Who Is Once Upon a Time's Mystery Man? We Spy 12 Clues -- Plus, Our Season Premiere Recap

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Once Upon a Time‘s Season 2 premiere.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time opened Season 2 neither in Storybrooke nor in fairytale land. It wasn’t even Boston. Instead, the setting was… New York City?

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Even more curious was the focus of those first two minutes — a character listed in the credits only as “Mysterious Man,” played by True Blood/Terriers alum Michael Raymond-James.

“People wondered if we were going to start in Storybrooke or fairytale land. We started in a third place,” series cocreator Eddy Kitis tells TVLine. “We wanted to start in a world nobody expected.”

What are viewers not named Desmond Hume to make of the jarring Season 2 opening and its enigmatic subject? “We’re very excited about the answer to who he is, and to reveal that sooner rather than later” — sometime within the first nine episodes, says cocreator Adam Horowitz.

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Until “sooner” arrives, the show bosses hint that Mysterious Man’s apartment was not decorated in a vacuum. “We try to be meticulous with the production design, so… yes, there’s stuff in the apartment specific to the character,” says Horowitz. Adds Kitsis: “There’s one thing in there in particular … I’m not going to say what it is…. that has very significant meaning.”

Fine, twist our arm. TVLine paid ridiculously close attention to the opening sequence, and even freeze-framed for you both sides of the Mysterious Man’s digs, calling out possible clues to his identity. One item in particular raised a red flag for us. Here now the photos and the sum total of our observations. (Plus, our full recap can be found on Page 2.)

1 | Mysterious Man apparently works on the Upper West Side, cutting through Central Park on his way home — and then taking an odd detour to East 47th St. — before hopping on the N-line subway at the 5th Avenue station.

2 | Mysterious Man lives on Grand Street in Little Italy, across from the famous Piemonte Ravioli Co.

3 | Mysterious Man’s apartment is teeming with anachronisms including pocket watches and monocles (see letter A in photos below), radios and clocks (C), cameras (L) and desk microphones (K).

4 | His other vintage possessions include a “Cleaner & Hatters” sign (B), a corded rotary-dial phone (D), a cobbler’s wooden shoe forms (G) and a Berol Giant manual pencil sharpener (J). Is he an anachronism himself, something out of time and place?

That said, the music player/phone he watches tumble down the fire escape seems modern enough. (Also, he’s a better man than I, who would have openly wept if my Blackberry ever left my hand.)

5 | Speaking of music… the tune playing throughout is “Charley’s Girl,” a Lou Reed ditty that warns, “You better watch out” because “she’s gonna turn you in” — as a beautiful blonde bail bondsperson might?

6 | Dreamcatcher (H)! Women’s bowling trophy (E)!…?

7 | Speaking again of music, the Mysterious Man loves his wax — which he presumably spins on his Desmond-like record player (M) — and just album covers in general. One example (I) is a print of John Guliak’s 7 Stories & 13 Songs. (If that’s also an album cover hanging to the left of the doorway, my research came up empty in ID’ing it. Any help?)

8 | But perhaps most… curious … is something that was barely yet purposefully glimpsed. Just after the Mysterious Man arrives home, the camera angle changes to peer down at the bookcase with the radios. Sticking out from behind it is a sign (inset, letter F) bearing the logo for the progressive punk rock band NoMeansNo — specifically, the logo used on the album The Day Everything Became Isolated and Destroyed. I’m just spit-balling here, but if you wish to risk being spoiled, check out the fourth track.

Lastly, let’s not forget the message delivered to this man via “air mail” — a postcard from Storybrooke bearing the simple message: “Broken.” Which to me suggests he was never able to enter the Maine town… until now.


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  1. Rob says:

    Baelfire or Henry’s Dad. Or both :)

  2. lstar19 says:


    • Leo says:

      I don’t think it’s Baelfire. They’re gonna reveal him in midseason. I think Bael is more like finale material.
      Btw, love the Charmings’. But I kinda hate Rumpel-Belle’s scenes.They’re kinda boring. Is it just me?
      And I love Mulan/Aurora.
      Strong premiere. Hottest grandpa indeed!

