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Castle Q&A: Stana Katic Talks of 'Wonderful Lovemaking' and Beckett the 'Cobra Lying in Wait'

ABC’s Castle kicks off Season 5 on Monday at 10/9c, and with that comes the answer to the question: So, how was it?

To recap: After chasing a hot lead in her mother’s long-unsolved murder and cheating death (again), Detective Kate Beckett resigned from the NYPD, licked some wounds, and then gravitated, rain-soaked, to the doorstep of her partner in crimesolving, novelist Rick Castle. And while it’s always a risky move to slip your Will They/Won’t They couple between the sheets, Stana Katic, who plays Beckett to Nathan Fillion‘s Castle, sees only a glorious afterglow to come.

During TVLine’s visit to the set — at which time she was wrapping up the romantically and dramatically satisfying premiere — Katic shared her in-depth assessment of “Caskett” past, present and future, as well as gave us a peek at her big-screen time-trip to the groovy 1970s.

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TVLINE | Talk about how [series creator] Andrew [Marlowe] first presented it to you that he was going to “pull the trigger” on Beckett and Castle and make that finally happen.
I was vocal about the fact that I felt that they needed to get together, because in my perspective there’s only so far that you can go with that kind of romantic tension. There’s a point where either it happens, or you risk being dishonest and pulling on audience’s heartstrings or whatever just for the sake of maintaining that audience, or because people fear that when there is no tension in that way that you lose interest. I don’t really believe that, so I felt like if we prolonged that, it would just be unplayable, unbearable. So I was told a couple of episodes before the finale, and I knew that they were going to try to sprinkle in notes to justify that happening at the end of the finale. I’ve been for it for a while, so I thought it was about time.

TVLINE | What excited you about it, and what, if anything, gave you pause?
What excited me about it was that it’s a shift in the relationship for those two characters. Last year there was a rift between them, partially because they were both holding secrets….

TVLINE | All season long, yeah.
Right, and also I feel unless romantic tension is given a voice, the alternative is often expressed – “I can’t be around you, I don’t want to see you,” things like that. So I thought, “Oh, this will be neat, this will be a new thing to play, for both characters.” [For example], there’s nobody that Rick has ever played love with — love in the bedroom, love outside of the bedroom. I’m sure we’ll be in the honeymoon period for a little while and get to know who these people are in a relationship that’s secret from everyone else.

TVLINE | What do you think their first time was like? Was it purely animal? Was it about yearning? Was it about Kate being with the one person she knows is her rock?
I feel like the first few beats were hurtful — meaning there was so much anger and tension and hurt that needed to be expressed, and in some ways it was expressed just by being together. And then I feel there was just really wonderful lovemaking and discovering each other’s bodies, and finding solace in each other. These are two people who are extraordinary as individuals. I mean I hope, in my best version of a love story, they’re extraordinary as individuals. And then because they’re so extraordinary, they’re alone. By being together, maybe they’re not so alone? It’s kind of neat to have two people be vulnerable to each other who are not allowed to be vulnerable to very many other people, you know? And I’d like to see that progress throughout the year. I’d like to see what it means for Castle to care for a woman who is not his responsibility in the way that his daughter is or his mother is, but really care for an equal.

TVLINE | And, Lord knows, his romantic past is littered with women who were just…
Subordinates. So it will be nice to see that. And it will be nice to see Beckett also have somebody that she can trust and be safe with, because she’s always had to have her guard up, because there’s nobody else as capable as she is around her. This is a person that she can be safe around, which is extraordinary, because I think we’ll see more of who she is through that love story.

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TVLINE | You said there might be a bit of a honeymoon period, but in the immediate aftermath, how does their coupling affect Kate? Is she content, is she like, “Ah, what did we just do…?”
The immediate aftermath is she gave herself to him, and she was complete with him and hoped that it meant to him what it meant to her. So those first few moments are that wonderful generosity when you give yourself to somebody, but also that big question mark of…

TVLINE | “Was it appreciated?”
“Is it valued?” I think that’s an important beat in their relationship.

