Exclusive: Glee Exec on Season 4's Big 'Breakup' Episode: 'It's Like Titanic - Not All Will Make It'

Glee‘s super couples are heading into Season 4 on a collision course with the mother of all icebergs.

In an exclusive interview with TVLine, executive producer Brad Falchuk is shedding ominous new light on this season’s much-buzzed-about fourth episode, “The Break-Up.”

“All of the core relationships are tested,” he previews of the hour, which fellow EP Ryan Murphy first hinted about on Twitter last week. “I’m not going to say who breaks up and who doesn’t, but they all — Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Blaine, Will/Emma, Rachel/Finn — get kicked in the nuts. And it’s all about how do they recover — and can they recover? And some don’t. Absolutely some don’t. Of those couples, not all of them are going to make it. It’s like Titanic.”

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Of those duos, Rachel/Finn — who already essentially split in the finale — and Kurt/Blaine appear to be the most vulnerable. Regarding the latter duo, Falchuk conceded that Kurt’s decision to follow Rachel to New York while Blaine enters his senior year at McKinley will test their romance like never before.

“Long-distance relationships are hard,” he acknowledged. “They’re not impossible, but they’re really hard. And with all the couples we’re really trying to look at what it takes to have a relationship when one person leaves. It’s particularly hard when somebody graduates high school and someone is still in high school. The second you graduate high school you’re in a different world. You see things differently, your needs are different, your perspective on things is different. So I think it’s a pretty tough challenge.”

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Figuring out who these characters are outside of their respective romances is a major theme of Season 4, notes Falchuk. “Relationships in general will be less of a focus this year,” he says. “I personally think a lot of these characters are more interesting not in relationships. And I think with a lot of them we will be exploring that. Whether they break up or not, we’re really focused on giving them more individual stories.”

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  1. Che says:

    I hope Kurt and Blaine break up and bring Blake (from The Glee Project) and make him Blaine’s new romance.

    • Ecm says:

      Good luck with that. Blake’s fantasizing about dating Brittany.

    • dsdsdsd says:

      Me too!

    • Robbie Nakoneshny says:

      i totally agree or even sebastians romance

    • Jay says:

      I’m just worried that if/when Klaine breaks up, they won’t bother with temporary love interests for either of them. I do think they’ll get back together in the end, but in the meantime they should be treated equally to the other characters, who all had their Dr. Carl’s, Jesse’s, Quinn’s, etc.

      • dude says:

        Temporary love interests suck. I hope few of the couples get temporary love interests.

        • sky says:

          The articles out there say that Falchuk states that these characters will have individual stories more over than a new love interest. IMO, the last 2 seasons were nothing but couples with no interest to their individuality. Couple drama sucks. I have watched I hope is the last of the third party couple drama-jealousy, resentment,etc. Dr Carl was a waste of talent on his few episodes. So, as it goes, some characters really get more amped up with interesting charm and drive when they are solo. For me, it gets to be a drag watching couples and their soupy, campy, love sickness. Cutr at times but the characters deserve to follow a dream and let us see how they get there.

      • Sheri Henshaw says:

        Casting for Kurt’s story arc at Vogue.com is taking place now–besides SJP and Chris, will include receptionist, icy bitch, supermodel, hunky businessman. See the last one. And, EXCEPT for the last one, did not specify male or female. About time. And I fully expect jealous Blaine at some point.

        • fifififif says:

          Or Kurt can just go with business guy and let Blaine move on, and figure out his senior year and his future without any lame distractions like jealousy of people living miles away.

        • Kay says:

          I would like to know how Kurt got this job at Vogue.com when he has no college education. Most companies hire college graduates or at least those attending college. Is this an internship? Is he going to take online graduate courses? They never really said how he managed to get this job.

          • Cady says:

            I swear to god, if Klaine breaks up I miight as well jut stop watching the damn show.

          • Ash says:

            Its a show! They can do things that dont normally happen in real life

          • Trey says:

            a lot of places actually take high school interns too. i’ve interned with people who were from high school. a company just wants people who are passionate and Kurt is clearly VERY passionate about fashion, vince the reason he got the internship.

        • kalyowest says:

          I don’t know but don’t you find it so familiar territory….UGLY BETTY characters, now I am beginning to agree that Kurt Hummel character is a rip off on Justin Suarez and funny Chris Colfer dates Max Enrich (no wonder where does he gets those ideas he gives Ryan Murphy on his character)

          • Trey says:

            Chris Colfer has awesome ideas because he is also a writer. He may get some ideas from other people but a lot of writers do that. Chris has written books and movies that will be coming out very shortly and you can see his personal work, but he is a very talented writer and actor with amazing ideas.

      • saqar says:

        how do u know they are going to break up for god sake pls give me real proof i have been dying about this, i read comments everywhere about the klaine break up but i want to know are fans just guessing or is it 100% true pls tell me pls

        • Kay says:

          It is just speculation at this point, but some scenes that were shot in NYC this month appears to show Kurt and Blaine having some kind of confrontation with Kurt walking away in tears and Blaine as well. Spoiler articles abound with all kinds of speculation of who is breaking up. I am OK with a temporary separation to figure out what they want, but in the end I would like them to realize what they have and the love they have for each other and reunite before the season ends. Then when Blaine graduates, he can move to NYC and live with Kurt full-time and pursue his future dreams. But it is up to the writers to make this happen. I’m hoping that Kurt and Blaine together is the happy ending Ryan Murphy promised.

      • katrina says:

        klaine would get back in the end.i`m sure for that.

    • rootvh says:

      Yes Please!… Make it happen! Blake is f’ing gorgeous and awesome

    • Peeta says:

      Klaine and Finchel are boring and became less than interesting, now that Rachel has a new romance. I may be alone in this one, but I don’t even care about Kurt anymore. Blaine should be alone because he’s becoming the lead now that Finn is gone and I don’t see him romancing ‘Awful Unique/Alex’. Blake on the other side, may be gay because of Ryan Murphy’s standard cliché rule.

      • Sheri Henshaw says:

        I TOTALLY disagree with you. Kurt’s character is the main reason that I, and masses of other folks, watch Glee. Ryan said recently on Twitter that Rachel + Kurt = Ryan Murphy. THEY are the true leads, and the true future stars to come out of this series. I love Blaine, but even Darren has stated that he was happy with riding Chris’ coattails and sharing scenes, and storylines, with him. EVERYONE wants to work with Chris, Lea, or Jane. THEY are the most talented actors on the show. I think Chris pushed for the breakup, to develop them both more as actors, give them more to work with, and bring their characters more into focus both as equal leads, (like Finn and Rachel), and Darren finally, and I think, reluctantly, conceded. Chris is sharp, savvy, and VERY talented, with good instincts for story development, and knew it was necessary to strengthen their story. They are a strong, well-established couple, with a large fanbase, like Finchel, and can handle it. And Darren is not THE lead, he is A strong secondary lead, like Finn. And will become stronger. NEEDS to become stronger, as does Finn, if they are to be worthy partners for the leads and endgame. But they have to quit treating him like the human jukebox just to rack in the cash for itunes, explore his serious issues (tight, suggestive clothing, need to be liked, need to be star/center of attention and in charge, explosive anger, self-defensive actions and respect for boundaries issues all suggest hidden sexual abuse to me. He’s like a Marilyn, SO interesting.) Murphy and Co. really don’t write women well at all (except Rachel, but she could be SO MUCH BETTER). And they have almost written Blaine like a woman. Why? EXPLORE THAT. Kurt, also, but I actually think Kurt is much more masculine than he has been allowed thus far. Raw Personal Ambition IS AGRESSIVE, and masculine, and exciting, and Kurt has that in spades, or did, as does Rachel. And Santana. And even Sue. But not Finn. Or Blaine. Or Brittany. Or Will. They are all searching for self.

        • Vtr says:

          Kurt is kind of lead character but he isn’t on the same level as Rachel, I mean he is a popular character who became bigger, and to made Kurt lead, the creators tied him with Rachel (best friend) and Finn (step brother). Rachel is the true lead with Finn close second. Will is the lead of the adults characters, all three of them were the only ones with voiceovers in the Pilot.

        • katrina says:

          i`m agree with with.i really like klaine and i love this couple.

        • Brittney Spinks says:

          so sheri your saying that rachel and kurt are the only reason glee was created and if thats what your saying then your wrong glee was created so there wouldnt be any main leads everyone on the show is equal no more popular or no less popular and if u have a problem with this statement then just deal with it

          • Trey says:

            I agree with you that Kurt and Rachel definitely weren’t the reason Glee was created because Kurt wasn’t even a character until the amazing Chris Colfer tried out to play Artie. Glee was created to show how many different people are in this world and how everyone, no matter how popular or unpopular you are, has problems and things to deal with in their lives that nobody may know. It was also created to show how all these different people can actually come together and find common ground and be a team and stick up for each other. It’s a very powerful show with some of the best ideas and morals I’ve ever seen put on TV.

        • kalyowest says:

          I agree on you take on Blaine, I wished Murphy & Co. could have explore more on his character this season not just Kurt’s trophy boyfriend, remember that Daddy issue that Darren wishes to see that would be a total opposite on Burt Hummel character… and funny they should have explored Darren’s Hapa-ness, sorry just made a word (Hey isn’t Obama is a Hapa!) coz I got a big “WHAT?” when I learn he’s half-Asian and that would be a great storyline on friendship between him and Tina, come on Tina needs a great storyline this year too

        • Ann says:

          Wow it’s amazing how much wrong there can be in one post. And it’s gross of you to assume you know what the actors think/feel. You have some messed up ideas about Blaine, let me tell you. He does not have explosive anger, what is wrong with self-defense, and has not exhibited a strong need for attention/approval/reinforcement (unlike Kurt…). Suggestive clothing? He wears sweater vests and cardigans for god’s sake. They haven’t written Blaine as a woman, oh my god just shut up. The reason klaine is so good is that they treat both halves with respect and dignity, probably because neither of them is a girl so the sexism can’t seep in. “Kurt is much more masculine than he has been allowed thus far”? That makes zero sense. Who is stopping him from being masculine but the writers, who have written him as feminine, so that’s what he is. Stop pushing your boner for Chris Colfer into making Kurt something he’s not and Blaine something he’s not. Also, your gender essentialism is disgusting.

        • blah blah blah says:

          Your ideas are ridiculous and offensive. Please get an education before you spew any more of this crap. You don’t get Blaine at all, you’re arrogant and presumptuous, you reason based on out-dated, arbitrary, and harmful stereotypes about masculinity and femininity, and you actually think this show is smart, which just reveals how not smart you actually are.

      • katrina says:

        that`s not true!klaine are romantic!

      • Finchel forever says:

        I totally disagree Finchel needs to stay together.because then what was the point of the proposal if Finchel breaks up I will cry for the rest of my life I absolutely love Finchel please Finchel stay together

        • Finchel forever says:

          At least I hope it doesn’t happen Rachel is very lucky she should take her chance to marry Finn plus why isn’t Finn in the first episode at all please Finn and Rachel you know if you two break up you know that you will break a lot of hearts expescally mine please dont please. Please Finn and Rachel get married. That will make a lot of hearts happy

      • Finchel forever says:

        Disagree Finchel is my favorite couple they are so cutie together my second couple is brittana please Finchel stay together I won’t stop crying if Finchel and brittana break up just make these two couples stay together and I will be just fine

      • Trey says:

        I also completely disagree. I LOVE Kurt, although he is currently making me a little mad about how he’s ignoring Blaine, but he’s one of my favorite characters. He is also very inspirational to a lot of people out there. After everything he went through in high school he got through it and is now doing awesome and has an internship he’s always wanted. Chris Colfer is an AMAZING actor and I know he’s had some really great ideas for the show that Ryan Murphy has actually done, even with casting people. I also love Finchel. I think it would be good for them to split for a little but as long as they eventually get back together in the end I’m perfectly fine.