      • Jazzy says:

        Totally disagree. I at this point couldn’t care less about Snow and Charming. Rumple and Belle is the story with the romance, chemistry, and fire. I am glad the Charming personality is back though I wanted to slap ‘David’ so many times I lost count.

        • Pandarr says:

          Amen. I want more Belle/Rumpelstiltskin. Totally heart-wrenching and beautiful storyline. And their chemistry is amazing. I want them to get their happy ending together so badly.

          • Andrch02 says:

            The more I hang around the fans, and the more enthusiastic Rumpel/Belle fans I meet, the more I’m turned off to the relationship. I didn’t mind the relationship at first, kinda liked it in fact, but the more avid fans of it I meet, the less I enjoy it. Is there a term for that?

          • It look like it was turning into the Snow White/Prince Charming show. Snow White was forever crying while Charming didn’t know his ID and then suddenly he got a wife who look like she was murder by her husband. I can’t wait to see what happened in season two.

      • Mary says:

        I don’t like the Rumple and Belle scenes. To me it seems forced between the two of them.

        • Kim says:

          The Rumple/Belle seems very forced
          I think they picked the wrong actress for the role.

          She does better as a pregnant teen mom.

  3. Jillian says:

    He’s Baelfire!

  4. Becca says:

    I’m thinking it might be Rumple’s son, Bael, all grown up. He’s still out there in the non magic world, so I’m thinking if he’s not Mystery Man, then maybe whoever sent the postcard.

  5. Rachel says:

    yes i thought it was baelfire as well.

  6. slizabeth says:

    SO much to think about… and I’ve got nothing. My first thought was baby daddy, but if he’s a character…. I don’t know. Who could he be from *track four of that band’s album*

  7. Amj says:

    The Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!!!!

    • Alice says:

      Yeah, I’m surprised more people didn’t say that…weird! That’s what I was thinking too!

    • Babybop says:

      I’m thinking that too because of the “hatter” sign and the monocles on the wall.

    • Me says:

      There is also a rabbit paper weight on his desk! I think white rabbit too.

    • Mellie says:

      The pocket watches and monocles would support this, too.

    • Miranda says:

      Why wouldn’t he be in Storybrooke then? Like all the other cursed fairytale characters.

      My money’s on Baelfire, he’s the only logical explanation. And that he’s Henry’s dad. That’s actually what I was thinking when Emma confronted Gold.

      • Shaun says:

        because the rabbit historically visits the human world……

      • Templar says:

        Because only those in Fairytale at the time of the curse are in Storybrooke. We’ve seen no one from Oz, Narnia, Wonderland etc. in SB. And the White Rabbit comes and goes [down the rabbit hole]. Now that the curse is broken we are going to see Captain Hook.

      • nick1372 says:

        Wonderland was not affected by the curse. It’s a different world.

        • X says:

          sorry. Wonderland had to have been affected by the curse. otherwise, how was jefferson, who was still trapped in Wonderland, affected by the curse in the first place?

      • Fabi Alves says:

        but the white rabbit is from wonderland , maybe the curse didn´t had effect there and cora (that is the queen there) told the withe rabbit to go to the real world and try to enter sotybrook for something with regina! maybe regina locked cora in wonderland , that´s why she said , she is no queen, and how the queen knew her dad was the only thing she truley love!!

    • Elyse says:

      ohhhhhh i now see why you think that. i could see that being true!

    • Andre says:

      I’m thinking White Rabbit too..and the postcard must be from the Hatter/Jefferson..since he’s one of the few other characters who knew about their former life before the curse was broken, and maybe he contacted him before, since he didn’t look confused or something.

    • That’s what i said the White Rabbit :)

    • sj says:

      Yes, I agree he is the Rabbit. The pocket watch especially makes me think that. Of course with this show he could be the rabbit and Baelfire. After all, Gold is both Rumplestilskin and the Beast.

