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CBS Boss 'Optimistic' About HIMYM Season 9, Has Plan to 'Solve' Sunday's NFL Delay Problem

CBS is inching closer to a deal to bring How I Met Your Mother back for a ninth and possibly final season.

“We’re in early conversations and we’re pretty optimistic,” CBS president Nina Tassler said Sunday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “[But] we’re not there yet.”

Tassler went on to say that HIMYM bosses Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are plotting “a strategic wrap-up” to the series, which is entering its eighth season this fall.

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Other highlights from CBS’ exec session at press tour…

TVLine asked Tassler if she is concerned that The Good Wife and The Mentalist will be delayed more so than any previous Sunday line-up by the NFL’s slightly later kick-off times. She said that in addition to on-screen “bugs” and network tweets notifying viewers of estimated start times, CBS will also employ SMS text alerts to get the word out. “We do everything possible, and will continue to do everything, to make sure the audience knows the show will be delayed.” Additionally, The Mentalist, which never before made full episodes available online, will this year do so at CBS.com.

* Canceling CSI: Miami (over CSI: NY) was “a difficult decision,” said Tassler. “Saying goodbye to a CSI was a very big deal. That show has been extraordinarily successful for us… What we looked at was [the flow on] Friday vs. Sunday night. It was a very tough choice, but it was just a jump ball and it had to do with the schedule.”

* Look for “more humor” and “New York event-type stories” on CSI: NY this season, shared Tassler.

* There’s talk of changing the setting of CBS’ death-defying drama Unforgettable from Queens to Manhattan in Season 2. And in addition to Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh and Jane Curtin, Kevin Rankin (Justified) may return as Roe Saunders in some capacity.

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  1. mspenn1013 says:

    Text Alerts? Really

    • Saint Alicia says:

      So ridiculous, they might as well just say they don’t give a crap about the shows they’ve banished to Sunday. Tassler is a liar and a fool.

  2. SK says:

    I don’t care if I am notified that The Good Wife is delayed, I usually already know anyway. I am more interested in either 1) moving it away from Sunday football or 2) finding some way so the people who couldn’t care less about football can watch it at it’s regularly scheduled time instead of 2 hours later or 3) finding someway to fix the DVR timing if the show is delayed. Seriously, any of those three will work for me.

    • MelindaB says:

      We don’t watch football, and regularly record the shows that we watch so that if we am not home for some reason, we can still see them. However, I’d say that half of last year’s episodes of The Good Wife ended up deleted from the DVR because they were cut off. I don’t add extra time because our DVR’s capacity is limited and tends to fill up quickly. If they could fix the listings that my DVR uses on the fly so that recording would start and stop at the correct times, then we could watch TGW and The Mentalist later in the week.

      • Jake says:

        You would think in this day and age that they could do that. I really wish they would move the good wife back to tuesdays

  3. Jim says:

    Just push 60 minutes to 8 in the fall and cut out a fall season of Amazing Race. Fill in any extra time during the 7pm hour with football post game / wrap up programming. Unbelievable how this hasn’t been done already.

    • Crystal says:

      I agree, dump the amazing race for the fall and save us all the grief. I probably won’t watch CBS at all on Sundays if everything stays as it is…… I love The Good Wife, but I don’t stay up until 11. It’s too late.

  4. David says:

    During football season, CBS should truncate 60 Minutes so that the remainder of their lineup starts at 8:00PM. For the first time, I gave up watching The Amazing Race last season because it never started on time. Some of those 60 Minutes segments can be run anytime. CBS needs to remember that there are many other shows on Sunday nights on other networks that do start on time.

  5. JeniLee says:

    Its a chore for me to watch HIMYM the last couple years. I have stuck with it since i have invested so much time but if we STILL dont meet the mom this season and they choose to continue it, i have to give it up. Last season i barely laughed and it became boring with NOTHING original happening. Rehashing Ted and Robin again? Ugh. No. Sad because the first couple years were SO amazing!

    • Kendal says:

      Completely agree with all of this! Hopefully this season is the last and has a satisfying ending.

    • Rob R says:

      Amen! You spoke for thousands of us, JeniLee.

    • Sg.Grant says:

      While I slightly agree with you about the pace, I disagree with you about giving up on the show. I’ve already invested too much time. Whether it is one more season or two, what’s 12 more hours of my time to see this thing through. You are kidding yourself if you are going to give up on it at the very end.

