Grey's Anatomy Boss Justifies Killer Season Premiere: 'Mark and Lexie Get to Be Together'

Grey’s Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes exhausted all other possibilities before deciding to pull the plug on her beloved Mark Sloane in Thursday’s premiere.

“I had many options for ways Mark could leave the show,” the show’s creator wrote in an extended missive on her WhoSay page. “But any option that didn’t include him dying required him to a) grieve for Lexie indefinitely and b) willingly walk away from his daughter. We fought about this incessantly in the Writers Room. I didn’t want Mark to die but, as the writers rightfully argued back, Mark couldn’t abandon Sofia and he certainly couldn’t abandon Callie once Arizona’s leg was amputated.”

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Rhimes added that she briefly considered sending Mark to Los Angeles to reconnect with ex Addison. “I loved that idea,” she said. “But it still required Mark to abandon his child and abandon Arizona. And it meant that I’d have to scrap all the plans I had for Addison this season – and her plans are wonderful. Also, that would somehow suggest that everything he said to Lexie when she was dying was easily forgotten. So…I fought it and I debated it and tossed and turned about it but in the end, I had to do what was right for the integrity of the character. Mark would never abandon willingly Sofia and he would never willingly abandon Callie. So Mark dies. And he and Lexie get to be together in a way. Their love remains true.”

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Speaking of Lexie, Rhimes confessed that her death in last May’s finale “haunts” her to this day. “I adored that character and I couldn’t imagine the show without her,” she admitted. “It was important to me that her exit would have maximum impact. The plane was going to crash no matter what. I honestly wasn’t sure, because of contract negotiations, who was going to die in that crash. In my early finale plans, once I knew Chyler [Leigh] was leaving the show, Lexie wasn’t originally even on the plane. She was going to die back at the hospital by doing something as simple as slipping and hitting her head. She would have been dying over at Seattle Grace while other people were dying in the woods. Which wasn’t my favorite plan. She would have died without Mark at her side. Without the chance to say goodbye to him. Without the chance to hear that he loved her. I wanted them together when she left us.”

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Rhimes ended her essay by promising fans of all three of her shows — Private Practice and Scandal included — to expect “a lot of surprises” this season. “We have some weddings and some babies and some romance — both GA and PP,” she announced. “We have some very hot scenes of forbidden love (Scandal all the way). And we have a lot of incredibly strong smart women doing what needs to be done to make their lives work.”

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  1. Julia says:

    I understand her point that Mark would never leave Sofia. In a sense, I get that. But make it work somehow. You can’t just kill your characters. I think Lexie and Mark should have BOTH survived- thus negating that whole “Mark would be grieving indefinitely”- and use more subtle, deep writing to search for that one reason Mark would go (BESIDES DYING and destroying half your loyal audience) and make that happen. And I’m sorry. I am not mollified by Mark and Lexi being “together” in the afterlife, as if that makes everything okay. To me, they are not. They are dead. And I feel ripped off.

    • Tom says:

      But the point of this is that Chyler Leigh wanted to leave and Eric Dane was leaving, too. The reality of it is that Chyler leaving because she got another job somewhere is fine but everyone would be disappointed with that as well because we still would have lost a character. This wasn’t a choice that Shonda made, this was a decision that Chyler made. So, having lost Chyler, no matter what, and still Mark would do what exactly? Leave Sofia and Callie and Arizona still? It isn’t perfect but writing television is hard, especially when the actors decide not to come back.

      • Russ says:

        They should have done a George/Izzie like scene where they both died/almost died. Have Mark be all dressed up and Lexie in a white dress smiling waiting for him possible in the elevator. I think fans would have like that ending better.

        • guest says:

          oh barf. I prefer real-life over make-believe spiritual any day. less sterotype for stay at home moms and some real life helps. People die. People who love die. get used to it.

        • Candy says:

          I was thinking the same thing!! I agree!! That would of been a great idea! We should be writers on the show!!! LOL

      • Essie says:

        I agree, everyone is blaming Shonda and her choices but, if the actors don’t come back she has to write something realistic. If people are going to be upset about their favorite characters leaving they should be upset with the actors who decide to leave for better roles. It doesn’t show a whole lot of loyalty for their fans. Chyler Leigh gained fame from Grey’s and then decided to leave for greener pastures. For what it’s worth, I think that was a big mistake on her part. But, only time will tell.

    • Anthony says:

      I understand her completely. Its like the situation with Laura on GH. When Genie left the show back in ’02, there was absolutely nothing realistic they could have wrote that would have explained Laura being away from her family. So instead of killing the character off (which had been done twice with Laura before), they had her go cuckoo. Now, I don’t know if presumed deaths are acceptable in shows like Grey’s. But I guess Mark could have gone missing. But then, how do you explain where he’s been if he reappears. Amnesia? Then people would really be bitching about the writing.