    • MoxieSue says:

      That’s my guess. Baelfire is too obvious. Every one is waiting for Baelfire to appear. The White Rabbit on the other hand…

    • tp says:

      Something else that possibly points to the White Rabbit. When his phone/music player fell. Look like something going down the rabbit hole, just like Alice.

    • arisasira says:

      and when he dropped his phone and the camera watches it fall, it could be an echo of the classic ‘rabbit leading alice down the hole.’

  8. Joe says:

    Rumplestiltskin’s (Mr. Gold’s) actual son?

  9. steph says:

    it’s baelfire. the album cover of John Guliak’s 7 Stories & 13 Songs is a heart. Baelfire is supposed to be Rumple’s light/the thing that keeps him human! He’s also probably Henry’s dad because these characters are weirdly connected. Couldn’t Emma have procreated with someone normal?!

  10. Alyssa says:

    Henry’s dad AND Baelfire. Bam.

  11. ashlee says:

    The lyrics to the song definitely could suggest baelfire but I’m not 100% convinced. Could also be a grown up Peter pan? Either way I think he is also Henry’s dad.

  12. Annie says:

    Mad Hatter?

  13. Elyse says:

    i agree with most people i think its Bael.

  14. Patricia says:

    My first thought was Baelfire. But it would be Awsome if it was him and that he’s actually Henry’s dad.

  15. Shaw says:

    I’m reluctant to say Baelfire, because how would he know about the curse? The curse was created and set off, after he left FTL. Maybe, mysterious man was the one that Pinnochio was talking to on the phone. Because how would good old Pinnochio know about rumplestiltskin’s dagger. That is a closely guarded secret. However, with all that said what other FTL character escaped the curse?

    • Lara says:

      Baelfire was sent to a land that had no magic. Remember the fairy telling Rumple that where he was going was different and had no magic. I bet you that is Baelfire and he is Henry’s dad!

    • Templar says:

      Anyone who was in Wonderland or Oz or Narnia etc. when the curse happened would not be affected. Only those in Fairytale were.

      • Sheyla says:

        that makes me wonder, the mad hatter was stuck in Wonderland… Why is he in Storybrook then?

        • nick1372 says:

          He is from Storybrooke. That could explain it.

        • Alice says:

          I think either there’s a part of Jefferson’s story we don’t know yet (maybe he managed to go back to FTL from Wonderland, but then the curse striked) or, since he still knew who he was, he came to the real world not through the curse, but directly from Wonderland. If the mysterious man is the March Hare, then he is the Hatter’s friend and they most likely came to the real world together.

      • Tracy says:

        Regina said something about the curse affecting ALL the lands, which seems to be supported by Jefferson being there. Plus, I think we’re supposed to meet Alice at some point. So it could be someone from another land.

        • Templar says:

          When she said all of the lands, I believe she meant kingdoms. There were quite a few in Fairytale. Leopold’s Midas’ etc.

        • zaza says:

          Regina also said she brought Jefferson there (brought, not sent), which might suggest that she took him from Wonderland and put him in that fancy mansion in Storybrook before she enacted the curse. I think there is more to their back story relationship.

          • Templar says:

            Good thinking. Wasn’t Jefferson confined to the mansion so that he couldn’t interact with the townies and spill the beans?

      • Aaron King says:

        Actually Regina said twice that all the Lands were destroyed and Mulan mentioned only part of the Enchanted Forest survived the curse, which means Wonderland, Oz, etc.

    • who says it was the curse WE’RE thinking of? if you were bae, you’d be a bit disappointed in your dad and hurt for a while, sure, BUT wouldn’t you think he’d find a way to break HIS curse (THE DARK ONE) and find you, and send you the message somehow?

      • songbyrd86 says:

        Okay – so obviously not ALL the kingdoms in FTL were affected as they still have some there. What’s to say that Storybrook was the only cursed place? What’s to say that there aren’t other people that were cursed to other places? If they weren’t in storybrook they wouldn’t know that they were now allowed to leave because they wouldn’t know the curse was broken….