    • dude says:

      I really don’t see them making Blake gay. I have nothing against him playing gay but I don’t think it will happen.

      • deb says:

        I agree. I think he will be the new Finn and perhaps a freshman so he can be on the show for a while.

        • Kay says:

          He is 19 so he could play a freshman or sophomore, that way he would be on for a couple of years. I hope they do not make his character interested in Blaine (gay). If they are not going to focus on relationships, then why pair him with anyone right now? They say one thing and do another.

    • jordan says:

      i was thinking the same thing i wish blake won

    • Lesley says:

      Are you crazy!! Klaine is the best thing that everrrrr happened! Klaine has to be together just saying . Blake can break up someone else :p

      • Kristal says:

        Finally! Reading those first few comments and I’m like ” What the heck?? Klaine is the best thing to happen to Glee!! If they break up, I’m going to sob my heart out & never watch this show again.” :)

        • liz says:

          *Thank* you, yes. Klaine endgame, plz.

        • Ann says:

          I think Blaine and Karoksky (or however you spell his name) make a better couple. And they would look cuter together.

        • MARIE BLANTON says:


      • Cady says:

        YOU ARE MY SAVIOR! Why would anyone want Klaine to break up?!? The whole reason I started watching the show was because Darren joined the cast and his love interest was Chris!!

        • katrina says:

          yes your right……i really love klaine.your my partner to in klane.
          i love you…….

        • Kay says:

          Me too. They are my favorite couple. I know Darren keeps saying that Kurt and Blaine are “the old married couple” of the show, but if you think about it, all the couples are shown that way. The writers need to create interesting scenes for the couples in order to show that side of their relationship, otherwise they all seem boring. I’m hoping that this drama that they are creating with Kurt and Blaine will be in order to help them grow as individuals, and then help them realize how much they truly love each other. If they do “take a break” (not calling it a break-up) I hope it is just temporary and they finally reunite before the season ends. Then when Blaine graduates, he can move to New York and eventually get married to Kurt. That, to me, would be a happy ending.

          • NSH says:

            Ditto to everything you said! I really hope it happens like this as well. Haters can think whatever they want, but to me, Klaine will always be endgame, even if they take a break at the beginning of the season. (*^^*)

      • katrina says:

        yeeeeeeeeeessssssss…..klaine is the best thing that ever happened.
        finally i have a partner for the couples of klane.
        i love you……….:)

    • Karla says:

      Know this is weird but why doesn’t Blaine just go to a private school in NY?

    • Amalia says:

      No! I love Klaine! Please no! They r so cute and they r the most devout couple on the show

    • Val says:

      Totally agree Blake and Blaine would be super cute

    • mj151 says:

      I dont think Blake will play a gay character, even thought I think he could play it well as he is a fantastic actor. I feel like ryan murphey wants to stir things up between all the dating couples, enrage fans and then patch things up by the end of the series wether it be with new characters as their new found lovers or reuniting with the old couples. I think klaine and Brittanna will be ending for good, even though it is really stupid for writers to hurt fans like that and break up their favourite couples, I guess the writers want to make it as realistic as possible.
      Blake is going to be the new Fin Im assuming as they need a new leading male, and will probably be dating either a new girl in the glee group or Brittany like he said.

      • anderbro says:

        plot twist: he’s bisexual.

      • gleek girl57 says:

        but santanna is THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and brittany :b

        • Elizabeth Cohen says:

          I competely agree I love Santana and Brittany together its the reason I watch the show. Santana is my Favorite and I like Brittany too. Klain I hope don’t break up, but would less sad if that did. Now Brittana break up I might not watch the show at all ….

          • Lavenia says:

            Yes surely I don’t want them to break up. I love Santana, that’s why I watch the show. Well Brittany said in one of the episodes in season 3 that she is not totally gay. That’s ok coz Santana can hook up with another girl. She can even hook up with Marley, the new girl. They would make a lovely couple…….

    • Michelle P. says:

      They would be adorable together but, I think that Blake will be the next Finn.

    • jessalyn b says:

      Are u kidding me blaine and kurt a made for eachother and i think blake will date brittney

    • I hope kurt and blaine stay together and not break up that would suck??

    • Neil says:

      No way dude. Kurt and Blaine’s relationship was already tested and proven. I suggest that Finn and Rachelle should break-up because of the newest member, Brody intended to flirt her

    • Whitney says:

      Nope. Definitely not happening. I will totally quit watching. I love Darren Criss and Chris Colfer. I don’t want their characters to be with any other character, and Blake from the Glee Project has already hinted that he’d like to date Brittany, and Darren and Chris both said they want Kurt CoBlaine to be tested, but that they want that relationship to be endgame.

    • martin says:

      One of the most beautiful things about Blaine (apart from his extraordinary physical beauty) is his tenderness and devotion to Kurt. It is the love that shines from within that makes the gorgeous actor such a heart-throb.

    • Kat says:

      Screw you. Kurt and Blaine are getting married.

  2. anne says:

    Anyone but Klaine please!!!!! Klaine have to stay together!!

    • Ed says:

      Please, the Klaine relationship has been stagnated and is now boring. They need some conflict to spice it up. I think a breakup will be a good thing for them.

      • sky says:

        Klaine are stale bread. Smile at each other. Tilts their heads. Even the actors want some conflict for their characters. Besides, if there is a break up then they grow as individuals and then they can after a time appreciate what they had together. If 2 people don’t go throughtroubled times then they will never come to realize what a true love is, what they had once in HS. It’s a good thing to mature and have some adult experiences to expand their wings and learn from mistakes, growing pains, and successes.

    • Yo Klainers says:

      You wanted to be treated equally. Now you’re being treated equally and your still not happy? You got what you asked for.

      • sky says:

        Yep, it sucks to have storylines for the main couple where they go through more ups and downs than most of the other characters. So many people complain that the show is all about Finchel. Well, get ready to see how it feels to watch your favorite couple fight, break up, reunite, go through jealousy over a third party, get picked on and ridiculed for being boring and the worst couple. They are young people who are in different areas of the country who have a hard time communicating and keeping the flame burning while apart. It is good character growth for all of these characters to live a little life on their own. They will soon appreciate what is the best part of their lives.

        • faith says:

          As a Brittana shipper, I was always unhappy about how the show is all about Finchel. Now, I wish they went back to the way they were in season 3. You couldn’t have written a more eye-opening post.

        • Jay says:

          See, there are relationship ups and downs, and then there are Finchel levels of drama. When your relationship breaks up for the third time in as many years, that’s not normal. I totally support drama, when it’s cheating, OR jealousy, OR communication issues, OR personal problems. Not when it’s all of the above in revolving sequence.

    • Alex says:

      A break-up could be good for them. I’m a big fan of the pairing, but in the long run something like this could strengthen their relationship, showing that they’re actually meant for each other. If they were just together all season it wouldn’t really be exciting.

    • Diana Kennedy says:


      • Zoe says:

        LOL, they break up in the 4th episode.. they were seen filming in NY in a park and people recorded it on their phones so yeah unfortunately so

      • bea says:

        It’s happening, and it’s gonna be heartbreaking, but if you really love Klaine you’ll just wait and hope for the reunion.

    • firenzix says:

      Klaine = the TV equivalent of lesbian bed death

    • katrina says:

      yesss your right……….all can break up but don`t break klaine……
      i love you cause your fan of klaine.

  3. Kim says:

    BEST.NEWS.EVER. Less relationship focused stories! It is so much more interesting and entertaining to see these characters, specifically HummelHudsonBerry, as individuals. Just no third party for Finchel, please:)

    • JT says:

      A lot of the fans have been wishing for good, individual stories for Rachel, Finn and Kurt in the big city. I hope the writers are listening!

      • RW says:

        Finn isn’t going to the Big City, he enlisted.

      • clarissa says:

        Nahhh, fans want good stories for everyone back at McKinley and Kurt. Only a percentage of viewers, a small annoying part, want storylines following Rachel and Finn. And never put trust and faith in the writers, because they will more than likely disappoint you.

        • Jessie says:

          I’m a Rachel fan #1. I could actually care less about the McKinley part. I wish Kurt, Rachel, Finn and Blaine (if he hadn’t been a junior) would have gotten a spinoff for NYC. Or.. that be Glee. That is more watchable to me.

        • Vtr says:

          Actually that small annoying part of the viewers just want more storylines for the gay characters and their relationships. They are also known as “Klaine and Brittana Shippers”.

          • jon says:

            I’m confused, what is your point vtr? That the annoying shippers aren’t finchel, it’s the Klaine and Brittana shippers (long live both of them) for wanting equal viewing times? I think you’ll find that finchel is annoying and stupid and has had more than enough development, only for them to break up and basically waste every other persons time.

          • gift says:

            I tink a big twist wud do d trick. Wat about Recheal and Blainne

        • Tiffany says:

          We’re really not a small or annoying percentage. If we were, they would have stopped the Finchel storyline in season one. Ratings drop when they aren’t together, trust me. Sorry to say this, but the percentage of people wanting stories for McKinley is fairly small. Seeing ass 99 percentage of the main and major characters don’t attend there anymore.

          • Ems says:

            Im not really that interested in what’s going on at McKinley at all. And believe me that the Klaine and Brittana shippers aren’t small. Yes i am a Brittana shipper but wouldnt stop watching if they broke up. i would however stop watching if Santana is only going to be in an episode once a month. Anyway the Klaine/Brittana shippers are bigger then you think. And i would say if not the same maybe even bigger then Finchel. Just saying..

          • katie says:

            lol Have you taken a look at the ratings for the past season at all? Ratings drop when they’re together.

    • Kristina says:

      yeah…I wouldn’t count on less relationship-focused stories. That’s never been Glee’s strong point. Also, just cause RM says it doesn’t mean it’s true…and it’s likely the exact opposite will happen.

      • Ella says:

        The first half of season 3 was pretty much focused on the West Side Story auditions and production, the student government elections, Quinn going crazy (again), Mercedes being a diva, and the Troubletones. Besides The First Time, it wasn’t until the second half of last season that relationships started being a focus again.

    • sky says:

      So totally with you. Rachel and Kurt live in NY. Finn becomes a man and faces his demons to eventually come to the end of the yellow brick road and finds his ultimate and encompassing dream. Kurt finds his true passion for life in whatever his dream is and strives for it. Rachel succeeds and becomes a true broadway star facing and conquering all the trials and tribulations she meets. Santana finds what can make her famous and that it will be rewarding. These are a few of what I’ve looked forward to to this season 4. And it seems that is what they are about to do.

  4. SarahA says:

    Seriously, how many more break ups do they expect Finchel fans to take? And that Brody guy looks like a douche.

  5. Kaycee says:

    Honestly, I really only care about Finn & Rachel. It’s good to have them focused on their characters and not so much the romances, but I still want to see some Finchel lovin’

  6. Crystal says:

    I have faith that Finn and Rachel will reunite. I know it’s not gonna be easy for them but I’m looking forward to seeing their journey. I want to see them grow together and apart. Finchel Forever.

  7. Mike says:

    Finchel forever.

    • Laurine says:

      Finchel Forever. Amen! FYI, this is a hashtag created by Cory and Lea. That’s why Finchel fans use it so often.

