Horror Story Boss Ryan Murphy on Emmy Bonanza and 'Completely Different' Season 2

FX clearly made the right decision entering American Horror Story in Emmy’s movie/miniseries category. The anthology-esque horror show scared up a staggering 17 nods, making it this year’s most nominated program (in a tie with Mad Men).

Below, Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy reacts to hitting the kudos jackpot and offers a progress report on Season 2.

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TVLINE | Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that the show would garner 17 nominations?
No. Never. In most cases, anything that that remotely has to do with horror or the horror genre doesn’t usually get a lot of [Emmy] love for whatever reason. So that was a huge hurdle [we had to overcome]. I was pretty sure Jessica [Lange] would get nominated, and obviously the special effects, but other than that I had no clue; I was very surprised.

TVLINE | Of the 17 nominations, which one were you most pleasantly surprised by?
I was thrilled that Frances Conroy got into the [supporting actress] category, because [the focus was so much on] Jessica. And I loved them together. The fact that she got in there was awesome.

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TVLINE | Does all the Emmy love add extra pressure on Season 2?
Normally, it would. But it doesn’t because it’s a completely different thing. It’s a completely different story, a completely different period, and a completely different look. It’s like doing a new project. It can’t be compared to the first season.

TVLINE | When did you start shooting?
Tuesday. We have two days under our belt. Everyone looks so different. People who were enemies last year are allies this year. The sets are amazing. It’s 1964, so everything looks very different.

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TVLINE | Lastly, any thoughts on Dot-Marie Jones’ nod for Glee?
I’m thrilled for her. We wrote that [domestic violence-themed] episode specifically for her to showcase everything that she can do. I was really happy for her.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Right now could care less about American Horror Story. Sherlock got nominated and I couldn’t be more then happier.

    • rikes says:

      If you “could care less” that means you care lol

      • dude says:

        LOL I don’t understand why people confuse the two. I loved AHS last season, one of my favourite new shows and I’m thrilled it was given so many nominations. It definitely deserves them.

        • ebeth says:

          I don’t understand why people who don’t like something read articles and take their time to write about! I will never understand. If I don’t like a show or a movie, I’m not wasting my time reading an article about it! I’m excited for AHS to come back and cannot wait to see what the new season has in store!

      • Brandon says:

        Love it :) They are clearly full of confusion!

      • Felisha says:

        I know, right?? People should say “I COULDN’T care less”….drives me bonkers!!!!! “”Oh, so you DO care, just less? I feel all warm and fuzzy that you at least care!” ;)

    • axel says:

      Also, how happy can you be when you say “couldn’t be more then happier”? Speaka da Engrish, prease

    • Amanda says:

      Bad opinion is bad. Sherlock sucks.

  2. Joe Smith says:

    American horror story was GREAT. Horror on TV is rare and even rarer when it is good. The nominations were very much deserved

  3. TV Gord says:

    This is all about where it submitted itself for nominations. I wonder how it would have done if it competed with the grown-ups in the Drama Series category.

    Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed American Horror Story. It’s just a bit of a cheat to submit in the category where it has much less competition.

    • TV Gord says:

      I probably shouldn’t have used, “grown-ups”. I was going to write, “big boys”, but I thought that would be too discriminatory. ;-)

    • Jason Rey says:

      It’s much more appropriate for the category than something like Sherlock or Missing. I think the reason AHS counts as a miniseries is that it’s an anthology series, one that will reboot itself in the next season with all new characters. Sherlock (though much shorter) does not do this at all and Missing only counts as a miniseries because it was cancelled. Odd.

  4. Kristin says:

    I know AHS just started filming Tuesday, but does anyone know when it comes back on?

  5. K says:

    When does it the new season start on TV?

  6. Nikki says:


  7. does anyone know if frances conroy will be on season 2 ? ):

  8. stephanie genera says:

    I love AHS!! It was one of the best shows on TV last year!! I can’t wait for the second season!! And it deserved ever nomination it got!! Love love loved it!!

  9. Lacey Schmidt says:

    I LOVE this show & I’m so happy it did great! Can’t wait to see second season !

  10. Brad says:

    Had to change it up. Only one person from the cast is still alive. Should be interesting but hard to top season one

  11. karenika says:

    I am a firm believer that AHS will top season one and each season after that! I’m a huge fan and cannot wait until October for all the new horror!!! Thank you Ryan Murphy and cast/ crew!!!

  12. fools says:

    lol , could october couldn’t possibly care less around halloween could sometime possible care around there !

  13. Dondi smith says:

    I love this show can’t wait for it to come back!!!!!

  14. keet says:

    Season 2???? Awesome…cant wait!!!!

  15. Patricia Rodriguez says:

    I loved the show!! I can’t wait till the next season2 comes on. Im just wondering if it’s gonna continue with same people or is it gonna be all different people?? Either way Im just so excited to know that there will be another season of the show.. <3<3

  16. Michelle Ross says:

    It’s horror… Which is why it was submitted to that category. Get your head out of your drama a$$. Jesus, you probably sit around and hope Law and Order wins everything. This show is truly horror, and truly original. If you’re not interested in American Horror Story, why read the dang article? I’m sure there’s one about how Law and Order does the same thing every season and never wins jack,, Go read that.. DUN DUN

    • Michelle Ross says:

      And also.. the big boys of your big bad drama category… TIED American Horror Story for most nominations. Just sayin! And I am a huge Mad Men fan, as well.

  17. Laura C says:

    I was so happy that there was FINALLY something on network TV you could sink your teeth into without having to subscribe to drippy teen soap opera versions of vampires… This show was groundbreaking, and truly creepy. Hope the new direction the show takes in season 2 will live up to the 1st. Don’t see why comparisons to shows of other genres are even being made. They each have their own merits. Have to say that being an avid MAD MEN fan, the show has fallen somewhat flat for me. Looking forward to more goosebumps in AHS Season 2!