Post Mortem: Rookie Blue Boss Defends Andy's Choice and Previews Season 4 Time Jump

Rookie Blue Ben Bass Missy PeregrymWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue — and beyond. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

In Thursday night’s Season 3 finale of Rookie Blue, Andy finally got from Sam what she’s wanted for so long: to hear him say “I love you.” But still aching from their abrupt break-up and feeling like she’s neglected her career, the rookie decided to leave for a secret task-force assignment — with fellow cop Nick joining her on the undercover mission — instead of meeting up with her ex. Meanwhile, Traci decided to stay at the precinct to be with her son, and Chris pondered a move to be with his own boy.

Below, executive producer Tassie Cameron explains Andy’s big decision and previews where the action will pick up in Season 4.

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TVLINE | This season has been kind of heartbreaking with Dov’s storyline, Gail getting kidnapped and Sam breaking up with Andy. Do you go into it intending to do something a little bit darker?
We always go into every season trying to be as honest as possible about where we think our officers are in their own growth. We all felt after two fun seasons of young cops on the beat and some big storylines, we wanted to show them growing up a little bit. That involves a little bit of a change in tone and involves some of the darker storylines. I don’t think we set out to be darker this season, per se, but we were trying to grow our characters up and grow some of the stories. That, obviously, meant that some of the stories had to go to darker places.

TVLINE | Sam finally said those three little words to Andy. But she still chose to leave for the task force. What’s going through her head when she makes that decision?
We try really hard with the Sam and Andy stuff to design situations — and write these moments with these characters — in a way that they both have very strong and very different perspectives on what is going on. When you’re looking at this from Andy’s perspective, she has been fully into this relationship all season. She said, “I love you.” She’s trying to make it work, and then he dumps her after this horrible thing happens without a word of explanation and breaks her heart. She’s been sidelining herself at work… She doesn’t know he’s going to come back. So she needs to move on. She needs a fresh challenge. She needs to prove herself and distract herself and get on with it. She doesn’t know that he’s going to come in and say this thing. It’s frustrating. We tried to build it in a way that she had a really good argument for leaving and not being that girl, the girl who’s going to stick around just ’cause the guy finally decides he made a mistake — and with the perspective that if he really loves her, he’ll be there when she gets back. Then we tried to build that he has an equally passionate and righteous argument about how things went this season.

TVLINE | Will the action take place in multiple locations next season, with Andy and Nick in one place and Chris maybe in another city?
That storyline is tied up in the first episode. You’re going to feel like you’re back on our show again by Episode 2.

TVLINE | Is there a bit of a time jump, then?
We are jumping ahead six months. We’re picking up with [Andy] and Nick in their undercover operation at the moment that it intersects with [Precinct] 15.

Rookie Blue Charlotte Sullivan Peter MooneyTVLINE | How will their unexplained departures affect Sam and Gail?
I hope that is the fun of watching Season 4. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Sam, in particular, doesn’t seem like one to let this unanswered question go by.
I just gave you my passionate argument on Andy’s behalf. I could give you an equally passionate one on Sam’s behalf. He would be pretty upset. He’s been back and forth with this girl a number of times now. He would be pretty frustrated.

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TVLINE | He seems like the type that would go digging for answers about where Andy is.

[Laughs] That’s interesting. I actually had a similar conversation with Ben Bass [who plays Sam]. We’re shooting Episode 1 [of Season 4] right now, and he’s like, “Does he know where she is?! He would know!”

TVLINE | Will the cliffhanger about where Chris ends up be resolved in the Season 4 premiere, too?
Not in the first episode. He’s going to have finally received an answer from the other police department about whether he can go or not. It’ll be a decision he’s trying to make.

TVLINE | Dov’s storyline was really interesting and complex and messy this year. Since it wasn’t touched upon in the finale, can you talk about where he’s headed?
We felt that the end of the story, in some ways, happened in Episode 11. We like leaving it in that slightly messy place for him and then picking up six months later to see where he’s at. What I can say about Season 4 is after quite a dark Season 3, we’re hoping to have a little more fun with Dov in Season 4.

TVLINE | Is Dov still with the sister of the guy he killed? Did you mean to leave it ambiguous?
It’s over. We feel we played that story out. It was complicated and messy and hard to do. We were nervous about it. When he gets beaten up, he leaves her alone. I don’t know. Maybe we should have been more conclusive about it and finished that up. Maybe we’ll address that in one of the episodes [next] season. But for us, that was the ending.

Rookie Blue Missy Peregrym Peter MooneyTVLINE | With so many characters possibly in different places next season, will we see new character interactions? Andy and Nick have lots of potential, we’ve talked about Luke and Gail before. There was even a great scene with Sam and Gail in the finale.
Yes, I think so. [Laughs] It’s tricky. It’s hard to say more. Andy and Nick, we’ve showed quite an interesting, strong friendship developing between those two in Season 3. Now they’re going to go off and work together for six months without anybody else, so that’s going to deepen the friendship, which is always complicated. We always try and come up with new dynamics for our characters every season to keep us — and them and you guys — on your toes.