      But I agree in that the growth Mark had shown, there was no way he would have left his child and you guarantee you can get him back for appearances here and there when you need him. What if a story is planned of Sofia getting sick and Eric Dane isn’t available? How in the world are you going to explain Mark not being around without him looking like a deadbeat dick?

      • Jessa says:

        Then you don’t write that Sofia gets sick without first making sure Eric Dane can come back to guest star. It’s not like these things are completely out of her control

        • Annie says:

          Eric didn’t decide to leave until this summer. Chyler decided to leave before the end of last season.

        • Ana says:

          Then people would complain that Mark was MIA and he should be there for his daughter. At least with his death there is closure. That’s the smart way to handle it.

    • Rudence says:

      Well if she hadn’t killed of Lexie she’d have had to write her out some other way because Chyler Leigh was leaving regardless. So you would have ended up with Mark heartbroken over her leaving and then eventually he would have moved on with another female and people would have been upset.
      And the idea of having mark find a reason to leave…If you have kids I ask you this: What’s the ONE reason that would make you leave your child in order to move away with your lover? There isn’t one, is there?

      • Tess says:

        Julia was saying they write out Lexie and Mark by having them leave together, not dying. She knew Chyler was leaving regardless, so why not come up with some other way for Lexie to exit the show?

        And yes, I’m a mother, and no, I would not leave my child. But why not have Mark move to another hospital in Seattle? Reference him but not see him? Any other possible character resolution either than killing them both. Anything but them both dying tragically and horribly and being together in heaven only would be better.

      • Macho Man says:

        You can leave your kid for your lover. People do it everyday. Then when you hook up with a new chick you can have a new kid. If that doesn’t work out, leave her and get a new chick and have a kid with her. Eventually you will find happiness. OR END UP BROKE LIKE T.O. and these other dumbass athletes that do this kind of crap all the time.

    • lizzy says:


    • S says:

      Try watching BBC Robin Hood.

    • whatevs says:

      I feel ripped off too. To have waited the whole summer for Mark to be ok and then just kill him off in the premiere? That was cheap.

    • I feel exactly the same way! They should both have survived, have been together, and have had impact exits in other ways. Oh, sure, there was an impact in the way they left — a negative one. I’m from Brazil, and, when I was a child, my father went to Canada for his PhD. He didn’t *leave* me. He went abroad, for something that was important for his career. He called, he sent gifts, he visited. (And this was before internet times!).

      Had it been me, they would have both been in the crash — have been deeply impacted by it. And would have gone to Doctors Without Borders. For a while. An opportunity to be together, to grow as professionals, as human beings, to do good unto others, and to get the heck away from that cursed Seattle hospital. They sure needed it. he’d still be Sofia’s father. He’d still be there. Shonda could even arrange them to come back for the finale! Or if she didn’t want that, she could mention them as coming back, finally! It would have been so easy, beautiful, happy. But, NO, she needs to mess everything up.

      I quit the show. For the first time since I was 10 years old, I quit a tv show. And I don’t regret it.

      • Macho Man says:

        And maybe they could have bought a house in the suburbs and had butterflies & humming birds. Perhaps they could wake up to Andre Boccelli singing in their living room. Oh, and maybe they could have gone out and got matching airplane tattoos after they survived the crash. Then maybe Meredith’s mom could be resurrected from the dead only to return to Seattle Grace to be Chief, oh and to be nice to Meredith.

        Maybe they could have moved to Rio, got a favela in Rocina and became crack addicts??!!! Or died in a police riot. Oh wait no death, only happy endings.

        Are you kidding me? Whahhhhh I quit the show! It’s a DRAMA!!!! If you want happy watch reruns of Leave it to Beaver or My Three Sons. People are a trip.

        • Chris says:

          There is a DIFFERENCE between not wanting cheap deaths all the freaking time on your TV shows and having a show without drama. Barbie never said she wanted rainbows and puppies and no problems. She said she didn’t want to drop their flipping plane out of the sky. And I totally agree.

          • Bia says:

            YES, this. You are right. Nobody needs happy endings on a drama, but Shonda just started pointless killing off characters and then coming in with stuff like “It was our best choice” No it wasn’t! It’s just lazy writing.

    • Alex says:

      AGREE!!! 100%

    • CC says:

      Agreed. There’s no way this is the only hospital in all of Seattle, they could have lived, been happily together, worked somewhere else and not abandoned anyone.

    • brenda says:

      I dont think she wanted to just “kill the character persay” I believe it we all read that contracts were up for negotiations, she didnt even know who it was going to be.. in fact she stated that Lexie was going to die either way weather it was from a plane crash or from a bump on the had by a fall.. Lexies contract was not renewed or visa versa.. When the contracts are up, it really is first up to the show to want to re up the contract or inevistably the celebrity leave on their own and not renew.. I think we can all agree that these two shouldnt of been the ones to go.. but i dont think Shonda had a choice in the matter..

    • Cortney Goodwin says:

      This was dumb. Lexie could have left on a family emergency where her and mark could of had a long distance relationship in which they slowly broke it off or they could have ran away together. There were plenty of other possibilities!!!