  8. Kurt and Blaine are not the most vulnerable couple just because of the distance. Brittany and Santana are in the exact same situation if it’s true that they’re gonna to shake things up for the main couples. People wanting to see them as the most vulnerable ones is a completely different thing.

  9. Lara says:

    I like the fact that they will focus more on individuals than couples, it brings out more of the comedy. Still, a bit of romance on the side would be great. What I gather from this is also that if they want to focus on Rachel as an individual they won’t rush her in a new relationship with the new guy. As long as there’s a bit of Finn and Rachel on the side I’m fine.

  10. I just want Tina and Mike to break up.

    • allison.d says:

      they are the healthiest and most loving relationship on glee, why would you want them to break up?

      • Healthy? Because nothing like suggesting that someone hates themselves (Born This Way), calling someone out on something that happened to her two years ago in a different relationship (Asian F), not appreciating the help someone gives you unless it works perfectly in your favor (H.O.T.S.), and calling someone selfish when she finally stands up for herself for the first time in three years (Props), am I right?

        Also, Harry is going to be in four episodes at the most. That’s four episodes out of 22 in which they would be interacting. That’s not a lot. Keeping them together would keep Jenna out of more episodes because whenever they don’t have anything for Tina to do, they can write her out of the episode as “going and visiting Mike.”

        Do you really want that for Tina?

        • allison.d says:

          Out of interest, what pairing do you like?
          And yes, (Props) him calling her selfish was stupid and rude, but sadly everyone jumps on Rachel’s bandwagon. That was ooc for Mike and bad writing on the glee teams part.
          (Born This Way) I don’t recall them stating that they both hate the way they look, it’s fair for tina to have felt bad about herself, and if glee cared enough, we probably would have gotten a scene of mike telling her she is beautiful.
          (Asian F) what were his exacts words? I can’t remember them, but I trust that it probably was uncalled for.
          (Hold Onto Sixteen) To be fair that was the one time I understood why he got annoyed. He was stressed and asked her not to do something. Not because he didn’t want her help, but because his dad was a bit of a control freak, and what she did, even if it was to help him made things worse. Once everything died down, and his dad accepted everything, he was able to calm down and basically apologised for being a douche.

          Most of their arguing has been slight and hasn’t been hinted at that it happens regularly.
          In the glee world (because it isn’t at all realistic) they have been the best for each other so far. And if the glee writers were actually good at their job, they could make it so that they stay together and make each other happy, as well as having Jenna sing, dance and have an actual lead role.
          I just think that out of all the couples they have been the healthiest, but sadly in the background.

          • BTW: He didn’t mention anything about how he looked, but when Tina came into class with the contacts, he scoffed at her and called her a “self-hating Asian.”

            Asian F: Tina tells Mike to be honest with his dad about his grade. Mike says “Oh, like you were so honest about your stutter for all that time?” Tina just looks dejected and says “point taken.” The old Tina would have gone all righteous blade of equality on him.

          • Putting them in the background is precisely why it was a bad idea to put them together in the first place. Like, I don’t like the idea of Tina and Puck together at all, but I would understand them breaking up Tartie to do that because Puck is a developed character who had somewhat of a history with Artie and Artie losing his girlfriend to him would have stirred up real drama. Instead, they put Tina with the arguably least developed character in the choir room and then turned her into a sobbing mess for the rest of S2. The last time Tina completed a full song AS herself was when she was single. I want her in a relationship because she’s cute in a relationship and she needs to interact with a character, but I don’t want her relationship to be long-term just because the writers don’t have any plans for her. Tike never had an awkward stage, which leads me to think Mike has had girlfriends before Tina and in theory, knows how to treat them. However, apart from his comments in BTW, all of his really awful behavior happened when they were already long-term, which means he knows exactly what buttons to push to upset her and does it anyway. That’s not healthy to me.

      • Lol says:

        ^^ Lol I didn’t even know that they actually had storylines so I didn’t even know there was stuff to fight about them because literally no part of their relationship, good or bad, is shown on Glee. But people always find mistakes in everything, even if there’s nothing to find mistakes in, don’t they?

        • KC says:

          Especially the craziest people in this fanbase. And there are plenty.

        • sky says:

          It seems to me that for example, Pamela@awkward since 88 sees parts of Tikes storylines as actual viewed scenes, when they are at most infered incidents never seen on screen. We all have to realize they are kids still finding what is right or wrong in life, but wanting a relationship yet really not in the know how to live one properly. This applies to each and all of the characters. They are all flawed some more than others; especially, those-Tike-who in the background. This flawed character thing applies to each of us IRL. The only thing about Glee is that characters or actions or incidents or circumstances are magnified and many times are multiplied to be extreme and over the top ridiculous-no one really does that IRL. Good or bad.

          • Pamela (@awkwardsince86) says:

            Did you watch the episodes? I’m not making this stuff up. I may look through biased goggles but I’m not going to invent scenes for my own benefit.

          • sky says:

            I agree to some extent but they are so insignificant as characters that what they say to each other is mainly drivel. They have less story, less background, they smile at each other. Where Mike calls Tina a self hating asian he didn’t realize her insecurity til she said it all to the class. Til Rachel and Quinn sung Pretty/Unpretty. He then kissed her cheek-to let her know he understood. These are kids who make mistakes even to their girl/boyfriends. But they make up for it. Tina and Mike are tertiary characters-fill ins. That is the way it is.

    • KC says:

      Of course you do. You hate them with an unhealthy obsessive passion

      • I love the characters (yes, even Mike) and I feel like the show owes it to them to develop them. When the show does show them interacting, he’s not great to her and when the show doesn’t show them interacting, it’s keeping two of the least-developed characters from growing. Harry has other projects in the pipeline, but Jenna needs all the exposure Glee can give her, and keeping her in the relationship gives her nothing.

        • jon says:

          nothing you actually said makes sense as to why they should break up. I love tike. They are in the background. All the time in fact. But they clearly love, care and support one another. At times Mike has said something he shouldn’t have, but that happens in relationships. In every relationship. So that is not a valid reason for them to break up, at all. They do remain to this day the most comfortable and healthy relationship. And it’s not because they’re together that they don’t grow as characters. It’s because the writers are useless and focus on two ‘more than annoying’ people. They cuddle, hold hands, smile at each other and are constantly whispering in each others ears. I personally think that if the Glee team were bothered they could make the Tike relationship last and develop Tina and the little bit of Mike that we would see. If Tina is happy being with Mike, it is unrealistic to want them to break up if you truly like the characters. I would personally say the only thing I’m bitter about with their relationship is the fact that it started out with them cheating, but a lot of relastionships did on Glee, so you can’t exactly hate them for it.

          • The background flirting and kissing when other characters are speaking is not a script choice but a director/actor choice. We as the audience are forced to extrapolate that they love, care about and support one another because they are still together for that long but if they were given the same kind of focus as say Finchel was, we’d see a lot more dimensions to their relationship and I guarantee you, they’d be a lot more polarizing. Tina and Mike are characters, they’re not real people and so we can’t necessarily say that Mike is repressing her because they don’t exist outside the episodes we see, but when the writers break-up a promising relationship to put two underdeveloped characters together and have their first year be characterized by racial jokes, I have every right to wish for something better for all involved. People like Tike because Tike doesn’t interfere with their ships. Tina doesn’t go after Finn and Sam, Mike doesn’t go after Quinn, Rachel. Brittany, Santana or Mercedes. It’s a “safe” ship. The thing is, as long as the writers have an excuse not to write for Tina (and let’s be real, HOTS and Asian F were Mike episodes, not Tike episodes), they’ll use it and unfortunately putting Tina in a relationship where nothing happens is a perfect excuse, and it’s an excuse I can’t believe people are still supporting.

          • miley says:

            Tina’s always easily cracked down and cried, even in season 1. That’s always been consistent. They made it into a gag unfortunately. But there’s a notable change in her character from season 1 and 2. And yes, there were a few times Mike has made unnecessary comments, but she either stood up for herself and wasn’t swayed by his opinion (Props, Hold Onto Sixteen) or she took her own action (Hold Onto Sixteen). Even with Props, her decisions/opinions weren’t because of her boyfriend. She looked for those answers on her own. There is no denying Tina has become more confident since season 2, especially in comparison to season 1. She holds her ground on her own unlike how she was with Artie. The only time she stood up against Artie was after she had encouragement or was when she broke things off with him.

        • KC says:

          Well, you haven’t done a good job at showing it.

          • Well, I don’t know about you but when I say I support a character, I mean that I want her/him to actually develop beyond an appendage. Tina was an accessory to Artie’s storylines, true, but she didn’t seem to exist just for him. Tina’s two big storylines, if you can call them that, were independent of the guys she was dating. Artie was concerned for her in Theatricality, but he wasn’t involved in the plot and the whole Props thing stemmed from her being pissed at Mike and storming off. She interacted with other characters as something other than a joke (Rachel and Carmen). When Tina has storylines with Mike, it’s like she becomes a sad puppy constantly begging for approval. Mike didn’t ask her to change her clothes for him in Special Education but she did it to win the approval she never even lost in the first place. When she was with Artie, she wasn’t seeking approval.

          • gift says:

            γ̲̣̣̥ TIkA. Į̸̸̨§ it cause they r same race. The relationship Į̸̸̨§ too Convenient that’s not real life .

      • Tina Cohen-Sexy says:

        i think i love you.

    • Remy says:

      Tike is insanely overrated and has done nothing for Tina’s development, so I agree wholeheartedly.

      • tess says:

        Honestly, nothing really has except maybe with Rachel with Props. She got screen time with Artie, but it still wasn’t much. It’s not being with Mike that pulled her back, it’s the popularity of Blaine, Brittany and Santana that’s pushed her to the side WAY more so. All of which have gotten more story/song time/etc than Tina, especially Blaine and Santana. Hell, even Artie’s time has been pretty much cut.

        • Tim says:

          Full disclosure: I don’t particularly care about ships enough to advocate for one over another unless there’s something in the narrative within the pairing I enjoy as a byproduct. Tina with Artie was more self-assured and Artie backed down and apologized to her when errors were committed. Tina with Mike has resulted in insecurity (dressing like a cheerleader to keep him interested) or he has been disparaging to her (Asian F, Props). Nothing about their dynamic is appealing to me. I’d much prefer single Tina or maybe a new LI, but if push came to shove I’d prefer Artie over Mike as an LI. Even if just for the sole reason that she’s have more to do with a constantly present LI than with Mike at Joffrey and only popping up sporadically.

    • honestly worried says:

      Tina’s not F*cking Artie, and Jenna’s not F*ucking Kevin. GET. OVER. IT. You’re obsession is literally not healthy in any way shape or form. I cannot stand you but I legit worry about your sanity. You have issues that you desperately need to sort out.

      • honestly worried says:


        • I know full well that neither couple is together. I am providing criticism of a ship, you are descending into personal attacks under the veil of anonymity. I’d be “honestly worried” about you too if I knew who you were, though I have my guesses.

      • Jake says:

        You’re either asianfusion or she sent you. Try acting your own age for once, eh?

        • honestly worried says:

          no one sent me, this isn’t the mob. and for the record, there are plenty if people who don’t like her and think she’s got issues. she spouts crazy comments in every corner of the fandom that never make any sense, and looks for any reason to not like mike and Tina even if she has to skew facts to make it work.

          • Nicole says:

            And so you decide to be a knight for their cause instead of just contacting her yourself? She’s not posting anon, you can tweet her instead of spewing your “issues”-shaming ableist crap.