        That being said, I think he’s the white rabbit.

  16. luli says:

    Henry’s dad

  17. My first thought was white rabbit but it’s probably baelfire who is obviously henry’s dad.

  18. Emgee says:

    1. Baelfire
    2. Henry’s Dad
    3. Gaston

    • Bigby says:

      He’s not Gaston, we already met Gaston during the “Skin Deep” episode in season one. He got turned into a rose by Rumple.

  19. tonilost says:


  20. nick1372 says:

    Baelfire. There’s not a lot of characters outside of Storybrooke, and I doubt it’s Henry’s dad because he wouldn’t know about the curse. Unless, of course, they’re the same person.

  21. Mike says:

    I think he’s the author of Henry’s book, whether this person is also Bae is still in question, but I’m pretty sure he wrote the book.

  22. smartysfilly says:

    I think he’s the white rabbit.

  23. Abby says:

    March Hare maybe or White Rabbit because of the hatter sign and the clocks…

  24. Roy J Lores says:

    I’ve got no clue, I don’t think it’s Henry’s dad because Emma gave hints to him being a married man and not a loner as the guy in the opening of season 2 is, it could be Baelfire but why would he not be able to come into town if Emma and Pinnochio could? One thing is for certain whoever he was he received a message through magic meaning that magic is not limited to Storybrook.

    • Lissa says:

      Yeah she gave hints that Henry’s father was a married man, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a loner now because of what went on with Emma and him. I bet that affair ruined his marriage and that doesn’t mean it still can’t be Baelfire either. Baelfire might be too easy, but it seems logical and would be like an icing on the cake to have Henry linked to Gold/Rumplestilskin in some way. That is, considering Baelfire really is Gold’s son. Something tells me Gold/Rump. would have known if Bael wasn’t. I’m between Baelfire/Henry’s father or the White Rabbit. Awesome start to the season! Lovin the Henry/David scenes! Lovin Josh’s scenes period! That man knows how to bring in the emotions! The thing that boggled my mind tho is Regina. I thought she didn’t have a soul? From everything she became I thought she sold her soul or something to be what she is. So how could a soul stealer steal something she doesn’t have?

    • patti says:

      I always thought that maybe he lied about being married cause he got to close to someone and you can’t explain fairytale and your dark one dad without a trip to mental hospital.

      • Lissa says:

        Oh I like this idea even better. Pretending to be unavailable/married because of not being able to be completely honest to avoid being called a nutcase! Genius! You can never be too sure of the truth from relationships like that. Look at Just Go With It movie. Sandler’s character pretended to be married having pretend affairs when he was as single as can be. Interesting concept for one from FTL to invent to avoid not being ridiculed in the real world. Very sneaky and genius of the writers if this is what they did.

    • Ashlee says:

      He might not have been able to come until Emma came. Henry said in Season 1 that people don’t come to Storybrooke. No one had seen August/Pinnochio in Storybrooke, perhaps because he wasn’t able to come till after Emma came and the curse was weakened…

  25. Julie says:

    It would be too obvious for the stranger to be Baelfire. Just because he is a stranger and has dark hair does not make him automatically make him Bae. I mean Graham had dark hair so did August and Jefferson. Actually Jefferson as Baelfire is something I wish would be true.

  26. Nancy Hecko says:

    Gaston has already been shown. People haven’t aged in Storybrooke, so NOT Baelfire. Like the idea of the White Rabbit.

  27. James says:

    Baelfire came to real life long way before the curse, why people think it could be Henry’s dad? The story of Rumpelstinskin happened years before the curse with Regina. I thought that was stated in one if the episodes… My guess is that Baelfire and Henry’s dad are two different characters. Besides I’d hate to see the storyline going there…

  28. my thoughts that it could be the white rabbit…………mentions pocket watches and monocles hanging near the door………….also has a sign that states cleaners and hatters…………

  29. zippy says:

    There’s three mystery men around outside of Storybrooke:
    1. Baelfire
    2. Henry’s dad
    3. The mystery man August called at the beginning of episode 19. The one that had a ‘plan’ that August was to follow.