      • Jake says:

        Well I feel like we are getting played. Why is it do impossible to write the mother into the storyline already because I’m guessing that they didn’t immediately get married after he met her. If my dad was telling me this story, I’d tell him to get to it already

        • JeniLee says:

          Exactly Jake! He is telling the story in 2030. Kids are about 16 (which is generous cuz i think that actress is like 21 now) which means born 2014. Meet mom married and preggers all in the span of the next year? And you KNOW he wont meet her this year and it will be dragged out. It will become a major continuity error. Its a shame this show used to be SO good with continuity and they gave it up lately. Remember when Ted met a girl online early in show? This year he was so against online dating and wouldnt try it.

    • posterperson says:

      i gave up on it 2 seasons ago. so boring. dont even care who the mother is anymore. pity as was a great show.

  6. David says:

    The Amazing Race is the best (and most honored) reality competition show out there. So, CBS won’t cancel its fall season. But they do need to treat the show and its loyal viewers with more respect and do whatever is necessary to start the show (and their schedule) on time.

    • Sg.Grant says:

      That would mean cutting the NFL. The NFL ratings are better than their scripted programming. I would say CBS cares more about it’s NFL viewers than it does about The Good Wife viewers.

  7. R says:

    9th would be the final? i thought it would have 10 seasons as it kinda is the Friends 2.0!

    Although FRIENDS was kinda better :P Still, a big fan of HIMYM!

    • Agree with all of this! Even though I didn’t start watching Friends until Nick@Nite reruns that began last fall, I do see how it was slightly better than HIMYM. Plus, you can see the parallels and similarities between the two shows. What’s not to love about both? :)

  8. Glenn says:

    CBS should make their Sunday lineup available OnDemand on all cable systems.

    Got tired of partially recorded shows on my Tivo and, with no other options to find the missing portions, I’ve given up on watching CBS shows on Sunday nights.

  9. pecola says:

    CBS really needs to come up with a better solution for the NFL overrun, especially now that ABC’s put “Revenge” in the timeslot opposite “The Good Wife” (or, rather, “Amazing Race/The Good Wife”).

  10. alex says:

    So glad The Mentalist will FINALLY be available online! Very frustrating that there was no legal way to catch up on missed episodes online previously.

    • Green says:

      Those fans of the Menalist & the Good Wife in Canada can NOT watch shows on-line. We are blocked by the American networks,. So if taping the show & it is cut off we are SOL!

      The network should fit in a post game time slot for the football game in case it runs long. Only schedule what will fit in!

  11. TigerNightmare says:

    Can’t they just air reruns on all football nights? That’s what FOX usually did when they had football.

    • Sg.Grant says:

      Reruns from September to mid-January? That sounds like a fantastic idea… Wait, no.

      • TigerNightmare says:

        They either cover an early game and an afternoon game, just the afternoon game, just the early game or neither. Because certain games aren’t covered by CBS and what have you. They could simply air reruns whenever they have an afternoon game for shows that normally air 8-10 and the 10 PM show will always air on time instead of delayed. I hate how they shift the entire schedule ahead when games run late. FOX would just run the post-game show until it ate up whatever extra time they had left. There’s a right way to do things.

  12. Matt says:

    Regardless of it’s renewal they need to introduce the mother this season because the premise is already stretching my imagination. Although with a new love interest coming in for Robin we might actually need 2 damn seasons to get satisfying resolution to her and barney.

  13. Rox says:

    It needs a 10TH SEASON, come on CBS. 10 is the magic number!!

    • ed says:

      not for cbs. most of cbs’ successful sitcoms from recent years have ran for 9 seasons: everybody loves raymond, king of queens, and two and a half men would have had a 9 season run if it wasnt for the whole charlie sheen thing.

  14. TigerNightmare says:

    I honestly don’t care about the mother premise, never did. All I care is that the show is funny, which it hasn’t really been since season 2 or so.

  15. portiaslegacy says:

    Sunday nights at 9 is currently the time slot battle that I’m most torn about. The Good Wife is one of my favorite shows, and in general I think it is better than Revenge (and I have more faith in it) , but with the football delays I’m going to watch Revenge. Sigh, so much good tv.

