It's Official: Glee Casts American Idol's Jessica Sanchez - Who Will She Be Playing?

Jessica Sanchez GleeIt’s a done deal: Jessica Sanchez, whose monster pipes and near-perfect pitch carried her all the way to a second-place finish on Season 11 of American Idol, has closed a deal to recur on Glee, TVLine has learned exclusively.

There are no details on what role Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy might have in store for the 16-year-old California native or when she will first appear on screen. (Might she be the much-buzzed-about new love interest for Finn?!)

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During her Idol run, Sanchez became an early front-runner on the strength of scorching Vegas-round renditions of “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” and “The Prayer,” followed by a spot-on rendition of “I Will Always Love You” on Whitney Houston night. Later, in a Top 7 week shocker, Ryan Seacrest revealed the girl who sometimes performed as her alter-ego Bebe Chez was the lowest vote getter, but the judges promptly vetoed America’s decision by using their sole “save” of the season. Sanchez then went on to steal the show during the Idol finale by virtue of a jaw-dropping duet with Broadway legend Jennifer Holliday on the Dreamgirls classic “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.”

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This marks Sanchez’s third time at the primetime rodeo. Back in 2006, she appeared as a contestant on the inaugural season NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

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  1. Sadie says:

    Just what Glee needs. More new people that no one really cares about.

    • alim the wrath says:

      at least it is JSanchez who we will be watching on Glee and not a facking asshole like you. go to hell that’s where you belong.

      • Tom says:

        Can someone please remove this hateful comment? This is disgusting and Glee is for sure not worth it. @MichaelAusiello?? Anyone?

        • alim the wrath says:

          don’t watch the show if JSanchez is your problem instead of posting a rant that elicits reactions from people who believe in her talent. this reply will tell you to stop posting your hatred on JSanchez.

          • Allie says:

            LOL, how was anyone posting hatred? Someone was stating their opinion, you are the only one looking ignorant. Do all Jessica Sanchez fans name call like five year old children? Sorry, not everyone is going to be happy about this, as you’ll soon find out. Some truly idiotic comments by ‘facking’ JS fans looking like whiny babies. Lea will and always be the main draw of Glee. Some Idol runner up won’t come close.

          • Ben says:

            She’s a beautiful girl and she can sing but I sure hope she CAN ACT.

          • Alana says:

            Are you a Glee fan. Because if you were you’d actually understand the view of that person. Since the start of season 2, I’ve been waiting for decent storylines for Jenna, Kevin and Amber. I want a deceny storyline for Chord. I finally want to see Chris, Mark and Dianna do something uplifting for a change. I want Darren to have more depth to his character. I can go on, but whatever I want is never going to happen because Glee keeps on adding new characters that take away the screen time of the characters we’ve come to love over the past 2\3 years. Characters we initially DO NOT CARE ABOUT. There already a heap of new characters, we do not need more to take away from those who made Glee to what it is. It isn’t hatred towards your favorite singer; it’s protectiveness over ours

          • Sheila says:

            This is a reply to Alana:

            I’m a glee fan and I seriously think theres nothing wrong with adding more people to the show. I actually think that this season we got to see the sides of the other kids from ND like Tina who doesnt have to be other asian anymore just cuz she’s always assumed to be with Mike. Artie who is obviously devoted to Sugar and the rest of ND. Mark and Jake’s upcoming bro storline. Chord and Darren’s epic number in the future and of course the bromance and everything. Of course, we’d get to hear more about Chris Colfer during the unfolding of the supposed ‘cheating’ done by Blaine. Also, I love his chemistry with SJP and they are amazing.

            As for the other characters, if you know glee and you’re as obsessed with it as I am, you know that they’ll be back during the thanksgiving episode.

            Secondly, this isnt happening anytime soon so that would give RIB more chance to really explore the other ND kid’s life. We got a Tina storline during the episode where they switched everyone else with each other.

            I think this just tells us that RIB wants to broaden the show by including other possible characters that reflect real highschool life.\

            Besides, Jessica will only be on glee for 4 episodes and even then I’m sure all of them wont be about her. If you know how glee is, you know that each episode focuses on at least 2 storylines especially now with all the rachel’s in new york and the rest are in Ohio.

            I understand how you feel about the new kids taking over but lets face it, we would always have Rachel as the lead of ND and Jake can never replace Puck cuz they’re completely different people. But we have to be realistic that glee’s ratings are going down and I guess they thought that adding a well-known teenager to a group of supposed teenagers would do them better ratings, there isnt anything wrong with trying right?