TVLINE | Will Traci regret her decision to stay at the precinct?
In the wake of her private tragedy with Jerry, it was so clear to that character that leaving her son at this moment for an undetermined time [to go] undercover would just be the wrong decision. I don’t think she has a huge amount of regret about that. But it is really interesting working on Traci’s character and where she’s at after last season, because it was a pretty heavy one.

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    • SodaSamPop says:

      I vote all out SAM and ANDY. They should be together. I don’t like them apart at all.

      Can’t wait for Season4 to see what happen to them.
      P. S. —> I would like to meet Ben Bass ( SAM ) one day.

      • Monika says:

        I have the same opinion. Ben and Andy belong together – if it will not turn out that I’m done with the series. Andy can not have another guy – that would have made ​​her slut.
        Also, I would like to meet with Ben – please please please … :-)

      • Kim Lambrianos says:

        I agree that Sam and Andy deserve one another – they are both strong willed and hard headed, even though Andy loves the soft side as well as the tough side of Sam, Andy always enjoys a challenge. I cannot wait for Season 4 and I hope that we have the screening of Season 4 at the same time, as Canada and America, here in South Africa. We are currently seeing Season 2, having done Season 1, again – I think it is now the 3rd time that we are viewing all 3 seasons. Finally, when are we going to have some of the cast of Rookie Blue visit our beautiful country?

  1. agatha says:

    I am really aggravated with the writers for breaking up sam and andy. Come on! WE waited all season for him to be with Andy and now you split them up for six months. I want them married and she should get pregnant and have her mom baby sit.

    • teresa johnson says:


    • It’s the decision that made the most sense for her character. This is Rookie Blue not the Sam and Andy show. They were together for most of the season, other things have to be explored. Don’t worry, they’ll clearly end up together.

    • NB says:

      Actually I’m surprised about the readers here… Andy and Nick WORK better than Andy and Sam. Andy and Sam is soft, fluffy, unrealistic tv relationship. Andy and Nick, seem to be equals, I love it!

      • Kel says:

        I agree! Andy and Nick make way more sense and I’ve liked watching their friendship develop.

        • RIGHT? Also, am I the only one who thinks Sam doesn’t treat Andy nearly half as well as she deserves? She deserves BETTER! I never thought he was good enough for her!

          • runner09 says:

            I know he cheated but i really love luke. Part of me hopes he and andy get back together, they are working on a super secret task force…

          • Karin says:

            Ah Hello are we even watching the same show SAMs “character” waited 2years for Andy’s “character” I think that’s treating her very well …. He’s just guarded after her almost marrying Luke! Andy and Nick ….. That would be like cousins dating …. They would make Great Best friends however! …….. Just sayin’ !

      • susan says:

        I think you’re missing the point of who Sam and Andy are. No relationship,on tv, is that tidy. Andy and Nick are easy friends. Andy and Sam have to work at it because they are both so complex. I hated the way the show ended this season, but I think there is so much to explore with getting to know Sam better. The guy won’t give up on Andy. She’s the first girl he ever said I love you to. Just hope they don’t put Sam and Gail together, yuk!

        • Kristen says:

          The only reason I watch this show us because of SAM & ANDY!! well & because Ben bass is so good to look at!
          If they don’t end up back together In season 4 and if they get with other people ( like date not hook up) than I won’t be watching the show anymore z

        • kelly arbelo says:

          I agree i love sam and andy!!! they are so stubborn, but so different together

          • Joanne says:

            Hi Kelly, I agree with you Andy and Sam are complex people and I would enjoy watching them working on their relationship rather thangetting married and having children.

        • Shugarlump says:

          Gail + sam noooo
          Sam n andy yeaaa
          Nick an gail nooo
          Gail an chris mabey
          Nick an tracy yeaaa
          pls dont rip apart sam n andy

      • asdfghjkl; says:

        stop trying to turn great boy/girl FRIENDSHIPS into CLICHE RELATIONSHIPS! Ben and Missy have waaayyy more chemistry. Ben as passionate about McSwarek as Sam, thats why its so endearing to the majority of RB fans.

      • Michelle Jamieson says:

        I disagree. Andy and Nick make great friends. Andy has Traci but she’s needing something else right now. Andy needs Nick in a friendship, supporting role to get her through stuff with Sammy. Sammy makes Andy tough in a way that she is not without Sam. And Andy makes Sam soft in a way that only she could. I get that they need to be a part for a bit but if they don’t end up back together, I don’t think Rookie Blue will be the show for me.

        • Joanne says:

          i agree andy and sam complement each other which is what works in a relationship. Andy and Nick will make great friends. Actually Nick needs a friend that is not as judgmental of him as Gail. I read somewhere that the writers wanted to introduce a gay character which would be perfect for Gail

    • Sarge says:

      Agreed! Sam & Andy stays together! The crap that’s happened before they finally hooked up.. Come on guys keep them together. If season 4 starts and those two are not back together I’m done watching this show I mean crap they done killed off one of my favorite actors now they are dumping on my favorite.. Sam’s the man!

    • Charisa says:

      Common, think about it. If they get married and have kids, where will the show go? You won’t have that tension anymore, and then you won’t have too many viewers anymore. They have to keep the two in love but apart. That’s what keeps us coming back! Loving the show!

