Post Mortem: Awkward Boss Talks Jenna's Choice ('The Love Triangle Is Done'), Season 3

Awkward Ashley RickardsWARNING: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s season finale of Awkward, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Awkward heroine Jenna Hamilton finally made her choice between Jake and Matty in Thursday night’s Season 2 finale. But is she already regretting her pick? Is an unexpected couple in bloom? And what about that Ricky Schwartz reveal?! Creator Lauren Iungerich hopped on a conference call to answer those burning questions and more, and we’ve broken down the scoop — as well as some teases for what’s ahead! — character by character.

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JENNA | Don’t expect her to flip-flop again. Even though she was second-guessing herself at the close of the finale, it “has nothing to do with Jake or the boys,” assures Iungerich. “The hunt is always better than the kill, so to speak. Here she is, she’s finally gotten the guy she was pinning over… and it’s the idea of, OK, she’s just given up this opportunity and this trip to go to Europe and to have an experience, and she’s sacrificing that to stay with Matty. And is that really what she needs?… For two seasons, it’s always been about the boys, and now the conversation is turning to her.”

MATTY | “I always knew it was going to be Matty at the end of this season,” says Iungerich. “I go in knowing where I’m going to end up in the season, every season. She’s listening to her gut. As much as she did fall in love with Jake, she hadn’t really fallen out of love with Matty. And so, when the opportunity presented itself for her to be kind and clean in her decision-making, she had to go with her gut.”

JAKE | Although Jenna didn’t pick him, Jake “is still very much a part of the universe,” says Iungerich, who has “a very clear point of view” for his Season 3 journey. “He becomes a crucial part of Jenna’s arc, but not from the romantic point of view.” Might his story also involve some action with a certain girl with whom he locked lips in the finale? “There’s definitely something that we’re exploring with Jake and Tamara, for sure.”

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SEASON 3 | As Jenna and her pals enter junior year, they’ll start to think about life beyond high school. According to Iungerich, “Season 1 was, ‘Who am I?’ Season 2 was, ‘Who do I want to be with?’ And Season 3 is about, ‘Who do I want to be?’ It’s a question of just not where you are, but where you want to go as a person.” Meanwhile, “the love triangle between Matty and Jake is done,” confirms Iungerich, adding that Jenna will be “in a relationship” with Matty, which will lead to “a lot of conflict and drama and confusion” as she tries to figure out who she is both individually and as his significant other. Some new recurring players also will be introduced; they’re “part and parcel of the longform arc, as well as [of] Jenna’s storyline [and] Sadie’s storyline.”

MING | The mafia will be back in “a real fun way,” previews Iungerich. As for Becca, who broke up Ming’s romance, “Revenge is a bitch, right?”

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RICKY | Despite his shocking, sort-of coming out, Iungerich says the womanizer is “very fluid in his sexuality. He wouldn’t label himself as gay. He’s trying things on. He’s trying on all different experiences. Unlike Jenna, Ricky Schwartz is open to the universe. [Laughs] With that, we have some really fun stuff in store that’s too spoilery [to share]. But I can promise you, he’s not gay.”

LACEY | Although her relationship with her daughter is on the mend, Iungerich warns that there may be “complications over Jenna’s decisions that may or may not be good that Lacey feels like she wants to protect her from. At the same time, she has to learn to be in her daughter’s corner.” Meanwhile, things are going smoothly with the hubby, but don’t forget, “Kevin still doesn’t know that she kissed [her ex-boyfriend] Ben, but Jenna does. Therein lies a potential conflict down the road. I don’t even think that Lacey knows that Jenna had seen it.”

Awkward fans, what did you think of the season finale? Did Jenna make the right choice by picking Matty and then choosing him over Europe? Do you like the idea of Jake and Tamara? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. ggny says:

    Could care less about Ricky. Would rather know whats going on with Sadie and Lissa next season. Also love that Jake and Tamara are gonna be together

  2. Juliana Carvalho says:

    I’m glad to know that the triangle is over! Jake and Tamara is a great twist and should be fun to watch!

    • djm says:

      I just hope that next season they go back to how they had her act in Season 1 – not so many facial tics that line up with the voice-over. In season 1 it wasn’t so obvious – in Season 2 it drove me CRAZY that she was making all of these facial expressions – it just did not work for me.

  3. Will says:

    I’m sorry but I’m not liking the direction they’re going with Jenna’s character. She came off as incredibly inconsiderate and ungrateful in the finale. After all this back and forth nonsense with Matty, you realize he may not be the one you want? I don’t understand…

    And I hated the way she responded to the possibility of Jake and Tamara happening. The fact that the writers even implied that Jenna would want Jake when she couldn’t have him was a slap in the face towards Team Jake, especially since the writers have no intention on revisiting that chapter.

