Pretty Little Liars Post Mortem: Is [Spoiler] Really a Member of Team 'A'? Series Boss Reveals All!

Pretty Little Liars Toby SpencerWell, color us shocked. After watching last night’s Pretty Little Liars midseason finale — and seemingly learning the identity of another Team ‘A’ member — we immediately latched onto one theory: Toby has gone undercover as one of Rosewood’s Big Bads!

How else could you possibly explain Spencer’s doting beau and Emily’s longtime defender working in cahoots with MonA and a handful of hoodie-wearing troublemakers?

Unfortunately for the Liars — and all of you PLL devotees out there — that may not be the case at all.

Here, exec producer Oliver Goldstick tells TVLine exclusively why the current theory on ol’ Pretty Eyes is likely not the right one. Plus, find out what’s ahead in Season 3B of the ABC Family drama for Aria, Ezra, Hanna, Caleb, Emily and Paige and much more.

TVLINE | I’m calling Toby’s bluff. I think he’s infiltrating the ‘A’ Team as a way to help the girls.
I’m not so sure about that. You’re going to find out some stuff in Season 3B… Don’t forget what those girls did. No one stood up for him when he was put away in juvie hall because of Alison. Those other four girls were passive; no one defended him or did anything. Just remember that.

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TVLINE | Interesting. I thought he was a double agent because when he left in the first half of Season 3, he said he was going to figure out what was going on regardless of what Spencer would or would not tell him.
That’s true, that’s true.

TVLINE | But your advice to fans would be to not jump to that conclusion?
Fans are going to learn more in 3B about Toby’s history and how he felt about being put away by Alison and her posse. The mystery of Toby, his motivation and why he’d do this to the girls is explored.

TVLINE | Why, then, would he come back and sleep with Spencer?
People punish people for many reasons and on many levels… Just don’t put it past him, OK? He’s Jenna’s stepbrother, too. People really mess with people in Rosewood. [Laughs]

TVLINE | So, if fans were to go back and re-watch the series thus far, they would pick up on Bad Toby teases?
I think they could, yeah. They could find moments that make them question and really doubt; moments that will make you say, “Oh my gosh, has this person been playing them all along?” — particularly Spencer, obviously.

TVLINE | Speaking of Jenna… Can we assume she is good-ish now?
Maybe this mythology will help: Jenna left town in Episode 11 [of this season] because she was really scared of Nate. He realized that the only person who saw him leaving that backyard was the blind girl, so he thought he had a pass. And when he finds out that Jenna had been able to see, that scares the s–t out of him. If Jenna had stayed in town, Nate may have gone after her… The idea was that he felt exposed. As far as Jenna  goes, she had to leave town for her own safety. I’m not saying that’s the end of Jenna and you’ll never see her again, but she’s leaving for a bit.

TVLINE | The Maggie storyline was left way open in the finale. Is it safe to assume we’ll see Larisa Oleynik back next season?
You will definitely see her in 3B. She will serve as a true threat to [Aria and Ezra’s] relationship.

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TVLINE | Secrets always come out on Pretty Little Liars… So, how in the world can Ezra forgive Aria for helping keep his son away from him — when and if he finds out?
It’s explosive. It’s yet another huge obstacle for this couple. What we’re trying to tap into is that Aria’s out of her league here. This is something that most teenagers wouldn’t have to deal with — it’s a lot. It doesn’t mean it’s insurmountable, but it definitely is a game-changer.

TVLINE | Does that reveal come out pretty quickly in 3B?
No. The longer you hold on to secrets, the worse they get.

TVLINE | Why did Emily rush past Paige in the finale, when she, too, was a victim?
I wouldn’t read too much into that. It was a traumatic event… You know who is hurt now [Caleb], and [Hanna was] the person Emily wanted to comfort. Paige is fairly traumatized herself [in Season 3B]. And if you think her parents were strict before… She’s now going to be locked in a fort! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Who shot Caleb?
That will be answered, and will come out pretty quickly.

TVLINE | Are Caleb and Hanna now able to be out in the open with their relationship?
More so, yes. We will address [after the Halloween episode] some of the questions you’re asking about ‘Haleb,’ whether they’re under the radar or above the radar… Because ‘A’s been watching them all along, anyway.

TVLINE | What about evil-ish Toby and Spencer? Are they sticking together?
Oh, yes. And it’s kind of hair-raising because of how much they are letting him in and how intimate Spencer is with him… You know something the girls don’t.

TVLINE | Crucial question: How does Mona come in and out of the asylum so easily?!
She’s a crazy wench. [Laughs] The thing about Mona next season, which is so great, is that she’s as smart as Spencer. She just uses her intelligence for very devious purposes. She’s a really bright girl… She’s like a little squirrel; she stores up her acorns, but they’re radioactive acorns that turn into hand grenades… Mona may also be back in Rosewood sooner than you think, [as is revealed in] our Season 3B opener. She’s back to torture our girls in a whole new way.

TVLINE | Are you comfortable confirming that we now know two members of Team ‘A,’ Mona and Toby, and that there is a possible third member whose back was to the audience in the finale?

TVLINE | Do you know who the third person is? Or is it something you’re still writing toward?
We’re writing to it, but we know who it is.

TVLINE | Someone we know?
Yes. You know this person, yes.

TVLINE | Let’s end on one of your signature vague-but-juicy teases for the coming season.
I think the enemy being amongst us is a lot scarier than the enemy within. Season 3B is about what happens when it’s standing right before you — in your face and under your roof.

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  1. Jacob says:

    If Emily didn’t want to comfort Paige after she almost died then let the couple go there separate ways.

    • Can also address the fact Emily full-on left Paige to die with Nate. I know he really wanted Emily and he wanted Emily to watch Paige die but what was really stopping him from killing Paige when Emily bolted out of the cabin and left her there?

      • Mailin says:

        I wouldn’t blame Emily for that. I guess she was also scared to death and therefore unable to think and acted more instinctive – just run away from the danger as soon as possible.

        • minnie says:

          Yea right…. If my girl or even a friend left me.for dead knowing i.was alive.i.would hate that person. If anything, take off the tape from my mouth and let me.try to bite off the tape on my hands and what not!!

      • Anon says:

        If you’re a psycho murderer and your victim who now knows all of your secret escapes, would you just let them run off and get away with it? I don’t think so. If you could catch them, you’d go after them right away, especially if the other victim is already tied up and can’t move anywhere.

        • She’s in the middle of nowhere, he could have easily stabbed Paige and then ran after her. She wasn’t going to get far in the woods.

          • Anon says:

            Except, he wanted Emily to watch him kill Paige. So, he needed her back there. Plus, she took the phone to call 911 and he couldn’t let her do that.

          • Moronke Temi says:

            Paige was tied p so she wasn’t going anywhere so it was safe for him to leave her and go after Emily and Emily knew he would definitely come after her

      • Chloe says:

        I think she hoped that he would follow her & therefore, leave Paige alone for the moment. If she hadn’t bolted, he might have killed Paige right then. I think she thought if she could call 911, she could save both of them.

      • anon says:

        Also Nate said he wanted Emily to watch Paige die, so if Emily left it ruined his plan too.

      • Chloe says:

        Also Paige motioned for her to go. Emily had to go to where she could get signal to call for help for both of them. Paige ran interference with the police so Emily could go comfort Hannah.

      • Estelle says:

        Emily had to leave Paige do she could get cell phone service and save them.

      • S.M. says:

        I know right! Exactly what I thought. I feel bad for Paige sometimes because it seems like Paige is crazy for Emily but it seems Emily doesn’t care all that much about Paige sometimes.

      • Kandle says:

        It’s not really viisible but when the camera is on Emily and she’s looking at Paige, we can see Paige nodding her head “yes”. I guess it was a sign for Emily to go.

      • Melena says:

        I think Emily left Paige with Nate, because Nate wanted kill Paige while Emily watched and she knew that if she left Paige would be okay because nate would go after Emily

      • Lauren says:

        Emily knew “Nate” would follow her because she knew he killed Mya and he didn;t want her to tell anyone else.

      • celeste7911 says:

        I am thinking that her gut instinct kicked in. She knew Nate wanted her there to watch so maybe she thought that by running she would hopefully be saving Paige. Hopefully that’s what she was thinking anyway.

      • Allie says:

        Personally, Ithink that Emily KNEW that Nate wanted only Emily… so to get Paige out of trouble, she ran, risking her own life. I don’t think Emily would ditch her, She probably wouldn’t have even ditched Nate if Paige was the killer instead of Nate, as which the girls thought. Emily, I personally think, Is a strong character and would do anything for her friends or the ones she loves.

      • i would say that she was just trying to lead “nate” away from paige… and it worked

      • DeeKayTee says:

        I assumed that she ran to lure Nate/Lyndon away from Paige.

      • gina says:

        i feel she ran out of the cabin so he would chase her n paige could get away! she new her way around the woods a little bit so figure she would take a chance cus if not they both would have died!

      • Kay says:

        She was running to protect Paige. She knew if she ran, he would run after her because she was the real target, Paige was just a way to hurt Emily even more.

      • Michael says:

        Huh? Let’s see…I should kill the girl who is bound and gagged and not going anywhere and just let Emily escape so that she can tell the world who killed Maya. Emily ran so that he would run after her…that was their own option of survival. I’m glad that you weren’t the one in that room with Paige. You’d both be dead out of some lame and unrealistic sense of self-righteousness.

        • EmilyJadee says:

          If You re-watch that episode Nate/Lynden never actually admitted to killing Maya. The words never left his mouth and he didn’t imply it. All he said was I’m going to take from you what you took from me, implying Emily took Maya from him.

      • Michelle Semmler says:

        No, Nate wanted to kill Paige in front of Emily.. Her running was smart.

      • Mad says:

        she knew nate would have to follow her or else she would have went to get help. And as for her not comforting Paige i think Paige saw that Emily needed to be with Hanna so she ran to the police officers that were talking to Emily to give Emily a chance to talk to Hanna.

      • StillThinking says:

        He made his ambitions clear, that he wanted her to See something be taken away from her. He wanted to torture her. I would have done the same thing. To me he wasn’t “just” a killer he was a torturer.
        So what stopped him was his craziness, the fact that killing her wasn’t good enough. He wanted Emily to feel the pain he had felt.

        I think he ran after her because he didn’t want to be exposed. Remember when he told Jenna, “I know you saw me Jenna”. Jenna was the only one who saw him murder Maya / leaving after murdering her. Jenna told Emily to be very careful with who she spends time with. Then she left rosewood in fear of Nate coming after her.

        If it wasn’t for his Back Story, i would agree with the fact that nothing was stopping him.

      • Janae says:

        she bolted because she knew he wouldnt risk her getting away and telling the cops since he told her his real name

      • Myra says:

        My exact thoughts! He could have killed her and Emily would have known or seen later that she was dead. It was unnecessary for him to run after Emily. And it seemed like Emily was ditching her but I just assumed it was so she could distract Nate.

      • Michelle says:

        I think Emily bolted out because she knew he would chase her. Not to just abandoned Paige. And at the end she saw how hurt Hanna was so she wanted to be by her friend.

