Glee Exclusive: Cory Monteith on Finn's Return, 'Break-Up' Drama and Being Called a [Spoiler]

Though next week’s big “Break-Up”-themed Glee marks the return of Cory Monteith as Finn, the former New Directions warbler has more pressing concerns than the ambiguous state of his relationship with Rachel. Like, for instance, the treatment we see him receiving when the episode briefly visits him at boot camp!

“I’ve never been called names like that before,” the actor tells TVLine with a smile. “‘Wormstool’ is the one that sticks out in my memory.”

VIDEO | Glee‘s Lea Michele on “Break-Up” Episode: “Get Your Tissues Out!”

Thankfully for Finn, the army detour is not only short-lived, but it leads him to head to New York to reevaluate his romance with Rachel. Monteith — who’s spent the last month flying back and forth to Philadelphia to shoot the indie film McCanick — was careful not to reveal the outcome of the couple’s deliberations. However, he did acknowledge that, for all involved, the hour was an emotional roller coaster.

Far less gut-wrenching to tape was a sequence that’ll air on Nov. 8 (the show’s comeback after its baseball-induced hiatus): Monteith covering Foreigner’s “Juke Box Hero” alongside Glee Project Season 2 champ Blake Jenner, who’ll recur as McKinley newbie Ryder Lynn.

“It was cool, because I felt like I was passing the torch in a sort of awesome way,” previews Monteith. “Ryder inadvertently auditions [for New Directions], and it turns into a fantasy in his head, which explodes into dancing girls, throngs of screaming women in the crowd, and he turns into the ‘Juke Box Hero.’ He’s on drums, and I’m on lead vocals. It’s epic.”

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Now fully settled back in at the Fox hit, Monteith is finding the changes made in his absence invigorating. “There’s still a part of me that’s nostalgic for sure,” he admits. But “all of the possibilities are really exciting.”

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  1. Angel says:

    So excited for Finn to come back and his duet. Finchelforever

  2. Jenna says:

    FINN IS BACK!!! :’)

    • Lisa says:

      Finally! Glee is not the same without Finn!!

    • sm says:

      You said it!!!! Yeah. I’ve missed him. I just hope his story is awesome for Cory deserves an outstanding one.

    • Kaycee says:

      YES!! FINN IS BACK! He has been missed.
      I don’t know why he has to keep the outcome of the Rachel/Finn relationship in episode 4 a secret. Everybody else has certainly spoiled that, although I think they should have kept it quiet. It’s made me not want to watch it. But I’m hopeful that Finn will get some good material on his own, and a bit later into the season we can see Finn and Rachel return to each other. You don’t waste chemistry like that.

  3. felicia says:

    yay for cory doing glee press again.

  4. allison says:

    Let me just shout CORRRYYYYY! You’re back! I’ve missed you so much!

    • a fan says:

      Such a good actor and such an articulate, charming person. He really deserves all his success.

      • sam says:

        This guy is such a star. He is the complete deal, a really talented actor who makes me connect with every emotion of Finn and now a singer who I miss when his voice isn’t on the show. Thank goodness he is back.

        • gr says:

          Fifteen seconds was all he needed in the last episode to make such an impression with his acting. Good to hear he is making movies, Glee has sucked in his absence.

  5. Crystal says:

    I’m really happy Finn is returning fully in next weeks episode even though I’ll have to wait a month again until I see him on my screen again. He’s really been missed on the show by his fans. The show will finally start to feel compete to me again. I’m very interested in his individual storyline but I still want to see him in NYC with Rachel ( and Kurt) sometime during this season. Sooner rather than later.

    • crys says:

      I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning, but I realized that I couldn’t fully get into the Glee episodes this season. A big chunk of what I really loved about Glee was missing. Yes, I really love Finn Hudson on Glee.

  6. Amanda says:

    Finn Hudson>>>>>>>> bout damn time finchel forever!!!!

  7. naytaheille says:

    An interview with Cory about Finn’s return to Glee? BEST. GLEE EXCLUSIVE. EVER.

  8. Mafer says:

    these past weeks have been awful without Finn!! I’m so happy he’s back but coming back in such a painful ep it’s gonna be hard… I just hope an EPIC storyline for him and a even a greater reunion with Rachel! #FinchelForever

  9. Maria says:

    I hope to soon read scoop that Dean Geyer is off of Glee and Rachel and Finn will reunite.