    • Bridget says:

      I honestly dont think that they will break up. As it says above, if Sam really and truly loves Andy then he will wait for her, he will know and understand that she couldnt tell him she was going undercover as he has done it before so many times. Not only that he also knows how much he has hurt her so I think he will wait for her patiently and when she comes back they will sort themselves out. As the writer above says also, it will sort itself out in the first episode and all will be back to the way it should be for episode 2. I dont think that they should be married etc so soon in the entire series because it would not give us anything to watch! I have a feeling that Diaz wont get a transfer either because he will eventually find out that the child is not his through a DNA test. Dov – well I honestly dont know what is going on with him at all! Traci will move on with things and become a really good detective – as far as romance goes then it will be someone new coming into the show somewhere in the future! Although things have to change to improve the storylines, I do think that they will maintain the basic integrity of the show and keep the story lines to what the fans want!

      • Joanne says:

        I agree I think they won’t breakup Andy and Sam everyone has been watching to see what was going to happen to their relationship and waiting patiently for them to get together, I think it would be a series suicide to split them up. I really think Sam will go crazy not knowing where she is and will set out to find her, Has anyone noticed how angry Luke has gotten now is that because Andy is with Sam – in which case he has some nerve it was his fault they aren’t together. Where do you think Luke’s story line is going.

        • runner09 says:

          Idk what will happen to Luke but part of me hopes he gets with Andy again…I know he cheated and totally left but when things ended he looked so heart break. I love Luke and I hope they let him get a happy ending…one with

          • Bridget says:

            Joanne, sorry I must disagree with you on the Andy & Luke coupling – they have absolutely no chemistry between them and I dont think he should be with Gail either! A new female rookie maybe or a new detective coming into the show would be good for romance for Luke. Andy and Sam were made for oneanother and I firmly believe that they will get back together (I have to believe it). I dont think Sam will go look for Andy but I do think he will turn over every brick to find out where she is and whilst he will be disappointed in the first instance that she “stood him up” in the Penny I also think he will understand why she did what she did. After all he did the same thing to her once too! He wont go looking for her because he will no doubt have serious words with Luke when he finds out and because of all the trouble they caused before when Sam was undercover then he will have learned a hard lesson! Or maybe he will throw caution to the winds and go for it and find her!! Whatever happens I do think we will see some serious tension between him and Luke! What we need to remember is that S3 is going to incorporate a 6mth time jump so Andy will be back on the force by the time we see the next episode so there will be some time for them to sort themselves out. Gail and Nick will also have some heated discussions about their relationship too! As for Andy and Nick getting together then that is just too weird!!! Yikes!

          • Joanne says:

            I do agree with you about Andy and Nick
            I really like your theory about the rest of the show – can’t wait to see how it works out.

          • karabo zungu says:

            I’m sorry I love Luke and I dont think he should get Swarek sloppy seconds. Andy can go jump off a freakin river for all I care. Her and Swarek just incredibly annoying

    • Mimma Grossi says:

      I agree – I was totally disappointed with the break up – I hope the writers do the right thing and put them back together – it so obvious that they are meant for each other <3

    • Desiree says:

      I AGREE

  2. I felt this season finale was very out of nowhere and out of place, I dont like the chris has a baby out of nowhere thing, I really wanted him to help traci cope with jerry’s pasting and get them two to fall in love, I think Chris & Traci are perfect for each other.

    Andy and Nick would seem like a sweet couple, but only for like half and season, She needs to be with sam, im tried of the on and off dating.

    The writers need to stop giving gail so many guys chris, nick, maybe luke and now maybe sam, no they need to stop, they making her look like just an easy girl.

    But overall this season was good.

    • Steve says:

      Agreed. Rookie Blue is at best passable entertainment during the summer when nothing else is on, but that season finale was utter crap. The episode was shot poorly and the dialogue was awful. I guess that everyone got completely over Jerry’s death in one episode. Chris has a kid? What?! It was as if the cast and crew were called back together after 4 months off to throw something together because the network needed more one episode. The characters didn’t even look the same. What a disappointment.

    • T.Ward says:

      They need to stop giving Andy so many guys.

    • bigdede says:

      I so agree about Chris. When we saw Chris and that girl break up she was so controlling. The way the girl was with Chris, there is NO WAY she would have a baby and not tell Chris for 3 years. Also it just doesn’t mean sense. I was so disappointed by that. I also don’t want Gail to seem so easy. Get Gail and Chris back together. They had the best relationship. The way she jumped on top of him in season one when he was hurt and they were shooting all those bullets. I loved the way Sam use to look at Andy and you can see how much he loved in the first two seasons but I really love Andy and Nick. Sam is complexed but Andy needs to have fun. I don’t like Nick and Gail. But they better NOT have Gail and Sam hook up. I want to see more of Frank, peroid. That man can wear that white shirt! I don’t want to see Oliver back wtih his wife. I would like to see him date. Still pissed and sad about Jerry. So glad that whole storyline about Dov and the girl who brother he shot storyline will be over with. It’s messed up he dumped the bomb girl for her but still glad it’s over.