TVLINE | Is that question left in the air…?
[Smiles] No, it’s answered.

TVLINE | Will “the L-word” become an issue? Is that the next question Castle fans are going to be asking me 11 times a week? He has said that he loves her, but she’s never said it in return.
I wonder. I don’t know. I think there is definitely an emotion and a physicality that conveyed an emotion. I don’t know if it will become a part of the story that it needs to be said or heard.

TVLINE | Through the season premiere, only the two of them will know that they got together?
Yes. I think that they’re both not sure what they have. Whatever it is they’ve got, they’re really protective of it, and I don’t know that they want to necessarily spread [the news] until they figure out what it is. [CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE]

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  1. cc says:

    NICE interview! Thank you

  2. Lara says:

    She really is the biggest castle shipper around

    • zaza says:

      I know! Isn’t it cute? I hate it when actors/actresses don’t want their characters to get together because they think that being in a relationship isn’t challenging enough for their dramatic talents. So refreshing to hear her rooting for the characters and realizing that portraying a real relationship requires a lot of skill, which both she and Nathan have. This is gonna be good!

  3. Becks says:

    Awesome! Thanks Matt, loving all of your Castle coverage!

  4. Tricky says:

    She went to school in Boston? where? i thought she went to University of Toronto

  5. Maria says:

    Excellent interview, and I’m glad you were able to talk to her right as she was finishing filming the premiere, so everything was fresh in her mind and you had her immediate reaction to it all. She seems like such a lovely person, too.

  6. Andrea says:

    Wonderful interview, thank you so much! So excited for Monday!

  7. april-ann says:

    Good interview, good questions. She is obviously very well spoken. But please tell me that the two of you laughed your way through that fourth question!

  8. Klover says:

    Wow, I love her description of their first time together. Amazing and so true to who the characters are. I’m so impressed by Stana’s interviews because she totally gets it. She really pays attention and plays all the beats as perfectly as one can.

  9. sara says:

    Come onnn Monday !

  10. Alyssa says:

    Matt, this is how you kill a fandom before a premiere. Thank you. :)

  11. Marie says:

    great interview as always ;) I love how she answers the questions. Such a shipper! :D Now I’m all excited for the premiere. Gaaaaaah!

  12. Dai says:

    Great interview. She seems like the coolest gal.

    I love how much she thinks about these things and how eloquent and well spoken she is. All you want in a lead actress, really. It seems like when she gets involved in a project, she gets really invested. She loves Kate so much, and you can see that in her acting. Nothing but love for Stana.

    Also, the fact that she’s a bigger shipper than probably all of us combined… haha love it!

  13. JAA says:

    Stana always gives the most thoughtful answers to a question. I appreciate that when reading an interview. You know you’re going to learn something new every time.

    I love this part “This is a person that she can be safe around, which is extraordinary, because I think we’ll see more of who she is through that love story.”

    PS, Matt, I can’t believe you asked her how was Castle and Beckett’s first time, blushing. I guess it is what we all wanted to know but were too afraid to ask. LOL.

    Thanks for the interview

  14. emma says:

    how diferent with that nathan interview you posted! his sily shallow answers and all about firefly, its clear he doesn’t think much if at all. and here Stana gives this perfect thouhtful answers about everything, and so articulate and intelligent, its clear how uncomonnly clever and talented she is! just a real big diference. Long live Stana!

    • JAA says:

      thank you for raining on everyone’s parade. Geez, relax with the bashing. It’s not a competition.

    • Katherine215 says:

      If you’re talking about the video with Nathan, it was filmed when he was at ComicCon this summer *for Firefly* so I’d imagine that’s why it was the main topic. I don’t think anything that’s “clear” to you was viewed the same way as most people who watched that interview when it was originally shared.