  10. Sarah says:

    Poor Saint Finn. I guess we’re suppose to feel sorry for him because he was called names at boot camp. A victim one minute, a hero the next. This show has been really refreshing without his character.

    • Angel says:

      And this show would be refreshing without “fans” like you. Finn is Glee just as much as Rachel. He is flawed, but has a huge heart and truly is a hero in many ways

      • Everyone says:

        “And this show would be refreshing without “fans” like you.” so much truth!

        • Jolanda says:

          Boy are we being nice:)
          Fans are allowed to have different opinions, but please act a bit more grown up!
          Glee has matured and so have fans. It’s just that we love the cast so much that we get defensive.
          Face it, lots of people really love Finn and Cory the actor who plays him. Just let us appreciate this article. We have waited for Finn to return for 2 episodes now, let us rejoice!

          • MercedesFan#1 says:

            I’m excited to have Finn back, but I had no problem waiting for two weeks to get him back on my screen. Mercedes is the one character who I’ve identified with since Glee’s beginning, and I’m going to have to wait weeks or months for her return episodes. Mercedes, Puck, Mike and Quinn will be seen on a limited basis. Thanksgiving, the Schuester wedding, Christmas, and graduation. We should be grateful that we even have Finn more more than 7 episodes, because that’s what the other four graduates will be getting, if not less.

      • Ben says:

        I’m going to have to disagree with you. As Glee fans, we need to be open to change. It’s ridiculous how you all are whining about how TWO episodes without Finn was so hard to put up with. What about the rest of us? What if we miss Mercedes, Puck, Mike, Quinn, Holly, Sunshine, Matt, Ken, Terri, Harmony, Sebastian, Karofsky, Wes, Thad, Nick, David, Jeff, Carol, etc. We’ll only be seeing them sparingly. Some not at all. We’re very lucky just to be able to have Finn (and Santana) on this show in a continuous capacity, and we’re VERY lucky to still have Rachel and Kurt on in 20-22 episodes. We need to learn how to adapt to new layouts of the show. We need to watch the show as victims, trying to be inspired by new persons, rather than watching the show as critiques just itching to find some flaw and anticipating the ultimate downfall of this show.

        For me. I used to love Finn. Then I realized how much more I loved the show when he was gone. I didn’t realize how much of a distraction he was to Rachel, and how much damage he did her. He was a great boyfriend, but Rachel needs to focus on her career. And if she does want a relationship, Brody is a better fit for her… Though I think they went on a little too fast. xD

        I still want Finchel to be married, but only after Rachel takes a couple years away from Finn. She needs to focus on her life. Finn needs to discover himself and stabilize himself. Find a career. Pursue some post-graduate expeditions. Learn that marriage isn’t the only solution to an empty life.

        • Hope for the best says:

          I appreciate your perspective about learning that marriage is NOT the only solution to an empty life. I hope they both find other people realistic to their dreams and values.

        • Then “the rest of you” can complain on an article having to do with the people YOU miss. This article is about Finn/Cory. OF COURSE people are going to be talking about how much we’ve missed him and how it hasn’t been the same without him. What did you expect?

          • Ben says:

            That’s the thing though. There is no publicity on Mercedes, Puck, Mike and Quinn because the fans, the media, and the writers have decided years ago that they aren’t important enough to warrant a continuing contract. Lea, Chris, Naya, and Cory don’t even look like they’re grateful that their contracts were extended while their fellow cast was demoted down to a handful of episodes.

          • Selina says:

            Ben, how do you know how Chris, Cory and Lea feel? And how do you know if it wasn’t a mutual decision by for instance, Amber who I got a strong impression of wanting to pursue a career in music?

        • gg gabster says:

          I totally agree with you 100% its time for change, its a new season witch means new things, new couples, and new characters! I’m a huge fan and love the new season I just love glee no matter who they throw out and throw in.

          • shut up Ben says:

            Dear Ben, FYI Cory’s contract was not “extended.” He has a contract with FOX for about five-seven years. It was simply up to Glee to use him or not. So, don’t talk about him being “ungrateful” You obviously don’t know you’re stuff.