      • yo says:

        She didn’t leave Paige to die, she knew that if she ran Nate would obviously chase her…She was doing it to distract him and give Paige a chance.

      • Adelle says:

        He wanted her to see it and he really wanted her to feel the pain that he felt when she told him all the great times and stuff her and maya did and how something you love and cherish is taken away from you

      • De says:

        she started trying to free Paige, but she just didn’t have the time. The best way to keep Paige safe was to make herself a bigger target.

      • Annabella says:

        Emily ran so Nate would follow her, or to get help. She can’t deal with a strong guy with a knife when all she has is a duct taped ally. When she ran, she knew that Nate would have to follow her so he didn’t get caught.

    • saj says:

      Maybe she got back at her for trying to drown her in a pool…

    • Sonya says:

      Who is Emily going to be with when it comes on again is mya coming back

    • kittenlemew says:

      Paige LET Emily go comfort Hanna. She was making a gesture to Emily and to Emily’s friends. She’s trying to let them know she’s on their side. If she is, in fact, on their side.

      • Julie says:

        I don’t understand why Hanna’s mom destroyed the flash drive and said there was a video of her with Weldon on it, when the girls had seen what was on the flash drive and there was no video of Hannah’s mom with Weldon on it.

    • Lilly says:

      It would be awesome if they did SPOILER bring the twin the REAL Ali in. And Toby and Mony were brought into the A Team by Ali herself since she pretty much tortured both of them.

      • Lola says:

        Remember Angie??? The girl who works at the little coffee shop with Emily? She’s always in certain parts and they also used her phone to call Emily I think she is Ali’s twin and she probably wears a wig or dyed her hair!

        • Myra says:

          you’re thinking way into it. she said its someone we know, and she is going to make A someone very dear to us. No one could care less about Angie

      • Michelle Semmler says:

        Ali torchered everyone.

    • Lauren says:

      She was coforting one of her best friend that she has known longer than pagie and cares about her alot i would leve my boyfriend to comfort my best friend

    • Janae says:

      Emily wanted to comfort Hanna because Caleb got shot while comforting her and Paige saw that in her face so she went over to distract the cops so Emily could comfort Hanna

  2. Sid says:

    I thought it was an unfogettable mid-season finale with great twists/turns. The performance by the cast was also amazing last night(especially be Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario).

    The only thing I thought that was very predictable was the whole Nate storyline. I knew something was up the moment I saw him. But other than that, last night was one of the greatest episodes of the entire Series. It was full of drama, suspense, intrigue and heart. Oh and I love how the “A” is making phone calls to them now. As a huge fan of Scream, I quite liked it.

    Eagerly waiting for the special Halloween episode!

    • Leo says:

      Is it just me or there are lots of clues that Spencer is on Team A?
      1. She was looking at the Halloween Train poster before she met Toby in the street.
      2. Toby, her boyfriend is in A team.
      3. In the new A’s lair there are a “Vote Spencer” in front of doll’s mask.

      • Michael says:

        The clues as to who A was/is have always been subtle. The ones you list may as well have been bashed into our heads with a mallet. Toby on Team A…that was a shocker and a risk since many love him and his relationship with Spence. Putting Spence on Team A would be unforgiveable.

        • StillThinking says:

          that’s what i thought! I love spencer more than the others. But someone i know pointed out that one of the four girl dolls in the doll house had a black hoodie on. Could it spencer? thoughts please!

          • prettylittleliar27 says:

            The doll with the black hoodie was Aria’s doll. And speculation exists that both Aria and Ezra are on the A Team, the most interesting “evidence” being that A TEAM is spelled out by Alison. Toby. Ezra. Aria. And Mona.

      • Siiri says:

        Toby is on the A team. He joined the A team when Hanna ((for Spencer)) told him that Spencer was with Wren.. Toby joined the A team then and gained his trust. After Spencer told Toby that that was a lie he decided to be good. He was showed in the last episode buying tickets for him and Spencer so he is good… He is working on the Girls’ side NOW

      • Mel says:

        why would you she even bother solving the A-Team case if she’s an A?

      • De says:

        We can’t forget that Mona kidnapped Spencer in an effort to force her to join the A Team or die in the Season 2 finale. If Spencer was already part of the A Team, that would have never happened. Plus, I don’t think Mona was able to make her any more offers from the bottom of that ditch.

        My money is still on Dr. Sullivan.

  3. Actually making me feel more confident that Toby isn’t really Team A after all. Why bother denying it so much if it isn’t true? I was expecting more of those vague, “Well, maybe he is infiltrating them, who knows?” answers. That being said, the show did just throw me for a loop, so I’m not assuming anything right now.

    And I’m sorry, but maybe this should be insurmountable for Ezra and Aria. At this point it just feels like they’re throwing everything at them in order for them to be engaging again – money problems, family problems, illegitimate kid problems, whatever. How about just getting Ezra a job again, maybe smile occasionally? I’m getting tired of mopey Ezra.

    • AJ says:

      The best thing to do with the Aira/Ezra relationship is to just write him off and give the scenes these two would get to characters who actually help move the main storyline forward.

      • Chloe says:

        Sounds good!

      • Cindy says:

        TOTALLY agree! Ezra (the character not the actor) is a waste of time. That part of the storyline is stupid. A guy like that should be in jail.

        • Traci says:

          sorry, ezra is important to the show, like every other character on the show, maybe since they weren’t hiding their relationship from her parents, etc, that’s why it seems that they have gotten boring. Secrets relationships always seem more interesting, and when they come out and no longer secret to people, it can seem boring and not exciting. And, ezra is not betraying any of the girls right now, toby is especially to spencer. I didn’t want any of the three guys (ezra, caleb, and toby) to be part of the A team because for once those girls should have someone in their lives that makes them happy even when they are being tormented by a psycho and not their family (because well sometimes you cant tell families everything your going through) and obviously all the guys know about A, because the girls told them all eventually. They deserve to have one person (or three people who they know would never betray them, of course now it’s down to 2 people at this moment).

          • Lauren says:

            I just have a feelinf Exra is not who we think he is. I think he will be partof the A team. But thats just me.

        • PrettyFedUp says:

          Ezra, the pedophile should go to jail.

          • S says:

            Wasn’t Aria 16 when they started dating? 16 is the age of consent in Pennsylvania. It’s 18 if the elder person is in a position of power, but since he didn’t sleep with her when he was her teacher, the most he could be charged with is “corruption of a minor”. In any other state with an age of consent of 16, he wouldn’t be charged with anything. So, technically, he’s not a pedophile.

    • Marlene King said flat out that Toby is evil and he’s definitely an A member. I don’t think he’s working for the girls.

      • Samz says:

        when did she say this?

        • Today, in an interview with TVGuide.

          • Alley says:

            This is a misreading of the TV Guide interview. King said that she wasn’t sure at the beginning of the series whether Toby was going to be on the A team, but when the writiers decided to not kill him like in the books they made this character decision for him. She also said, like Goldstick did here, that season 3B will explore Toby’s motivation and whether he ever had feelings for Spencer. No one has denied that he’s evil but no one has said it flat out either.

    • Anon says:

      King already revealed that Toby doesn’t have good intentions.

    • jamie says:

      Thank you! Im with you on the Toby situation. I mean why would they give that away already? and they say they had to take it out of the original interview because it was too much info but they want everyone to think that hes all evil. But did u see his face when he hugged spencer? he kinda looked sad. I think he really loves her and wants to help her not hurt her.

  4. AJ says:

    For now I’m gonna assume that Toby’s a double agent. I mean, he can’t just say that TVline is right. How else would he react to a question like that?

      • C says:

        Maybe Toby, before the series began, willingly joined Team A to get revenge on the girls. But now that he’s befriended Emily and fallen in love with Spencer, he’s either being blackmailed to stay part of Team A or he’s staying willing to be a double agent.

        • A.C.G. says:

          I honestly think Toby is evil. I believe he wants to get back at them for putting him jail and blinding Jenna. And what’s a better way to hurt Spencer then by taking her virginity?

          • Cindy says:

            Then why did he call Emily (he was the weird-voice guy on the phone) to warn her that she had one minute to get out of the cabin?

          • Wendy says:

            coz cindy, they wanted nate caught so the police would find out that he killed maya and not garrett

        • Read the interview with TVGuide. They’re pretty clear that this isn’t a double agent scenario and that Toby’s not nice and has been using Spencer from the start. I love Toby and Toby/Spencer are my favourite couple on the show but its pretty clear he will be season 3B’s big bad.

          • kittenlemew says:

            I don’t know what his feelings for Spencer really are. Marlene just said his intentions weren’t good but she wouldn’t elaborate on his feelings for Spencer. That makes me think it’s a lot more complicated than it seems.

          • anon says:

            I honestly think that Toby’s like caught in the crossfire here. I think he was in the A-team because of the Jenna thing and how Alison treated him, but now he’s in love with Spencer, but he can’t get out of the A-team, that’s just not possible. So he’s just kind of going with it. And if you look at the scene where he was leaving Spencer’s house, he was trying not to cry, but there were tears in his eyes. So he’s not all bad, right?

        • PLLfan says:

          ouu I really like that theory and im going to try and believe that:P i really dont want toby to be completely evil i really liked him and spencer

        • DeeKayTee says:

          After re-watching the episode I think that Toby is a willing member of the A team but genuiniely fell for Spencer while trying to infultrate the girls circle. Now I think he is feeling conflicted as you can see on his face as he says goodbye to Spencer and may eventually BECOME a double agent. But I don’t think that he is one yet.

          • Elise says:

            “you can see on his face as he says goodbye to Spencer ” completely right

          • Taylor Marie says:

            i re-watched it as well and analyzed the spoby scenes immensely. besides the fact that he basically hit it and quit it (LOL) he did look genuinely sad when he was saying goodbye. When they were hugging he had this look on his face that was sad and conflicted and when he said “i love you spencer” he sounded sincere. i like your theory. ugh. i just hate that toby is evillllllll ):

        • Siiri says:

          Toby joined the A team when he thought that Spencer was really with Wren. He gained trust, and then he found out Spencer was telling a lie, now, he is on the girls’ side

  5. Gilda says:

    Could Dr Sullivan be an A? She dissapears after talking to “pretty eyes”, which could be either Mona or Toby. Then she returns because Toby contacts her? That whole situation seemed a little suspicious to me at the time, but I got caught up in the Mona reveal and ignored the weirdness. But if Toby is an A, than it seems like Dr Sullivan might be too, but maybe she had a falling out for a time with them and that’s what we were seeing in the diner. If Toby is pretty eyes, than Dr Sullivan is definetly with the A team, willingly or not.

    • prettylittleliar27 says:

      Dr Sullivan was both targeted by A as well as threatened by A (when her office was trashed, and in a post-credit scene) so I don’t think she could be in the A team.

      • De says:

        But she KNEW there was a recording device in her office (from the weird phone calls) and still chose to call the girls from her office to tell them who A was. And who wouldn’t notice an extra College Degree sitting on the shelf of their own office (when Ezra’s was moved there). Plus her shock to find out that Mona was still alive and her “theory” of Mona’s sickness to get her into Radley just seems implausible.

