Grey's Anatomy Premiere Recap: Going, Going... Gulp - Were You Surprised By the Big Twist?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 PremiereThe following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 9 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.

After 17 weeks of rumors, innuendo and partial spoilers, Grey’s Anatomy kicked off its ninth season with an episode that picked up several months after last May’s deadly plane crash disaster with this ominous voiceover from Meredith: “Dying changes everything.”

At first, you think she’s referring to her sister Lexie’s tragic passing. But it’s soon revealed that Mark — who suffered a cardiac tamponade following the air disaster — was in a coma and just hours away from his DNR order kicking in.

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Additionally, the fate of Arizona — who was critically wounded in the accident — remained a question mark for much of the episode, but Callie’s tears confirmed that something horrible had indeed happened (more on that later).

Here’s a character-by-character chronicle of what went down:

MEREDITH | Mer is mean — so mean the the new crop of interns (Smash!) are scared to approach her. So mean she’s earned the nickname Medusa. “Take it from ‘The Nazi,'” says Bailey. “It’s good to be feared.” On the flipside…

BAILEY | … The tyrant formerly known as “The Nazi” is nice, a direct result of her very active sex life with fiance Ben. (Alex informs her that her new nickname is “BCB” for “Booty Call Bailey.”)

ALEX | Alex was busy having promiscuous  sex with the new interns, most notably (but not limited to!) Veronica Mars‘ Tina Majorino, prior to departing for his new gig at John’s Hopkins. (In the final minutes, Karev decided to stay at Seattle Grace because, basically, he doesn’t trust anyone else to do his job.)

DEREK | Derek’s attempt to perform his first surgery since injuring his hand in the crash pretty much ended before it began. “My hand went numb in there,” he cried out to Callie.

CRISTINA | Yang’s ego is taking a major beating at her new job at the Mayo Clinic in the “frozen tundra” of Minnesota, her daily Skype sessions with Mer providing the only relief. “The fact is, we work as a team here,” her new boss informs her. “No one here is the superstar. Our hospital is the superstar. And our patients — they’re superstars. No ego. No competition.” He then assigned her to mandatory R&R.

MARK | Series creator Shonda Rhimes said she wanted to give Eric Dane’s doc a fitting send-off, and she kept her promise. The episode flashed back to various moments in Mark’s life, including Derek and Addison’s 1994 wedding and Callie and Arizona’s 2009 nuptials (in the latter sequence, he toasted the newlyweds before confessing that Lexie was the love of his life). Webber eventually took him off the ventilator, and nearly everyone kept vigil as his heart monitor ticked down to zero.

APRIL | Dr. Hunt tracked April down at her family’s farm to give her her old job back. “Nothing’s the same over there,” he tells her. “I should have never taken your job from you. You don’t belong out here. You belong in Seattle. Now come home.”

ARIZONA | Confirming the worst kept secret in TV land, the final moments of the episode revealed that Arizona had her leg amputated — and she blames Callie for her missing limb! “How the hell am I supposed to snap out of this,” she barks at her wife, “when you cut off my leg!”

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  1. Joan says:

    Okay, so… I didn’t watch the episode, but I came here willingly because I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to find out what happened to Arizona. Jesus. Christ. I can’t believe it. Shonda Rhimes is a psycho, that’s for sure.

    • Jane says:

      I’m with you. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it, but I wanted to know what happened. And I’m SO glad I didn’t watch it. How weird to have funny sex jokes one scene and then whip around and freaking kill off McSteamy. MC FREAKING STEAMY. JUST LET PEOPLE MOVE AWAY. YOU DON’T HAVE TO KILL THEM ALL THE TIME. It’s a complete disservice to the characters and makes everybody totally ridiculously sad for no reason. It’s not earned emotion. It’s cheap.

      • Ana says:

        Sorry but if you didn’t watch it you can’t really comment on how it was executed with any credibility. Mark’s death was sad but it was the best they have done on the show because it was done beautifully. And laughing one minute and crying the next is what makes Greys, well, Greys. They can take you from one extreme to another in a second. That takes skill…

        • Jane says:

          My issue isn’t the way it was done. Shonda has always been very good at making affecting final scenes. They are realistic and heartfelt and make me cry like no other. My issue is how OFTEN she deploys that particular trick. You can’t just kill off that many characters. You can’t make them go through that many horrific, one-in-a-million traumas. It just makes me feel ripped off. I LOVE crying at Grey’s. It’s always felt therapeutic. I adored the hospital shooting. I thought it was done beautifully. But it felt very much to me like Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane wanted to leave the show, so Shonda decided to kill their characters for maximum soapy drama. And it feels manipulative to me. There are better creative options.

          • rowan77 says:

            I know what you mean, but I gotta ask – how often does someone ever say, “I adored the hospital shooting?”

            And yes, you can kill off that many characters. Killing major characters means everyone is at risk and no one is safe on this show. It raises the stakes. After 8 years of Grey’s, you’re still not aware of that?

          • Jane says:

            You’re right, I didn’t exactly ADORE the hospital shooting… I mean more that I really did enjoy watching the episode. Cried like, as Cristina would say, a bitch baby.

            I’ve watched every season of Grey’s. I like the high drama factor, the soapiness of it. Denny’s death, even George’s death, the deaths of Reed and Charles in the shooting- those felt earned to me. I KNOW Shonda likes to kill people. But when you keep reaching for the SAME thing, it doesn’t feel like it’s raising the stakes. It doesn’t feel new. It feels derivative of itself.

          • t.t says:

            it was awesome but very depressing I did not know Arizona was gonna be amputated and this got me really depressed especially after seeing her smiling with Callie and Mark afterwards. I just hope they can bounce back from all this depression. I thought the worst was over with Lexie’s death. Shonda is really digging herself in a hole and she better have a ladder to climb out cause I can’t keep watching if every episode is gonna be as depressing as this. Since the next few episodes will flashback to the plane crash and the days after it I know it won’t get better anytime soon.

          • stellalunaa says:

            Seriously though. Just cause an actor wants to leave doesnt mean you have to kill them!!!