          • Demi says:

            Lol whatever personal vendetta you have against this person is embarrassing. Just because they don’t ship your ship of choice? Please stop.

  11. just me says:

    I think this will be an interesting story and not what fans are expecting. I also think all the Brody/Rachel hype is a smoke screen for romance that isn’t going to shake down based on this article and the less focus on relationships. He’s her mentor. It’s going to be very interesting to watch how all of the couples handle the unhappy middles toward their happy endings. FinchelForever

    • Me. says:

      I agree. FinchelForever

    • sky says:

      Absolutely. That is what Mr Shue said. Life is a beginning and an end with a whole lot of middle. There is a lot they have to learn about life and themselves before they can put “the end “to whatever a kid wishes for. Brody is an interesting new character we need to watch and see how he fits into NYADA/ Rachel schematics. He may be like Jesse was a smoking mirror. Falchuk has said that characters when tested will rise or fall to any conflict. These couples will have to face their trials to overcome these uncertainties. All a part of growing up, acquiring maturity and wisdom.

  12. Adam says:

    This news is horrible news I want Klaine to survive season 4.

    • YOLO says:

      Why? They’re boring. And besides, you guys wanted Klaine to be treated equally didn’t you? Shouldn’t you be happy about this.

      • anne says:

        You are a broken record. So you think all Klaine fans should want them to break up? Sorry, that’s not how fandom works.

        • Mickey says:

          Sorry but breakups and makeups are how TV shows work. You’ve gotta realize this is a TV show.

        • Jay says:

          All couples break-up and then get back together, it’s just how TV works. It had to happen with Klaine eventually.

        • sky says:

          I know that you hope that they stay together but you want Klaine to have more screen time and storylines that equates the dedication given to storylines for Finchel. Well, you’ve seen how TV shows work teasing the audience with Finchel’s flirting, dating, arguments, jealousies, break-ups, reuniions, sharing intimacies, longings for each other, sadness, happiness until they parted in s3 finale. Life is a roller coaster ride, ebb and flows, ups and downs, his or her faults, etc. It is the TV series way to propel characters forward with growth to experience these ups and downs. It is a “good thing” for any character to obtain wisdom. That way they will experience a relationship or more than one, giving them insight to what they really want and need for a life partner. Then they have a relationship to compare to and realize that what they had with (Klaine)(Britanna) was the best thing ever and then they reunite. Appreciation for what they had with the other. Just give the show a chance.

          • may says:

            By equal screentime than Finchel do you meant Kurt or Blaine or Santana or Britanny should make out with other people like Rachel and Puck/Jessie rolling in bed did or Finn and Quinn? And all that hand holding in the background? and prom dates and….oh boy

  13. breyt says:

    Wait what? Brittany & Santana are on the rocks in that episode as well? But they are yet to have a private conversation with each other as a couple. Not even one. Surely they won’t break up the only core couple without decent exploration?

    • TL says:

      Just because something isn’t shown doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Maybe the writers trust the audience to assume that stuff happens off camera and know that they’ve had talks about their relationship.

      • Sean C. says:

        No, the writers just don’t care about that couple. That’s why they barely spoke all last year (including not speaking to each other at all when they were being outed), the writers had to be badgered into letting them kiss like all the other couples, and they were the only couple to have no dialogue during prom.

        • allison.d says:

          It’s rude and unfair, and nothing Ryan murphy shoves in at the end will justify it. We had a stupid scene of Finn and rachel discussing wedding chairs, for a wedding that didn’t happen, when we could have had brittana development, or a klaine kiss, a samcedes cuddle or a tike hug. Nothing can justify the amount of time Finchel have.

          • Wayne says:

            I think it’s because Finn and Rachel are the lead characters of this show. Lead and supporting characters get different focus and screentime on TV shows. And the wedding chair scene was necessary because it led up to the climatic train station breakup scene.

          • vrn says:

            “Nothing can justify the amount of time Finchel have.” something can justify that, finchel is the main couple. that´s all.

          • Lara says:

            “Nothing can justify the amount of time Finchel have” – LOL What? Have you watched the show from the Pilot episode? Did you see which two characters had their own backstories from the first? Finn and Rachel have been the focus of this show since the beginning and it has been that way for 3 seasons.

          • Finchelisbetterthanyourfavs says:

            It was clear from the beginning that Finchel (and Wemma for the adults) were the main couples. Why do you even watch Glee if you can’t accept something that was clear from the beginning?

          • jon says:

            I do kind of agree based on the fact that Finchel (and it has been said) are not the main cast as it is ensemble. This isn’t supernatural, there aren’t only two people main characters on the show. It is an ensemble cast. And it is annoying regardless of your ship, if two characters spend so much time on pointless scenes, for other more interesting scenes to get cut. The chair scene will annoy me to no end as well. They could have just never had that, seeing as they don’t actually get married and it was a waste of time.

          • Ems says:

            I agree. Its disgusting that the writers want you to think Brittany and Santana love each other and are best friends but are the only couple who rarely sat next to each other in the choir room. Dont get me wrong. They did sit together. But not as much as they should have seeing as though they are in a relationship and are bestfriends. They dont even speak. Why wasnt Brittany there to comfort Santana when Finn was an a-hole and outed her in the middle of the hall at school? WTF!!!! The writers are pathetic.

    • Ecm says:

      They’ll probably break up because they haven’t been talking. And not have a real conversation about it even then.

    • TBH says:

      Honestly, Brittany is not a good girlfriend. You could see that when she was with Artie. She cheated on him, wasn’t even sorry and blamed him in the end. She’s not sure what she wants. She doesn’t realise that cheating could hurt somebody. Santana deserves someone who is sure about what they want, who loves her in a way Brittany can’t and won’t cheat on her.

      • Melissa says:

        Santana deserves nothing. Santana took advantage of Brittany’s complete naivety to manipulate her into cheating on Artie by convincing Brittany that it’s not cheating, which is the only reason Brittany cheated, because Santana’s a bitch who couldn’t stand Brittany being with Artie and manipulated their break up. Brittany didn’t want to be with Santana until Santana knew what she wanted but Santana couldn’t accept that. She wanted to have Brittany without having to admit that she wanted Brittany. Brittany was the smart one who always knew and that didn’t want to be Santana’s dirty little secret. Santana hasn’t been sorry for anything she’s done to anyone. She’s not just a horrible girlfriend but a horrible person.

        • Lee says:

          You’re both right and they’re horrible for each other, weird relationship, end of story, there you go. They both need new love interests.

        • Sean C. says:

          One could as easily argue that Santana was just as much in denial about the significance of their relationship, or that it was a convenient excuse they both used (since Brittany was generally shown to be quite smart about their relationship). We really have no idea, of course, because the show didn’t seem to think there was anything there to address, so it doesn’t seem like it was intended to mean anything. Just more of that quality “Glee” writing.

        • Bredit says:

          Preach It Sister! Santana is a horrible person. Honestly through their are few relationships on glee that aren’t manipulative or unhealthy. Rachel manipulates finn a lot. quinn used to verbally abuse Finn. Blaine tried to force himself on Kurt and He recently humilated him. By singing a song about how Kurt was cheating on him. Just becuse Kurt exchanged a few texts. That fact that Kurt had to appologize but Blaine never did disgusted me! I cann’t believe that people think any of these relationships are healthy, or any of these couples should ride off into the sunsett together. The only couple i actually liked was Brittany and artie. Becuse they were so sweet during the christmas episode. I also thought Puck and quinn had potentional if Puck grew up a little bit first. I want Kurt on his own becuse he’s not himself, when he’s with blaine. Kurt is a strong character, He shouldn’t be blaines doormat. Kurt is my favorite character lately Blaines been driveing him to tears, and Kurt should be happy. I ship kurt happiness. If Kurt must absolutly have a man, their are lots of nice availible guys in New York i’m sure. Actually i think it would be an awsome twist, if Brody was secretly gay after all. I mean the guy does skin care routines like Kurt. Plus rachel got finn why cann’t Kurt get a hot guy. He certainly deserves one more then Rachel. A nice guy like Finn can do way better then Rachel. I ship Finn and a descent girl whoever that maybe. Brittany also needs to find a nice girl or just go for Sam. I mean she’s bi so lots of options.

      • Charlotte says:

        I agree I would like either Brittany to smarten up or Santana find someone else that appreciates her. Santana is my favorite in the whole showl

        • Ems says:

          YAY for Santana!!! I am a Brittana shipper but wouldnt care if they broke up. I want to see Santana actually have a relationship with someone that doesnt involve secret meetings where the camera’s arent allowed. I know its going to be less about relationships. but come one. Give us a good nice one for Santana

          • What makes you think that Santana will get more romance on camera if she starts dating someone who isn’t Brittany? Brittany isn’t shy of PDA, she even released a sextape of them… I think FOX are the reason why Brittana and Klaine gets ridiculous low amounts of onscreen smooches compared to for instance Finchel or Tike, putting Santana together with another girl isn’t going to change that…

          • Ems says:

            Well seeing as though they never had conversations or physical touching of any sort while in each others presence this is going to give the writers more ammo to ‘pretend’ brittana are alive. Like they pretended they had conversations. This is a tv show. You cant expect people to just imagine couples having a date. They would never pretend to a finchel date and we would have to sit through that for 35 minutes. The writers and/or fox are pathetic when it comes to Brittana. The one episode about Santana being pushed out the closest by Finn and Brittany was nowhere in sight. I know its a tv show, but for gosh sake come on and at least make it partially realistic. Gees

          • I agree about the lack of actual conversations when it comes to Brittana, but they have done their fair share or handholding and headresting, but anyway, like I said, the problem isn’t Brittana as a couple, it’s most likely the network, giving Santana a new love interest isn’t going to change that.

          • Sean C. says:

            The network isn’t stopping them from speaking to each other. That’s purely the writers.

          • Writing, network, either way, I don’t see things improving by giving Santana a new girlfriend…

  14. Isistelle says:

    We all know that Klaine will break up :( but seriously it’s so depressing… I’ll be depressed for months…

  15. FinchelForever says:

    Totally not excited by the prospect of a Brody/Rachel romance! Focus on individual storylines, not involving relationships or third parties is a must! I’m sure this is just a very long unhappy middle for Finchel heading towards an EPIC happy ending. FinchelForever

  16. vrn says:


    • Kiersten says:

      I honestly don’t know how many more break-ups I can take. I was a huge mess after the last one.

    • Hypocritic Klainers says:

      And Klainers are complaining about one breakup even though they wanted equal treatment. Lol. Right.

      • clarissa says:

        Finchel break up because they are not right for each other. Finchel break up and get back together and annoy everyone and complain about everything. Kurt and Blaine can be annoying, yes. And sometimes I’ve frowned at something that happened within their relationship. But they deserve to be happy and focused on. I would be pissed off if my ship was breaking up because of distance, rather than because they were making each other unhappy. It’s out of the blue and stupid.

        • Vtr says:

          Finchel break up because they need new drama, and they are the main characters and core couple. Klaine isn’t in the same level of importance because only Kurt is one of the main characters and Blaine is just his boyfriend and support character. Glee isn’t about the relationships, is about the journeys of each character, mainly the leads.

        • Y says:

          Finchel break up because they happen to be the two main characters who provide a lot of the conflict for this show. If you haven’t gotten that until now, you’ll never get it.

          • jon says:

            If the only conflict on the show can be about the breaking up of a basically imbalanced relationship then that is stupid. It is clearly capable of a lot more, and it is therefore disheartening that they choose to focus on something so trivial and boring. Why not make new lasting good relationships for finn and rachel? you all seem to be too focused on the ship and not the show.