      • Jane says:

        This. It was a different atmosphere. He was sitting on a couch during Comic-Con joking around with Ausiello. It was not meant to be a deep, character-revealing interview like this one. It was great in a totally different way. You don’t have to bash Nathan to bring up Stana- they are both great, and their collective greatness help make the show. I’ll never understand why they have to be pitted against the other. Please take your negativity elsewhere. That’s not constructive criticism, it’s just bitterness.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Very astute observations and input; Stana is a great interviewee.
      And her CBGB look/hair is making me seriously consider getting bangs!

    • giggles says:

      Gosh, not again with stanaticism. Bet Stana would be embarrassed to read this sort of comments. Why every second thread has to turn into Fillion-bashing by grammatically challenged Stana-obsessed individuals?

      • emma says:

        youre the one with bashing and negativity, I was just sharing my opinion and I stand by it! I watched many nathan interviews and he just come across as immature and selfcentered jerk always ready with a stupid joke,and its clear he doesn’t care an doesnt think about his character the way Stana does. In fact it looks he doesn’t care and think about anything beside comics, videogames and his dear firefly! I find this disgusting and stupid. Now compare him to any Stana interview, how she decribed their love and commitment here, can you imagine nathan ever give such thoghtful deep answer? he just laughs at everything and doesn’t care. Now hate on me all you want.

        • Stella says:

          I agree with you about the difference between the two of them. She does have deep thoughts about the show and any one for her character (go and find some interviews about FLO) and it’s great. Nathan is a funny guy and has a super ego. But Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion, together, is what makes the show so good.
          Personally, I like Stana more, is like watching a star rising .

          • 1 says:

            Well said. Personally, I like Nathan more, I prefer smart guys with a sarcastic sense of humor LOL. But I don’t go around bashing Stana (whom I also like), this is not very nice and screams immaturity and bitterness. Chill, Emma.
            And for you, Stella – I don’t get what you actually mean by Nathan having “super ego”. He plays up this supposed ego a lot, for laughs, like Captain Hammer. But everyone who worked with him says how humble and nice he is, like the opposite of self-centered. He has many friends and people are always eager to work with him. I believe that says a lot about his true nature. I think some people are not as quick as him, and have trouble understanding when he’s joking or being serious, and can’t (or don’t want to) differentiate between him and his characters or his goofing around. Well, your loss then LOL.

        • JAA says:

          From a Stana’s fan to another: stop calling names, it’s rude and unnecessary.

        • megshells says:

          Actually Emma, I would recommend that you read the write-up about the new season in Entertainment Weekly, part of which was an interview with Nathan Fillion. Although it wasn’t as in depth as this interview (one of the disadvantages of print media, you don’t have unlimited space), his answers were very thoughtful, and I was struck by how much he cares about where this fictional relationship goes as well. You view his responses as “disgusting and stupid”…I think he’s just jovial and fun-loving. Don’t forget the context under which these interviews are conducted; I think that makes a huge difference in their tone and content. Just MHO…and you are entitled to yours.

          • mco says:

            Nathanhe has already done it all with Firefly. Get himself emotionnally very deep about a show and a character. And I think he really was hurt when Firefly was cancelled. I think that, as much as he loves working for Castle and his character, he understood the lesson the first time around and now doesn’t get in too deep. It’s a job, he enjoys it, he likes talking about it, but he tries to let it be what it really is for an actor, just another job (That my own opinion and how I see it. I don’t know nor never meet nor speak with him).
            Plus he has 10 years experience of interviews, with always the same kind of question. I think he try to find a way to amuse himself while doing it.
            That kind of interview, so great with that level of analyze and thoughul answers you have it with rising stars like Stana. Rarely with veteran actors.. I hope she won’t lose that, but in 10 years time, when she will had heard the same kind of questions multiple times and gave the same kind of answers hundreds if not thousand times,, I don’t think she will be that great anymore. When it seems you repeat yourself almost every time, I think you turn like Nathan Fillion (or David Boreanaz and Michael Weatherly for that matter) or like some other actors who just gave shorter answers possible to end the interview as soon as possible.
            Plus interviewer rarely take Nathan Fillion seriously…They want from him goofy and fun.(and Firefly, Watch and read Nathan’s interview carefully, most of the time, it’s the journalist that bring up Firefly, not Nathan himself).
            That some of the diffirence.
            The other is the context, as a lot of others readers point it. The journalist is a big element too. And Matt seems very great at having the actors feeling at easy with him. But if the journalist and the actor don’t hit it off, you sure will have a good interview, because they are both pro, but it will not be as great.as this one.