          • Lo says:

            I know what you mean about the hospital shooting program, It was very well scripted and very well acted. I have been a Greys Anatomy fan from the beginning but I did not like this season opening at all. I felt rather ripped off that it did not tell the story of them getting out of the plane wreckage, and home to seattle grace. Supposedly that is yet to come. When you wait all summer, seriously, seriously!
            Having Mark get killed off the show was no surprise for me anyhow, it was well rumored he wanted off the show. I was really hoping Arizona did not want to leave as well, I really like her character and the dynmaics her and Callie have together and bring to the show. At least they didnt try another Mer/Der break up, SO over all that drama!!! I was hoping they might bring Izzie back, even if its only for a few shows, that would be awesome….

          • Ashley says:

            But then you have to look at all of the ways people have left without dying: Burke, Izzie, Addison, Teddy, random nurses and interns, etc. Death is a way for us to be able to let go of the characters rather than having us wait for a possible return later, only to be disappointed

          • Adriana says:

            I stopped watching the show, because there is so little creativity in letting the characters go… This unnecessary everybody-has-to-die-drama is ridiculous. There are so many great shows out there, I have the choice to NOT watch the most depressing one. Sad, had been a great show.

        • helen says:

          Thanks Ana, I liked what you said. Very true.

        • Emma says:

          i cryed when they took McSteamy off the life support :'( :'( it was really well done!!!

      • crtcw says:

        So agree with you Jane! I watched episode and while I thought it was nicely done, you are totally correct in the fact that Shonda goes for the cheap emotion every chance they get. By the end of the series they’ll be no one left. Maybe we can take comfort in the fact she has to be running out of tragedies! Side not I didn’t think that the Arizona thing was the worst kept secret. I for one didn’t see it coming at all.

        • Paul says:

          If everyone loses a limb (or eye) then that is a whole host of sadness without losing anyone. Perhaps the amputation is the new death-substitute.

      • Gina says:

        Mark wouldn’t just move away fr

      • Gina says:

        Mark wouldn’t just move away from his daughter. He wanted a child so badly. So killing him off was the rigt option. Otherwise he would’ve seemed like a jackas$. I think is send off was the best the show has ever done!! Mark Sloan/Eric Dane will be missed!

        • Molly says:

          Exactly! They gave him the best exit they could have.

        • Lo says:

          I agree that mark would not have just moved away. As far as the best send off, no way. George was way better. The show where George died and the following shows were incredible.

          • brit says:

            I thought the same thing Lo. I said to a friend that Georges death had you on the edge of your seat and it was in a way more dramatic then Marks death. Mark was just as much of a beloved character as George and he deserved a send off that made your heart race and had you shocked. With Georges death you only knew it was actually him for a few minuets before he died so it was more shocking. I would have liked to see the same thing happen with Mark.

        • Sloaner says:

          I thought it was Interesting they didn’t really talk about Lexi during the episode..

      • Russ says:

        I like how people are complaining about how Shonda kills to many people. Lets count George, Lexie, Mark, and possible Denny. four. four. No one cares about the Mercy Westers that died in the shooting or random patients and this is a show set in a hospital. c’mon people.

        • Sara says:

          Agreed! And not only that, but it’s on it’s 9th friggin season! Some casualties are expected. And really, I think the way they killed George, Lexie, and Mark were very well done. George died as a hero, which was very much something his character would have wanted, and the way they made it so Meredith figured it out with George drawing 007…amazing and so clever. Lexie’s was sad, and hard to watch, but at least she got to somewhat say goodbye to her family. And Mark’s episode was by far my favorite. They highlighted the aspects of what we loved about him, the despair of his death… it was done insanely well. He had an amazing send-off and I’m glad he didn’t just move away. It did him and his character justice.

        • brisbaner says:

          And don’t forget it’s meant to be a DRAMA – where everything is elevated and more serious anyway. I’m surprised at how many of the Greys Anatomy shows have been so well done, though I must admit the last season was somewhat disappointing for me. However, this season opener was not what I was expecting.

          After the hospital shooting finale, yes it was quite some after the event when the new season was set, but it dealt with the feelings the survivors were experiencing, and that was good. When George died, the season opener dealt with the feelings the others felt which was good. (Mind you I have to say I was quite annoyed that after George died and Izzie survived that Izzie ended up leaving the series not long afterwards!)

          This season opener also is set months later but I really don’t feel like it has dealt with the plane crash. Now I’ve only just seen this episode (October 2nd in Australia) and perhaps the next few episodes will deal more with what happened after the crash. I hope so.

          I feel very sorry for Callie – she’s had a pretty sh*t turn of it through the series – marrying George, him cheating, then dying, the car accident (I wish they’d never done the musical despite Sara Ramirez’s lovely voice), and now this – losing Mark and a very bitter Arizona – which seems very out of character despite her loss. What about a prosthetic leg? Never thought Arizona would be such a whiner……… Mind you, throughout the episode (not having read the spoilers) I was almost panicky that they had gotten rid of her too……….way too many to have gone if that had happened.

          Anyway, am curious to see what the rest of the season holds and whether the ‘newbies’ really bring anything to it. Of previous ‘newbies’ Lexie was the most successful character to make inroads into the season though both April and Avery are now ‘part of the furniture’ so to speak but I’ve never liked either of them as much as I did Lexie.

      • Mary says:

        I thought it was realistic. How many people would survive a plane crash, have his heart worked on and survive. Arizona loosing her leg gives the story some reality. They were out there, won’t know till next week, how long with her bone sticking out chances of saving the leg would be slim to none. I thought the story was sad but brilliantly done. The only thing that bother me was part of the story seem like it was already done. Mer and new intern surgery scene and also Der hand going numb. I believe that is what happen in season two with Dr. Burke.

      • Cyndi says:

        There was not other choice but to kill him. Eric Dane made a decision to leave the show. Mark Sloan would never ever abandon baby Sophia. He had to die, moving was not an option. It sucks sure since he was probably my favorite character on the show. He was a funny sidekick and a great best friend to Callie and Derek after the whole Addison thing. He was a very loyal character after he moved to Seattle and he could be both serious and funny. One of my all time favorite episodes is when he and Callie decided to stay away from interns Lexie and Sadie. I thought their scene in the scrub room “ready break” and the touched elbows was so great.