        Who better to know all the secrets of the people in Rosewood?

  6. jerrired says:

    I don’t think Toby is a double agent. I think he’s on A’s team. I don’t think the A team members are dumb enough for the double agent thing to work. If Toby tried to join their team after being Spenser’s boyfriend they would have picked up on it being a lie. So he had to be on A’s team way before Spenser and him became a couple. I think hooking up with Spenser was all part of their plan. Mona was close to Hannah, Toby is close to Spenser & Emily, and I think the third will be close to Aria. I’m glad we know Toby’s on A’s team now, it’s going to be so interesting to see him mess with the liars. And frankly I’m enjoying A’s team way more than the liars. I’m kind of hoping the third A is Spenser or Aria, that would be the best twist ever.

    • A.C.G. says:

      Wow you’re right! It’s always someone close to them! If it’s someone who’s close to Aria then it’s got to be Ezra That would be awesome!

      • Alice says:

        I strongly believe the third A is Ezra, especially because I’m not so convinced Toby is the “vodka-drinking A” who flew to Montecito and keeps Ali’s body in a freezer. I know this might sound weird, but his attitude is fleeting and a little rough, he just doesn’t seem the type to be relaxed and drink vodka in a sophisticated manner (or at least I felt it was sophisticated).

        • Jay says:

          I don’t think it’s Ezra… there is NO Ali connection there. Mona tortured the girls because ALI took Hanna away from here. Toby is obviously A-Team because they sat back when he was in juvi, they thought he was guilty of killing Ali, and because he knows they blinded Jenna. Ali is the glue that holds the liars and the A-Team together. Ali tortured A-Team members, and the girls let it happen.

          • Alice says:

            Mona tortured the girls because the girls took Hanna away from her, not Ali. Mona wasn’t friend with Hanna while Ali was still alive, but she hated Ali for ignoring and making fun of her. True, every A so far was someone with a connection to Ali, and Ezra apparently doesn’t have one, but who knows? As someone else already said, Ali was going to college parties (much more so now that we know she was good friends with CeCe) and knew a lot of older guys, so we can’t totally exclude she might have a connection with Ezra. It’s just a possibility.

          • Hollie says:

            But we didnt know paige knew ali until cece told the liars. So maybe someone tells the liars that azera had a connection with ali. Just like emily and paige!

          • DeeKayTee says:

            I think that all of this A business has to do with something bigger than just Ali tourturing a bunch of high schoolers. This is pretty extreme revenge to take out on 4 innocent people because a 15 year old girl bullied you. They have made it pretty clear that Ali knew secrets that could get a lot of people in trouble, even Ali was scared at the end. I think she stumbled upon something major, having to do with the “big A” and all this is a diversion to keep the girls from finding out what Ali knew. It would be pretty easy for the “big A” to recruit Mona, Toby and anyone else who hated Ali from there.

          • De says:

            We know that Ezra was at Hollis with Ian (Halloween Episode 1); he easily could have been part of their party crowd that Ali enjoyed or even had a relationship with her while he was still in college.

        • Courtney says:

          I def think the 3rd “A” is Cece or Jenna…I was so right from 2 weeks ago’s episode i said either Cece or Toby was with “A” team! Im excited and cant wait to see for sure!!

        • Devi says:

          I think maybe it’s Ezra’s mother because she is evil and knows everything about Aria and she is loaded and at one point in the show they show A getting a butt load of money.

        • Elise says:

          no. Why would it be Ezra? Ezra has no reason to be on the A-Team. He has no connection with Ali whatsoever. Mona and Toby have a reason to be on the A-Team. But there is nothing that links Ezra to any of this. I think Ezra’s main plot line now is about Maggie and keeping his relationship with Aria

      • Tiffany says:

        I think it’s arias brother because he has revenge against aria and he was very angry when we left him off.

        • Traci says:

          wait why does mike (aria’s brother) have revenge against aria? I know I haven’t missed an episode. The only I can think of is ezra and her’s relationship, how she wouldn’t just dump him when her parents told her too. And, where has mike been anyway, did they even say?

      • savz says:

        it could be her brother mike.

      • ams says:

        I think it could be Arias brother .. Anyone remember how odd things were when he went through his “dark time”.. and his dad being very worried about him. Also remember how violent he got with his mom.. arias dad never said what was wrong with HIS brother, did he? Why was he was so worried arrias brother could be going down the same path… Also he would have good motive he blames Aria for breaking up their family..I honestly don’t know though.. this show has some seriously good writers. I’m usually pretty good at guessing games.. but I cant figure this show out at all.. though I did see the whole Toby thing coming.. they have been dropping hints for awhile.

    • sara says:

      I think that it could be her brother only becausr you havent seen him in season 3… He seems to have a dark soul

    • kittenlemew says:

      I think he hooked up with the A Team after Emily told him Spencer kissed Wren. It works out timing wise. A sabotaged the scaffolding to hurt/kill Toby. That seems pretty stupid for him to do to himself. It was right after that though that Spencer kissed Wren. It wouldn’t be hard to talk him into joining the A Team when he was hurt and angry – perhaps even at Wren’s urging. I love Wren but he keeps popping up in pretty suspicious places – especially Radley.

    • celeste7911 says:

      I knew something was up with Toby as soon as he made that face while hugging Spencer after they were together. He made that face like he was having to shake some thought or feeling. That split second he looked dangerous. I don’t buy the double agent plot at all but I would love to see it turn out that way.

    • Traci says:

      It can’t be any of the four girls., And, I have to agree, last two A’s was mona and toby, and mona was close to hanna, and toby was close to spencer/emily. And, if it keeps going on like this, A being one of their boyfriends or friend, it has to be ezra being the third A. But it doesn’t make sense seeing that mona and toby both knew alison and were tormented by alison. Unless we find out that their’s a connection between ezra and alison then he’s a possiblity. It’s either going to be him or caleb, because so far no A’s were living in their houses. We thought that melissa could be but she’s in spencer’s family, and again toby/mona aren’t in any of the girls’ families. And, I just thought of something, if ezra didn’t know Alison or her family why would he be dressed in a black suit at alison’s funeral in the pilot, or at Alison’s funeral besides wanting to talk to aria. But, there’s no connection between caleb and alison either, unless they tell us in season 3B….They both seem a little sketchy. But, I still love Ezra : ) and Caleb : ), and don’t want either of them to the third A or a part of the A team….their good for Aria and Hanna. I thought Toby was good for Spencer : (

      And, question just curious, what apartment number is ezra’s apartment, isn’t it 3B??? That’s pop into my head of seeing what they were calling the second half of season 3 (season……3B)!!

      • prettylittleliar27 says:

        One of my friends is pretty convinced Ezra is on the A Team and she has a list of reasons why.
        1) A is seen with a typewriter and the only character we’ve seen that has one is Ezra.
        2) A has tossed around a lot of money, and Ezra’s family is loaded, plus has a dark background.
        3) Aria has been targeted less by A lately and it could be because Ezra wants to protect her since he does love her.
        4) A had access to Ezra’s diploma to put in Dr Sullivan’s office.
        5) Ezra would be right around Ian, Cece, Garrett, and Jason’s ages and Ali has proved to be connected to all of them.
        6) Who else would have the time and money to fly across the country to Montecito? He doesn’t work and lives by himself.
        7) Lately, he’s had more secrets than all of the girls combined.

      • alexis says:

        i bet ali was partying with cece in universities party.. she met ezra slept with him.. he learned that she ws 15 .. wanted to break up.. then she either blackmailed him or threatened him to tell the police or university.. so he killed her.

      • De says:

        Mona was a friend, Toby was a boyfriend, why can’t the third A be a family member? I think they are targeting people who can be used who are close to the girls. Caleb didn’t even live in Rosewood (or even near there) when Ali was alive. While I still have my suspicions about Ezra, I think we definitely need to look at Aria’s family — there are a lot of secrets there and they would obviously want to keep Aria safer than the other girls.

    • anon says:

      You know what’s weird? I kind of hope Spencer is the third A. I just think that would make Toby being on the A-team okay, as long as Spencer knows. I mean, it’s okay if he’s not using her to me.

    • Michelle Semmler says:

      Then why would A break Toby’s arm?… Toby betraying makes him no better then Ali! And after sleeping with Spencer that brings him to a new kinda low. I think Toby is smarter then that. Yea no one did stand up for him.. But at the time how would they understand. How many times do they have to apologize? I did see the goodbye look in him.. And when he said to Spencer “i know who you are no need to apologize”.. Ya know he got his answers. But I don’t think the writers would want to piss that many fans off by msking Toby that just as bad as Ali. Toby could out smart A. If he is truly the bad guy.. That’s disappointing.

      • De says:

        My theory is that Toby was pulled into the A Team when we was an outcast in Rosewood for being on the hook for Alison’s murder. I think he might have been trying to find ways to get close to the girls (needing a tutor, playing on Em’s sympathy, using their guilt over Jenna) and falling for Spencer was a happy accident.
        Toby breaking his arm might have been a warning to stay in line. A had been working to scare Spencer away from Toby, and this was a way to kill two birds with one stone.

        • De says:

          AND it makes sense that he was angling for her to JOIN the A Team at the end of Season 2 when she had been kidnapped by Mona. How many of the other girls have been cornered and received an offer like that?

  7. Lena says:

    I just might stop watching if Toby is A. Don’t get me wrong, the show is phenomenal, and last night’s ep was one of the best episodes of television in a WHILE. However Toby has been one of my favorites since Season 1, and him and Spencer are tied for my favorite couple on TV. I think I have trust issues after night.

  8. Clarissa says:

    One thing in the finale didn’t make sense. It was an “A” text that lured Paige to the graveyard, which is when she was abducted by Nate/Lyndon. We were led to believe that Nate/Lyndon sent the text in order to get Page where he wanted her, but as far as we’ve always been told, Nate/Lyndon never knew about “A.” There’s no way it could have been a cooincidence that he nabbed Paige while she was on her way to do something he had nothing to do with, so how did he use an “A” text to get her there? Was this just sloppy storytelling?

    Also, is it just a coincidence that Nate/Lyndon never specifically admitted to killing Maya? Was that on purpose? Are we supposed to imply it?

    • EC says:

      I thought it was just a regular text sending Paige to the graveyard, not an ‘A’ text. And maybe Garrett did kill Maya after all??

    • Siyah says:

      When they showed Paige looking at her phone she blocked out the bottom part of the message with her finger so that we couldn’t see that it wasn’t signed by “A”.

      Team A had a plan to set Paige up to take the fall for Maya’s death so that they could get Garrett out of jail, Nate didn’t figure in their plans and they got lucky things played out the way they did. I also think that Nate never explicitly saying that he killed Maya was done on purpose so that Garrett, or possibly one of the other “A’s” (Toby???) can still be a possible suspect.

