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Vampire Diaries Season 4: 12 To-Die-For Bits From the First Two Episodes

Vampire Diaries Nina DobrevThe new season of The Vampire Diaries is almost upon us, and TVLine was lucky enough to screen the first two episodes of Season 4, which premieres Oct. 11 (The CW, 8/7c).

As Elena transitions into becoming a vampire, her emotions are heightened; the new installments might ratchet up yours, as well, as heartstrings are pulled and life remains dangerous in Mystic Falls. To give you a taste — no pun intended! — of what’s to come, here are 12 vaguely spoilery observations about the first two episodes:

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* The way in which Elena remembers one of the memories Damon compelled her to forget is quite visually clever. If the intent was to catch viewers off-guard, well done!

* There is a lot of squabbling-sibling drama, and it’s not all relegated to Damon and Stefan.

* Bonnie’s a bit of a badass in the season opener. But it’ll cost her big time, in a way that’s pretty surprising.

* Let’s just say you don’t need sex to have a sexy (and somewhat disturbing) Damon-and-Elena scene.

* A tender moment between Stefan and Elena manages to thaw even Rebekah’s heart.

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* Caroline and Tyler just can’t keep their clothes on.

* Elena’s failure to keep down animal blood provides for some truly gross scenes. It also makes her resort to something that doesn’t make Stefan very happy.

* Mystic Falls’ many dead friends and family – and there are oh so many! – get a sweet tribute.

* Todd Williams‘ ruthless new vampire hunter, who makes his entrance in Episode 2, has some impressive tricks up his sleeve. (After you watch, you’ll get what we mean.)

VIDEO | Vampire Diaries Season 4 Trailer Serves Up Sex! Death! Crashes! And Punches!

* Mystic Falls returning resident April (Grace Phipps) needs a hug for many reasons.

* Damon’s still saving a seat at the bar. Sniff.

* Yeah, nothing good is happening here.

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  1. Babybop says:

    Woo! Excited.

  2. AJ says:

    Does the new vampire hunter have those retractable wrist stakes like Angel did? Those things are awesome. I really hope he’ll kill some important vampires, the other hunters on this show didn’t had much of a impact.

  3. Sam says:

    I’m so excited for TVD to be back. I teared up reading “Damon’s still saving a seat at the bar. Sniff.” :(

  4. Russ says:

    OMG so excited. why is it a week away!!!

  5. sarah says:

    Can not wait!

  6. M3rc Nate says:

    Quite into the show, but getting really tired of the Love Triangle. I get that its just getting into full swing, but to me the line is crossed once you’ve boned both people your (Elena) is in love with, ESPECIALLY if they are brothers (gross). I get how she can be drawn to both, but the insanely heinous things Dameon has done should have ended things. Him killing her brother, and countless other people she said she would never forgive him for killing etc. And if anyone says “well what about what Stefan has done” i dont disagree, however he did that to save her and keep her safe, and the blood was basically a drug. Like a boyfriend who goes back to the mob to save his GF and gets hooked back on Coke and does horrible things…

    And lastly, every season she would say how disgusted she is with Catherine and how she slept with both brothers, and toyed with their hearts, and how she would NEVER do that. And now what is she doing? Exactly that. Her reasons for not choosing are 100% selfish “If i pick one i lose the other, i cant do that” lame. IMO the show should not stretch this out to season 6-7 and get it done sooner, not a fan of watching brothers fight over each others sloppy seconds.

    I know this started out as a book series, does anyone know how it ended up? Who did she choose and under what circumstances?

    • Lena says:

      In response to how Elena is just like Katherine, toying with the brothers, that was addressed last season. Elena was very upset with herself when she realized they were very similar. But I agree, Strong!Elena circa Season 1 has largely deteriorated into a whining damsel in distress. Here’s to hoping she grows some balls this season!

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Yeah but upset with yourself and upset with yourself and DOING something about it are totally different. I totally agree with your second statement.

        I have a feeling she is going to gravitate towards Damon this season now that shes a Vampire (remembering things, her emotions heightened, her not thinking clearly and being more primal) and Stefan will be trying to help her be a good vampire & not become a murderer (which she would never have wanted to be when human) but it will be super difficult for him and she will push back and naturally gravitate towards wanting to be helped by Damon.

        Then over time (late this season, next season) she will start to come back to her senses and see how much Stefan has been fighting for her to keep her humanity and Damon has influenced her to be a “bad” vampire like him (killing humans, drinking human blood, making rash impulsive decisions etc) and she will fall for Stefan again.