    • Madison says:

      Believe me … you didn’t miss much!

    • Chris says:

      Rhimes had a chance to make the best season premier ever but instead decided to have the viewers anticipation toyed with. So much more emotion and tears could have been shed if she started with what happened after the crash. Instead, Mark left so fast we did not have a chance to take in what really happened. Soo, very disapointed.

      • mcblondie says:

        I agree. As much as I enjoyed the episode and was really surprised that Arizona was alive at the end, I feel that next week’s episode will now be anticlimactic and unemotional.

        • Mary says:

          I disagree. I think next week will show, hopefully, how everything went down. I think it was clever Mark died first. He had a living will after 30 days pull the plug. If they picked up at the crash scene then the story would of dragged till the 30 days was up. Time will tell but I think it will be great.

          • seattlejohn449 says:

            I liked how the show defied expectations by not giving us the traditional A-B-C and left the viewer a little lopsided as to what was going on (plus giving us a taste of some changes in store this season)…I look forward to the big picture next week to dramatically put the puzzle pieces in place

          • brisbaner says:

            I agree. Disappointed in this season opener, despite feeling sad to lose McSteamy and Lexie, but hope the next episode will clarify things more.

        • Lo says:

          I totally agree. When the show started on thursday night I said “wth”?? It just was not what I expected from Greys Anatomy.

      • Dani says:

        I totally agree. A ‘premiere’ by its definition starts a new season by finishing off – or concluding what went on before…. This ‘premiere’ failed to do that. So next week we get to see all that, while last night was what a confusing mix. Aside from the last moments when Mark died, which I thought were done well and realistic, the show in general was very disappointing. A few crazy sexy scenes in the midst of all this serious stuff…. plus, why [deliberately] confuse the viewer about Arizona?

      • Melissa Dowdy says:

        I am so disappointed with this season premier! I am the most sappy person in the world and I almost had to force myself to cry. I’ve never once had to force myself to cry while watching Greys. I’m a die hard fan of the show too… I’ve watched every episode. So it’s not like I’m unfamiliarly judging the show. I love Shonda.. But I really think she should have made it a 2 hour premier and combined yesterday’s episode with next weeks episode.

      • ellie says:

        I was disappointed too. I really enjoy suspense, and was also looking forward to spending an hour (or 2 if they made it a longer episode) of being with the plane crash survivors, wondering who would make it, what would happen, and going through all the emotions until the final results were revealed. I avoid tv sites, so I never know for sure who is coming back. Instead, in the first few minutes of the premiere, I know that several main characters are at least physically fine, that Sloan is in a coma, and something bad (maybe death) has happened to Arizona. But we haven’t been shown the episode describing how they dealt with the week they apparently endured before being found! I would so much have preferred to watch the upcoming “survival episode” not being 100% sure who lives and dies. Sure, the premiere defied my expectations, but not in a good way.

        Maybe the writers have found a way to make next week’s episode so incredibly good — perhaps using the fact that we know the ending already — to make me not mind already knowing who lives, dies, and gets badly hurt ahead of time… but I can’t see how. I really am a suspense junkie — the season finale was full of potential suspense — and they seem to have taken most of the suspense away. I hope I will be proven wrong next on Thursday. We’ll see.

    • Pat Graney says:

      I think “Arizona” is a stupid, stupid name, and Jessica Capshaw is only in anything because of her stepfather, Spielberg. Barf.

    • Robyn says:

      I’m with you, I watched it though, and it was very disappointing! Just like the final season of Desperate Housewives!UGH!!!! I need to find some new shows to watch for the fall. I’m a huge True Blood fan, but they air that only in the summer on HBO. I think i’m gonna check out that new show on ABC, 666 Park Ave. It looks interesting!

  2. rr says:

    I think it was a great episode but the follow up in which they will tell the story of they survived will we great.

  3. AGreen says:

    That was really terrible. First of all, the fact that Mark Sloan got an entire episode as a memorial and Lexie didn’t even get a mention is ridiculous. But more importantly, there were completely disparate tones. We found about Bailey’s (admittedly hilarious) nickname in the middle of Mark dying. After a bomb scare, hospital shooting, and a plane crash, what sane person would ever stay at this god forsaken hospital?! I think the survival rate for the doctors is lower than the patients.

    • TV Gord says:

      There will likely be a Lexie memorial episode. They will be flashing back and forth for the next few months, from what I’ve heard.

      • Sparky says:

        Shonda doesn’t “do” funerals. They contain actual human sentiment.

        • Miranda says:

          Then how come George got a funeral?

          • Russ says:

            You mean the funeral were Izzie, Alex, Meredith, and Cristina walked out on half way and started laughing.

          • Ti says:

            That funeral. And people laughing at funerals is very common as for some people the emotions are so strong they start laughing and then crying or viceversa.

        • TV Gord says:

          I didn’t write “funeral”. I didn’t even write “memorial”. I wrote “memorial episode”, meaning an episode dedicated to dealing with Lexie’s death, just as last night’s show was dedicated to dealing with Mark’s death.

    • Nicole says:

      Well she did get a mention. When Mer, Alex and Avery were in the cafeteria and Alex said Avery hasn’t banged anyone since Lexie and they both looks solemnly at Mer. But I also think it’s annoying. Maybe she’ll get a proper send off in episode too.

    • LCS says:

      The problem is the fact that Chyler Leigh didn’t have a contract at all for this season. Her last episode was the finale last year. It’s difficult to do a memorial episode when you don’t have her on contract and working for two episodes like Eric Dane was this year. I thought it was a very cool way of sending off Mark. It had me crying, that’s for sure! I’m sure there will be far more mention of Lexie in the next two episodes though!