      • Stacie says:

        It was defiantly Nate who killed maya, the producer confirmed this on twitter! Nate ‘layton’ was Maya’s stalker from up north which she was on about in the video clip Emily watched, he killed maya because she chose Emily over him

      • ramsey says:

        it did show A at the bottom of the text.

    • Alice says:

      The message Paige got was from A, not from Nate. As Mona said at the end of the episode, she and Toby were trying to set Paige up as Maya’s killer to get Garrett out of jail. The plan was to make her meet the liars at the graveyard and then call Maya’s phone, which Toby put in her bag, so that the liars would think Paige was the killer…but the plan failed because Nate kidnapped Paige on her way to the graveyard. He had been obviously following her with the purpose of kidnapping her. A knew Paige wasn’t going to show up, hence they changed the plan…they probably knew Nate was the real killer all along and instead of framing Paige, they didn’t interfere and they got what they wanted anyway, with the real killer being exposed.
      It’s true that “Nate” never explicitely said he killed Maya, but he was afraid Jenna might had seen him grabbing Maya at the Kahns’ cabin, which happened the night she died. Since he loved her so much, I think he would have said something if the killer was someone else.

      • Stacie says:

        So much clearer now, it all makes sence! Only thing that is confusing me now is the phone calls (the weird voice ones) especially the one to Emily, if it was the 3rd member of the Ateam why was they trying to help Emily telling her to get out? Did they know Nates ‘laytons’ intentions? So many questions left to answer!

        • michelle says:

          Maybe Jenna is the weird voice on the phone. That night in the last episode when Paige was with Emily on the porch and Jenna showed up Jenna told Emily to be careful who she spends time with. Maybe she was warning Emily because she knew about nate/Lyndon

          • StillThinking says:

            I just realized something. i think the producer’s made a mistake having set up Paige in the closet of the room Emily was sleeping in. (at the light house cabin) Paige could still hear, so if she heard Nate go out of the cabin, she could have kicked the closet or made noise or something. Emily would have heard it seeing as it was in the same room she was in at the beginning of the scene.
            I liked the set up but I think the overlooked that whole part of it!.

        • Alice says:

          I think A knew about Nate’s intentions, because they most probably keep an eye on everyone who is involved with the liars, plus they were watching Paige and saw her getting kidnapped. Just from this fact, it’s obvious Nate had bad intentions. My theory is that it was Toby the one who told Emily to get out of the inn, because the voice sounded urging and angry. I think he didn’t want Emily to get hurt, either because perhaps Toby cares for her, or just because the A team doesn’t want any of the liars to die (they would lose their targets otherwise). But I think the “Emily, I owe you one” call was someone else, the way that person spoke was different, slower. It sounded more like Mona would talk, but Mona didn’t have that voice-changer, so probably the third A.

          • Kat says:

            Here’s my thoughts on Pretty Little Liars! =]

            The way I interpreted all of the happenings of that night is that the A team had a plan to get Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer to meet at the cemetery and bring Maya’s bag. They also contacted Paige, threatening Emily’s safety if she didn’t comply with meeting at the cemetery at 10pm (which was the same time and place for the Liars.) No one really communicates during this show, so Paige was unaware of the girls’ plans to be there and vice versa. As Mona said in Season 2 when she revealed she was A and was driving with Spencer, there is an “A Team” and wanted her either with them or against them. So as we now also know after seeing A buy several black hoodies and after this finale and seeing a couple people in hoodies, we know for sure there is a team. With that said, there was Mona who took a little vaca from Radley, the A on the phone telling her plans had changed, and the A in the chair that Mona relays the message to. I think that the Liars, their loved ones, and anyone involved with them are always being watched and surveyed and stalked, so to ensure that they don’t change plans or involve those who shouldn’t be i.e. Paige telling Emily of her going to the graveyard. So I think that Paige was being monitored to make sure she was going and also we know that the phone is in her bag so A had to be watching to know when she got there so as to carry out the major plan. The call made to Mona was from the A that was tailing Paige who witnessed Nate/Lyndon abducting her. Sheer coincidence. Or was it? The A Team was carrying out this plan of theirs because they wanted Garrett out and the trial was happening soon, and Nate needed to make his point to Emily before the trial because Maya’s family was in town and he obviously isn’t a relative. So for both parties, tonight had to be the night.

            So anyways, I think the A that made the call and was tailing Paige, followed them up to the cabin (because stalking is what they do best) and figured out that Nate did not have the best intentions seeing as though he bound and gagged her. Being on the A Team you would think they knew who had actually killed Maya, but maybe we are used to giving them too much credit? Maybe they know who didn’t do it, but weren’t 100% on who did, which they used to their advantage when framing innocent people. (Why would they suspect that it was a third party person who killed her? In that case, they’d have no idea who did it, which I think is how it was and when they figured it out, it would have been pointless and messy to accuse Paige. The goal was to free Garrett, not frame Paige. She was just an easy target) The A that was watching obviously waited until Nate had left the cabin to make their cryptic/urgent call. When I first watched it, I thought they were calling to let her know they knew she wasn’t heading to the cemetery which I thought was the initial plan and she deviated, but after we found out he wasn’t who he said he was, I realized that it was a warning for her own safety. Maybe A was surprised to see that this stranger had murderous tendencies and horrible intentions for that night. A had no way of knowing he was just going to kill Paige, because honestly, if he killed Paige and Emily knew he killed Maya then he was obviously going to have to kill Emily too. Emily is A’s, their person to target and torment. If A wanted the Liars dead, they would be. We have also established that so far, the A Team seems to be close with the Liars — Mona did all that horrible stuff, hit Hanna with her car, but still was her best friend and went shopping and confided in her. Mona was mental and living in hyperreality.. who’s to say the other A’s aren’t either? And we know that Toby is an A, but he is capable of loving Spencer and being intimate. Mental disorders have a way with making a person seem totally normal and capable of living a normal life, until the switch goes off and then you have no idea who they are. So maybe they were trying to save Emily’s life, but also for selfish reasons being that they are out to get the Liars and no one else is allowed to cross that line?

            The phone call made to Emily and the Liars in the hospital that say “Emily, I owe you one” I think was in reference to either 1) finding out that Nate killed Maya, thus getting Garrett out of jail without having to go through the trouble of framing Paige and then dealing with an investigation into that before he’s able to be released. The answer to who actually killed Maya was revealed by coincidence that night, A didn’t know they were going to find the real killer that night, their plan was the frame Paige. But if you are going to get the real truth, why waste energy creating a whole lie? So the phone call would be a sarcastic response in reference to the efforts and plans Emily inadvertently saved them from having to carry out OR (ready for it?) 2) They were thanking her for shooting Caleb. I know I know, crazy talk right? Hear me out. I’ve read several articles/interviews with writers and actors who have hinted to Caleb’s shooter being a mystery. When it first happened, you think “Oh no! Why’d you put the gun down! He’s going to use it!” but after I thought that, I then thought, “Wait? He was bleeding out in severe pain on the ground… how did he get up quickly, grab the gun, and aim for Caleb’s heart?” Seems unlikely, and I think I am right. Why leave it a mystery and hint towards the truth coming out in season 3, if the obvious answer was Nate/Lyndon? There’s a reason we saw it happen from outside of the lighthouse rather than witness it firsthand. But that leaves the question, why would Emily shoot him? For this, I am going to refer to an interview with Tyler Blackburn. He told Insider that himself, Toby, and Paige all shot scenes in the A black hoodie with Mona and that the producers decided which path to take with the big reveal. We all know they went with Toby, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t considering the other two and that they have definitely been putting in some sketchy and shady things about them throughout the seasons. The writers have been building up to reveals that shock the audience and since Paige and Caleb were in the running, there have definitely been some hints dropped because if they had decided to go with Caleb instead of Toby, then we would have been just as shocked until we thought back to all the mysteries about him. So I’m just saying, maybe it didn’t happen during this finale, but it has definite potential of happening at some point! Anyway, back to my theory… what if he is part of the A Team (not yet revealed) and he tried to harm Emily in some way while they were hugging? Some questions to ponder — where did he get that gun? Why did he feel like he would need it? If he is a good guy and had to use it on A in the threat of danger, does he have a permit and would he be able to explain it to the authorities if not? Why did he leave the cemetery without telling the girls, especially Hanna he was leaving? He had to come to the conclusion A wasn’t coming, go to his car, get in it, and then call her as he was driving. Why wouldn’t he have voiced his opinion sooner unless he wanted to get there first? Back to the lighthouse scene – what if he attempted to hurt Emily and she managed to do the same thing she did was Nate/Lyndon and grab the weapon (this case the gun) and shoot it at hand level? He was shot in his side, where her arms would be if she raised a gun or just bent her elbow. What if the person the police were referring to when they asked ‘if the victim was a friend’ was Caleb? Nate/Lyndon was already dead (obviously bled out quickly) so generally they would refer to him as ‘the deceased’ and definitely not a victim seeing as though he attacked her brutally. It was self defense on her part. But Caleb, was just injured and could be deemed a victim because they don’t know the series of events that unfolded and they wanted to know if he was a friend? This could potentially explain her being in shock and unable to form thoughts and words because she was confused at what just happened.. maybe that’s why she had to go over to Hanna. Obviously Hanna loves him, he’s been shot, she’s a mess, Emily is her best friend and wants to comfort her.. but what if it’s because she feels responsible and confused and needs to tell Hanna what really happened. After all, the last we see of the Liars is them at the crime scene and not what happens after that. I’m not sure why that would make A thank her because if he was part of the team, why would they want one of their own gone? Unless he was a double agent and they were sick of him. I don’t know, it seems like shaky theory and I’m trying to convey it as best as possible, believe me I don’t 100% believe it, but you can never be too sure with a show like PLL! Wouldn’t that be a crazy twist? And who said that the betrayal was only by one person?

            But don’t worry, I do have a third theory that exonerates Caleb. We know that A was tailing Paige, saw her abducted, followed them to the cabin, and witnessed all that went on inside. That means, A would have seen Caleb show up at the cabin. (Sidenote: do we think Caleb took the time to set Paige free or no? Would he have just pursued Emily and Nate in order to save her? Or did he not know they ran, so he freed Paige to find out the details?) Going with that Caleb followed Nate and Emily through the woods, it could be plausible that A also followed them because let’s face it A is curious, likes being omniscient, and can’t resist drama. So as Caleb is en route to the lighthouse, Emily calls 911, Nate/Lyndon attacks her, and she stabs him in the shuffle. Caleb makes it to the top by the time he is on the ground bleeding to death and Emily has dropped the knife. Like an idiot, he puts it down! Clearly unaware of the universal fact that if you are in danger or with a killer, you never ever ever ever let your only source of protection out of your sight.. which also leads me to believe that this gun is not legally his. Anyways, Emily and Caleb are embracing because she’s a mess and scared and he’s there to ‘save her,’ then the screen shot is of the outside of the lighthouse, the light on the other side leaving their side in the dark, and the gun goes off. Theory #3 is that A potentially followed them there, obviously has no reservations of attacking any of them,and either grab the gun and shot, or had their own (not far fetched seeing as though Mona of all people stole one from Mr. Hastings) and used it on him. He was shot under his ribs, but we don’t know if it was from the front or back. From the front leads one to believe it was Emily (#2), from the back would be #3, unless of course they heard something and Caleb turned shielding Emily and thus getting shot in the front. This scenario seems the most plausible and mysterious because it would mean — we are right about Nate/Lyndon being too hurt to do that and why would he aim for Caleb anyway (?), Caleb is not an A (thank goodness!), and in shielding Emily it means that she does not see the identity of the A who followed them and shot him. Emily was in shock during her interview, meaning she didn’t see it coming him getting shot because who would? And in defense of this theory, A has made it no secret that they despise Hanna’s “techno boy toy” and have been threatening him for a while because he has the ability to find out way too much. So in regards to the phone call, maybe A was thanking Emily for leaving Caleb in the open for them to attack as a crime of opportunity? All of these are long shots, but like I said, anything is possible and it’s fun to speculate!