      • Ben says:

        And this show would be refreshing if people would stop being so obsessed with Finn. :)

        Seriously, there is nothing but hate going on in the Glee fandom. STOP watching the show to ship two damn characters. DO watch the show because you appreciate Glee’s message. And their message, despite all of the Finchel moments, has always been about self-acceptance.

        • shut up Ben says:

          If you haven’t noticed, most of the fandom hates Finn. Everyone has their character that they obsess with; so there’s no point in even arguing it. Cory is an amazing actor. Yes, I agree with you that it should not be about shipping but it’s watched by teenage girls. What else do you expect?

          • Ben says:

            You’ve got a point. I just came back from a YouTube video where a pro-Finn comment was voted down and apparently flagged for spam.

            And also, about your 5-7 year contract. Remember about Season 3, when it was announced that the people were graduating? They never planned to eliminate them all entirely, but they didn’t plan on featuring Rachel, Kurt, Finn, and Santana in a 16-20 episode college arc until the fan revolt, and FOX decided that Rachel, Kurt, Finn, and Santana were too crucial for ratings to let them go. Whereas Amber, Dianna, and Mark were regulars since Season 1 and didn’t have a fanbase big enough to be given majority of Season 4 as well. It seems that Dianna has chosen not to return as a regular, which I respect.

    • Fernanda says:

      The show hasn’t felt complete and really back without him!

    • Mary says:

      did you learn any lesson watching glee? i don’t think so

    • guest says:

      If by “refreshing” you mean boring as hell, then yes, I agree. With Cory missing it means one less fantastic actor on this show, and this show can’t afford to lose fantastic actors.

    • SMH says:

      And why are you commenting on this article again? I have some characters that I don’t like on Glee, but I never go writing stuff on their interviews. Showing a lot of maturity and grace, aren’t you.

    • Maggie says:

      I hope you feel better for leaving a comment like that. I for one can’t wait to see Finn back on my screen. He has been severely missed!

    • sm says:

      He Cory/Finn is terribly missed by his castmates and by his fans. Glee has been missing a spark to the show. Finn is that spark to ignite the smiles of the other characters and the playfulness. Cory is so laidback, charming and such a consummate actor. He just completes the show. Jukebox Hero will be an excellent choice for Finn. As for those like you who don’t like the Finn character, it is your right to your opinion on this article or any other. But Glee has many different characters who are chosen by a vast diversity of fandom. Glee has some other characters I don’t care for either. The thing about Glee is that is taught the Glee club to accept one another and be tolerant of others and their faults. A wonderful life’s lesson. Your comment just shows how narrow minded people can be about a fictional TV show especially a TV character with flaws but who has a heart of gold. Something about his character alot of people fail to see or accept.

      • anofficialgleek says:

        Bless you.

      • Ben says:

        I totally agree with you. I LOVE Cory, but I just don’t like the Finn character anymore, once he proposed to Rachel. I couldn’t stand how immature he was being last season, and the one moment when he redeemed himself was when he let Rachel go. That was a true heroic moment for me, and now I’m disappointed that Finn is coming back when Rachel is just starting to leave the nest.

        Though, I’m very excited to have Cory’s class-clown-attitude back on the show. I love reading/watching his interviews.

        The thing is, though, that as Gleeks, we need to be open. I know I’m kind of hypocritical by defending my argument against Finn, but there’s a huge revolt now about how awful Marley, Kitty, Jake, and Brody are.

        I know that even in high school, we generally don’t like the new students at school. But all the same, look into the new students’ eyes. They want to feel accepted, and they’re the same as all of us. Accept them! I don’t get what’s so hard about it. Who cares if Marley, Jake, and Kitty look a lot like the old characters. Why can’t we just enjoy their charisma that they bring to the show. Marley adds relatability, Jake brings youth, and Kitty brings an amazing antagonist. Brody brings a sense of maturity.