    I’m hoping it’s #3.

    • Jess says:

      #3: Unfortunately that “mystery person” was confirmed to be Henry. The plan was going to Gold’s shop and having Henry distract him while August went snooping around in the back

  30. Jennifer says:

    Was Regina faking it or messing with Emma when she (Regina) said “Who’s Jefferson?”. I assumed she was screwing with Emma because I’m under the impression that everyone remembers everything from both worlds.

  31. Lindy says:

    They haven’t shown what happens to people who walk out of Storybrooke. What if he’s one of the original cursed characters (like the White Rabbit?) who left town and once you leave you regain your memories, but then you’re cursed to live outside Storybrooke? Allowed to know the truth, but forced away and unable to be with those you care about?

    • Meg says:

      No one was ever able to leave Storybrooke. I think Cinderella tried to leave on foot and was stopped by going into labor at the city limits.

  32. Amy says:

    I am loving where this season is going! So excited for it! First, the Desmond Hume-esque beginning with the Mysterious Man. Then the twist that some of the fairy tale people are living at the same time, parallel to the Storybrooke people. Then, Emma and Snow being trapped there. So awesome.

    • shae says:

      Me too! Loved how those that stayed in FTL knew about the curse, also that Mulan blamed Emma and M.M. For the death of Phillip. Loved the scene at the end between Charming & Henry, and the scene between Belle and Rumple.

      Soo can’t wait to see Emma and some more bada$$ Snow in FTL.

  33. Sarahthebaker says:

    Yeah, I’m going with Baelfire, if not the White Rabbit: think, the red glove with the watch? (Red Queen + “I’m late, for a very important date!”, aside from the number of other timepieces in the room).

  34. Jess says:

    While Emma’s life was completely horrible, spending the rest of eternity as a newborn wouldn’t have been very fun either. Because how could a 10 minute old baby break a curse? Plus I always figured that if Emma hadn’t been sent away in time, Regina either would have kidnapped her or killed her. I think if/when it’s revealed that there was room in the wardrobe and Pinocchio took that spot, it will be intense

    • FINALLY, someone commented on this! This little Emma not being able to forgive snow and Charming right away is definitely going to annoy me. It’s not like they had a choice. What were they supposed to do, really? Spend eternity forever together, cursed, and her as a baby? Argh!

      • Ayla says:

        Emma herself addressed this with the question ” which curse is worse?”

      • Also who says they’d be together, Hatter isn’t with his daughter either

        • Katherine215 says:

          And Snow and Charming weren’t even together for the last 28 years. Yes, it sucks she grew up in foster care, but she had to in order to save her family. (side note: I wish they would do away with the extensions Jennifer Morrison has on her hair.)

          • tp says:

            As a hair stylist, those extensions are so distracting to me! Every time she’s on screen I find myself looking at those extensions and not paying attention to anything else going on.

      • Tahj says:

        In addition , Emma doesn’t know the entire story. Just that they sent her away to “give her a better life”. Most adopted kids don’t take too well to that explanation.

        Also, she’s comparing her foster life to Storybrooke… not the actual dangerous world of Fairytale Island.

      • Tahj says:

        entire story. Just that they sent her away to “give her a better life”. Most adopted kids don’t take too well to that explanation.

        Also, she’s comparing her foster life to Storybrooke… not the actual dangerous world of Fairytale Island.

  35. Gilda says:

    Barol *Giant* pencil sharpener. Jack? And Bae? And Henry’s dad?

  36. Min Min says:

    Given the mashups so far, could Bae and the White Rabbit be the same person?

    • Patti says:

      Could be but I was betting Bae/Henry’s dad would be Jack from jack and the beanstalk

    • I was just thinking the same thing. There are lots of clues in that apartment leading you to believe he is the white rabbit, but there are clues that link him to Baelfire.