      • martin says:

        What are you – a Dave Karofsky clone? Committed gay relationships need to be modelled and celebrated to show young people that two guys can overcome all the extra s**t that life throws at them, on top of the ordinary s**t that all couples go through. So yes, equal treatment, plus some consideration for what the storyline is saying to young gay guys.
        Remember the importance of the Karofsky storyline – everyone in the Glee club faces victimization at one level or another about their own personal demons, and they are able to learn to deal with them, but Kurt had that whole extra layer of violence in his story from Ep1, Series 1. Blaine’s torment and violence was at the school before Dalton, and together they give each other the courage to face homophobia and violence. And Karofsky’s near-death was not only tragic, but actually mirrors what hundreds of young gay men do each year.

  17. Sean C. says:

    I’ll believe less focus on romance when I see it. These guys have a pretty clear track record of having few story ideas outside of relationships (even most things that aren’t, on the face of it, about relationships end up being about that).

    Also, by my count, we’ve already been told this season will feature new relationships for Sam and Artie, new characters Jake and Marley are already being promoted as a couple (how many other ships can we name after Dickens characters?), Blake’s character will be paired with someone, and they’ve brought in Brody as an obvious love interest for Rachel, so that doesn’t seem like a promising start for there being “less focus” on romance.

    • allison.d says:

      Glee is a show that doesn’t focus on continuity. They say one thing and then do the other. So by my guess, them saying it won’t focus on relationships implies that it really will. A lot.

    • F. Dillinger says:

      A character doesn’t have to be single to have individual development. Rachel had individual development when she was with Jesse (and with Finn, for that matter) – same with Finn, Quinn, Puck, Mike, and many others, including Kurt (though considerably less). That’s even more truth when you consider that, for example, Brody won’t be a main character – the story will be about Rachel, about her dealing with being young, alone and lost in New York City, missing her boyfriend, having no idea about her future, and her doubts about relationships (with both others and herself). Kurt will finally get to have sole storylines like he did in season one (and the beginning of season two), and that’s great because he’s grown more and more stale since the kiss in Original Song. I don’t dislike Klaine, I just think this is a tv show, and couples do need to be broken up for potential drama. That’s just how it goes. Six Feet Under ended the Brenda-Nate relationship with him, on his deathbed, not a long time after their marriage, telling Brenda he would divorce her and move in with another woman as soon as he exited the hospital. And then he died. And then Brenda learned to make it alone in the last episodes. I know I can’t compare a show like 6FU with Glee, but Gleeks need to STOP with the whole “if they separate I’ll kill myself”, that’s just creepy and unhealthy and says a lot more about the fans than the writers. People break up – sometimes they get back together, sometimes they don’t. Grow up. If you want perfect couples who never go through drama go watch a Disney princess movie.

    • Kay says:

      I agree. These writers never follow through with what they say they are going to do. They can make all the promises they want, but they need to practice what they preach. I don’t understand why everybody keeps saying Kurt and Blaine’s relationship is boring because it is up to the writers to create the story so that the relationship stays interesting. You might as well say most of the relationships are boring (Brittana, Tike) because the writers don’t give them anything to do “as a couple.”

  18. jre11 says:

    Honestly I don’t understand how people can be so in love with the Finchel pairing. It seems clearly unbalanced. Rachel is smarter and a far more interesting character than Finn could ever be and he is so boring.
    With this NY move they had a chance to bring back Jesse and finally let them have the romance the characters deserved. Plus Jonathan Groff would have been really fun to watch with Kate Hudson and maybe we could have seen him sing the song from Into The Woods as he mentioned to Carmen. Too bad it is only wishful thinking :(

    • Del says:

      I’ve watched Glee since the pilot and fell in love with Finn and Rachel in that episode. I still continue to love their dynamic all through their ups and downs because Cory and Lea are the best actors of the show and can deliver so much emotions in their scenes. Jon Groff is amazing but imo he really isn’t a good foil for Rachel because Jesse and Rachel are too much alike. They would be having the same storylines and I don’t think the writers would want to go that way.

      • vrn says:

        Im agree with Del, since the pilot I love Finchel a lot, honestly is the only shipp I shipp lol Its been 3 seasons, 3 years…If they break Finchel forever im done with the show.

    • anne says:

      I agree. Finchel have become so tedious. In fact, I can’t believe we have to watch them break up again when they hogged the whole ending of the finale breaking up.

    • Hypocritic Klainers says:

      Jesse is an ass. He tried to pressure Rachel into having sex with him, he just dated her because her mother wanted him to, he made an omlett on her head and left her because of an 4th national championship. I don’t know what he would have done if he had been on the show any longer. JGroff is an angel though.

      • jon says:

        Finn has thrown eggs at Rachel. He cheated on quinn with her, he didn’t go to glee club when everyone else did because he was worried about his relationship, he outed Santana, He’s called rachel ‘A sad clown hooker’ and more, encouraged Quinn to cheat on sam with him, ignores what rachel is saying most of the time, “Why can’t I have anything in my life that’s special? That means something?” whilst with rachel, he demeaned kurt and I think more than once, he has quit glee more than once, and the list goes on. Jesse was not genuine at first, but he ended up liking Rachel and actually being good to her. The only reason he left her was because she cast him with two other guys for attention.

        • Laura says:

          You’re just making a list of the mistakes Finn has made (but ngl, they provided good storylines for other characters) and completely ignoring how much he loves Rachel and supports her. He loved her enough to give her up for her to pursue her dreams instead of marrying him, which he knew would just tie her down.

          • deborah says:

            Finn is seen as a hero and amazing boyfriend. It is annoying for that idea to be shoved down everyone’s throat if you’re not a finn stan. He isn’t a hero and he is an okayish boyfriend.

        • Anna says:

          If the writers hadn’t made Finn do those stuff you just mentioned, half the dramatic plotlines on Glee would be missing. LOL

        • I have a little time says:

          Finn has thrown eggs at Rachel –> That was in the first episode and he said he doesn’t want to be THAT guy.
          He cheated on quinn with her –> Rachel told him he could if he wanted to and frankly if the Finn-Rachel-Quinn triangle hadn’t happened, there would be basically no storyline for most of the First 13.
          he didn’t go to glee club when everyone else did because he was worried about his relationship, –> He persuaded Coach Tanaka to let him do BOTH football and Glee. He even made a big speech about it, which you conveniently forgot.
          he outed Santana, –> He shouldn’t have done it at all, but he was goaded by so many mean things Santana said. He didn’t do it just to spite her.
          He’s called rachel ‘A sad clown hooker’ –> LOL this makes me laugh so much. He called her that because Rachel was dressed ridiculously and he liked Rachel just the way she was, with sequined leg warmers and all that.
          and more, encouraged Quinn to cheat on sam with him, –> This, I have no excuse for. Except damn the writers for retreading the triangle a second time LOL
          ignores what rachel is saying most of the time –> A lot of their dynamic is for comic effect. SMH for the things haters take SO seriously.

          • Vtr says:

            I couldn’t said it better.

          • Since I have a little more time says:

            lol okay so Finn threw eggs at Rachel and bullied her in the past = doesn’t count because we didn’t see him do it.
            It’s okay he cheated on Quinn because Rachel said it’s okay and no storyline = wtf really it’s okay for him to cheat because Rachel said it was okay, Rachel wasn’t his girlfriend at the time Quinn was Rachel has no say in that relationship
            Outing Santana = this was done to spite her, watch the episode again she’s walked away and he calls down the hall that she should come out and calls her a coward. I don’t care what Santana said to him, yes she is nasty and can be a bitch but he had no right to do that there is no way what she said to him and him outing her is equal in any universe
            It’s part of their dynamic it’s funny = yeah hilarious it shows us what a great couple they are, the show has stepped away from that type of “comedy” now it just highlights a crappy relationship where Rachel doesn’t think she’s good enough for him. Yeah I’m sure him ignoring her really helps that inferiority complex

            They’ve completely assassinated both characters to keep this relationship together and for what we don’t get good storylines out of it. Look at the wedding storyline last season, how stupid and wasteful was that. That was their great writing for this couple, wow I’m glad they’re getting it and not a couple I ship because I would never want my favorite pairing treated that way.

        • Vtr says:

          I love when people (usually Faberry shippers) bring these things as proof of why Finn is wrong for Rachel.

    • jon says:

      Hear Hear. well actually, Finn is probably marginally a better person than Rachel. But, st.berry are good for each other. Even if it’s just as friends.

    • Vtr says:

      Jesse is effective as villain, not as character to root for.

      • deborah says:

        and then he stopped being a villain…? yes, he did., If you take into account that list of what Finn has done, when he is supposed to be the good guy, then Jesse really isn’t all that villainous, in fact that’s another thing glee messed up on. Actually making jesse an all round bad guy, because he really isn’t. He’s sometimes better than Finn.

        • Vtr says:

          And when Finn was the villain? the only time i remember was when he encouraged Quinn to cheat on Sam (all this of this during the make no sense Season 2 Finn’s character assasination), but never towards Rachel like Jesse was.

      • jre11 says:

        A villain can be a character to root for and honestly I think that Jesse has done more for Rachel by going to Carmen than Finn in all the previous seasons. Yes, he was an ass at the beginning but so was Finn. And he is so much fun to be around. His last conversation with Rachel was more interesting and exuded more chemistry than all the I love yous and the kissing that Rachel and Finn do. Not to mention the fact that Jonathan Groff is the only one able to truly duet with Lea and the musical side of the story would become more interesting.
        So sad that Ryan Murphy couldn’t see this.

        • Vtr says:

          Jesse’s shallowness made me hard to root for him, Glee isn’t about perfection wich is most of St Berry supporters/shippers want to happen. Jesse apparently is the perfect match fo her (the only real similarity between them are their goals, Rachel is way better person), that was good for a while not for a core plot. It’s matter of context or the way you want to see it but you are ignoring other things that happened to say that Jesse did more things for Rachel than Finn did. The writters just wanted to redeem his character in the Nationals episode. It’s silly to think that just because Finn hasn’t the same drive and goals than Rachel, he doesn’t deserved her, a big part of this story is about two worlds clashing, that is represented with Finchel. The chemistry argument is subjective. Anyway, Jesse only was created as a plot device, to create drama for the Finn/Rachel relationship.

          • qwe89 says:

            It’s not just a matter of goals. It’s a matter of interests, shared ideals, shared love for the city for example. Sure Jesse might not be the best person in the world but have we really seen more of him than what Ryan Murphy needed as a distraction. And already he seems like a person the Rachels of the world would be with. This new guy probably will be a better fit for Rachel, or at least I hope so (I am not watching anymore but I’ll be rooting for them from afar). Finn and Rachel are too different. Opposites attract blablabla but in the real world they don’t stay together long because it doesn’t work out and even if love were enough why would one stay with a person with whom they have to fight all the time? Finn proposed in high school because he wanted to link Rachel to him. It doesn’t get worse than that in selfishness.

  19. Josie says:

    I am all for Glee focusing more on the characters as individuals. I just hope this doesn’t mean that Finn and Rachel will share alot less screentime. I love their interactions, whether they are a couple or not. I just know that someday they will be together again. Finchel are meant to be.

  20. allison.d says:

    finchel are annoying and stupid. ST.BERRRRRRY all the way.

  21. Kem says:

    I think Klaine should break up. Specially for Blaine to have a story of his own. He has been Kurt’s accessory for 2 seasons, time for him to stand as a full independent character.