          • JAA says:

            @mco, In ten years time, I think she’ll be greater and better.

          • mco says:

            I really hope so. And if someone can be still that great and still that invested and interested while doing an interview, it’s Stana. However, I wouldn’t blame her (nor any artist for that matter) if she lose some interest if she become less invested and more blasée with time. And I am very confident that if that happen she’ll be pro enough to provide good answers even if they won” be t on the same side of awesome than in this one.
            Plus she has a good sense of humor too so it’ll be fun.

        • Tallulah says:

          Yawn. Get out. Also, there’s a person down there who explains some very interesting things for you.

      • Audrey says:

        There was no bashing here. It’s just an observation. Chill. No need to attack one another.

      • gb says:

        Looks like Emma is puzzled by the fact that there are people on this planet who have opinions, personalities and senses of humour different from hers and what she perceives to be right. Lashing out is to be expected, cultural shock does that to a person.

    • Ali, Sr. says:

      Everything we wanted to know, in depth, but never thought we would :) Thank you for an amazing interview.
      Emma, I hear you, but comparing Nathan & Stana? Pears & apples LOL. She is the eldest in a family of 7 brothers & sisters, he is the youngest of 2 brothers. She is mature beyond her years, he will always be the baby of the family. Are you beginning to see “Fifty Shades of Rick & Kate”?Castle exasperates Beckett – “immature, class clown, big puppy”. Kate is told by Rick: “Have you ever let your top down… Taken a red light…Cheated on your taxes???” There is a lot of Castle in Nathan & a lot of Beckett in Stana. Opposites with the potential of starting a fire just by being in the same room :) and yet, identical where there is no margin for errors: they will stand in front of a bullet meant for the other…ALWAYS :)
      I hear you Emma – be patient – Nathan is young – in his 40’s which are the new 20’s – ALWAYS will be his new Fire— well, fill in the blanks & smile. Sep.24th is a couple of days away. Think happy thoughts…Castle babies :) :) :) Season 5…Life is good !!!!!

    • heeth says:

      To be fair, this WAS filmed at Comic Con, where they had just had a huge 10 year anniversary reunion panel for Firefly. Castle was only part of the interview. He also talked about Dr. Horrible. I think it’s unfair to say his answers were shallow. It’s clear that he cares about these characters and the stories. He discusses Castle and Beckett’s relationship, the cleverness of the writers and the possible directions the show could go.

      Oh, and by the way, they hadn’t even begun filming any new episodes for season 5 when this interview took place, who knows if he had even read the script at this point? It’s difficult to comment on something when it doesn’t actually exist yet.

  15. Laura says:

    She is such a Shipper..We love u Stana ♥

  16. L says:

    I’m a Maddox, too. Lisa Maddox :)

  17. Cathy says:

    Great interview; it really makes you appreciate what they are doing on that show, especially when one of the actors shows how much she loves the show, too.

    Every time I see her, I think of the ‘In Death’ series by J.D. Robb; I think she would have been great in the Eve Dallas role, but I’ve never heard of it ever moving forward.

    • Maria says:

      Me too!! Too bad Pierce Brosnan isn’t 35 anymore, or he’d be a perfect Roarke!