        Off-topic, I know. xD But I think the main point here is that your comment is true in all ways. But instead of missing a character, why can’t we be excited about the characters who we DO have? They will be the new heart and soul of the show, so we should get to know them. I miss Mercedes and Quinn with all my heart. But sometimes I don’t even notice they’re gone because I’m enjoying the new kids so much. :)

        • me says:

          I respect your comments. Yes, Finn and Rachel both getting engaged were immature to even go there. But, that was the point of the episode. Too young, too immature, no future solidly in place, getting engaged for the wrong reasons. Yes, Finn made the right decision to let her go to be the star she was meant to be, but Rachel, IMO, had changed from a selfish, self imposed, self motivating, immature young girl with insecurity issues that she had not yet shed. She was willing to forego her place at NYADA for a year-once she would never had done that-for Finn and Kurt. This was something that was wrong for her to do. Both of them had made bad choices-first getting engaged was for their own selves sake- then each of them was willing to make a sacrifice for the other at graduation-a very mature decision IMO. Finn’s was the right decision, but Rachel’s was wrong. Now, that time has passed with no contact with Finn and that Rachel has had nothing but negativity given to her, her insecurities have surfaced she meets a guy who says all the right things to her. Their is a blog who has a wonderful insight to what Ian Brennan might have in store for Rachel’s self discovery now. These are not my ideas which I cannot take credit for but are so informative and interesting to even think that this will be a big learning lesson for Rachel. Remember Hairography, I do, Accept yourself for what you are not what you think others think of you. Brody, is giving this Hairography idea to Rachel, change yourself. Rachel will learn this again. Now, I love Finn faults and all, and I’m so elated he is back. This is his year to find his dream and pursue it. This has always been his insecurity, he wasn’t good enough, just Lima good. I am looking forward to his character being a big part of McKinley and his self discovery. As for the new characters, I don’t care about them. They are clones to what has been before. I really like Artie, Tina, Sam and Blaine, and somewhat Britanny. Britanny has been dumbed down too much for me.They are all I care about. Jacob Artist is a really good singer. Marley I don’t have any interest yet. Kitty just another Quinn. Unique I won’t go there. I don’t care for that character. I would rather see Mercedes, Puck and Quinn. As of now, McKinley is boring to me. Finn will bring back the spark to McKinley. NY is all I’m interested in as of now. Quite frankly, I would have been happy for the spin off. I understand that Glee is getting a make over this season and we need to be patient.

          • me says:

            I have to post the blog: http/wilfullavishland.tumblr.com. This is a wonderful insight into The Makeover episode’s message and where the writer’s might be heading for Rachel’s storyline. Please read. It might be helpful, it was for me.

          • Ben says:

            I love discussing with someone as mature as you, and I totally respect your argument. The thing is, though, with the new characters, we shouldn’t care that they’re so much like the old people. I do think that the writers should have made more original choices, but I try to drop my judgmental mindset at the door, and just enjoy the show for what it is. I’m the type of Gleek who will stay with the show through thick and thin, no matter who breaks up, no matter who leaves the show, no matter who enters the show, and no matter how insanely stupid some episodes are written. I just… like it. :) I just kind of wish others saw it the way I do, because a lot of people seem to have forgotten why they fell in love with the show in the first place, if it wasn’t for Finchel.

    • Nell says:

      Here: *. You tried.

    • Everyone says:

      Rolling my eyes at this post hard. Why are you even here?

    • agnes says:

      sorry if you feel this way, but Finn fans should not be begrudged for expressing elation that he will soon be gracing their screens. so please don’t rain on our parade, ok? Finn is the man and Finchel is forever.

  11. RN says:

    as much as i like cory, i wish they wouldn’t bring Finn back

    • sv says:

      Glee can’t survive without Cory. People might not be crazy about Finn online, aside from our tiny pool of Finn stans, but the mainstream audience loves him .. there’s no way Glee stands a chance of renewal without that character.

    • Hope for the best says:

      I agree – Finn should be treated as a guest character. He needs to move on, like in the real world. Dean’s character stated that most relationships of previous don’t last and I agree. Finn coming back to NY as what? He does not have the real talent to go to art or theatre school. Finn needs to event fall in love with a person who is more embracing of his working class background – maybe he will become a social advocate and see Rachel is quite the opposite. As for Cory, I just don’t find it feasible to have a 30+ actor play an 18 year old teen. I just can’t take the show seriously.

      • This isn’t the real world, if you hadn’t noticed. Finn has a huge following, and the show without him is just not as good as it should be. Rachel looks way older than 18, maybe she should be a guest star.