      • Jenna says:

        Shonda and Chyler said that they knew for months that she was leaving the show. Instead of giving her any sort of “proper” farewell as Shonda so clearly wanted for Eric, she had her injury, worsening, and death all occur in about 15 minutes. She didn’t even make it halfway through the episode. Shonda was so concerned about making sure no one knew who would die that she didn’t start wrapping up any of Lexie’s storylines. You could make the point that death happens and you don’t always get those closures, but this is TV and while Mark didn’t get a lot of closure while he was conscious, Shonda wrote it so the viewers got closure in the episode. Lexie’s body was just rotting in another part of the forest for 30 minutes in the finale.

        • THIS! This is exactly why I stopped watching this show, because a character that had become so important and an actress who gave five years of her life to that show deserved better. Yesterday, we were at a birthday party, and a bunch of my friends were seeing live spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy (I know, right). I learned about Arizona, and Mark, and I felt… nothing. And I knew, I’m finally FREE. It feels awesome! :)

          • Risky says:

            SO so why are you still posting about a show you are so over and feel nothing about? Isn’t that a colossal waste of your time? Are you going to come here and post all season about how happy you are not to be watching anymore?

          • guest says:

            it’s a fictional character. The actress had a job for 5 years. she didn’t give “five years of her life”. She was killed on screen (and I thought the acting was excellent) instead of just being removed and not showing up the season after. All those send offs and remembrances are for the living (the cast that stays on and most important the viewers who can’t distinguish life from fiction).

        • Sara says:

          in a way, lexie’s storyline did get wrapped up. mark died too. they’d already had her break up with jackson and decide she wanted mark, which he knew about. just like they did with george in the weeks leading up to his death, they used lexie less and less in each episode and started giving her fewer storylines.

    • Sara says:

      george’s funeral wasn’t until a couple episodes into the other season and was in flashback form showing people in the days leading up to the funeral and the days and weeks and months after the funeral. just because they haven’t had a funeral for lexie on the show doesn’t mean that they won’t or that they deemed her unimportant.

  4. S says:

    It was a good episode other than McSteamy dying :(

    • Joy says:

      My eye candy is gone:(. Still will watch for sure I just wished they could of stretched in 1-2 more episodes so I could get him out of my system lol.

  5. Kathy says:

    Haven’t watched in a few years but enjoy the recaps, thanks. BTW, it’s Johns Hopkins:)

  6. Evolution says:


  7. Madison says:

    Am I the only one who hated tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy premier?? Verrrrrrry disappointing! I’ll watch next week to see if things pick up. If not, I’m out. So sad … Grey’s used to be my fave *sigh*.

    • Jer21the says:

      I completely agree. I can’t believe she just completely killed my favorite show. So upset!

      • Sara says:

        people have said that for almost every season finale and premiere of the show and people keep watching. with season finales, they said it when addison showed up, when denny died, when george died, the shooting, etc. with season premieres, they’ve said it with george marrying callie, derek picking addison, izzie surviving, etc.

        • disappointed says:

          Yes people keep watching season after season. But a simple google search will show you that season after season, fewer people watches the show. Of course it won’t be gone in a snap that everyone decided to not watch it anymore all at the same time. My cousin told me about this show years ago and after the 4th she totally stopped watching it. I loved it. But every season I do watch less of the episodes I get confused who are the new characters and where did one mainstay go. :( I used to love this show but it’s all recycled. Like what some people commented earlier. Yes it is a medical series in a hospital. But man they kill a lot of people here, doctors as much as patients. Please Shonda think of other ways to pull emotion than the old tricks you’ve pulled.

    • I sat here crying over mark so dont think it was horrible, but understand how it left you up in the air to figure out how they got found and what happened. I think they should have showed next weeks first but at least they are doing it.

      • Sara says:

        eh, i don’t necessarily agree. on er they had mark green’s character die offscreen and then the following week had an episode dedicated to his last days and his funeral. it didn’t lessen the emotion or feel disjointed.

    • Terry says:

      I agree, have been disappointed in GA since last year, will watch a few and if they don’t have a better story line, I won’t be watching.

    • Kirsty says:

      I agree.. Used to be a huge Greys fan, just isn’t up to the standard that it used to be :(

    • Sue says:

      I AGREE!! It is totally confusing, especially since the trailers showed you clips of the characters just out of woods and in the hospital! I am very confused as to what really happened! Hope things will get sorted out SOON!!!

    • No Madison, you’re not! I was extremely angry and my heart was broken! To the comments above, about Chyler Leigh giving 5 yrs. of her life to the show, then at the last min. she finds out, well hell…there goes my job! I’m sorry, but, I do agree with Barbie Furtado also; That Chyler Leigh did give 5 years of her life,”To this show!” She, herself didn’t even know that she was gonna founder in that plane crash until she got her lines. And yes, she did a beautiful job as an actress dying, and I wish her a good future in television and/or the big screen….To Shonda Rhimes, why not for” the final season finale” you just go ahead and kill all the main characters off as a farewell to this show, that is going to sink anyway? Its just like with “Desperate Housewives”….How many people die that much on a Suburban st., with a Cul-de-sac on the end, for Christ sake?! When I thought “Marc Cherry” (Creator of Desperate Housewives) was done with killing all of his main characters off the show…BAM…HE GOES AND KILLS OFF ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERS IN THE FINAL SEASON (Mike Delfeano) BY HAVING HIM SHOT BY A DRIVE BY SHOOTER,Hence the word “cul-de-sac.” So then, I thought,well, at least I have Grey’s Anatomy, but it just seems like, it too,is heading in the same crappy direction! Pretty soon, it will be another show like,”E.R.”….no more main character’s, all new people, except for Ellen Pompeo,because what would be the point of calling it,”Grey’s Anatomy” if she got killed off too? The guy that played “Burke” A.K.A Isaiah Washington, got a better farewell by not dying off the show, and he called T.R. Knight (George O’Malley) a F****t!!! He was fired, and his character still lives on! They shouldn’t have killed Eric Dane off the show, but have his character move away outta depression from Lexi’s death. So, if things don’t work out on other T.V. shows, or the big screen, they could bring him back! I don’t care what Isaiah said about T.R., but I think if the writers want this show to be more interesting again, they need to bring him back to make it more juicy for Christina and Owen…just sayin.

