Pretty Little Liars Recap: The BetrAyal Revealed!

Pretty Little Liars The BetrayalWARNING: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

As the Pretty Little Liars got closer to the new A during the summer finale Tuesday night, the betrayer within their mist wasn’t the one they suspected – Emily’s girlfriend Paige – but Maya’s not-so-nice cousin Nate (who is really her stalker, Lyndon) and — gasp — perpetually stalwart Toby!

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After luring Em to a cabin, Not Nate went on the attack, pulling out a video of Maya in which she confessed that she was staying at Noel Khan’s place in the woods while she sorted things out. Emily had taken Maya from Not Nate, given a little of her back to him and then rejected him for Paige. So now he was going to take something away from Em: A bound-and-gagged Paige!

Being the scrapper that she is, Emily managed to lure Not Nate away and ended up stabbing him with his own knife before a gun-toting Caleb found her. And then a shot went off. Cut to a bleeding Caleb being wheeled away by the paramedics. But who shot Hanna’s guy? Did he accidentally self-inflict the injury? Did Not Nate rise up and shoot him? Does Em know something we don’t?

Meanwhile, Garrett was released and — big news alert! — Toby and Spencer finally did the deed, which should have been the warning bell. Spencer losing her virginity to her on- and off-boyfriend was like Chekhov’s gun. Still, the episode’s final twist – Toby is the black hoodie-clad conspirator in cahoots with Mona – came as a shock.

In other potentially couple crushing news, Maggie showed up at Ezra’s apartment, but promised to keep Aria’s secret — and her own baby one — safe. But the look on Aria’s face as her boyfriend and his ex did some catching up spoke volumes about the troubles ahead for ‘Ezria.’

And, added bonus: there’s another Pretty Little Liars Halloween special ahead. Tune in for the holiday-themed installment on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 8/7c.

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