Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Supernatural, Once, White Collar, Leverage, Saving Hope and More!

What has Supernatural Sam gained — and given up on — during Dean’s absence? Which fairytale character did Once Upon a Time almost not get its hooks into? Is a White Collar bromance over? What secret is Leverage keeping? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from fall and summer shows.

Leverage | We open this week’s column with a pair of burning questions. No. 1: What the heck was that cryptic exchange between Nate and Hardison at the close of the season premiere? Something about a secret they are keeping from the rest of the team? I pressed Aldis Hodge, who plays Hardison, on the issue, but all he would say is, “That gets paid off in the season finale, so you’ll have to wait and find out.” C’mon, not one more clue? “Like I said [in this TVLine Q&A],” he added, “there’s a reason why we’re now in Portland.” Hit the Comments with your theories!

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White Collar | Burning question No. 2: Have we seen the last of Neal and Mozzie as partners in conning? Because as Neal got flown back to the States in Episode 2, Moz chose to stay behind in their idyllic getaway. But fear not, “At the end of the day Mozzie realizes that without Neal it’s no fun,” Willie Garson told me. “Mozzie wants to be in the action, and the action is with his buddy Neal!” (Staying in the mix also means doing The Suit a solid, as Moz does in the next episode.) Turning from bromance to romance, might Mozzie find a new flame this season, as hard as it would be to top the likes of Diane Farr and Lena Headey? “We’re shooting Episode 11 right now and Mozzie doesn’t have a girlfriend… yet,” Garson said. “But there is always a chance.”

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Supernatural | Pamela emailed to ask if I have “any inside scoop on the Winchester boys.” Well, this week’s Ask Ausiello – coupled with this casting news – gave you a taste of what Dean will be dealing with at the start of the season. So let’s turn to Sam. Because while this other (and prettier) piece of casting may have you thinking (proactively freaking?) that time will be spent on lovey-dovey romance, Jared Padalecki reveals, “Sam is no longer with [Amelia]” when the season starts. “Most of the love interest stuff we see is all in flashback, though I know she will come back to non-flashback at some point in time.” What else was Sam up to while Dean was in purgatory, aside from getting’ down with his new girl? Not killing things that go bump in the night, it turns out. “Essentially, Sam walked away from the life when Dean, Castiel, Kevin and Crowley disappeared,” Padalecki previews.

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Once Upon a Time | With the casting of Sleeping Beauty and Mulan, the question becomes: How will the new princesses be threaded into Season 2? “They come into the show in a very surprising and unique way,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis says. “We’re really excited because like everything we’ve done, we’re not interested in retelling you the version that you’re used to. We feel like we have great spins on both characters, and what we love is how they’ll interact with the people we already know and love.” As for the Comic-Con reveal that Captain Hook is also on the horizon, it’s interesting to note that that cameo almost didn’t happen. “Peter Pan is my favorite fairy tale, but for the last year, Adam [Horowitz] and I could not get the rights,” Kitsis shares. “So we’ve had Captain Hook on our shelf… for a while.”

Saving Hope | Dipping again into the reader mailbag, Kim wants scoop on Alex and Charlie, stat! “I am getting attached to these characters and hope to hear that Charlie wakes up before it gets cancelled or — gasp — renewed.” Well hurry up and read this, Kim, because a critical arc kicks off tonight. “While Alex continues to work with a new and intriguing case, Charlie’s need to connect to life in any way intensifies,” Erica Durance tells me, previewing Charlie’s bond with a fellow comatose spirit (and a bride-to-be, at that). What’s more, “The need for Alex to bring Charlie back escalates when [his ex-wife] Dawn comes back into the picture petitioning for the legal right to determine Charlie’s life-and-death decisions — thus setting up the ultimate challenge for Alex in Episode 8, airing next week.” Super drama.

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Breaking Bad | If seeing Walt with hair and new specs threw you a bit during the season premiere’s flash-forward, prepare to find him less and less recognizable even in the present, as the final episodes unfold. “This season really allows the viewer to be conflicted to the greatest degree ever,” three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston teases. After all, in Season 1 we were only begrudgingly rooting for this cancer patient to, by any means necessary, take care of his fam’s future. But now, he wants to be a meth king just to be a meth king. “The point of view that Walter has taken now is so desperate and so egregious and so ego driven, he’s on a plane that is unrecognizable to people around him,” Cranston says, evoking for us the image of wife Skylar looking uneasy during their latest moment together. “It’s like living with a schizophrenic.”