      • Jean-Jean says:

        I’ve always believed Robb/Roberts used Brosnan as her physical starting point for Roarke, too much matches & the embellishments are easy to add to Pierce. But even at his physical peak I’m not sure he could pull of the physical perfection of Roarke on the page – but I can’t think of anyone else that could either! Could CGI take 30 years off Brosnan, add in the flowing raven mane & produce a credible Roarke for the screen?? I’ve always thought the greatest difficulty in bring the “In Death” series to the screen would be casting the right actor for Roarke, Several actors, including Stana, could probably do a good job as Eve Dallas (although Stana would have to sacrifice much of that beautiful hair – wigs just don’t do it for short styles [- promotion for “Locks of Love”???])

        If Marlowe can pull off a credible, mature romantic/professional partnership this season between Caskett he could be the person that is capable of adapting the rich material of “In Death” for the screen. He will have proven himself with a police procedrual involving a strong female lead with darkness in her past (although Beckett had it pretty good until her mom’s murder – unlike Dallas), a romantic male lead with plenty of connections that allow him to be part of the professional side of his love’s life (even if Castle’s fortune is only pocket change for Roarke). Finally, he would have the advantage of the future setting that allows all sorts of new cool gadgets/angles to come into play.

        Anyone who loves “Castle” for it’s darker subtext mixed with humor and watching two seemingly opposite characters grow into a solid, loving unit should checkout the “In Death” series of books. I honestly hadn’t thought about how much the two have in common until I started this.

        For the poster who warned it would take yearS to catch-up (you will want to read in order to see many relationships build & layers of characters uncovered), I’d say closer to 1 year after you get hooked (public libraries & used bookstores to help defray costs). I just finished the latest in 24 hours – so 1 a week is doable even when working.

        • Maria says:

          Agreed. I started reading them (in order) on my Nook this past May, and I’m already on book 17. They’re easy reads, and very well-written, especially the character Roarke.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Mom, is that you?? Haha, my mom just said the same thing to me the other night. I see similarities in the characters but Beckett is softer than Eve, imo. Softer in a good way (personality-wise), though I like them both.

    • JAA says:

      I had to check what you were talking about, I think I’m going to start reading those novels, thank you

      • Deja Vu All Over Again says:

        Good luck with that. I think Ms. Robb is up to her 30th or 40th “Death” novel by now. It’ll take you years to get caught up!

  18. Lisa says:

    Monday can NOT come soon enough! Great interview and well thought out answers from SK are always the best. I have no doubt Castle will do right by this relationship.

  19. Jess says:

    love how much she cares and thinks about this amazing character, great insights

  20. Symce says:

    Perfect interview, how can you not love her? I’m really excited to see the premiere, and how everything moves forward. Its like the show just added a new layer.

  21. maria says:

    Thank you for the wonderful interview. Her replies are always so genuine. You can feel that what’s she saying is coming directly from her heart. I love all of her interviews. And yes, she is the biggest shipper of them all! You can tell that she really cares for Beckett, and is very committed to the show. When Stana speaks of Beckett it’s like she is talking about a good friend. Beckett is real to her. You can tell that she loves playing Beckett, and admires her as well. Regretfully, I don’t get this same feeling when it comes to Nathan playing Castle. Whenever I listen to one of Nathan’s interviews, I get the impression that he’s not into Castle as much as he was into firefly. When asked about Castle, his answers are short and non-chalant! He doesn’t seem to be too excited or committed about Castle as he should be. I think he lacks enthusiasm when it comes to Castle.

    • Stella says:

      Well, in my POV, Castle is Stana’s Firefly, you know? Her first big chance and first strong character. Firefly was Nathan’s big chance, so…he loves Firefly more than Castle, but, it’s ok. As nerd as he seems to be, work with spaceships was like a dream come true. In his latest interviews, when someone asked about Castle, he looks pretty happy with the show. Castle is that kind of tv show that doesn’t ask for too much effort of it’s actors, unless for Katic’s character. To finish, I believe he has tremendous respect for Castle’s cast and crew, especially, Andrew Marlowe, but Firefly is like his first love and I respect him for recognizing how important it was for him.