    • dsdsdsd says:

      I totally agree

    • Kurt supporter says:

      Amen! And have some gorgeous guy CHASE Kurt!. How the writers can continually put Kurt down and not give him a romance that he should have is beyond comprehension. So, YES. Break up the boring Klaine and bring on a STUD for Kurt!

      • dsdsdsd says:

        No. Kurt already has stuff going on with Sarah Jessica Parker’s character which is already going to take a lot of screentime. DNW two guest stars only for his storyline

        • Kurt supporter says:

          Yeah, but Blaine will be featured throughout McKinley storyline. Season 3 was nothing but loss for Kurt. Season 4 better have Kurt winning and romanced and sought after or his “inspirational” gay character is a lie.

        • Lara says:

          well they are doin that with Rachel, 2 guest stars for her storyline. Kurt is the other main character of glee, they might do it for him too. But the less focus on relationship tells me that we will see more of Rachel and more of Kurt (single, in a long distance relationship with many problems?) and their adventures in NYC, finally bringing back some comedy in this show. Rachel and Kurt scenes are the best in my opinion, I’m looking forward to see more of that!

          • Kurt supporter says:

            Kurt was sought after by his bully and a dweeb. Blaine is sought after and fawned over by girls and boys – like he’s all that and the cats’ meow. Kurt has been constantly told he’s not good enough, not desirable, not attractive. He’s labeled “adorable”. Yuck.

          • dsdsdsd says:

            Rachel and Kurt are the main characters but if the two of them are going to have 2 guest stars for their storylines then they should have done the spin-off with just them or make Glee be only about what happens in NYC. Since they decided to do the split narrative, there has to be time devoted to the choir room characters too.

    • Nathan says:

      Blaine was Kurt’s accessory? You have to be kidding me.

      • Kem says:

        *They were each others accessory.

        • Kay says:

          No, they were friends first and then they fell in love. How is that considered an “accessory”?
          Well, I hope the writers know what they are doing and create interesting storylines for all the characters that they have and we’ll see how successful they are at that. I am watching Glee for Darren Criss and Chris Colfer so as long as they are on the show, I will continue to watch. I love Kurt and Blaine’s relationship and hope that in the end they will be together.

  22. Please let Brittana be the LDR they didn’t have anyfocus last year at all the least you can do is give them a LDR.. PLEASE BRITTANA FOREVER>>>

  23. BrittanaIsEndgame says:

    lol no focus on relationships, thats stupid, how little focus Brittana were given in season 3 and in season 4 they got nothing. what a sick sad joke….

    • Lara says:

      that’s because they are not the main focus and the main characters of the show. they have 42 minutes per episode, too many characters and just 4-5 main ones, obviously they focus more on Rachel-Finn, Kurt-Blaine and Will-Emma. They didn’t focus on Tina-Mike or Mercedes-Sam either, it’s a matter of who is central part of the show and who is not.

    • Ecm says:

      Guess, what it’s not the Brittana show. Its the Finchel, then Klaine, then Wemma show. Thank RIB Brittana is even included in this episode.

      • Charlotte says:

        They could give them equal time. It’s not fair, I don’t care who the main characters are. They always have other people to keep the story interesting.

    • You says:

      They were not even regulars in season one. And RIB only wrote them because fans wanted them to and they hadn’t anything else planned for them. So they weren’t created because of RIB’s wishes so they don’t give a f*** about them.

      • That they were supporting characters in season 1 isn’t relevant to where they are now, especially Santana is a character that’s just as fleshed out as Finn, Kurt or Rachel these days. She grew to be a fan favourite and thus she got getting a lot of focus through the second half of season 2 and most of season 3, that isn’t likely to change in season 4.

  24. Xe says:

    “Relationships in general will be less of a focus this year,” – funny, because I don’t remember Brittana getting any real focus last year. If they are to break up then I will definitely feel cheated because Finchel and Klaine got tons of screentime/development last year whereas it was a monumental moment if Brittana so much as spoke to each other.

    • SoWhat says:

      So what? It’s not like they were ever a main couple.

      • Xe says:

        It’s an ensemble show. They’re a very popular couple. There should be some sense of parity with at least Klaine. Honestly I feel like some people here are living in the past with regards to who are the ‘main’ characters.

        • Kiana says:

          agreed. they’ve definitely come forward as characters since they’re supporting roles in the first season.

        • megan says:

          It is… not… an ensemble show… lol. Some secondary and tertiary characters have gotten arcs here and there, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a clear hierarchy.

          • Chris says:

            Is an esemble show and has one of the largest cast ever (regular actors I mean). They simply don’t know how to write for a large group of characters so they re-do the same tiring formula of love triangles over and over.

            They should stick to whatever they want to write for, cut characters they don’t wanna develop and stop with so many songs and fan pandering (if RIB didnt want brittana to be together then dont make them a couple no one force them)…maybe then their show can go back to be a dark comedy intead of the weak excuse of dramedy it is now.

          • Alexa says:

            If you look at the opening credits you see the actors are billed alphabetically. If it wasn’t an ensemble show Lea, Cory, Matthew and probably Chris would be billed first. They only make a difference between regulars and guest stars.

  25. Chris says:

    Out of all the long-distance couples, I can only see Brittany and Santana making it through. They have the most established foundation and a good perspective – Brittany: “You say the dream and I help build your dream and that’s what a partnership is about, right?”

    • aj says:

      except that blaine was helping kurt to move to NYC and go to NYADA since the very beginning? brittany only got on board with santana within llke a week of graduation, and even then she didn’t tell santana that she wasn’t going to graduate until days before. I love brittana but kurt and blaine have had too many discussions about the reality of living apart than anyone else. and blaine is clearly trying to do the right thing for kurt by asking if he wants to break up, whereas the writers are blatantly going to hook brittany up with a guy at mckinley. I hate it but it’s obvious that will happen to her.

      • Marco says:

        Am I the only one who remembers that Blaine kinda ‘cheated’ on Kurt with Sebastian because apparently Kurt was too busy thinking of his future? And then humiliated Kurt to and with the help of ALL HIS FRIENDS? Seriously!

        • lol no says:

          LOL what? He was just friends with Sebastian on his side, and it wasn’t because Kurt was too busy. Did you watch Dance With Somebody? Blaine made some dumb accusations, like a dumb teenager, but there’s no reason to believe he was talking with Sebastian while Kurt was busy with NYADA. He pulled away while Kurt was busy with NYADA because the idea of Kurt being away hurt too much to deal with. Remember when Blaine said “we’ll figure something out” when Kurt was worried about his application? Remember who stood there and rubbed Kurt’s shoulder while he applied? Remember who was there as a sounding board for his NYADA audition? Please get your facts straight.

          • Ann says:

            His accusations weren’t dumb. I’d label what Kurt did emotional cheating, which is what Blaine was accusing him of in DWS.

        • Ann says:

          Yeah, you’re the only one, because that never happened.

        • Bredit says:

          Thank You finally someone who understands. Oh and as for the Kurt Chandler thing even if Kurt did as some people claim emotionally cheat on Blaine. He shouldn’t have humiliated Kurt! It was awful and hypocritical of him becuse of all the times Blaine talked to Sebastne. And i’m sorry who the heck makes freinds with a guy ,who prositions you, when he knows you have a boyfreind? Plus Blaine never forcefuly told Sebastain to back off! I think Blaine liked the attention he was getting. He’s pretty much the male version of Rachel. He may love Kurt but as he proved in the West Side storyline he loves the spot light more.

    • Brit says:

      What established foundation? The writers don’t even show much of them having private conversations with each other, just the two of them.

    • Thena says:

      What foundation? They don’t even talk to each other most of the time, I doubt they even talk now Santana’s gone off to Kentucky.

  26. aj says:

    brittana are just as vulnerable as klaine since they’ve got the long distance thing too. calling it now that finchel break up because they wouldn’t bring in brody unless he and rachel were going to date for a while. klaine might still be on a cliffhanger over the hiatus to draw out their drama but they’ll end up fine (rm has basically confirmed it three times). obviously wemma will be fine because will’s had too many partners already. and brittana will definitely break up so brit can date guys and santana gets a love interest at her college. so so obvious.

    • Miranda says:

      Happy Endings doesn’t necessarily mean happy middles, just saying. Ryan also told you guys to calm down, and let the story play out.

  27. Nic says:

    I’m excited about the prospect of them focusing on the individual characters this season. I can’t wait to see Rachel, Finn, and Kurt struggling, working, trying to find or stay on their path to adulthood. The appearance of Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker is exciting, too. When they bring focus to the better actors this show is so much more interesting. The McKinley universe is stale after 3 years of hallways and lockers, so I can’t wait to see the NYC universe explored. I hope the focus on individuals means we won’t be seeing unnecessary third parties/cheating this year. There are so many other interesting paths to explore than the same ol’ same ol’.

  28. Miranda says:

    I don’t think Brittana will be the couple that will be breaking up. The writers are to lazy to write Brittana, and it wouldn’t be nice of them to have the only good Brittana scene be when they are breaking up. It makes absolutely no sense. Blake also said that he doesn’t want to be the one to break Brittana up, and loves the scenes that Naya and Heather do together. What I’m predicting is a Klaine break-up. The Klaine relationship is extremely boring, and has no spice in it. To me, they are essentially like an old married couple. They are only teenagers, no one can be confident that they are the one. That’s why I want them to break up, so they can explore other relationships. I’m also predicting that Finn will be on leave from basic, and discover Brody in this episode, breaking up them. I don’t know what to say about Wemma to be honest.

    (Also Klainers please don’t hate on me for having an opinion that is not pro-Klaine.)

    • Sean C. says:

      “Blake also said that he doesn’t want to be the one to break Brittana up”

      He’s evidently not going to appear before the hiatus, so that doesn’t mean anything either way. And the most likely villain in this situation would be distance, not another person.

      • Miranda says:

        I agree with what you are saying, as a Brittana fan even. I can see how distance might be the biggest villain in this situation. I feel like though that Brittana made a commitment, and Santana would not be willing to give up Brittany, and would fight for her.

      • Sheri Henshaw says:

        He will be there in Ep. 4.5, right after the hiatus. In Ohio. It’s essentially a two-part ep., with a cliffhanger to take us through baseball into November ratings sweep. Murph has said so, and that he will be dating someone. And his exact words were expressed carefully, so as not to imply any gender, male or female. And Blake HAS expressed an interest in Brittany as a gf. I think ALL the couples will, or should break up, to explore their issues–they all have them. And I agree with a previous poster that Blake COULD be bisexual. Murphy wanted to see another side of his character. I could see him as a Finn-like character who comes in to win over Brittany, who is hilariously (from scenes I have seen) shoving poor Blaine and Tina out of the way to take over New Directions. And Blake could appeal to her as someone who could be co-leader with her. But he is a jock in the closet and secretly after Blaine (thus a good side/bad side character, which is what Glee Project asked him to portray in Act-ability. Must have had a reason!) Brittany doesn’t like hidden relationships, Blaine VERY uncomfortable/confused when hot guys hit on him hard, plus will create drama in ND. Blaine and Britt, who SHOULD be gay besties, will struggle and be hurt. Seb finds out, is REALLY pissed, and alerts Santana and Kurt. Supabad trio to the rescue! Redeems Seb, gets couples back together. But it would play out over the whole season, not one ep. I would watch this.

        • Ann says:

          LMAO your understanding of these characters is hilariously off. Sebastian is slime, and Blaine knows how to shut guys hitting on him down, even if he’s polite about it. There’s no way Santana, Kurt, and the meerkat would ever team up. They all despise each other.