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Covert Affairs | As you may have surmised from the new promos, next Tuesday’s episode is “very Auggie-centric,” exec producer Chris Ord tells us. “He’s out in the field, and it’s very action-packed. …. [For] fans of Auggie, I would say to definitely tune in.” All of which would seem to lay some foundation for the storyline that will point Chris Gorham’s character in the direction of CIA shrink Dr. Suzanne Wilkins (played by One Tree Hill alum Daniella Alonso). “It’s safe to say that Auggie will be finding his way to her couch,” Ord confirms. “We don’t want to get into the reasons why, but those will become evident over the first few episodes. I think she is a fantastic actress and she and Chris play really well together.”

Common Law | Speaking of pretty therapists, fans of this USA Network dramedy may be wondering: Will either Wes or Travis ever get thinking about “laying down on the couch,” so to speak, with Dr. Ryan—seeing as she is played by the gorg’ Sonya Walger? “We go there. We go there,” Michael Ealy assures me. “Absolutely. How can you not? She’s smart, she’s good-looking, she’s sexy … she’s got that [British] accent, which probably helped her get the part. She brought a certain authority to the role; she was a total contrast to us.” Viewers can watch the sparks fly between the shrink and [spoiler!] in the Aug. 3 episode, “Hot for Teacher.”

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (With reporting by Meg Masters and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Dilys says:

    Thanks for the Supernatural scoop. Now that you’ve covered Dean and Sam can the next scoop be about the other part of Team Free Will? Cas fans are waiting for more news about him and hoping to hear he will become a regular again. Oh and happy birthday to Jared today!

    • Dovilė says:

      I am afraid that about Cas it won’t be much news. Because on comic-con was said that we see Cas in 2th episode in flashbacks and those flashbacks we find out what happen to him. So if they now says or we see him in non-flashback they would give us a big spoiler.

    • Mary says:

      I doubt he’ll be regular again, at least not for the next season. If it wasn’t announced at CC, he’ll most likely keep his special guest status.
      And I don’t really understand the obsession with his status. The only difference is that as a regular they have to pay him for a certain number of episodes no matter if Cas appears in them or not while as a guest star he gets paid per episode he’s actually is in – like Jim Beaver. And for a show with such a tight budget as Spn the second option is a lot more economical.

  2. Chris says:

    Regarding White Collar — I would have been shocked to have seen Mozzie stay behind for more then the time frame of one episode; talk about messing up a great cast dynamic if that had been true!

  3. kirads09 says:

    Thank you for the clarification about Moz. I figured we had not seen the last of him but was concerned. White Collar just wouldn’t be the same!

  4. Dovilė says:

    On Supernatural said nothing new. Already it was said on comic-con.

    I knew that Mozzie not be long gone.

  5. elf says:

    I always thought Moz was asexual.

  6. Madeline says:

    I am so not excited for Sam’s storyline after hearing and reading Jared’s CC interviews.

    When compared to Dean’s purgatory storyline, Sam’s “domestic” storyline just sounds boring. I just hope Sam’s flashbacks don’t consist of him and Amelia going grocery shopping or something. I don’t know how much of the Sam’s year as a “regular joe” I need to see before it gets repetitive and old. How do the writers think they are going to portray that in an interesting way? They keep talking about how much flashbacks will be used this season. I have a feeling that Dean and Cas’ purgatory flashblacks will be fascinating to me, while I will want to fast forward through Sam’s. I watch SPN to watch the boys as hunters.

    I also am somewhat confused by Jared’s reasoning for why Sam left the hunter’s life. It just seems very out-of-character to me that Sam wouldn’t look for Dean. Jared is almost making it sound like Dean’s disappearance was the perfect excuse Sam needed to leave the hunting life. He keeps saying Sam is “happy.” I don’t get that at all. You brother (after everything you two have been through together) disappears in a poof and you go get a dog and girlfriend? Why couldn’t Sam had gotten a dog and gf but still actively looked for Dean??

    Sam wasn’t truly alone. He could have called Garth or Jody for help. It sounds like an weak excuse to me. And I wonder how the writers will handle it without making Sam seem…uncaring and selfish. It will be a fine line.

    • Dee says:

      Where would Sam even *begin* to look for Dean, though? He has no idea where he, or anyone else for that matter, disappeared to.

      He has no clues, probably not even any “monsters” or “evil things” to hunt anymore. What else is he supposed to do? Didn’t Dean do the same exact thing?

      • Madeline says:

        No, Dean did not do the same thing at all. Even when Dean was with Lisa and Ben, he continued to look for ways to bust Sam out of the pit. He wasn’t hunting monsters day to day, but he still “collected hundreds of books” and the show even showed Dean spending his evenings researching. He didn’t give up on Sam. It sounds like Sam gave up on Dean though.

        Sam is an excellent hunter. He has common sense. When Dean disappears with the head Levi dies, I think I have a pretty good idea of where he went. I would think Sam would be smart enough to figure it out…figure something out. Even if he had nothing to go on, he could have tried. Not just give up and move one.

