and be happy about the scoop they get. It’s not like they have a right to get ANY scoop at all…

        • ben says:

          Yeah, I like it too. I don’t watch Happy Endings, but MA gets his scoop where he gets it, and he has always tried to have fun with his AA column, since long before TVLine.

    • Becka says:

      Well, if the person is a Doctor Who fan, they should already know the answer anyway as the Pond’s swan song was a few weeks ago now. three this saturday I think. And in case anyone DOES want to know the answer…they did get a happy ending…but at a pretty big cost.

  2. whatever says:

    Well Lea Michele already revealed that it’s Brody taking over Cassandra’s class. Blabber mouth that she is

  3. Christa says:

    I think you meant “Friday Night Lights.”

    the Fright Night Lights vet raves. “I’m on board.”

  4. renzo says:

    I bet Finn’s new romance is Jessica Sanchez’s character

    • no way says:

      i hope not – a 16 y/o with a 30 y/o. not happening.

    • Dan says:

      I can’t see that happening purely for the actor’s ages. Cory’s 29-30 isn’t he? I think Jessica Sanchez is way younger. I know they’re actors but that would be slightly weird. So the spoiler riddle, that Lea lovingly spilled on Twitter, means that Brody and Rachel have sunk? I hope so. I have nothing really against Dean as an actor but I just can’t get past his shockingly white teeth. Strange.

      • Leah says:

        It probably actually means they’re giving Brody/Rachel a longer storyline. I mean if they were sunk he wouldn’t be on the show anymore after ep 4, but he’s still around and they clearly have some tension. That actually spells a longer term arc more than anything else

  5. manie says:

    Errrr… I thing either the question is wrong or the answer is:

    Question: Will Rory on Doctor Who have a happy ending with Amy, or will it be a sad sendoff for two of my favorite companions? —Scott
    Ausiello: Happy Endings scoop coming right up! In episode 10, while Max goes a little Single White Female (Single Gay Male?) on his enigmatic new roommate, Brad deals with his jealousy of Jane’s female ex-lover in a completely sane, rational manner. Yeah, right — he goes to an extreme that could only be described as Brad-like.

    • Mairead says:

      Or, because Rory and Amy actually did have a happy ending together, he really did answer the question.

      • Amy says:

        Ah, but they did have a happy ending. Look up P.S. on Youtube. It’s an un-filmed final scene for the Angels Take Manhattan that gives a glimpse of what happened to Rory and Amy.

        • Keren says:

          That was sweet, but I had hoped that Amy and Rory met and raised young River Song who was left as a child in NY in the past.

          • Amy says:

            True, but they were sent back to 1939, I believe. And Young River didn’t arrive in NYC until 1969. And then somehow ended up in England at the same time Amy and Rory were growing up so they “got to raise her anyway.”

    • Mikaylah says:

      I think he avoided the question by taking the words “happy ending” from the question and applying it to the show Happy Endings. ;)

  6. The Kaibosh says:

    Matt Lauria and….her?

  7. Kelli says:

    Ugh, so I guess Gemma is still going crazy and causing a mess. Man, I miss her season 1-3, hbic self. I’m at the point where I’d rather have Gemma get killed off so Katey can move on to do that other FX comedy she’s gonna be producing and I can stop watching the show once and for all. SoA just hasn’t been the same since it got kinda mainstream. :(

  8. Emma says:

    So are we going to get Quinn with her own storyline or just a lame ass prop for a high school storyline? Sounds boring. Count me out Glee

  9. elsa says:

    So Puck came back to mentor Jake and now Quinn is coming back to mentor Kitty seriously this show is the worst

    • Sui says:

      Agreed. Quinn and Puck are wonderful characters why in the world of all that is holy, Quinn be wasted on Kitty and Puck on Jake. A waste. I don’t want to waste time on Marley, Kitty and Jake. Have to admit Ryder too. Ryan Murphy justs loves this Marley storyline. The newbies are a drag. So far, McKinley is a waste of talent. I sure hope Finn being there will bring life to it. Need to wait and see how it goes, but I’m not patient waiting for original and imaginative storylines to happen on Glee. Hasn’t happened yet.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Been waiting for some Quinn/Rachel scenes after Quinn gave Rachel that metro pass and instead I have to put up with Kitty/Quinn (oh gee way to put Dianna with a crappy actor there) and Quinn/Santana (least genuine friendship on Glee). Wow Glee way to make me lose interest

    • Amanda says:

      Quinntana>>>>>>> Faberry

      • Dan says:

        Agreed. The Quinn/Rachel ‘friendship’ is so forced. Give me Quinntana anyday, actual acting chemistry and a decent history between them both.