            Now, back to the several A theory. 1) Is Obviously Mona. 2) We just saw Toby, however, I do not think the A at the end of the episode who orders the Halloween train tickets was him. When we learned that Mona was A in Season 2, from that point on we saw her face. We also saw it in this episode when she got dressed, talked on the phone, talked to the other A, etc. So once we saw Toby revealed, why didn’t we see his face again? It’s not like we would be further shocked seeing him carry out an A action because we already know he is part of the team. So that leads me to really believe that the final person we saw was a third A. 3) Now, whether the A making the Halloween reservations was the same as the A tailing Paige and informing Mona of the change in the game plan I am not sure. If it is, then that makes 3, if not… is that 4? 4 or 5) Let’s not forget that it is not Mona calling all the shots and that there is most definitely a head honcho (based on the books, I have a hunch, but with this show, anything is possible.)

            In addition, there are several sketchy characters who we definitely get an A vibe from:
            – Lucas
            – CeCe
            – Noel Kahn
            – Mike Montgomery
            – Holden?
            – Wren?

            I’ve read through this thread and I highly doubt that Ezra is part of the A Team despite the convincing arguments… however, I do believe that if we, as an audience, are constantly searching for signs and for A Team members, then we are going to overanalyze everything to the max! Sometimes, a typewriter is just a typewriter. But when looking for reasons to find someone guilty, something so much as an apartment number looks like damning evidence. But anyways, it is possible that Ezra may have some sort of history with Ali through Hollis parties or something and we do know he has a thing for young mysterious girls.. but as an adult not part of this clique who had never met these girls, what could he possibly be gaining from all this? We should remember that because all the A’s have a grudge, want revenge, and think they have something to gain from all this torment. Why would that involve Ezra? And do you really think he would dig up a decomposing body, keep it in a freezer, pull the teeth out, and make jewelry? Probably not. Also, if thinking that since all the A’s so far have been in an intimate relationship with the Liars (Spencer dating Toby, Toby and Emily really close friends, Mona and Hanna BFFs), then that means that Ezra must be the A out to get Aria seems a bit too obvious don’t you think? Would the writers really make such an obvious pattern? And also, if him having so much money makes him seem like a contender, then I think all of Rosewood should be considered. Every one in this town is wealthy to some degree.. the Kahns, the Hastings… so to say he must be using his money for evil is a bit of a broad accusation. He has a typewriter because he is an English professor! A uses a typewriter because all mysterious villains do! It’s like using magazine letters for ransom notes. But in going with the theory, we already know that A had access to his place.. maybe they used HIS typewriter! It is suspect that Aria hasn’t had too much torment aimed towards her, but I think he time will come. I think A’s major game piece with her was her relationship with Ezra and trying to get them caught by her dad. But Aria being the independent girl she is, decided that the best thing to do (for love and life) would be to come clean about it. By doing this she eliminates the threat of being found out which was A’s major information on her. Keep in mind, Aria just spent years in Iceland and hasn’t really been accumulating dirty laundry in Rosewood like the others. Aria seems to be the most hesitant of them all too and the least likely to be hiding too much. So maybe instead of being suspicious of her lack of secrets for A’s ammunition, we should be happy for her! Ah, if only that was the case with this show, but realistically, we all know she has it coming to her in some way or another.

            I think that Mike may have some part in this. Not so much to avenge something Ali did to him, but because he is angsty, young, impressionable, wants to fit in (idolizes Noel Kahn), and has a dark side. Let’s not forget that he broke into people’s homes effortlessly and stole random things, but they weren’t random people, they were Aria’s friends. He also shoved Aria without hesitation and his mom; punched Ezra, as well as that random person in the school hallway. The episode where Emily meets A in the green house and they just attack her because of the empty box rather than just leaving is suspicious. Also, that A was most certainly not Mona because she’s little and wouldn’t be able attack Emily in the way A did (we saw her attack Spencer and it was pitiful.) That night, the A attacked Emily trying to choke her out, got hit by a car and kept running, ran through the woods, and seemed to smash the window without difficulty in a fit of rage. Mike has a short fuse and a violent streak. Maybe he isn’t an A, but he could be a lackey (which is also a theory I have about Lucas and Wren).

            Now, this brings me to the ever sketchy and smug Noel Kahn. Just the sight of him irks me! I’m not sure why he would have gripes about Ali (maybe we will find out), but he seems more like he just likes being involved in a mystery or something he sees as a game. He dates Mona (who we know was A) so he must have noticed some of her crazy tendencies, right? They dated for a while I think and as A she was always tailing the girls, texting, and carrying out plans.. but she also hung out with Hanna, shopped, and obviously would have to spend time with Noel too if they were dating. So how did she do it? Unless he knew prior to them dating what she was up to and was a part of it. Therefore, he could be a lackey. Let’s not forget he wore a black hoodie and snuck out to the woods where he wrote “I see you” on Ezra’s car, attempted to blackmail him, and tormented Aria about it (because he liked her). That was the same night Hanna was hit by Mona in the car. Coincidence? Noel later gets framed for cheating on test scores, but maybe that was Mona trying to do away with him… until they start dating later on which could have been Mona using him again. Anyways, not only does he date Mona, but he also dates Jenna and finds out more information and seems to weasel his way into situations that he wouldn’t otherwise be a part of. He is just a sketchy sketchy creature. He also had a strange relationship with Maya and even let her hide out in his cabin without telling anyone even though it was in the papers and everyone was freaking out. Why would he go along with that? He seems to be in all the strangest and sketchiest places. He also told Spencer he thinks it’s hot she thinks he is capable of murder, but I think that goes back to his ego. He is a smug, popular, jock who likes danger and mystery and being an asshole. But why?

            Next… Jenna. Of course you definitely saw this suspect coming. However, I don’t think she is a member of the A Team, I think she is a victim in her own way. It is suspicious that she faked blindness months, but she tells the Liars it is because she’s afraid. She was a target when blind, of course she would be even more so now that she can see. (Any one have any theories on who put her in the house and set it on fire?) I believe her for thinking it would be better to be “blind” for her own safety and so that she could investigate. Think about it. She would be able to snoop around Toby’s room, walk around Rosewood and see people doing things they are only comfortable doing in front of a blind person (like crime or A actions), and she could pick up on people’s carelessness (she saw Nate in the backyard.) When she warned Emily to be careful about who she hangs out with and keeps close… at first you assume she means Paige as the writers hoped you would, then you realize she probably meant Nate because she was being threatened by him and she knew Emily was friendly with him… but then I thought, what if she was hinting towards Toby as well. She knows that whatever she tells one of the Liars, they are definitely going to go and share it with the others. At that point in time, Emily didn’t know she meant Nate so it could have been anyone. At this point, it’s known that Jenna can see, but we don’t know how much she has learned in a matter of 5 months. Toby was with her when she took her bandage off and she could see but she said she couldn’t, so he could go on with what he had been doing. He could be careless around his room, write things, etc and wouldn’t have to be worried that she would see. So she had 5 months to snoop! And you know she probably did. What if she found out that he was hiding things and keeping secrets and was being really sketchy, but she couldn’t say anything because A and him have things on her and of course she would think he was dangerous. Also, they have a dark dark past together. It seems that when she gained her sight back, she spent a lot of time not in Rosewood… band camp? Or afraid of Toby and him finding out she can see thus making her a threat in his home? I think the show has gone through so much effort to make us weary of Jenna and not particularly like her, but in the end, she’s a victim. Perhaps the biggest victim of Ali’s. Or is there way more to the story than we know yet? Either way, I think that she’s an outcasted victim and we have been dying to find out she’s evil and have seen several things that would solidify that belief, but I think it is so beat into us that Jenna is bad, that we are overlooking who really is.

            Wren sketches me out. He is a dodgy man. First he goes for Spencer who is 16 while he is with her sister and has to be about 26 or 27 seeing as though he is beginning a residency. He helps Melissa out with getting meds for “Ian,” at Radley with Mona, helps Hanna with her leg, knows Melissa went with Garrett to an appt for her baby (which didn’t exist so how did that work out?), Toby’s arm, Emily’s steroid thing… he is very involved for a character that has seemingly no ties to them except being with Melissa for a short period of time. Why is he lurking? And why is he suddenly getting closer to Hanna… also much younger than him. There seems to be a lot of this happening in Rosewood. Something in the water perhaps? (Ian with Spencer, Ali, and all the girls he taped; Jason being the brains of the video taping operation; Garrett being in the club and with Jenna; Ezra and Aria; Byron and Meredith)

            CeCe is such a biyatch! She is so like Ali it is ridiculous. We know where Ali gets it from now… but why? Why would CeCe, a college mean girl, befriend a young girl and learn all her secrets… and remember them years later? She also knows Noel and has no boundaries. Look out for her! She could know some things about Alison that we don’t.

            I am also very cautious of Jason DiLaurentis. He goes from someone they fear to playing the sad victim? Suspicious. Where’s the money from? Who was the phone call from? Who set fire to his house with Jenna in it? I do not believe that he was basically comatose (with no memory) the day of Ali’s murder from weed and beer. He had to have been drugged (like Emily?). But regardless, his relationship with Spencer is getting a little too close for comfort. After all, he was the ring leader in the perverted videotaping club and best friends with Ian and Garrett. He also knew Ali from a family point of view, he must have known things no one else did.

            Only time will tell who’s on the A Team, but I think we should prepare ourselves for even more betrayals and some crazy plot twists! This show is amazing and always keeps you on your toes! Can’t wait for the Halloween episode!!

            Any other thoughts anyone?

      • Shannon says:

        Paige’s finger wasn’t covering the whole bottom of the text. You could clearly see the A next to the end of her thumb. Watch it again. It was definitely from A. I totally agree with Alice! You’ve definitely been paying attention!

        • Alice says:

          Yeah, we could see that the text Paige got was signed by A, but it’s true that Paige’s finger was covering a part of it…the part about Emily getting hurt if she hadn’t showed up at the graveyard, that’s what Paige said to the police officer as well. That finger was strategically put on that part of the message so that we viewers could think Paige was working with A and not being threatened into going to the graveyard.

    • I think it was a coincidence. Paige’s text was a regular text, she covered the bottom of the screen so we couldn’t see it wasn’t signed by A. Marlene King said that Nate is really dead and that he was definitely Maya’s killer.

