Is Ann Curry a Trouper? Dance Judges Heartless? ABC's Two Amanda Clarkes?! And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including So You Think You Can Dance, Today, True Blood and Falling Skies!

1 | Say what you will about Ann Curry, but doesn’t the exiting Today co-host deserves props for having the moral fiber to show up for work on Thursday and Friday? (But could you blame her if she didn’t, after a “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” graphic flashed on-screen during one of her segments?!)

2 | Did Fairly Legal make a miscalculation when rejiggering Season 2 to add the rather polarizing character of Ben?

3 | What industry gives the Kardashians, like, four different primetime shows but only grants a few hours to tightrope walker Nik Wallenda?

| Did Blue Lagoon: The Awakening‘s Emma also have condoms in her purse? Because it’s a small miracle she didn’t get knocked up on that island.

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Girls5 | Why did Girls‘ Hannah leave the subway station to wander Coney Island after realizing her purse had been stolen? (She’d already paid the fare, so she could’ve just hopped on a train going in the opposite direction instead of wandering the beach in her party clothes.) And who wants to take bets on how long Jessa’s marriage to Thomas John is going to last?

6 | Is True Blood‘s deadly dull Terry/Patrick Iraq plot going somewhere interesting?

7 | Any theories as to the identity of the dead body Holder was driving off to investigate at the close of The Killing finale? And if the show gets a Season 3, will the mystery revolve around how Rosie Larsen’s rinky dink camera filmed in widescreen ratio? Finally, was the identity of Rosie’s ultimate killer was a cheap 11th-hour twist or an earned jaw-dropping reveal?

8 | Shouldn’t trigger-happy Falling Skies once in a while remind us that the 2nd Mass is forever accumulating scrap Mech armor and forging super-bullets from it?

9 | Simply by virtue of declaring his intention to be the “most epic villain in reality TV history,” did The Glass House‘s lame d-bag Alex pretty much take himself out of the running for the title?

10 | We might be in the minority on this, but wasn’t Bunheads‘ second episode – which revolved around a death! – funnier than the pilot? Pushing Daisies‘ Ellen Greene was certainly a kick as Fanny’s artist friend.

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11 | Wasn’t this week’s Pretty Little Liars one of the better episodes in recent history? It had tons of action, lots of earned emotion and some secrets were actually (gasp!) revealed. Also, can we officially request (many) more Ezra/Ella scenes, please?

12 | Ben’s new love interest on Jane By Design is named Amanda Clarke? Seriously? Is ABC Family trying to ride the coattails of sister network ABC’s Revenge?

13 | Anyone find it curious that The Glee Project‘s Charlie got chastised as being dangerous and insensitive when he improvised and snatched Mario’s cane during the bullying video shoot, and yet the producers chose to use that exact footage in the final edit?

14 | So You Think You Can Dance‘s Danielle Dominguez steps in to help out a fellow contestant during the jazz round, gets kicked in the head and sent to the hospital and misses rehearsal time as a result, and yet the judges cut her no slack for underperforming? If they really wanted to eliminate her, why not wait another round or two instead of essentially penalizing her for being a good person?

15 | Parenthood. Ray Romano. Romantic interest for Sarah. Has this started to make sense to anyone yet?

16 | Mark Pellegrino’s Grimm gig raises the question: What is the world record for most genre-TV roles by a single actor? And in that regard, do Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard and Sebastian Roche have a side bet going?

Dallas Larry Hagman17 | No, really — what’s happening there on Dallas with Larry Hagman’s eyebrows? Do you think he puts hair wax in them? And does Rebecca’s con cohort remind anyone else of Michael Vartan?

18 | Whoa, did Royal Pains just write off Jill?!

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19 | As cool as the news is about Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez possibly guesting on Glee, how has it taken this long for Fox’s hit musical comedy to recruit from the ranks of Fox’s hit singing competition? But isn’t it refreshing to see the show casting an actual 16-year-old?

20 | It’s clear the Duets producers wanted Robin Thicke to still have a partner in the game heading into next week’s live shows, but keeping Olivia Chisholm out of the Bottom 2 altogether after she missed almost every note on “Stayin’ Alive” strained credulity, no?

21 | Who else thinks Breaking Pointe needs more dancing and a lot less relationship drama?

22 | Can we all give a round of applause to Daytime TV’s current MVP, General Hospital‘s Kelly Sullivan? Not only is she killing each and every one of her emotionally charged scenes, but her Kate is finally bringing out a long overdue softer side of Sonny.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!