How Will a Change in Football Kickoff Times Affect Your CBS Sunday Favorites?

A 10-minute difference in football start times likely will be 10 times the headache for fans of CBS’ Sunday-evening line-up.

The National Football League announced Thursday that it will move its 4:15/3:15c Sunday kickoffs to 4:25 in order to reduce overlap with games that start at 1. That means that the Sundays that CBS broadcasts a 4:25 game — nine weeks out of the 17-week regular NFL season — its primetime fare will be pushed even later than in years past.

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Football’s variable play time has long wreaked havoc on fans of CBS’ Sunday-night offerings. Now, viewers will have an even tougher time figuring out when The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and Sunday newbie The Mentalist — in the 8, 9 and 10 pm slots, respectively — will begin or end. (Diehards, it’s probably a good idea to admit defeat and have the DVR record all night.)

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