    • Tamim says:

      I think that it could be very possible that Bae and the White Rabbit are the same. First, the White Rabbit was known for passing between worlds. Bae went to another world, but why should we assume that once he got there he was content to stay there? He may have found a way to travel to wonderland where he became the White Rabbit and eventually worked with Jefferson who also got trapped there. Jefferson has an agenda, so does Bae. I think the two of them could have easily been working together. If Bae went back he could have somehow been affected by the curse, holding his age at a fixed position like other Storybrook citizens, but somehow outside of the town’s limits. He collects things, like Gold, but he’s young. His frozen age status could explain why he has such a odd range of old collectibles. He could ALSO be Henry’s dad. If he had a family, but wasn’t aging, that could have led to tensions and an eventual break-up, but on the other hand I have a hard time believing anything that Emma says, including info about Henry’s dad, so the guy might never have been married; she may have used that line as a simple way to end the discussion. The show has already shown a history of merging story-lines: Red Riding Hood IS the wolf, Rumpelstiltskin is the Beast, etc. Bae could easily be the White Rabbit and since Jefferson is the Mad Hatter, they could be friends or at least work together.

      • Templar says:

        Going with the dual identities theme, I still say that Emma’s story is that of Rapunzel. Separated from her parents, fostered, imprisoned etc. And her hair keeps getting longer and longer.

        • Katherine says:

          I’ve been spotting Rapunzel links–especially the hair, which tends to reflect Emma’s emotional state. And the fact those locks just too perfect for such a non-girly girl. BIG HINT last night–when Snow and Emma sat down to eat with “Lancelot,” the first food that Emma picked was…RAMPS…which are the onion/scallion-type plant that Rapunzel’s mother craved and that Rapunzel’s father stole from the witch’s garden, which led to the whole “I get to take your baby” situation. That said, this may be an even twistier version of the Rapunzel tale, since Henry was actually stolen by a witch and kept imprisioned in Storybrook. And that kid, as we all know, does nothing BUT disregard anyone who tells him to stay put. He’s constantly breaking out of any “tower” that someone tries to put him in, particularly Regina.

          • I can’t wait to learn the ID of Henry’s father.I wanted to learn who replace Regina as the mayor of Storybrooke Maine.I got a feeling that the new mayor won’t be the newest mayor for long.

  37. Patti says:

    Cool premiere. I wish we had alittle more time with the reunions before everyone got pulled apart again. I know they tied into everything by the end but there was too much Sleeping Beauty,Phillip and Mulan. I didn’t care for them.Sleeping Beauty were annoying. Felt like their time could have been spent on season one regular and recurrings like Archie, Grumpy and August or more dad/daughter bonding before Charming and Emma were separated yet again. Very disappointed in the lack of Charming/Emma.

    The guy in the beginning is the very predictable Baelfire/Henry’s dad. Just wonder who sent the message.

    • Jess says:

      Agreed. I hope that if Emma spends the first part of the season bonding with Snow, the second half can be her bonding with Charming. Their relationship is important too and I hope the writers’ remember that. And they better not be stuck in FTL all season!

    • Béria says:

      Well, let’s be logic here: Who is the only person in Storybrook who saw the “outside world”? I can’t figure out who the guy is, but my guess is that August send the message to him.

      • Templar says:

        Not necessarily. August did, but so did Mr. Gold. Mr. Gold brought Henry to Regina from Arizona. Remember, he gave Regina the curse under his terms. I think he factored in the right to come and go, so he could search for Baelfire.

        • berialima says:

          Not really. Rumple is affected by the curse like everyone else (see episode 1×21 – An Apple as Red as Blood) when he says to Regina he is planning a trip for when the curse gets broken (6:20 to 8:40 min) and she come back after get the apple and tell him he isn’t going anywhere because the curse was “more strong than ever” (38:10 to 39:36 min). So he got Henry, but he didn’t left Stroybrook for that. He couldn’t left.

          • Templar says:

            Or so she thought. Remember that Gold built things into the spell of which Regina was unaware. She didn’t know about the potion bottle hidden inside Maleficent. Gold only revealed what was in his best interest for her to know. He could easily have included ingress/egress for himself.