    • iMember says:

      Haven’t you been a teenager before? What teenager do you know that doesn’t question everything in their life even when they have everything they want. I don’t see how Jenna came off as “inconsiderate and ungrateful” in the finale at all. Jenna is still young, she’s going to be starting junior year next season. Jenna doesn’t know where life is going to take her, she can’t even say that Matty will be her forever one and only, because she’s not sure where she’s going to be as a person yet either. That’s why at the end Jenna thinking “I got what I wanted, but is it what I need?” is more of a sign that Jenna has some self reflecting to do next season, which will go with the theme of “Who do I want to be?” that the writers have planned.

      I forgive Jenna for the way she acted on an impulse the moment she saw Tamara and Jake. Again, she’s a teenager, she not too long ago was in a relationship with Jake, and to see her best friend suddenly kiss him came as a shock to her. What teenager wouldn’t act that way? If Jenna wasn’t even a little bit shocked or questioning it, that would have been unbelievable. Besides, Jenna quickly got over it in case you remember. So, I don’t see any real issue there either or as slap in the face to anyone. I will say however, I do love the way they are headed with Jake and Tamara. Those two definitely have chemistry together and are very well compatible for each other.

    • jojo says:

      It does feel like a slap in the face and overall the love triangle stuff this season was mishandled. I’m left with no desire to root for Jenna or Matty as characters. That’s kind of sad for two characters that I really loved throughout season 1, even with their flaws.

      I’m left just feeling glad that Jake’s realised he’s better off without Jenna, and I loved them as a couple when they were working – they really sparkled together and brought out the best in each other. And then Jenna never even got to satisfy her curiosity about sex with Jake. Sadface.

      I’m sure in the writers’ heads it all made sense, but what was shown on screen did not feel at all kind or clean to me.

  4. iMember says:

    The season finale to me was PERFECT! Season 2 was a lot of fun and it had so much heart to it, especially with Jenna and her mom. I love that the creator and writers of this show know where they want to go each season and where they want to take the show. (I remember reading that Iungeric already knows how the series will end when that time comes). I can’t wait for Season 3 to premiere next year. This show really is a gem, comedy gold and writing at its finest. I’m so glad Season 3 will be an even longer season too!

    1. I love what I’m hearing about Season 3 and I love how the writers have a theme for it. I can imagine Season 4 being about senior year and Season 5 being about graduation and the end to the series (Iungerich has already said she pictures this show to go on for about 4 – 5 seasons, so it would work).

    2. MING ON REVENGE! YES YES YES. The Asian Mafia was such a perfect addition this season, I loved it. So I can’t wait to see Ming going after Becca next season. Love her character and seeing more Ming is always a plus.

    3. I love the direction of Tamara and Jake. It’s about time Tamara got a nice guy and not Ricky, and both Brett and Jillian have awesome chemistry together on screen.

    4. I hear Sadie is going to have a really great storyline next season, so I’m excited. She was sooo close to actually saying sorry to Jenna and Tamara until she passed out, haha.


    By the way, this show needs to put on Netflix ASAP! Not sure what MTV is waiting for.

  5. iMember says:

    Oh! I’m really interested to know what next season’s mystery will be. Season One we had who sent the carefrontation letter and Season Two was about who the anonymous commenter was. So, I wonder what mystery there will be in Season Three. I’m excited!

  6. C.C. says:

    I love this show and am extremely happy she decided on Matty. I also watched the aftershow, Ashley Rickards seemed kind of out of it, maybe it was her new blonde hair that did it.

  7. bella says:

    Being team jake is way too hard. omfg i’m done why did she even pick matty just ughhh

  8. L says:

    The finale was okay. Team Matty! I watched the after show and ‘Jenna’ seemed uninterested, rarely smiled and detached from the rest of the cast. Plus, she rarely spoke. I thought it was really weird. Besides all that, ‘Jenna’s’ hair was an absolutely awful color. It also looked like she got a boob job or a super duper push up bra.

    • Sienna says:

      Yeah, Ashley Rickards was weird on the after show. I also noticed she didn’t participate in any of the promos leading up to it, though everyone else did. She seems to have lost some weight as well, even though she really didn’t need to. I’m not loving the makeover.

      • sara says:

        Big DISAPPOINT in Ashley Rickards!! She totally looked drug out at the after show and her cast mates seem to dislike her :( drama is for sure going on behind the stages!!!

  9. Russ says:

    I liked the finale wasn’t too surprised by it. I was obvious Jenna was gonna pick Matty, and I figured out her gay friend Clark was the blog commenter when he first talked to her. So glad that Rick cheated on Sadie, so that relationship will be over. Love Jake and Tamara, they work well together, I found that was the only surprise of the night.