    • Stacie says:

      This is exactly what I thought and I’ve been trying to work it out since watching the episode although lots of things dont really add up this thing in particular really doesn’t make sence for me, very strange!

    • Kimberly Shaw says:

      remember how at the end mona said it was a shame she didnt get to make the call and paige would have the phone i think mona sent the text for paige, and aria, spencer, and hannah to go to the cemetary to end this and paige would be there with mayas phone and the girls would believe paige was A/killer but on her way paige was abducted by nate/lyndon and so on… but thats just what i think cant wait to see wait happens in season 3B

    • Nicole says:

      Paige got abducted before the plan with a went through that’s why someone called Mona and then she went to see the other A and said change of plans. A’s plan was to have the girls at the cemetery and Paige show up then they were going to call Maya’s phone and Paige was going to have it, that is what Mona was saying at the end. and Marlene King told tvguide that Nate was definitely the one to kill Maya and the he was definitely dead.

    • Anon says:

      I’m pretty sure -A was trying to frame Paige for stealing Ali’s body and for Maya’s murder. That’s why she got the text. And it actually *was* a coincidence that Nate grabbed her before she made it to the graveyard.

    • DeeKayTee says:

      No that was actually explained. A sent the text to have Paige go to the graveyard where Mona and Toby were going to send a text or call Maya’s cell phone which Paige unknowingly has thus making it look to the girls like she was Maya’s killer. But Nate did conicidentally nab her before she made it to the graveyard, hence Mona telling Toby in the “lair” that there was a “change of plan”.

    • De says:

      Mona says that Nate intercepted Paige on her way to the graveyard. She had Maya’s phone in her bag; the A Team was trying to set her up for Maya’s death to the other three girls (Spencer, Aria, Hanna). Nate just got in the way of their plan.

  9. Bella says:

    I thought Toby and spencer were a great couple. I may stop watching if he is really evil too.

    • Anon says:

      LOL! You guys. You people. You’re disappointing honestly. Toby being Evil is the BEST thing to happen in a long while! It also adds up very well to some past clues and events that have taken place.

      • DeeKayTee says:

        So true! Its a good twist, I will be dissapointed if this is explained away too easily.

      • Kat says:

        I totally agree! If people are going to stop watching this show because they are angry that a fictional character turns out to be evil, then you really aren’t that invested in the overall mystery and plot of the show. The point is to find out who killed Ali and why! We hated Toby in the beginning and were really weary of him… now we think he is gorgeous and a super great boyfriend and are upset to find out that he’s not who he says he is… shocker? No. Seeing as though most people on this show aren’t who they say they are! This finale was called the betrayal! Betrayals aren’t supposed to be liked or fair! They are unbelievable, heart wrenching, and wrong! That’s what makes it a betrayal everyone. Let’s move on and see where this goes, remember, only we as the audience know he’s not a good guy which goes to show how good of an A he is.

    • Cam says:

      Are you serious? Cmon, Toby was sooo boring before with Spencer, this is 10x interesting. Seriously watching a show for a couple is pathetic.

  10. Camilla says:

    Well, I’d like you all to remember that Marlene King also said (at the end of season 2 I think) that the A we were going to discover was not the same A of the books..but then, Oh! it’s Mona! the same of the books!
    So, I’m not trusting what the producers say anymore!:) I think it’s obvious that whatever the right answer is, they won’t help us understand what it is! Instead, they’ll try to set us on the wrong track!
    Example: Oliver Goldstick is now saying that Toby definitely is on the A-team
    Keegan Allen some time ago (but not that much) said that Toby really is good, and that he is the most trustworthy person in Rosewood… so, who’s lying here? gotta be someone!

    I think maybe Toby was originally part of the A-Team (because he hated Ali and the others for what they have done) and he tried to get close to Emily, and to Spencer, because of a plan they made.. but then, he actually fell in love with Spence and made friends with Emily and the others, so he’s staying in the A-team and trying to help the liars in one way or another!
    Did you see the look on his face when he was hugging Spencer? I think that would be of something like “I have to do something bad that I don’t wanna do, but I have to do it in order to protect you”

    that’s my theory, anyway :)

    • katy917 says:

      When he made those comments, he may not have known the writer’s plans for his character! I really hope you’re right, though, as I love Toby!!

    • kittenlemew says:

      Keegan didn’t know until early this season that he was going to be part of the A-Team. Marlene did say A wouldn’t be the same person it was in the books but let’s think about that statement logically. We don’t know who all is A yet. She could’ve technically been telling the truth when she said that. She also sort of danced around the issue about Mona being A. She was very, very clear this time. Toby’s intentions aren’t good. At the same time, she wouldn’t say anything about his feelings for Spencer. Maybe Toby is conflicted and will eventually come clean.

    • Siiri says:

      Toby joined the A Team when Hanna told Toby ((for Spencer)) that she was with WREN!!!! After he gained his trust with the A Team, Spencer told him that she was lieing.. Since then, Toby has been on the Girls’ team..

      • Kat says:

        I understand how one would want to think that, but at the same time, how likely does that seem? He gets told that Spencer’s over him and with someone else and he just runs off to the secretive, anonymous A Team wanting a spot? Also keep in mind that he ran away several times too. But then a little while later when they are like “Oh just kidding, I’m not” he’s like okay, well then forget the A’s then! Not sounding too likely. Also, A is all-knowing, don’t you think they would know that Spencer and Wren weren’t actually together? Thus meaning they wouldn’t accept Toby in with open arms… also, I don’t think they accept many people in with open arms. Did Toby post an online ad or billboard looking to join? How would he know where to find them? Mona? But everyone is super cautious of everyone else. How could they be so sure he wasn’t playing a double agent? Which now we are hoping he is. I think we need to come to terms with the fact that he is on the A team even though we don’t want him to be, just like Mona who seemed normal too and is now psycho! Toby doesn’t seem like the type of person who is easily swayed by crushes, so I don’t think that would dictate whether or not he tortured the girls. Also, the A team aren’t bullies, they are threatening and dangerous and committed. Remember that!

  11. Castle lover says:

    I think A sent the text to Paige to get her to the cemetery bc that was the time the girls were gonna be there too!! So she would look super guilty w Maya’s phone and being at the cemetery. What I want to know is if Spencer still thinks Paige is A. Bc A didn’t show up for the girls, so I’m wondering if she thought ok well Paige didn’t kill Maya but she could still be A because A never showed up(bc Paige was kidnapped)

  12. pammie says:

    Yes but there is a third member of the A team that we don’t know. ANd I’m saying its Paige. She was so not surprised when Emily revealed to her that there was a second A. I think she is getting in good with Em and the girls proving herself and then will be the one to really betray them. There is something not trustworthy about that girl. She’s too obsessed with Emily and tosses threats around to easily.

    • Alice says:

      I agree Paige is not trustworthy but she can’t be the third A, because Mona and Toby were trying to frame her as Maya’s murderer. I doubt she was willing to end up in jail for murder just for the sake of the A team.

  13. Cam says:

    Ezra needs to be A. Ezra needs to be A. Ezra needs to be A. Ezra needs to be A.

    • Chloe says:

      Oh, yeah!!!

    • I was just going to say the same thing. I wonder if Ezra is A? What is his connection to Ali?

      • Kimi says:

        Well, he cant be, in the end of the 2season, there was someone in red coat visiting Mona. So its probably a girl..

        • shanaynay says:

          that was probably hanna!

        • I think he can be. I think anyone who isn’t the 4 girls or their family members can potentially be A. (If they put Aria’s Dad on the A team, for example, that would be dumb. ) They could totally use Ezra. Even though there are only identifying 3 people on the A team right now, they can add more people at any time.

          Based on what we’ve seen so far, I doubt Ezra’s A. I also didn’t think Toby was A either… This show tricks you. When you think they are going in one direction, they take it in another.

          In the books Alison has a twin. Alison can still potentially be A too.

        • De says:

          Aria was the last one with the coat, though.

      • anny says:

        when aria and her dad were arguing often about hs affair they showed a flashback where aria went to the college to talk to her dad about his affair and they pan by and ezra as a college student is standing outside the office and watches aria walk by.. he knew who she was before they met at that bar…

        • Kat says:

          The flashback was about Aria confronting her dad about Meredith, we as the audience knew that. But to people on screen seeing her at the college, she’s just a girl (possibly some knew she was Professor Montgomery’s daughter) visiting his office on campus. I think for filming purposes and to convey the past and time frame to the audience, they showed Ezra as a student at Hollis in what was most likely his freshman year. Having seen her for those few seconds, three or four years ago on a random day with pink streaks in her hair hardly counts as ‘knowing who she was.’ Also, Rosewood is a small town, so I think they were trying to show that people’s paths have crossed in the past at any point in time even before you realize how important they become to your life. It’s like 6 degrees of separation. The chances of Ezra remembering her years later in a bar after 3 years of college, traveling Europe, dating and getting engaged are extremely slim if existent at all.

          • De says:

            It is weird when you watch the Pilot that he comes over to her and starts talking to her and trying to hook up. Now, we don’t see that vibe, but he definitely pursued a relationship with her on purpose in that bar.

      • alison fitz says:

        Will here’s my theory on why Ezra is another team member of ‘A’. I think Alison and Ezra had a thing for each-other, since he was in college and she was going to college parties. Maybe they both had something going on and Ezra has a thing for school girls. Ali didn’t want anything with him anymore and I don’t know what else. But he def has a connection with Ali.

        • Alice says:

          What about Ezra being the “friend” who gave Ali that anklet Spencer and Jason found a few episodes back? She was really evasive about that person.

          • Julie says:

            It’s hard to imagine that Ezra would risk his career and going to prison to pretend to be with Aria.

        • De says:

          And Ezra has a lot of connections. He always seems to be able to make things go his way, like when Noel was found with Exam copies in his locker or when he spoke to the Vice Principal for Ella’s sake. He is a lot more crafty and manipulative than I think we would care to notice.

    • venus says:

      i have so many doubts about him..aria too.

  14. Beth Ann says:

    Now that this Maya nonsense is over, we need more Alison flashbacks; less of the little skank Aria and the pedophile Ezra; and more of the evil characters who make it so fun, like Jenna and Noel!

  15. bella saint says:

    Toby and SpencEr are a great couple and I was gutted 2 see him wearn that hoodie but I thnk he is protecting her frm a much bigger picture….m

    • Anon says:

      Marlene already confirmed that Toby IS indeed evil in her interview with TV Guide. She also said the old “A” Mona is coming back to play very soon.

      • Alex says:

        She said that Toby doesn’t have “good intentions”. She never said what/who those intentions are towards.

        • Amanda says:

          I keep reading people quoting the TV Guide article that Marlene King stated that Toby has bad intention. But, and maybe I’m just missing it, I didn’t see that in there when I looked today. Am I just completely missing it, or was it removed from the article?