  8. Loyal Grey's says:

    Christina was using Face Time during the episode, not Skype

    • Danyelle says:

      Really? That’s the comment you’re going with?

    • Shaun says:

      I had more problems with the Minnesota docs being so backward and weird,lol.

      • jackie says:

        As someone who works at Mayo Clinic, Shonda made the doctors at Mayo look like weirdos. I would gladly trust my life with anyone here who is not out to be a “superstar” but works as a team with all other doctors involved in my care (general medicine, specialists, radiologists – the ones who ACTUALLY read the films, not surgeons…pet peeve of mine!). Mayo is a world-renowned facility and there was really no reason to make them look so strange except to get Cristina out of there faster and back to Seattle. It’s too bad because there are people out there who believe everything they see on fictional TV shows and who will take that away as their impression of Mayo. Cristina is a loose cannon, doesn’t listen to people who have more experience than her, and has a serious God complex. That said, I enjoy her character (most of the time). Just sayin’.

        • yeb2 says:

          Just like how there are people who believe that being a surgeon means having all of this free time for quickies in the on-call room? It’s a fictional show, if people believe that’s how Mayo doctors are in real life, there is no hope for them. Move on.

          • Jackie says:

            I was just making a point, as is my right here…not making the same point over and over and over like others on here. Just stating something I felt. If they wouldn’t have stated it was an actual real hospital that is very highly regarded worldwide instead of a fictional hospital like SG, it would have been better, in my opinion. I agree that it is fictional and if people believe it is real, they need help. But there is nothing wrong with wanting a medical show to have *some* basis in reality, even while enjoying the fictional show I know that it is.

            Oh, and I will “move on” from this point now. Time for you to move on to making a real point instead of belittling someone for stating their opinion.

        • Suze says:

          I had the totally opposite opinion. They (Mayo) are doing it right. No superstars and work as a team. The hospital and the patients are the superstars and Yang is the freak there. GA has a history of making the nurses look bad and any speciality other than surgical look bad. Not a hate on you or Mayo. Just what GA does to show how superior Yang and others think surgical is. And I think that’s a lot how most surgeons are. Not saying its right……..just how it is. Its an equal offender here on nurses and anything other than hard core surgical. I think anyone who reads a teeny tiny bit knows Mayo is tops. Thanks Jackie for what you do and people are smart enough to know its a drama and not real life IMO.

          • Jackie says:

            Thanks Suze :) Yeah, they make nurses and any other specialty look dumb or bad all the time on GA…nature of the beast I guess of TV and making their characters look like the heroes! ;) I work in radiology so when they hold up a CT or MRI scan that has sometimes hundreds of images and look at one thing and in 2 seconds diagnose the problem it just makes me yell at the TV. LOL I suppose cops and detectives do the same thing when they watch CSI, et al. I’m glad people see that Cristina is the odd duck/freak out of place there. Just kinda surprised me that they would do that and call out the clinic by name, vs. making it some fictional hospital. I’m not sure I’d want any of the people at SG operating on me with all their issues! LOL

            Funny thing was that when they showed her at Mayo I almost felt like I was there based on how they did the set/physical surroundings. It was weird! ;) I also wonder what month this is now….we rarely get blizzards/snowstorms in September here. End of October, definitely possibility though!

          • brisbaner says:

            For Jackie and Suze, don’t take it personally. I expect they chose a real hospital with a good reputation to send Cristina to because what else would you expect for such a ‘superstar’, but I expect you’ll also find that they’ve painted it this way to give her an excuse to go back to Seattle Grace. Of course, I could be totally wrong about that too………but I can’t see the Meredith-Cristina relationship continuing with Cristina in a different hospital.

        • Robyn says:

          I totally agree with you! Funny, my ex and I were watching an episode a while back, and said,”I wouldn’t want that hospital to operate on me!LOL!!!!

      • ShellieJ says:

        I was completely confused about why Christina was wearing a parka and why it was snowing. What the heck month is this supposed to be anyway?

        • Alichat says:

          Thank you! I was wondering the same thing! Honestly, is she working in the Antarctic now?

          • ShellieJ says:

            Alichat — I assumed the plane crash happened in May or June, and they said Mark had been in a coma for 30 days — I never imagined six or seven months had gone by until I saw Christina in her parka. Also, there was no sign anywhere else that it was November or later. Owen went to visit April at a farm, where the weather was apparently sunny and warm. Do they really think it looks like that in southern Minnesota in September? Maybe you have something there — maybe they opened a branch of the Mayo Clinic in the Antarctic!

  9. Linda says:

    I’m sorry, but I thought it was awful. It was boring as hell. Up until the end, it was terrible. The recap episode of the plane crash is next week. It should have been the season premiere. Highly disappointed! Goodbye McSteamy! Go be with Lexi!

  10. Brian says:

    That was by far the most emotionally draining hour of television I have ever watched,

    • Ella says:

      Even more so than the finale. Which I didn’t think was possible. That is NOT a compliment, by the way. I watch TV to be entertained. That doesn’t mean I watch only comedies- in fact, I love dramas that are so moving they can reduce me to tears. BUT NOT ONES THAT REMOVE MY WILL TO LIVE. JESUS SHONDA.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      Really? I’m guessing Grey’s Anatomy is the only tv show you watch, am I right?

    • tp says:

      For me also. I’m sitting here like with puffy eyes and all. I will miss Mark but honestly he wasn’t as great as he was when he first came to town. All in all I enjoyed the epi.

  11. Patti says:

    No joy in this show anymore. Kind of predicable. I would have liked to have seen Lexie in Mark’s video or since they’ve show us the afterlife on grey’s before, I’d like a happily ever afterlife for mark and lexie.

  12. Jer21the says:

    This show is dead to me. Every worse possible way Shonda could’ve written the premiere, she did. I couldn’t even take this episode seriously. I could’ve sworn the “real” reality was going to start in the 2nd half. None of this was believable, except for Mark dying because we already knew that was going to happen. But the WAY he died… pathetic. All we saw were home videos! What happened to you, Shonda????