  3. TV Gord says:

    It was pretty anti-climactic. I was expecting, “whoa!”, but I just kind of ho-hummed.

    • Patty says:

      I agree, in comparison with the season 2 finale, this was crap… I ´m a Sam/andy fan but I really like the relationship between Andy and Nick.. lets just see how the play it…

  4. diane says:

    blech boring

    Most likely won’t watch next season.

    Very disappointed in season 3, on all aspects. It was boring, lest suspenseful, lost its sense of humor, and less romantic. I feel that beats were missing. We heard about things that we didn’t see. We didn’t really see Andy and Sam together and didn’t really see people grive for Jerry (except for one episode). Chris and his son were rushed too. I feel that Jerry died for nothing, except for shock value. The only character that I really enjoyed was Oliver and he was wasted, for the most part. I thought that Frank and Luke got the shaft too.

  5. JetBlack6 says:

    I thought they ended season 3 the way it should have ended. %^#@ all the haters and fluffy carebear viewers.

  6. Ash says:

    I want Sam n Andy back!!!!!!!

  7. Tamara says:

    As a whole I was happy with this season, it was darker and I wish we would have seen more of the Andy/Traci friendship after Jerry. And more of those 6 weeks that Andy tried to get up with Sam(did not get that impression in “the rules) I like the Andy/nick friendship, but it better stay just that, I think it would look bad for her character to jump into something with him. Plus he seems to really care for Gail so….I for one can’t wait for season 4

  8. tina says:

    Man what’s up with the back and forth with Sam and Andy we have been waiting forever for you guys to put them together and you keep braking them up in the same way each season finale one of them leaves man..

  9. Nicole says:

    One word that sums up this season finale..ugh! Please writers can you please stop the madness with sam and andy. I understand that Andy is mad at sam and the whole situation but to have her now go undercover? They both chose the job over the other this season. in order for them to work they got to work together not take off every time something happens. Please NO GAIL AND SAM! That would just be absolutely ridiculous. I like gail and nick. I like andy and nicks friendship. NO NICK AND ANDY. I want sam and andy back and i feel most viewers do as well. Finally, there are spoilers out there that one of the new characters for season 4 marlo cruz is a love interest for sam. Please, we already had a love triangle with Luke/andy/sam..we dont need another one with Andy/Sam/Marlo. Come on writers! I know it has to be conflict but do something else, something differemt..dont add another love interest for sam.

  10. Kelsey says:

    This season was okay. I hate that Jerry died and I really hate that everyone just “moved on”. I understand that you have to keep going with life, but I think they should have showed a little more grieving. As every other fan (I’m sure mostly the girls) I’m really fed up of having Sam and Andy break up all the time. I really just want to see them together, like a normal couple! They both love each other and it’s clear, so just keep them together already. I also don’t want to see a potential romantic relationship with Andy and Nick or Sam with Gail or the new girl. Enough is enough. If Sam and Gail hook up, it will just make them look easy, and the same goes with Andy. In the realt policing world, obviously cops date other cops, but they don’t date ALL the cops in the station. I love forward to season 4 but I am not kidding when I say I will stop watching if they don’t put Sam and Andy back together!

  11. Nicole says:

    one more thing and i will be quiet..we need more romance in season 4 and you know who I mean..Sam and andy need to make out, hug, do something! it lacked the first half when they were together. dont get me wrong, i enjoyed what we got. I feel that noelle, luke, frank and oliver need more screen time..why dont they focus on the main characters that are there and not add 2 more female cops..if these new cahracters are needed fine but the main storylines should involve the main characters. In fact, how about marlo be for luke or oliver…that sounds good.

  12. teresa johnson says:

    I glad to see that most fans want sam and andy back together just like i do….. I also see that other fans say they will stop watching if they don’t get back together..Let them get married and have one happily married couple on the show… rookie blues is my favorite show and i hate to stop watching but i feel sam and andy is what i look forward to. Please give us fans what we want….. I will give season 4 a chance to see where it goes….again PLEASE PUT SAM & ANDY BACK TOGETHER!!!

    • Penny says:

      100% agree with this my favorite is all the Sam and Andy parts, and Oliver is a great character too please please keep them together in the end and have them more through the show!

  13. Kath says:

    I am soooo glad that Sam and Andy are still apart and she’s off undercover with Nick. Sam’s relationship with Andy is more dysfunctional than healthy (he can’t open up and she acts like a 17 year old with a crush). If the show has to put them together again, I hope they both do a lot of maturing in the meantime.

    I much prefer watching Andy with Nick. They’re good friends and much more equals in their interactions than Andy and Sam are.

    Traci is my favorite rookie and the actress really did a good job with Jerry’s death. I’d like to spend more time on her character because she and Oliver seem to be the only ones living an adult life.

  14. Peach says:

    I’m in the minority but I prefer Andy with Luke. I was disappointed he wasn’t on more this season. And I thought the finale would pack more action or suspense.

    • safiya says:

      me too. I wish Andy and Luke would work out because he still loves her

      • lola says:

        But he cheated on her……I prefer Andy with Sam and I hope they bring them back together like a normal couple (cops have normal lifes too)get married and have kids.