      And I am sorry, my english is that bad, I am just learning.

      • Joana says:

        Well put. And no need for apologies. Castle is an international hit show. English is not my first language either.
        This interview is just the most in-depth and well answered I’ve seen in a while. Stana is incredibly sensitive, intelligent and well-spoken. I think Nathan ‘s too, in his own way. The last months he invested a lot of time in promoting this show and Caskett. He loves the show and eveything with it. If you’ve been watching, you will know this. He has a huge firefly fan base, and recently the castle fandom. They’ re both extraordinary actors and people. I love all of their work.

      • maria says:

        Thank you for your comment… and your English is just fine!

      • Tallulah says:

        Very excellently said :D

        Hell, I love Firefly much more than Castle, and I freaking adore Castle. I could write you an essay on Castle but could prolly write you about 15 on Firefly. If you watched it i’d think you’d understand. It’s nothing to judge anyone over. Saying Castle is like Stana’s Firefly is a very nice observation and I hadn’t thought of it like that before :)

    • hazel says:

      Wow, really? I could not disagree more. He may have a different way of thinking about his character, but I think he has just as much enthusiasm as Stana. I’ve seen many interviews of him talking about Castle, and not only is he very happy to be on the show portraying this character, but he is very smart and well-spoken. Maybe you have trouble seeing it in him because his interview style is different than Stana’s. Just because he puts a little more humor into this answers doesn’t mean he’s any less thoughtful or excited.

      • Andrea says:

        This. Nathan and Stana are totally diferent when they are interviewed. Nathan’s a little more comical, but that just his personality. In a lot of his recent magazine interviews regarding season 5 he shows how highly he thinks of Castle and admits he’s more excited about this storyline arc. Just because he add a comical touch to things doesnt mean he doesn’t care. I don’t get the fuss people make about it!

        • I agree. I love both interview styles. I follow them both on Twitter so I know how comical and fun Nathan can be. She’s that way too but not as often. I’ve seen and read interviews with him in which he is serious. Not as in-depth as she is, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. I watched a Parade interview with him today and one thing that I remember is that one reason he likes Twitter because of the brevity. He just might not be an in-depth kind of guy. Not everyone is.

          • fed says:

            Yeah, I agree. They both have their strengths and weaknesses as interviews go. Stana can be a little trite and humorless, and Nathan can be a little shallow and “too much”, doesn’t mean one of them is a better/worse interviewee. I agree with somebody who said that N is better on a talk show, with an audience and a witty host, talking about various number of topics. And Stana is better for this kind of an in-depth interview about the show and her character. They’re different people, just learn to enjoy their differences. Thinking that they should be perfect and “well-rounded” in every way and always do/say what fans want them to, is a little bit silly. And implying that their different styles mean that someone is “stupid” or “should never give interviews” is even sillier. I have yet to hear Nathan say a blatantly stupid thing, he’s a very smart guy who just enjoys wordplaying, joking and goofing around, with much success I need to add. Don’t fall into the trap of mixing up “being serious” with actually “being smart”, it’s not the same thing.

          • Klover says:

            That’s the biggest load I’ve read thus far. Your attempt at being clever as a cover for bashing Stana was glaringly evident. Never would associate the words “trite” and “humorless” with anything having to do with Stana. This is just the platform she’s usually called on, but she covers the gamut in interviews with TV Guide, Craig Ferguson, or Jimmy Kimmel – hilarious and witty, it’s the environment in which she responds and adapts so well to. Most recognize what you fail to.
            Nathan seems to be asked for more interviews, which is a shame, but there’s nothing to compare between the two. They’re different people with different styles and different viewpoints. Depending on the type of interview and person interviewing, I’ve seen them both do in-depth well, and I’ve seen them both do tongue-in-cheek well. No need to bring one person down to pimp the other.