    If they are looking into a S9 does that mean that the Barney/Robin wedding will be at least two years down the road? I am curious if they will just delay meeting the mother or try and incorporate

  16. Fernanda says:

    All depends of this year plotlines on HIMYM. If the storylines are the same thing for the last 3 seasons (Robin-Barney, Ted-Robin, Barney-other girls, Ted-Robin-Barney) then I really want to the show will come to end. How about Ted will finally meet the mother this year but his friends and the audience don’t, that would be great, and the mistery will continue until the end of the show. 9 seasons is a good number for me. HIMYM is not Friends 2.0, it’s a great and unique show.

  17. hr says:

    Never seen HIMYM….Watched every. episode of TGW. but as many of u said, CBS is making it impossible to watch or dvr..NINA IF YOU DONT FIX IT, IM GONE…THE SHOWS RATINGS WILL FALL EVEN MORE.. sorry nina but we all dont watch football or the entire cbs lineup to wait for the 938 starttime that affects the shows we like on other networks

  18. Vi says:

    Will probably watch Revenge and record The Good Wife for 2 hours. It is hard when your DVR only holds so much and the fact the CBS is just going to send out texts is a band aid. The fans are trying to stay loyal to these shows but CBS is making it difficult.

  19. King says:

    Thanks for another season of CSI: NY CBS!

    • I agree! Even though Miami was the CSI I started watching first, I lost interest in it over the last couple seasons. No idea why; I just know that I watched it out of loyalty while the other two I watched because I wanted to. I wasn’t really sad to see Miami cancelled.

  20. Joy says:

    I am so fed up with CBS Sunday lineup with football always running overtime and so does Amazing Race. There must be another spot they could at least move that to but better still put The Mentalist (my favourite show) & TGW back in their previous time slots. Why did they move them anyway? It is all very well to tell us The Mentalist will now be available online but are they refering to this new season or re-runs? Another thing about shows online. They do not CC them so it is of no help to a deaf person of which I am one. So 2 thumbs down to CBS for no help at all.

  21. Billy bob says:

    I really don’t understand when people complain about not meeting the mother yet. WHO CARES! the show is funny and the characters all have such great chemistry with each other. We will eventually meet the mom, but for right now just chill and enjoy the show.

  22. So, if moving a show to Sunday nights and it interfering with NFL overruns is what it takes to put a CBS show online when it wasn’t before, could CBS maybe move Mike & Molly to Sundays? I know it wouldn’t fit (except maybe to replace 60 Minutes and make up the half-hour that seems to be the overrun) but I’m just sick and tired of scouring the web for the episodes that I can’t watch. For a couple days after the season finale aired, I couldn’t find it on the link/viewing sites that I do have bookmarked!

  23. Val says:

    The Good Wife is one of my absolute favorite shows. I don’t give a damn about football. But the Sunday night delays are absolutely maddening. It’s infuriating to have an episode cut off. And it’s not fair for CBS to make me skip on DVR-ing other shows because they keep messing up the schedule on Sunday nights. It’s unbelievable how little they seem to care about the viewers of the Good Wife.

  24. GRRRR says:

    Yes, let’s renew HIMYM, keep the name HIMYM, go another season… and ruin all continuity that you had established in “Trilogy Time” (2015, the first baby is already born), “Magician’s Code” (Barney-Robin Wedding) and all that you’ve established all the way to back in the beginning in 2005. AWESOME IDEA!!! -_-

  25. Stacyh says:

    “There’s talk of changing…Unforgettable from Queens to Manhattan”

    Would that make an ounce of difference? A show can be set in the middle of a made up town and be successful, it’s about the characters and the stories.

    Why are tv execs so clueless??

  26. J says:

    No, No, No!! Let that show die already. It’ not a good show and doesn’t deserve to be on TV this long when way better shows had come and gone already. The concept is stupid, the show is tired and there no good reason why its still on.

  27. Deb says:

    I am SOOO over-excited that The Mentalist will be online. i was truly worried b/c TM is by far one of my most favorite shows and when i heard it was moving to Sundays, i thought for sure it was done, but now there’s hope. Thank you CBS for showing you care at least that little bit:)

  28. Yes. says:

    Well if season 9 will be the final one, they’ll have to introduce the mother in it, otherwise the show should be renamed, which would be stupid seeing as it’s the last season and all.

  29. Jackie says:

    do you already. know the mother oh and I’m dieing to know Barney’s job more then who the. mother is so can u try to give us a hint. tux I wish u never stop

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