          • Amanda says:

            So I actually found a reprint of the TV Guide interview that includes Marlene King saying Toby does not have good intentions. TV Guide has definitely removed that question/answer from its posted interview. If anyone care :)

  16. ggny says:

    There is no way Toby is gonna stay a bad guy. There will be to much backlash from the fan base

    • Anon says:

      Sometimes you cannot let the fan base direct where you want to take the show’s story. So you have to ignore it. So far though, I see a more positive reaction to Toby being “A”. Also, Marlene confirmed Toby IS Evil.

      • Lisa says:

        Fans are what make or break a show! Fans are the viewers who keep the ratings up. Ratings are what keeps the show on TV. If they keep Toby evil, sounds to me like they’re gonna make ALOT of fans mad which makes for ALOT less viewers which makes ALOT less ratings! They better rethink that decision! From what I’ve read more ppl are angry at Toby being evil than there are that like it! Also Marlene King said in a previous interview Toby was the most honest and trustworthy character in Rosewood and now she’s all of a sudden said he’s evil? She needs to make up her mind! I am very disappointed in this show right now and I have watched from the beginning and read every book!

        • DeeKayTee says:

          If fans wrote the show, it would be pretty boring. This was a shockingly good twist and I seriously doubt that any true fan of the show is going to stop watching NOW! The writers know what they are doing, let the story play out.

        • Sam says:

          Im sorry but thats a load of crap. Like DeeKayTee said, if fans wrote the show it would be boring. Without a few good twists (ESPECIALLY in this kind of show, where we went into watching it knowing there was going to be some) it would get so boring. The writers cant write the show for the couples. If people are really going to stop watching it because one of their favorite guys is a “bad guy” (boo hoo) then they werent really fans. The whole premise of this show was to keep it suspenseful and and have people guessing the whole time. Not to fall in love and be taken into some romance story.

          • Kat says:

            I completely agree with you! If people are complaining and saying they are going to stop watching the show because all of a sudden one of the once brooding and suspicious characters has finally been revealed to be on the A Team, then that is just ridiculous. There have been clues, warning signs, and better yet, it makes the plot that much better! We want to see where this goes, his motives, why he was so good at faking it with Spencer (if he was), and what exactly he has done so far. Personally, I am curious as to which texts or plots he has carried out! Was he the one who was in the greenhouse? Did he get the dolls? And so much more! But in all honesty, we are watching Pretty Little Liars people! It’s a show of liars! Don’t be shocked when you find out someone was lying! Everyone has motives and nobody’s perfect. Weren’t you shocked when Mona ended up literally being mental? She ran Hanna down with a car for goodness sakes! That girl is crazy, but we kept watching. For those who haven’t read the book, Toby could have had a much different (worse) fate than he has in the show, so deal with it and hypothesize what happens next! I was shocked and screamed when I saw Toby and I was stunned, but then I couldn’t stop laughing because that is an insane twist that I can’t believe they pulled off without it being obvious! The ads all said that it was going to be the biggest betrayal of them all… and it definitely was! Betrayals are unfair, shocking, maddening, and wrong. That’s why they are called betrayals! It’s crazy and stunning, but it’s a show! Deal with it!

        • mayra says:

          whether they’re angry or not, they’re gonna watch to see what happens next.

  17. SsvenjaE says:

    Ok so Toby is in the A-Team, does this mean there ist maybe hope for Wren and Spencer?? (prettty pretty please?)

  18. ggny says:

    You know it wouldnt shock me if Spencer ends up joining Team A

    • Anon says:

      Before this last episode I was SURE it was going to be Spencer. This whole season I thought she’d been acting suspiciously. The thing that really blew me out of the water with her was when she pulled the earring out of Paige’s bag. That’s when I was *knew*. I think Spencer planted that earring then mysteriously “found it.”

  19. Summer says:

    I don’t want Toby to be a bad guy, but I have to admit, it would be very interesting. Also, I am so bored with Ezria!

  20. Jimmy96 says:

    The producers needed to think of all the A’s when they started the show. They have some bad mess-ups with placement and times of the A’s. We all know who the big A is; Alison. There’s no doubt about it. They can’t leave that out from the books. If they did, the show would fall apart eventually.

  21. Jenna says:

    I don’t know who the 3rd A could be, but I do think Ezra is probable. He ‘came’ to Rosewood right after Ali’s murder, and isn’t one to be necessarily honest…(money, Maggie, etc.) Also, Spencer is suspicous. When her mom took the case of Garrett to get him out of jail, she didn’t seem to be upset about that, but moreso that her mom mentioned she had evidence against someone else who had murdered Ali. And the look on her face was both anger and fear.

    • Ranya says:

      Hold on a second. As I recall, Spencer was mad about her mom defending Garrett. Wasn’t she all like “Mom, you’re defending the guy who murdered my bestfriend and Emily’s girlfriend!” all angry and such? I remember something like that. But yeah, having Spencer in the A-team would be a nice twist; but for some reason I don’t see it happening. :(
      That just made me think of something. Garrett was released for the charge of murdering Maya, but what about murdering Ali?! Or was he never convicted of that to begin with?

      • Anon says:

        Remember that bracelet Spencer and Jason found in the shop with the blood DNA on it? Garret’s blood didn’t match it, so he was lifted from the accusations of killing Ali.

      • Kimberly Shaw says:

        this still doesnt explain why garrett is out of jail he was in there because he supposidly killed two people “ali” and “maya” but nate supposidly killed “maya” that still leaves “ali” so i believe he was one of the voices on the phone at the end saying “emily i owe you one” because he killed ali… just my thoughts….

        • kittenlemew says:

          Evidence was uncovered that cleared Garrett in Alison’s murder a few episodes ago. He was still accused of Maya’s murder, which it turns out, he didn’t commit.

        • Ashli says:

          He didn’t call them he was at the hospital too standing there infront of them grinning

    • Danielle says:


  22. Cydney says:

    what did I miss? When did Nate leave out a backyard? & who’s backyard?

  23. Maryam says:

    I’m sorry if Toby is the big evil A Im out! Destroying a fan favorite couple for the sake of a plot twist is big HELL NO in my book.

    • Delly says:

      Shut up. The show is not ALL about Spencer and Toby and if that’s the only reason you watch Pretty Little Liars then you should stop watching it. Look at it as a good thing. Now Toby wont keep disappearing because he’s more relevant to the plot then just Spencer’s boyfriend. I love Spoby too, but I think this will bring some good drama and drama and mystery is what the show is all about. Duh.

  24. Sara says:

    Spencer is gonna get pergant with Tobys baby!!!!!!

  25. If Toby is part of the A Team but Allison is leading it it makes no sense- isn’t the point of the A team that the members of it hated Allison? Mona did…

    • alison fitz says:

      that’s what I am thinking too. But at the same time Mona was obsessed with becoming her friend, and Toby was probably in love with her. So maybe Alison brain washed them into playing games with the girls and she will be revealed as “BIG BOSS A” lol

      • De says:

        Cee Cee is an almost too obvious choice for the Boss, but there are a lot good reasons.
        1. She told the girls about “Pigskin” and that Ali was afraid of Paige, which helped Toby and Mona in their plans to incriminate Paige.
        2. She taught Ali, so Mona (who had been following Ali) could have easily been swayed to join up and learn from Cee Cee as well.
        3. She has tons of connections to people all over Rosewood
        4. She knows about the NAT club
        5. She went to UPenn (= very smart) instead of Hollis with the others

    • sunshine29 says:

      Logically it can’t be Allison. But I remember that in the second season, they showed the story of two small twin girls playing with dolls and then one girl tried to hurt her sister and ended up in an asylum. They even showed the name of the asylum in a van parked in the next scene. I am guessing it’s the same asylum where Mona is locked up. So I guess the courtney plot is still being followed in the series like the books. Enemies of allison can’t be her team A mates. It has to be Courtney.

    • CM3 says:

      SPOILER — if it does end up like the books, it’s not Allison, Allison – it’s her twin sister who Allison had locked-up in a mental instution (when she was supposed to be) so that twin sister hated Ali more than anyone.

  26. Jamie says:

    I’m still curious about one thing. What happened to Caleb? When he came up to the light house Nate was already dead but when Emily was talking to the cops they showed Caleb on a stretcher with a wound in his chest. I do not remember anything happening to him. can someone please explain this to me?

    • Katie says:

      Nate wasn’t dead yet when Caleb got there. We see Caleb hugging Emily then they just show the light house and you hear a gun shot. They don’t show who did it though.

      • Anon says:

        Nate is dead. He was carried out in a covered up body bag which suggests this. Also, it has been confirmed he is dead.

    • jamie says:

      When the camera is zooming out you can see the lighthouse and hear a gunshot. It doesnt show it or who shot him. But im pretty sure that “nate” was dead because there was a HUGE puddle of blood undernearth him. But there was another person at the lighthouse…..PAIGE

  27. Donna says:

    I was so hurt when I first saw toby… But it makes sense now. Although i’m not too sure that he’s in all the way… I honestly believe he loves spencer but he might be in too deep with the A team. at first I thought he might be helping the girls but I don’t think the A team is that stupid to let him in just like that. I’m excited to see the other twists to this show!!

    • Christina says:

      I think this too. I think he originally was out to get the liars but now he really loves Spencer and is trying to help them i.e. “you have a minute to get out” he warned Emily.

      • Phylicia MacKay says:

        Agreed. I think that he’s just pretending to get dirt for Mona now that he loves spencer. In the begining he was out to grt them but now hes helping them! And lying to Mona obviously acting as though dating spencer is part of his evil plan when really its love.

    • Hiiiiiii says:

      What if Spencer’s mom is apart of it voronicA
      Or even spencer remember spence was the only one who stode up for herself about Ali… Jason said Ali really didn’t like spencer… And spencer didn’t take that crap from Ali… Oh and what happened to spencer last show nothing really besides Toby being apart of the A team… But ariA and hannhA and Emily had something happen to them

  28. Diana says:

    Wait. Hold up! How did Caleb know that Emily was in danger??

    • Jaime says:

      That’s what I’ve been trying to figure… HOW did he know they were up in the lighthouse?!?! And WHO shot him?? He was hugging Emily and got shut in the rib area… how??

      • ave says:

        The shooting will be revealed in season 3B. That we’ll know right away. Does anybody not pay attention?, lol

      • sunshine29 says:

        Because when hannah called emily, she did tell her that she is going to the light house with nate due to Jarrett case. They were not sure which light house. So when A didn’t show up, girls figured out the nearest few light houses. They went to one and the caleb went to another. And thats how i thing he got shot. Or may be they all went to the same light. m not sure about that part.

      • Alice says:

        I think Caleb was the “sound” that got Nate distracted for a second and allowed Emily to run outside, with Nate immediately running after her. Caleb probably found Paige and she told him that Emily and Nate had run out, hence he went after them. How he got shot will be explained in January.

    • ave says:

      He gave Hanna a recording device see who A is. And he heard then say that Emily was in belmar. and there was another location they needed to check too so the liars said they’d check that location and Caleb said he will go to belmar. so he went and bam.

    • Ashli S says:

      That’s what I want to know. How in the world did Caleb know they were up there in the lighthouse. And if he put the gun down….how did it go off?…..who shot him??