  13. Allie says:

    Wait, when did Meredith marry Cristina? Because the way she acted tonight, you would think they were the ones in a relationship. I mean, she straight up got on a plane and was ditching her grieving husband and daughter to go to Minnesota. Poor Derek. He’ll always be second fiddle to this creepy codependent friendship that Shonda insists is so wonderful.

  14. MyReligionIsWhovian says:

    Alright so I’m a little mollified now that Mark and Lexie are ‘together’ in that sense. They get their happy ending in a way….

  15. Robin says:

    I had a feeling Arizona was alive…and something bad had happened. I just couldn’t see Callie being at work able to carry on 30 days after her wife had died, and while her little girls dad was dying. Shonda couldn’t be that horrible could she?! No i had a feeling we were kind of being lead to assume that Arizona had died, but I had a feeling we’d find out she didn’t. I’m glad she’s alive. But oh the story of her amputated legs! I am looking forward to see how next week’s episode plays out. All night I was like “WHAT happened?!”

    Were they seriously out there for like a week?!

    I could have done without Owen going to get April off her farm. Like Alex, I assumed he was going to see Cristina…you know his wife?! I mean they are still married right?

    Why does everyone have to die on this show?! gah!

    • Joan says:

      I freaking hate Kepner’s-wish she’d been on the plane & died

    • meres says:

      Oh come on it was sooooooo predictable that you had her leg cut off?,not a surprise at all!

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah, once they didn’t show the “Don’t cut my leg off!” flashback, and the fact that no one would mention her, I knew she was alive. I can tell Arizona’s story is going to annoy me greatly. Three people died from that crash, and Derek may have lost all surgical use of his hand. Her pity-party in bed for a month is ridiculous and selfish.

  16. Nicole says:

    Honestly, I’m really starting to dislike Shonda Rhimes, I don’t know why she feels it necessary to kill every one. I mean you can write out characters without killing them. Chyler Leigh needs off the show, kill her. Tim Daleys contract doesn’t get picked up, kill him. Eric Danes out, kill him. It’s just annoying.

    • the8tregirl says:

      This! This! So true. Complete and total lack of imagination, caring, or evolved story telling skills (I’ll give Shonda basic story telling skills, and a couple of the writing staff are actually pretty good when left alone). And also, what AGreen said “Who would want to stay in this hospital”!!!! I keep getting sucked back in because there are a couple of actors I really like but then…. I turn off the tv and feel good again.

      • was a bigger fan says:

        Finally! Someone who said it. Lack of imagination is true. Derek’s hand injury is so reminiscent of Burke’s ordeal seasons ago. How many seasons did they focus on Mer’s suicide tendencies like the drowning episode and the hand-on-the-bomb-in-body-cavity. All the deaths. And of all the people to return, it is Kepner? The scenes that they keep doing where you are deliberately being reminded of how mean Bailey was as the ‘nazi’ and how the main characters took after that trait. I know it is Karev’s character to be promiscuous but can’t they give this guy a better story already? I know it is fictional but do doctors and nurses have that much sex in a hospital facility like it is a motel? Arizona isn’t a favorite but with a lot of people dead and her leg amputated, I’m glad to hear Christina’s bitching as a comic relief. The episode was not nice to watch. Just because it is drama doesn’t mean it has to be depressing. Don’t just use the same plot lines to elicit emotions from viewers, give it some substance.

  17. Mary says:

    Loved the episode, as depressing as it was, but I have to say my favorite scenes were the ones with Mer and Alex. I love their friendship!

  18. Vi says:

    Really didn’t want them to kill off Mark. But I guess with Eric Dane choosing to leave, there wasn’t anything left to do since he was not going to leave his daughter willingly. He will be missed!

  19. Cindy says:

    Very sad as it should have been.

  20. TV Gord says:

    Meredith manages to be hardened and mean, yet still be toothachingly whiny. It’s kind of a talent, in a way…

  21. AB says:

    How could Addison not show up for Mark?! She better mention him on PP.

    • madhatter360 says:

      The promo for next weeks PP showed her getting a “phone call that changes everything”. Maybe that’s her getting the news?

    • aberran says:

      It looks like there might be a crossover for Addison next week on PP. The preview from last night showed her getting a phone call and breaking down, so hoping she gets included on it all

    • Sarah says:

      I was thinking the same thing!! After everything they’ve gone through, she better mention him. I’m pretty sure Sam knew him too (weren’t Sam, Naomi, Addison, Mark, and Derek all in med school together? I think so!). And obviously Amelia knew her brother’s best friend.

      I doubt we’ll see a crossover, I think I read somewhere that there aren’t any plans for a crossover between the two shows this season (which sucks because it’s basically the last chance).

  22. Brenna says:

    I’m just glad mark and lexie are in tv heaven now :)

  23. Sparky says:

    Eight year fan, but I am totally done with this show. It’s a parody of itself as ER was at the end.

  24. S says:

    Shonda loves to kill surprised she never killed off Izzie. Why not just keep Mark on and have him move on slowly? … no need to kill everyone dang

  25. Castle lover says:

    Dang!! She really took arizon’s leg!! I’m stunned!! Truly!! Wow Shonda…and Callie did it…can’t believe she went there. Wow!! At least keep them together…please!! They are wonderful together!!

    • John DeMayo says:

      Wow? You didn’t see it coming like most everyone else, then? Even those who WEREN’T privy to the fact that a casting call went out for an amputee?

      • Miranda says:

        I didn’t know. And I was surprised. If people like myself didn’t know about the casting call for an amputee, how were we to know?

      • tp says:

        I was totally shocked when they showed her leg amputated. I try to only read this spoiler site. I like for somethings to be a surprise. I’m glad I didn’t know. It made the episode really good for me.

  26. Emm says:

    I really enjoyed the mind games that I played while watching this show, no sarcasm involved here. It’s funny seeing so many people not be able to wrap their little heads around it though. I really enjoyed this episode and next week will be better

    • Cara says:

      That’s kind of snotty. Most people’s issues here were not an inability to wrap their “little” head around the editing, but with the story they chose to tell.