        The only way they can make Damon even a spec of a good choice to be with is if they have him REALLY break down his walls and get in touch with the good, loving, caring man he was when human. (And it stick, not be a phase or something).

    • Jennifer says:

      She choose Damon. The author said: the story is about Elena falling in love for Damon. Damon becomes best for her, and Stefan always losing control.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Very interesting. I totally dont see it but i seem to be a part of the minority so thats okay. I always have a issue pulling away from the first people a show couples up together. So what ends up happening to Stefan? He fall in love with a diff girl or he dies?

      • cb says:

        What book series did you read? It’s a while now since I read them but from memory she chose stefan. She went to damon for a while and ended up back at stefan. In saying that the show has changed quite a few things to the book so just because the books do one thing doesn’t mean the show will.

      • You know Jennifer, we didn’t need the author to tell us this [did we?] because it’s evident in the books who Elena’s heart is truly with. Everytime she says over and over again how much she loves Stefan, it’s like she have to convince herself of this and vice versa [on TVD, too]. If Elena was meant to be with Stefan, Damon would not have a special place in her heart in the now and I wish some people would just acknowledge this fact.

      • subhadeep says:

        is it true ? which author said this the book author or the one writing the writing he screenplay for TVD. Because if it is then i might just explode with happiness

    • In the books which I love dearly, here are some Elena qouotes/thoughts concerning Damon:

      Elena’s Transition Into Vampire-
      A hand cupped Elena’s chin, tilting her face up. She met Damon’s narrowed dark eyes directly. Then long, slender fingers touched her lips, probing between them. Instinctively Elena tried to bite, but not very hard. Damon’s finger found the sharp curve of a canine tooth, and Elena did bite now, giving it a nip like a kitten’s. Damon’s face was expressionless, his eyes hard.

      “Do you know where you are? “, he said. Elena glanced around. Trees. “In the woods”, she said craftily, looking back at him. “And who is that?”. She followed his pointing finger. “Stefan,” she said indifferently. “Your brother.” “And who am I? Do you know who I am?” She smiled up at him, showing him her pointed teeth. “Of course I do. You’re Damon, and I love you.” Book 3, Ch. 1 [Ending]

      Damon and Elena:

      Chapter 8-

      He was stroking her hair, which was so unfair, curling the ends and crushing them in his fingers…just hours after he’d taught her to feel things to the tips of her hair. He knew her weak spots. Not just every woman’s weak spots. He knew hers; he knew how to make her want to cry out in pleasure and how to soothe her…As soon as their minds connected there were something like fireworks. Explosions. Rockets. Stars going nova…Book 6, The Return:Shadow Souls

      Book 5, Vampire Diaries•The Return~Nightfall

      …the world of the Vampires…and Damon. And all the wicked wildness she’d found inside herself, all the passion. Stefan was her lynchpin, but Damon was the fiery breath beneath her wings.

      ~Elena Gilbert~

      Vampire Diaries Book 5-The Return: Nightfall

      A wave of strength buoyed her so that she lifted fast and swept by the widow’s walk and a furious Shinichi and weeping Caroline. ***Then Elena met Damon’s eyes. They were filled with hot, fierce pride in her. She was filled with hot, fierce passion.

      Vampire Diaries Book 5-The Return: Nightfall

      Elena’s Diary Entry-

      And Damon. I know now that there’s living flesh under the layers and layers of stone he’s wrapped around his soul. It’s deeply hidden, but it’s there. If I’m being honest with myself, I have to admit that he touches something deep inside me that makes me shiver-a part of myself even I don’t understand.
      Oh, Elena! Stop right now! You can’t go near that dark part of yourself, especially now that you have Power.

      •L.J. Smith was for Damon and Elena as endgame. I love the books more than the show mainly because the readers get to explore Elena’s mental unlike on the show. We’re left wondering on TVD unfortunately but in my eyes, Delena is endgame because they have way too much magnetism that has yet to be explored by KW & JP!

    • The real writer wanted to give a Delena ending but the publishers fired her for it!Now a ghost writer will finish the books and Stelena will be endgame.Not fair obviously.For me it was Damon and Elena in the end!And The Vampire Diaries books ended in the 7th book.

      • I agree Christi! I’m finishing up book 7 now and I find it interesting that some readers/viewers can’t see how Damon has transformed back into this caring being and Elena is a reason for that but she also is the reason for his decline backwards into his old ways but Damon truly loves her with all his heart and he definitely deserves some happiness. Thanks for posting this on L.J. Smith! Team Damon/Delena!