    • Millie says:

      They are only teenagers is a sterotype! I happen to know a few couples from high school that knew they would be together and are! One of them survived the distance from east coast to west coast during the college years! So it is possible to know! Plus a friend of my parents has been with her significant other since she was 15 and they have been happily married for years! No one knows anyone’s heart but the person who’s heart it is!

      • Miranda says:

        I can see what you mean about that. In my opinion, I just feel like glee should look in other relationships. Im sorry for my animosity to Klaine. The thing is, a lot of klaine shippers percieve Brittana as an invalid relationship. They complain that Brittana got more kisses than them, and I can see where they are coming from. Hoever, a lot of Klainers don’t understand that Brittana fans waited since almost half way through season 1 to get a kiss finally through midway season 3. Brittana shippers get mad that we don’t get screen time, and in a way hate that Klaine gets so much screen time, and yet they complain about the kisses. My ship gets absolutely no storylines (don’t get me started on that joke of a sex tape storyline!) and because of that, I feel like breaking Brittanaup would be a wrong move. I want Brittana to get some problems, and get though them, proving that they are a good relationship. Brittany didn’t even talk for 10 episodes, so a storyline resolving around her would be like a fantasy.

    • nope says:

      Okay but here’s the thing, in the narrative, considering season three, a Klaine break up makes the least amount of sense. I’m okay with it because I want drama and focus on them both as individuals and I know they’ll end up back together in the end, but it’s going to be kind of ridiculous. I know you don’t like them because you think they take focus from Brittana, but guess what, Brittana and Klaine are BOTH marginalized by Finchel. You think them keeping Brittana together is a way for them to get more focus? It’s a way for them to continue to have them snuggle on reunion episodes without them having any problems. While the Klaine breakup is a way to make NY as much as possible about Rachel while making sure they don’t have to show the boys kiss. This is really dumb, because if any character needs focus outside of a relationship it’s Rachel, but no, because ~FinchelForever. Ugh.

  29. j says:

    I don’t want Klaine to break up

  30. Madysen says:

    Well at least in this episode Brittana will actually get some screen time, and maybe the writers can actually let Brittany be serious for n

  31. Jet says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it… Maybe Brad and Ryan haven’t talked to each other, again, about how to promote their show. If there weren’t so many characters, maybe the writers could write SL’s that develop characters as individuals AND as couples. There’s nothing wrong with having two people love and support each other through their struggles. That is compelling television FOR ME and I actually watch Glee/shows for that pull/draw. FinchelForever

    • Danni says:

      Omg I agree with everything you wrote. Finchel forever . I’m glad that they are focusing on Individual stories as well but I don’t see why they can’t let them be happy in their pairing at the same time, it’s not impossible to go to separate colleges/jobs etc and still be with your bf/Gf.

      Although I would like to see a little drama between Klaine and maybe brittana, just because it would be interesting to see someone else interested in Santana for me and I think a Klaine break-up/major fight is due.

  32. M says:

    Well at least Brittana will have some type of storyline in this episode. And maybe the writers can write Brittany seriously for once. I really hope Brittana make it. They’re really the only couple I can see making it in a long distance relationship. If they don’t make it as a couple, I hope they make it as best friends. But I think Klaine is gonna break up. I hope so. They’ve gotten boring! So has Brittana, but I think it’d be unfair of the writers to break them up without exploring their relationship. They’ve been the most mistreated core couple. Sure, they’ve gotten kisses, but they never actually talk to eachother one on one.

    • Hailey says:

      How can Brittana be “the only couple you see making it in a long distance relationship” when they “never actually talk to each other one on one”. Seems like that would make them the least likely to be about to handle a long distance relationship. Also if the writers are so bored with Santana and Brittany as a couple that they don’t even give them scenes together doesn’t it make since that the writers would brake them up. Just saying. I think they could have been great, but season 3 just ruined Brittana for me. Especially since Santana didn’t even know Brit wasn’t graduating until a couple days before graduation, which implies that they never talked about their relationship after high school and that Santana didn’t even care what Brit was doing with her life. If they writers are going to write them this badly I’d rather them not be together.

  33. I love the sound of exploring who the characters are as individuals and seeing their growth and development that way; it’s true to life, and it is a huge part of what’s interesting about them–who they are as individuals, both when in, and when out of relationships. Rachel and Finn (my personal two favorite characters, followed by Kurt and Santana) have been apart for 34 episodes so far, and together for 32 episodes, with a break-up of some sort every season. Their stories when apart are compelling and full of rich character growth, even though it is often painful to view from the perspective of someone rooting for their relationship along with rooting for them individually.

    The fact that they may not be dating doesn’t mean they wouldn’t still be interacting and a part of each others’ lives. Whether together or apart, Finn and Rachel have always clearly been tethered to each other, and each time they are apart leads to new depths and strengths in them personally, and in their relationship. (And it would be insane not to continue to have a lot of opportunities for Lea Michele and Cory Monteith to act together–those are among the best acted scenes the show does.)

    I trust the show, and the actors, to deliver stellar stories for these two, and for Kurt and Santana as well. I particularly want to see Finn break out of the holding pattern his future has been stuck in since, essentially, the start of the show, and become self-confident. I want to see him learn to dream big and to find a dream as big as he is (well, he found a dream in 3×16 — I want him to reconnect to and go after that dream) and realize that he is, in fact, New York City good, not just Lima good. And I want to see if Rachel can hold on to all of the gains she made in learning how to relate to people and to be a part of something special in relation to others through being with Finn and being a part of the glee club. Now that she’s in a new, hyper-competitive environment, will she revert to the Rachel Berry who’ll throw everyone else under the bus (or into the crack house) in order to grasp the spotlight for herself, or will she figure out how to compete and win while still maintaining her relationship and having friends? How both Finn and Rachel will engage these questions now that they’re out of the small, narrow world of McKinley High are the things I’m looking forward to the most this coming year.

    And while my stomach might clench and my fists ball up at times if/when stressors descend upon the relationship, I’ll eagerly watch for the clues that point to where things are going and how their relationship will come back together in the end.

    Because, as Brad has said before — happy endings, not happy middles.

    And, after all, #FinchelForever.

    • allison.d says:

      They don’t have character growth. If anything they digress. Actually just watch the episodes and don’t get blindsided by how much you love the ship.

      • Hi Allison — I do watch the episodes; I know them through and through, and my comments come from those. I love the story told by Glee more than any individual character and the characters more than any ship. And I do see growth — lots of it. And backsliding, of course — never quite as far back as previously, and always with room for more growth — because that’s how stories are actually told on a TV show; the growth of the characters is never fully achieved until the show is over. People not blinded by dislike for certain characters and ships are able to see that, and to see that all the characters are great, are flawed, and are growing.

        • Sean C. says:

          One hardly needs to be “blinded by dislike for certain characters and ships” (objectively, the writing for all of them is pretty bad) to see that this is a terrible show whose writers don’t know how to string together a coherent plot, or keep the characters consistent. There are ways to have characters backslide that is deliberate characterization (like with, say, Don Draper’s constant regressing into cheating even when he tries to turn the corner), and then there’s just the writers forgetting or ignoring what happened because it suits the plot. “Glee” is the latter. They love dramatic moments that are completely unearned due to a lack of setup and/or inconsistent development (or development that is at odds with what the writers intend).

    • Yes says:

      I agree with everything you said.

  34. nel says:

    This is good, more focus on the individual stories. I like that a lot. I hope this applies to EVERY single character on glee. I still love Finchel a lot, they’re why I watch the show, and I want them to get back together, but I’m not completely opposed to them having some time apart. Same for Klaine. Love both pairings and I’d love to see them reunite but it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a little later rather than sooner. I think this season will be very entertaining.

  35. Janie says:

    I really REALLY don’t want Klaine to break-up though I think they are. Brittana are a bit weird because no one knows what Brittany actually wants to do or what she is actually good at, and I don’t think Santana deserves to be the only one doing something., so I think we could get some explaination about Brittany, whether they break-up or not. The Finchel breakup would be good because all through S3 Finn was making his descions based on Rachel’s dreams and do maybe he should evaluate his life.

  36. Sydney says:

    I hope that this particular storyline will be more focused on the kid relationships than Will and Emma’s. The kids are growing and changing and discovering who they are beyond high school. Their lives and loves are totally different than Will/Emma’s. They are in a more stable place in their lives and my guess is that they will have a normal bump in the road that most couples have as they plan a wedding. Should be interesting to watch. Hope we don’t have to wait too long!

  37. Jenny says:

    I so hope it’s Finchel who Breaks up properly and Klaine will break up Temporally and will get back together by Christmas or Valetines Day and Blake from the Glee Project wont be Gay.

  38. cory says:

    Finchel are a mismatched small town romance. If this was real life, they’d break up soon after high school and that would be it. They’d find people better suited for each of them and move on with their lives, remaining distant friends. Sad but true.

    • anne says:

      That’s true, but I think the writers see them as soulmates. It’s unfortunate. I’d like to see both characters with other people.

    • what says:

      But it’s not real life. I hope people understand this. If everything was based on REAL life, how many TV shows or TV relationships would survive?

    • Yop says:

      Ahh but the same can be said about all the other couples on the show besides Wemma. The thing is, it really is a show.

  39. BrittanaIsEndgame says:

    We don’t want Brittana to break up, we will fight for our couple they mean the world for us.Give them a serious realtionship this Season like Finchel but without a Break Up.

  40. Ian says:

    Oh I am laughing. Less focus on relationships? I doubt they’ll stick to that. And Rachel and Finn are as good as broken-up anyway. Rachel will have her new romance, and they’ll reunite down the line. Wemma are stuck with each other, and the show didn’t keep Kurt stuck in Lima just so he and Blaine could seriously end things only 4 episodes into the new season. They’ll never end Klaine. So the only couple I don’t know what will happen is Brittana.

    • Fiona says:

      Kurt is only in Lima for the premiere he is in NYC for the rest of the time so Klaine is definitely another possibility.

  41. ugh! says:

    Jesus Brad, just shut up. We get, Klaine is over. All their promises meant nothing. Kurt is shallow and will probably dump him the minute he gets to new york.

    • Claudia says:

      Blaine breaks up with him, actually, because he’s a whiny baby who can’t handle being separated for a few months.

      • Ally says:

        Neither of you know what’s happening for certain. lol how about we stop hurling the blame and wait until we actually see their motivations? hm?

    • lol says:

      hi kerrie. You are just too easy to spot.

    • Marco says:

      Kurt is SHALLOW? Let me tell you, Kurt needed to drop Blaine a LONG time ago. Klaine is a relationship that has been written as all about Blaine, who apparently is the perfect, can do no wrong one (even though he has gotten drunk and tried to rape his boyfriend, had apparently an ’emotional affair’ with Sebastian Smythe (‘family friendly’ my ***) and hypocritically SHAMED Kurt WITH THE HELP OF HIS FRIENDS. Blaine can talk the talk, but walk the walk? No, not at all. #TeamFreeKurtHummel

      • Ali says:

        Oh god, just shut up and stop accusing rape, it’s actually extremely offensive. And Klaine is written all about Blaine? When they’re often there for each other, helping and understanding one another in a way Finchel never will? And free Kurt Hummel from what, exactly? A relationship with a boy who loves him? Yes, let him run into Rachel Berry’s arms and be her purse forever!