    • Dee says:

      Agreed. Devastating end of these characters.

  2. Stacie says:

    So if we read between the lines, they declined to bring back Tim Daly and Eric Dane due to financial/budgetary reasons, and because they both had children on the show they couldn’t figure out a more clever way to write them out, so they killed the 2 of them off. In my opinion, it was lazy writing, not smart or creative. They didn’t have to kill Lexie either but they knew Chyler Leigh was never coming back so they figured why not? I get the show’s been on for 9 years and this is probably Private Practice’s last season, but it’s pretty ridiculous that Shonda and company just keeping go to that well over and over again.

    • Mo says:

      I thought Eric Dane said he wanted to leave.

    • Mary says:

      I actually thought She did the right thing sorry. This was realistic. People die – especially after a plane crash, she took it one step further having him hold on till the 30 days was up. As far as Tim Daley goes, I actually won’t miss Pete, but then if you think about it, he never would of left Lucas yes they could have him spend his life in prison but that would give Lucas the same burden he had. There is no easy answer, but I thought Grey’s was handle perfectly.

      • Stefan says:

        yeah Mary, you are so right. And honestly, i am so sick of people whining about the death of characters,, this is a televisiondrama .. people die, get over it. People die in real life, People die in shocking and unexpected ways and the least have to chance to actually say goodbye to anyone. At least Lexie got her moment with Mark .. so why can’t people just “enjoy” the ride and stop being bitches .. for the love of god

        • ginger says:

          I’m not enjoying the ride. That’s the problem. I wish I was, believe me! But voicing my problems with the recent writers’ choices in not being a “bitch”. And, yeah, people die in shocking and unexpected ways in real life. But on a TV, you can’t have it happen all the freaking time. First off, it strains believability, and secondly, it’s just plain bad writing. Choose another option you haven’t already explored, one with more subtlety and depth that comes from the characters OWN ACTIONS.

          • Ashley says:

            How does dying strain believabilty? What real world do you live in where thee aren’t obituaries everyday in the paper? And you’re right it doesn’t make you a hitch Ginger it makes you a conceited whiney baby who thinks she knows better than someone who does it for a living and does it well

    • Actually, I feel the way she handled Tim Daly was wrong and unfair. As an actor, a professional who was five years on his show he deserved so, so much better! She should have the decency of not having fired him through his agent! That was horrible!

      However, Pete’s death makes sense in the context of the show. It truly does. It wasn’t a far-fetched made up tragedy she pulled out of her @$$! Pete’d gone through major heart surgery before. He was under unbelievable pressure! His whole life was on the line, he was tried for murder. You see, him having a heart attack, it’s so not out there.

      As a showrunner and a professional, it was low of Shonda what she did with Tim Daly. But, as far as the story goes, his death was well written into the show, which is a total opposite of everything that has been happening into Grey’s Anatomy, in which no character who wanted to leave had to die.

  3. itsmemartu says:

    Shonda finally did something right by letting Mark die and reunite with Lexie! For him to leave in another way would’ve been too forced. Nevertheless, I believe this is going to be a horrible season, without Lexie and Mark! Hopefully Addison will come back and try to help undo this hell of a mess that Rhimes created.

    • Annie says:

      He did. There’s no reading between the lines of his interviews, where he clearly states that he wanted to leave.

      • J says:

        He did not….Direct quote for article on eonline that came out last night: “As for Dane, well, according to insiders, he did not ask to leave the show. However, before you Grey’s fans get even more upset, please know that according to sources, there were “very legitimate reasons” for Shonda’s decision to let him go.”

        Dane is just being a nice guy and giving the party line so he doesn’t burn any bridges. No way did Eric want off the show.

  4. lara says:

    I actually agree with her. I wish Izzy had been killed off too, because I just thought it ruined her and Alex’s love story to see that she willingly abandoned him after he stood by her throughout her tumor.

    • Tom says:

      THIS! Thank you! I’m so sick of people thinking that the characters disappearing into the abyss is somehow healthier and better. Alex STILL hasn’t gotten his life together because of it, which might add for good drama, but it doesn’t make you feel good either way.

    • Emily says:

      Me too. The character assassination of Izzie and the wrecking of her and Alex’s relationship was horrible. There is no way that she would have left with just a note without confronting him first. And then coming back and pretending everything was fine? Ugh. She should have just died in the s5 finale too

      • kavyn says:

        Izzie was my favourite, but I agree completely. George was going to leave the hospital anyways to join the military, so it made so much more sense to write him off while killing Izzie.

  5. Bren says:

    Will they have Addison address Mark’s death at all on PP?? I know there an no cross-overs this season…but he was one of her best friends. They should somehow mention it..or have her come back from Seattle…something!!

    • omabin says:


      If you see the promo for next week’s PP, it makes it seem very likely!