        • Kate says:

          Lol I can’t even take you seriously if you think Quinntana has a decent history between them while Faberry is forced. Also lol at actual acting chemistry. At least Lea and Dianna can both act more than one emotion

      • Tim says:

        In what universe? I’m sorry if you like a ship that has only had one one on one scene together where they’ve actually been friends over a friendship that has grown over 3 seasons. That’s your problem

    • Sui says:

      Glee and these writers never seem to think out possible and well written stories for Glee. It’s a Glee universe thing. What? Something original and fun and interesting.

  11. Greenapples says:

    Answering a Doctor Who question with Happy Endings info seems sacrilegious, and just wrong.

  12. Rebekah says:

    LOL Dan on Gossip Girl is the worst. So he’s playing Serena for material for his book? What a creep. No clue how they’ll convince people to support Derena after that but apparently they will since Derena get married in the finale. Too bad because Nate is so much better than Dan. Why can’t they just do Serenate and let Dan end up alone like he deserves?

    • Ashley says:

      They won’t convince people and I’m sick and tired of the writers recycling this Derena garbage that only really existed in Season 1. Nate is the only guy on the show who Serena constantly trusts – she tells him anything, knowing that he won’t judge her. They CONNECT. Dan and Serena’s “relationship” is the furthest thing from that.

      I’m convinced that the writers are ending the show with DS so that Dan will remain relevant. Any person who watches the show can see that he’s still not over Blair. When Serena wanted him last season, Dan didn’t care. So you’re right, Nate and Serena would still make sense at this point. Their scenes in 6×02 proved that.

    • Marge Browne says:

      I agree that Dan should end up alone. Serena should be with Nate and I never did see Dan and Blair together — no chemistry there. I see that Dan has at least cut off some of his hair — it was a terrible mess last season — but he still looks unkept.

  13. Ashley says:

    “Lonely boy is totally playing her!” – Of course he is, because it couldn’t be more freakin’ obvious that Dan is still deeply in love with Blair. I mean, wake up writers. Dan and Serena haven’t been together in years, and it was only after they broke up that they started GROWING as people. Serena was a fantasy to Dan. When they were together, all he ever did was judge and expect her to change. A reunion between them now would be forced. (And how awkward would it be, given their parents’ marriage and their half-brother? Have the writers forgotten about him by the way?)

    The only two guys who’ve made sense for Serena are Nate and Carter. She does, however, seem happy with Stephen. If they mess that up because of Dan, then shame on the writers.

    • Will says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Reuniting Dan and Serena has to be the most ignorant thing the writers have done. Dan would only be using her as a consolation prize while Serena would sacrifice her own self-worth in order to maintain her image from high school. The writers are sending a terrible message to their fans by confining their characters to empty relationships. *sigh* Just 9 more weeks until it’s over…

      • Ari says:

        Well, they want to try to give Dan a happy ending, because he deserves it…said no one ever. Nate is going to end up alone and dead on a street corner at this rate and Dan Humphrey is going to be the success story on Gossip Girl? Blech.

  14. Sally says:

    I hate when you respond to someone’s question with scoop for an entirely different show like they asked for that. It’s rude, honestly.

  15. Kaitlyn says:


  16. Rod says:

    @breathofair7 tweeted out a link to this article, so the Finchel flood of crazy is incoming.

  17. Lara Riley says:

    You have noo idea how happy I am to hear Santana’s time in Lima will be about Brittany. Hopefully they’ll have scenes as well tho. And ofc, hopefully they’ll get back together soon without any stops at other people on the way.

    Love Brittana. That’s all.