      • HLine says:

        You think people should only be with other people who are just like them? I realize we all get different things from the show, but it seems odd that someone watches Glee and disagrees with such a big part of its premise so much.

        Accepting differences is Glee. Challenging society’s pigeonholing and growing out of it is Glee. And the Finn / Rachel relationship, two people with such different backgrounds connecting, has been a big part of that from day one. To have them throw that away and accept the classifications of society now would repudiate the show.

  12. marilou says:

    Awesome song for Cory! I can’t wait until Finn is back! But I just really want him to go to NYC to be with Rachel! Glee is not the same without Finchel!

  13. Melissa says:

    That’s how it’s done. Cory needs to teach Dean how to press. Bring on Finn and Finchel!

  14. Bryn says:

    Cory’s return is wonderful but he really didn’t tell us anything great! LOL I can’t wait to see Finn back and hope he gets to NY for good soon!

  15. Ethan Petty says:

    God bless. My favorite part of Glee. I can’t wait to see him again!!

  16. Tamara says:

    I just want Finn to have a happy storyline and, seeing as Rachel makes him happiest, I’m pretty sure his happiness will be augmented by being with her, so… Writer better make him happy again.

    • Ben says:

      This is why I don’t like Finn. He said it himself when he was telling Kurt why he proposed to Rachel: “Rachel’s the only good thing I’ve got going on in my life right now.”

      He needs to learn that his girlfriend/fiancee is NOT the only thing that can make him happy. He needs to find and stabilize himself and what makes HIM happy, even when Rachel’s not around. Finn’s still got a lot of growing up to do, so I hope that’s the angle that the writers take this season.

      • Why do you keep posting Finn hate? If people love Finn and want him back, IT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Do you think you’re changing anyone’s mind? Are you seriously just trolling this Finn article?

        • Katy says:

          As a former Finn fangirl, I’m actually going to have to agree with this “troll.” Finn’s really got a lot of growing up to do, and I like Ben’s idea of the writers using the Lima setting to mold Finn into a better man. Maybe then some of us would respect him more.

      • Amanda says:

        Good point.

  17. Fernanda says:

    Finn :) :) My baby is baaacccckkk!!! The most anticipated comeback of the show!! After that I just want to bring me a happy and very much together Finchel sooner than later!!

  18. Mike says:

    Hmm, Cory is trying to play down the inevitable Break Up episode and trying to focus on Finn’s storyline after that. I really liked Blake in TGP. I’m looking forward to their storylines together.

  19. IrinaS says:

    Glee has no glee without Finn Hudson! I love Finn and I love Finchel. Can’t wait!

  20. Carol says:

    CORY. My big baby, you’re back. Glee is not the same without you. Rachel is the heart of Glee and Finn is the soul. I miss your voice, i miss everything about you. :)

  21. Winnie says:

    Hopefully the return of Finn will shoot this show with some adrenaline. The show has been pretty lack luster and Cory’s superb acting is missed, especially opposite Lea! Welcome back Cory!!

  22. Cheyenne says:

    OMG i can’t wait for Finn to return Glee hasn’t been the same without him… also i can’t wait to get past this break up episode and on the road to getting Finn to NYC and eventually back to Rachel. So dying to hear a Finchel duet those are always amazing Glee needs more. FinchelForever

  23. Mary says:

    i miss Finn and Cory so much it hurts

  24. Nikki says:

    I was looking forward to seeing Cory back on Glee, but I’m not excited to see him stuck at McKinley. I want to see him, Lea, Chris and Naya in the NYC scenes interacting with each other and other interesting characters. Keeping Finn tied to McKinley to maintain interest in the (BORING) newbies there doesn’t thrill me. I’m still waiting for spoilers that actually make me interested in watching. Waiting through a 5 week hiatus just to see Finn back in the high school is definitely NOT the sort of spoiler that makes me interested in watching. Damn, sometimes I wonder what these writers are smoking.