            SO there, I would ask you to chill and relax and enjoy glee and read tons of fanfictions cuz thats what I do every since the break up and my ship is just broken and i love them to death. Let’s just sit back and see how RIB takes care of this. It’s all in their hands…:)

          • fred says:

            Rachael Berry fans are fearing for Rachael to be outstaged by a 17 year old JSanchez who has star quality and real talent to back it off.

    • jessicas man says:

      oh shut up sadie you stupid B :)

    • imonfiyahh says:

      Mean girl role for Jessica please!!! No more Miss goody two shoes

    • excited says:

      leave it to glee. They see something about Jessica Sanchez – give that girl a chance – nobody still knows what more she can give- lets see and who knows… for me, as a fan of glee – i go for Jessica Sanchez as a beginner.

      • Judee Mendoza says:

        So do I, I am for Jessica ….

      • Chris Porras says:

        JSanchez…shes cool …she would totally rock as glee competition!! So far the show is going great…but i miss the originals too much so u should just stick with their college life and how everything start to take place…i like the new members and im all for a new generation but something just isnt right anymore…what happend to believe in yourself and being diferent and originality…its all sex and rachel/kurt non-sense…please bring back that magic from season 1!!

    • Sheila says:

      Hi Sadie, I know theres really nothing wrong with expressing your feelings or whatever but I hope you take into consideration the fans of jess as well as the glee fans. We gleeks really care about every character and yea this season might focus on rachel more and maybe we’ve had our hearts broken by the recent episode and the month long hiatus but thats what we love about glee. ITs because glee moves something within us and we do love every couple.

      Glee is a series about acceptance and being the underdog. i think Jessica is perfect for that because:

      1. SHe’s half filipino and many treat her poorly because she’s part of the minority.
      2. She’s actually very quiet and shy so this would actually be a good story line about breaking her shell
      3. She’s an amazing singer that GLEE needs. They barely got a good spot with It’s TIme by Darren Criss at the itunes charts but I think this is actually good for them
      4. She’s an actual teenager fit for a teenager role

      Also, for the other people out there saying that she will be rachel’s competition for Finn’s love interest, WE DONT KNOW ANYTHING YET SO DONT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS. We also dont know how good of an actress she is so lets stop the assumption that she sucks at it. She can always take acting lessons like the rest of the new casts from The GLee Project. Next, I understand that everyone wants their favorite idol on the show but we cant really do anything about it because at the end of the day, it’s the producer’s call.

      Therefore, I understand that everyone hast the right to voice their opinion but lets try not to be too nasty just because it didnt go our way. It’s just a tv show, if you dont like it, then feel free not to watch. I as a fan of both jess and GLee will simply because I love them both.

      So please everyone. KEEP CALM, and enjoy glee! :D

      • Judee Mendoza says:

        Very true, I am glad that you are very calm in dealing with other people’s negative reactions here, Shiela …

      • Angela says:

        Let’s just hope she’s not a love interest for Finn, she is just way too young, she’d probably be a student anyhow, so that would cross the line! And while she is a great singer, I didn’t think there was such a big need to put Jessica on a pedestal for the judges and for the show, I think that was wrong to do for the show and to the other contestants to show favoritism.

    • Mark says:

      Completely agree! I hated Jessica Sanchez. She was a cold, not very talented singer. One of my least favorites on Idol last year. I was so pleased that she lost. I hate that she is joining one of my favorite shows.

      • Otávio says:

        Dislike is one thing, now say that she is not talented is at least, jealousy.

        • Mark says:

          I said not very talented not untalented, there’s a difference. I don’t believe she deserved all the high praise she got.

          • joyowon says:

            Hey! Watch your words! Jessica is a great singer and she perfectly deserves all those praises.

          • May says:


          • May says:


          • JOHNNIE DAVIS says:

            I think you are not very smart. I think you are blinded by something real negative that instilled in you from childhood by someone who had it instilled in them from childhood. i don’t want to go to far into your roots, but i would like to take the branches and whoop your ass with them. Either you are deaf or hard of hearing. Anyone that don’t have a hearing problem and still feel that JESSICA SANCHEZ can’t sing need to see a doctor as soon as possible

          • Angela says:

            I agree, I think they gave her wrong song choices anyhow, they should have stuck with songs that were more current and more for relatable for her. Great voice, just don’t think she should have given so much praise than the other contestants.