          • fed says:

            Have to say I am surprised, Klover and think you are being kind of rude. I don’t see anything in my post as “bashing” anybody. If anything, I tried to point out that both Stana and Nathan are equally deserving here, only differently. If you reread my comment you’ll see that I mentioned both Stana’s AND Nathan’s weaknesses how they appear to me, I don’t see where you spotted some “clever” attempt at bashing. When I see or read an interview with Stana sometimes I get this “trite” and “too many big words” feeling. When I read/see a Nathan’s interview sometimes I get the feeling that he intentionally quips and jokes his way on the surface and doesn’t want to go deeper, like he has to entertain at all costs. Both of these things appear few and far between, and generally I very much enjoy their interviews, for different reasons as you yourself said. There is nothing that everybody recognizes and I fail to, there are opinions and impressions.
            I don’t understand why you got so angry. I never posted here before, but I saw here in the comments some unfair and rude criticism of Nathan, not Stana, so I thought I give my two cents to balance it out. Why don’t you say all those things you just told me here to that person above who called Nathan names and made some absurd accusations?

          • Klover says:

            Just calling it how I saw it :) The tone was not rude, just frustrated – there’s no need for any of that.

    • Alan says:

      thats how he always acts in interviews for anything he has done. so what if he loves firefly a bit more than castle, that was his first main role, something like that would have a big effect on a person, as has clearly happened for stana with her first big role in castle.

    • sue says:

      I agree, He showed more passion in season one and two. They were more open about their real life relationship then too and season 3 I feel something happened between them and it was obvious in any real life interviews. This season they more of the original spark back

  22. Katherine215 says:

    TVLine, you rock with all this Castle coverage. Thanks so much!

  23. Audrey says:

    I love Stana’s interviews. She’s always so articulate and her answers are so well thought out. It’s icing that she’s such a shipper.

  24. maryploppins says:

    I love Stana. That is all. Great interview.

  25. Danny says:

    Matt, I so appreciate your Castle coverage and interviews. They are always insightful, respectful and informative. Loved this interview and Stana is just a gem. She gets it…as an actress playing the role and as a viewer trying to enjoy the journey for these characters. Can’t wait for Monay!

  26. rachelle says:

    MATT, I LOVE YOU!!! aside from that, i really have no words. i just want Monday alreadyyyyy!!!

  27. lilu says:

    nice interview! she is really a shipper!

  28. gossip2010 says:

    Stana is the best !! I love how she’s a big shipper of caskett. 24th come faster please

  29. Joana says:

    Great interview. I can’t wait both for Castle and CBGB – I love punk rock.

  30. lv2bnsb says:

    Wow. That’s the best article I’ve ever read from this site/interviewer. Maybe it has something to do with the wickedly smart Stana Katic who says this like “The clear thinker, the Sun Tzu Art of War way, is really dangerous”. I wonder how many actresses out there in TV land read Sun Tzu? Not many I think. She gave a beautiful interview and the way she describes the emotions and physicality of her character’s coupling with Castle was wonderful.

    • Jean-Jean says:

      Actually, alot of actors with any serious training/prep work will have read Sun Tzu – it’s at heart a time honored psychological study. To be successful an actor has to be concerned with the character’s psyche – not just what hair, make-up and wardrobe create.

  31. Mari says:

    I love Stana so much. She’s always been so passionate about Castle and Beckett. I’m so glad I discovered Castle this last year. I almost gave up hope that I’d find another tv show that I loved so much as I did with Veronica Mars. And like 7 years later Castle comes and takes over my life. Thanks Marlowe for such great tv show. And thanks Matt for such great interview.

  32. bob says:

    I must be dumb, it’s a good interview but reading the comments it looks like something mindbogglingly genius lol. No it’s great, good work by both of them. But not something out of this world, c’mon. Lots of shippery stuff which I’m totally on board with, lotsa big words etc, is that it? lol

    • alanB says:

      heh heh… I hear you bro, guess it’s mostly female POV. girls like this sort of talk more you know. Not that I don’t like this interview and Stana seems pretty awesome. But here it looks a little bit like some alien planet ;) Up above there’s a whole thread where people try to convince a schoolgirl who can’t spell that Fillion is smart.