    • sm says:

      Sometimes I feel Ryan Murphy is Hannibal Lechter. He loves and enjoys our pain. As for what their smoking, it isn’t a creativity maker. I agree that McKinley is draggin’. That’s why Ryan has one of his high profile characters and actor remain to propell that part of the story. It seems Ryan Murphy has high hopes in Ryder and his interactions with Finn. Since Cory has been filming 2 movies here at the start of Glee, this has given the writers a lot of leeway to utilize Finn for a greater purpose. You know, a way to keep the home fires burning for McKinley wiith the new characters trying to fit in and be accepted. Not only at McKinley but for us fans. I was beginning to get tired of high school drama and antics and really hoped for the spin off. But I guess, Ryan Murphy has tried to keep both scenarios integral parts of Glee, not just one but both. We’ll see how it goes. I, too, want Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Santana all in that loft together in New York. It could be hysterically funny and have some drama too.

      • Ben says:

        The thing is… The HIGH SCHOOL is supposed to be the heart and soul of the show. But it evolved so that it was Rachel and Finn, which is why the writers were forced to include a split. They need to keep fans interested, but Glee was always meant to be a high school show. Glee wasn’t meant to be just a show about love. It was supposed to open society’s eyes to the growing epidemics of bullying and the lack of self-worth in teens, which is why the show became popular.

        • Katy says:

          I agree with you, 100%. I’m a recent high school graduate, so I’ve pretty much grown up with Rachel, and I related to her so much in the sense that she endured cyber bullying, losing the guy she liked, not being comfortable in her own skin, having a problem with being controlling and selfish. Now that I’m in college, I still love my girl Rachel, but I’ll never forget the good Glee did me when I was in high school… Reminding me every week that there is hope for me, and I won’t just be stuck being an insignificant minority for the rest of my life. :)

  25. Lauren says:

    I miss Finn so much! Can’t wait for his return!

  26. Amber says:

    #finchelforever :)))

  27. Nic says:

    This is the best news I have heard since Glee came back. OMG! I’m so excited. CORY! Finn’s back. Singing in ep 4 and 5. PRAISE. God, I just love this man and his amazing acting and I love Finn so much. Yay yay yay!

  28. ames says:

    Proving again he’s a consummate professional. Can’t wait to see his shining face on my tv screen again! He’s been desperately missed.

  29. stw says:

    Thanks so much for this article, Michael! So glad to hear from Cory, and I can’t wait to see what Finn’s journey will be this year, and how he’ll find and follow a dream. Glee has been missing a huge part of what makes it great without Cory’s acting & Finn’s character in these first few episodes of the 4th Season. Once he’s back on screen, it will start to feel like Glee again. I’m also excited that it sounds like we’ll be hearing a lot of him singing!

  30. Xenia says:

    Baby come back, any kind of fool could see. There was something in everything about you

    Finn =3

  31. Regina says:

    I’m just glad to have Finn back. The show was really lacking without Cory. All I hope now is for Finchel scenes, no matter the circumstances.

  32. Nora says:

    I’m sad about him being in Mckinley so I hope it’s not for long and I’m so bored with Glee now. I just need Finn Hudson to come back and make me care again because without him, things sure are bleak. My only solace is hummelberry.

  33. Person says:

    YAY FINN! FINN HORRAY ! Finally!!!!!!!! now let’s get over episode 3 (bye bye Brody get the heck off my screen!) and 4 (I’m not ready to cry over a fictional couple in a comedy let’s be real here, but I know I will anyways) and get to episode 5 after the hiatus so something good can actually happen and the story can finally start!

  34. Lisa says:

    Thank you for giving us finally some Finn scoop. He is very missed on our screens. I hope he will get an awesome storyline this year, hopefully leading him to NY to pursue whatever dreams he will find!

  35. Marcela says:

    FINALLY! Cory, your presence on this show as Finn has been missed. Never leave it again! I hate that they’re keeping Finn and Rachel apart this season. Couldn’t they do the long-distance thing?//annoyed

    • Ben says:

      Because long-distance usually doesn’t work… And come on, they’ve graduated already. You had since Season 1 to accept the fact. If I was writing, I wouldn’t be promising Finn more than 11 episodes. Rachel herself wouldn’t be getting more than 14. I’d be using their episodes to bring back Mercedes, Quinn, Mike, and Puck, to try to make EVERY Gleek happy that their favorite 2012 grad is gracing their screens at some point. You Finchel, Klaine, and Brittana fans are absolutely selfish to think your characters, with a 18+ episode arc, needs a bigger storyline, when the rest of us need to accept that our favorites have graduated and are only ever promised reunion episodes (Christmas and Graduation).

