Falling Skies Scoop: Meet 'Red-Eye,' the Most Mysterious Skitter of Them All

Are all Skitters not created equal?

The Season 2 premiere of TNT’s Falling Skies (Sundays, 9/8c) raised that question with the introduction of a creepy-crawly whom the producers have affectionately dubbed “Red-Eye.”

Early into the season opener, Red-Eye positively owned Tom Mason when the Overlord’s argumentative captive grabbed the alien’s electro-prod and tried to make a break for it. Later, when Tom and others were dispatched from the spacecraft, the distinctive Skitter lorded over a Mech’s machine gun-style execution of the freed humans – save, conspicuously, for the 2nd Mass’ XO.

Then, at the premiere’s close, we saw the insectile doohickey that had been extracted from Tom’s peeper break free of its specimen-jar prison and ultimately slither itself into Red-Eye’s “good” eye, as he spied on – yet didn’t attack – members of the 2nd Mass.

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Given all of the above – and factoring in an especially curious bit of behavior exhibited by Red-Eye this coming Sunday – you’d be well advised to keep your eye on the VIP ET.

“Red-Eye will be a very integral part of the storytelling this season,” showrunner Remi Aubuchon tells TVLine. “What his involvement is and who he is will remain a mystery for quite some time, and we’ll never be quite sure of him. But as we saw, he is following [the 2nd Mass] for some reason.”

As for this Skitter’s ocular calling card, Aubuchon explains, “One of the problems we had is that all of the Skitters look alike, so we needed to create one that we could track and understand that, when he showed up, there was something special about him.”

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So as Red-Eye continues to accost certain individuals but spare (and perhaps communicate with?) others, viewers will recall his earlier actions on the ship and during the mass execution, and “everything will hopefully start to make sense,” Aubuchon says.

And make no mistake, it will all weave together as the Falling Skies saga unspools.

“Look, I’m a science fiction nerd and proud of it,” says Aubuchon, whose past credits include Caprica, SGU and From the Earth to the Moon. “And one of the things that I always love is to be able to go back and see that somehow the writer salted in little things that are clues that end up making some sort of sense. I always hate it when they just drop something on you, so we wanted to make sure that Red-Eye is tracked right from the very start.”

Falling Skies fans, what’s your gut telling you about Red-Eye: Foe or friend?

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  1. Melody Paris says:

    He’s a mass murdering foe, duh! I do appreciate that they are trying to distinguish a skitter so that we can learn more about them. Hopefully through his behavior we can unlock some mysteries and get a better sense of them as a species.

  2. luke says:

    Maybe this is Mason’s dead wife?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Whoa. I like. Except, I did notice, Remi used male pronouns throughout our chat.

    • Kate Lowell says:

      was thinking along the same lines

    • Slim says:

      This does make the most sense from Remi’s quote. To be a good reveal we have had to have had some type of background into the character. That though would involve the aliens harnessing an adult and not kid however…The fact that Remi said ” who he is” I do not means anything….if he said “she” he would be giving too much away, so I think “He” is the standard to use here.

    • Linderella says:

      I had the exact same thought except for the male pronoun. We know the skitters showed some nurturing tendencies during season one. I guess we just have to wait and see.

  3. Jack R says:

    So, it’s it just us (audience) that have figured out the Skitters are transformed humans and other conquered species? (via the harness) or do any of the cast have a clue? They sure are telegraphing that.. especially with the two kids that still show effects after the harness is removed.. Or is that a red herring?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I think that was established in Season 1, that the harnesses transmutate a species into a Skitter. Plus Aubuchon has said that an edict from Spielberg is that viewers “don’t get to learn anything about the aliens that our characters don’t know.”

      • cjeffery7 says:

        i thought the revelation that the skitters were also harnassed was more about the revelation that they were NOT the only alien race involved, at least they were not the ones in charge – remember some character, maybe tom or the science teacher, were talking about why the mechs were designed as bipeds when the skitters had 6 legs? then we learned the skitters were harnassed and thusly the subordinate species, and we saw the first glimpse of the Overlord-types & it was sort of confirmation that the mech design wasn’t just a coincidence.

        that being said, i think transformation via harnass is still very likely – but i dont get the impression that the humans in the show have made the same intuitive leap as most of us viewers have.

  4. matt says:

    Perhaps red eye, be it he, she, it, etc, maybe red eye is one of those possibilities Noah Wyle hinted about, skitters who are resistant to the harness and possibly sympathetic to humans, any help would be welcome. Maybe red eye was under orders to kill all those deboarded resisters, and secretly spared tom? That’s just as possible as the overlord ordering tom be spared. Come on the 2nd Mass can’t be the only resistance cell who have given the aliens a hard enough time to take humanity’s seriously. Just one cell showing “resistance on this level” would not be nearly enough for the Slenders as I call the Overlords to take the human resistance seriously.

  5. cjeffery7 says:

    1) i LIKE the idea of the skitter being Tom’s wife.
    2) i LIKE the idea that Red-Eye is not just an evil stalking skitter, that’s too easy.
    3) i think at the very least Red-Eye has some sort of connection/sympathy to Tom and/or as Ben’s father.

  6. Se7en says:

    I’m betting that Red Eye is, not gonna say leader, but close, to a resistance of the skitters from the tall long arms guys or an unknown much more evil enemy.They are slaves too, and he sees that if he wants to be free again, Tom and the 2nd Mass are his only choice.

    There are webs where they put similarities betwenn El Eternauta (argentine comic) and Falling Skies. There are similarities, and if they follow a similar story (it seems that they took a lot from the comic), i am guessing that’s going to happen, maybe this season, or, if renewed (i hope), the next one.

  7. arial2 says:

    Perhaps, in an earlier incarnation, his name was Scar, and he REALLY hates humans. ; )
    (must have seen reimagined BSG to understand this)

    • AJ says:

      lol, first thing I thought of when I saw Red Eye was Scar. I don’t think it is Tom”s wife since it appears the transition from human to skitter is taking a long time. I think it is more likely that the skitters may be looking for someone to help them overthrow the Overlords and Red Eye is looking for the right man for the job. And on a side note, I still want to know what those huge towers being built over the cities are for!

      • AJ says:

        Almost forget, but my guess is they are giant control towers, like the ones the 2nd Mass blew up that will ultimately control the drones and skitter population they are creating on the planet once they move on.

  8. JJ says:

    absolutely tom’s wife – very first thing i thought when i realized it let Tom go while it killed the others. plus, we never saw her die – we just know that at some point, steven webber’s doctor character couldn’t find her, after she was separated from tom and his boys.

  9. meggo says:

    Oooo, I like Tom’s wife theory. It fits! Nice!

  10. jessie says:

    they recovered her body,tom said she was still clutching the bag that had the food from when she and harris went out,unless the aliens went back and got her body.

  11. CF says:

    Eh, not really interpreting Red Eye as a closet friendly or Tom’s wife. I think he’s a high-ranked minion of Stretch the Chinless. I interpreted his letting Tom go as sending both a message (“we can kill all of you and will”) and as a way to get the creepy eyeball spy bug into the 2nd Mass. At this point, I don’t see him as anything but a baddie.

  12. Shaun says:

    There must be a reason he’s special….I’m thinking that black kid that was said to have run away during the night or maybe he’s from another planet and resisting being controlled completely.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I thought the annoying black kid died along with the older gentleman who helped with ham-radio in season 1. I believe Tom was told a large portion of the group died while Tom was gone.
    Sidenote: I found it interesting that in the 3 months Tom was gone he spent relatively short amount of time actually on ship, the majority of the 3 months appeared to be traveling back to the group.