  33. Ace says:

    Wonderful actress, wonderful interview! Thanks for this, Matt and Stana! (-:

  34. Kate says:

    Wow- thanks for a great interview! I always enjoy hearing Stana talk about Castle, and this is one of the best I’ve read. I can’t wait to see what this season is going to bring!

  35. Athena says:

    For those believing Nathan Fillion is not invested in
    Castle, here is a recent quote ( Splashpage.mtv.com ) in which he discussed not being able to play a role in the film Guardians of the Galaxy:

    “I’m very busy right now with a job that I’m grateful for,” Fillion told MTV News at TIFF when asked about his possible involvement in the “Guardians” film. “I’ve made a commitment [to ‘Castle’] and I have to see it through. And I’m really happy to.”

    My impression is this: two different actors with different ways of processing their thoughts about a show they’re invested in finishing. That is all.

  36. Kath says:

    Great interview.

    She really is awesome. From categorizing the other women Castle had dated as ‘subordinates’ to quoting Sun Tzu, Stana Katic is smart, insightful, and entertaining.

    So glad the producers decided to go with her vision of the next step for Castle and Beckett because I was so fed up with the ‘will they/won’t they’ I was getting ready to drop the show.

  37. Hunter says:

    bra-less? In CBGB? Yes please

  38. Krithika says:

    Matt and TVLine two words: thank you. Reall just….thank you soooooo much. Your extensive Castle coverage through this entirely painful 4.5 months made this wait a lot easier. These wonderful interviews relly set the mood for the premiere. And though i didn’t see ANY of the sneak peeks (blame my inner conscience) i feel like it’s gonna be the best and highest rated episode of Castle to date. Loved this interview, love this website, love this cast and crew and just totally love this beautiful show…

    Once again thanks soooo much Matt!! *hugs and kisses*
    p.s Can’t believe you actually asked about their first time!!

  39. I said it once and I’ll say it again: Matt you are the Castle scoopage King! Of all the general TV news sites that I visit, this is the one site where I find the most Castle scoop. And usually from you! Thanks for the awesomesauce interview from Caskett shipper queen Stana. Just makes the wait for tomorrow night harder ;)

  40. Chris says:

    I have been watching Castle for about a year (or less). It is very cleaver in the way it can protray both comedy and drama. It is serial type TV and yet each show is indiviualized. I have not followed a TV show in a long time because they can be brain numbing. Castle is different. It does not ask its audience to dumb down… the audience must reach up. There is psychology as to why the characters are they way they are. I had never heard of Nathan Fillion or Stana Katic(nice name). Susan Sullivan was the only familiar name for me. Therefore I can be more neutral with my observations.
    I learned that Stana has parents from another country. Therefore I theorize the English spoken in her home was ‘broken english’ ( for want of a better decription). I do not know Stana’s eductional background. Using her responses in this interview as a guide, she has a true command of the English language. She is very insightful. I suspect her IQ level is high. Many people have not heard of ‘Sun Tzu Art of War’. Is she also well read. Also, I did not know that Nathan was the lead for this show. He seems to hold his own based on how his character is written, But there are times I have noted to myself that I suspect I could not tolerate him for over 15 minutes, in the real world. I love humor but silliness is irritating. Stana does not over emote the humor. Her dramatic scenes simply command your attention. She maybe somewhat of a rookie but unless you are made aware of this you would think she right up there with the best. All this and she is beautiful also. But her smarts stand out more than her beauty.
    P.S. I noted that Marlowe took her when he was invited to his alma mater. I wonder ‘why’?? Stana reminds me of a friend who very intelligent and yet she takes it for granted. Actully I don’t think she knows the level of her smarts. It does not consume her interpersonal relationships, yet. She tries to speak like other people but when she is not into this mode her intelligence stands out like a sore thumb.

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