  29. carly says:

    at the end of every episode they leave clues, i think jenna is pretty eyes. And I think the big A is Allison. I am very upset about Toby being part of the a team… wasn’t expecting that

    • Courtney says:

      Wen the dr said pretty eyes i thought of Jenna too. Cuz her eyes are gorgeous!

      • Phylicia MacKay says:

        It could have been a clue cuz blind eyes is to obvious “eyes”being the clue?

      • Kat says:

        Jenna was blind at that point still so she was wearing her big glasses she never took off; I think it was Toby because he is pretty easy on the eyes haha But keep in mind, that night when Mona was revealing she was A, they show Toby calling Dr. Sullivan. It only shows him say “Dr. Sullivan?” when he calls her but I wondered — How did he have her number? She is in hiding and no one knew where she was and she wasn’t answering any phone calls, so why did she answer quickly for Toby? Why did he even call her that day? Did he know something was going down that night? Very suspicious! Also, what would be menacing about Jenna to Dr. Sullivan? Or Mona for that matter. We know Mona was the one in therapy always saying “bitches” and whatnot, but Toby might have been her brute force. Mona was the brains, he was the muscle. He is definitely intimidating and I can see why she would be nervous for her safety.

  30. Courtney says:

    After the episode from 2 weeks ago i was saying either Toby or Cece was part of “A” team…so i really wasnt shocked i was just hopin i was wrong!….But now that i was right about Toby i def think Cece is part of “A” team too! After all Ali did tell her all the liars secrets! She seems to know a heck of a lot about them…I guess ill see if im right sooner or later!

  31. Jhess says:

    Ezra was the older boyfriend that Ali stayed with just before she was murdered.

  32. Christina says:

    I wonder if the same scenario with Alison and the twin will play out to be in the series.

  33. sam says:

    Does anyone else remember when Toby told Spencer about jenna not being blind? Now, think about this. He was trying to set jenna up. Making it seem like she was A. Jenna is not an enemy, she helped Emily and she was also getting anonymous messages.. all jenna wants is the video. Which is now destroyed. As soon as Toby left Spencer’s last night, I knew it was him. The look on his face just told everything. I’m hoping he has turned on A and is now helping the girls. He may have been on Team A before him and Spence but for some reason I think he is not on team lairs. And as for the next close one being to aria.. think about her brother not Ezra. Mike has all of a sudden disappeared. And truth be told, I don’t even believe Ali is dead. Shes out there somewhere. In the books she has a twin. And that’s who was killed. Ali is hiding out. Shell show up. And the girls are going to freak.

  34. Alexander says:

    A has to be Alison. why else would mona imagine alison sitting in the chair. Duh and third A was sitting in the chair. After which mona was applying make-up. She probably said something to her about looking soo..bad. something like ” Just because we’re doing ugly things doesnt give you an excuse.” Ha right out her mouth. Everything is coming up to just simply revenge and who has the biggest reason to have some heated up in their coffee? Yes i think its only a matter of time before the queen B makes her shocking and scandalous return to the thrown.

  35. Mitchell says:

    I hear a lot of paige id the third A. But what about Lucas. He just disappeared. And i really think he is part of team A. And what the producer said. Living under your roof” mellisa. Obviously. Who else could that be referring to?

  36. marcyscarb says:

    Does anyone remember when Toby was working for Spencer’s dad, and he was working on the garage. Someone from the A team loosened the screws in the thing he was standing on and he fell and broke his arm. Why would they do that if he was on the A team?

    • PLL superfan says:

      I thought the same thing.

      • kittenlemew says:

        It’s possible he wasn’t on the A Team yet. Marlene said he wasn’t on the A Team from the start. Let’s remember, Spencer hurt him in a big way. She kissed Wren. He found out about that in the hospital. It’s possible that’s when he joined the dark side. These girls have screwed him over time and time again (letting him sit in juvie when they were really responsible for blinding Jenna), Emily’s mixed signals, their general meanness to him – maybe that was the last straw. He adored Spencer and she betrayed him. It’s just a thought, of course.

  37. Kendra says:

    I believe that Ezra is part of the A team!if you would notice carefully in one of the flashbacks In the main beginning of the show Aria runs into Ezra while going to take his bag to his office!maybe Ali meet him at one of the parties!!???

    • Louisa says:

      no.. i dont think so. pretty sure its lucas. remenber how he had the loss of memory pills? and the was there “that night” so he is the 3rd A. but people are forgetting about him.

  38. Stacia says:

    Don’t you think if Toby was a “Double Agent” he would have told Spencer by now what “A” was up to, or hinted at it? I dont know what he’s up to but i dont think he’s on the girls side at least not all he way. I had my suspicions about him from the start of the season though. The one thing thats pulling me in other direction is that fact that Jenna, Garget, Nate(thats now dead), Mona and pretty much everyone else in that town has something against that girls. So im thinking in the next season well see alot more of their friends being on the “A” team. Plus where did Lucas, and Jason go??

  39. Kelly M says:

    Has anyone come up with an idea about what Oliver Goldstick meant in her vague-but-juicy teaser when she talked about the enemy “standing right before you- in your face and under your roof?” Could it be possibly be Aria’s dad? She’s the only one A hasnt gone after, and the only one who isnt real close to an A team member. I could see him watching Wheel of Fortune, and/or drinking vodka “sophisticated” like in the one episode.

  40. I honestly think Toby is a double agent when he hugs Spencer his face looked like he Was honestly wrong for being apart of the A-team but its the only way to PROTECT the love of his life and her/his friends. Also some parts of the season Toby was against the A-team so why would he suddenly be in it? so he must be undercover right? in my opinion

  41. AMW says:

    TVLINE | Let’s end on one of your signature vague-but-juicy teases for the coming season. I think the enemy being amongst us is a lot scarier than the enemy within. Season 3B is about what happens when it’s standing right before you — in your face and under your roof.

    ***In your face and under your ROOF***

    Thats the only thing I want to point out to everyone, because I haven’t seen anyone comment on that one little remark. I’m just saying 2/12 people that were “possible ‘A’s” were parents. As crazy as I personally think that is… I’m not throwing it out.

  42. Sean says:

    Im confused by what happened.. If Jenna new that Nate was involved in Mayas murder why was she going to go out with him? And if Toby is on the A team, why at the end of season 2 was he trying to get the doctor back to reveal who A is and to help the girls?

    • Louisa says:

      no.. i dont think so. pretty sure its lucas. remenber how he had the loss of memory pills? and the was there “that night” so he is the 3rd A. but people are forgetting about him.

    • Donna says:

      but remember that mona said that’s what A wanted to happen. and it’s a little odd that nobody could find her.. and out of no where toby finds her? i love toby’s character but the odds are against him.

  43. kenzie says:

    for everyone of the girls theres got to be a different A, spencer and toby, hannah and mona, emily and whoever the frig he turned out to be “laurence” and now i bet its aria

    • Anon says:

      I don’t think Nate[Lyndon] was part of the -A team. If you remember from the last episode, Emily got a call from a creepy voice when she was in the hotel with Nate that told her, “You have one minute. Get out.” That was -A warning her. -A knew Nate[Lyndon] was bad/crazy.

      • Ziegs says:

        I agree with this theory. Also remember Mona saying “change of plans” well. I’m entertaining the notion that Paige is involved with ‘A’ and that Nate just happened to be Maya’s crazy stalker. When Paige was on the way to the cementary Nate possibly got her first, thus the change in plans. It gets Garret off the hook who I’m pretty sure also has some involvement. I think this goes way beyond 3 ‘A’s

        • Anon says:

          I thought it was said that the A Team is 5 people. Am I making that up? I don’t follow this show as closely as a lot of people do. And I don’t think Paige is a part of the A Team. I think they wanted to meet with her. But then again, she did react rather calmly do the -A text. But she also doesn’t know she has Maya’s phone. They’re just using her because she’d be an easy guess for the girls.
          Also, how is Garrett off the hook? Nate didn’t confess to killing Maya did he? Why would he kill the girl he’s in love/lust with? And goodness, how did Emily not know that Nate was faking? Did she really never go to his home or meet his family or anything? I didn’t like that.

  44. Epb says:

    I think melissa might be the next “A”. It obviously isnt one of the parents, why would they want to hurt their children? Melissa seems like the biggest suspect, he even said “in our face, under your roof.” the other girls dont have any siblings except arias younger bro. But he hasnt shown up in the series for a while unless they bring him back in. I wonder how toby wanted to work with mona. How this started. If he was originally on team A or joined up with mona later. But im really sad that he betrayed him (if thats true) he was so nice and protective of spencer and he seemed liked he really loved her. Please make him a fake A.

    • Em says:

      I think it’s possible that Melissa or Mike could be in the A Team (because it’s Pretty Little Liars and basically anyone could be ‘A’), so I’m not disregarding those possibilities. BUT I think people might be taking the “in our face, under your roof” comment a little too literally. I don’t necessarily think it has to be a relative. It could just be someone who is trusted and welcomed with open arms into the girls’ homes (it doesn’t say this person is LIVING under their roof). This could include any of the four girls themselves, Caleb, Paige, and family members. Just a thought.

  45. Redrose says:

    Thank you Marline King and Co for ruining the show for me. As long as Toby is part of A Team and not faking it, I wont be watching this show anymore. The only thing offensive is YOUR betrayal MK for ruining Toby.

  46. Katie says:

    I think Toby is actually evil and stuff but that he does like Spencer. I remember in the season 2 finale when Mona was trying to recruit Spencer for the A team. Maybe it was because of Toby or something…

  47. Rebeca says:

    So has rosewood given up on Ali’s murder and are A and Alison’s murder connected
    If Garrett didn’t kill Ali then he must’ve a least been involved but what about Cece isnt a little odd that she was never metioned by Alison if anything she spend all day talking about her collage buddies the fact that they are so alike does raise questions And whatever happened to Melissa she seemed to have just disappeared what if she’s involved took want to believe that Toby is a double agent who started on the A-team and fell in love but nowadays… who can who trust in Rosewoood

  48. sgeiser says:

    well whats up with hannah and wren?? i think they should be together!!!

  49. Mel says:

    I think Ezra is the 3rd “A” because remember when Aria confronted him on where he got all that money that was hiding in his sock drawer and he was explaining he sold a family car and ask the man for cash only and he didn’t want to tell her about his situation because he was embarrassed because 6 months ago he was a school teacher a professor now he’s reusing coffee filters. He didn’t think she would be going through his sock drawer but when she forgave him and believed what he was saying but remember when he was sitting on the couch and they were hugging he looked at his dresser drawer cabinets suspiciously like he had something hidden in there. Probably a hoodie.

    • George Luis says:

      I also think that as well , my other guess will have to be Cece, Alison’s friend, she knows stuff about the girls, Alison just couldn’t keep her mouth shut about them.

  50. Cindi says:

    I didn’t see it in previous comments, but what about when Toby and Spencer were in her room and before they moved to the bed, they went past a bulletin board that I thought I saw an upside cutout of an “A” on it? Did anyone else see that?