      • steve says:

        Mark, You must love the ONE TRICK PONY Phillip Phillips. Jessica Sanchez at 17 can sing circles around PP, not even in the same league. JS has 8 octive vocal levels, PP has 1 1/2. JS sings in 6 different genre’s, PP 1 1/2. JS owns the stage and when PP tries, He looks like a fish out of water. JS will out earn PP ten fold, BANK ON IT!!!

      • joyowon says:

        Oh mark, you have so much hatred. U are so full of negative aura. That is too bad. Try to relax and look at d brighter side.

      • jessicas man says:

        oh go whack yourself off mark and shut upppp :D

      • Mark and the rest of the Jessica Haters: You are obviously negative in your views and judgement of Jessica who is adored by many as lovely, humble, sweet and very talented young singer. That is your opinion, however it reflects on your personality as losers! Why can’t we just come to terms and commonly agree that Jessica is very talented and she deserves some decent judgement and respect. She truly deserves to be in Glee and the producers and her huge fanbase and supporters has a lot of admiration on her awesome musical talent and singing prowess.

      • Linda says:

        How could you say you hated someone you don’t know about. You don’t know her to give you the reason to hate her. Before you say negative comments on a person you should look at yourself first.

      • lanalyn says:

        HATE is such a strong word for someone you don’t really know! Dislike would be more appropriate.

      • May says:

        Mark, can you sing like Jessica Sanchez? Then why aren’t you the one being offered by Glee? You loser! Shut up!

      • May says:

        FOR YOU MARK, HERE’S MY REACTION TO YOUR STATEMENT: Completely agree! I hated Jessica Sanchez. She was a cold, not very talented singer. One of my least favorites on Idol last year. I was so pleased that she lost. I hate that she is joining one of my favorite shows.
        Comment by Mark – October 15, 2012 10:24 PM PDT


      • Tentoes says:

        You should wait and see how she does…she may surprise you. I heard her sing, I thought she was good. I have not seen any acting, but I’ll wait and see how she is.

      • Alan says:

        Ha ha, you should read what well respected people in the music industry are saying about Jessica Sanchez, people who know what they are talking about, not some half baked potato head like your self. You are lucky to get her for a short time, she as got bigger fish to fry than hanging about with the Glee cast, you just better hope that her army of fans can turn the ratings around or you will all be watching repeat episodes after the progeram is shelved. My advice to Jessica would be to leave the show alone, for 2 very good reasons, first is her music career (up and coming album),2nd I do not want to watch the show and help boost the ratings of a show that is well past its sell by date, but I will do as long as Jessica Sanchez is in it, even if I have to put up with idiots like Mark, I hate the F name.

    • nelia cuando says:

      Your name spells the word Sadie-stic.For your info a lot of us care for Jessica Sanchez.Do some counting.

    • nelia cuando says:

      Your name is Sadie-stic as you are.A lot of us care SO MUCH for Jessica Sanchez.Do some counting.

    • Alexandra says:


    • Jp says:

      Wow, who put laxatives in your wheaties douche bag!

    • Nea says:

      Ur jealous!! I love her voice..

    • Alienate says:

      Maybe, just maybe, adding a 16 year old to a HIGH School show might be better than a 30 year old Finn. Just say’in.

    • esteban says:

      LOL..sadie,absoulutely we don’t care about you and your comments because u’re nothing!!

    • lanalyn says:

      Jessica will spice up the multiple amazing talent that is GLEE!!! love music , singing & dancing, that’s why I love this show. It’s a joy to watch after a long day & am lovin’ it even more anticipating to finally see my idol Jessica Sanchez! She is phenomenal!

    • lanalyn says:

      no one meaning YOU? I believe you are speaking for yourself when you say “no one” No worries the rest of America & other countries who watch Glee are a bigger larger number as opposed to your “no one”

    • lanalyn says:

      no one meaning YOU? I believe you are speaking for yourself when you say “no one” No worries the rest of America & other countries who watch Glee are a bigger larger number as opposed to your “no one

    • JSfan says:

      Hey Sadie,
      This is a free country and you don’t have to watch Glee if you don’t want to see Jessica. Frankly the show is getting BORING. They are supposed to be portraying high school students yet most of the “students” are greater than 24 years old, and some approaching 30! The Producers realize that and good for them! They need to replace these older actors with YOUNGER talented kids.