        • Rel says:

          People always focus on a character’s mistakes rather than their redemption. I do however, think that each couple has the strong and weak points, but in the end, they make it work, because that’s what love’s about. Personally, I think both partners in the show understand each other, not just Klaine. Brittana have been best friends for years, Finchel and Wemma have been off and on for three years. With these couples, they were best friends first before they were a couple.

      • Kurt supporter says:

        I’m with you Marco. Blaine has been written as the swoonworthy, droolworthy male lead. Everyone should just make goo goo eyes and him and love him. While Kurt is there to support Blaine (even though he assaulted him in the car, took the male lead to the play, never gives him flowers or tells him how attractive he is). Blaine did shame him in front of his friends for being friendly with another guy (while everyone in that room has done far worse than what Kurt did including Blaine – giving The Warblers inside information.) I’m so ready for Kurt to move on to something bigger and better for him. I want my smart, bitchy Kurt back, please. Not this rug that he has become.

        • mark says:

          That’s just Blaine’s character, like Brittany is written as the hot cheerleader who gets boyfriends and girlfriends and people pining over her, Blaine is the hot dreamy guy. Why is that such a horrible thing? The only time Kurt was a true pod person was when he was dealing with Karofsky, going to the god squad when he’s an atheist and saying everything he was put through was “okay”. It was offensive and wrong. Kurt calls Blaine out on his crap, he didn’t roll over and have sex with Blaine in the car, he got out (and wasn’t scared, but was rightfully angry) and yelled at him, like he deserved. He told Blaine he wasn’t cheating and fought back with him, then sang to tell him he wouldn’t change for Blaine (and he HASN’T god take off your shipper goggles) but he also has nothing without him, because he loves him. Kurt’s character isn’t being stifled by Blaine, he’s not a little bitch all the time because he doesn’t have to shield himself up anymore. Look at Kurt’s relationship with his dad in season one, his relationship with Rachel and Blaine and Finn now, aka the people closest to him. THAT is the real Kurt Hummel. If you’re not a fan of him, you can kindly sit down.

          • Ann says:

            Preach long and hard. (Kurt was also apologizing with I Have Nothing because he KNEW he did wrong, even if he was having trouble owning up to it).

      • Ann says:

        Aren’t you embarrassed by how wrong you are on every count? Please shut your mouth immediately. Ignoring canon sure makes it easy to say whatever you want, doesn’t it?

  42. Miranda says:

    Praise! Brittana is treated like a joke, no storyline, Brittany not speaing in santanas coming out, and no private interactions. In a way, I want it similiar to s2, but this time as a real relationship. I think Brad should write Brittana again. It would be a bad move to break them up without proper development.

  43. ugh! says:

    Actually we don’t know for sure that Blaine breaks up with him. Kurt may have dumped him before leaving Lima and Blaine is trying to win him back. And Kurt seemed very uncomfortable when they were walking before Blaine started talking. Either way, Darren is awesome.

  44. By the way — using a Titanic reference in talking about an episode that focuses on stresses on major relationships and the fact that some of them won’t make it? Will, in fact, be sinking ships?

    Four for you, Brad Falchuk. Four for you.

  45. Brooke says:

    First, can I just say THANK YOU for everyone being well articulated and not bashing in their comments? TV Line comments are so much more intelligent than anything I ever see on E! comments!

    Personally, I can see them spicing up everyone. I can see a Klaine break up (though I think they are endgame.) Klaine fans complain they want equality for storylines and romance up to par with Finchel. THIS is what is it. Break ups, love triangles, etc. It hurts. But the payoff is fantastic for epic reunions. I think Kurt does need to be free in NYC for a few or more episodes but I think they will be back together by the end of the season.

    Rachel and Finn- I thought they were already broken up. Like WTF was the horrible train scene if they are just going to be back together at the beginning of the season and then break up again? No. I am not a fan of this at all. I think it WOULD have been more interesting to see Rachel struggling with all the drama of college and a big city while being a new wife/living with her fiancee. THAT’s different. The only other show I can think of that did this was OTH with Haley and Nathan. We see college students struggling with not fitting in on every show. Do we see them with husbands at 18 and the stress/craziness/drama that comes with it? No.

    Brittana- I’m just not a huge fan because of how they play Brittany as a child. I didn’t like how they oversexualize her but then make her act like a child. It’s creepy. I think Santana needs another strong opinionated woman to date. One that can match her whitty comments, put her in her place if she’s being horrible and keep up with her.

    Wemma- No real opinion. I don’t see who else they would put them with or what purpose breaking them up would create. But, never know.

    • anne says:

      I think Klaine fans are upset with how quickly they break-up. What’s the hurry?

      • Brooke says:

        How is that breaking up in a hurry? They’ve already had fights/conflicts about Kurt graduating and moving on? Ie: Couples counselling with Emma when Blaine was concerned he was being left behind. This isn’t a shock. it’s been foreshadowed since the end of last season. I understand the frustration, but fans can’t say they didn’t see this coming. They were already having problems last season.

        • Alex says:

          I agree with this and everything else you said. It was foreshadowed that Blaine wouldn’t be able to deal with Kurt being gone, he was worried about it in DWS and Goodbye and wanted reassurance. It’s gonna hurt, but he needs to learn to stand on his own two feet for a while while Kurt does the same in NY. But a couple like that doesn’t just end for good, not with the way they’ve been written, so I’m going to enjoy seeing how they find their way back to each other. That’s always the best part.

        • anne says:

          But my point is that they can’t even make it one month apart? I don’t buy it would fall apart that quickly.

          • erin says:

            Like someone else said, Blaine was already having a really hard time being without Kurt before he was gone. There’s no way he’s gonna be able to deal once they’re actually not together anymore. It will make sense for me, it’s gonna be even more heartbreaking though. I really love Klaine, I hope they pull through this.

    • Glee fans says:

      lol Finchel fans were the only dumb people that still think the wedding was a good idea

    • sky says:

      Thank you for your excellent explanation for a logical reason to not be a fan of Britanna. Brittany is written as a child -like mentality who cannot even comprehend simple tasks. Just for humor. I totally, dislike that she is written as a sex object with no understanding of her situation except that it was a game to her. She has yet to announce her sexuality and be anything but a devoted follower to her best friend having fringe benefits. She is a follower to Santana’s more dominate character. She needs to grow up to be her own person. I, too, think Santana needs someone who is more an equal to her way of thinking and opinions. She would be more interesting in a relationship where both girls can speak their minds with humor. Santana needs to be kept in check at times, this girl of equal spunk could do that. Brittany is sweet and gentle of heart showing how vulnerable she really is, of which Santana just takes advantage of. I love these girls just not together.

    • Ann says:

      No sane Klaine fan wants Klaine to be written like the unhealthy mess that is Finchel. Wanting the couple to be involved in each other’s lives, have conversations, and touch each other like significant others do isn’t the same as wanting Finchel’s contrived drama and codependency and break up after break up. It’s not the same.

  46. Out of all the long-distance couples, I can only see Brittany and Santana making it through. They have the most established foundation and a good perspective – Brittany: “You say the dream and I help build your dream and that’s what a partnership is about, right?”

    • Kate says:

      I agree. They’re the only couple who hasn’t had petty drama or tried to get one to sacrifice their dreams for the other. They’ve only been shown to want the best for the other, and have stayed far away from jealousy or cheating problems. They bring out the best in each other, hope we get to finally see some development there!

      • nope says:

        I’m wondering when Kurt and Blaine tried to get the other to sacrifice their dreams? Blaine didn’t ask Kurt to stay, he just pulled away from him because he couldn’t stand the idea of Kurt being gone and wanted to get used to it. Much sweeter than asking your girlfriend to move to California because you want to chase your 10-hour-old pool cleaning dream. I just can’t with Finchel.

        • Smh says:

          Watch Saturday Night Glee-ver and tell me again about how Finn and Rachel don’t support each other’s dreams. Who was the one who pushed Rachel to NY to follow her dreams? Oh yeah, Finn.
          I don’t think there’s a single couple out there that don’t support each other’s dream, yes each couple is different, but they’re all united in their love for their partner. Respect love.

      • Ann says:

        Santana manipulated Brittany into cheating on Artie and having sex with her. Brittany betrayed Santana’s trust and privacy and posted their sex tape online and refused to take it down to teach her a lesson. Imagine if Finn had done what Santana did or Mr. Schue had done what Brittany did.
        I like Brittana, or what they could be, but please don’t pretend there aren’t some serious issues within their relationship. Can Brittany even consent to sex?

    • Ann says:

      She posted their sex tape online without permission.

  47. Emmy says:

    There hasn’t been enough Focus on Brittana as a relationship to break them up already! They barely had any scenes last season. BRITTANA FOREVER!!!! Want more of them!!

    • Thena says:

      Maybe because they don’t actually have a real relationship. People in relationships talk to each other, those two don’t.

      • BrittanaIsEndgame says:

        because they don’t get the chance to talk to each other, it’s always finchel and klaine and it’s sucks. they can call glee the finchel and klaine show if others couples don’t get enough focus.

        • Brianna says:

          I’m sorry, but when is it EVER about Klaine? Honestly, Blaine has NO story line. We’ve learned about his brother and the fact that he boxes. That is absolutely it. We’ve heard nothing about his parents; about how they feel and react towards Blaine being gay. I understand how you ship Brittana and you think they need to communicate with each other or whatever, but at least we’ve learned about some of Santana’s family! I think the writers didn’t make them communicate a lot because their relationship has always been about the physical. Santana was never one to talk about her feelings, and from the way Brittany was written in, she wouldn’t understand any of their conversations anyway. Klaine has little to no development in their relationship. As soon as they had sex, it seemed as if they were ripped apart from one another. Sure, they sat together (SOMETIMES) in glee club or in the auditorium, but it never EVER went beyond that. Seriously, in Props, Finn and Puck sat closer together than Kurt and Blaine have since Blaine transferred to McKinley. Brittany and Santana, sure they love each other, but they were never really meant to be a couple. Santana obviously has communication issues, and Brittany has been written in with the mindset of a seven year old with no filter. Yes, Finn and Rachel have more screen time than any other couple, including Klaine, so don’t drag Klaine into that. Klaine has less of a story line that Brittana does.

          • martin says:

            Klaine are a beacon to gay guys. The decency, love and tenderness of this couple is a model that shows what the love between two guys can be. It is such an important relationship.

    • Marco says:

      I don’t know… Glee is famous for FUBARing their center characters/couples. I think they already messed Brittana enough when they established that Santana has no problem with tricking her girlfriend into cheating on her current boyfriend (and who knows what else!) They made their cute relationship creepy, especially since Brittany has never confronted her on it…

  48. Katherine says:

    I’m actually excited about this season, but dreading all the Finchel we’re going to get no matter if they break up or not. Anyways, I really hope they don’t break Brittana up since they haven’t even had a serious conversation since before they started dating.

  49. Ashley says:

    Brittana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …better not breakup, like whoa. :D

  50. ugh! says:

    I don’t think Britanna have had enough screen time to qualify for a break-up… but that’s just me. One thing’s for sure, Wemma and Finchel are endgame and have been set up as such since the pilot episode. If anyone’s breaking up permanently it’s Klaine.

    • Jessica says:

      Klaine are not breaking up permanently because of the way the have come together per the last year, if any couple is breaking up permanently i think it would be Finchel, they’ve broken up so many time already and you can’t break up do many times without there being a reason. I’m not so sure about Wemma, if they break up I don’t think it would be permanent either. Brittana aren’t really a good couple and that’s because of the way they write Brittany as if she is a child, and I don’t think Santana really deserves to be held back by that. But if they can change the way they right Brittany then I’m all for it.