      • I hate this so much. I quit Grey’s Anatomy because she messed it up so much, and she goes and messes it up by writing it into my Private Practice. However, I did laugh out loud, as Addison, in ex-boyfriend’s Pete’s funeral, seemingly gets a call about ex-lover’s Mark’s death. Jake, Sam, Derek, Alex, run to the woods!

  6. Ola says:

    If i want be honest:
    1) 2 latest episodes = my 2 favourites characters death
    2) I preffer my Lexie and Mark both dead thaen one of them still living.
    I swore to never watch GA again if Mark will live, I’m aware it’s hars, but Lexie and Mark was my favourite couple. I cannot see one without another.
    3) it;s sad to seen them go, but it’s better then one of them alone and lonley. they were soulmates

  7. omabin says:

    I loved reading this, and as much as it pains me, I agree with her on everything as far as Mark Sloan is concerned. It would be a diservice to the character to have him walk away. Addison would sound very good, but it would somehow invalid Addison’s own journey and it would also be a disservice to Lexie (there would be major backslash) not to mention he would still be leaving his daughter and Callie and Arizona. It’s awful, yes, but int his instance, I agree that this was the only way. I o not agree with Pete though mostly because he should have never been written out of the final season of the show in the first place, is bogus. But oh well

  8. lili says:

    agree with the other comments…i have been watching this show since the beginning and even though the writing became so lazy after season 4 i kept watching but this is it for me…i just watched the 1th ep to see if i was wrong and i wasent …killing off mark was stupid!(and im not even a lexie fan,i never was) but shonda keeps killing effin everyone…its not even a drama anymore…death has become so normal on this show and so easy to expect…it has become her fav plot choice..and it goes the same for pp…sorry but this was my last greys ep…and i dont give a damn about all the new characters…bad bad move shonda!

    • Anjali says:

      9 seasons and only 3 major characters have been killed off, George, Lexie and Mark, 4 if you want to include Denny. I’d say that’s pretty decent for a Hospital drama. Being that it is a Hospital drama, death is going to be a recurring theme.

      • JJ says:

        Exactly! only 3 series regular characters have been killed off, 5 more left the show alive, and the rest are still on the show. in 9 seasons that’s not many deaths of series regular characters. All of the other deaths are to be expected on a hospital drama.

        • She killed Lexie and Mark. If she’d killed Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Izzie, George, Bailey, Webber, Jackson, April, Hunt, I wouldn’t have cared. And it seems you also forgot Reed and WhatsHisName that died in the hospital shooting. It’s not about quantity. It’s about HOW she kills people. It’s far-fetched, unrealistic, out-stretched, unbelievable.

          • JJ says:

            Reed and Charles were NOT series regulars. Regarding the hospital shooting, sadly mass shootings are not unbelievable and unrealistic. Unfortunately, there are many examples of it happening in real life. Likewise, plane crashes with people dying also happens in real life. And let’s not forget, it’s a television show. Out of the ordinary drama is to be expected.

          • ivy says:

             don’t think i would miss christina as much as i do mark and lexie

          • akmcdermotts says:

            Come on. People don’t watch the show because it is based in reality. Would you watch it if they just went to work, removed an appendix, ate a sandwich and went home? And if someone died it was because they fought cancer for 2 years? No, people watch it because it is overly dramatic. Because it is shocking. If it wasn’t shocking it would be BORING.

  9. sherknd says:

    People had to die, it was a horrible plane crash. If no one died after that crash and being in the wilderness for a week, it would be terribly unrealistic. Very sad that it was Mark and Lexie, but since they were both leaving the show, it makes sense.

    • Kelsey says:

      My issue is they shouldn’t have had the freaking plane crash at all. It’s cheap, easy drama that doesn’t come from the characters. It’s an outside problem and it feels manipulative. “Oh, what can we do today to make the characters suffer and the audience cry? WHY DROP THEM OUT OF THE SKY, OF COURSE!”

      • Jamie says:

        This! Exactly!!

      • THANK YOU! When you watch Private Practice, the characters have much, much more depth, because the problems they deal with, their tragedies, are LIFE tragedies. They don’t keep getting shot, having plane crashes, ferry boat accidents, have bombs in the hospitals. They deal with illnesses, addictions, suicide, pregnancies, abortions, rape, even car accidents (because *these* are actually, you know, normal), this sort of things that actually happen in real life. The *only* story that was not “natural” was Violet’s baby being cut off her belly, but she’s a psychiatrist and her patient was having a psychotic breakdown. Even that isn’t too unbelievable. Everything else, just things from LIFE. That’s why I love it so much.

  10. Montie says:

    Mark’s grief over losing Lexie could have made him decide to leave the hospital. He could have worked somewhere else in town which would have kept him near Sofia but off-screen.

    • Rudence says:

      And then for years to come people would have complained that Mark never visits/is around and speculated if Eric Dane will do some kind of guest staring role same as they are doing with Katherine Heigl and Izzie.

      • Lauren says:

        Well that’s better than him dying

        • kavyn says:

          If he was still close to Sophie, and by association Callie/Arizona, then he would still be expected to appear regularly on the show (which he doesn’t want). So the choices are either Mark leaves permanently for x reason, or Mark dies.