    • Wow Sadie,!! hate to say this but You are an all time..BeeYATCH!

  2. Ashley says:

    Another reason not to watch Glee

  3. rod says:

    she is gonna be vocal adrenaline´s secret weapon, and new directions will lose nationals/regionals because they cant win 2 times in a row

  4. Fernanda says:

    the new Sunshine Corazon? or a new frenemy for Rachel in NYADA?

  5. Sarah says:

    Can she even act? I like her voice but Glee doesn’t need another character who’s just there to sing and do nothing else. She’s just going to be Charice 2.0 (not a jibe at her race btw).

    • imonfiyahh says:

      Well, like you said can she even act? You still don’t know if she can or can’t so better stop with the judgement.

      • oh boi says:

        Ehh I dont know if Sarah was implying that she (jessica) sucked at acting, but just that Charice didn’t even get a chance to act, which might happen to Jessica. They solely used her for her voice for 2 freakin episodes, and I feel like they made such a big deal that she was coming on as a new Glee cast member.

      • Erika Erl says:


      • Tentoes says:

        She is just QESTIONIG her acting skills because Jessica is inexperienced. She is not judging. Seems like you are doing some judging yourself.

    • Rob says:

      Nahh she’s hotter than charice lol

    • lanalyn says:

      she is NO Charice, & btw, you are not insulting Filipinos alone, but Americans as well. She looks Asian but she is American first & foremost .The U.S is her birth country. As an American I embrace Jessica for who she is regardless of race.Why don’t you give her a chance to amaze or disappoint you before you judge her? On the other hand I believe regardless how amazing she may be, you have the mindset of her failing no matter what…

  6. Thea says:

    So excited! This girl deserves to go so far in life and this is just the beginning for her! Now let’s get Josh on SMASH!

  7. Canadian_JBS says:

    I do not approve. If anyone from AI season 11 should recur on Glee, it should be either Skylar or Hollie.

    • alim the wrath says:

      who gets in is the decision of the writer and producer so all you haters do is either watch or leave and we don’t facking care.

    • Beth says:

      I agree! Hollie actually watches the show and loves it! She’d be great in it!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’m a fan of Jessica’s, but I still don’t see Glee as the right fit for her. Hollie or maybe Joshua would be better suited.

      I think this could only work if her role is attached to the competition aspect of the show (with the McKinley storyline), like if she was cast as the new lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline. It wouldn’t make sense to have her as a NYADA student (too young) or Finn’s new love interest (really?), and she could face backlash if she’s added to the New Directions (even though I suppose that’s better than adding more guys to the club…)

      But on the bright side, this is a good way to raise her public profile.

      • lanalyn says:

        Jessica is perfect! Like Glee said with vocals like Naya, Amber ,Leah & Jessica Glee would be Streisand epic! I believe they have the expertise & the skills to appropriately cast. Am a Jessica fan, I do like the rest of season 11 top 10,& I strongly believe & am happy they recognize Jessica’s amazing talent & potential.

    • HT says:

      Hollie would be puhfect!

    • Lindsay says:

      No. Those two were horrible

    • craze says:

      Yes Skylar can appear on Glee as soon as she lost those extra pounds on her hip.

    • lanalyn says:

      lol! like it’s up to you to approve casting. wrong terminology…”approve” go Jessica you are my girl. I so believe in YOU babygirl!

  8. Rachel says:

    I agree. Glee needs to stop adding more characters and focus on the already huge cast they have. Their ratings are continuously dropping and it’s because they can’t write proper storylines for the existing characters. What more if they keep adding more?

    • Marc. says:

      Actually, the ratings are dropping because it’s going head-to-head with Grey’s Anatomy this year, and most of LGBT fans watch both; the ratings were actually high until Grey’s came back.

      And honestly, the writing this year hasn’t been this good since season 1.. and they’re now winning viewers back from greys.

    • JSfan says:

      Glee needs to get rid of the older main actors in that show and replace them with younger talented kids to portray highschool teenage students!!!

      • Tentoes says:

        The older characters ( I am assuming the graduates) are the ones with the majority of fan support. Go look at the twitter followers of Lea,Cory, Chris, Naya, and the rest that are at McKinley. Not even close (except Chord). Anyway, without the original member lead characters named above, the show would lose the majority of viewers. The analysts for the show know what they are doing…show can not survive without Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Santana.