    • I prefer Luke to Sam, for sure, even with the cheating! I think they were moving too fast and he made a mistake. Maybe he didn’t value her as much back then. Maybe they could grow together. But Sam treats her like crap ALL the time. She deserves better!

      • silvy says:

        I guess you were never cheated on. Once that happens, the trust is gone and nothing will ever be the same again. Luke made a mistake. You can’t deny the passion in Sam’s eyes when he looks at Andy. There is the real thing. He melts her with his eyes and she turns to mush. Those two are meant to be together. Andy and Sam all the way !

  15. Sammy says:

    I really hope everyone knows that Tassie has tweeted someone on Twitter saying that McSwarek is endgame. Everyone can just calm down on the McSwarek front.

    • Michelle says:

      thats not what she said

      Tassie Cameron ‏@tassiecameron
      @gpfb We’re in it for the long game with these two – not to frustrate you, but to make it feel as real & as messy as life. And as love.
      Reply Retweet Favorite
      4h Tassie Cameron ‏@tassiecameron
      @Allison49448708 @gpfb If they weren’t the end game, we would have put them happily together tonight. Have faith!
      Hide conversation
      Reply Retweet Favorite

      She’s refering to the season ending about them not that being the end of them

    • Penny says:

      I definelty hope this is true!

  16. bobbob says:

    The whole Sam and Gail thing is just gonna be a one night stand nothing serious i bet. Dov trying to prove to Chris that his son isn’t his

  17. Asia says:

    I can’t wait for season 4, too bad it’s going to be such a long wait :( Season 3 was awesome, hoping the next one will be even better!!!

  18. Rookiebluefan says:

    I agree that the season finale was not as dramatic as expected. Keeping Andy and Sam apart would not keep our interest in the show!! I hope in season 4, they can finally be “normal,” married and maybe some babies!!

  19. Jenni says:

    I was completely bummed by the season finale! Didn’t we just see this ending, but w/Sam going undercover. There are plenty of ways for a character to grow w/out them leaving. It was obvious from season one Sam and Andy should be together and need to be together. The whole kid thing w/Chris came out of left field and doesn’t seem believable. Traci n Oliver need to also be shown more. Also not sure how I feel about bringing in more characters. Too many characters makes it hard to continue a good story line, plus we lose touch with the characters we already have interest in. I’m not very excited about season 4, especially if it will be anything like the last 2-3 episodes. This is sad because Rookie Blue is my favorite show.

  20. leah says:

    I have been a faithful viewer since day one and I love it. Yes this season was darker, but overall I liked the ending. I’m all for Sam and Andy but it really makes sense how it ended and I understand why Andy had to leave. They are both very different when it comes to love and eventually they will end up together. I love the friendship Nick and Andy have going on if I wasn’t such a fan of Sam&Andy I would root for Nick&Andy. One thing I am so upset is Chris’ girlfriend waiting all those years and then shows up with a kid…real women who do that in real life disgusts me how can you not tell him when you’re pregnant!!

  21. Elisabeth says:

    I’ll bet Sam & Andy reuniting will be next year’s season finale. I have to say I totally saw this everyone getting torn apart this season thing coming. That’s how they keep us watching. It sucks though!

  22. Cara says:

    This season was ok; it definitely wasn’t my favorite. I felt like it was a bit more choppy – like some of the story lines weren’t smoothly connected from one episode to the next. And it seemed like there were some things that came about out of nowhere.

    I hate that Jerry died and I really hate that everyone just “moved on”. I understand that you have to keep going with life, but I think they should have showed a little more grieving. I wish we would have seen more of the Andy/Traci friendship after Jerry died.

    I prefer Andy with Luke. But when Luke left, I fell in love with McSwarek. I’m really fed up of having Sam and Andy break up all the time. I love McSwarek and I really just want to see them together, like a normal couple! They both love each other and it’s clear, so just keep them together already. But if you decide McSwarek is over, have Andy and Luke get back together.

    I also love Nick and Gail together. He seems to really care for Gail.

    And I do like the Andy/Nick friendship, but it better stay just that.

    I feel that Noelle, Luke, Frank and Oliver need more screen time. Why dont they focus on the main characters that are there and not add 2 more female cops? If these new carachters are needed, fine; but the main storylines should involve the main characters.

  23. Jenny says:

    I think it was a great season. Sucks about Sam Breaking it off with Andy but some guys don’t know how to cope with sh*t. That was his way of coping on his own. I think Andy made a good decision going forward and going with that task force. I myself as a fan was kinda sad but i myself wouldn’t wanna be “that girl” who just waits around for him to realize he made a mistake. She did the right thing.. & who knows maybe Sam will understand. & Shoot thats awesome that Nick is going. They are cute together but I would say there better as friends. They both have someone else they love but for now are willing to leave that behind them and put their job first!

  24. Kristen says:

    I actually liked the Dov/Gail possibility from season 2. When Dov was taking perscription pain killers and told Gail he would basically take a desk job if they ended up together and had a family and she could have a big career like her mom if she wanted. And he would support her career choices and give up doing the dangerous stuff so he would be there and alive for their future family. I thought that was just amazing on his part. And they seem to just be the right opposites of each other that they make each other better. I don’t like the Nick/Gail relationship, I get that they have history but thats all there relationship seems to be.

