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New Once Upon a Time Episode Titles Revealed: Whose Backstories Are Coming?

Once Upon a Time cocreator Adam Horowitz, perhaps in a chipper mood because of the Yankees’ extra-innings win Friday night over the A’s and first-place standing in the AL East, took to Twitter on Saturday morning to share the titles for Season 2’s Episodes 4, 5 and 6 — each of which strongly points to a specific backstory.

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First, to recap what we knew previously: The Season 2 opener, airing next Sunday, Sept. 30, is titled “Broken” and was written by Horowitz and cocreator Eddy Kitsis. Its notable guest stars include Sarah Bolger (The Tudors), Julian Morris (Pretty Little Liars) and Jamie Chung (Samurai Girl) as Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip and Mulan, plus Michael Raymond-James (Terriers) as “Mysterious Man.”

Episode 2, “We Are Both” — presumably a nod to how the Storybrooke residents now are cognizant of the two existences they have led, and featuring the backstory of how the Evil Queen first met Rumplestiltskin — was written by Jane Espenson, and guest-stars Barbara Hershey (returning as wueen mom Cora), Sebastian Stan (as Jefferson), Bolger and Chung, plus Bailee Madison as young Snow White. Episode 3, “Lady of the Lake,” was written by Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg and guest-stars Stan and Alan Dale (as King George).

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And now, the fresher intel….

Episode 4
TITLE | “The Crocodile”
WRITERS | David Goodman and Robby Hull
IT’S PROBABLY ABOUT | The backstory of Captain Hook (played by Colin O’Donoghue) and what he’s been up to in Storybrooke this whole time (besides getting half-price manicures).
IT’S PROBABLY NOT ABOUT | Hook’s crocodile adversary himself — unless he’s now Ruby’s handbag.

Episode 5
TITLE |The Doctor”
WRITERS | Kitsis and Horowitz
IT’S PROBABLY ABOUT | Who Dr. Whale (played by David Anders) really is.
IT’S PROBABLY NOT ABOUT | A certain Time Lord.

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Episode 6
TITLE |The Man from Tallahassee”
WRITERS | Christine Boylan and Espenson
IT’S PROBABLY ABOUT | Emma’s difficult past, seeing as how in Season 1, Episode 4, “The Price of Gold,” Regina shared her learning that Miss Swan lived in the Florida town for two years. And as Kitsis told TVLine during our Fall Preview Q&A (posting next week), “We’re excited to finally get a good look at some of Emma’s backstory before she had Henry. We may even see the origins of her beloved yellow bug.”
IT’S PROBABLY NOT ABOUT | John Locke’s con man father.