      • P says:

        I’m sorry but how was that snotty? It seemed like a critique of all the people complaining about tonight’s storyline, which was mentioned many many times that the first episode will be set a few months down the track. Mark’s death was played out so beautifully

        • pretty head says:

          If someone tells me I can’t wrap my “little head” around something, that person to me is snotty. If you don’t find that snotty, then you’re good with having that little head of yours. I enjoyed the comments here be it rants or raves. People have opinions and they go to sites like this to express it. I hope you can wrap your little head around that simple fact. ;)

  27. Lachesis says:

    MCSteamy dying yah anticipated that, I thought it was well done ,sad very sad but well done otherwise he’d never leave not with Sofia. Arizona’s leg *sigh* also not necessarily a surprise I’d just hoped there would’ve been a positive surprise when it comes to that though, temporary paralysis or something like that. I guess that’s her surgeon career bye bye

    • PLH says:

      I’m curious…why does having a leg amputated mean the end of Arizona’s surgical career?

      • Jenna says:

        I don’t think it should be and don’t think it will be, but it was kinda being implied by the show right now. Why else would they go out and hire a new Head of Peds. If they were trying to make you believe she could come back, I could see them bringing in an “interim” head or another atending to pick up the slack, but Owen full out replaced her.

  28. Lauren says:


    • Emm says:

      Mark dying makes perfect sense: He can now be with Lexie, and he would not willingly leave his daughter Sofia behind. Just sayin

      • Lauren says:

        Is this what it’s come to? A happy ending the afterlife? No.

        • Liv says:

          I agree. This does not a character resolution make.

        • soxfan says:

          @Lauren – it’s true to life. If Shonda did not kill Mark off, people would be bitching & moaning that he up & left his daughter & what a dog he was for doing that. Mark Sloan would never leave his daughter – dying would be the only reason. We all remember when Callie suggested early on in her pregnancy that he could be the baby’s uncle & how he reacted? He proved himself to be a damned good dad & I think that is why Shonda had him die.

          • applescruffs says:

            He could have left Seattle Grace (too many bad memories) and taken a job at a different hospital in Seattle. He would still be near his daughter, but not necessarily on our screens. Just a thought.

          • Lauren says:

            I agree they couldn’t have him up and leave his daughter, but he could have decided to leave Seattle Grace (especially after Lexie dying, too many memories, not to mention all the trauma associated with the place) and have him take a job elsewhere in the region. Then he’d still be near the baby, and Callie could reference him, saying Sophia is with Mark this weekend, etc. Also would have been a good way to get the baby out of the way for certain episodes – she’d be with Mark! Then, he could make a guest appearance now and then, or even just come back for the finale. But no, the character had to die. Why?!?! We’ve been through enough.

      • They could both have taken a temporary leave from the hospital — after a traumatizing plane crash that made them realize the should be together and away from that damned hospital — and done Doctors Without Borders, then come back for the finale — would that be SO HARD?

    • Lena says:

      Shout CAPS I will never read. Please stop.

  29. Ana says:

    This was an outstanding send off for Mark. He went with dignity and surrounded by the people that loved him most. Everything else in the episode with the exception of Arizona’s leg was perfect. I actually liked the interns and the skyping sessions between Cris and Mer. In typical Greys fashion one minute I was laughing about Bailey’s BCB and the next Mark dies and I’m bawling. This epi did not disappoint. Very well done. It felt different because there are less people but it feels better. Even though I miss Lexie and Teddy this group feels tighter. Like they are all in the same circle now. Maybe the crash brought them together. I’m looking forward to seeing what Shonda has in store. But I do hate that Arizona lost her leg. That is really, really messed up. I’m glad I knew it was coming so I wasn’t too shocked.

    • Ashley says:

      Agreed with everything but missing Lexie and Teddy. Yes, I miss Lexie in theory because she was Little Grey, the character would have kept Mark on the show, and I love Chyler. However, her story was finished way before Shonda gave her that pitiful farewell scene. By the end of last season, I was more vested in Teddy than Lexie. (And that saying something because Teddy became a nonfactor when Henry died.)

  30. Sarah says:

    Done with the show. There is nothing to look forward to now that Lexie and Mark are dead. Cannot take another season of Meredith being whiny and not taking care of her husband. Seriously, vows mean something.

  31. S says:

    Am I the only one who liked the new interns ? I know CL from True Blood and I’ve always liked TM so I think those two make nice additions so far.

  32. meres says:

    Very lack luster episode! Very disappointing, unsurprising. Shonda had a chance to redeem herself after slaughtering little Sloan last season. This episode was completely expected and the major plot points I called out even before they were shown on the air. Very predictable. Death is a cop out for shonda Rhimes she clearly has no other way to write a character off a show! She has no idea how to actually leave hope for a character.

  33. Nicole says:

    I get that Shonda’s trying to keep the show fresh, but I don’t like a whole episode devoted to Mark and NOTHING about Lexie. I hope that she gets something in the next one. I liked it much better after I found out that Arizona didn’t die.

  34. Ocean says:

    They better come back stronger than ever. With them killing off everyone all the time, I’m truly losing interest. They need to start by getting all the main characters working, back together again. And sooner then later!!!

  35. Crystal says:

    My opinion, the episode was great! I have been watching for 6 years. Was it the BEST episode ever? No. But Shonda will always come back with something OUTSTANDING! And for all of you who say don’t “kill” them off, like hello it’s a medical show! Ppl are going to die!! And plus ppl are leaving for other job opportunities. I’m a #1 Greys fan and more than likely always will be. RIP McSteamy

    • Roger says:

      Agreed! Death is apart of life

      • Lucy says:

        Yes, death is a part of life. So characters can die. BUT NOT ALL OF THEM. THAT, at least, is not true to live. What life includes a ferry accident, spree shooting, plane crash, cancer, getting hit by a bus, et cetera et cetera et cetera? The deaths are sad and should be poignant, but they lost their impact when they happen ALL THE TIME. You don’t focus on the quality of the individual lost. It’s just an endless stream of dying.