  25. ultimate troll says:

    I feel like the show has gone over the ‘yoink’ limit with Sam and Andy. Now they’re either pissing off shippers or tiring them out to the point they don’t care anymore.

    Though honestly since the beginning I’ve only cared about Dove, Peck, Andy and Dumbguy and his amazing eyebrows.

  26. giggy says:

    i think the season finale had to be full of suspance and something to make us curious to wait next season!!! the purpose of the interwiew was to give us the hope that what has been broken in season 3 is going to be fixed in season 4!!! sorry for the bad english!!!

  27. Carol says:

    Why all the hate guys! I would love if Sam and Andy finished s3 together but if things were that easy the show would have an ending soon! Don’t you think so?

  28. My problem with the finale is that it’s the reverse of the storyline we saw with Sam when he went undercover. I have to say that I agree about the chemistry between Andy and Nick, but then again, I think Sam and Andy have the best chemistry when they’re not together but yearning for each other. They became a bit boring when they became a couple.

    • Carolyn says:

      In Season 1 and Season 2 Andy and Sam had the best chemistry and most passion of any couple I have ever seen on a TV show. When they got together it was as though they were brother and sister. Very few scenes with them even touching. Everyone else on the show that are couples are kissing, touching, etc. A couple of bedroom scenes with him leaving, a hand hold one time, and a kiss on the cheek after shift, WHAT IS THAT! We had a season and a half of Luke and Andy and not even a whole season of Sam and Andy! I really don’t understand where they are going with this.

      • Joanne says:

        I just read somewhere that they are going to bring in a new love interest for Sam – OMG I don’t think I could handle it – first we had Luke/Andy/Sam now we will have Andy/ Sam/? Then they should bring someone else in for Andy. This is upsetting,

  29. Louise says:

    I can’t believe Nick left Gail without a word when he knows that the guy who abducted her is on trial soon.

  30. Sarah says:

    I love this show, i look forward to it every week and cant wait to see whats going to happen next. I LOVE Andy and Sam together, they make a great couple and I would really love to see him and her stay together next season. I dont think andy and nick should be together that would be to weird. Please Please keep Andy & Sam together! Thanks for such a great show.

  31. LC says:

    I can tell you what’s going to happen because it’s so predictable. Sam and Gail would have had a one night stand and keep it a secret. But when Nick and Andy come back, it will all come and out and cause season long tension and then everyone will get back together at the end. Bleh. Nothing in the show really grabs me and makes me want to keep watching anymore.

  32. Daisy says:

    Overall I enjoyed the season but it really feels like the writers painted themselves into a corner with the Dov storyline. The relationship with the sister may very well have ended after he was beaten up but to just never have it come up seems like a huge cop-out (no pun intended). I think Dov would at least have talked to her about it or also likely that she would’ve tracked him down to ask what happened or apologized for the beating if she knew. Maybe I’m the only one that was curious about how that would end (and clearly it had to end) but instead the writers just walked away. That was the only downside to an over all really entertaining season.

  33. Sarah says:

    I loved the finale! I totally get what they were trying to do this season. Everyone had to start the process of growing up and they did. Sam is going to have to grow up and fight to get Andy back, as he should for what he put her through. Andy made the right decision. She needed to take the UC job. She isn’t “that girl” and she wasn’t ready to put her faith in Sam’s words because his actions have to line up. Next season, I want Sam to KNOW what he wants (Andy) and not settle for anything less that her, no matter what he has to do to prove it to her. However, while Sam is learning, I would be fine if they explored more of Andy and Nick, because those character and the actors playing them have AMAZING chemistry, almost as good as Sam and Andy. So, I’m in for the long haul and can’t wait for next season!

  34. Tammy Ashley says:

    Seriously waited FOREVER for Sam and Andy to get together and then Sam finally comes around right at the last second just to say what we’ve been waiting to hear, and its too late…..isn’t that just like every other show out there?? For once can the story line let the favorite couple ever stay together??……ugh don’t know if I can make myself watch another season :(

  35. Larry says:

    Andy didn’t ask the all important question of why. Did anyone else notice that Sam really lost it after Traci read Jerry’s letter after the funeral. In it Jerry mentioned that “Sam always had his back”. Sam feels guilty that he let Jerry down and it cost him his life. I think Sam didn’t want to let Andy down by not having her back, like he did Jerry so he pushed her away. He was miserable without her and in the finale with the grenade scene he realized he couldn’t stay away any longer.
    I hope she doesn’t have a fling with Nick, if she does this will be the third guy she’s been with. Aren’t the writers concerned she might come across as kind of a bimbo? Granted Luke broke the most important rule in a relationship, being monogamous. Sam I think is just afraid, but she didn’t even give him a chance to explain. She just took of, just like her mom did to her dad. In my opinion I don’t think she should wait the six months to see Sam. She should tell the task force she needs to settle a personal issue and she should get Sam’s explanation. If it’s not a good reason then she should break up with him. To wait six months is to long, anyone who is married knows that the marriage should take priority over any job. To take her place on the task force insert Gail. Then her and Nick could work out their issues.