  9. Mike says:

    They should just cut everything not in New York, already.

  10. Nikko says:

    Powers That Be on Glee: FYI, no one cares about the new cast and recurring characters. Yawn.

    • Tentoes says:

      How can you make that judgement when you have only seen them for a small portion of the season so far? Give them a chance. I know when I started watching years ago, I ONLY liked Finn, Rachel, Will and Emma. everyone else seemed boring. BUT after their characters started to be developed like Quinn, Puck, Artie, Tina and season 3 Mercedes and Santana, I really enjoyed them. Give the newbies a change to show you what they can do. Not everything needs to have been done yesterday.

  11. Kalee says:

    Hope she’s part of the choir room. That room is slowly becoming a sausage fest.

    • Stacie says:

      100% accurate. It’s always been more male dominated, but now with that new guy from Glee Project coming and Sugar just around some of the time it’s basically just Brittany, Tina and Marley and Tina doesn’t talk and Brittany has only just started to talk this season. Not enough girls. I liked and still like Jessica Sanchez. Her voice is crazy good. I’m curious at what role she’ll play. If she’ll be someone related to a former New Directions person, like to Santana or she’s a rival or she’s just a newcomer. Either way, I’m interested.

  12. Fran says:

    Stop it with the Idol contestants. GET ACTORS FOR THE SHOW. Glee cannot afford to carry one more iota of deadweight cast members who can’t act.

    • Temperence says:

      Glee’s been pretty rock solid this year. It’s like a different show.

      • Ann says:

        Actually, it’s more fractured than ever, and the writing has gotten, if possible, even more sloppy. Continuity problems all over the place and all these new characters are obvious pale replacements for ones who have graduated.

        • Temperence says:

          I completely disagree. Visually, it’s far more professional. The writing has been (besides the Break-Up episode) excellent, and the division between the recent graduates and the new cast has been working great.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Continuity has never been Glee’s strong point.

  13. Rachel says:

    Ugh. So done with this show’s consistent guest stars. You have a great, talented cast that’s already underused. I can understand new characters for the New York storyline but adding more and more people to the crowded McKinley storyline makes no sense.

  14. OMG! I’m so excited for her! She’s perfect for Glee! I don’t really watch the show but I will now!

  15. Lilly says:

    Seriously, Michael? You think they’re going to cast a 16 year old to play a love interest for Finn? A character played by an actor who is 30 years old? This sounds like a move driven by FOX to cross-promote its shows and to try to sell music (didn’t work with Charice, isn’t working with Geyer, so why they think it’ll work this time is a mystery), not like a Glee choice for decent casting. So disappointing to see that quality acting isn’t a priority.

    • Christina says:

      I agree with you. They can’t possibly cast this girl that looks like a little girl for Finn. Finn needs a WOMAN. He is trying to get out of the “childlike” stage himself…the last thing he needs is a little girl to date. Plus the whole thing with Finn and this girl would make me cringe. She needs to be a McKinley student, and thus she can’t be a Finn love interest because Finn would then be her teacher (when he takes over Glee club).

    • yokoshira says:

      Agreed about Finn ..Jessica is 17 and 4’11 ft tall.. and he’s 30 about 6’4 ft tall, as my 15 yrs old daughter’s reaction;”EWW” !! again,this is only a rumor we don’t know yet who she will be playing. Ryan Murphy knows what he’s doing better than any of us in here..and about ” decent casting” i luv what Glee choices for not picking “pro” actors..this is what all about why Glee became popular because they hired unknown actors which very appropriate to the series..and guesting quality celebrities as supporting actors..genius Glee. Do not compare Jessica to charice and geyer, every persons are different..we don’t know yet, if she can act or not..will see. Glee diehard fans seems very scared that their main actors will be replaced by Jessica Sanchez..i doubted, minorities since from the beginning asians, hispanics and blacks is and always be a supporting actors..so, don’t worry.But, again, Jessica is different !! Congrats my dear Jessica.

      • JSfan says:

        Finn is just getting TOO OLD for the show and needs to move on.

        • Tentoes says:

          No, he is not! He still looks a lot younger than his age of 30 (as evident in the Break Up standing in his PJs, barefoot in the kitchen, he looked very much like a typical college student). And now that Finn is out of high school, it really doesn’t matter; he doesn’t need to look like a high school kid anymore. He is a great character (and one of the best actors on Glee) and a lead in the show.