        There is a great quote of Sam’s from Season 1: “People don’t just disappear, Dean. Other people just stop looking for them”

        What do you mean he has no “monsters” or “evil things” to hunt anymore – of course he does.

      • Nic says:

        He could at last try. Not having a lead isn’t a reason to not even try. He didn’t even know if he was dead or alive…

        And no, Dean didn’t do the same thing. Rewatch the episode 6.01, please and pay attention.

  7. Elle says:

    I really, really miss Erica Durance as Lois Lane. That being said, her new show is entertaining and I’ve enjoyed seeing her on the screen again. It’s just that…she’s not Lois. And I miss Lois. And as much as I like Charlie and Alex….it’s not Lois and Clark. But, I know Ms. Durance needs to move on with her career and I certainly support that and her new show. She’s doing a great job. I just miss her as Lois Lane.

    • Melosm says:

      She was a great Lois. I miss her too!

    • sun says:

      Sometimes feel this way. Just for a few sec, I would think about Smallville’s Lois and Clark, esp when Alex does Lois-y things like an eye-roll or flipping her ponytail– but I get pulled in by the intertwining stories on Saving Hope. I love Erica, still love Clois, but loving Alex and Saving Hope, too!

    • MaryAnn says:

      The lack of chemistry between Lois and Clark made me think that Erica Durance was a poor actress, but she is absolutely FANTASTIC on “Saving Hope” with chemistry with her lead that just makes “Saving Hope” my favorite show of the summer.

      • Mikael says:

        I’d blame the chemistry on Tom Welling’s “acting” and not Erica’s. It’s a testament to how great a Lois Lane she was that she managed to make him not seem like a wooden puppet all the time.

  8. Lauren says:

    I’m going to take a guess and think the sparks will fly between Dr. Ryan and Wes….lol. Well they’ve had conversations etc.

  9. Thanks for the “Saving Hope” scoop, Matt! I started watching for Erica Durance, but I’ve since fallen in love with the characters and the whole concept. It keeps getting better every week. Medical shows used to bore me, but the supernatural/spiritual angel gets to me. And I absolutely adore Alex and Charlie’s relationship, so I can’t wait to see Alex fight for her fiance. It’s always lovely to hear Ms. Durance talk about her work. I hope (pun intended) to hear more from her in the future.

    • sun says:

      ITA with this post !

      It’s surprising that there’s no comment yet about wanting the supernatural twist or specifically Charlie-in-spirit-form to end by either waking up or dying!! I mean, I was expecting this story arc to last the whole season and maybe half the next season coz it’s the main ongoing conflict of Saving Hope!

  10. bobbie says:

    I truly hope Saving Hope gets renewed! I find it a very interesting and pleasant show, love the characters.

  11. Patti says:

    I am so excited to see what that scene between Nate and Hardison was about. Leverage is awesome. I love LOVE Once upon a Time but for some reason I am not excited for Sleeping Beauty or Mulan.

  12. Wendy says:

    Sorry, none of these Supernatural spoilers are making me excited about season 8. I’m not interested in Sam and Dean separated and Sam not even bothering to look for Dean. I’m not interested in Sam and Dean with other people when the show was supposed to be about the brothers’ relationship. None of that is true to the way the characters were created and developed the first four or five seasons of the show, and it’s a shame to see what the new showrunners have done to the characters and the show since then.

  13. eliza says:

    Thanks for the Saving Hope scoop. I love Erica and started watching just because of her, but I’ve got to say I really love all the characters on this show. But she was the best Lois Lane ever, A great and lovely actress!!!!!!!! I’ll never forget Smalville’s Lois and Clark.

  14. Trenton says:

    Common Law is good…but im starting to think the only reason white boy pulls a gun on his partner is that he slept w/ his wife…

    • sladewilson says:

      Nah, they’ve established that the wife and Travis were good friends only. I’m thinking Travis said or did something about that case that made Wes change from lawyer to cop. That’s Wes’ major sore spot…

  15. kate says:

    I guess they’re bringing Amelia back in non-flashback form so that Sam can finish her off with his death!dick. I have such a bad feeling about this character because a) SPN just can’t write romantic interests that don’t turn out awful and b) now everything I’ve read about her says, “Mary Sue.” She’s sweet and sarcastic and brave and WONDERFUL with a tragic soul? OMG WHYYYYY is this the description they’re actively using? Makes me feel so much dread. I’ll hold final judgement til after the season starts and we meet her, but like, really? That’s the best description? Oy.

  16. TivaNCIS says:

    Thanks for the Saving Hope scoop i feel Joel is going to take advantage of the situation and back with Alex should I worry because I need Charlie to wake up and get with his girl Alex!!