    • Sarah says:

      Ummmm, Andy has had two steady boyfriends that she has had sex with. NOT a bimbo. If you want to start that game, Gail has been flying all over the place…Chris, Nick, possibly Sam and she strung Dov along as well. Gail is someone who definitely does not need another love interest for a while! :)

      • larry says:

        Maybe bimbo wasn’t the right word to use. The point I was trying to make was if Andy is truly in love with Sam she wouldn’t want to be with someone else. If she hops into bed with Nick she is doing to Sam exactly what Luke Callaghan did to her. Their relationship has hit a rough patch, when that happens you don’t run away you try to work it out. I agree that Sam behaved very badly by shutting her out but she could have told him to think about what he really wants and they would talk when she returns from the task force. Also if she sleeps with Nick what a betrayal that would be to her friend Gail. If that happens maybe someone could choose the right word to describe her. The same also applies to Sam. If he hops into bed with Gail it would be Callaghan II to Andy. In a lot of other television shows when the going gets tough for some couples they just bail out and move on to the next one. I think this series could stand out from the others by showing that although Sam and Andy have hit a rough spot in their relationship if they truly do love each they’ll try to work it out. That would be different in television today.

  36. Carl says:

    I still think of Reaper everytime I hear “Andy and Sam”

  37. Penny says:

    I definetly think that they should not stick Andy and Nick together! They should stay on Sam and Andy. They seem to be the best fit and flow well together. I do however keep wondering when Andy is going to get hurt, ie shot or anything and have Sam just missed it or just be there to see it the whole damsel in distress thing is an absolute favorite I kept waiting for it to happen.she can be fine afterward, but it would still make a great episode!

  38. Laura says:

    Mushrooms grow in the dark Tassie. Not people. UGH. This was a bad season all around. Really hope you’ve done better for Season 4 or there will most certainly not be a Season 5

  39. shay5413 says:

    Here is my beef with this season. I am VERY disappointed in how they wrote Sam this year. Yes, I am a huge Sam and Andy fan, but after all the tension we had in the first 2 seasons, the first half of this season was blah. He acted like he didn’t really even like her that much. I get why he did why he did after Jerry died, but why can’t they have him in scenes where he was torn between feeling guilty and checking on her. I actually began not to like his character anymore. We got a glimpse of the old Sam in that scene where he said he would do anything to get her back. She could have sent him a note or something that said she had to do this for herself and hopefully he meant what he said and he would be waiting for her. If there is no Sam Andy, for me, the show isn’t worth watching just for the others.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree with you in that I didn’t like his character much this season, and yeah hopefully he meant what he said when he was going to keep trying! Because you are right, this season there was no fire between them! More sparks are needed!!!! But I disagree in that I still LOVE the other characters!!!! All of them! Great cast! Great show!!!! Hopefully they keep writing more and more and more!

  40. Susan says:

    What a great ensemble cast – and what a Great addition Nick was! Good work this season and creative way of ending it. Looking forward to next season. And yes, I hope Sam and Andy do get back together, but Andy choosing her career over Sam now made a lot of sense given her decision during the suspension, and the way they broke up. Here’s to strong women who know what they want, and are not “that girl”!

    • Ryan says:

      My issue with Andy is not that she “doesn’t know what she wants”, it’s that she knows but doesn’t really communicate her expectations. When guys don’t live up to them, she runs away but doesn’t fill in why. You can’t be a relationship doormat then pack up and act self-righteous. You have just as much fault as the other half.
      I think they both news to massively grow up.

      My fear is honestly that the viewers won’t be there as much next year (summer people are fickle!) and it’ll finish out next season. Endgame to me reads next season finale “I want to be with you” and then no more Rookie Blue (in the US at least). I was so disappointed in season three because yes Sam and Andy were together, but you NEVER saw it. You cannot tell viewers “well they were together most of the season” when we never really saw it.
      I for one am hoping for a super-heated midseason exchange where there’s lots of communication on just what the heck I watched this season…..followed by a good 6 episodes of sexy sam time hahaha

  41. K. says:

    I have spent 3 summers waiting for Sam and Andy to be a real couple because their so great together. Now this, I’m disgusted they better get them back together in season 4 or I’m done. With Andy and Nick I get the brother/sister vibe, putting them together would be weird and you should never sleep with one of your friends boyfriends!!!

  42. OhMyGosh, people like to WHINE.

    I happened to like this season very much! Just as much as the others. The only thing the whole season I didn’t like much as Dov’s whole plotline. I didn’t care that Jerry died, because I do think that it was very well written. It’s been three seasons in a show about cops. Cops have dangerous jobs. Sometimes, people die. At that point, Jerry’s death made sense.

    I fell in love with Andy at first sight. She babbles when she’s nervous, she rambles, she’s sometimes impulsive, but she’s a very mature character/woman. And, from the very start, we (this is me and my mom), never liked Sam. He was always emotionally immature. As they grew closer, that showed. A lot. He never treated her right.

    She deserves better. She deserves a man that won’t push her away or push her around when he feels this way or that way. That’s my biggest problem with Sam. Unless he changes A LOT, goes to therapy or whatever, i hope she finds someone else.