  16. AJ says:

    I just want Harmony/Lindsay Pearce back.

  17. Paige says:

    Scraping the bottom of the guest star barrel…

  18. Spencer says:

    One question: why?

    • KC says:

      I’m wondering too. She can sing, sure. But I wholeheartedly believe she lost on Idol because she isn’t original. Her voice sounds no different from any other female R&B singer and her first single did her no favors. Try as she might, she can’t hold her own against Naya Rivera and Amber Riley (who arguably have more talent than she does.)

      • Aaron says:

        Jessica didn’t win because she wasn’t the southern girl with an aw shucks type of personality idol audiences tend to go for. She also isn’t the rags to riches story the audience loves. And why are you mentioning that single? They barely have a choice with those and she’s staying as far from it as possible.

      • eneriafanatico says:

        get lost. everybody have failures too, but in the case of Jessica Sanchez as being runner up was not very far from being a winner in the first place. Failures sometimes drive someone to strive more and get more chances along the way. It is early to judge someone capabilities unless you already tested it. She has this potential – singing yes but this acting is another way around that this girl should try too. If you have one talent that you know you are used to explore, it doesn’t mean – you only stay there and never should you try another challenge in life. Everybody has a dream. Sometimes dreams has more perspectives which you never thought it could happen. If ever this chance will not really suit her after she tried and did her best then that is the time that this girl try more opportunities ahead of her that will fit and develop her talents. Give her a break! She also deserve this.

      • esteban says:

        hahahahahahhahahahah you are so funny kc !! what a shallow thoughts ! good try though ! hahahahahaha

      • sam says:

        LOl, I believe Jessica has a better voice than Naya or Amber. I’m not even a JSanchez fan. Naya and Amber’s voice are so average if you as me. Same with Lea’s screechy voice.

      • lanalyn says:

        Thi is in response to KC
        how in the world can a contestant be original on AI? They all do covers. Not for nothin’ but Jessica did amazingly well doing top artists like Beyonce, Celine ,Whitney , & Mariah. Mentors, coaches, artists & producers were all amazed by her phenomenal performances. At 1 point, Beyonce had her AI performance of Sweet Dreams on her website.The fact that she was able to deliver like th original artists is perfection. I know the opposite camp wants to call it mimicing, to me that is pure sour graping & envy. Phillip on the other hand they called original. Songs that were given to him, he changed tto suit his vocal range & power. I like PP but that is hard core fact of the matter. He won bcoz AI allows unlimited voting per person. If it was purely talent, Jessica hands down is the AI winner.Her first single was clearly NOT her choice & preferencce. She asked for R&B, she was given 2 songs & a day or 2 to prepare. PP was given HOME after their AI mentor openly stated that was the perfect song for him & even added “winning AI is all about the song”. And this statement he made prior to the finale Regardless, am happy for Jessica. She has all the amminition to succed without being the AI of 2012

  19. John says:

    I have to agree way to young. The only character who is close to her age is Jake Puckerman that actor is only 19.

  20. Ann says:

    Great another character for no one to care about. When are we getting a Tina story line? Blaine’s parents? A Kurt solo?
    Break up all the popular couples, throw popular characters like Santana and Blaine under the bus, and bring in a bunch of Secret Life cast offs to suck all the quirk out of the show. Genius moves, Ryan Murphy.

    • Sheila says:

      I wouldnt say ‘no one’ Ann, Jess has a lot of fans thus reaching 2nd place on AI. Here’s the thing, glee manages several story lines in a single episode. Meaning we’d get to hear about the other characters of glee. So if you’re worried that she would hog all the episodes leaving none for artie, tina, sugar, quinn (who has been posting alot of pictures in twitter about returning), you are mistaken because she would only be in 4 episodes and not even the whole 45 minutes per episode. i understand your feelings about how the other characters like Tina – who we got more background at the The new Rachel now that she’s not attached to Mike as well as in Hold on to Sixteen when she fought with Mike about the whole majoring in dancing and even the episode where she switched with Rachel. As for Blaine’s parents, I want to meet them and maybe hear the storyline about how his dad made him rebuild a car and theres obviously some problems in their but we got tons of Blaine storylines this season and actually since Darren came, his character had been receiving a lot of attention especially with Matt Bomer as his bro and his and Sam’s new bromance at the Makeover episode (In fact I’d call that a Blaine episode). For Kurt’s solo, I would love nothing more but to hear it but lets face it, it wont be a hit like It’s Time

      This just tells us that RIB really want to up glee’s ratings. SO yeah, I know that everything sucks especially how Ryan favours certain characters enough to put others under the bus but in the long run, like what Darren said, this would make the couple stronger.

