Preview: Rookie Blue Baddie Brings Back Old Feelings -- Plus: Is There Hope for Andy/Sam?

On Rookie Blue, there’s two things you can count on: Criminals, and a good love triangle… or two!

This Thursday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) finds the two elements intersecting when a copycat kidnapper forces the precinct to revisit one of their most traumatic cases — one that marked the end of several relationships, including …READ MORE

Post Mortem: Rookie Blue Boss Defends Andy's Choice and Previews Season 4 Time Jump

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue — and beyond. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

In Thursday night’s Season 3 finale of Rookie Blue, Andy finally got from Sam what she’s wanted for so long …READ MORE