  36. ells says:

    Finn!! oh my god finally!! and he’s gonna sing again i miss his voice so much i’m so happy cory’s back!!

  37. Nicole says:

    So, so happy Finn is coming back! Can’t wait to see him reunite with Rachel! :)

  38. Debra says:

    I will be glad to see Cory back on my screen as Finn despite what will happen for Finchel on his first full episode back.

  39. Dan says:

    You don’t even realise how excited I am that Cory/Finn is FINALLY coming back to Glee. For me, this season has totally missed his presence. It’s not Glee, or Gleeful, without him. I flove him so much.

  40. Tim says:

    Who careas about him, WHAT ABOUT RACHEL!!!

    See what I did there, you obnoxious Finn fans? I took an interview with an actor and made it all about a different actor. Isn’t that RUDE? It’s exactly what you’ve been doing with ANY press Lea has done since the beginningof the season.

    I actually like Cory and think he’s a good actor. I like Rachel and FInn together (though I also like the idea of SIngle-GIrl-in-NYC Rachel, too. What I DON’T like is the OBSESSION with couples.


    • Amanda says:

      …….um what about Rachel? What the hell the first 3 episodes where about her! Lets go Finny D

    • Team No More Foolish Comments says:

      What is even this comment????????

    • guest says:

      That was rather pompous and assumptive. Many Finchel fans also don’t mind the idea of Single-Girl-in-NYC Rachel, but unfortunately, that’s not what they’re giving us. Instead of giving Lea an interesting individual story they’re forcing yet another love interest, but this time the love interest is played by an actor who has the charisma and skill of a brick. So if anyone is OBSESSED with couples I think you’d have to pin that on the writers. I’m sorry, but perhaps we’re interested in hearing about Cory/Finn’s return so that we know Lea is going to get a chance to work with someone who works amazingly well with her. I also would like see good stories and comedy, but so far Cory has been gone for two episodes and the stories and comedy have both sucked. Perhaps if these two amazingly talented actors are allowed to work with each other again the Glee that I used to love, but that has been sorely missing, will return. Just a thought.

      • sm says:

        Well said. Rachel is seeking her own future. The first 2 episodes were about her. The writers have once again gone the love interst route for Rachel. This is a Jesse St James side story again, Rachel’s lonely. I loved the idea of Rachel fighting her way to the top, being her awesome self with the obstacles on the way. And Cassandra July is one- a very good one. I had hoped that Hummelberry friendship and antics would have brought the humor to New York, not yet. I agree that while Cory was gone the stories and comedy were pretty much non existent. I realize a lot of Brit/HeMo fans loved last weeks episode, but it fell flat for me. Not even funny. Cory/Finn is the heart of Glee’s humor. IMO> Now I’ll know that Glee will bring on the humor. I love his voice and singing too. I hope he gets to sing alot this season.

    • guest says:

      Actually, Tim, what you did there was to make your comment be about other people leaving comments, not about an actor.

    • team please be quiet says:

      Have you even been watching this show? Rachel (Lea) is always linked to Finchel. She constantly talks about it as well. Therefore, there will be Finn (Cory) related comments on her press because they’re both apart of the couple.
      Why don’t you take a chill pill and re-evaluate what you’re screaming about?
      Finn fans just want their boy back. You’ve got Rachel so be happy.

    • Ben says:

      God bless you. :)

  41. sam says:

    I just miss Finn so much! Can not wait for him to be back ! Thats when Glee will really start for me.

  42. mints says:

    LOVE CORYYY!!!! Cant wait to see him on glee!! :D

  43. Sara says:



    • Fernanda says:

      agree 100%!! he’s the soul of the show! we need him as much as Rachel

      • Ben says:

        Finn doesn’t have anything going on for him, though. So we actually do NOT need him. The only thing he contributed to the show in the first three seasons was being Rachel’s love interest, being the lead male, and being a football player. Those three things are very easily replaceable.

        • HLine says:

          If you’re only focused on Finn’s role in others’ stories, maybe. But right in the pilot they start the “Finn wants to break out of his pigeonhole and make something of himself” story, complete with him being challenged by the different people he meets in Glee; shame if they dropped it now.