        • ksm says:

          It is a tv show that is a drama. They are obviously going to have more drama than real life. who wants to watch real life?

          • Jennifer says:

            It shouldn’t be real life. But it’s true that fiction, in some way, has to be more believer than reality, or the audience won’t buy it. In the case of soap operas like this, that’s not necessarily true, nor do we want it that way. But I agree with Lucy that you can’t have disasters like that on a regular basis. It is overkill (literally).

          • pms says:

            I agree with Jenna, Jennifer and Lucy. It is overkill. Season after season it is the same thing. death, near-death, serious injury. There are other medical dramas besides Grey’s but this show has the most number of deaths of main/recurring characters. This is just an opinion but Shonda doesn’t seem concerned about being more creative and thinking of other ways to let a character go. She can’t seem to come up with something new besides depressing plots to get a reaction out of people. Drama can also have a good story you know not just the usual story of someone dying. Next the hospital will just be a morgue. Everyone freaking dies there anyway it’s just a matter of time.

        • Jenna says:

          I do absolutely agree that the more and more people who leave the show through death, the more and more desensitized I become to those storylines. Denny wasn’t even a major character and his death seemed to be deeper and more poignant than Henry’s, Lexie’s, and Mark’s. Shonda, herself, said that she often kills characters off because it is the worst case scenario and the worst case scenario is better than a middle case scenario. I disagree. Some of the best acting, writing, and storytelling I have seen on Film & TV is when they are able to create poignent and intriguing moments out of the “middle case scenario”. Shows like Friday Night Lights come to mind especially.

        • That’s the difference between Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice to me. PP has much more realistic storylines (apart from Violet’s baby having been cut off from her belly, but, even then, she’s a psychiatrist, and that’s like one thing). But, being raped, carrying an anencephalic baby, having cancer, having a heart attack, car crash, teenage pregnancy, suicide of a parent, these are all things from LIFE. They’re things that we’re made off. It’s not like everything happens to the same person. My half sister (my dad’s daughter), her mom committed suicide after her stepdad (who’d been like a father to her since birth) died from a heart attack. In a tv show, that could almost seem unbelievable. My grandmother — my grandfather died from Lupus, and then my aunt killed herself, leaving her with my five year old cousin to raise. These are people close to me. Tragedies that have happened in my father’s family. So, I see Private Practice as something that is very *real* as opposed to Grey’s Anatomy bomb in hospital, hospital shooting, plane crash, ferry accident, you know? That’s why I love it the most.

  36. Figgy says:

    This show needs to be taken off the ventilator.

    • Ana says:

      That’s funny. AND original, because you know, it’s a medical show. BTW, have you seen the ratings? Grey’s is ABC’s #1 drama and #2 show after Modern Family (in the 18-49 demo). It consistently wins its time slot with very, very few exceptions. It stands in the middle of losers at the 8 and 10 time slots and still beats every scripted show on every network for the night. Don’t kid yourself. This is still a cash cow for the network.

  37. Ana says:

    Wow! All the hate comments. Lol. Greys is still the best but hey, there’s always Glee or Person of Interest for those that don’t like where the show is going.

  38. RS says:

    The on-call room hookups were literally the *only* things I didn’t love about this, and I really didn’t have high hopes when I learned they were going to do a time jump first. Fabulous!

  39. Irene says:

    I hated it, it left a sour taste in my mouth , it was so depressing. I am so pissed at the way the story developed i think i will stop watching it

  40. Roger says:

    I loved tonights episode! Dane decided to leave and it was a great send off. Mark leaving Callie and their baby would have been a terrible storyline. I know it could have been done well but in the end this baby doesnt have a father figure so why does it matter (I know thats harsh and I get both sides cause I definitely teared up when he died but its a tv show people) Grey’s never lets me down its a good stress relief for my busy week and I dont really like to critique it because i couldnt do any better. I’m just along for the ride :)

  41. Steph says:

    my emotions!!!!!!!!! jumping off a bridge now.

  42. Glad Mark is dead, never really liked him, plus his death allowed April to come back and she is a lot cuter than Mark. I was shocked that Arizona lost her leg, I guess I missed Twitter that day.

  43. Toodie says:

    VERY disappointed! They should have done next week’s episode tonight, so it wasn’t so confusing. I won’t watch as religiously as I have in the past. Can’t stand how they keep either letting go or letting main characters leave.

  44. madhatter360 says:

    Anyone else not miss April at all. I’ve never been one of the vehemently anti-April people, but I really would have been fine if she wasn’t returning.

  45. tiffanie says:

    First of all everyone quit bitching about shonda lol its a drama! A night time soap in other words. Deaths happen and its what keeps everyone watching, talking, and interested. It would be extremely boring if everyone was happy. 2nd Killing Mark is how lexie and him have a happy ending cause he wouldn’t leave his baby and friends which is his family. 3rd he did have a daughter where is she and his girlfriend when his plug is pulled? That’s the only dumb writing I see at this moment, can’t wait for next week it should answer questions and that’s how writers lure you in to watch next week!!!! Its only my opinion just sayin haha!!! Its drama gotta love/hate it

  46. Dcp2013 says:

    I feel like shonda has this new show that she’s putting all her energy into, and greys is just an after thought. She’s totally hurting and pissing off her dedicated greys fans. This just makes me sad. I have all the seasons, but I tend to only watch 1-4. Sometimes 5.

  47. tvaddict says:

    I cried several time tonight during the episode. I still cannot believe Mark is gone. He was one of my favorites and I am sad to see him go…

  48. Ale says:

    Really good episode! it had me crying and laughing, i’m so going to miss Mark and Lexie and the “That’s easy….. it’d be Lexie Grey” line kill me!! As for Arizona’s leg *sigh* don’t how Rhimes is going to play that out but I’m 100% sure I’ll be watching this season.

    Next week episode looks promising!

  49. guest says:

    great. I just cried for 15 min. WTF? Even Owen going to see April made me weep.

    • pms says:

      Me too. I cried when I think of the possibility of Kepner coming back. Cos that’s what we need in this show. Another whiner lol