  17. A says:

    Not too happy with this casting choice for Covert Affairs. Never liked her in OTH.

  18. sun says:

    Matt!! Thank you so much for including Saving Hope in your roster! And talking with Erica for deets! Awesome!

    I hope you’ll give another scoop on Saving Hope’s new episode next week (and the coming weeks) too!

  19. Cheryl says:

    Wow! knocking Sam and Season 8 even before it starts, and without all the facts and cherry picking the rest , how surprising.

    The boys will be together right away and thier time apart seen in flashbacks. They will be on a quest for something that will very much unite them as it something near and dear to their heart,something thats a source of power and its not hard to figure out thats the Amulet. And if you listened to Jared he said Sam was alone ,had no leads and had no idea where Dean was ,and ended up beleiving Dean was dead.

    Carver is the best thing to happen to this show since kripke screwed it royally in Seasons 4 and especially the show and characters Samam and Dean becoming unrecognizable and it cost this show half of its fandom And with Gamble making some progress but not able to fix the damage kripke left behind and not able to get the magic back this show use to have And thats the brothers and their relationship as the heart of this show is their story,the story of sam and Dean and Carver seems to get that.

  20. Cheryl says:

    Carver is the best thing to happen to this show since kripke screwed it royally in Seasons 4 and especially in Season 5 causing Supernatural and its characters of Sam and Dean to become unrecognizable and it cost this show half its fandom And with Gamble making some progress but not able to fix the damage kripke left behind and not able to get the magic back this show use to have And thats the brothers and their relationship as the heart of this show is their story,the story of Sam and Dean and Carver seems to get that

    • Kiersten says:

      Supernatural is also the story of Cas as he has been a part of the show since Season 4. And there are many people who are watching the show to see more of Dean and Cas’ story also. I’m thrilled with Carver’s new role on the show and I look forward to his journeys for ALL of Team Free Will. Dean, Sam and Cas.

  21. sun says:

    Btw Matt, did notice your use on the word ‘super’ twice!! (double winks on Smallville)

  22. Kid says:

    I was afraid Moz was going to be absent for a number of episodes.

  23. Carl says:

    Good to hear that Moz is coming back.

  24. Tracy says:

    Who cares about Sam? With Sera gone I thought we were finally going to get more Dean! Why can’t we get more Dean? He’s the one everyone wants to see!

    • Sarah says:

      Speak for yourself, EDG.
      That everyone only wants to see Dean is your opinion and not a fact. And seriously you still can’t stop bashing Sera Gamble. Talk about beating a dead horse – especially since nearly all of her episodes in the last 2 years were Dean-centric.
      Geeze, I wish you TWOP fanatics would disappear like CW lounge did. It would make the fandom and comment sections such a nicer place.
      Haters suck.

    • Me says:

      I DO! I watch the show for three characters, Sam, Dean and Sam&Dean. You are not everyone @Tracy! Speak for your self and let the rest of us say who/what is the reason we watch the show…

  25. Lily says:

    I’m okay with Sam walking away from the hunting. It shows that he has learned from past mistakes and he won’t try and get revenge on anyone for what happened.

  26. jess says:

    I’m excited for see what story they have for sleeping beauty because I really like the way they spinned the little red riding hood and beauty and beast stories. BUT i’m super hesitant about Mulan and was shocked to hear they’re doing her story. I mean, she’s ONLY a princess in the disney sense. and unlike the other “fairy tale characters,” she’s an actual historic figure and someone I’ve looked up to since I can remember. Although I’ve watch many MANY incarnation of Mulan in tv shows and movies, none of them (again, except Disney’s talking dragon) has involved magic so I’m pretty worried. I don’t understand why they decided to do Mulan, what’s next? Joan of Arc?

  27. Nola says:

    Saving Hope was bad and slow. The three main actors have no CHEMISTRY. 0.5/2 rating , is not good . Cancel please…..!!!

  28. Jenn says:

    Regarding Leverage ~ I have a feeling there might be a traitor in their midst though I don’t even want to imagine who!.. I sure hope not… This season is starting out incredible and with tonight’s hockey episode??? Excitement all around… Now if TNT would just get off their behinds and give them a well deserved Season 6 all will be right with the world!

    • Melissa says:

      I can’t imagine any of them being a traitor! Something definately happened at the end of last season in Boston that we don’t know about, yet.

  29. HOPE says:

    Love Mozzie.. he has Neal and Peter’s back..a faithful friend forever… first 3 episodes off to a great start in White Collar world. Loved Mia Maestro’s Maya too, and can’t wait to have Gloria Votsis’ Alex back in episode 8. I would love to see more Mia and Gloria in future episodes.