      • akmcdermotts says:

        YES! The people whining all the time about “Bring Izzie back” is SO MUCH WORSE than if she had been killed off. I hated to see Mark die, but I am so glad people won’t be able to whine about him coming back until the series is over! In fact, I would like to advocate that Shonda Rhimes kill off any person leaving the show so that I don’t have to see the complaining. Okay, I’m kidding about everyone being killed off. Or am I?…

  11. C says:

    Mark was a great character, but I totally agree with Shonda that Mark would never 1) leave his daughter and 2) would never abandon Callie and Arizona. So sadly, this is the way it had to be.

  12. stacy says:

    I love the show and I’m totally fine w/ how things played out (also really happy Arizona lived). However, after reading this, I’m confused. Wasn’t the whole point of writing Mark out of the show because he wanted to leave? If that’s the case, why would Shonda consider sending him to Private Practice? Why would he leave one show to join another?

  13. Thing is, Lexie didn’t have to die. Had it been *my* show, I would have done it much differently. Chyler Leigh deserved better! I would have sent them for a while away doing Doctors Without Borders, getting the heck away from SGMW. It’s not like mark would abandon Sofia forever! Maybe Lexie would get to see Molly! So. Much. Better!

    • Jen says:

      Right! Molly! The sister nobody ever remembers! There are seriously a million other ways the writers could have gone. But they went the cheap and easy route.

    • JJ says:

      But where is the drama in that scenario? Keep in mind it’s suppose to be a dramatic television show, not a plain every day show. Chyler deserved a send off that showed off her acting abilities and would have people talking for a long time….and that’s what she got.

      • jessie says:

        Drama does not equal death. You can get plenty of drama out of any other conflict in the whole world. Any way that Lexie left would have caused drama, just simply because she was leaving.

      • Exactly! You don’t watch much drama, do you? Because the best drama shows, the most powerful are not far-fetched like Grey’s Anatomy. The best two season finales last season were CSI:NY and Criminal Minds, both were powerful, emotional, impactful and were a million more times less “dramatic” than Grey’s. Shonda Rhimes reminds me of a 12 year old drama queen. Many slightly older, brighter girls are much more pleasant to get along with.

        • JJ says:

          Agreed drama does not necessarily have to equal death. But in the scenario you described of them leaving for Doctors without border, there is no drama or impact.

  14. Random says:

    I said after Lexie died I did not want to watch Mark move on, they were great together. So when I heard he didn’t sign on for another season I was relieved. I did hope they could get Chyler back to take Mark with her though thy would have been nice.

  15. J says:

    What she fails to bring up is that unlike Chyler, Eric Dane didn’t want to leave the show. She decided to get rid of him for budget reasons. I completely understand killing him off if the actor wanted to leave. Problem is he didn’t. Therefore, deciding whether to have him abandon his child/Callie or kill him off shouldnt have even been a decision. Instead, she should have kept Mark on the show and gotten rid of April, etc to save money. She didn’t go kill off Alex will Heigl left..

  16. Sarah says:

    She’s sick.

    Mark and Lexie could have just gone to a different hospital in SEATTLE and just not be seen buut still alive and still around his kid. If she was a good writer she would think of things other than just killing everyone off. She’s a psycho,

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you. There were plenty of ways to write them off without killing them both tragically. they could have moved together to a different hospital/town, and they could have been referenced by remaining characters like “oh Sophia is with Mark and Lexie this weekend…” Sloane not working at Seattle Grace doesn’t mean he abandons the baby. Then they could have made guest appearances if they wanted, if not, that would have been fine too. But the fans would have been happy that they were alive and together somewhere.

    • Ana says:

      Let’s review the timeline again. Shonda knew that Chyler was leaving early this year. So she and Chyler had time to work out the details of Lexie’s exit. Shonda found out over the summer, after the finale had aired and Lexie had died, that she had to let Eric go. So it would have been impossible for her to back track and have Mark and Lexie leave together.

      • Jen says:

        Even with that timeline, the issue comes from the first decision- kill Lexie. So you knew Chyler would be leaving the show. That’s okay. Give Lexie’s character some kind of send-off, a job in another state, anything. Then you find out later Eric Dane is going. Figure out some way he leaves- he joins Lexie, he moves to another hospital but is still in Seattle so he can see Sofia, whichever. You can make it work.

        • kavyn says:

          I agree, the initial concept of killing Lexie anyways by having her slip sounded stupid. It sounded like Shonda wanted a double-whammy with two deaths (ie as if April had committed suicide like people were speculating while someone still died from the plane crash).

          However Lexie’s death in the plane crash makes sense. Shonda intended on having the plane crash happen and I’m going to make the assumption that her intention was to kill either Derek (since he was considering not signing) or Arizona (wasn’t she pregnant at the time?). But then Chyler said that she wanted out, so Shonda changed her plans so that Chyler died instead (meaning Arizona/Derek survive).