  18. Lily says:

    You’ve been recycling the same Brad quote about Finn finding a new love interest since August. Wishful thinking? And also “Rachel is going to be less than thrilled when she finds out who’s subbing for Ms. July next month.” just confirmed by Lea that it’s Brody so ha. ha. hahahahhahaa. Can’t wait to see what he does to put him on Rachel’s bad side. My money is on an affair with Cassie and telling her about Rachel’s Broadway audition which Cassie then uses to sabotage her.

    • Angel says:

      I completely agree about the Grody stuff, and I really hope if Finn gets a love interest, it’s just that, an interest and one sided. A girl constantly tells him he is hot and awesome and he rejects her. Finchel is forever

  19. Mikaylah says:

    I’m excited for more Owen and Christina on GA. They’re my favorite couple, and I’d like to see them get a happy ending. As far as Castle, I’m really enjoying what they’re doing with the Caskett story this season and I hope it continues.

  20. Cheyenne says:

    so sick of Brody Weston i wish he would leave my screen and NEVER return. seiously ready for a single independent Rachel before an eventual Finchel reunion

    • Sui says:

      THANK YOU!!! Shouty capitals for all to see. I cannot stand that character-blah blah blah. OMG he is so hot. The words some on the internet say about him. Yes, he’s cute but blah. I thought this season was about individual self discovery, not dating games. A musical soap opera is what it is. Pure and simple.

  21. Courtney says:

    That Doctor Who thing, while cleverly turned into a Happy Ending scoop, was not cool. Too soon… too soon…

  22. Holly says:

    Glee sucks now. Brody is lame as hell. The newbies at McKinley can’t act for crap. Bringing in veterans to prop of the new kids and glee rejects is stupid. Quinn and Puck deserve better story lines than that. Finn deserves to not hang around Lima like a creeper. Rachel deserves better than sharing scenes with a cardboard cut out who can’t act. Tina and Artie just deserve story lines. So over it.

    • Sui says:

      I admire you, Holly. Truth hurts. Glee is sucking bullits.

      • Sui says:

        RIB have never been known for keeping their word. Season 4 is a facsimile of season 2. The only thing different is there are 2 sites to suck at. I had hoped that the new and reinvigorated Glee would be enriched with great story telling and NY. The start of Rachel and Kurt’s dream come true. Glee has to get better or lots of fandom who support 1 or more of the broken up couples will cry out and say protest this sucky show. Murphy is determined to stay with this course, they are the owners and creative staff of Glee, not us. There are people out there on the internet saying keep faith in the writers to tell their story. TBH, I don’t have the patience or desire to hold out for decent stuff to watch. It’s disheartening.

  23. Fer says:

    Finn just needs to find his dream and find his way back to Rachel no more LI, they are the best version of themsleves when they’re together #FinchelForever

  24. Will says:

    The GG writers’ obsession with Derena makes very little sense to me, especially since they plan on making them endgame. They would rather put Dan and Serena in an empty relationship together as opposed to one that allows them to be truly happy? I just don’t understand the logic behind this mess. Serena should’ve ended with Nate and Dan should’ve ended up with Vanessa. Both relationships brought more happiness for them than pain. Ugh…

    • Ashley says:

      Season 3 had the best season for relationships, imo. Chuck/Blair, Nate/Serena, Dan/Vanessa. All 3 couples were blissfully happy and made sense together, and then the writers painfully tore all 3 apart. There was something really sweet about Dan and Vanessa together, and Nate and Serena FINALLY getting to be together was long overdue. I really can’t believe that they’re putting her back with Dan in the end. It makes the last 4 seasons look irrelevant.

  25. Gabbie says:

    Yess Derena reunion!!! I know they’re endgame.

  26. Stevie says:

    Get some new Finn scoop and stop rehashing the same scoop from August to get website hits.

  27. estefania says:

    I love so much to hear more about and his aventures , he deserves more atenttion about writers from NCIS , Mcgee character hs more hide things that we can imagine and sean murray is sotalented actor too…and I love McAbby , this and TIVA are so cuite things and I love to hear that McGee is writing another book

  28. Nac says:

    Oh yes, give me Santana being protective of Britt. That Kitty girl better watch out. Hoping for Brittana scenes in this episode.