          • Ben says:

            Good point. :) That’s why I feel like it’s necessary for him to go to Lima. He needs to figure out what he wants to do as a career, even if it’s just a temporary job as assistant football coaching.

  44. emily says:

    poor cory he deserves a better story line than with one of the basic kids from the glee project. They better not keep Finn in Lima this season. I don’t know why Finn fans would be happy about this

    • sv says:

      Well, A.) it means he’s back, which I’ll take in any capacity when the alternative is his absence .. B.) there’s no way to just throw him in NYC, especially after the (second) break-up (honestly? breaking our hearts TWICE, Ryan? Thanks ..) and with him not in the Army, there’s gotta be somewhere he can go .. so of course he’ll be in Lima for a while, it’s his only home right now. And C.) there’s no way he’s going to be there the whole time. People are getting so irrationally angry about it, and forgetting that the writers want Finn to succeed just as much as Rachel. They wouldn’t have made him so against being a “Lima Loser” if they weren’t planning on him having a way out of Lima. The season will end just fine for him, I guarantee it. Remember Brad’s words .. happy endings, not happy middles.

      • Katy says:

        Agreed. For some people, letting go of the “Lima Loser” status isn’t as easy as some of the other 2012 grads made it seem. Rachel went to a Broadway school. Mike is wish a dance company academy. Mercedes is backup singing. Heck, Puck’s even fine with pool cleaning! Quinn even got accepted to Yale. I think it’s great that Finn’s returning to Lima to learn more about himself and learn about what he really wants to do.

    • Ben says:

      Okay, you seem to be in a fantasy world. Not everyone goes to the Big Apple after graduation. They need to show the archetype of high school graduates who are lost in what they want to do, and didn’t go to college, and didn’t work it out with the army, etc. Finn needs a ton of growing up to do, and I think he needs to go back to Lima to learn what he missed out on.

      • lyndsey says:

        You know, if your gonna be such a downer why do you bother posting your comment? Your quick to say people are in a fantasy world but yet your talking about a tv show….? Me personally, glee is my favorite show. And it would not be the same without cory monteith. Why cant you just leave the show alone? I sit in front of the tv and root for.finchel every single time, but that’s just it… they just graduated high school, we are very aware that their storylines have some growing up to Do…. that’s true to life. At the end of the day, the writers decide how it happens.

        • Ben says:

          If you were a true fan of the show, you would watch it to support the message, and not to root for your favorite character. Have you ever watched the Glee Project casting episodes? You have thousands of people auditioning because they’re grateful for how Glee made it okay for them to be different. That’s what the show’s all about. You don’t see those people auditioning saying that they want to be shipped with another character. That would be a side bonus. Their main motivation is to have their story, their struggles, their hardships, and their comebacks portrayed on TV.

          When I watch the show every week, I’m not aiming to see my favorite couple gracing my screen. I’m aiming to see the struggles that they’re going through, and how those struggles can help me improve my own life. I like Tina, Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, and Marley the best, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to whine about them not being on my TV. From Season 1, I knew that Kurt and Mercedes would only be cast for three seasons. I was angry at first to find out that the McKinley screen time would be reduced to accommodate the graduated fan favorites. But I’m impressed now.

          By fantasy world, I mean fans who push for a silly happy ever after for a character who’s, by far, one of the most unstable people on the show. Finn is the type of character who can’t have a happy ever after until he discovers himself, and Season 3 didn’t do that justice. I could have gone all Season 3 without the writers portraying Finn as a mentally and socially unstable person who made a disastrous wrong decision in proposing to Rachel. Now with the breakup and Finn returning to Lima, I’m anxious to see Finn mature. I want to see THAT Finn, not a Finn who gets his happy ever after with Rachel, when it’s clear at this point that they probably don’t deserve each other just yet.

  45. Steve says:

    Rachel x Brody forever.

  46. Kayl says:

    Ohhhh, I can´t wait to see Finn on my screen again.
    I miss so much Finn, i miss Finchel..
    Glee is no the same without Lea/Cory scenes.
    Finchel Forever!!!

  47. ALLCAPS says:


  48. Robin says:

    Finally! Glee is not Glee without Finn :)

  49. Valentina says:

    God im happy right now… glee is not the same without Finn

  50. team finn says:

    CORY! i have missed Finn so much and can’t wait till he is back! and finchel forever