  38. Sarahthebaker says:

    One more thing. On the artwork with the red hand and the watch….could be a mash-up. “RED HAND” + “WATCH” yields the name of a campaign called… the “Red hand watch.” Catch this….to draw attention and relief to the plight of child soldiers. DEFINITELY sounds like the Baelfire issue that started Rumple’s path to being the Dark One. Remember the Ogre Wars? Children were being drafted into conflict. Deep thoughts, folks.

    • Michelle says:

      I think you’re onto something. That caught my eye right away, more so than any of the other items in the room. I was disappointed they didn’t point that item out. I couldn’t tell what it was (looked like a misshaped barnyard to me) but I could not get passed it. I wonder if it may be the item that Kitsis says “has very significant meaning.” Thanks for explaining it, I feel like there’s something to it.

      • Steve says:

        I was wondering if it was a reference to The Scarlet Hand from the recent Sisters Grimm children’s book series. If so, the mystery man could be The Master and working with the more nefarious elements of Storybrooke.

  39. Kelly says:

    I really enjoyed the Henry/Charming scenes and the Charming family sceenes. The reunion with Granny,Red and dwarves was great. I like Belle’s Obi Wan moment. I like that kept her goodness and backbone. I hope Rumple learns from the past and stops choosing power/hate over love. It cost him Bae and Belle once before. Love the chemistry between Robert Carlyle&Emilie de Ravin and also the whole Charming family.

  40. Kelly says:

    I really didn’t like Sleeping Beauty and that whole storyline.

    • mandypanda says:

      yuck! me neither! Sleeping Beauty was so annoying! and did they really have to put Mulan into a love triangle? that was dumb.

    • patti says:

      I really disliked Sleeping Beauty,Mulan and Phillip.

    • I was just very, VERY mad they killed off Phillip. Especially since he was my first cartoon crush.

      But I’m not fond of the fact they shoved Mulan in there…why? There may be proof she DID exist in the real world. And if and when that proof does come out, how are they going to explain HOW she got there? I have been quite disappointed in some choices Disney’s made regarding movies and TV and this is no different. :(

      But Aurora…no I feel like that a lot. Having to be pushed around and thought of never capable of doing anything, hopefully she shows up she-who-should’ve-met-the-soul-sucking-fate later on…

      Aside from that, what was going on in Storybrooke was more interesting…

  41. Miriam Diaz says:

    i think the episode was awesome, and mistery man is Gold’s son and Henry’s Dad…

  42. Amy says:

    Not sure if I’m going to like the multiple alternate realities. Time will tell.

  43. Bonnie says:

    Baelfire seems too obvious…..

  44. Anna says:

    Another question……who sent the postcard? August? I would think he was no longer wood after the curse was broken. But if not him, then who?

    • Templar says:

      How about this? Mr. Gold sent the postcard to Baelfire because Bael couldn’t come into Storybrooke while the curse was in place. He managed to get Henry there by adoption because Henry wasn’t part of Fairytale. but Bael was, so he couldn’t get in.

      • Gail says:

        But Emma and Pinocchio (August) were a part of fairy land and they could get in to Storybrooke while the curse was in place. Everyone seems to assume that the land without magic that Baelfire
        went to was our world. Who to say if there is not more than one land without magic.

        • Templar says:

          Pinocchio didn’t come in until the clock started again and the curse was weakened. Emma was brought in by Henry because she is the savior and thus part of the curse.

  45. Amj says:

    If it is the white rabbit, I bet it was someone like Jefferson that sent the post card… He has always known who he is so it makes sense that he would have contacts with the outside

  46. mawhi says:

    I’m thinking Bae… and he’s taken to collecting things like his father.

    I also think the open window could indicate Peter Pan. Hmmm.

  47. Shannon says:

    The red hand/wreath (??) picture near the door . . . to me, it looks kind of like something you might see on a coat of arms. Just a guess.