      You know what, maybe you’re just depressed with the break up and the month long hiatus but the best solution, my dear, is to read fanfiction. It will seriously make everything better. And if you’re a klaine fan, theres tons on the gkm. so good luck and CHILL! We dont know what her character’s gonna be and it would obviously be a minor storyline seeing as how Jess needs to promote her album and all that. :D PEACE!

  21. Amanda says:

    Ew. Just no.

  22. Stacey says:

    Even if Finn is 18. She looks too young for Finn… Although it’s not out of the realm of reality for high schoolers to go for college, or newly graduated guys. And Finn is very good-hearted. But I can’t see how they would look without Jessica looking too young. Now Lea has been able to play way younger than her real life age. But then who knows….

  23. JAMPONG says:

    Then Stop hating, Just Respect and thats the Fact :)

  24. Linda says:

    I’ll definitely watch this show now. Excited for Jessica’s character!

  25. Suggestor says:

    Funny how self absorbed commenters are believing *no one* cares about someone THEY don’t care about. Jessica is one of the most talented new singers out there and if done right GLEE could really benefit utilizing her powerhouse vocals.

    • Ann says:

      Glee needs actors who can sing, not flash in the pan singers who can’t act.

      • Suggestor says:

        No one knows if she can’t act and how can someone who just came off a national tour, is finishing up recording with the top industry producers, signed by CAA, sang at the NBA championship game, a World championship boxing match, the White House and the Democratic National Convention be a flash in the pan? Jessica’s blazing a trail !

  26. gary says:

    She kinda young to be Finn love interest or Rachel rival. Betting she is the new VA leader

  27. jessicas man says:

    i for one will tune in everytime just to see jessica :)

    • Becca12 says:

      You have horrible taste. American didn’t even want her as the winner of AI. True Glee fans don’t want her either.

      • Thomas says:

        If you believe that America is just the wgwg loving wh*** then you’re wrong. Plus I’m a glee fan and I love Jessica Sanchez too! She’s awesome. You’re the one with bad taste

      • Clau says:

        Nope Ma’am. TRUE GLEE FANS are NICE and OPEN TO CHANGES. Sadly, you’re not.

  28. Tommyo2000 says:

    I guess that the only person that is actually in high school is too young to play the part of a … high schooler?? Imagine that….

  29. ladyhelix says:

    Good for her!! I wish her the best.

  30. heather says:

    ok they had 18..freaking 18 people in a scene today and that was not all of the cast! This show would be a ton better if it focused on a core group of 8-9 regulars with a small supporting cast. This has obviously worked before for them, season 1 anyone?!? There’s so many people to keep track of, i find myself caring less and less about ANY of them. Oh well, agree with othesr that jessica will probs be vocal adrenaline’s newest superstar. She is a good singer at least.

    • Rose says:

      Totally agree about the number of cast members. The show’s already trying to service 3-4 story tracks per episode, and shifting week to week focusing on the huge cast it already has. It needs to go back to Season 1 — a small, core cast whose stories are told week after week and whose stories are very tightly connected to each other. Just trying to read recaps of the show takes pages & pages now with all of the huge numbers of stories & characters to cover; it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of them all, which means losing interest.

    • RT says:

      I also agree with this, although if they had stuck with the season 1 formula, we would have missed some amazing Brittana moments! Those two should have never been supporting characters in the first place.

  31. Vetle says:

    I’m optimistic! :)

  32. Itmereginageorge says:

    Really interesting choice. She was amazing on idol

  33. JC says:

    Another reason to watch Glee again I love Jessica and I am excited about her debut album go #blujays we’re worldwide :)

  34. Temperence says:

    I love that Jessica’s guesting on Glee, but really Mike? Jessica stole the finale? Not at my house… the song of the summer (Olympics, as well) and the marching band stole the show here.

    • one of the marching band member:) says:

      hahahahahahha maybe in ur house..not, in kodak theater though which thousands of people compare in ur house maybe 6 to 8..ok, 10 people ? it was Jessica and Miss Holliday who brought down the house !! not ur marching band and ur pp…u’re so funny. hey ur right it was summer Olympic theme song and u forgot it too it was the Family Insurance theme song too. wow. u must be very proud obviously..good for u and pp.