      • TP says:

        Actually Christi, L.J. Smith said she didn’t know who endgame was going to be b/c she planned to write 5 more books but was fired. I have never seen anything quoted by the author stating that The Vampire Diaries was a story about Damon and Elena falling in love but Damon and Elena fans love to say this. I’ve read this quote so many times by Delena fans so I thought I would try to find the quote and I haven’t found it yet.

  7. Lena says:

    This show has great plotting and amazing premieres and follow-ups. Season 4 is looking to be absolutely EPIC. Still mourning the loss of Team Blood&Beer, though :(

  8. Pearl says:

    For everyone who saw the last promo, you may continue….

    So, i don’t know if you guys got it, but when the voice over sai “love” the first and longer scene was of Damon and Elena kissing, after that just a little glimpse of Stephan with someone that could be Elena OR Katherine, so… I think that, even though she chose Stephan while human, this girl is going Damon at the end of this season.
    I think that after she experiences what is to be a vampire, she’ll see him with new eyes. The hint that she’ll probably go on human blood (against Stephan wishes) looks like something that she might have in common with Damon. Stephan refuses to drinkhuman blood, cause he can’t control it. BUT damon can, and does, and he might help Elena do it (what Stephan wouldnt like much) and she might as well like it. So…
    I’m bettind Damon and Elena are end game this season.

    • I totally agree!!! Damon and Elena will be even more drawn to each other now that she’s vampire and this new way of life will open up doors for Delena but only if JP & KW plays the season right. Team Damon/Delena!!!

    • cb says:

      Some thing you’re forgetting from last season. It goes something like this

      Little early in the day for you isn’t it

      Just having a little toast

      To what


      So something tells me stefan will stay on human blood in moderation

  9. Lana says:

    I want Damon and Elena together.
    D + E is totally flawless. He protects and
    loves more than anything, and she is
    Damon’s humanity. They complement each other and evolve together.
    S + E is so tedious and boring i just hate this boring ship.

    • Susy says:

      Amen! Totally agree with you!! Delena=endgame!!

    • Jen says:

      Exactly. She brings out the good in him. It is amazing how much he is different from the first season. They do complement each other. It is just like Rose said last season Stefan’s love is pure but Damon challenges her. Stefan annoys the heck out of me. He reminds me of Angel from Buffy too much with his storyline. Ohhh I am good now I am bad and then being good again. Way overplayed seriously.

      • Ron says:

        I dont watch the show anymore but I think Delena should be endgame, they are written a such
        and they just become this phenomenal couple on the show and outside it , yeah even to us “outsiders.”

    • I absolutely agree with you Lana! I’m yearning for Delena Loving!!! Team Damon/Delena 4ever!!!

  10. dude says:

    Want more Rebekah spoilers.

  11. kate says:

    Stelena and Delena sucks!!!!!!!!!They are one big bore fest!!!

    • darlene says:

      I like stephan but damon is more adventured so in other words not so boring. Not dull. He is not tobad onthe eyes either. Theres a look he gives kind of roles his eyes upwards with a grin that u would see on a child getting ready to do something he shouldnt.

  12. Glyndah says:

    I think it shld end with a win win situation who ever elena chooses the other shld end up with a new girl in town.D+S both deserve to find luv at the end

  13. Glyndah says:

    I think it shld end with a win win situation who ever elena chooses the other shld end up with a new girl in town.D+S both deserve to find luv at the end title = ” “

  14. Reward says:

    Ok, stop with D/S/E :D
    I wanna Katherine! She is amazing!

  15. Kara says:

    What drew me into TVD was Stefan and Elena’s love story, and that’s what keeps me watching, SE have a beautiful love. Damon is an hurdle for them to overcome, just as Katherine and Klaus were. But I think it’s safe to say Stefan and Elena will always return to one another.

    And with all due respect to the book references here, you may want to read the rest of LJ Smith’s quotes, and the actual books. This is not a story about Elena falling in love with Damon, its a story about a triangle. Elena goes back and forth between the brothers, but she never chooses Damon over Stefan, Damon and Elena have their moments, but Stelena always come back to one another. And by the way it’s Damon, not Stefan who gets a new love interest in the books, Bonnie and Damon have a beautiful love story, he even sacrifices his life to save Bonnie. So yeah, I think in the end it will be Bamon and Stelena. Two beautiful love stories.