          Then because of Mark’s character, plus the fact that Eric wanted out too over the break, Shonda either had to get rid of him by writing him off, or by killing him. Out of the two options, killing him made more sense for the reasons given in her statement.

  17. Hugo says:

    After Lexie’s death, the only thing to do with Mark is make him die, too. They were soulmates and, moreover there is Sophia: Could possibly Mark leave her?
    However, if I agree with Mark’s death, I’m sorry for Arizona….

  18. Ana says:

    I’m glad she finally articulated it. I know some people don’t like the deaths but it’s what’s best for the story and the character that matters. As much as I hated it, I know that to have Lexie go the way she did with Mark holding her hand and both having made their declarations of love to each other was the best way to handle it. And I agree with her choice to have Mark die 200%. The Mark we have come to know and love was a manwhore, but he was fiercely, unapologetically loyal to those he loved most. He would have never, ever walked away from Sofia or Callie. Especially with Arizona losing her leg. No way. He would have been there picking Arizona up and dragging her to her therapy sessions because that’s the kind of guy he was. He loved Callie like no one else and he came to love Arizona as well. He protected them. And he would have never gotten over Lexie so any other relationship would have been forced and superficial and no one would have enjoyed that. Shonda did the right thing. Even though I’m still mad that she chose to leave Arizona without a leg.

  19. erin says:

    More importantly, I’d like Shonda to explain the way she portrayed the Mayo Clinic as some rinkydink place that couldn’t possibly live up to Seattle Grace. That was an absolute joke with no research done whatsoever.

    • Amy says:

      SERIOUSLY. If I were a Mayo Clinic doctor, or even just a Minnesotan, I’d be feeling pretty insulted.

      • Linderella says:

        Totally agree. There’s a Mayo Clinic in Florida and it is awesome! Trust me – if you want top notch medical care, there is no better place. Portraying the staff as a bunch of yokels is insulting to the hospital, their doctors and nurses. Cheap shot, Shonda!

    • Greysfan says:

      I don’t think she portrayed it as inferior to Seattle Grace, justify they live by different values. They work as a team and respect each other and put the hospital first (not that they don’t do that at SG but they do it differently). While point was so the culture there wouldn’t work with Christina’s personality.

      • erin says:

        That’s true, but I thought the way they had them talk made it seem like they just weren’t a serious operation, which is definitely not true. Mayo is a world class leader in a number of areas, but I thought she portrayed it as a total joke.

  20. Mikaylah says:

    I definitely support the decision because I feel like Lexie and Mark should “be together”. I also agree that Mark would never have moved away from Sofia. It was sad, but it felt right.

  21. sharona says:

    I hope Addison will visit Grey’s for the funeral !

    • Ana says:

      There won’t be a funeral. After the flashback episode the shows picks up where the first episode left off. Shonda said no funerals.

  22. shuayb says:

    Omg reading some of these comments are so exhausting…
    Bottom Line Eric Dane and Chyler Liegh wanted out. Eric was not cut becuz of budgetary reasons, it was just that he wanted out. Shonda probably didn’t want it, but ABC probably lapped it up. One less regular to pay means they can either give the show less / or hire more guest stars to up ratings.
    Killing Lexie was harsh and cruel but in the grand scheme it makes sense. Her death opens up something for the other characters. Any other exit would seem half assed. How could she just up and leave for somewhere else when her life is in Seattle.
    Same goes for Mark. If Lexie didn’t die and went of somewhere else: He would be torn in deciding to go with Lexie or stay with Sofia and Calzona. If he did either, people would bitch about. The best, not perfect solution was to allow these characters to pass on and let their deaths stir the remaining characters life.
    I mean how would you feel if ur best friend died in a plane crash that also severly damaged ur hand?

    How would you feel if the half sister you wanted nothing to do with, became a part of your life and now she’s gone. Also u only communicate with ur best friend via Facetime? These will make compelling television and I personally cannot wait for more.

    I never liked how Shonda handled the Burke and Izzy stories. But this is good work.

    • Dominique says:

      Ehm, no, Eric did NOT want to leave, Shonda said so herself. She had to cut people cause of budget reasons, and Eric was one of them.

  23. ggny says:

    Please atleast give Mark a funeral. He deserves it

  24. Angie says:

    Shonda did the right thing. i hate that Mark and Lexie are gone, but so be it. I look forward to this season of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and……..Scandal, yes!

  25. hello says:

    She is a psychopath who enjoys causing people pain. I thought i was over Lexie’s death but clearly i wasn’t. I am done.

  26. Lateef Moody says:

    Having read Shonda’s comments, I do feel slightly better about these deaths. But, I still feel that this is, frankly, lazy writing on Shonda’s part. There are others way to create “maximum impact” without killing an exiting character. Going to back to O’Malley in 2009, three “Grey’s” characters have been killed, and it was almost four since she flirted with the idea of killing Izzie in season seven. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

  27. tripoli says:

    Great job TV Line on putting a spoiler at the top of the main page. Even those who chose not to enter the article will know what happened, whether they want to or not. Awesome job, yet again. Too annoyed to comment about the show. Hope everyone enjoyed it, or didn’t, based on some of the comments.