  29. Siren says:

    I don´t have any interest to watch Finn with a new love interest either Rachel.
    Sometimes I feel like my intelligence as a viewer is not appreciated, as if we don’t remember what happens from episode to episode. Rachel and Finn are made for each other, don´t make sense new loves interest. People can grow up alone.

  30. Aaaaah bowing at Santana being protective of Brittany. Hoping there’ll be Brittana scenes as well. Getting excited.

  31. Ruth O'Brien says:

    Doctor Who: Their ending will break your heart, but it’s happy for them I guess. There’s also a bonus ‘unfilmed’ epilogue you should check out once finished, it will answer some questions.

  32. Faye says:

    Santana being protective over her Brittany yes please! Hopefully this means they will get back together because I need Brittana back on as a couple they are the reason I started watching.

  33. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the NCIS scoop, Aus. I’m happy that she’s back; the last episode she was in was great! It was funny, loved the geeky guy, it was awesome seeing a woman who made Gibbs and Fornell anxious, and she played the part so perfectly, and the Tiva was good in it too, also Ziva was kick a** in it. ‘The Devil’s Triangle’ ended up being one of my favorite episodes not only of season nine, but the series. I hope the same writer is doing it and that he puts a little bit of everything in there like before.
    Thanks for the “Castle” news too.
    When you get the chance, can you guys find out anything new on episode 8 of “The Mentalist”? A lot of us are expecting epicness since it’s written by Daniel Cerone and directed by Simon Baker. This is ususally the best site to get “Mentalist” spoilers, that’s why I’m asking.
    Thanks again! :)

  34. Eileen says:

    If Finn needs a LI then I hope they cast someone well known. I can’t take another “Dean” he is aweful and I feel bad for Lea.

  35. Pam says:

    I was very much looking forward to Quinn’s return and it’s being wasted on Kitty? I don’t like the new characters and it’s not just because they’re new. I was open to liking them until they started using the vets to prop them up (i.e. Puck and now Quinn.) It’s insulting to both Mark and Dianna. No interest in watching a show that doesn’t respect it’s actors or the fans of those actors. Glee keeps sinking lower and lower. Season 3 wasn’t that great, but I’d gladly take that Glee than this “new” Glee which does nothing but alienate the shows’ core fans.

    • elsa says:

      Preach it, it is also just insulting to us as viewers to pull crap like this. I can´t believe i was excited about Quinn returning but nopes it is gonna be wasted like this smh. I´m out glee.

      • Tootz says:

        And why would Quinn give a whooping funt about Kitty anyway, does she even know the girl (as if a real bitchy teen like Kitty would care about some stranger showing up and lecturing her on how to behave)?
        All these old characters coming back (they’ve only been gone a Summer anyway, they’ve hardly grown up so much they can start acting like freakin’ enlightened people) to turn their clones into ‘better versions of themselves’ makes for dull, uninspired tv. It’s boring,
        I’m out too (heard Bette Midler might cameo, might watch her scenes on youtube but that’s it).
        RIP Glee

  36. LilAngel says:

    I don’t really get why Rachel would be mad if Brody is teaching dance, unless he does that so Cassandra can go to the casting Rachel is preparing too.
    I so want Brochel to happen (even though we all know Finchel is endgame)

    • Stacy says:

      I think it has been obvious that Brody has ulterior motives with Rachel ever since Cassandra mentioned he does this with the young ingenues. I don’t think Rachel is the first underclassman he has went after and he is such a creeper. Yes, I suspect the rumors of him telling Cassandra of Rachel’s audition for an off Broadway play are true. I also think he’s been hooking up with Cassandra in the past (but that’s just my opinion not based on an hardcore facts)…

    • Sui says:

      IMO, Lea deserves an actor who can command his place in a scene. Dean cannot. Even though his character is cute, doesn’t make a good chemistry for the 2 characters to try to show that they should date. Aiding and abetting Cassie trying to go for the same role for a play on Broadway. Well, this way Rachel will find out how cut-throat Broadway can really be. Might toughen her up and to the likes of fake Brody. That is what I see. Not a trusting older classman. My opinion.
      this is why I wished NY was about school and obstacles and back stabbing. This might be it.