    • Texas45 says:

      I would love to see Bonnie and Damon in a love story. It would make since. I don’t think the writers will do this because they cast a beautiful black woman for TV and this country is very racist. I’m a white guy and I would love for them to at least acknwledge this on TVD as well as they did in the books. Bonnie is beautiful as well.

  16. These quotes did come from the actual books. Damon and Elena just have more chemistry than Stefan and Elena. Elena knows this as well as Stefan [both books and show]. To each his/her own with who they ship! L.J. Smith never forgot who she was shipping. Once JP & KW came into the picture, they instantly did other than what L.J. Smith wanted. If your for Stefan and Elena that’s your choice and your TVD right [smiles]! JP & KW didn’t expect to receive such a huge Delena fan base and they’re now trying to balance what they created. I love the tv show mainly because of Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore but the original books are way more detailed on Damon and Elena and what the feel for each other. Stefan is in the picture and will probably always be but Elena spends most of her time fighting her emotions concerning the connection she has with Damon. Thanks for the chat friend!

    • Kara says:

      I have no doubt the quotes mentioned are from the actual books, but it seems you have cherry picked the DE parts of the book, leaving out quotes that support SE and BD. They are just as much a part of the Vampire Diaries story if not more.

      The books have yet to confirm who will end up with who, it’s far from clear at this point. Just as t’s far to soon to tell on the show, so lets take your DE biased comments with a grain of salt.

      About who LJ Smith, JP and KW ship, 1) how would you know, 2) who they “ship” has never been publicly confirmed, and 3) you really think any of these people “ship” any couple? LOL.

      And which couple has more chemistry is debatable, just as it is debatable DE have “such a huge fan base.” I could argue that Stefan and Elena have a more substantial, and sustaining chemistry, IMHO. And I think that it speaks for itself that the lowest ratings in the history of TVD was a DE centric episode.

      • Yes I picked the quotes because they have substantial meaning to Damon and Elena’s magnetic attraction, their love for one another, their relationship, their chemistry, which Elena has admitted this in the books [All of it, even her love for Damon]. The quotes were posted because of your unnecessary comments on Damon and Elena [1st initial posting]! This is why ship wars are started. Just comment on who you like and leave the negativity out of what you are saying and we All can avoid TVD ship wars. If you don’t like Delena, no need to post it. When I see TVD pages like this, I only mention who matters to me & that’s Damon, Delena, Dalaric & Bonnie. I avoid degrading cast members roles unless of course Damon/Delena is challenged. It’s so simple to do [just avoid the negativity]! Have a beautiful day!

  17. trina says:

    Love the show…so tired of the love triangle..good thing it has a good supporting cast.

  18. I watch this show for all characters bar Elena-Stefan-Damon, mainly because the triangle bores me so and the supporting cast are far more entertaining/. So TVline any chance of more about the awesome supporting cast, rather than the same old same old who will Elena choose?!

  19. TEAMDELENA says:

    dont get how ppl think elena’s not selfish…she is da most selfish and inconsiderate person ever….she keeps being such a bitch to damon all da time and i guess da fans have had enough this time….TEAMDELENA

  20. -.- says:

    I think the love triangle is getting really boring. I also agree that elena is totally selfish.
    and damon is better at being the bad guy its stefan and elena who should be together. maybe Damon and bonnie would be interesting to watch :)
    for me its stelena all the way.

  21. lovetheoriginals says:

    I am so sick of everyone putting Elena on a pedastal and living life to protect and adore her. She has played with both Stefan and Damon for far too long,to the point that I’m starting to hate her! She still flirts with Matt and even had moments with Elijah! I honestly think it would be such a better show if the supporting cast were featured more and the world stopped revolving around Elena. If I hear “we’re doing this my way”, one more time from her, I might be sick. Am I the only one noticing Elena’s way never works, and it usually gets everyone else hurt? I think it’s time Bonnie turned her back on Elena and maybe she should hook up w/Damon. There’s def some chemistry between them. Caroline needs to have more steamy scenes w/Klaus, and Stefan needs a new girl who only loves him. Matt and Rebekah are HOT together, and Elena doesn’t deserve any of these guys. If nothing else, the writers at least need to focus Stefan and Damon’s attention on someone else for a while to let Elena see how it feels, and to let her see that the world truly doesn’t revolve around her whiny, needy self. Love the show, miss Alaric and Anna…