  28. Shari says:

    I had REALLY been hoping for a Mark & Addi reunion. I LOVED THEM. sob. RIP McSteamy!

  29. Dominique says:

    While I’m glad that Mark didn’t just leave, cause that would be completely out of character with his daughter and all, and I’m even more happy that Mark didn’t go to PP, cause that would dishonor the love he and Lexie had, I still think it’s all rubbish. None of it should have happened. Lexie shouldn’t have died, Mark shouldn’t have died. I guess the only way to soften this blow is to think of it like that; her and Mark are together. That’s the only way I can accept it. But it still doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and I wish that it would’ve gone differently for both characters.

  30. Gretchen says:

    I never bought Mark and Lexie–it was creepy. He was creepy. And it was only done to match up Lexie with an attending, just as Meredith is, it was lazy writing. Won’t miss either character, sorry!

  31. Sean says:

    I didn’t like the opening of Grey’s at all. I can only hope the show gets better soon. A good place to start is getting Christina (Sandra Oh) back to the hosp. ASAP….

  32. Amyb says:

    The only other thing that could have been done is that Mark gets an offer at another hospital, asks Lexie to go w/him, and they ride off in the sunset together. Maybe Shonda would have gone that route if she knew that they were leaving at the same time???

  33. LaLa says:

    I loved the resolutions in PP and GA. When it was looking like Pete had run in PP, I was actually as mad at him as Violet. And when we found out that he had died, I was sad – it was tragic – but I was also a little relieved that he wasn’t being selfish and hadn’t purposefully left his family. As for Mark on GA, like many of you, I can’t see Mark willingly leaving his cozy family set-up, even if he were grieving over Lexie. Finally, Scandal – my goodness, scandalous! “The Molotov Mistress” . . . so unexpected, something different to think about. The tension between Olivia and Fitz and the audacity of his wife to bring up the potential war during that interview . . . I loved Scandal because I had to completely let go of what I’d just seen on GA in order to pay attention and try to catch everything happening on Scandal. It’s gonna be so much fun! Shonda Rhimes = brilliance.

  34. Mia says:

    Shonda, save it. Nobody wants to hear your half-butt excuse!! My love of Greys just flatlined with Mark Sloan. Thank God Glee is on at the same time!

    • Emily says:

      I’m not sure what to say to you if you honestly think Glee is the better option

      • miadanielle says:

        I honestly like both shows and was sad when Glee moved to Thursday! However, with Sloan dying like this, it made my choice easy! Sorry but Greys without Sloan for me is dead. Sloan dies but farmer Jane (April) gets to stay. We have to deal with ego maniac Owen is still there? Sorry but the campiness of Glee is a better option than watch a show I love get hacked to death by bad writers.

  35. Emily says:

    In my early finale plans, once I knew Chyler [Leigh] was leaving the show, Lexie wasn’t originally even on the plane. She was going to die back at the hospital by doing something as simple as slipping and hitting her head. She would have been dying over at Seattle Grace while other people were dying in the woods.

    That’s interesting, I remember there being rumors before the finale that someone at Seattle Grace would be dying too. Maybe someone leaked Shonda’s early outline?

  36. S says:

    Nice spoiler in the scrolling pictures on the homepage AND the headline of the story. In the world of DVRs, not everyone watches something the same night it airs. Really, TVLine, you should know better.

    • Stephen says:

      EXACTLY! Thanks for spoiling it for me….. C’mon people don’t put the spoiler in bold as THE HEADLINE!!! >:(

      • N says:

        This article was written after the show aired. If you haven’t watched it, then don’t read articles. How long are writers supposed to hold back? Once it airs, it’s fair game to reveal details and it’s the viewers/readers responsibility to stay away from articles if they don’t want to know!

      • Anthony says:

        Then stay off these kinds of sites (and social media) til you’re caught up…that simple

  37. Katherina says:

    I thought it was weird that Julia wasn’t there anywhere by Mark while he was dying… If he’s been in a coma he couldn’t tell her about him really loving Lexie and all that stuff.. So I was surprised she wasn’t in that episode at all.

  38. Ally Oop says:

    She did not have to kill Lexie or cause Callie to lose her leg. I’m sorry but why the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did 7 doctors have to fly in a plane to another hospital? I can understand 2 or 3 but 7? That plane crash episode was poorly written and executed and I’m still P.O.ed at Ms. Shonda Rhimes for it. I’m not so bothered by Mark’s death as I am Lexie’s. I still think Shonda should have never killed her off–there were plenty of other ways for her to be written out.

  39. GeoDiva says:

    They are not together! They are both dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Frances says:

    Realistically they all should have died because no one ever survives a plane crash. I think they could have made it work without killing mark, by keeping him in seattle but just having him work at a different hospital. It is going to be interesting to see how Callie and Derek grieve the lost.