  35. imonfiyahh says:

    Mean girl role for Jessica please!! No more Miss goody two shoes

    • Suggestor says:

      At least not a goody two shoes role. Maybe an urban kid who’s got lots of swagger but not really a bad guy role.

  36. Stacy says:

    Come on! Would they really pair a 16 year old up with Cory Monteith as a romantic interest on the show. That would just be weird to me.

    I think it’s more likely that she is in a competing show choir or something.

  37. Larc says:

    At least Jessica is young enough to be a high school student. That’s something of an anomaly for Glee. Some of the other cast playing students are old enough to be teachers.

  38. Clau says:


    Let’s just wait ’til she appears before we judge her. She has a BIG fanbase FYI. Bigger than the Chinese girl, nerdy guy, and that dumb blonde. So this might help the ratings. Stop being so rude people.

  39. AEvangelista says:

    I think she should play a serial killer, kill most of the cast, and kill all the haters on this blog. Yeah.

  40. Ana says:

    Nooooo!!! What the heck! They need to stop adding people. This season has been much better than the previous ones with some bizarre exceptions (the left behind bit was just bizarre), but my faves have been MIA. Santana, Mike, Mercedes….why are we adding more people? C’mon!!! BTW, just because she can sign doesn’t mean she can act. It’s bad enough that they bring the kids from The Glee Project which so far have turned out to be duds, (I still cringe when I see Unique. I look away and pretend he’s not there). Geez. Are they trying to sink the show on purpose? First the bone-headed move to Thursdays which has proven to be bad, bad, bad, now mis-casting continues? C’mon!

    • Sheila says:

      Ana dear, the others will be returning in the thanksgiving episode and santana returned in the last episode. So no big deal, lets see what glee makes of jess okay? :)

  41. Cath says:

    I hope she’s not Finn’s rumored love interest because I don’t think they wooul look good together. Cory Monteith is 30 years old and this girl is 16. Even though Finn is 18 in canon, and Cory is a good enough actor to pull it through, I really don’t think they would suit.

  42. fiona says:

    At the end of the freaking day, the ND needs 12 people to compete for Sectionals. I really wish Jessica was in ND so at least we get some more girls and she’s an amazing singer. I’m pretty sure she can act better than some of the past guest performers out there. (I really hope they don’t maker her VA)

  43. Sarah says:

    I would really like her to be Santana’s little sister. She should be the opposite of her though. Maybe Britt may take her under her wings.

  44. Celia says:

    I just hope she was screen tested to make sure she can act. If she can it’s fine with me. I just don’t want another situation like Charice. She should be the new VA lead.

  45. Jessicamyidoxo says:

    Heck I don’t watch Glee. But if you put Jessica on the show, I’m watching every episode she’s on. It certainly worked for me.

  46. Judee Mendoza says:

    I will be watching ‘Glee’ because of Jessica :)

  47. I love jessica sanchez! people who hate her and judge her easily didn’t watch american idol, jessica’s really good in making covers and that’s what glee characters do and in terms of acting can’t we just wait and see what she’s capable of doing she’s old enough to know her limitations. I don’t know what’s wrong with you people but you’re overreacting it’s not like she’ll be permanent in glee she’ll be in 4 episodes only and that’s it!

  48. finn loves mercedes says:

    for gods sake! shes only doing a recurring episodes, shes not gonna take over the whole cast! and i hate to say it but, glee’s rating are plummeting since season two… so why give it a try? and diehard glee fans, can stop watching, if its a problem for them, and i doubt that you will not!

  49. Nina says:


    • Judee Mendoza says:

      Why not ? She is one of the best singers I have ever known, who’s got no formal lessons from the time she started singing at the age of 2 … she might as well be good in acting, let’s wait and see :)

    • joyowon says:

      And why not nina?

    • lanalyn says:

      why not???…Jessica has more than she needs to be on Glee.Artists, producers, mentors & actors have recognized her as immensely gifted with raw talent that can be nurtured & nourished, She’s young, she’s got all it takes to make it.Love her for her talent & persona, such a beauty!

    • May says:


  50. Rob says:

    Very good choice. Smart murphy

    • juan tusi says:

      Yap! Mr. Murphy is smart to include Ms. J. Sanchez on glee. Millions of fans around the world are waiting to watch JS on glee 4.