  37. ew. no new love interest for finn. no brochel. finchel forever.

  38. Sean C. says:

    Huh, so they’re not just going to have Santana act like Brittany doesn’t exist. That’s unexpected, given how this show usually treats them (and past relationships).

  39. Randy says:

    Anybody else wish they would do away with the new kids high school storyline on Glee? You could put Rachel,Kurt, and Santana in New York and base Puck and Mercedes in California. You have Brittany, Sam, Artie, and Tina in Ohio until graduation. Finn could float between all 3 places, when Will comes back Finn could head to Cali to get over Rachel and hang with Puck. Quinn could fit in either NY or Cali because of her desire to be an actress. Mike also fits in NY or Cali. When the seniors graduate Artie would head to Cali with Sam and Brittany and Tina could go either way. Ryan Murphy needs to quit thinking that he and McKinley are why people tune in. I tune in for Quinn and Santana myself.

    • SuiThe grads come says:

      Sounds like a plan to me. Much much much better than what there is now. The grads come to bolster and enhance the newbies for what? The grads and their portrayers deserve better than that.

      • Suzzie says:

        I agree, but cut some of the dead weight with guest appearances. I think next year should be Kurt, Rachel, Santana, Finn and Blaine in NYC… they should get the focus. Quinn can come visit often from Yale because it’s close. Mercedes, Brittany, Puck, Artie and Tina can also make guest appearances. Cut out the Glee Project rejects altogether. Sorry Sam too. I think Santana trying to live/work with Klaine and Finchel would be HILARIOUS. You KNOW she wouldn’t put up with their BS. Get back to the dark humor. Have these kids struggling to find themselves in the adult world. IN ONE place together. Get rid of the HS side.. those stories have been told (just repeating them now with election, musical, etc)

        • Rod says:

          In what world is Blaine not dead weight?

        • Me says:

          this actually sounds so much better than what’s going on now. No more guests omg I’m tired of all these people always joining the show. They have enough unresolved and ignored story lines as it is.

          • Suzzie says:

            I never said Blaine wasn’t dead weight but that’s MY opinion and the majority of the fandoms and general audience LOVE Blaine. He’s not my cup of tea, but if Glee wants to succeed, it needs to get Blaine to NYC as well. I don’t let my character or shipper preference get in the way of seeing what is successful. Finchel is popular. Klaine is popular. Offline as well as online. So, Blaine might not be my favorite, but I can recognize he is a valuable addition to the cast and it would be beneficial for him to be included in a revamp of the series in NY.

        • Sui says:

          My sentiments exactly. Yeah! The only thing is Murphy loves this Marley storyline and Ryder too. Gag!So tired of McKinley. They’ve told all the stories. Overcoming obstacles, bullying, fitting in, acceptance, tolerance. Student counsel elections, musical plays, etc. Agree with Tina and Artie. NY with the big 4 characters needs to happen now. Bring back the humor. Santana needs to be R and K’s roomie. Finn and Blaine coming soon. This season if it doesn’t change soon, will be an all time low for Fox. It is already a recorded series for me. I still love these characters, but as is, this will be the last season I’ll watch.

          • Kay says:

            I agree. The only one at McKinley I care about is Blaine. I hate it that he cheated on Kurt but I hope Kurt can forgive him and they can recapture what they have together. I like the NYC storyline with Rachel and Kurt, and hopefully Santana will be there soon too. And when Blaine graduates I want him to be there with them as well. The newbies at McKinley are boring. Only thing I’m looking forward to seeing right now is the Grease musical.

  40. Hojana says:

    Sad to say Ausiello, the hacks that are the Gossip Girls writers are releasing spoilers faster than you get them in a ditch attempt to get more viewers for their fail of a show.

  41. KS says:

    I can solve this problem: a Rhimes’ spinoff called Stay-at-Home-Dads, where Owen and Cooper (from Private Practice) raise Coop and Charlotte’s coming triplets, while Charlotte and Christina save lives and try to detwistify. Fixed!

  42. TB says:

    Does Rachel not being thrilled about Brody have anything to go with the poll about Rachel sleeping with Brody to further her career? She won’t and if he proposes that she does just shows what type of creep he really is.