    • Pedant says:

      The odds of surviving a plane crash are actually higher than the odds of dying in one. But only because the technical definition of what gets counted as a plane “crash” is fairly broad in most jurisdictions. For serious crashes such as the one shown on the show, the odds of survival are indeed much lower.

  41. Uma says:

    Lexie would make a great HIMYM Mother

  42. Dawn says:

    I just want to say that people need to realize that this is not a democracy. This is Shonda’s vision. Her baby. SHE can write what she wants, how she wants. No way will everyone be happy. No way was Mark going to leave Sofia. No way was Lexie going to leave her big sister, her dad and her hopes for a reunion with Mark. That being said, since Lexie died, Mark had to die. Since it appears that budget cuts were an issue, they could have lost April and Jackson though their salaries combined wouldn’t have added up to Eric Dane’s salary. A much as I loved Mark and will miss him, I think it was the right decision.

  43. Dawn says:

    Plus Eric Dane looked hotter and healthier dying than he did all of last season. I hope all is well with him.

  44. stellalunaa says:

    I get her point becaue Mark and Lexie were my favorite couple ever and I was pissed at the finale and again last night. But its still so sad. And why the hell did she have to kill Pete too in PP. She always kills the good chracters too, kill Owen or Violet.

  45. James says:

    She could have done better for Pete. Why did she have to kill Pete off screen?

    • Omar says:

      Now I’m really getting pissed off!! First Mark, now Pete? Who next? Serves me right, I guess i watch too much TV anyway.

  46. S says:

    LAME! You’re telling me Shonda couldn’t have written that Mark went to work at some other hospital close by or that he even got his own practice? or maybe he could have just took time off cause he’s grieving? We didn’t need to see him in scenes with Sofia but Callie could have mentioned him saying she’s with her father one certain days. Also he would have been great on PP too you know many people in RL lose the love of their lives but still move on to new people Shonda. But hey she killed Pete too so..

  47. What I really hope, more than anything, is that in a couple of years, when Chyler’s kids are older, and Grey’s barely struggling to survive, she gets a kickass role in a procedural, or a crime drama, and and she’s super awesome, and show Shonda that Lexie being gone from Grey’s was the best thing that has ever happened to her! <3

    • jj says:

      It was Chyler’s decision to leave. She wasn’t fired. so why would she need to show Shonda anything? There is no animosity between them. There’s no need to project your own anger about how Lexie was written off the show onto Chyler. Heck given that Chyler chose to leave, you should be just as angry with her as you are with Shonda.

      • jen says:

        There is plenty of anger from Chyler to Shonda and the fact that in her new movie her name is sloan it’s not hard to figure out the big FU she’s giving her old boss but hey, Chyler has a new movie and tv show coming out. It’s clear the reason she left, Lexie was background wallpaper for everyone else and it had been like that since season 6. Chyler is better than almost everyone on this show but instead of giving her a storyline with or without Eric they gave her the same crap over and over again since season 6. Chyler deserved storyline and airtime and I am thrilled she left. I loved her character and love Mark/Lexie and even though we got no payoff at the end I am beyond thrilled both Chyler and Eric will be on tv and will be used for more then props and wallpaper

  48. LH says:

    Honestly, I think it was the ONLY way to go…Killing Mark off. After what happened to Lexie in the finale & all the Mark-Lexie buildup/history, it was the fitting ending. Now, in a sense, both characters are together.

  49. Annika says:

    Thanks for the spoiler, I hadn’t watched this one yet…

  50. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Grey’s Anatomy is approaching new levels of ridiculousness, which is what they do best. I laughed out loud when Arizona showed off that amputated leg. And then I was pissed because they made me think she was dead and then she wasn’t! And I wanted her to be dead! Much like her mother Kate, Jessica Capshaw annoys the crap out of me as an actress. I’m guessing what happens is it’s too expensive to keep digitally altering her actual leg out, so eventually she gets a fake leg,and everything goes back to normal until someone else on the show contracts AIDS,dementia, cancer, the bubonic plague, and all while living through a boat crash, car accident, a fire, a rare Seattle hurricane, and a tornado, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Which of course won’t compare to the other character on the show who simultaneously has to have their face amputated because it got chewed off by a polar bear somewhere in the middle of a vacation out to the desert. But no worries, those expert surgeons at the hospital can fix ANYTHING.

    • Dawn says:

      I thought i was the only one who wanted Arizona to die. She is waaayyyy beyond annoying.

      • Omar says:

        Exactly, I’d rather she died than Mark. Send his character to the ends of the earth if you want, maybe start a pioneering practice in Africa or something but that death scene ruined the whole thing for me. I dont deal with loss so well and I tend to get attached to on screen characters. I almost feel like I should stop watching the show before they do serious psychophysical harm to me. TV is supposed to be entertaining after all and I wasn’t entertained, I felt like I lost my close friend.