  43. Sarah says:

    Sam and Andy’s relationship was better when they were passionate. Not the lovey dovey cutsie stuff. But I am glad she left, she has been a little bit of a let down this season! She hasn’t been so – RARRR and into her job. Mind you, she shouldn’t be so mad at Sam, she said “I love you” to him and then said ‘I don’t care if you say it back”. So get over it! Give him his time. Plus he went through a lot this season too with his best friend dying! Give the guy a break. But I am glad they have time apart, and kind of glad that Sam might have to fight for her attention from Nick. Mind you I don’t like that Nick left Gail. She is a tough shell to crack and he did, but now he is leaving. She has been through a lot this season and I think he should have stuck around. Dov… poor guy! I think he should have stayed with Sue! They were awesome together!!!!! Chris… really!!!!! He can’t leave. I mean out of all the rookies, I expected him to leave first, but I don’t want him to go… he is just such a good guy!!! He is a good cop!!!! He has a heart! Keep him! Traci… oh boy she is a hero for what she has gone through! And PLEASE keep Oliver happy! It’s Oliver!!!! But most of all, if anything happens to Frank, Noel, or their daughter I will never watch the show again!!!! Killing off Jerry (I still cry), was one thing… but PLEASE leave the only intact family alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE the show!!!!

  44. sarah says:

    I think this was a fantastic finale! Every bit of it. I will be watching next summer and can not wait! For those mad that they had Andy take the task force job, it makes sense. Do not get me wrong I am and always have been Team Sandy BUT he hurt her really badly, he closed off himself after Jerry died and basically blamed Andy by saying that she is a Rookie and he should not have listened to her over Jerry and that if he had listened to Jerry he would still be alive. It is great that Sam realized he loved her and said what he said, but Andy was smart to not take him at his word as she was not certain if he said all that because she had a bomb in her hands hours before OR if he really did realize he made a mistake. We all know that Tassie Cameron is team Sandy and we will see these two get their happen ending: I predcit when (I hope not for a long time) it comes to the finale episode EVER it will be Sam and Andy getting married on a beach in honor of Jerry.
    That being said I really like Nick too and I am fine with the idea of Nick and Andy hooking up while undercover.
    So if those angry people are really going to stop watching then you are going to miss out on one of the BEST shows on tv!

    • Sarah says:

      Agrees! – when I said I would never watch it again… that was merely an exaggeration in hopes that Frank, Noel and their baby would be left intact… I’m with this season until the end!!!!

    • Joanne says:

      I definitely agree this is one of the BEST shows on tv. And please, please bring Andy and Sam back together. The rest of the cast is exceptional what a wonderful mesh of characters.

  45. Amie says:

    I really love this show!!! But I was really heartbroken about Jerry and even more upset when Sam finally got around to telling Andy how he felt. But I hate the fact that we have to wait sooooooooo long for season 4. I mean really!!!! They know they got a great fan base and dedicated viewers, so why do we need to wait???? Plus, I’m hoping that if Sam really loves Andy, is he gonna sit and wait? Or go and find out where she is.

  46. Amie says:

    I really don’t want to wait a whole year!!!!! I would love Rookie Blue on every week!!!! I personally think we should send emails to the producer!!!!

  47. Blue mom says:

    I have a big problem with some of the incompetence shown by the rookies especially Andy. It is embarrassing. By now, she should not be making simple mistakes. I don’t like the fact that her character seems to bed-hop. I don’t think females professionals act like that.

  48. Inka says:

    Jerry’s death wasn’t necessary, but his letter and the whole episode was my favourite part and it’s easy to understand why – it was all focused on one thing, in depth, you could see the characters and who they are meant to be. You could see it happening from start to finish and feel sad with them. Great writing! On the contrary – Dov and his new girl – i missed the beginning middle and end…. Chris – with his son – what happened? So we saw the son and his ex for a few seconds and that’s it, now he’s considering moving away. Where was the amazing chemistry between Sam and Andy? Where are all the sparks? Gail and Nick – again, you could have a great love story but it’s boring. There was no build up to it. You know they have a history, but there isn’t much else to it. If it was real life, I’d say the relationship is doomed as she is forever calling him and looking for him, the cocky confident Gail is so much better. Unhappy Oliver doesn’t make sense. He should be the chilled, experienced guy with a great sense of humor.
    Noelle and Frank – again, we didn’t see how their relationship happened, where it is now, and what they’re like together.
    So to sum up this season – loads of little story lines, nothing followed through, missing sense of humor and direction. We love the characters, juse bring back the witty comments, the chemistry and sparks, build up the stories like you did with Jerry.

  49. Mary says:

    Rookie Blue is definately one of my favorite shows out there but if the writers get any strange ideas like putting Gail and Sam together, which may have been hinted at in the last episode or Nick and Andy I don’t think i can watch anymore. I think most people will agree that Sam and Andy are what makes so many people want to keep watching the show, great chemistry. Personally I don’t care who else they pair up but after waiting so long for them to figure it out please do not put them with other people. I do understand as most do why Andy left for the task force – Sam hurt her, she made a decision to move on with her life and focus on her career. If he truly loves her he’ll get over his ego and be there for her when she gets back.