  10. Great season finale to an oustanding season 2. Bring on season 3. And they should make Clark a series regular, his banter with Sadie is just high-larious. “I’m gonna take a pass” “I knew you’d be out” “You right, I’m not into bears”

  11. Jared says:

    I’m obsessed with Awkward and the season 2 finale was perfection. I don’t know why I’ve never seen the chemistry between Tamara and Jake before. Love the fact that they hooked up and could possibly start a relationship. Now that Jenna chose Matty and Tamara and Jake have started something new I’m eager to see where all the characters will go next season. I hope Clarke becomes a bigger part of the show. He’s been a really good friend to Jenna and would like to see them interact more.

  12. teamo says:

    The reason this show works so well is because the writers know exactly where they wanna start and end and can execute there ideas perfectly.

  13. Brock says:

    I was very let down by the finale. The reveal of the anonymous poster was pushed aside and such a non-issue, I don’t know why they even bothered! I have no issue with Jenna picking Matty (and I’m Team Jake) but then to have her doubting it at the end just made me feel like we were going to get a whole season more of who should I date, which feels like it’s been done to death. I hope the writer explore some new plot ideas for the next season, especially with the overblown season order

    • Sam says:

      The article definetly said the love triangle is over and tht it is going to be a who do i want to be and what do i want to do. Referring to her being a wallflower with Matty..( does she want to sit on the sidelines?) that sort of thing

  14. Katie says:

    I feel like I’m in the minority here, but I was… under-impressed? with the finale. I thought season 2 was really great – wonderful episodes with a lot of complex character development that was always executed perfectly. The finale seemed out of step with all of that. I agree with what some other people have said that the most important reveals didn’t take up that much of the episode. While I understand not wanted to be tortured by a drawn-out conclusion… I’ve waited two seasons to see who Jenna picks and who her anonymous blog commenter was, so I could have dealt with a little more fanfare.
    Also, I thought the Jake and Tamara thing seemed way out of character. While I love them both, and understand the reasons they might gravitate towards one another, I don’t feel that a relationship with them would be entirely believable. It just seemed a little “pair the spares” to me. (Plus, it seemed odd that, even with Jenna’s blessing, Tamara would hook up with someone her best friend had once claimed to “love”, especially following the whole Ricky fiasco of Season 1.)

    As someone who was neither Team Matty nor Team Jake (for Jenna that is, for myself is another matter) I didn’t have too big an emotional stake in the finale. It was just that, to me, all the important things happened so quickly, and the episode felt more like a bridge between episodes than a finale.

    Pros: I am looking forward to seeing a story about Jenna coming to terms with herself and what she wants from her life, as well seeing more about her family (I’ve always felt that story line was one of the show’s very best). Also, the Ricky reveal was hilarious, and it looks like it sparked a little more character development with Sadie.

  15. Trace says:

    The idea of Jenna turning down a trip to Europe to spend time with her boyfriend was brushed aside too easily. Frankly, I’m hoping her parents end up forcing her to go on the trip.

    Season 2 was pretty brutal, with way too much time spent on the triangle, and Jenna becoming almost unbearable by the end of the season.

    I’m glad to hear them move away from the triangle in Season 3, so maybe there’s some hope. Still, it’s going to have show major improvement to keep me as a viewer.

  16. Brooke says:

    ashley rickards looked like she was pregnant all season. was she on the after-show? i didn’t see her on the promo

  17. Evan says:

    I really really loved Season 1, but I only really loved Season 2 – hehe! Still, I thought this season didn’t have all the charm and wit that made me fall in love in the first season. I agree that too much time was spent on the Jenna-Matty-Jake debacle, and I’m glad to hear that’s changing for next season. There were a lot of half done storylines this season that I needed to see more of (Asian Mafia, Jenna actually forgiving her mom) and I hope we get some closure with that. I hope Sadie gets to do more than “You’re welcome” next season, even though it is gold! I’d love to see her as an ally for Jenna. The writers should give more to Lissa, I love her! As far as Jenna deciding to go with Matty and skipping Europe, I was disappointed but it does seem like something a high school girl would do, so I was okay with it. Tamara and Jake hooking up wa a surprise until about a minute before it happened, and I think the reception toward it was a little cold because no one was expecting it, especially since we went into this episode unsure of who Jenna would pick. I feel like the writers could’ve held off on that partnership until next season, once the waves of Matty-Jenna have calmed, and given more time to build a chemistry between Tamara and Jake that we could’ve picked up on and rooted for. I hope Ming gets to fulfill her “revenge” duties next season, I felt the Asian Mafia storyline was half-baked. But honestly, with all of my little complaints, this show is still better than most comedies out there and I hope MTV sticks with it for a few more seasons so we get a completely developed series.