    • Sui says:

      it just shows me where the writers want to go with Rachel’s story. dating drama. Not her struggles with school and Broadway obstacles. I feel, especially, after Rachel’s powerful and emotional speech to Finn in the Break Up that just bedding down with a guy, so be it Brody, is a cop out. Just getting the act in their story so “Rachel can grow up and be a woman-this what women do”. Some do, those with no emotional ties. Why go thru 3 seasons to show us that Finn and Rachel are tethered if RIB are going to down is kind of road just to make Rachel be like a lot of young girls do. I have the feeling that Brody will be like Jessie, a fork in the road. She cared for Jessie but found out his true colors-self serving bum who sold her out for a trophy. I think the Brody guy, IDK how they will write him but I think he will have ulterior motives-not respectful ones either. RIB constant-similar story lines.

  43. Sarah says:

    Why ask a Doctor Who qs when the finale has aired plus an extra scene that clearly shows Rory and Amy had a long and happy life together complete with an adopted son. So yeah happy ending but bittersweet cause they never see the Doctor or Brian again.

    • tvdiva says:

      Just go to YouTube and look for this unaired scene – Doctor Who: P.S. – Series 7 2012 – BBC One – or put in the search what happened to rory’s father.

  44. Me says:

    Geez I wish Glee would stop with this whole relationship crap. How are any of thesee characters ever meant to grow up on their own if they keep being put in random relationships for no reason what so ever. Finn does not need a new love interest just a bit of time to find himself. Same for Rachel. It’s completely unrealistic that all these highschool kids go from relationship to relationship. They need to focus on themselves even if at the end of the season they don’t end up together or someone good for them IS introduced that will be far better than another half-assed romance mid-season. Tired of Glee and its relationship drama.

  45. Maria says:

    Clearly the point of Dan playing Serena is that he’s going to fall for her again while he does it. TV 101 right there. (Personally, I always preferred them together over Nate/Serena, their dynamic is just more interesting to me)

  46. Torchwood Miracle Day was very good. People need to get over it and let go of whatever grudge they have against it.

    • Emily says:

      My GOD do people love to complain about Miracle Day. I haven’t watched it yet, but I see so much whining about it that I’m either going to hate it because everyone else does, or like it because my expectations are that low.

  47. Elyse says:

    loving the Parenthood Ryan/Amber scoop. after last weeks episode i was really upset about it not being on this week! LOVE Amber and Ryan :)

  48. Kylie says:

    I want Finn’s new love interest, if he’s gonna get one that is, to be a completely new character who does not have any ties to other characters. I hope they get a nice guest star for him.

  49. Canadian_JBS says:

    Here’s how I see GG ending at least in terms of parings:
    – Chuck & Blair (even if you don’t like them, you have to admit it would only make sense to have them be endgame)
    – Nate & Serena (my gut says that the Serena/Steve & Nate/Sage storylines will lead to a Serenate reunion)
    – Dan & no one (not because I hate him, but because I think his tell-all will make him successful, but cost him dearly)
    – My total shot in the dark final pairing is Dan & Gossip Girl (because I’m probably on drugs right now)
    I don’t really care about the rest of the characters, so I’ll leave it at that.

  50. Emily says:

    So, I don’t watch “Doctor Who” but I think it’s extremely rude of you to take this question–“Will Rory on Doctor Who have a happy ending with Amy, or will it be a sad sendoff for two of my favorite companions?”–about that show and answer it with information for “Happy Endings.” Have you had a stroke or are you just being a jerk? What’s the point of taking the “Doctor Who” question if you don’t intend on answering it? As a journalist, I view this as irresponsible journalism on your point, though the more I read your column, the more I question whether or not I should consider you a journalist at all. At best, you seem more like a blogger lately.

    • in all fairness, the Dr Who question was answered in the last aired episode. We won’t be seeing Rory or Amy on screen again, or at least for the foreseeable future.

    • (Another) Emily says:

      I watch Doctor Who, and I don’t mind, because 1. The answer to the question has already aired, and 2. I think U.S. Whovians will take a DW mention of any kind on a U.S. TV site. There’s something else I’m forgetting… oh, right. 3. It’s a joke.