  18. Patrick Maloney says:

    I loved that Clark was the mysterious commentor

  19. Ella says:

    I love both boys but I’ve always been slightly more inclined towards Matty so I was really happy with Jenna’s decision. Can’t say I loved how they played it out or how Jake ended up hooking up with Tamara though. He needs a new girl, someone similar to Jenna and not quite so characaturish as Tamara or Lissa. He’s a great, great guy, I think needs a girl befitting that.

  20. LizzyS says:

    Now she will always be known as the girl who didnt go to europe!

  21. Luce says:

    I was… un-charmed. I found that the season finale was simply wrong. Jake and Tamara were out of character (because of everything with Ricky, plus the fact that Jake is in love with Jenna, and he’s honorable. He wouldn’t do that kind of things). I really love both characters, but them as a couple is just weird, doesn’t fit. And it happened out of the blue, as almost everything in this episode.
    The whole commenter/reader thing had so much potential, but it didn’t blow my mind. It was meh~. I wanted the misterious fan to be her dad and to make of that something deep and big, just a thought. To know the man a little more, you know?
    Jenna was bitchy and unlike her. She always thinks everything through before making a desicion, and she decided not to listen to the only good advice her mom gave her and to stop living for a boy. Where the heck is Jenna? She’s strong and she can think. Well, she coulnd’t clearly in this finale.
    Ricky, i don’t give a damn.
    I want to hear more about Sadie, Lissa and Jake. Why Jake? Because we know Jake as this wonder boy, this popular kid, but what about he as he? He deserves to be a deep character. He’s more than “Jenna’s boyfriend/ex boyfriend”. I want to know him. And, talking about him, how’s it possible, believeble, that he is so ok with his best friend and the girl he’s in love with making latex babies in the closet? Is this for real?
    Matty, I’m going to be honest here, I think he’s fun, but he being this perfect boyfriend from one day to another, i don’t buy it. What about this blondie he was dating and he liked? He ditched her just like that? So he hasn’t change a bit, then? I would rather to know more about his issues than just watching him be… idk, the popular hot guy.
    I found Jenna annoying in this episode, I just wanted to slap her.
    As for the love triangle, I hate to say it, but what in the world happened there? The last two episodes were like a different show. The characters acted like they weren’t themselves. What about everything that Jenna learned? Forgotten. Suddenly she became “the girlfriend”, when she’s not. She is independent. Forget the fact that she’s unhappy with this dude, the only thing she had ever admire of him, or desire, or whatever is his body. It’s not like they have a deep bond, strong and profound. So, excuse me if suddenly this protagonist seems shallow and dissapointing. And, oh, yes, she chose him a week after saying she loved the other guy? She’s a bitch. I don’t like how the heroin is developing, I want to love her, not to feel that she’s just mean. I love Sadie more, because i get her. I know why she’s like that and I can relate (tho I never was a bully). So that’s that, I don’t relate to Jenna anymore. She’s evil.

    This rant makes me sad, because it’s obvious I love this show, I watched it in four days, the two seasons, and I expected more. D:

    *I’m not part of a team, but I’m sorry if I said something rude to any of them.*

    • Amanda says:

      I totally agree. I think the writers were going for the “shock factor” and in doing so, everything they had been building up for the past few episodes came tumbling down and it almost became a different show. Jenna makes all the wrong decisions, winds up with the superficial jerk (and is happy?) and the guy who never judged her or hid his feelings for her is going to end up with a totally random character who is nothing like him and who has no significant qualities to match his… I fell in love with this show too and I am thoroughly disappointed. While Matty might have been the more popular choice among the girls who follow this series, everything logical screams that Jake was the one for Jenna. She was comfortable with him, she could be herself, he really showed so much love and passion for her in the relationship and she finally came out and told him she loved him and then suddenly, makes a totally two-faced decision out of the blue. It’s too bad.

  22. Amanda says:

    I don’t think I’ll be tuning in for season 3. I was so disappointed in Jenna’s decision to be with Matty. Jake and Jenna, I felt, were a perfect pair. With Jenna’s reputation being all over the place, I think she was much better suited with Jake who loved her so much regardless of what anyone thought about her as opposed to Matty who was always keeping their relationship quiet and has been made out to be extremely egotistical and obsessed with his reputation.

    Also, shortly after telling Jake she loved him, and then after she tried so hard to get Jake back after their break up, for Jenna to turn around and go back to Matty is completely ingenuine and fickle on her part. I strongly dislike her character after that little stunt.

    Tamara and Jake are also a terrible match. All we’ve ever seen from Tamara is desperation to be accepted, obsession over what her peers think and superficial ideas. This is a terrible match with a guy who clearly isn’t concerned with any of that. I don’t know what the writers were thinking honestly.; It’s too bad. You would think in the end, the girl would come to her senses but as usual she goes with the jerk and the good guy winds up with someone who is totally incompatible with him. I guess at least it’s realistic. I just wish shows directed at teens would actually condone good decision-making.

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